OLTL Transcript Wednesday 3/30/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/30/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Brandi

Bo: Officer Roberts?  Could you see if you could a hold of somebody from the Llanview University finance department?  Ask them to come down here because I'd like to clear up this embezzlement charge against Viki Davidson right away.

Ofc. Roberts: Right away, commissioner.

Bo: Thank you.  Oh, one more thing.  This is a long shot.  Pull Paul Cramer's file and see if you can find one of his associates that might have the name Ted.

Ofc. Roberts: Ted.

Bo: Ok, or Edward.

Ofc. Roberts: Edward, ok.

Paige: Theodore?

Bo: Hi.

Paige: Hi.

Bo: Hey, did we --

Paige: No, no, we didn't.  We didn't have a date or anything like that.  I was just on break from the hospital.  I wanted to congratulate you on bringing Blair Cramer home.

Bo: Thanks.

Paige: And maybe I missed you.

Bo: Check out the name Theodore, too.

Nora: Where is that marriage license?  Oh, Daniel will kill me if i can't find it.

Daniel: That's right, Judge Waters won't marry us without it.

Nora: Oh!

Matthew: Is this it?

Nora: Yeah!  Where -- where did you find it?

Matthew: Uh, in my sock drawer?

Nora: In your sock drawer? Oh, well, how did it get in your sock drawer?

Matthew: Is Mr. Colson's first name really Theodore?

Daniel: Yes.  Yes, it is.  But, you know, you can call me Daniel or, hey, even Dan is fine.

Matthew: Can I wait until after the wedding?

Daniel: Yeah, sure.

[Phone rings]

Daniel: Excuse me for a second.  Colson.  Yes, yes, I'm aware of the embezzlement scandal at L.U. Yes, I know president Davidson's name is on the check.  Tell the governor I'll never go easy on a suspect just because of who she is.

Kevin: Morning, Mom.

Viki: Oh, hello, darling.

Kevin: Duke and Adriana will be here any minute.

Viki: Good, good.  I owe you a thank-you.

Kevin: Yeah?  For what?

Viki: "The Banner" is the only newspaper in the entire state that has not yet convicted me for embezzlement, and I am sure you had a say in that.

Kevin: Well, I wish we didn't even have to cover this story, but I need you to insist on it.

Viki: Yes, I would, you're right.

Kevin: And when we nail Dorian for setting you up, that story will go right on the front page.

Viki: Oh, I'm ok with that.

Kevin: Yeah, I bet.

Viki: I think we'll concentrate on one crisis at a time, though, and I for one am very grateful that Blair is back.

Kevin: Yeah, me, too.

Viki: Honey, when I think of what that woman, that Margaret Cochran did to them -- I mean, did the police have any leads at all as to where she is?

Kevin: None that I know of.

Viki: I mean, I hope they find her and put her away soon so that Todd and Blair can put this nightmare behind them.

Todd: Ever since college, you've wanted to see me punished.  Well, here's your chance.  I'd rather die than have sex with Margaret Cochran.

Kevin: You slept with Margaret Cochran?  I got to be honest with you, Mom -- I don't think Todd wants Margaret found or punished, ever.

Blair's voice: Please.  Please, I don't want to die.

Margaret's voice: You get in the trunk!

Blair: Help!  Help me!

Margaret: Todd failed!  That's why I'm going to kill you, Blair, the same way I killed Todd.

Blair: No!  No!

Margaret: I killed Todd, I killed Todd, I killed Todd.

Blair: No, please don't.  Todd.  No.

Todd: Hey, Blair. Wake up, honey?  Wake up, it's ok.

Blair: Oh, Todd.

Todd: It's ok, you're home. Everything's ok.

Blair: Where are the kids?

Todd: Getting ready for school.

Blair: Todd, just hold me.  Hold me and never let me go.  I was in the trunk, and Margaret was telling me that she had killed you because you wouldn't do what she wanted.  What was it, Todd?  Why is she doing this to us?  

Bo: Nora and Daniel are getting married tomorrow.

Paige: Yeah, so I see.

Bo: Yeah.  Means Matthew will be staying with me for a while, you know, give the newlyweds a chance to be by themselves.

Paige: I didn't even know you were invited.

Bo: Yeah, I think.  I'm pretty sure Matthew is responsible.

Paige: How's he doing with all this?  Ok?

Bo: According to Nora, so far so good.

Paige: How are you doing with it?

Bo: Me?

Paige: Mm-hmm.

Bo: Well, you know, if Matthew wasn't involved, Nora could marry Hannibal Lecter for all I care.

Paige: You're comparing Daniel Colson to Hannibal?

Bo: Yeah, I promised Matthew that I would try to get along with him.  But I -- I don't like the guy, I don't trust the guy.  But I'm not the one marrying the guy, so --

Paige: Yeah, well, if you were, that'd make quite a story, wouldn't it?

Bo: Yeah, that would.

Paige: Hey, you know, if -- if Matthew is having a difficult time with Nora's marriage, you can call me if you'd like.  I'm pretty good with kids, and he's a great kid.

Rex: Hey, Commish -- whoa!  Sorry!

Bo: Don't you ever come through that door again without knocking.  Now, what do you want, Balsom?

Paige: No, no, really, it's ok.  I need to get back to the hospital, anyway.

Bo: Thanks for the coffee.

Paige: Yeah, yeah, I'll -- I'll call you later.

Bo: Yeah.

Rex: Not bad, Commish.

Bo: You got five minutes, Balsom.  Three of them are already gone.

Rex: Ok, fine, it's Jen.  I've been up all night trying to figure out how to help her.

Bo: Ok, something happen i don't know?

Rex: Last night, Riley found some evidence against her planted in their apartment.

Bo: What kind of evidence?  Let me see it.

Rex: You -- you can't.  It's gone.

Jen: Hey, Shane, it's Jen.  I'm looking for Riley.  He was gone all night.  I'm really worried about him.  Can you just please give me a call if you hear anything?

Jen: Where have you been?  You ok?

Riley: Not really.

Jen: Did you go to see your dad after we argued last night?

Riley: Yeah, I saw him.

Jen: Ok, look, did you tell him about the deposit slips?  Right, so he's back to thinking I'm a killer.

Riley: He tried to help, Jen.  He called the bank to clear everything up.

Jen: Well, that's good, right, because they told him that I didn't deposit any money into Paul's account, right?

Riley: Wrong.  The bank confirmed the money transfers.  Jen, you were paying off Paul before he was murdered. 

Nora: What did you mean when you said you'd never go easy on someone just because of who she is?

Daniel: It's my job, Nora.  I'm the D.A.

Nora: Is that why you're so eager to arrest Jen for Paul Cramer's murder?

Daniel: What?

Nora: Well, so that you could prove to the governor that nothing personal would stand in the way of you getting a conviction.

Daniel: Nora, how can you say that, let alone think it?

Nora: You haven't answered the question.

Daniel: No, no -- I hate having to do this to Riley.  He's my son and this is the girl he loves.  If something comes up to exonerate Jen, I'm all for it, just like if something happens to clear Viki of this embezzlement scandal, fine.  None of this is about my ambition or trying to impress the governor.

Nora: What is it about?

Daniel: It's about doing my job.  Nora, you're the A.D.A. You know what it's like when this job crosses over into your personal life.

Nora: Yes, I do.  I also cut slack for people that i know, like Viki and Jen and even Asa, who I know is guilty as sin and has gone obviously AWOL.

Daniel: I know, I know, and that's what I love about you.  That's one of the million things i do love about you.

Nora: Don't patronize me.

Daniel: I'm not.  Nora, you head the department.  I don't -- I don't want to argue with you.

Nora: We're not arguing.  We're having a discussion, and it's an important one.

Daniel: What I said to the governor was to keep him quiet.  You are going to make me the happiest man in the world when you marry me.  Then we're off to our honeymoon, just the two of us.  And that's what I want to focus on, just me and you.  And we can leave Bo, the cases, the governor, and everything else behind. How does that sound?

Nora: Sounds good. 

 Viki: Kevin, what do you know that I obviously don't know?

Kevin: I know what Todd went through, ok?  I can't say any more because he asked me not to, but it's bad.  Trust me.

Viki: And for that reason, he doesn't want Margaret punished?

Kevin: Well, if Margaret's found and arrested, then Todd has to face what happened to him in a very public way.  That can't be easy.

Todd: Forget about Margaret. It's over.

Blair: Todd, in my mind i know that, but --

Todd: It doesn't matter. All that matters is that we're together again with the kids.

Blair: When i was in the trunk, there were so many times that I thought Margaret was going to win, that i was never going to make it out of there --

Todd: It didn't happen.

Blair: It was going to be the end.  Well, she fed --

Todd: You fought your way out.

Blair: On my fear.  She saw the fear in my eyes.

Todd: It doesn't matter, Blair. We beat her.

Blair: Then I just kept imagining what she was doing to you, Todd, how she must have tortured you.

Margaret: You are going to eat the oysters and you are going to impregnate me and you are going to like it.  Or else Blair is dead meat.

Blair: You know, sweetie, I think if-- maybe if we talk about it, we could get past all of it.

Todd: I am past it.

Blair: Well, you know what?  I'm not and I need to talk about it.  I need to know what Margaret did to you.  I want to know.

Starr: Ok, to set the record straight, I really think that we should have off today and not go to school because it is a national holiday.  Please?

Todd: Nice try.

Blair: I think you two better just get over here right now.

Starr: I guess you're right.  You guys need your time alone.

Blair: Yeah.

Jack: How are you feeling, Mommy?

Blair: Oh, sweetie, I'm feeling much better, and that is so sweet of you to ask me that and as much as I hate to see you guys go, you're right, your daddy and I do need some alone time.

Starr: I missed you so much.  When dad told me that you were dead, I completely freaked out.

Blair: Shh. I'm home now, and I'm right here, ok?

Starr: But, Mom?

Blair: What?

Starr: That horrible Margaret lady is still out there.

Starr: Seriously, what if Margaret comes back again and takes you guys away again?

Todd: Honey, she's not coming anywhere near us ever again.

Starr: No, what if she takes me and Jack?

Blair: Look, your dad's right, Starr.  He called your schools.  Your teachers are on the lookout.

Todd: We've got guards for you guys.  They'll be following you everywhere you go.

Starr: Wait, like bodyguards?

Todd: Yes, and we got a new security system coming in here.

Blair: I can tell you right now, promise you right now if Margaret Cochran sets one foot in Llanview --

Starr: Ok, ok, Mom, Mom --

Blair: She's going to prison, ok?

Starr: Don't worry about it.

Blair: I can promise you that.

Starr: Mom -- I guess I just was too happy and I needed to kind of break it up.

Blair: Oh!  Who does that sound like?  Hmm.  Your dad.  You deserve some happiness, sweetheart.  We all do.  Now, I want you guys to go -- go and have a great day at school, ok?  Look at me, Jack.  I love you.  I love you so much, both of you.

Starr: I love you.

Blair: Go be happy!

Todd: See ya.

Starr: Bye.

Todd: Bye.

Jack: Come on, Starr!

Starr: Ok.

Blair: Well, Margaret may not be in Llanview anymore, but she certainly is --

Todd: Blair --

Blair: In this room right now, and I can't stop thinking about it.  When she told me that you had died, I swear to you, Todd, I wanted to die.  I had this dream that I did die, and there was Jack and Starr all grown up and their lives were completely a mess, and I realized that I could not let my children go through their life with no parents.  But, it was hard, you know, trying to fight my way back knowing that you weren't going to be here.  And then I just kept wondering, what in the world did Margaret want from you that you wouldn't give her?  And why wouldn't you do everything you possibly could to stay alive?

Kevin: I honestly do hope that Todd and Blair can get over what Margaret did to them, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm suddenly fond of the guy, Mom.  I mean, Todd still is who he is.

Viki: Well, maybe this time it's different.  You know, he fought so hard to get back to his family.  Actually, my fear is that he's going to totally fixate on getting revenge on Asa for putting Blair in that institution.

Kevin: Well, don't worry.  If we can't find grandpa, he's not going to be able to find him, either.

Duke: Well, we might find him sooner than you think.  Hey, Grandma.  Dad, sorry, breakfast is going to have to wait.  Uncle Bo wants to see us.  It's about Asa. 

Bo: What do you mean, the evidence is gone?

Rex: It's just gone, as in not here anymore.

Bo: And how do you know?

Rex: I just, you know --

Bo: Yeah, I know, you destroyed it!

Rex: No, I didn't say that.

Bo: You know what, I ought to lock you up, Balsom.

Rex: You can't do that without proof, and there is none, trust me.

Bo: What did Riley find?

Rex: Phony deposit slips that someone planted in Jen's apartment to make it look like she was paying Paul off.

Bo: Phony or not, that was evidence, ok?  There could've been a clue there.

Rex: To the real blackmailer?  We both know he was blackmailing someone named Ted.

Bo: According to some lowlife, who you probably pulled out from behind a dumpster.

Rex: My contact is positive he heard and saw Paul talking to this guy Ted down on the docks. Why would he lie?

Bo: That evidence could've helped us clear Jen.  Now we've got nothing!

Rex: You don't believe Jen killed Cramer, either, do you?  Look, I'm sorry the evidence got destroyed somehow, but I'm only telling you this because i knew that riley would tell his dad, and then Colson would come in here all pumped up to arrest Jen.  I wanted you to know the real story first.

Bo: Why?

Rex: Because you'll believe Jen's being framed.  The D.A. won't.

Bo: How do you know what I'll believe?

Rex: Street smarts, gut instinct.  You don't always go by the rules.  Neither do I.  I guess, in a way, I trust you.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Daniel: Bo, it's Daniel.  What's the progress in the search for Asa?

Bo: Well, if we had some, you'd already know about it.

Daniel: I don't care if he is your father.  Bo?  Bo?  Damn.  Nora, I'm leaving.  Say goodbye to Matthew for me?

Nora: Oh, ok, I will.

Daniel: Ok, I'll see you.

Nora: Bye.

Daniel: All right.

Nora: I'll see you at work.

Matthew: Mom?

Nora: Hi.  I didn't see you there.

Matthew: Why does Mr. Colson hate everyone?  How are you?  Hey!

Kevin: I'll keep you posted.

Viki: Yes, please do.  Adriana, sit down.

Adriana: Thank you.

Viki: My grandson is very special.

Adriana: Yes, he's amazing.

Viki: Yeah.  I'm actually very sorry that I never had the chance to watch him grow up.

Adriana: Well, some people don't care all that much about watching their kids or grandkids grow up.

Viki: Sometimes circumstances, such as the one your mother found herself in when you were born, prevent it.

Adriana: Why does my mother hate you so much?

Viki: Wow.  Honey, I think "hate" is not quite the right word, ok?  Your mother and I have a very long, very complicated relationship, and unfortunately, every time she feels threatened or feels that her family's in trouble, someone from my family is on the other side of it.

Blair: Oh, Todd, I missed you so much.

Todd: Hmm.

Blair: I miss everything about you.  The way you feel.  The way you smell.  The way you taste.  No, I think I just want to stay right here in our bedroom and I think I'll just make love to the burly man all day long.

Todd: Yeah, that sounds good.  I think Dorian said she was coming over soon, though.

Blair: We just won't open the door.  No problem.

Todd: Yeah, yeah.  You know, when I was trapped in that cabin --

Blair: Mm-hmm?

Todd: You know, I never thought of anything else but you.  But, uh, I --

Blair: You can't even talk about it, can you?

Todd: Blair, just don't, uh --

Blair: It was -- it was bad. It was -- it was -- it was really bad, wasn't it?

Todd: Hey.

Jen: Well, there has to be some kind of mistake.  I didn't deposit any money into Paul's account.

Riley: Jen, come on, you already told me that you offered Paul money to not put that tape of your mom and rex on the Internet and when that didn't work, you offered to have sex with him!

Jen: But I didn't do that!  I couldn't go through with it.  You know that.  Somebody is trying to frame me!

Riley: But we have to prove that and when I wanted to go to the cops last night, you wouldn't because rex told you not to.

Jen: Because I was scared and then you left me and I was even more scared.  You know, I thought you hated me.

Riley: I don't hate you.  I love you.  But --

Jen: I love you, too.  I didn't do this, I swear to you.

Riley: All right.  Look, we'll -- we'll figure this out together.  Ok?  Let's just take the deposit slips to my dad, ok?

Jen: I can't.  I don't have the deposit slips.  Rex got rid of them last night.

Rex: Commish, we got to find this Ted guy Paul was blackmailing.  He's the one framing Jen.

Bo: Yeah, whoever Ted is, he's got to be on the inside.

Rex: Inside of what?

Bo: I don't know.  We've already had too many dead ends in this case.

Daniel: What's going on here?

Bo: Balsom was just leaving.

Daniel: Well, I guess you can hear this, too.  We got some new evidence on Jen.  I hate to say it, but we need a warrant to search my son's apartment.

Rex: I'm out of here.

Bo: We're not through.  I'll be in touch.

Daniel: Ok, what was that all about?

Bo: A search warrant won't do us any good.  That evidence has already been destroyed.

Nora: Daniel's not mad at anybody.  Now, why do you ask that, hmm?

Matthew: The way he talks to people, just like he did on the phone.

Nora: Well, sometimes the job gets to him.  You know, it's not easy going after the bad guys all the time.

Matthew: Is Jen a bad guy?

Nora: No, she's not a bad guy.  Eh, she's gotten into some trouble, but she's going to be fine.

Matthew: What about Mrs. Davidson?

Nora: Ok, you know that Daniel and I work with the police to solve crimes, right?  And it's a tough job.  I've told you that.  It's not easy going after the bad guys, right?  And sometimes we have to look at people that we know and that we like.

Matthew: Like grandpa?

Nora: Yeah, well, your grandpa did a really bad thing -- really bad.  Even your Daddy's mad at him.

Matthew: What did he do?

Nora: Well, that's -- that's kind of grown-up stuff, and I know you hate it when I say that, but -- ok.  In the meantime, will you do me a favor?

Matthew: Sure.

Nora: Will you stop making Daniel out to be the bad guy all the time?

Matthew: I'll try.  It's just he's always giving Dad a hard time.

Nora: Oh, trust me, your father gives it right back.

Matthew: I hate it.

Nora: I know you do.  Ok.  You know that you're the most important thing to me in this whole world, right?  If you're going to be uncomfortable with Daniel living here, I will do something about it.

Matthew: Like what?

Nora: I'll call off the wedding.

Matthew: I don't want you to call off your wedding because of me.

Nora: You don't?

Matthew: I just wish he'd be nicer.

Nora: To your dad?

Matthew: Yeah, I guess.

Nora: Matthew, I want you to know something.  I love you more than anything else in this world, you're my number one guy, and you always will be.

Matthew: I mean, it might not be so bad having Mr. Colson living here.  I might even start to like him a little more.

Nora: You absolutely sure about this?

Matthew: Are you?

Nora: What?

Matthew: Mom, if you don't want to marry Mr. Colson, then you shouldn't.

Nora: "Want to marry Mr. --" Matthew, why would you ask me that question?

[Car horn honks]

Matthew: School carpool's here.  Got to go. 

Daniel: The evidence is gone?  Destroyed?

Bo: Yep.

Daniel: Well, how in the hell did that happen?

Bo: I don't know, but I'm looking into it.

Daniel: Wait -- well, how did you find out in the first -- no, wait, wait, Balsom -- that's why he was here.  He destroyed the evidence?  That son of a --

Bo: No, no -- God, slow down, Daniel.

Daniel: Come on, Bo, I want him picked up and charged!

Bo: I'm handling it.

Daniel: You're handling -- what the hell's going on here?  You're letting some punk kid who's all over my son's girlfriend interfere in a murder investigation? 

Kevin: Hey, Bo -- oh.  Sorry to interrupt.

Bo: No, no, that's all right, that's all right, come on in.

Daniel: I hope this little family meeting's about finding Asa.

Bo: It is.

Daniel: Look, Bo, I think you're too close to this case.  I don't want you on it.

Bo: You know, Daniel, I've been handling my father's brushes with the law for a long time now, way before you ever came on the scene.  I've never let it affect the way I do my job.

Daniel: And I'm supposed to take your word for that?

Duke: I think that'd be a great idea, Mr. Colson.

Kevin: All right, Duke --

Daniel: I want Asa found and arrested.

Duke: That guy's a piece of work.

Bo: Now, don't pay him any attention.

Kevin: So do you know where grandpa is?

Bo: I think he's where he always goes when he's in trouble -- or when he's faking his own death.

Kevin: His private island?  St. Blaze's?

Bo: Yeah.  Now, you know, that's foreign soil, and I don't want to create an international incident by going down there myself.

Duke: So you want us to go find him?

Bo: Yeah, and bring him back to Llanview.

Duke: Hey, give me a plane, I'm on my way.

Kevin: No, Duke.  I'll go.

Duke: Dad, you got enough to deal with here.  I mean, you said yourself your position as lieutenant governor is already in jeopardy, and you shouldn't leave town.

Bo: I think he's right.

Kevin: Now, wait a minute.  This is grandpa we're talking about, ok?  Harrison Brooks can take his lieutenant governorship and --

Duke: Dad -- please, dad.  Let me do this -- I mean, for the family.  Please.

Kevin: Ok.  All right.

Bo: All right, I'll work on getting the plane.  I'll let you know when we're good to go.

Kevin: All right.

Kevin: Why are you so eager to go get Asa? 

 Viki: You see, my problems with Dorian go way back.

Adriana: So I gather.

Viki: And they're not all her fault.  Well, you look so surprised.

Adriana: I am.  You always seem so together, so in control, and my mother -- well --

Viki: Your mother is volatile, she's quick to judge.  She's ferocious when she's crossed.

Adriana: Yeah.

Viki: I have crossed your mother, many times.  You don't really know my history, but I have -- I've done terrible, terrible things to her, and I've hurt her very deeply.  And I have tried to make amends.  And there have been times when she and I have been as close as two people could possibly be.  But, she doesn't forget, and she has never forgiven me for the hurt.

Adriana: That's what I don't understand.

Viki: Well, honey, you're young and you haven't traveled our path.  You know, it's complicated.

Adriana: Please don't patronize me.

Viki: Oh, Adriana, I'm not.

Adriana: Look, I know you're trying to protect my mother in some weird way, but I live there.  I deal with this every day.  She hates you so much that it consumes her, it just eats her up inside, and it affects everyone around her, especially me.

Viki: Well, that's because of Duke.

Adriana: Yeah.  I mean, it's part of it.  Anything that says "Buchanan" is -- or that's tied to you or your family is just bad, no questions asked.

Viki: I'm sorry.

Adriana: You're not the one to apologize.

Viki: I don't want to turn you against your mother.

Adriana: I know that.  Look, I don't know about the past.  All I know is right now, and I hate that my mother keeps taking everything out on you and your family.  If there were a way for me to stop it, I would.

Todd: Hey, I need help here!  Help!

Nurse: Get her on the gurney.

Todd: Careful, please, careful.

Paige: What happened?

Todd: I don't know.  We were just talking.  She passed out.

Nurse: Weak, rapid pulse.

Paige: Shallow breathing.

Todd: What's happening?

Paige: I don't know.  We're going to find out.

Todd: Ok, I'm not going to leave.

Paige: No, stay out here.  I'll let you know as soon as we know anything.

Todd: Hey, it's me.  I need you.

Viki: Todd?  What happened?

Todd: Blair passed out.  She's sick.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Todd: Can you come to the hospital?

Viki: Well, yes, of course.  I'll be right there.  I'm sorry.  Blair's in the hospital.

Adriana: What?

Viki: Yeah.

Kevin: Hey.

Viki: Hi.  I'm sorry, I can't stay.

Kevin: What happened?

Viki: Well, Todd just called me.  Blair's in the hospital.  He wants me to come over.

Kevin: All right, well, I'll drive you.

Viki: Oh, thank you.

Todd: How is she?

Paige: She's suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.  I started her on a normal saline I.V. That's going to help bring her strength back up.

Todd: So she's going to be ok?

Paige: Yes, she's going to be fine. She just needs a lot of rest.

Todd: Ok.  I can make sure of that.

Paige: No, I mean, here, at the hospital, where I can watch her.

Todd: Can I see her now?

Paige: Yeah.  Yeah, just don't aggravate her, all right?

Todd: No, I won't.

Todd: I'm so sorry, honey, for everything Margaret has done to us.  When I find her, I'm going to kill her, but until then, let's try to kill every memory of her so she can't hurt us again.

Riley: You were with Rex last night after I left.

Jen: No.  I mean, he called me and then he wanted me to meet him at Rodi's, so I did.  And he burned the deposit slips.

Riley: And that was ok with you?

Jen: No!  I don't know.  You know, he was trying to help!

Riley: What, you think destroying evidence is going to help?

Jen: You know, at this point, I don't know what's going to help me.

Riley: Well, Rex sure as hell won't.

Jen: Well, you think I'm guilty of murder.

Riley: I went to my dad and fought with him.  I tried to make you right and him wrong.  There I was, out all night, trying to figure this out and you were with Rex the whole time.

Jen: No, I was home alone worried sick about you.  Ok, I just need to ask you, now that your dad's supposedly confirmed that I deposited this money into Paul's account, but do you think that I killed him?  Well, I guess I got my answer. 

Bo: All right, thanks.  My nephew's flying down to my father's private island in the Caribbean to see if he's hiding out there.  Does that meet with your approval?

Daniel: Well, the bigger issue is Balsom.  Now, how could you let him walk after he destroyed key evidence?

Bo: I don't have any proof of that.

Daniel: Well, then get it, and get Jen in here, find out what she knows about those lost deposit slips.

Bo: Well, I'm going to hold off on that because we have another lead.

Daniel: And what is that?

Bo: It's something new.

Daniel: Oh, how about a name?

Bo: A name?  Well, it's nothing concrete, but I'm working on it.

Daniel: Ok, well, then, why don't you get something concrete about why you're not hauling Jen Rappaport in here, and what about Viki Davidson and the scam that she's mixed up in?

Bo: How about you let me run this department?

Daniel: Fine, fine, run it, do whatever you want.  Just don't tell me you're working on it.

Bo: I think this conversation's over.

Daniel: No.  No, it's not.  Look, look, there are unsolved murders, there's embezzlements at the university, street crime is up.  Now, is this the kind of town you want  Matthew to live in? Look, if you don't give a damn about anything else, at least make Llanview safe for him.

Bo: You know, you can make cracks about my job, you can stand on everybody else's shoulders so you can reach your political aspirations, but don't you ever, ever try to use my son to get me to do your bidding!

Rex: Shh. Don't worry, Jen.  I'll take care of you.

Nora: The two of you have got to stop this.  Don't you know that your fighting is tearing Matthew apart?  What is wrong with you?

Bo: It won't happen again.

Daniel: Yeah, I'm sorry.  I -- I guess my nerves are a little wound up about the wedding and the honeymoon.  I just want these cases solved, but not at the expense of justice being served.

Bo: We all have our plates full right now.

Matthew's voice: Why does Mr. Colson hate everyone?

Duke: That was my dad.

Adriana: How's Blair?

Duke: He said she needs some rest, but she's going to be ok.

Adriana: Oh, thank God.

Duke: Yeah, and my grandma went ahead and called your mother.

Adriana: Good.  She just drives me crazy, you know?  She puts so much pressure on me sometimes.

Duke: I know, which is why I was hoping you would come with me to look for Asa.

Adriana: Where?  Texas?

Duke: No.  Actually, just a small, private, beautiful, tropical island.

Adriana: Are you serious?

Duke: Yeah.  I mean, we got no time to waste.

Adriana: Oh, my God, that's so great!  I mean, we'll go and find your great-grandfather and bring him back home and --

Duke: And maybe find just, you know, a little downtime for us.

Adriana: I'm counting on it.

Duke: I hope your mom doesn't find a way to blame this on my grandmother.

Adriana: Mrs. Davidson can take care of herself and I'm starting to learn how to do that, too.

Todd: Hey, will you stay here for a second?  I'm going to call Starr.

Viki: Sure, sure.

Viki: Poor baby.  Just get some rest, Blair.  You're going to be fine.

Kevin: What happened?  I thought Blair was ok last night.

Todd: Well, she was until she started freaking out about Margaret.

Kevin: You told her?

Todd: I was about to, but she started crying, and she passed out.

Kevin: Look, Todd, it's none of my business, but Blair's strong.  She can handle the truth.

Todd: Did you hear what i just said?

Kevin: I heard.

Todd: No, no, I don't think you're hearing.  Blair never needs to know what Margaret did to me, never.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: "Australia"?  Oh, my God.

Evangeline: So the wedding's tonight?  Who are you going with?

Nora: Go back under whatever rock you came out of.  I'm in the middle of my wedding shower.

Lindsay: You are not turning --

Nora: Oh!

Daniel: I think there's something you should know about Paul Cramer's murder.

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