OLTL Transcript Wednesday 3/2/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/2/05



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Reporter: Well, who's going to raise Starr and Jack Manning if their mother's found dead?

Dorian: My niece is very much alive, thank you very much.

Kevin: Ok, that's enough.

Reporter: But if your niece is dead, do you plan to fight Todd Manning for custody of her children?

Kevin: You heard what I said. Come on, please.

Nora: What are you doing up so early?

Matthew: Is it true? Is Starr's mom really dead?

David: Starr, your -- listen to me, your mom is just fine, ok? That reporter does not know what he's talking about.

Starr: I need to go to the police station right now.

David: No, hold on. Just wait.

Starr: No, I really need to go! Just please let me go!

David: Starr, shh. Come here.

Starr: I need to know!

David: It's ok. It's ok.

Dorian: Kevin, excuse me. I can handle this. In answer to your question, my niece Blair Cramer will be raising her children on her own once she comes home.

Kevin: All right, you're not helping anything here, ok?

Viki: That one. Him.

Officer: Out, before I charge you with harassment.

Reporter: Come on, just one more question.

Officer: Out! Sorry, folks. Won't happen again.

Kevin: Thank you.

Viki: Thank you. You all right, Dorian?

Dorian: I'm just fine. I can take care of myself without Kevin's help.

Viki: I know you can. I -- never mind. Never mind. Todd! Bo!

Dorian: Excuse me. All right. Where is she? What's -- what's happ-- something's wrong.

Bo: We were too late.

Dorian: What do you -- what do you mean you were too late?

Todd: Blair's dead.

Dorian: Blair can't be dead. You're out of your mind. What would make you say a thing like that?

Todd: Because it's true.

Dorian: He's lying, as usual.

Viki: Dorian, why don't we let them explain.

Dorian: Oh, shut up, Viki! Bo, what's going on? What happened? Where's my niece?

Bo: We located the car that Blair was locked in, but it was too late.

Dorian: You keep saying that. What does that mean, "it's too late"?

Bo: It doesn't look like Blair made it, Dorian. I'm sorry.

Dorian: Oh, no, no.

Viki: Oh, god.

Dorian: No, no, he's -- he's lying.

Kelly: Why don't we sit down.

Dorian: I don't want to sit down! I want to know -- I want to know what happened to Blair.

Bo: I wouldn't lie to you, Dorian. She's gone.

Dorian: Then where's the body? If she's dead, then I -- I want to see the body.

Bo: You can't.

Dorian: Why not? Why not? Be-- tell me the truth! What happened to Blair?

Viki: What happened, Bo?

Bo: We traced the car to a scrap yard. By the time we got there, the car had been destroyed.

Viki: Oh, my god.

Kelly: Oh, my god. What are you saying? That --

Todd: They put her body inside a car and put the car inside a freaking masher with Blair inside and she was crushed to death! Is that what you want to hear?

Asa: Damn it! Jeez!

Nigel: Is the market down again, sir?

Asa: Worse, worse. I tell you, Nigel, Todd Manning is alive! And here I thought I'd seen the last of that horse's rosette.

Nigel: Oh, Mr. Manning's family must be so relieved.

Asa: Oh, who the hell cares about them, huh? Who?

Reporter: We've just had confirmation from Llanview police commissioner Bo Buchanan -- missing "Craze" publisher Blair Cramer has been found dead.

Asa: Ding, dong! Dong, ding! The she-devil is dead! Blair Cramer -- ha-ha! -- Bought the farm! Isn't that great? I mean, isn't that just great, huh?

Nigel: Sir --

Asa: What?

David: Here, have some orange juice. It'll make you feel better.

Starr: Nothing will make me feel better until my parents get back and we're a family again.

David: Well, I'm sure that that's going to happen really soon.

Starr: No, you're not. That's why you're trying to distract me.

David: I am trying to distract you. It's not working, is it? You know, it's a little unnerving how easily you can tell when I'm not being honest. So here's the truth. The truth is I've known your mom and dad for a very long time. I've seen them go through much worse and they've come out just fine.

Starr: Can we turn the TV back on now?

David: Yeah, I think that's probably not a very good idea.

Viki: Are you sure that Blair was actually in the car when --

Bo: It was crushed. It'll be a few hours before we're able to retrieve the body.

Kelly: Her body? I can't believe this is happening.

Dorian: If you do not have the body, then you don't know anything. I know my girls. Blair is still alive.

Viki: Oh, Dorian --

Dorian: Viki, whatever you do, don't patronize me. Because when that cabin burned up, you went around saying that Todd was still alive, and I supported you in that, and look, lo and behold, there he is!

Todd: I wish I was dead --

Dorian: Hmm.

Todd: So that Blair could be here.

Dorian: And why didn't you die, you selfish bastard?

Viki: Dorian, don't do that! Good lord, don't blame yourself. There was nothing you could do!

Dorian: Oh, please, Viki! All of this is Todd's fault!

Viki: Ok, stop it!

Todd: No. She's right. It's my fault.

Viki: No, it is not your fault. There's no one who could've loved Blair more than you do. But you know what? Dorian is absolutely right, ok? They have not found Blair. So, Bo, I mean, it's possible that -- that she could still be alive, right?

Bo: It is a possibility --

Viki: Ok.

Bo: But it's remote. All the evidence suggests that Blair was in the car when it was destroyed.

Dorian: Bo, don't you dare give up on her.

Bo: No, I haven't, Dorian. I've got men that are combing that entire area right now just to make sure -- to see if she made it out.

Dorian: Oh, Blair made it out. I know. She's a survivor.

Viki: Yes, that she is, that she is.

Bo: We haven't seen any sign of her so far.

Dorian: Well, I'm sure she made it out of that car. Yes.   Don't, please, Kelly, touch me, ok? Just please leave me alone.

Kelly: Ok.

Reporter: Ms. Cramer? You're the victim's cousin. How do you feel about Blair Cramer being crushed to death in the trunk of a condemned car?

Kelly: What -- what are you talking about?

Reporter: How do you think her kids are going to take it?

Kelly: Her kids are --

reporter: It's a particularly grisly way to die. When this hits the airwaves --

Kevin: Hey, what the hell are you doing? How many times did I tell you to leave, huh? You ok?

Kelly: What do you think?

Reporter: I'm here with Lieutenant Governor Kevin Buchanan.

Kevin: Uh --

Reporter: Does the governor's office have a statement?

Officer: Come on, let's go.

Viki: Todd? Is there anything at all I can do?

Todd: I just -- I want to see my kids.

Viki: Jack's at my house and Starr's at Dorian's. But I'll call David. I'll have him take them to your apartment, ok?

Dorian: Oh, no. No, no, no! There is no chance in hell that man's getting anywhere near that child.

Nora: The police don't know anything yet about where Starr's mom is. Your dad's out looking for her right now.

Matthew: Then why'd that reporter say she's dead?

Nora: Oh, you can't believe everything you see on TV, honey.

Matthew: Yeah, but it's the news.

Nora: Well, those commentators, they sometimes jump to conclusions. You just can't jump with them. Your dad's doing his best to find her.

Matthew: Can we call him just to make sure?

Nora: Ok, I'll try and reach him on his cell. But if we get ahold of him, just a minute, right?

[Phone rings]

Bo: Hey. What is it?

Nora: You sound terrible.

Bo: Yeah, well, I got my hands full here. What do you need?

Nora: Um, it's Matthew. He wants to talk to you. He is very worried about Starr. He was watching some of the news reports. Has something happened?

Bo: I don't think Blair made it.

Matthew: Is it ok, mom? Can I talk to him?

Nora: Just a minute, ok? I don't think he's going to let this one go. He really wants to talk to you.

Bo: Yeah. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Matthew: Why'd you hang up? What's the matter?

Duke: What is wrong with you, Grandpa? How could you say those things about Blair?

Asa: I was just talking back to that TV.

Adriana: So it's true? Blair's really dead?

Nigel: It appears that way, yes, miss.

Adriana: Wow.

Nigel: I'm so sorry, miss.

Duke: Hey, come here. Are you proud of yourself?

Asa: I didn't know she was there.

Duke: Grandpa, apologize to Adriana.

Adriana: Oh, no, don't bother, ok? It wouldn't be real anyway. I know how you feel about our family. You hate the Cramers, and you always will. Excuse me, but I need to be with my mother.

Duke: Hey, I'll take you. Hey, I'll be right there. You know, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Asa: Why? Tell me why. Why should I pretend that I liked that witch because she is dead? I was married to her and I know what the hell I'm talking about.

Duke: Grandpa, I don't care how you feel about Blair Cramer, ok? Two children just lost their mother.

David: So what musician are you into these days?

Starr: I'm kind of into Usher right now.

David: You're too young to Usher. Why would you Usher? You've got money. Why not just buy a ticket?

Starr: Usher's a singer.

David: I know that. I work for a very cool magazine. I know that.

Starr: Well, my mom got tickets for us to see him in concert next week in Philadelphia.

David: That's great. And if not next week, I'm sure there will always be other Usher concerts.

Starr: What do you mean? You know something, don't you?

David: No, what are you talk-- I don't know anything. I'm just saying that it might be sold out. Usher is very popular right now.

Starr: "Craze" gets tickets for everything. Don't lie to me, ok? Everything's going to be ok. When my mom gets back, we're going to go to that concert. And afterwards, we're going to go to this really cool hotel, just her and me.

David: You know --

Starr: I know what I'm talking about, ok? My mom and dad are coming back! And we're all going to be a family again. I'm sure of it.

Dorian: And furthermore, I will not allow Todd to tell Starr that her mother is dead.

Viki: Well, that is not up to you. Todd is her father.

Dorian: I am her mother's aunt.

Viki: So what?

Dorian: I know what Blair's wishes would be. She would not want Starr traumatized needlessly.

Viki: But, Dorian, it's not up to you! This is Todd's decision.

Dorian: Oh, really?

Bo: I'm going to run over to Nora's to see Matthew for a little bit. If you can --

Viki: Yeah, we'll be fine. Don't worry about it.

Dorian: All right, let me give you both fair warning. I will call David up, yes, and I will tell him to take Starr and hide her somewhere where Todd can't get to her.

Viki: No, you will not do that, ok? I'm putting an end to this right now.

Dorian: Oh, really? And what right do you have to have any say in this?

Viki: Ok, Dorian, somebody has to think clearly, and believe me, it's not you right now. You're horribly, horribly upset about Blair, I understand that, but this is how things are going to be.

Dorian: Oh, yes, of course, of course. Once again, you're Queen Victoria and you have a decree to make.

Viki: Dorian --

Dorian: Should I bow down?

Viki: We are going to take care of that child together, and we're going to do it exactly as her father sees fit. Now, I'm going to call David and I'm going to tell him to take Starr home. That's it!

[Phone rings]

David: Hello?

Viki: David. Hi. It's Viki. Look, Todd came back and he's going to be going to his apartment. Would you please be so kind as to take Starr over there, as well?

David: What about Blair?

Viki: Uh, just -- just take Starr home, please.

Starr: What's going on?

David: What do you say we pack up your things? I'm going to -- I'm going to take you home.

Kelly: What are you doing here?

Kevin: I came after you.

Kelly: Why?

Kevin: Look, I know you loved Blair, ok? I loved her, too.

Kelly: Stay away from me.

Kevin: I'm not going to leave you alone like this.

Kelly: I thought I was dead to you after what I did with Ace.

Kevin: Kelly --

Kelly: No, just -- just go, please. I don't need you.

Kevin: Well, you need somebody. I know you, Kelly, probably better than anyone. And I know that you shouldn't be alone right now.

Kelly: I'm not alone. I'm with my son.

Matthew: Dad! Did you find Starr's mom yet?

Bo: Well, the, uh, case is still open, son. It's going to be a few more hours before we really know anything for sure.

Matthew: But she is coming home, right?

Bo: I'm proud of you. You know, Starr's -- I know you're worried about her, and she's lucky to have a friend like you.

Matthew: You didn't answer my question, Dad.

Bo: It's complicated.

Matthew: Starr's mom's dead, isn't she?

Bo: We believe she is.

Viki: Shall I make you something to eat?

Todd: No.

Viki: You have to eat, you know. You've lost a lot of weight.

Todd: How am I going to tell her? Viki, how am I going to tell my daughter that her mother is dead?

Viki: Well, you don't have to, ok, not yet.

Todd: Then when? When Bo calls me and tells me what I already know?

Viki: Look, you don't have to put Starr through that, not -- not just now.

Todd: She knows when she's being lied to.

Viki: Todd, can't you wait until there's some kind of proof?

Todd: I talked to Blair. You know, I talked to her. And she begged me to help her. And I let her down.

Viki: Oh, no, you didn't, no. Todd, you did everything you possibly could. Just -- just wait, ok? We'll hear something soon enough.

Todd: How could she have gotten out? And why was there blood? She didn't get out. If she's out, how come we haven't found her, then?

Viki: Um, I don't know.

Todd: Yes, you do. So do I.

Starr: Dad!

Todd: Hey.

Viki: Thank you very much, David.

Starr: I knew you'd come home. I knew that you would never abandon us. I never stopped believing.

Todd: I know. You know -- you know, you were the one that kept me alive. You know, it was the thought of you and Jack here that kept me alive.

Starr: And Mom. She tried looking for you so hard. She knew that you didn't just run out on her. She never -- she never believed any of the things that anyone said.

Todd: I know. She told me.

Starr: You found her? You found her. Where -- where's Mom? Where is she?

Adriana: Mom, I should've been with you. I'm so sorry.

Dorian: About what?

Adriana: About Blair.

Dorian: Oh. Blair's fine. She wasn't in that car.

Adriana: Mom, but they said on the --

Dorian: I don't want to hear another word about it. They don't know what they're talking about. Blair wasn't in the car and she's fine.

Adriana: Uh, you should probably go.

Duke: I'll call you later? If you need anything --

Adriana: We'll be fine.

Duke: Ok.

Adriana: You were at the police station all night last night. You want to go upstairs and rest for a while?

Dorian: Oh, no. I have to find Kelly.

Adriana: Well, she didn't come home last night. I thought she was with you.

Dorian: She was. Oh, she -- she tried to do something nice, and I just lashed out at her. I want to find her and apologize. You know how sensitive Kelly can be.

Adriana: Ok, well, do you know where she is?

Dorian: Well, I'm afraid she's with the last person she should be with right now.

Kevin: "Kevin Buchanan jr."?

Kelly: I know we never came up with a name, but they needed something to put down on the death certificate, so -- I don't know, it just felt right. I wanted this baby so much. I really, really believed that a child would change things, that they would get better. I don't know, maybe it's a stupid reason for having a kid. Maybe that's why all this happened.

Kevin: No. It's not your fault. It's -- it's not. It's not your fault, Kelly.

Kelly: Well, I'm not so sure about that.

Kevin: I am. I am. Kevin Jr., Huh? I like that.

Kevin: I don't know what to say.

Kelly: Say goodbye.

Kevin: Goodbye, son.

Starr: You're lying to me. Mom's not dead! Why are you lying to me?

Todd: I tried to save her. I swear to god I tried --

Starr: No, you didn't! She wouldn't be dead! Why?

Todd: I -- I couldn't get to her in time and --

Starr: It's all your fault!

Viki: Starr, Starr --

Starr: No! People don't just die! You killed her!

Todd: Don't say that to me, please, Starr.

Starr: We were going to be a family again! You were getting married! Until you made that crazy lady mad at you! You ruined everything.

Todd: Hey --

Starr: I believed you! I had faith in you when everybody said that you just ran away from us! I knew that you would never do that! I never gave up! And now you're back and you ruined everything, because mom's not here. She's gone and I am never going to see her again, and it is all your fault!  No! I hate you and I wish that you were dead!

Kevin: I am so sorry, Kelly.

Kelly: Don't. Please don't apologize to me. I don't deserve it.

Kevin: No, no, no, I should've been there with you at the hospital when he died. I should've been there.

Kelly: Kevin, there was nothing you could have done.

Kevin: But you had to go through it all by yourself.

Kelly: No, Paul was with me.

Kevin: You know what? I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry that you felt like you had to have a baby to keep us together. I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry about Blair and Ace. I'm sorry that I took him from you, and I --

Kelly: Don't, Kevin. He wasn't mine.

Kevin: I know, I know, but you loved him so much, and I put you through hell because of that. I'm just -- god, I'm so sorry about so many things that I just -- I can't change them, I can't take them back, and I just -- I messed up, you know? I made so many mistakes. You know what, I don't have the right to ask you this, but do you think that you could ever forgive me?

Kelly: I think the question is, could you ever forgive me?

Dorian: Oh. Kelly must've turned off her phone. It keeps going straight through to voicemail.

Adriana: Mom, Kelly loves you, and she knows that you love her. I'm sure she knows you didn't mean to lash out at her.

Dorian: I hope so.

Adriana: Mom, of course. You love all your girls -- me, Kelly, Cassie, Blair.

Dorian: Blair is alive.

Adriana: I didn't say she wasn't. I'm just saying you love your girls and we love you, and I love you.

Dorian: I love you more.

Asa: I didn't know she was standing there, Nigel.

Nigel: I didn't say anything, sir.

Asa: You didn't have to.

Nigel: It's not my place to judge you. Just because the poor woman is dead and you were more excited than a little boy on Christmas morning --

Asa: Hmm.   I didn't know your girl was there.

Duke: Yeah, what's your point?

Asa: My point is I wouldn't have said anything if I knew she was there.

Duke: You know, Grandpa, you are always going on about loyalty. What about compassion? What about simple human kindness? I mean, think if it was one of your sons who died. I mean, just for a second, try to put yourself in Todd Manning's shoes. I mean, can you do that?

Viki: You know she didn't mean that. She's upset.

Todd: No. She's right. It is my fault. I am responsible. I'm responsible for Blair's death.

Viki: Todd, it's simply not true.

Todd: It is true. I screwed up again, like I always do! I brought Margaret Cochran into our lives! I led her on! It didn't -- it didn't matter to me. It didn't matter because I wanted to hurt Kevin. And it killed Blair.

Todd: The one person on this earth who was willing to love me.

Viki: Well, she's not the only one.

Todd: Ah, you're my sister. You have to love me.

Viki: No, I don't, Todd. I don't have to do anything. I love you because you've earned my love and my respect.

Todd: I don't want her to be dead.

Viki: I know you don't. I know that.

Todd: Please go.

Viki: Do you want me to stay here tonight?

Todd: No. I want to be alone.

Viki: You sure?

Todd: Yes, I'm sure.

Viki: Ok.

David: Hey, ladies.

Adriana: Hey!

David: Ahem.

Adriana: I'm going to make us some tea.

Dorian: Thank you, honey.

David: So, what's going on?

Dorian: Blair is alive.

David: I know.

Dorian: Thank you.

David: No problem.

Dorian: Oh, god.

David: Come here. Shh.

Kelly: Well, maybe someday we'll be able to forgive each other.

Kevin: Maybe.

Kelly: I do know one thing. We have to try and put this behind us. We have to get past it, move on with our lives.

Kevin: That's my son. That's our son. I mean, how do I put him behind me?

Kelly: You don't have to. You just have to be the man that -- that he would want you to be. Be the father that he would want to Duke. Be that son to Viki. Be that friend to me.

Kevin: I'll try.

Matthew: Maybe I could get Starr a present. Not to take place of her mom, just -- just to make her feel better.

Nora: I think that would be a really nice idea.

Bo: She's going to need a friend like you, son.

Matthew: I'm really glad you guys are my parents.

Bo: We are, too. We are, too.

Todd: Starr.

Starr: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

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Robert: Hey there, beautiful. Long time no see.

Jessica: Do I know you?

Addie: I want to see my daughter. Why won't you tell me where Blair is?

Jack: Where's mommy?

Todd: There's nowhere Margaret can hide where I won't find her. She's going to pay for what she did to us.

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