OLTL Transcript Friday 2/25/05

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/25/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

John do I have to read it, or can you give me the "Reader's Digest" version?

Bo: You remember that bank account that we thought was Paul Cramerís?

John: Yeah. Colson followed up on it, right? Didn't get anywhere.

Bo: No, but I did. It was Cramerís account. I've got the evidence.

John: How did you manage that?

Bo: I asked a few questions. Could have been done months ago.

John: So why did Colson say it ended in a dead end?

Bo: That's what I'd like to know.

Evangeline: Hi!

Nora: Hi! Come on in.

Evangeline: I saw your light on. Hope it's not a bad time.

Nora: No, not at all. Are you okay?

Evangeline: Great, really. You sure that this isn't a bad time?

Nora: No, no, no, no. No, Daniel was here. He left to go back to the office. He's going to come back later. Can I get you something?

Evangeline: The man is clueless, Nora.

Nora: Okay, I don't think I have that on tap. I -- ahem -- John?

Evangeline: I mean, I'm just -- I'm -- I'm --

Nora: Angry?

Evangeline: Confused.

Nora: Ah, confused. Okay. What would make you confused in your relationship with John? Maybe I should just go right to the question. What has Natalie done this time?

Natalie: Hey.

Roxy: So what's shaking, baby?

Natalie: That's what I'd like to know. What's going on? Are you in some kind of trouble again?

Rex: Now, why would you assume something like that?

Natalie: Because I'm usually right.

Rex: Well, it's not me this time. Jen and that boyfriend of hers, who isn't worth the spit it would take to gargle.

Natalie: Okay, what's going on?

Rex: He and Jen are moving in together, so I gave them a housewarming gift.

Natalie: Oh, how nice of you.

Rex: Anyway, Riley finds this old note from me to Jen.

Roxy: I think it was a love letter, honey.

Rex: It was a thank-you note for some money Jen loaned me. But Riley's such a paranoid idiot, he starts going off on Jen about whether she whacked Cramer. You know, it's like he wants to prove she's the killer.

Natalie: But, see, that's not paranoid, that's smart.

Rex: You don't like Jen, I get it. It's just I --

Natalie: All I'm saying is if you're shacking up with a killer, it's nice to know before you move in together.

Rex: All right. I don't know if Jen did it or not, and I don't care. Guy had it coming to him. We all know that. And if she did do it, he should be out there trying to protect her, not put her away.

Roxy: And if she didn't do it, he should be trying to find out who did do it.

Rex: Yeah, he should, shouldn't he? If he really loved her, he'd be out there either way.

Kelly: Hi. Could I pick up a to-go order for Cramer, please?

Bartender: Oh, yeah. It's almost ready. Throwing a big party?

Kelly: Not exactly, no.

Kelly: Hey, Kevin, it's me. Look, I don't know what your mom has told you about Todd, but apparently the explosion that killed him was caused by Margaret Cochran. And we still don't know where Blair is, but we're just praying that she's okay. I know you're furious at me because of Ace, but with Margaret on the loose, I just want you to be careful, please. Don't do anything you'll regret.

Kevin: Are you trying to kill yourself, huh? Get in the car and shut up.

Todd: I have to find Blair.

Kevin: You can't find her on foot in the middle of a storm, Todd.

Todd: I'm not going to sit here and wait for her to die.

Kevin: All right, fine. You don't think you need my help, huh? You're going to get you and Blair killed. Starr and Jack are going to be orphans, and then you're going to be really proud of yourself.

Todd: You have a better idea?

Kevin: Yeah, I do. We'll do things my way.

Man: Go ahead and hook her up.

Blair's voice: No! No, no, please, stop! Stop! There's somebody in here!

[Blair groans]


Nurse: Dr. McBain, I have something for you. It's from the nursing staff.

Michael: Thank you. Dinner for two at Cafe Diem? You really shouldn't have done this.

Nurse: You deserve to celebrate for being off probation. We all thought you got a raw deal.

Michael: Well, thank you.

Nurse: Have fun.

Michael: I will.

Paige: Hey. I just got a call from Mrs. Johnson, and she's still waiting to talk to somebody about her test results.

Michael: Yeah, I just spoke to her.

Paige: Oh, right. I'm glad to see you're staying on top of things.

Michael: Hey, listen, can I talk to you?

Paige: Mm-hmm.

Michael: I know that we haven't always gotten along. I was wondering if we could start over.

Paige: Yeah. Yeah, that's fine with me. But you know what? I'm not the one that you really need to be concerned about. I think you need to show the powers that be around here that you really are serious about your career, Michael. You know, I'm not so sure it's wise to be seen just standing in the hallway talking to nurses about where you're going to take your girlfriend for dinner.

Michael: Well, you know, that was -- you're right. And from now on, you're not going to have to worry about it because I don't have a girlfriend. Marcie and I are just friends.

Marcie: So, what's going on? Sounded like you needed to talk.

Jen: It's Riley. He got this letter. He found this letter that Rex gave me a long time ago. We had this big misunderstanding. It got pretty ugly.

Marcie: Riley just has to stop letting Rex get to him, that's all.

Jen: Rex was there.

Marcie: What? Why? What was he doing there?

Jen: He was there to wish me good luck.

Marcie: Hmm.

Jen: I know, I know. It's never that simple with Rex.

Hudson: Ah. Well, if it isn't my former partners at do-gooding.

Jen: Hudson, hey.

Marcie: Hey.

Hudson: Hey, how you doing?

Marcie: How you doing?

Hudson: Well, things couldnít be better. How about you guys?

Roxy: Hey. You know, you're thinking so hard, your brain's going to set your hair on fire.

Natalie: Look, Rex, whatever it is you're planning to do, Jen is not worth it.

Rex: She is to me.

Natalie: Yeah, I know. But, look, you went to jail for her once. Are you planning on making a return trip this time?

Roxy: Oh, honey, you look too good to be locked up in Statesville. I get a cataract just thinking about all those animals in there.

Rex: Stop stressing, both of you. I'm not going to do anything illegal.

Natalie: Okay, then what?

Rex: It's so obvious, I can't believe I didn't think of it before.

Natalie: What?

Rex: I'm going to help your Uncle Bo catch Paul Cramerís killer.

Natalie: Dear Lord.

Rex: I'm serious, Natty.

Natalie: Yeah, I know. That makes you crazy. Look, Uncle Bo doesn't want your help, nor does he need your help.

Rex: Well, Jen needs my help. And, hey, it's not like the cops have gotten anywhere on their own.

Roxy: You know, it sounds like a plan to me.

Natalie: That's even scarier. Look, whatever it is you're planning on doing, make a plan b. I got to -- I got to go.

Roxy: Hey, honey, you just got here.

Natalie: I'm sorry, I have something I got to do. Bye.

Rex: See you.

Roxy: You know, you're playing this one on the up and up, and that sounds like a big fat bore to me.

Rex: Not the way I play.

Jen: I have to go to the restroom. Excuse me.

Marcie: Okay.

Rex: Hi.

Jen: Hey.

Rex: You here alone?

Jen: I'm with Marcie.

Rex: Oh. I get it. One little fight and the rock star kicks you to the curb, is that it?

Roxy: How's your cousin doing?

Kelly: Oh. I don't know. We're not giving up hope, though. She's been in tough spots before. She'll get out of this one, too.

Man: All yours.

Second man: I'll drop her off at the compressor on the way home.

[Horn honks]

Kevin: Stop that!

Todd: Hurry up.

Kevin: I'm digging us out of a snow bank again!

Todd: Good. Drive straight up the mountain. I want to check another road.

Kevin: No, no, no. Come on, we're going home.

Todd: No.

Kevin: Yeah, we are, you and me. Let's go. Scoot over, come on.

Todd: Oh, is that your big idea? Going back to Llanview? I'm not leaving her here to die.

Kevin: Give me the keys, Todd. Todd, stop being a hero and let's get out of here. Give me the -- Todd, give me the keys! All right, you know what? I'm going to throw you out in the snow and forget you. What do you think about that, huh? I swear to God, I'll go home and I'll forget I ever saw you.

Todd: Yeah, you're the same cold bastard you always were. Go ahead, throw me out.

Kevin: Don't tempt me.

Todd: Do it, I dare you.

Kevin: All right, I got the key. Now get in.

Todd: You don't have the guts, do you?

Kevin: Believe me, I didn't do it for you, I did it for Blair and my mom. You caused enough pain to last a lifetime.

Todd: Spoken like a man who's never caused anyone pain.

Kevin: Not anymore.

Todd: So you've found yourself, have you?

Kevin: Being like you cost me everything I ever wanted, Todd. My wife, my son. I'll tell you what -- I hated myself for it. Then I realized it's not just what I want but what's right that matters. And if nothing else, maybe you learned a little bit about that through this whole thing with Margaret.

[Car starts]

Paige: You never left Marcieís side the whole time she was in the hospital. I just assumed that you two -- that you were together.

Michael: We were. We're not anymore. You know how it is. We were both going in completely different directions. I mean, some things just aren't meant to be.

Paige: For what it's worth, I really am sorry.

Michael: Well, like you said, I really do need to focus on work right now, so --

Paige: Well, you do what you need to do, and just maybe -- maybe -- maybe you and Marcie really are headed in the same direction, after all.

Marcie: So how's grad school going?

Hudson: It's going great, a lot like undergrad.

Marcie: Well --

Hudson: But double the work, of course. But I found an apartment, though. You got to see it. It's nice, quiet. On Love Road.

Marcie: Shut up.

Hudson: Would I lie to you?

Marcie: You know, I'm glad everything is working out for you.

Hudson: Yeah, thanks. Well, not just me. You, too. I heard about the book. Congratulations.

Marcie: Thank you.

Hudson: And Jen and Riley are moving in together, I hear.

Marcie: Yeah.

Hudson: Yeah, right?

Marcie: Yeah, I guess things are working out for all of us, right?

Hudson: Yeah, well, finally. You know, I'd love to stay and chat, I just got to study. I got so much to do.

Marcie: That's fine.

Hudson: What are you doing Sunday?

Marcie: Nothing.

Hudson: Okay, because I'm having people over for the Oscars, and maybe you can come by?

Marcie: You watch the Oscars?

Hudson: Well, you know, it was Nick's idea. He says women love Oscar parties.

Marcie: Nick's smarter than I thought.

Hudson: Guess so. Tell Jen and Riley they can stop by, too. Here's my address.

Marcie: Okay.

Hudson: I'm going to leave it right here.

Marcie: Sounds like fun.

Hudson: And this is my new number. Okay, so call me up.

Marcie: All right, I will.

Hudson: Okay.

Marcie: See you soon.

Hudson: Yeah. Bye.

Marcie: Bye.

Jen: Everything is fine between Riley and me.

Rex: That why you're here without him?

Jen: Marcie and I just -- you know what? I don't have to explain myself to you.

Rex: Sure seems like you have to with Riley.

Jen: Look, he knows that note from you had nothing to do with Paul.

Rex: That why he had to give you the third degree?

Jen: What are you trying to do? Nothing you say is going to turn me against Riley.

Rex: Even when you know deep down who really loves you?

Jen: Rex, don't.

Rex: Well, you can't see it now. Eventually you will. Later.

Roxy: Hey, Kell, you know, I know we're not best pals. I mean, you're not even a hair client. But I've seen you on TV, so I know all about your kid. See, I know what it's like to raise someone else's kid, believe me.

Kelly: Yeah, I guess you do.

Roxy: Natalie and I were real close growing up, but, you know, when she found out that Viki was her real mama, I was afraid that she was going to forget all about me.

Kelly: And that hasn't happened?

Roxy: Nah, because she's crazy about me. I mean, she likes Viki, too, but -- see, what I'm really trying to say is, you know, maybe someday you'll meet up with ace again, and that'll be a real lucky day for him.

Kelly: Thanks. That -- that means a lot.

Evangeline: Okay, I'll just take a little cream in the tea and an answer to the question. Why would you assume this has something to do with Natalie?

Nora: Oh, I don't know, probably past experience or something. Are you sure it doesn't?

Evangeline: Honestly, no, it doesn't.

Nora: Okay, then. Well, maybe you should start at the beginning.

Evangeline: Okay. Really, it's no big deal. I mean, John gave me the key to his apartment this afternoon.

Nora: Whoa! Wow! That -- I'm sorry, but that is a big deal. I mean, hello? Doesn't that make you happy?

Evangeline: He took it back.

Nora: What?

Evangeline: He took it back, okay? He gave me the key to his place because I had left a file over there, which really wouldn't have been a big deal except for it kind of felt like we were having a moment.

Nora: Well, I think you were, probably, until, what, he said, "I'll take it right back now when you're done"?

Evangeline: I mean, he went from "Take it, it's yours" to "I'll just get it from you later."

Nora: Well, okay. Maybe he was just wanting to see your reaction.

Evangeline: What are we, in high school?

Nora: I don't know.

Evangeline: And then when I went to return it, he just -- he took it. He took it with a kiss, Nora. Not -- not "You go ahead and keep it, you know, since I pretty much expect you to be here all the time." No, he just -- he took it like he was a taking a key from the super.

Nora: He kisses the super?

Evangeline: What?

Nora: You know -- well, I guess I would have been a little disappointed, too.

Evangeline: I hate complaining about John. Really, I do. He is so sweet in so many ways. He goes above and beyond to make me feel welcome in his life, in his home, in his bed. But I need to feel welcome where it counts, you know? Confident that he's not saving this spot for somebody else.

Bo: I still haven't heard back from City Hall on that -- that job I was telling you about. But you know what? I've had a heck of a time filling Marcieís old job right there. Would you like to do a couple of shifts?

Natalie: I don't think that would work out too well. Thank you, though.

Bo: Okay. We, I'll keep an ear out.

Natalie: Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Bo: It's no problem. Want some coffee?

Natalie: No. No, thanks.

Bo: I'm proud of you, Natalie.

Natalie: You are?

Bo: Yeah. Everything you've been through -- I mean, you know, you lost Cristian twice, but you're a strong young woman. You're brave. I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but you're going to be happy again.

Natalie: Thanks.

Bo: Sure. So there's something you wanted to tell me, huh?

Natalie: Yeah. It looks like Rex is going to start his own investigation on who killed Paul Cramer.

Bo: Oh, that's just what I need.

Natalie: Okay, I know, but please, don't go too hard on him. At least he's trying to do something good for once, right?

Bo: Yeah, but I can't let him interfere with a murder investigation. But, yeah, okay, okay. I'll go easy on him, just for you.

Natalie: Thank you. Look, I know you're busy. Here's his number.

Bo: Thanks.

Natalie: Thanks. See you later.

Bo: All right.

Bo: Hi, this is Bo Buchanan. I'd like to see you in my office.

Officer: Should we throw him a shower or a bachelor party?

Second officer: I think a shower works. We could buy the happy couple a new set of dishes.

John: Don't you two have bad guys to catch?

Officer: Alston was hanging with a friend in your building. Saw the lawyer let herself into your place.

John: So the whole department's got to hear about it? Come on.

Officer: I can't believe you didn't tell me. And I thought we were so close.

John: Well, I just assumed everyone's got a beautiful woman waiting for them at home.

Natalie: So, I guess you can't keep anything a secret around here.

John: Yeah, it's like an old woman's bridge club around here.

Natalie: Hmm. So you and Evangeline are moving in together?

John: No, no. The guys were just fooling around. She -- she left something at my place, so she borrowed my key, and then she gave it back. No big deal.

Natalie: You took it back from her?

John: Yeah.

Natalie: Oh, God. I mean, I knew you were clueless, John, but, wow. This is worse than I imagined.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Rex: You wanted to see me?

Bo: Yeah, come on in. Have a seat.

Rex: Look, whatever you heard, I didn't do it.

Bo: No, relax. You're not under arrest. Yet.

Rex: What'd I do now?

Bo: Look, you've already interfered with the Paul Cramer murder investigation.

Rex: And I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hidden the gun.

Bo: And now I understand you want to play detective.

Rex: Who told you that? Never mind. I can guess.

Bo: One word, Balsom. Donít.

Rex: Why not?

Bo: Because this is police business, and you're about the furthest thing from being a cop that I've ever seen.

Rex: Commissioner, I'm in the middle of this already. Whoever killed Cramer used me. I almost went away for murder because of this guy.

Bo: "This guy"? Let me ask you something -- what if this guy turns out to be Jen Rappaport? Are you ready for that possibility?

Jen: Too bad Hudson had to leave.

Marcie: Jen, I saw you talking with Rex. Want to tell me what he wanted, or do I even need to ask? I don't really know what to expect from Rex anymore.

Marcie: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What do you mean? Come back here.

Jen: He just surprised me a little bit, that's all.

Marcie: Look, Jen, I know it was really nice of him to come to the hospital and --

Jen: And the book party.

Marcie: Yes.

Jen: Michael probably would have been charged with assault if it hadn't been for Rex speaking up for him.

Marcie: Yeah, until the old Rex decided to show up again and screw everything up. Look, I know I may be the last person in the world that you want to get relationship advice from, but you have a great thing going with Riley. You don't want to screw it up just because Rex decides to come into the picture again.

Jen: Well, what am I supposed to do, just tell Rex to get lost?

Marcie: Yes! Yes, Jen, that is exactly what you want to do, unless you want to tell me that you're falling for Rex again.

Jen: I am not falling for Rex again, no matter what he does.

Marcie: All right, I hope not.

Jen: I'm not!

Marcie: Fine.

Roxy: Damn! Damn, they towed my car again!

Kelly: Oh. Where did you park?

Roxy: Over there. You see that sign over there? It says "No standing," it doesn't say "No parking."

Kelly: Oh, okay. Well, I can give you a lift to wherever your car is. Do you know where they took it?

Roxy: Yeah, it's over at that garage over on -- where is it? On Elm Street? Oh, it's a creep-fest over there. I was hearing voices -- you know, scary, real scary.

Kelly: Voices?

Roxy: Well, not voices. You know, it was like -- it was one voice, and it was a woman screaming that she was going to choke me till my eyes popped out. I'm telling you, there's a polterghost living in that garage.

Blair's voice: Oh, God. Oh, my God, we must be at the junkyard. Oh, God, no! No!

Man: What the hell happened?

Second man: The cable snapped.

First man: Lucky I wasn't on the highway.

Second man: I'll get you another cable.

Blair's voice: We're still in the garage. Thank God. Thank you, God. Wait -- they must have gone off together.

Todd: You're going in the wrong direction!

Kevin: No, I'm going to get help.

Todd: No, not the cops!

Kevin: Yes! They'll be able to find Blair!

Todd: Yeah, a lot of good Boís done me so far.

Kevin: Look, nobody thought you were kidnapped. Bo had every reason to believe that note you wrote.

Todd: Margaret made me write that note.

Kevin: Well, it worked.

Todd: You know, I never would have gotten involved with that lunatic if she wasn't working for you.

Kevin: Margaret never did anything wrong till you made her believe you loved her.

Todd: I was just trying to get information from her.

Kevin: You were trying to screw with her head so you could get dirt on me.

Todd: Oh, you know that was legitimate journalism.

Kevin: Legitimate? It was a personal attack is what it was.

Todd: A personal attack? You slept with my wife.

Kevin: Okay, look, we both made a lot of mistakes.

Todd: You know, ever since college you wanted to see me punished. Well, here's your chance. I would rather have died than have sex with Margaret Cochran.

Kevin: You slept with Margaret Cochran?

Kevin: You had sex with Margaret Cochran?

Todd: I didn't say that.

Kevin: Yes, you did. That's exactly what you said. You said, "I had sex with Margaret Cochran. I'd rather die than have sex with Margaret Cochran." You know, that makes perfect sense because I just saw her at Rodiís, and she said she had this new boyfriend and they were going to start a family and stuff. Oh, that's -- that's amazing. Obviously, she meant you. That's why she kidnapped you, right? Wow. So how was it?

Todd: Shut up and drive.

Kevin: Oh, I'm just -- I'm sorry, okay? I couldn't help myself.

Todd: I did everything I could to fight her. I drugged her. I managed to escape for a little bit, but she -- she dragged me back.

Kevin: Obviously, she was very determined.

Todd: You have no idea. So she's locked Blair in the trunk of a car. She threatened to kill her if I didn't sleep with her, so I did what I had to do.

Kevin: Well, obviously, I'm sorry for Blair. Just when you thought there wasn't any justice in the world.

Todd: Margaret took a pregnancy test and it was negative.

Kevin: Oh, boy.

Todd: It's over. If I can get to Blair, I win.

Blair's voice: Oh, no. They're back. They're back.

Man: I'll hitch her back up.

Blair's voice: Come on. Come on.

Nora: Okay, you want to know what I think?

Evangeline: That's kind of why I'm here.

Nora: Snap out of it!

Evangeline: Okay, I'm snapping.

Nora: What is the matter with you? You're overanalyzing every little aspect of your relationship with John! It's going to drive you nuts! All women do that, I suppose. You know, you get a breath in the relationship and you don't understand what's going on. "My God, he didn't call. Why didn't he call? What's keeping him from calling? What's he doing that he didn't call?"

Evangeline: "Who is he doing it with?"

Nora: Okay, so you get the idea?

Evangeline: I got it, I got it. I just -- I want him to be -- I mean, I don't know, I just --

Nora: What, more like us? Evolved, wise, sensitive, caring? Oh, please. He's missing one critical thing here.

Evangeline: What is that?

Nora: Oh, please. He's a man.

Evangeline: Ah.

John: So, just how clueless am I?

Natalie: Well, you don't give the key to your apartment to a woman and then ask for it back.

John: Well, I didn't ask for it back, she gave it back.

Natalie: And you didn't think maybe telling her to hold on to it a little longer?

John: No.

Natalie: Right. You didn't think.

John: So what you're saying is that it was -- it was some kind of test?

Natalie: Yeah, and you failed.

John: Maybe you're right.

Natalie: No, I know I'm right.

John: Well, thanks for pointing that out for me.

Natalie: Hey, don't mention it.

Rex: Jen didn't kill Paul Cramer.

Bo: And I have your word on that?

Rex: Come on, Commissioner. I know you don't like me, and maybe I've given you a reason not to. But I care about Jen, and I want her off the hook for this. I'd also like to nail whoever it was that set me up. What have you got to lose, Commissioner?

Bo: Oh, I don't know. My job, my sanity.

Rex: I can help you catch them.

Bo: And what would you do if you came up with something?

Rex: I'd hand it over to you.

Bo: You do anything that's just slightly out of line, I'll be all over you like a wet blanket.

Rex: Does that mean I can go ahead?

Bo: What that means is you keep your eyes and ears open and you stay out of our way. And you don't endanger one person's life. That includes yourself. If you do, I will lock you up for the max. Is that clear?

Rex: Absolutely. Thanks, Uncle Bo. Be a pleasure working with you.

Bo: Two things, Balsom. Number one, I'm not your Uncle. Number two, get out of here.

Daniel: What's Balsom doing here?

Bo: I got a more important question for you. Why did you tell me that bank statement we found in Cramerís belongings was a bum lead?

Kelly: Did you see the woman in the garage?

Roxy: No, she was screaming at the top of her lungs that she's going to chop my neck. I heard it. It was coming from the car.

Kelly: Did you look?

Roxy: Well, no. I was too scared to look, but I heard what I heard.

Kelly: Okay, now, was the voice -- could it have been coming from inside the trunk?

Roxy: It could have been because it sounded real muffed.

Kelly: Roxy, when Blair got through to the police, she said she was in the trunk of a car.

Roxy: Oh, my God, you're kidding me.

Kelly: Do you remember what the car looked like?

Roxy: Uh, yeah, yeah, I think so.

Kelly: We've got to get to the police. Come on.

Roxy: Okay.

Nora: Okay, can I say one more thing?

Evangeline: Only one thing? Are you okay? You feeling all right?

Nora: Ha-ha-ha. Listen, you want more from John. That's okay. Absolutely, that's okay. But stop thinking that he's saving some place in himself for Natalie, because it comes down to a choice. He's already chosen you.

Evangeline: Hello, I know that!

Nora: Okay! Hello!

Evangeline: Okay, you're right. You're right. When did I regress to age 16?

Nora: I don't know. If you're like me, it comes and goes.

Evangeline: Well, it's gone, because I am back in control!

Nora: Okay. I have a feeling the best is yet to come for you and John. And I don't want you to miss a second of it.

Evangeline: Thanks. You know, I think I know what I need to do now.

Natalie: I'm sorry. I mean, if that was uncalled for -- the advice. Your relationship with Evangeline is none of my business.

John: Yeah, well, I probably can use all the help I can get.

Natalie: Anything for a friend.

John: Right.

Natalie: Okay, well, I'll see you.

John: I'll see you.

Daniel: Don't know what you're talking about.

Bo: I'm talking about that bank account that you and your friend at the Federal Reserve couldn't get any information on.

Daniel: What, you found something?

Bo: Mm-hmm. It was definitely Cramerís.

Daniel: How do you know?

Bo: Well, I made a phone call, talked to a bank manager. He put me in touch with a senior V.P. and the whole process took maybe -- I don't know -- less than 20 minutes.

Daniel: Well, that's -- that's great.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, it is great. It's really something, but you didn't answer my question. Now, why couldn't your banking connections do the exact same thing I did?

Kelly: Bo, I think I know where Blair is.

Bo: What?

Kelly: Roxy was in a garage. Tell him.

Roxy: Oh, I heard this voice, a woman screaming her lungs out.

Kelly: And it sounded like it came from the trunk of a car. It could be Blair.

Man: Thanks.

Marcie: You're welcome. I'm glad you liked the book.

Man: I can't believe such a scary story came from a sweet girl like you.

Marcie: Thanks again.

Jen: Isn't that weird, getting recognized like that?

Marcie: Yeah. Every time I have to sign an autograph, I can't even believe I'm doing it.

Jen: I propose a toast.

Marcie: Okay.

Jen: To celebrating the positive things in our lives, like "The Killing Club."

Marcie: And to your new apartment with Riley.

Jen: And to the best friend a girl could ever ask for.

Marcie: Right back at you.

Michael: Whoa, hey, what do you we got here, guys?

Paramedic: Male, early 20s, second- and third-degree burns, airway's compromised.

Second paramedic: B.P. 90/50, pulse 110. Breathing is shallow.

Michael: Oh, my God. I know that guy.

Jen: All set. You ready? Marcie?

Marcie: Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry.

Jen: Are you thinking about Michael? I recognize that look.

Marcie: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Oh, it's him. Wonder what he wants? Hello?

Michael: Marcie, it's me. Listen, I have something to tell you.

Marcie: What's wrong, Michael? What's going on?

Michael: They brought a burn victim into the E.R. earlier. He didn't last very long. Um -- I'm sorry, Marcie. You -- you know this person.

Marcie: Michael, that's impossible. I just saw him here.

Michael: I'm sorry. Are you going to be okay?

Marcie: Yeah, yeah, I guess. I mean, Jenís here with me, so -- thanks for calling, okay?

Michael: No problem. I'll see you later.

Marcie: Okay, bye.

Jen: What happened?

Marcie: It's Hudson.

Jen: Is he okay? Did he get hurt or something?

Marcie: There was a fire in his apartment. He's dead.

Nora: The best is yet to come, Daniel. I don't want us to miss a second of it.

Roxy: Ha! Drinks are on me!

Rex: Well, that's a first.

Roxy: I just saved someone's life today. I feel like that chick on "Alias." Hi-ya-ha!

Rex: Hey, the family is moving uptown. Guess who got the go-ahead from the commissioner to do his own murder investigation.

Roxy: No kidding? The drinks are on you.

Rex: Ugh.

Roxy: Let me have some.

Natalie: Hey.

Rex: Hey, thanks for ratting me out to your uncle.

Natalie: Yeah, you're welcome. Okay, you called. I'm here again. What's going on? What's so important?

Roxy: Just me and your brother. When the cops can't cut it, they call on us. We're the long leg of the law.

Natalie: Okay. I'm going home. I'm exhausted. Goodbye.

John: Hi.

Evangeline: Hi. I wanted to talk to --

John: I was waiting here because I want to talk -- you beat me to it.

Evangeline: You first.

John: Okay. I -- I want you to have this.

Evangeline: John. It's okay. I don't need it anymore.

[Phone rings]

John: It's the station. I should take this. McBain. All right, I'll be right there. I have to go to the hospital.

Evangeline: Okay.

John: Are you sure about this?

Evangeline: I'm sure. I'll see you later, okay?

John: See you later.

Bo: Radio the address of the garage to us, and call an ambulance, all right?

Kelly: Oh, my God.

Bo: No, the ambulance is a precaution. Come on, let's go.

Todd: Oh, sorry I'm late, Bo. Traffic was a bitch.

Blair's voice: Come on, please, please, please. Come on, I'm almost there. Come on, come on.

[Truck starts]

Blairís voice: Oh, yes!

[Engine revs]

Blair: No! No! Help! Help me! Help me!

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Officer: R.J. Gannon has been awarded full custody. Hand her over now.

Viki: What did Margaret do to Todd?

Blair: Please don't crush the car!

Bo: You better tell us where that car is and what you know about it.

Man: You're too late, okay? She's gone.

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