OLTL Transcript Monday 1/31/05

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 1/31/05



By Suzanne

Starr: Mom's out there looking for you, dad. We haven't given up on you. Mom won't stop until she finds you.

Reporter: Hey, what's that, young man?

Jack: I've been sending you messages, daddy. Starr taught me how.

Todd: Fred the magic frog.

Jack: Why don't you answer me? Can't you hear me?

Reporter: What's your favorite thing to do with your dad?

Jack: He tells funny stories.

Reporter: Yeah?

Starr: And he knows how to tell the difference between a bothrops nasutus and a bothrops nummifer.

Jack: He taught me how to tie my shoes, but i still need help to double-knot.

Starr: See, my dad is -- still has a lot to teach us. Jack still has to learn how to double-knot, and I still have to learn how to unlock safes as good as you do.

Reporter: Well, he sounds like quite a dad.

Starr: He's one of a kind.

Reporter: Well, that just about wraps things up.

Starr: No -- wait. Wait, wait, wait. Dad, mom's coming. She's coming to save you.

Blair: Todd? Todd, are you in there?

Blair: Oh.

Blair: Todd?

Blair: Oh, my god.

Riley: In her eyes i see the summer sunset i see the rivers running wild i see my future behind my past i left behind i see the difference in her

jen: The girl you wrote that song about sounds pretty amazing.

Riley: Very amazing. She's sexy, smart, talented -- oh, and the kiss --

jen: Oh, yeah?

Riley: Mm-hmm.

Jen: Let's see if i measure up.

Riley: Yeah. But she's got nothing on you. How long you been here?

Jen: Long enough to fall in love with you all over again.

Rex: You two coming up for air anytime soon? Well, I sure could use a drink. We've got some major celebrating to do!

Jen: How did you get out of jail?

Rex: They dropped the murder charges. I'm no longer a suspect in paul cramer's murder. I'm a free man. Isn't that great?

Marcie: Welcome back, dr. Mcbain.

Michael: Slow down, marcie. I told you, just because jessica remembers who pulled the plug on tico santi doesn't mean that i'm in the clear with the hospital board.

Marcie: Yeah, but I don't understand why not. Jessica was an eyewitness. She said that she saw a stranger pull the plug. It proves that you're innocent.

Michael: Yeah, I know that, marcie, but they found my glove --

marcie: Look, it doesn't matter. The police never even really thought that you were guilty in the first place.

Michael: Yeah. I was suspended because I'm an embarrassment to the hospital. Look, tico santi died on my watch. They found my gloves at the scene of the crime.

Marcie: Fine, fine. It's over, ok? You are no longer a suspect.

Michael: My reputation as a doctor has been tarnished, marcie. It's not like that's just going to go away anytime soon, at least not in the eyes of the hospital board.

Marcie: That doesn't seem fair.

Michael: Marcie, it's going to be a long time before they let me go back to work. This whole mess -- it's not over yet.

Marcie: Sure, it is.

Michael: No, it's not, marcie, and it won't be. Not until john arrests tico's real killer.

John: You sure about this, jess? I want you to take a minute and think about what you're doing. Are you absolutely sure the man you saw pull tico's life-support was antonio? At this point, i'm going to need an answer, jess.

Jessica: Yes! Yes. It was antonio. I saw antonio pull the plug. He killed him. I'm so sorry.

Cristian: You're lying.

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cristian: Antonio didn't kill tico. Now, why are you lying?

Jessica: I'm not, cristian. I'm --

cristian: He didn't do it, jessica! Now, take it back! Take it back now!

Natalie: Cristian --

john: Back off, cris.

Cristian: Or what? What, are you going to make me?

Antonio: Cris --

john: If that's what it takes.

Natalie: Come on. Come on, please?


Cristian: This is wrong.

Natalie: Cristian, please.

Cristian: It's wrong.

Antonio: Jess, listen to me. Jess, please. I didn't kill tico. I didn't do this. Look, I -- i don't know what it is you think you saw, but it wasn't me.

Jessica: I didn't want it to be, antonio, but I --

antonio: No -- no, it wasn'T. It -- it's not possible.

Jessica: You were standing over his bed. I saw you reach up and pull the life-support.

Antonio: No, jess, I -- i was never even in his -- in his room. I came straight from the chapel, I found you passed out on the floor. Don't you remember? Hey, look, he -- he was already in cardiac arrest by then.

Jessica: No.

Antonio: Jess, look, you were coming down from -- from a fever. You had just been stabbed. You were on a lot of drugs. Baby, I was the first person you saw when you woke up and maybe you were confused.

Jessica: I know what I saw, antonio! I'm sorry. I'm sorry, i didn't want to say anything. I tried to protect you. I -- i tried to tell everybody that it was a stranger, but you just --

antonio: No, no, it's ok. It's ok, ok? We're going to deal with this. We're going to straighten this out.

John: Ok.

Antonio: She was under a lot of stress. Tico had just tried to kill her. She had gotten sick. Look, the medication probably confused her memory.

John: She doesn't seem real confused now.

Jessica: Antonio, i don't blame you. I don't blame you for doing it. Tico hurt us all really, really badly and i don't -- I don't blame you. I -- i don't blame you at all.

Antonio: You -- blame me for what? I didn't do it, jess! Damn it. Why are you saying i did?

Blair: Mrs. Bigelow?

Woman: Biga-who?

Blair: How did you do that? How did you survive? How'd you pull it off? You died!

Woman: Do we know each other?

Blair: It's me! It's me, blair, mrs. Bigelow!

Woman: Well, sorry, i don't know any blair. And my name isn't bigelow, it's smalls -- hazel smalls. Are you all right?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah. I'm -- i'm sorry, you just -- you look so much like a friend of mine. Actually, she -- she just passed away.

Hazel: Oh, I'm sorry about that. She must've been quite a gal. Sounds like you really miss her.

Blair: Yeah, I do. I do, more than you can imagine, actuly.

Hazel: Well, I'm not dead yet. I have a few more good years, god willing, and the creek don't rise. "Blair," you said?

Blair: Yes.

Hazel: Well, come on in, blair. You'll catch your death out there in the cold.

Reporter: Is there anything else you'd like to say to your father?

Starr: We miss you, and we love you.

Jack: Why did you leave us, daddy?

Reporter: That was quite an appeal, very articulate. Do you know what "articulate" means?

Starr: Yes, i do. I'm not stupid.

Reporter: Oh, well, I hope it works. I hope your father comes back to you.

Starr: He will.

Reporter: Hmm.

Jack: Bye.

Reporter: Bye-bye. You two, take care.

Starr: Now, go upstairs and take fred the magic frog. Go try and talk to dad, ok?

Margaret: Hello, starr.

Jen: They dropped the charges against you just like that?

Rex: I'm an innocent man.

Riley: Innocent? What about putting that gun in dorian lord's office?

Rex: My lawyer said he'll get me off. At most, i'll do se community service, which i'm pretty used to by now.

Jen: When did you find out?

Rex: Last night.

Jen: Why didn't you call and tell me?

Rex: I went straight home, took a shower, crashed for, like, 12 hours. Felt so good to sleep in my own bed again. You remember how comfortable that is, don't you?

Riley: Shut up, rex.

Rex: Oh, hey, whoa, whoa, I'm not looking for a fight, especially since your dad is the one who dropped the charges.

Riley: Yeah, and that was a big mistake.

Rex: You still think I killed paul cramer?

Riley: Yeah, I do.

Rex: Well, think what you want, the D.A.'S office disagrees.

Jen: I'm really happy for you.

Rex: Thanks. While I was locked up in that jail cell, i had a lot of time to think about my life, where I want it to go if i ever got out. I've made some pretty big decisions. Can we talk? Alone?

Jen: I'm with riley. So whatever you have to say, you can say in front of him.

Rex: Well. Like i said, i had a lot of time to think about my life, and I figured out what i want -- who I want. I said i didn't want to fight with you, but I guess, in a way, maybe I do.

Riley: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Rex: I'm in love with you, jen. Always have been, probably always will be. I've decided to do whatever it takes to make you love me back.

Asa: Ooh. Hmm. You got a pretty good grip there, little guy. Yeah. Let's see. On the mound, pitching for the philadelphia phillies, ace buchanan. I'd be so damn proud, boy.

Kevin: He sure knows how to put a smile on his great-grandfather's face.

Asa: Oh, yeah. We're not going to lose him again. Tell me I'm right, kevin.

Kevin: I'm working on it.

Asa: I'd like a guarantee. What do I have to do to get one?

Hazel: Here you go, blair.

Blair: Oh, thank you, mrs. B --

hazel: Uh-uh, "hazel." Call me "hazel."

Blair: I am so sorry, but you look so much like her. I'm sorry that i stared before, really.

Hazel: Well, I guess it's true -- we all have a twin out there somewhere. I don't get many visitors this time of year. How can I help you?

Blair: Well, I'm looking for someone -- a missing person, actually -- and I was hoping that maybe he was up here in one of these cabins?

Hazel: Oh.

Blair: Have you seen him?

Hazel: Handsome fella.

Blair: Yeah.

Hazel: A real looker. Is he a friend of yours?

Blair: Well, he's more than that, actually. He's my husband. Well, he was supposed to be my husband. He disappeared the day we were supposed to be married.

Hazel: Oh, leave it to a man to get cold feet.

Blair: No, it's not like that. He was kidnapped by this woman.

Hazel: Oh. Ooh. She does look a bit off -- a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you know what i mean.

Blair: Yeah, to put it mildly. Look again. Have you seen either one of these people? He could be sick or hurt, because she took him to a clinic somewhere around here.

Hazel: Well, I -- i don't get out much anymore. Most of the cabins up here are summer rentals. During the winter -- well, it could be weeks before i see another person.

Blair: He's got to be up here in one of these cabins. God knows what she's done to him already.

Hazel: Have you checked all the rentals back down the mountain?

Blair: Yes, i've looked at every one, and yours is the only one that wasn't vacant.

Hazel: Sorry I can't be more help.

Blair: I'm probably never going to find todd. It's hopeless. Look, I'm so sorry to bother you. Thank you so much for your help and your time.

Hazel: Let me help you, honey.

Blair: No, it's fine. The door is just -- it's stuck.

Hazel: No -- I mean let me help you find your husband.

Antonio: Jess, I know a lot's happened between us. I've treated you badly. I know that. But --

jessica: Do you think that i would make this up to get back at you? I'd never do that!

Antonio: No -- no, of course you wouldn't. Jess, I just don't understand. How can you see me do something i didn't do?

Cristian: The killer wore gloves that aren't sold anymore, right?

John: They're rare, yes, but my brother and I still use them.

Cristian: So where would antonio have gotten them?

John: Right now it doesn't matter, cris. I hate to have to do this, man, but i'm going to have to get a warrant to search your apartment and your car.

[Antonio takes his keys out]

antonio: I'll save you the trouble.

John: You sure you know what you're doing?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, I'm sure.

Cristian: You're innocent, antonio. I know that. Look, without those gloves, it's just jessica's word against yours.

Antonio: I know. Something's not right here. Her memory -- it's playing tricks on her. I mean, why else would she be doing this?

Cristian: That's what I'd like to know.

Michael: Thanks, by the way.

Marcie: For what?

Michael: Oh, for sticking by me through that whole tico santi mess, even though we're not together.

Marcie: You know i still care about you, michael. You know, as -- as a friend. I -- um -- i just didn't want to see you, you know, get in trouble for something that you didn't do.

Michael: Thanks.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: It meant a lot.

Marcie: You know, I know how hard you've worked to get where you are and, you know, how much it means to you. You're a great doctor, and you're going to have a really great, long career, michael. Nobody can take that away from you, especially some stupid hospital board.

Michael: Listen, marcie, I've been -- i've been thinking a lot lately and -- well, I just --

john: Hey, michael, marcie.

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Hey, bro. How are you?

John: Look, I only got a minute, but I thought you should know. It seems jessica remembered who she saw pull the plug on tico santi.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, I know -- some guy she'd never seen before, right?

John: No, actually, it seems that she was a little confused on the whole stranger thing.

Michael: Confused how?

John: It seems subconsciously she was trying to protect someone else.

Marcie: Who?

John: Antonio.

Jessica: Antonio, i -- I never wanted any of this to happen. God, why couldn't you just leave it alone?

Antonio: Because I didn't want you lying to the police.

Jessica: Are we better off now that we know the truth?

Antonio: But it -- it isn't the truth, jess.

Jessica: Why are you doing this to me, antonio? I remember it -- I remember it clearly! I wish to god I didn't, but I do --

antonio: Jess, please. Please, do you -- do you really think that i'm the kind of man that's -- that would murder his own brother while he's lying in a coma?

Jessica: In my heart, i know that you're not a killer, but --

antonio: What do --

jessica: In my mind --

antonio: What do you believe, jess? What your mind is telling you or what your heart is?

Cristian: Jessica's lying, natalie. There's no way antonio killed tico. No way.

Natalie: I know that you're upset, and i don't understand this any more than you do.

Cristian: Of course I'm upset! It's a mistake! This is wrong.

Blair: How can you say that you'll help me find todd when you don't even recognize these people?

Hazel: Well, it doesn't mean that i can't help. I happen to be a pretty smart lady, worked for some real big shots in my day. Well, I helped them get things done when no one else could.

Blair: All right, well, then i could use some help.

Hazel: It's settled, then. So, why don't you start by telling me why you think your fella's up here in one of these cabins.

Blair: Well, it's a long story. I've been following leads for weeks. All I know is that that woman has taken todd, and she's holding him against his will.

Hazel: One of those "fatal attraction" types, huh?

Blair: Yes, and i know that they're traveling northwest. I know that she took him to a clinic in hunts valley. Her car broke down on old route 187 near lou's garage. Do you know that --

hazel: Yeah, I know the place. Yeah, if you keep driving northwest, there's only one way you can go -- up the mountain roads. And the only thing up here are the cabins.

Blair: Yeah, but which cabin is it? I mean, I can't travel down every single mountain road. I mean, it might be too late.

Hazel: We'll find him. Don't you worry.

Blair: Why are you being so kind to me? You don't even know me.

Hazel: Huh. You and your fella make a really nice couple. I can see that you love him something awful, and -- well, I'm not so old that I don't remember what it was like to be in love. Now, you said that your fella's been gone several weeks now?

Blair: Yeah, it feels like forever.

Hazel: Well, now that i think about it, I have heard a car go by several times during the past few weeks -- before the new year.

Blair: Really? Well, is that unusual?

Hazel: Well, like i said, it's very quiet up here this time of year. But the car came from up the hill. Now, there's nothing up there except one old cabin. Well, I'm not sure, but -- well, I think maybe you should look there first.

Blair: You mean right up the hill?

Hazel: Yes, you go out the drive, and you go up the hill about a mile and a half, and you'll see it, just before the pavement ends.

Blair: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.

Hazel: You just find that man of yours.

Mrs. Bigelow: Good luck, blair. Todd needs you.

Margaret: What a beautiful, young woman you're turning into, starr.

Starr: I know who you are. You kidnapped my dad and made him write that goodbye letter.

Margaret: Oh, and what a wild imagination.

Starr: It's not my imagination, it's the truth. My mom told me all about you, and if you dare hurt my father, you're going to be sorry.

Margaret: Oh. And what are you going to do to me?

Starr: You know what? I have a whole bunch of boa constrictors and black widows in my room that could kill you at any given moment!

Margaret: Oh, well, yes, i suppose you're right. But if i were to die, how would you find your father?

Starr: See!

Margaret: That's assuming that i even know where he is.

Starr: No. See, you do know where he is because you kidnapped him! What did you do to him and where is he?

Margaret: I'll tell you exactly where he is -- on one condition.

Rex: I mean it, jen. I will do whatever it takes to get you back.

Riley: Let's get out of here.

Rex: Hey, why don't you let her decide for herself? One minute, jen, that's all I'm asking.

Jen: Ok. Just one minute.

Rex: It took a lot of screwups in my life to realize what's real and what matters. I know you're with this loser because --

riley: I'm a loser?

Jen: Just let him say what he needs to say so we can leave.

Rex: I know you're with riley because you think he can bring out the best in you. But that's the thing, jen. I don't think you can get any better than you already are. The truth is you bring out the best in me. You'll never feel like you can live up to this guy's standards. Why should you? With me, you don't have to prove anything, you don't have to pretend that you're somebody you're not. I love you -- the good, the bad, everything -- just the way you are. To me, jen, you're perfect.

Riley: You done, romeo?

Rex: That's all i wanted to say.

Riley: It's not going to do much good, now, is it?

Rex: What's that supposed to mean?

Riley: She's with me. When are you going to get that?

Rex: You speak for jen now?

Riley: I don't have to. Tell him.

Rex: Yeah, jen, tell me. Is what riley said true?

Antonio: Look, forget about your memory and what you think you saw, jess. Please, look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes. Tell me, do you really think i'm capable of committing murder?

Natalie: Cristian just took off.

Antonio: What?

Jessica: Where'd he go?

Natalie: I have no idea. He just ran out of here, and i'm really worried about him.

Antonio: He'll be fine. He's capable of taking care of himself.

Natalie: No, maybe the old cristian, but not -- john thinks that --

antonio: What? Natalie?

Natalie: Nothing. Nothing. You're right. You're right, cristian can take care of himself.

Cristian: Father? I have to talk to you. I -- i don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I'm losing it.

Priest: Cristian, is this about what you already confessed to me?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah. That book I told you about, the one with all the memories and facts written down? I burned it. I thought if i did that, that i could be free, you know, that i could start a new life. But it didn't work. Right after, i -- I bought a gun.

Priest: And why would you do that, cristian?

Cristian: I don't know. All of a sudden, i got this really bad headache. The next thing i know, I'm in this gun shop. I knew exactly what to ask for, and I don't even know anything about guns. I even knew how to fire, father. I went to a shooting range and got six kills. I know it's because of what they did to me on that ship.

Priest: The men who held you captive?

Cristian: They're making me do all these things. Now I'm supposed to kill someone else, someone I love.

Priest: Cristian, no one can make you take another person's life if you don't want to.

Cristian: I already have. They made me kill tico santi, and now antonio is getting blamed for it.

Priest: Then turn yourself in, cristian. It's the only way.

Starr: You're really going to tell me where my dad is?

Margaret: Yes, i'm a woman of my word. But there is that one condition.

Starr: What is it?

Margaret: I need you to tell me where your mother is.

Starr: Why?

Margaret: I have something very important to talk to her about.

Starr: Like what?

Margaret: Despite what your mother may have said about me kidnapping your father, the fact is we ran away together. He is very much in love with me, and I'm in love with him, and we're starting a new life and a new family, and I need to break it to your mother.

Starr: No, you're lying to me. You're lying to me! My dad would never, ever walk out on us and go to you!

Margaret: Listen, I understand that this is very upsetting for you. But, listen, i need to know where your mother is.

Starr: If you even think that i'm going to tell you where my mom is, you're even crazier than you look, and that is pretty darn scary.

Margaret: Just tell me where your mother is!

Starr: No!

Margaret: Yes! Tell me!

Starr: Never!

Margaret: You're just like your father. That's fine. I guess I'll settle for you.

Starr: What?

Margaret: You're coming with me, you rude little brat!

[Todd coughs]

blair: Todd? Todd! Todd! Todd, are you in there? Can you hear me? Todd! Todd! Todd! Can you hear me, todd?

Marcie: So you're saying that antonio killed tico?

Michael: I'm sorry, john. I don't believe that for a second.

John: Yeah, I don't believe it, either, but jessica is the only eyewitness. She doesn't really have a motive to lie.

Michael: Well, what about that piece of latex that you found in the outlet of the life-support system? What, do you think maybe antonio got a pair of our gloves somehow?

John: Don't know yet. I'm supposed to meet officer jackson over here. We're going to go search his place.

Marcie: What are you looking for?

John: Won't know till we find it. You know, I don't have time to wait anymore. I'm going to have to go over on my own.

Michael: Well, hey, john -- thanks, man. I really appreciate you letting me know.

John: I'm glad you're out of this, mike.

Michael: Yeah, me, too. But antonio --

john: I know. I know. Look, why don't you get your butt back over to the hospital and start being a doctor again?

Michael: Right on.

John: Ok. I'll see you later, marcie.

Marcie: Bye. This just must be tearing jessica apart.

Michael: Jessica? What about antonio? Ok, I know what it's like to be accused of something that you didn't do.

Marcie: You think antonio's innocent?

Michael: Yes. What, you don't?

Marcie: Well, yes. But then again, why would jessica say what she said?

Michael: I don't know. I will say, though -- I mean, she was really out of it that night, marcie. Now, i'm not saying that she's lying, but antonio killing tico? It just doesn't make any sense.

Marcie: Well, if it wasn't antonio, then who was it?

Priest: God will forgive you for what you've done, but you will never forgive yourself until you make this right.

Cristian: No. No, I can't turn myself in. It would destroy natalie.

Priest: It's the only way to clear your brother of these accusations.

Cristian: Well, antonio is not my brother!

Priest: You two grew up as brothers.

Cristian: Cristian vega did. I don't know who i am.

Priest: Whoever you are, you need help. And you need to find peace, and you're not going to find it unless you go to the police and tell them what you've done. You don't have a choice.

Cristian: You're right, father. I don't have a choice.

Kevin: Well, there's no guarantee when you're fighting for custody.

Asa: Well, I'll tell you, that i don't like to hear, kevin.

Kevin: Well, you know, I feel good about it. I mean, there's not a judge in his right mind who's going to give ace to j.R. And babe. I think they'll see that i'm the right choice. The only choice.

Asa: Must have been something, you going down to new orleans, grabbing little ace here right out of that punk j.R.'S arms.

Kevin: Yeah, it was -- it was something.

Asa: I'll bet that piece of white trash didn't know what hit her.

Kevin: Hey, come on, babe isn't a piece of white trash. She's just a young kid who made some mistakes. Some big ones.

Asa: Don't tell me you're defending her.

Kevin: I'm not defending her. You know what? Maybe you should've gone to new orleans. You would have seen what an ugly, painful mess this whole thing was.

Asa: You sound to me like you're sorry you won.

Kevin: No, I'm not sorry. I just -- I don't regret getting my son back. I just regret the pain that i caused others, that's all. I know what that's like. I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

Margaret: You and I are going on a little trip, starr.

Starr: Yeah, right!

[Margaret screams]

margaret: Get back here!


margaret: What is that?

Starr: It's a panic alarm. The police will be here in five minutes. Now, i could call them and tell them that I hit it by mistake. And I will if you tell me where my dad is.

Blair: Todd! Todd! Can you hear me, todd? Todd, are you in there? Todd!

[Blair coughs]

blair: It's locked! Todd! Come on, open the -- todd, I'm coming! Todd!

Rex: Is this really the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with? Be honest with yourself, jen.

Jen: I love riley. I'm with riley.

Riley: She said it. You happy now?

Rex: Let her finish.

Riley: She's not interested. What more is there to say?

Rex: Get the hell out of my club.

Jen: Guys --

rex: Go find another lame boy band to front.

Jen: Guys, please stop it! Riley, don't! Stop it! Please!

Antonio: Well?

John: Well, we searched your place.

Antonio: And you found nothing?

John: Actually, we found these hidden underneath your bathroom sink.

Priest: What are you doing?

Cristian: I'm sorry, father, I can't turn myself in. They won't let me.

Priest: Who won't let you? Cristian, I know you. You're a good, kind person. You're not going to shoot me. Now give me the gun.

Cristian: I can't do that.

Priest: Yes, you can. No matter who or what you feel is controlling you, making you commit these terrible acts, ultimately you are your own person. Think about your wife, your mother. Think about all the people who love you, cristian, what they would want you to do.


starr: What'll it be? Are you going to tell me where my dad is, or are you going to get dragged away by the cops who will be here any minute?

Margaret: I'll be long gone before the cops show up.

Starr: No! I may be small, but I am very, very tough.

Margaret: Listen, I wouldn't want to punish your father for your bad behavior! Trust me, I can think of a lot of interesting ways to punish him!

Starr: I'm going to tell the police everything you said!

Margaret: I don't know what you're talking about. I was never here. I never said a word!

Starr: You're going to get thrown away into prison.

Margaret: They will never put me in prison. You just tell the police all that you want. They already know that you are a lying, mischievous little brat! No one will believe you. No one.

Starr: Wait! Tell me where he is! Just tell me!

Blair: Come on, open. Todd!

[Blair coughs]

blair: Todd! Todd!

>> On the next "one life to live" --

john: Antonio vega, you're under arrest for the murder of tico santi.

Evangeline: I need to know as soon as possible if the subject really is who he claims to be. Cristian, how long have you been standing here?

Todd: Blair, there's too much smoke. You got to get out of here. You got to leave me. Get out now!

Blair: No!

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