OLTL Transcript Wednesday 1/26/05

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 1/26/05



By Suzanne

[Phone rings]

evangeline: Yeah.

John: Hey, it's me.

Evangeline: John, I thought you were going back to work.

John: I did. Hey, can you -- can you come over here right away?

Evangeline: Is everything all right?

John: Yeah. Just come over here, will you?

Evangeline: I'm on my way.

Riley: Hello? Anyone here?

Lindsay: Just me. Hey.

Riley: I guess I'm early.

Lindsay: Early?

Riley: Yeah, jen said you two were having dinner together?

Lindsay: Oh, yeah, that -- that's right. That was the plan. But you know what? I told her i was very busy and we were going to have to take a rain check.

Riley: Nice try.

Lindsay: Huh?

Riley: You're lying, and so did she. I know exactly where she went.

Rex: Look, this is crazy. Why can't I go? Why am i still being treated like a criminal?

Daniel: Well, let me see if i can explain it to you again. Maybe you didn't kill paul cramer, but, yes, you did tamper with evidence, and, yes, that does make you a criminal.

Jen: Excuse me.

Rex: Jen.

Jen: Can I talk to rex alone for a minute?

Daniel: Yeah, jen, if you want to waste your time with this piece of trash, be my guest.

Rex: He's not all that crazy about me. Can you tell?

Jen: Gee, i wonder why.

Rex: It's good to see you, jen.

Jen: Yeah, you, too. So what's the latest?

Rex: All I know at this point is even if they believe I didn't kill paul cramer, I still have to face charges for hiding the murder weapon, which, according to you, I didn't need to do in the first place.

Jen: I'm sorry.

Rex: I'm not. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Jen: How can you say that?

Rex: Don't you get it by now? I'd do anything for you, jen. I love you.

Kevin: Hey, here we go. Huh? You remember this place? Of course you do. It's like you never left, huh?

[Ace babbles]

kevin: Yeah. It is. Don't worry. I'm not going to ever let anyone take you away from me again.

Blair: Kelly, i am so sorry i'm late. Traffic was a bear.

Kelly: Are you sure you want to be here?

Blair: If i weren't here, I would be banging my head against a wall right now.

Kelly: So your search for margaret and todd -- you've come up with nothing, huh?

Blair: Oh, you wouldn't believe what i've been doing. I bet you I hit every gas station, convenience store, and diner on every dirt road from here to kingdom come, and I really don't know what i'm going to do.

Kelly: You'll come up with something.

Blair: You're damn right i will, because I know that psycho margaret has todd, and I'm not going to stop until i can bring him home.

Margaret: [As blair] it's time, hot toddy.

Todd: Don't do this, margaret.

Margaret: Stop calling me that! There is no one here by the name of margaret! I'm just little old blair! And we are going to have so much fun. Oh, lordy, yes. Starr and jack are upstairs, so we can take advantage of this little opportunity. Hmm.

Todd: I don't know where you got this halloween costume, but it's sick and I'm not going to play along.

Margaret: Yes, you are going to play along! And you're going to love every mother-loving minute of it!

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evangeline: Hey. What's wrong? Is it the case?

John: No.

Evangeline: Well, it sounded urgent on the phone.

John: No, nothing urgent.

Evangeline: What's going on?

John: What's going on? Just -- dinner. Look what I've got. I got a little wonton soup here, you know? We got a little mushrooms and green beans in a special sauce. This -- this is -- I'm not really sure what that is.

Evangeline: This is just about dinner?

John: Yeah, this is just about dinner. Oh, there is one rule. You have to fall in order to get fed. No talking about the damn case or anybody involved in it. You think you can handle that, counselor?

Evangeline: I don't understand why you just --

evangeline: I can handle that.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Nigel: I thought I heard -- mr. Buchanan and ace!

Kevin: You see that, ace? Everything is here waiting for you -- your toys, your milk bottle, and -- ah -- nigel!

Nigel: I never imagined you'd be back so soon. I assume it all went well in new orleans?

Kevin: Well, ace is back. That's all that's important.

Nigel: I'll see to it that the nursery is ready. Welcome home, little ace.

[Ace babbles]

kevin: Yeah. What i just said, ace, that's true. Everybody thinks that my career is the most important thing. You want this? There you go. No? But I'll tell you what. Once upon a time, that would have been true. But not anymore. You changed that. You know that? You did. You changed me. You made me want to be someone that you could be proud of. I hope you'll be proud of me someday, maybe want to make up for all the mistakes i made with duke, blair, kelly, and everybody. Things are definitely going to be different from now on, because it's just a new beginning for you and me. You know that? And I am never, ever going to let anyone come between me and my family again.

Kelly: I just don't understand why margaret would kidnap todd.

Blair: Come on, it's no big mystery, especially to me. I tell you, the woman has been obsessed with todd from the minute she laid her eyes on him. I tell you, he tried to convince me that therapy had somehow cured her. I totally had my doubts the whole time. I should have listened to them.

Kelly: Blair, you told me not to beat up on myself, and I'm going to tell you the same thing. There is no way any of this is your fault.

Blair: I swear, kelly, I just don't know what i'm going to do. What that woman is doing to todd --

kelly: I just hope he's not --

blair: Don't say that! He's fine, he's alive, I know it, i can feel it. And if i know todd -- and I do know todd -- he's probably making margaret cochran very sorry she ever met todd.

Todd: Margaret, you can change your hair to look like blair's, you can dress like her, and you can try to sound like her. You are not her.

Margaret: Oh, darling, you are just so wrong.

Blair's voice: In this new year, I hope everyone finds what they're looking for.

You said just one kiss couldn't be much harm in it and I thought what could really happen? But it went way too far from your lips to my heart last thing i want to do is scare you

todd: Margaret, just give this up. It's not going to work.

Blair's voice: Much too soon much too fast and I know this might sound crazy but I can't hold back the love i feel inside for you please don't run from my heart don't take away this dream that's just come true i'm sorry but I love you

Rex: Well, it's kind of hard on the ego when you tell somebody you love them and they can't even look at you.

Jen: Rex, i don't really know what to say.

Rex: Well, that's too bad. You see, i'm close to spending the next few years in a jail cell, so i figure if there ever was a time for spilling my guts, this is it, no holding back.

Jen: I'm going to go.

Rex: You know, I tried, jen. I tried to give up these feelings i have for you, but I couldn't stop thinking about you. I love everything about you, from that beautiful face, that body, that amazing smile, to every dirty, rotten thing you've ever done. Can riley say the same? So, I've made a decision. If i get out of this mess with just a slap on the wrist, I'm doing everything differently. The only thing that'll matter is you and what we could have together.

Jen: You know what, rex? What we had -- it was great while it lasted, but it's done. I'm with riley now. And besides, how could i ever be with you again after you slept with my mother?

Rex: Then why are you here?

Jen: Because everything that you are going through right now, it's because of me. I feel a little responsible. And this whole on-again, off-again thing -- I can't do it anymore. I cannot play this game. I got to go.

Lindsay: Let's not overreact about rex, ok?

Riley: I'm not overreacting. I just don't get why she can't shake the guy.

Lindsay: It's complicated, riley.

Riley: I never took rex seriously until new year's eve, when he came to capricorn and said he was leaving town. It was the way he looked at her. It was like he was really in love with her this time and it wasn't just a con.

Lindsay: Oh, come on. Everybody looks like they're in love on new year's eve. It's all that kissing.

Riley: I'll see you later.

Lindsay: Wait, wait, riley, look, just hang. If she said she's going to be here, she's going to be here.

Riley: It's not jen i'm going to see.

Nigel: The nursery is all ready, mr. Buchanan. Is there anything else i can do for you tonight?

Kevin: Just make sure that ace and I aren't disturbed. As soon as the press hears that he's back, they're going to be coming out of the woodwork.

Nigel: I'll keep the media at bay. Don't worry.

Kevin: Thank you, nigel. You know who's going to be surprised to see you? Your great-grandfather and your brother.

[Ace babbles]

kevin: Yeah. Asa and duke. They missed you very much. You know that? Hey, where's your toy, anyway? Oh, remember this guy? Huh? He was very sad when you left. Thank you. Wasn't as sad as your daddy, though, I'll tell you that. And I am your daddy, ace. You know that? No matter what anybody says -- yeah -- I always will be. I love you so much. Oh -- you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to put my family back together. I am. You and duke -- you are the future, and the future has nothing but good things. And you don't worry about the chandlers, ok? Because I will die before I let them take you from me.

[Phone rings]

kevin: Uh-oh. Who is it? Oh, it's kelly. It's mama. Nah, let's don't answer it.


kevin: Ok? No. You and I are going to have a wonderful life, ace. I'm going to make sure of that.

[Ace babbles]

kevin: Yeah? I'm glad you agree. Come here.

Kelly: Voicemail again.

Blair: Hmm. Kevin's avoiding you. Now, gee, that's a surprise.

Kelly: I just wish I could have gotten something out of asa, but all we did was fight.

Blair: Let's go.

Kelly: Where?

Blair: Over to asa'S. Come on, come on, I'll drive you, let's go.

Kelly: But what about todd?

Blair: Look, I told you i hit a standstill and i've got all this pent-up anger. If i can't use it on margaret, we'll just share a little bit with asa, so come on.

Kelly: Blair --

blair: Don't you talk me out of it. Between the two of us, we can get that old coot to tell us everything he knows about ace and kevin, whether he likes it or not.

Blair's voice: If you'd asked me yesterday if someone could feel this way i'd look at you and probably laugh

todd: I'm not watching you, margaret.

Blair's voice: What kind of world is this that changes with one kiss? Who is this stranger standing in my shoes? Much too soon much too fast and I know this might sound crazy but I can't hold back

jen: Hey, mom.

Lindsay: There you are.

Jen: Chinese food. I hope you're hungry.

Lindsay: I didn't know we were having dinner together tonight.

Jen: Well, I wanted to surprise you. Riley's coming by later, too.

Lindsay: Hmm. He already did.

Jen: What? Where did he go?

Lindsay: He didn't say, but I think we can both make a pretty good guess about that.

Jen: Rex. He figured out that that's where i went, and now he went to -- oh, my god, I've got to go. I've got to go --

lindsay: No, no, no, wait. Look, he's not angry. He's just confused.

Jen: Nothing is going on between rex and me.

Lindsay: I know that.

Jen: But I can't just abandon the guy, can i, not when the only reason that he's in jail is to try to protect me. I mean, I can't just say "whatever" and let the guy rot in prison.

Lindsay: Nobody's asking you to do that.

Jen: Riley is. He didn't come out and say it, but -- all I have to do is think about rex and riley goes nuts.

Lindsay: Ok. Then you have to go to riley immediately and you need to tell him that the only reason that you're seeing rex is out of guilt and because you feel responsible for the situation that he's in. You don't want to blow it. Don't blow a good thing. You go make riley understand that immediately.

Mr. Emerson: Tell me again why my client is still in jail.

Daniel: We're still reviewing the evidence.

Mr. Emerson: A letter was found in my client's apartment proving that he was paid off to hide that gun.

Daniel: And I'm still not buying that story.

Mr. Emerson: And on top of that, my sources inform me that a witness has come forward implicating a pine valley resident.

Daniel: That witness is about as credible as a story in "the sun." Now, if commissioner buchanan wants to waste his time with david hayward, that's up to him.

Rex: Ok, so what do i got to do to get sprung, huh? Sit? Stay? Beg?

Mr. Emerson: Keep your mouth shut, rex.

Daniel: That would be a good start.

Mr. Emerson: Can you give me and my client a moment, please?

Daniel: Fine with me. Officer, would you please escort mr. Balsom here and his attorney to the interrogation room.

Officer: Sure. Let's go.

Daniel: Oh, hey, hey, hey! Riley, riley, slow up, son.

Riley: I need to see rex.

Daniel: Well, he's talking to his lawyer. You can't see him right now.

Riley: Yeah, well, you know, I'll wait.

Daniel: Listen, riley, jen was here.

Riley: Yeah, I figured that out.

Daniel: And from what I could see, balsom really did a number on her.

Riley: What does that mean?

Daniel: Look, son, you can't be naive. The guy's just not letting go, and jen is obviously still attracted to him -- god only knows why.

Riley: Dad, be honest with me. What is going to happen to rex?

Daniel: Well, I'm sorry to say that he's going to be released sooner rather than later.

Riley: Well, what about his tampering with evidence?

Daniel: You know, it's a felony, but it's not first-degree murder.

Riley: And that means what?

Daniel: Riley, this department has arrested four people for murder and had to let them go. And the next person with the slightest amount of evidence against her is going to be hit with everything we've got.

Riley: "Her"? Why did you say "her"?

Daniel: There aren't many suspects left on the board, riley.

Riley: You mean jen, don't you? Don't you?

Daniel: Son, the state needs to put this case to rest. We can't afford another maybe. Now, whoever killed paul cramer is going to find her head on a chopping block.

John: Evangeline williamson, attorney at law.

Evangeline: Yes?

John: Anybody ever tell you that's kind of a formidable name? It's almost like your parents knew you were going to be this force of nature when they named you.

Evangeline: It was my great-grandmother's name. I never met her, but she was a pretty amazing woman. She owned her own business, which was a very big deal back in the day for a black woman.

John: Hmm, so it's kind of an honor that you have her name.

Evangeline: Are you kidding? I hated it. Evangeline williamson -- it's just so formal and imposing. I mean, how many syllables can you put in a name?

John: Huh. True. What did the kids call you?

Evangeline: What do you mean?

John: You know, with a name like that, you had to have a nickname. Like the kids who used to call me mack or johnny mack.

Evangeline: Mack?

John: Yeah. What did they call you? Like vanjy?

Evangeline: I am not telling you.

John: A woman with secrets. Interestingly enough, I like that.

Blair: Let me do all the talking here, ok?

Kelly: I don't know, blair.

Blair: You don't know? Now, who was the one that managed to sweet-talk asa out of turning us in to the security guards when dorian and i tried to sneak mrs. Bigelow's body back into the hospital, hmm?

Kelly: You did.

Blair: That woulds be me. And if i can do this, this is going to be shoofly pie, so come on. Asa! I know you're in there! Open up! Asa!

[Pounding on door]

blair: Open up the damn door!

Nigel: I'm afraid there's no one home at present.

Blair: Well, then, we'll just wait, won't we?

Nigel: Good evening, ms. Cramer.

Kelly: Hey, nigel.

Nigel: This really isn't a good time.

Blair: Well, we're here to see asa, and we're not going to leave until we see him.

Nigel: What is this in reference to?

Blair: It's for asa's ears only.

Kelly: Actually, I wanted to talk to him about kevin. Have you heard from him?

Blair: Uh-oh.

Kelly: What? What is it?

Blair's voice: Don't make me sorry that i loved you

margaret: [As blair] my little song turned you on, now, didn't it, like always.

Todd: No. What are you doing?

Margaret: I'm just going to cut these little pants off, silly. I need to see that things are stirring about.

Todd: Margaret --

margaret: Look, I can't untie you because you might try to run away and miss all the fun!

Todd: No --

margaret: Careful, sugar. I just might cut you. We don't -- we don't want you bleeding when it's time to make our baby. Oh, careful. Keeping a relationship alive...

Lindsay: What's going on?

Rex: Oh, pretty obvious, isn't it?

Lindsay: I thought you were cleared of the murder charges, with all that evidence bo found?

Rex: Yeah, wasn't that special? Too bad he's off looking for some lost kid while I'm stuck waiting for daniel colson of all people to decide my fate.

Lindsay: Oh, god.

Rex: Look, you believe me, right, lindsay? You know i didn't kill anyone. I did what i did for jen.

Lindsay: And for the money.

Rex: No. That's not really --

lindsay: Don't even start to begin to try to -- I know you better than anybody.

Rex: Yeah, you do.

Daniel: There's nothing new to report, so don't even ask.

Lindsay: I actually wanted to ask you something.

Daniel: Lindsay -- the only thing I have to say to you is that you and your daughter had better be prepared for what happens next.

Lindsay: What's that supposed to mean?

Daniel: This case should have been closed down months ago, and it's not. My office won't make the same mistake again, and i won't make the same mistake again. Do we understand one another?

Margaret: [As blair] agh! You bit me!

Todd: You try that again, I'll do worse.

Margaret: You drew blood, you devil! Oh, you want to play rough? Well, I can play rough, but that's enough blood for one night. It's a good thing you didn't use up all of this when you made your crutches.

Todd: No, no.

Margaret: Oh, your mouth says "no, no," but your eyes say "si, si."

[Margaret screams]

kelly: Kevin.

Kevin: Hey, look who's here, ace. It's mommy.

Kelly: What have you done?

Kevin: What does it look like i've done? I've brought our son home where he belongs.

Kelly: But --

kevin: No, there's no buts, kelly. I'm his father, all right? Babe chandler and jamie martin are kidnappers. In the eyes of the law, cut and dried.

Kelly: Blair, i'm sorry, but I really need to talk to kevin alone. Do you mind?

Blair: Yeah, sure. You call me if you need anything, all right?

Kelly: Ok, you, too.

Kevin: What, you and blair are best friends now?

Kelly: Kevin, this is so wrong. He deserves to be with his mother, not here.

Kevin: Look, just listen to me for a second, ok? I'm not a fool. I know it's not over yet. The chandlers are going to come after me with everything they've got. They're going to do anything they can to get ace back. I know that. That is why we need to make a united front.

Kelly: I told you that he was better off where he was. Why couldn't you just trust me and believe me?

Kevin: What, better off with strangers? Look at him.

Kelly: Better off with his mother, with the woman who gave birth to him. He was safe with jamie and babe. Now he's going to be in the middle of a custody battle between the buchanans and the chandlers.

Kevin: Ok, the law is on our side. The birth certificate says --

kelly: It doesn't matter what the birth certificate says. Kevin, he's not ours. He never will be.

Kevin: Here.

Kelly: What?

Kevin: Take him.

Kelly: No, I can'T.

Kevin: No, you take him.

Kelly: No, I -- i can't --

kevin: Kelly -- kelly, turn around, come here. I want you take him and you hold him close to you.

Kelly: Now, tell me he isn't ours. Go ahead. Tell me ace isn't ours.

Daniel's voice: Whoever killed paul cramer is about to find her head on a chopping block.

Riley: Jen?

Jen: Ok, look, before you get upset --

riley: I was looking for you.

Jen: Yeah, I know, I know. I was with rex. But it's not what you think. There is nothing happening between rex and me other than confusion on my part.

Riley: Ok, I guess i don't understand. What are you so confused about, jen?

Jen: I just don't understand why he would risk his freedom to clear my name, especially since I'm innocent. And, yeah, yeah, i used to be married to the guy. So there's always going to be a small part of me that cares about him, what happens to him, but I'm not in love with him. I'm in love with you. You've seen the worst in me, and you love me in spite of it. And you've seen the best in me, too. I would take that love over rex's any day. I should have been honest with you. I should have told you i went to see rex. I shouldn't have lied to you.

Riley: Then why did you lie to me, jen? When you lie to me about little things, it makes me wonder if you're hiding something else, something bigger.

Mr. Emerson: I'm late for a bail hearing. I'll check in with you later.

Rex: That's it?

Mr. Emerson: Nothing more i can do right now.

Rex: But you must have some idea of what's going on. Am i being released, or what?

Mr. Emerson: Colson obviously has an ax to grind with you. And you're not helping things by being such a smart-ass.

Rex: It's my nature. What can i tell you?

Mr. Emerson: Hang in there, kid. I'll be back.

Blair: Look, daniel, I was told --

daniel: Blair, I really don't have time.

Blair: Look, I know that bo is out of town, but I was hoping that maybe somebody else from the police department heard something about todd or margaret cochran since I was here last.

Daniel: Which wasn't that long go, and, no, there's nothing new to report.

Blair: Look, I know nora probably filled you in, and she was actually very helpful to me, but if --

daniel: You know, blair, she's not here right now, and I'm extremely busy, so --

blair: Well, is there anyone that can help me? If --

daniel: Now, now, look, you're going to have to wait for bo to get back from louisiana or for nora to get here in the morning, but there's nothing more that we can do for you tonight, ok? I'm -- i'm sorry.

Blair: Yeah, I bet you are. I'll just try this. Hey, george. It's blair cramer. Has tomorrow's edition gone to press yet? Oh, great, it hasn't? No, no, no, hold it off because there's something i still need to do, ok?

Margaret: [As blair] whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Oh, this is better than the rodeo! Ride him, cowgirl! That's downright rude! Am i going to have to teach you some manners? Oh, did that hurt? Ho-ho!

[Normal voice] well, guess what --

you are going to go through hell on earth right here on this bed.

Kelly: Kevin, where is babe chandler right now?

Kevin: She's in f.B.I. Custody, charged with kidnapping.

Kelly: Oh, god, that's terrible.

Kevin: Yes, it is. I know, ok? When i first went to new orleans, all I could think about was revenge. I just wanted to hurt the people who had hurt us, who had taken ace. Then, you know, I just started thinking about what you said, and I did it. I watched babe, I watched her with ace, and you were right. She loves him.

Kelly: How could you take him away from her?

Kevin: Well, because. We were raising him in a loving and happy family. We weren't drugging each other, ok? We weren't stealing babies and running off like fugitives. But in our worst moments, we never did what J.R. And babe did to each other, not even close. And you know why? Because he came first for us. Now, that's what mattered. We wanted the best for him.

Kelly: Kevin, i --

kevin: Look, I know i have a fight ahead of me, ok? But in the end, I'm going to win. I am. There's not a judge alive who'd want a child to grow up in a viper's nest like the chandlers' mansion.

Kelly: You don't know what you're in for. I've been there, all right? If you lose custody --

kevin: I'm not going to lose. I just told you.

Kelly: Kevin, when the judge gives ace back to his rightful parents -- that kind of pain is like nothing you'll ever go through. I don't know why you'd want to put yourself through that. I can't put myself through it. I can'T.

Kevin: What?

Kelly: Come on, why don't we lay down for a little bit, ok?

Kevin: Wait a minute. Hey, what are you doing?

Kelly: I am not going to let my feelings cloud my better judgment. I'm not going to let it make me do something i know is wrong.

Kevin: Oh, wait a minute. Where are you going?

Kelly: I'm going to the f.B.I., I'm going to the police, I'm going to whoever will listen to me. I have worked too hard to make this right to let it go wrong again.

Daniel: Thank you.

Rex: What's going on? Why can't I leave?

Daniel: Do i have to explain it to you again?

Rex: Look, mr. Colson, you and I both know that i may be unethical, immoral, materialistic, but I'm no murderer. So what's the story? Am i going to be sent back down to the holding cell, or are you going to do the honorable thing and set me free?

Daniel: Get his things and get him out of here.

Rex: You're kidding? You're not kidding?

Daniel: Just get the hell out of my sight.

Rex: Yes, sir. I won't be back. You can count on that. Never again. That's a promise. And I always keep my promises.

Jen: So now i'm a liar? Is that what you're saying?

Riley: Jen, no!

Jen: Just because i didn't tell you that i went to see rex that night, now I lie about everything?

Riley: Hello, you are making too much out of this! No, you're not. I am, and I'm sorry. Look, I don't like that you lied to me about going to see rex, all right? I don't like the guy. I don't like the way he looks at you, like you have some sort of connection still. Look, he came in here, he said he was leaving town, I was like, "finally, he's out of our lives." And then he gets arrested for murder.

Jen: Rex did not kill anybody.

Riley: How do you know that?

Jen: I just do, ok? Can we just please not talk about this?

Riley: Look, hey, rex and I do have one thing in common. We would do anything to protect you. Anything.

Lindsay: We will protect you, jen. Don't you worry. Daniel colson better stay the hell away from you.

Evangeline: Oh, that was just a wonderful surprise. Thanks for dreaming that up.

John: You're welcome. You can't say I don't take you to the fancy places.

Evangeline: You know what i mean. With all the craziness that's been going on around us lately, it's just so nice to talk about normal things, you know? Just us.

John: Secret nicknames.

Evangeline: What? Look, a woman has to have a little mystery.

John: You know, I bet I can kiss that right out of you.

Evangeline: Oh, whatever. Try.

Evangeline: Ok, ok. You really want to know, so --

evangeline: And if you tell anybody, i will kill you.

Kevin: Wait a minute. I'm not going to let you do this. All right, i saw the look in your eyes when you saw him. You still think of yourself as his mother.

Kelly: What i think or feel doesn't make any difference.

Kevin: Yes, it does. It makes all the difference in the world. Come on, this is a chance for us to make everything right again.

Kelly: Everything?

Kevin: You know what i'm talking about -- ace back in our arms, the way it used to be, remember?

Kelly: There are a lot of things that aren't the way they used to be, kevin.

Kevin: I got to get him to bed. Little guy's had a tough day. Come on.

Kelly: I won't be here when you get back. I can't see you with our -- with ace. It's just too much.

Kevin: Listen to me. Don't you even think about helping babe. I mean it. This is the way it should be, kelly. This is right.

Blair: Oh, what took you so long, george?

George: Sorry. There was a lot of traffic.

Blair: Yeah, I know. So what you got?

George: Nothing flashy. Maybe if i had more time --

blair: Just show it to me.

George: Tomorrow's front page.

Blair: Oh, perfect.

George: We're just asking for a libel suit --

blair: Look, I don't care if i lose "the sun." I don't care if I lose the shirt on my back. If this helps me find todd, that's all that matters.

Margaret: I have tried to be patient. I have said nothing when you have droned on and on about blair and what's important in life and all that blah, blah, blah! Well, the time for blah, blah, blah is over! I am not going to save your life only to have you throw it back in my face! Listen, either you make a baby with me right now, or I'm going to choke the living life out of you! And that's no bluff, sugar.

>> On the next "one life to live" --

kevin: Don't you want him to have everything i can give him, everything we can give him?

Blair: Your father didn't run off. He was kidnapped.

Todd: No baby. Not ever.

Margaret: Never say never.

Cristian: I thought I told you to stay away from my wife.

John: I'm just wondering why you bought a gun yesterday.

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