OLTL Transcript Friday 1/14/05

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 1/14/05



By Suzanne
Proofread by Brian

Nigel: The 763rd official Buchanan family meeting will hereby come to order. Attendance will now be taken. Asa Jeb Stuart Buchanan?

Asa: Here!

Nigel: Buford Oglethorpe Buchanan?

Matthew: Who's that?

Bo: Is this necessary?

Asa: You're damn straight it's necessary!

Matthew: Hey, grandpa said the D word.

Bo: Yeah, he's a potty mouth. You want to watch it, pa? Don't talk like that in front of my son.

Nigel: Buford Oglethorpe --

Bo: Here!

Matthew: That's you?

Bo: Yeah, blame your grandfather.

Nigel: Kevin Lord Riley Buchanan?

Kevin: Here.

Duke: Sort of.

Nigel: Duke Demerest Buchanan?

Duke: Come on, it's a little ridiculous.

Nigel: Duke Demerest --

Duke: I am right here!

Nigel: Matthew Hanen Buchanan?

Matthew: It's Rappaport.

Asa: Who?

Matthew: My last name is Rappaport. Here.

Nigel: Clint Wyatt Buchanan?

Asa: Clint, are you there? Clint? Cord? Joey? What the hell's wrong with this damn phone?

Matthew: He said it again!

Nigel: They were there a minute ago.

Asa: Forget it, we don't need them.

Nigel: We do seem to have a quorum.

Bo: What is this meeting all about?

Asa: Oh, please -- what else? The family!

Michael: John, I'm your brother. You really think that I murdered Tico Santi?

John: Of course not.

Michael: Then what the hell is this?

John: Accountability, Mike. Look, that piece of latex -- it came from a rare brand of glove that's not manufactured anymore. The odds are that we're the only people in Llanview that might've had a pair.

Michael: Yeah? Well, maybe you killed him.

John: This is serious, Mike.

Michael: I am serious, John. I save lives; I don't take them! I don't know who the hell killed Tico Santi, but it sure as hell wasn't me.

 [Monitor flatlines]

Natalie: Cristian, where have you been? I have been looking all over for you.

Cristian: I was at St. Jude's confessing my sins.

Todd: Ah. Oh, forget it, anyway. I give up.

Viki: Give up? I don't think so. Your sister is not about to let you do that.

Blair: You go ahead, Margaret, you call the cops. I can't wait to hear your explanation of what you did to Todd. Because I know you have him, and I'm not going to leave your apartment until you tell me exactly where he is. So go ahead. Be my guest, call the cops.

Margaret: I have a much better idea.

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Todd: What are you doing here?

Viki: I came to help you.

Todd: Well, it's about damn time. Untie these ropes.

Viki: No, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Todd: Why not?

Viki: Because you have to do that for yourself.

Todd: Then what do I need you for and why are you here?

Viki: I came to give you hope.

Todd: Hope?

Viki: Yes. There are people back home who are pulling for you, who love you.

Todd: Like who?

Viki: There's me and Starr and Jack and Blair.

Dorian: Blair? Oh! You can't be serious, Viki. Blair is finished with Todd. She's out of his life forever.

Blair: What are you doing -- doing, Margaret? You don't -- you don't want to shoot me.

Margaret: No, I'm protecting myself. That's why I bought this gun -- for protection. And, you know, I would like nothing better than to shoot you. I should've had your life, Blair. Listen -- you know, the fancy penthouse and the maids and the drivers and the security guards.

Blair: No, I --

Margaret: And all I have --

Blair: I don't live like that, Margaret.

Margaret: I'm just a poor, single woman living in a questionable neighborhood. Bad things happen all the time. People break into these apartments, intruders. That's what I'll tell the cops -- I thought you were an intruder. That is why I shot you.

Natalie: So what kind of sins were you confessing?

Cristian: Well, the whole point of confession is that it stays between you and the priest.

Natalie: I'm your wife, Cristian. Any -- you can tell me anything. I promise.

Cristian: Anything?

Natalie: Yeah. Cris, babe, I know that you've been through hell and I can really -- I can understand you not wanting to talk about it, but you can trust me. I promise I won't tell anyone.

Cristian: You worry too much.

Natalie: I know. I love you. Don't you understand? Cristian, I know that you're hurting, ok? I know because you have the headaches and the nightmares, but I know you are not telling me everything. There is something else so, please, Cris, I am begging you. Let me in.

Michael: What kind of a man do you think I am, John?

John: I think you're a man with high blood pressure -- please, calm down, all right, Michael?

Michael: You just accused me of murder! I'm not going to calm down, all right?

John: No one's accusing you of anything, all right? You're not hearing me here. I know you didn't kill Tico Santi. That's not what this is about.

Michael: Well, thanks.

John: You're welcome.

Michael: So what about the glove?

John: I don't know. I'm not going to let you get jammed up with this, all right, so Iím not reporting it.

Michael: You're going to hide evidence?

John: I'm going to delay evidence. There's no point in going to Bo about this until I figure out what it all means.

Michael: You don't have a choice.

John: I got lots of choices, Mike. Look, you're already on probation for what happened to Tico Santi on your watch, all right? The Hospital Board is not going to give you the benefit of the doubt on anything.

Michael: You're probably right.

John: So why give them an opportunity to come down on you again? You worked too long, too hard for this to end over something stupid like this. I'm not going to let it happen.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry, John, you're not exactly in good standing with the D.A. yourself.

John: Don't worry about me, Mike.

Michael: No. No, I'm sorry. There's no way in hell that I'm letting you take the fall for me. It's just not going to happen, John, no.

John: Actually, Mike, we're not going to have a debate over this.

Michael: No!

Evangeline: What's going on? Michael, are you in some kind of trouble?

Michael: I don't know. Why don't you ask him?

John: Hey, Michael -- Mike, don't --

Nigel: The first order of business --

Asa: Nigel? I will do the talking.

Nigel: But, sir, I --

Bo: Nigel, how many of these things have you been through, huh? I mean, you know the drill.

Nigel: Indeed. Mr. Buchanan, you have the floor.

Asa: Mm-hmm, thank you. It's my damn floor.

Matthew: Grandpa!

Asa: I'm sorry, son. But cussing is good for business, Matthew. Don't forget that. All right. Now, we all know why we're here -- to get Ace back. And that no-good, snake-in-the-grass Adam Chandler and that lowdown son of his are trying to steal him away from us. But they're not going to get away with it, are they? Ace is a Buchanan, and we have got to get him back.

Duke: Grandpa, I hate to contradict you, but Ace is not a Buchanan. Ok, he's not even related to us.

Kevin: Oh, hold on, now. I have full custody of Ace. Legally, he is my son.

Duke: I'm sorry, dad, but I don't think you have the right to go after a child that's not even yours.

Asa: This is not about right! This is about family! Now, whose side are you on? Bo?

Bo: I put out an A.P.B. for Babe Chandler, and that's the extent of my involvement in all of this. I don't think it's up to me to say who Ace belongs with.

Kevin: Oh, now, come on, Bo. I would think that you, of all people, would understand this. I mean, Sam Rappaport kept you in the dark over Matthew for years.

Bo: Yeah, that's right Kev, but now you're doing the exact same thing. You're trying to keep a child from his real father.

Asa: If you're telling me you're not taking the side of your family, then you damn well better leave!

Bo: What a coincidence, pa. I was thinking the same thing. Come on, Matthew. We're out of here.

Asa: You're a traitor, both of you.

Nigel: 2:23 p.m., Bo Buchanan and Matthew Rappaport --

Asa: Oh, please, I threw them out!

Nigel: Forgive me, sir --

Asa: Nigel, just forget it.

Nigel: Well, let it be reflected in the record -- all right.

Asa: What about you, Duke? Are you going to stand by your family, or should I throw you out, too?

Marcie: Excuse me? Excuse me, are you the manager?

Man: Unfortunately.

Marcie: Well, I -- I was wondering if I could apply for a job.

Manager: Do you have any barrista experience?

Marcie: Any what?

Manager: Have you ever worked in a coffee shop before?

Marcie: Um -- oh. No. No, but I did work as a waitress at the Angel Square Diner.

Manager: So why'd you leave?

Marcie: I was fired.

Manager: Ok. That happens. So what'd you do after that?

Marcie: I worked as a receptionist for the police station -- and I was fired from there, too. I worked at the hospital as an administrative assistant, but, once again, I was fired.

Manager: What'd you do, lose a patient?

Marcie: Look, I don't have any money, and apparently I'm too fat to be a writer, and I just broke up with my boyfriend, ok? I am a total failure. Anything else you need to know?

Evangeline: What's going on? Why were you and Michael fighting?

John: I don't want to talk about it.

Evangeline: What a surprise.

John: It's police business, all right? It's not about us. Even if I wanted to talk about it, I couldn't.

Evangeline: You can't even tell me if you guys are in some kind of trouble? I'm only asking because I care about you. I mean, I'm not trying to freak you out or anything, but I do.

John: What's wrong with you, huh? What's the matter? Look, do you want to say something, why don't you just say it?

Evangeline: Look, I -- I want you to open up to me about your life, your friendships, your past, but you can't even talk to me about a fight you had with your brother?

John: You wouldn't understand.

Evangeline: No, I do. I get it. I messed up. I crossed the sacred line -- police confidentiality -- but this isn't even about Ticoís murder.

John: It's about the murder, ok? It's about the murder.

Cristian: Look, Natalie --

Natalie: I'm listening.

Cristian: When I told you that I was confessing my sins, I was -- I was just talking. I didn't mean anything by it.

Natalie: That's not what it looked like to me. In fact, it didn't feel that way, either.

Cristian: Everything's fine. Promise. I'm going to jump in the shower.

Natalie: Didn't you take one this morning?

Cristian: Yep. I feel like another one.

Natalie: I'm sorry, Cristian, but I have to know.

Asa: Hey, tell me, Duke -- are you a Buchanan or aren't you?

Kevin: Come on, grandpa. That's not fair.

Asa: It is fair. This is about loyalty. Are you with us, Duke -- look at me! -- Or against us?

Duke: Grandpa, I love my family, and I'm proud to be a Buchanan. But I cannot support the two of you going after Ace. He's where he belongs, dad, ok? He's with his real family. He's with his real mother.

Asa: You -- you don't even know the damn family.

Duke: No, but I know Kelly, ok? I know she loves him more than anything. I thought it would kill her to give him up, but she still did because she knew it was the right thing to do. Dad, how could you even think about putting her through that again?

Kevin: I'm not trying to put her through anything. I don't want to hurt her. I just want my son back.

Duke: Your son is standing right here. You know -- "2:44 P.M., Duke Buchananís had enough." More than enough.

Matthew: Is grandpa mad at us?

Bo: No, Matthew, not at all.

Matthew: But he called us traitors.

Bo: Well, yeah, you know, that's just grandpa. He didn't mean it.

Matthew: Then why would he say it?

Bo: Well, son, that's one of the great mysteries of being part of the Buchanan family.

Marcie: Look, I really need this job and I know that I would be really great here. I know I would love it. I love coffee! I love --

Manager: Look, I'm sure that you're a very nice girl --

Marcie: And I'm a great people person. I love people. You know, I used to have my own radio show.

Manager: That's not relevant to making lattes. I mean, this is a high-pressure gig.

Marcie: Yeah, but it can't be any more high-pressure than running your own radio show, right?

Manager: Look, the fact of the matter is I really don't think that you're a good fit for this organization.

Marcie: That's the problem -- I don't fit anywhere. Thanks, anyway, ok?

Michael: Hi.

Marcie: Hi!

Michael: You ok, Marcie?

Marcie: Yeah! I'm great. You know, couldn't be better.

Michael: Oh, yeah?

Marcie: What's going on?

Michael: Oh, me? No, I'm good, really good, great. Yeah, I was going to get myself a triple cappuccino. You know, I'm Jonesing a little, so I guess nothing's changed.

Marcie: What's wrong?

Michael: Nothing.

Marcie: Michael --

Michael: Nothing. Marcie, I'm not going to unload my problems on you anymore.

Marcie: Why not? Come on, we're still friends, right? As friends, we can talk to each other, can't we?

Michael: John found some new evidence in the Tico Santi murder case --

Marcie: Mm-hmm?

Michael: Evidence that points to me.

Evangeline: What does Michael have to do with Ticoís murder?

John: Nothing. Just forget about it, ok?

Evangeline: Fine. No more questions. You live your life; I'll live mine.

John: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Evangeline: I don't want to butt heads with you. I want to be partners. But if you can't even open up to me, then --

John: I canít. Not about this.

Evangeline: Then that's your choice. But I am done.

John: What does that mean, "done"? What are you saying? You saying it's over?

Blair: Margaret, come on. No one is going to believe that you shot me by mistake. You're going to spend your life in prison for the rest of your miserable life.

Margaret: Oh, I doubt that very much. Remember what they did when I borrowed that sweet little baby?

Blair: Borrowed? Margaret, you kidnapped Ace.

Margaret: Whatever! All they did was they sent me to St. Ann's to restore my balance. Oh, it was very relaxing there. I had a lot of time to think and to dream and to plan.

Blair: My God, you really are insane.

Margaret: No, stop it!

Blair: No, no -- admit it. You're going to shoot me anyway. You convinced yourself that Ace was your little baby -- with Todd. Todd -- a man that can't even stand the sight of you, Margaret. That's how you're crazy.

Margaret: Oh. What would be so crazy about me and Todd having a baby together?

Todd: My fever must be getting worse. Hallucinating Vikiís one thing, but Dorian? What did I ever do to deserve that?

Dorian: You broke Blairís heart. You left her stranded at the altar.

Todd: I didn't have much of a choice. A lunatic was holding me at gunpoint.

Dorian: You always blame someone else, don't you? When are you finally going to take responsibility for your own screwups?

Todd: You think I want to be a sex slave to a nutburger like Margaret Cochran?

Viki: Oh, be careful, Todd. You know that Dorian is very sensitive on the subject of lunacy.

Dorian: Viki, stuff it!

Viki: Excuse me?

Dorian: You have more crazy people inside that head of yours than the entire population of St. Ann's.

Todd: Hold on, this is my nightmare.

Dorian: Yes, you. You are the one who brought Margaret Cochran into all of our lives.

Viki: Well, for heaven sakes, you can hardly blame Todd for his own kidnapping.

Dorian: Karma, Viki. What goes around comes around. He got what he deserved. You know, I really do like the look of the snake all tied up like this -- helpless, at the mercy of a woman scorned. Do you think the ropes are tight enough?

Viki: Don't touch. You know the rules.

Dorian: Yes. We do have an agreement, but it goes both ways. Remember, no funny business.

Todd: Don't listen to her, sis. She wants me to rot.

Dorian: Nothing would make me happier. Hmm. Blair is finally ready to move on with her life, and there's nothing that you can do about it. You're trapped in the middle of nowhere like the animal you are.

Viki: All right, Dorian, that's enough.

Dorian: And there's nothing you can do about it, either.

Viki: Todd, you have to get out of those ropes.

Todd: I've been trying.

Viki: Well, you have to try harder.

Dorian: No, he can't. He's too weak.

Viki: You have to think about Blair and Starr and Jack, and how much they need you.

Dorian: Yes, think about how much better off they'll be without you.

Viki: Dorian, shut up!

Dorian: What did you say?

Viki: You heard me. You keep your mouth shut.

Dorian: Yeah? And who's going to make me?

Viki: I'm warning you, don't push me.

Dorian: Don't push you? You mean, like this?

Viki: No. Like this!

Natalie: What am I doing? I told Cristian to trust me, and here I am, Iím going through his stuff. It's not right. Good shower?

Cristian: Helped me clear my head.

Natalie: Good. Cris, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about prying before. I'm not catholic, so I don't really understand the whole priest-confession thing.

Cristian: That's ok. I'm -- actually, I -- I was thinking about what you said -- that I can trust you with anything.

Natalie: You can.

Cristian: Then there's something I need to tell you.

Marcie: John thinks that you killed Tico?

Michael: No. The Hospital Board -- I'm still on probation, so this is not going to look so good.

Marcie: You know that if you need anybody to talk to the board or the --

Michael: No, Marcie. Thank you very much, but Iím really hoping that it doesn't go that far.

Marcie: You know what? You're right. It's not going to happen.

Michael: The thing is I know that I didn't kill anybody. But the evidence is there and John is thinking of not turning it in.

Marcie: But he can't do that, Michael. It's illegal.

Michael: He has -- he has this idea that it's going to affect my career but, you know, I know that it's going to affect his. What should I do, Marcie?

Matthew: Duke.

Bo: Well, Duke, how was the rest of the meeting?

Duke: Oh. You know, I don't really know. I left pretty much right after you guys did. I think grandpa wants to disown me, though.

Matthew: He didn't mean it. It's just the way he talks.

[Phone rings]

Bo: All right. Yeah, just the person I want to talk to. Buchanan. Yeah, I'll hold. Mr. Mayor, you know what? I was just about to return your call. Hmm? Yes, sir. I'll get right on it. Bye. I have to go to work.

Matthew: Can I hang out with Duke?

Bo: You busy?

Duke: Oh, no. Of course not. We can drown our sorrows together.

Nigel: Would you like me to try to get London back on the line?

Kevin: That's not necessary, Nigel. The meeting's adjourned.

Nigel: Very good, sir.

Asa: Cheer up, Kevin. We don't need those ingrates. We can do this ourselves.

Kevin: How? What are we going to do?

Asa: How? By taking the bull by the horns. Pay a little visit to Pine Valley and kick some scrawny Chandler ass.

Viki: You never stop, do you?

Dorian: Neither do you.

Viki: Todd and Blair belong together!

Dorian: He's poisoned her life. I'll fight dirty, Viki, and you are no match for me in that department.

Viki: Well, I will be if I call on one of those crazy people inside my head.

Dorian: Oh, no. Not Tommy? Or even Jean? You -- you wouldn't do something like that, would you?

Viki: Try me.

Dorian: All right, then. Bring it on.

Todd: Wait a minute. This is supposed to be about me, remember?

Viki: He's quite right.

Dorian: Indeed. And fighting with Viki is a waste of time. The truth of the matter is it doesn't matter if you get free. You will never be able to get Blair back. She doesn't love you anymore.

Viki: Don't you listen to her because that's not true. She does love you. You heard her sing to you on New Yearís Eve. Now, you have to hold on to that feeling because that's what's going to get you out of this -- Blairís love.

Dorian: I don't care if I am just a figment of Toddís diseased imagination. I cannot listen to another word of this.

Todd: You're still here.

Viki: But I can't stay. So remember what I said -- never give up. Blair loves you.

Blair: You really think Todd would have a baby with someone like you, Margaret?

Margaret: Why wouldn't he? Because I'm not good enough or pretty enough? Because I'm not you?

Blair: Because you're really nuts, Margaret.

Margaret: Oh, we'll see about that.

Blair: What?

Margaret: Nothing.

Blair: No, you said --

Margaret: No, no, get out of my house right now, or I really am going to kill you!

Blair: Look, Margaret, I am not going to leave until you tell me where Todd is, ok?

Margaret: Todd left you. He doesn't want you anymore.

Blair: Ok, did he -- did he say that to you? Did he tell you --?

Margaret: Look, just shut up and get out of here right now!

Blair: Look --

Margaret: I'm going to count to five, and then I'm really going to pull this trigger!

Blair: Margaret, we're done.

Margaret: Five --

Blair: Margaret --

Margaret: Four, three --

Blair: Ok, all right, all right, all right! All right, Iíll -- I'm going to find out where Todd is. You can count on that. And you are going to lead me right -- right to him.

John: Hey -- you really want to call it quits over me not telling you about a conversation I had with my brother?

Evangeline: I don't want to call it quits.

John: So "I'm done" means what in your world?

Evangeline: I'm angry at you.

John: Look, you walked -- you walked in on something. If I could tell you about it, I would. You just have to take my word that it had nothing to do with you and me.

Evangeline: It has everything to do with you and me. We need to communicate. Otherwise, we're just bouncing off each other, overreacting? It just doesn't feel like we're in this together, and I'm starting to wonder if it ever will again.

[Knock on door]

John: Come in.

Bo: I'm sorry. Am I interrupting anything?

Evangeline: No, no, I'm -- Iím leaving.

John: Evangeline, I want to --

Evangeline: Really, I should go.

Bo: Everything ok?

John: It's fine. What's up?

Bo: Mayor's breathing down my neck, wants an update on the Santi murder. So you got anything new I can give him?

Blair: Oh, what is she doing in there? Oh, why won't she leave? Damn it! Oh, Margaret, where did you go?

Margaret: Something's different here. What are you up to?

Todd: Just trying to get comfortable. It's tough when your hands are tied to the bedpost.

Margaret: Well, I brought you a cup of coffee from the gas station. Or don't you want it?

Todd: You have milk?

Margaret: Of course, darling. I know exactly how you like it. Nothing like a good cup of coffee to get you up. Right, my love? Yep.

Marcie: You know, Michael, I don't think Iím in any position to tell you what to do.

Michael: Look, I need your advice, ok? I know that we're not together, but I got really used to running all the important decisions by you, and this is pretty important.

Marcie: I know.

Michael: So what do you think I should do?

Marcie: I think that you already know the answer to that question. John is your brother.

Michael: Right.

Marcie: So, what would he do if the situation was reversed?

Duke: That was some family meeting, huh?

Matthew: Yeah, it's hard being a Buchanan.

Duke: At least you get along with your dad.

Matthew: You know, your dad reminds me of great-grandpa. I mean, he says a lot of stuff, but most of the time he doesn't mean it. I mean, he's still your dad.

Duke: I hope you're right, Matthew.

Matthew: Don't worry. I am.

Cristian: Sometimes -- I can be doing anything, it doesn't matter what -- but these pictures pop into my head.

Natalie: From when you were on the ship?

Cristian: Pictures, voices -- they tell me things.

Natalie: What kind of things?

Cristian: None of it makes any sense. But then my head starts to pound, and if someone says the wrong thing or pushes me, I push back. I'm not talking about you, Natalie. I would never, ever hurt you.

Natalie: Yeah, I know. I told him that.

Cristian: Told who?

Natalie: John McBain. We ran into each other.

Cristian: What did he want this time?

Natalie: To talk about you.

Cristian: Well, what did he say? Natalie? What did McBain tell you?

Natalie: He thinks that I could be in danger -- from you.

Bo: Mayor says he's going to cut our budget unless we come up with enough to keep the press at bay for a couple of days at least.

John: Is that what we're doing here, Bo, making the mayor look good?

Bo: Hey, I don't like it, either, but you know how we play the game. So did forensics come up with anything new on that latex that you found?

Michael: Commissioner.

Bo: Hi.

Michael: I was just coming to see you.

John: Michael, we're having a meeting here. I'm going to talk to you about everything later, ok?

Michael: Listen, commish, I just want to let you know despite all the evidence against me, I had nothing to do with Tico Santiís murder.

Bo: What evidence?

Michael: Well, the gloves, the latex -- it matched the gloves that I use. That's what you guys were talking about. Right, brother?

Natalie: Cris, I'm sorry. Ok, I know I should've told you before, but I didn't want to upset you. It doesn't matter anyway. I -- I didn't listen to a word John said. I know that you love me and I know you would never hurt me.

Man: You must kill someone who is hated and another who is loved.

Cristian: I'm not so sure about that.

Adam: Ah, Asa. and lieutenant governor. I've been expecting you.

Asa: That's good, good. So we don't have to waste any time with small talk.

J.R.: Who let you in?

Asa: We are here to place our claim on Ace. That boy is a Buchanan.

Adam: Oh, the hell he is, Asa. The boy's a Chandler by birth and by rights.

Kevin: Well, the courts think otherwise. I have custody of Ace.

J.R.: First of all, his name's not Ace, and he's not here. His mother ran off with him, thanks to your incompetence.

Kevin: Well, now, Babe kidnapped him from my hotel room, and I intend to get him back.

J.R.: "Get him back"? You have no right to him.

Kevin: I have every right. I have full custody. He's my son.

J.R.: Well, according to his D.N.A., he's mine.

Margaret: So I did run into Blair earlier.

Todd: Where?

Margaret: Oh, at my apartment. She was very rude. She wouldn't leave. I had to pull my gun on her.

Todd: Margaret, if you hurt her, I swear to God I will kill you.

Margaret: Oh, relax, Todd. She's fine. But she won't be for long if you don't start cooperating.

Todd: Margaret, there's nothing you can do to make me interested in having sex with you.

Margaret: Oh. Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Todd: God, did you turn the heat up in here again?

Margaret: Well, you know, as they say -- "Better living through chemistry."

Todd: You didn't.

[Margaret chuckles]

Margaret: Well. I want what I want, Todd. And even you are not going to be able to stop me now.

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Antonio: The note -- I want to have it analyzed.

Cristian: Somebody's stalking Jessica. What if it's me and I don't even know Iím doing it?

Dorian: What would Margaret possibly want with Todd?

Margaret: Tonight is going to be the night that we make our baby.

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