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One Life to Live Transcript Friday 12/17/04

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Brian

[Doorbell rings]

Antonio: Hey.

Cristian: Antonio.

Antonio: Is Jessica still up?

Cristian: Yeah, I think so. Natalie just took in some medicine for her.

Antonio: You look beat. You ok?

Cristian: Just need more sleep.

Antonio: Well, things will get better now that you're home.

Cristian: Yeah.

Antonio: What is it?

Cristian: I've been lying to everybody.

Evangeline: Hey.

John: Hey. Thought you were working tonight.

Evangeline: Well, I was supposed to, but Nora called me all upset; told me to come by here and meet her and Rodiís. I thought she would be here by now.

John: You're a good friend. You know, it's nice to have someone who will just drop everything for you.

Evangeline: Well, I would for you, too, John, if you ever needed me to, which I don't think that you would.

John: At the end of the day, everybody needs someone.

Todd: What the hell makes you think I'd ever go along with something like that?

Margaret: Just look at it this way -- I'm accepting the fact that you may never love me the way that I love you. But if I could just have a little piece of you that would be all mine, that I could love forever -- well, wouldn't you rather give me a little piece of yourself than to lose your entire life to me?

Todd: If that's my choice, you might as well shoot me right now.

Bo: The fact is I don't forgive you for cheating on me, and I never will.

Nora: I -- I thought we -- I -- we talked about this. I mean, I -- it wasn't an easy thing for me to ask for you, Bo.

Bo: I'll bet.

Nora: I really thought you had forgiven me so that we could both move on with our lives.

Bo: Oh, bull. Come on. You don't need my forgiveness to move on. You don't want to move on, not with Daniel, not with anyone else.

Nora: That's not true.

Bo: Then why haven't you? I'll tell you why. It's because you won't let go of me.

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Nora: You need a serious ego check, Mr. Buchanan.

Bo: Why did you take that A.D.A. job?

Nora: Ok, that was not about you.

Bo: Oh, no? Here's a job where you're in constant contact with me.

Nora: You know, if I recall correctly, you were the one that was pushing me to take it. Why is that, Bo? Is it because then you'd be in constant contact with me?

Bo: Oh, if Iíd only known --

Nora: If you'd only known what, huh? Do you have something more that you'd like to share? Then why don't you go ahead and just let it rip?

Bo: Ok, don't say you didn't ask for it.

Nora: So there is more.

Bo: You think I don't see the way you circle around Paige like a hawk?

Nora: What?

Bo: You did the exact same thing to Gabrielle.

Nora: That's low, Bo.

Bo: There's a reason she was insecure.

Nora: If there was a reason Gabrielle was insecure, it wasn't about me, ok? Maybe there's a reason why none of your relationships with other women have been working. Did you ever think about that?

Bo: Yeah. It's because you won't give it up.

Nora: You won't let me!

Bo: So you are still hanging on?

Nora: Oh! I -- I don't even believe this!

Bo: Don't hear you denying it.

Nora: You're the one that's hanging on!

Bo: Yeah -- to anger.

Nora: Anger? Because you still love me!

Bo: Out.

Antonio: What are you talking about, Cris? What lies?

Cristian: Well, ever since Iíve been back, I realized what people thought of me before I died. And I'm not sure I can go back to the guy I was, you know, the guy who always did the right thing.

Antonio: Well, some things change you. I know.

Cristian: Yeah, I guess we have both changed, huh?

Antonio: Maybe we can get that back -- being brothers again. I think it's going to take time. I'm just realizing that myself.

Cristian: Yeah, I know, I know. I just get so frustrated and so angry sometimes.

Antonio: Well, just -- you're just going to have work at it, make things happen for yourself.

Cristian: What the hell do you think I've been trying to do?

Antonio: Well, to be honest with you, I'm not so sure anymore.

Cristian: What is that supposed to mean?

Antonio: Why haven't you told Carlotta that you're home yet?

Cristian: Look, Antonio --

Antonio: Look, Ticoís dead. He's not a threat anymore. What are you scared of?

Natalie: You know, Jess, I'm just frightened about what Cris has gone through and what he's going through now.

Jessica: Have you talked to him about it?

Natalie: Yeah! Yeah, and he keeps shutting me out and telling me that everything's fine when we both know that it isn't. And forget me telling him about me and John.

Jessica: Well, you two never really got together.

Natalie: Jess, there was something there. There's no denying it. And if Cristian knew -- my God, he blames John for everything. In fact, I think he hates John more than Tico. Everything was Ticoís fault -- you and Antonio and --

Jessica: Natalie, Natalie, please, I really don't want to talk about Tico, ok?

Natalie: Jess, you realize that John's going to come over here and question you and take you right back to Ticoís I.C.U. room where he was murdered.

Jessica: I still can't remember who did it. Maybe I just don't want to.

Natalie: Because you knew the person?

Jessica: Because I wanted Tico dead just as much as the person who murdered him.

John: Nice shot.

Evangeline: You do know that I would come running if you ever needed me?

John: Same with me.

Evangeline: Why do I think there's something else going on here?

John: What, besides you working on your bank shot?

Evangeline: Oh, yeah. You know, it's not like you to bring up us being friends and watching each other's backs. What's going on?

John: I believe you were the one that said attachments spoil things.

Evangeline: No. I believe I said marriage spoils things, and I didn't even say that, but what -- I thought we were on the same page about this.

John: And we are.

Bartender: What'll you have?

Blair: I will have a tequila. Make that a double.

Bartender: You got it. Meeting somebody?

Blair: Oh, I met somebody here once. We started the Wild Hearts Losers Club, but you know what? Tonight I'm going to lose that loser for good.

Todd: You think I'm joking?

Margaret: I'm not going to shoot you again, Todd. I've already shot you twice. I don't want to dig any more bullets out of your legs.

Todd: Oh, you're so kind.

Margaret: Listen, I know that you don't love me. And I told you, I can live with that. But I cannot live without fulfilling my destiny as a woman. I want to feel a little heart beating inside of me, alive with your blood and spirit. I want to give that seed life -- your life, Todd. I want to have your baby, and I will.

 [James fusses and cries]

Babe: Oh, come here, sweet boy. Come here. Yes, mama's here. Yeah, dry those tears. Mm-hmm.

Natalie: How did we mess our lives up so much?

Jessica: Yeah, things certainly are a big mess, aren't they?

Natalie: Yeah. You know what we have to do? We're going to have to start from square one. Go on a first date, you know, all of us -- get to know each other for who we are now and not who we used to be.

Cristian: It's not that I don't want mami to know I'm still alive, Antonio. It's just that Iím just different now. I'm not the same guy I was.

Antonio: I'm going to tell you the same thing you told me. You're still her son.

Natalie: Hey. I didn't know you guys were out here.

Antonio: Is she still up?

Natalie: Yeah. I think she'd like to talk to you.

Natalie: Hey. Want to go out?

Cristian: What for?

Natalie: I don't know, it'll be like our first date.

Cristian: You want to do our first date again?

Natalie: No. You're the one who wanted to make new firsts, so I think we should. We should go out like two new people getting to know each other; fall in love all over again.

Evangeline: McBain! You are off of your game tonight. What's going on?

John: I don't know. It's just all this talk about relationships makes me kind of edgy or something.

Evangeline: Well, you know, there is something that comes between dating and marriage.

John: What's that? Love?

Evangeline: You know, why don't we just ban all those kind of words from our vocabulary?

John: Done. So, you want to break or me?

Evangeline: No, I want to do something else.

Bartender: This one's on me.

Blair: Well, I knew that I liked you for a reason. So here is to losing the baggage and traveling light.

Todd: You can't have it, Margaret. You can't have a kid of mine. No way. That's never going to happen.

Margaret: Listen! It is my dream, and you are not going to ruin it!

Todd: Any child of yours would be insane from the beginning. What are you doing?

Margaret: No, you stop it!

Todd: No, hold it.

Margaret: Stop talking about my baby like that! Why do you keep making me do this to you? Why? Why? Why? All I want to do is love you and make a beautiful baby out of that love! What is so wrong with that?

Babe: Don't cry, sweet boy. Mama's here.

Kelly: Why'd you let him cry for so long? Give him juice. It's what he wants.

Babe: Hello? Is anyone here?

Bo: What are you waiting for? Go.

Nora: You are so full of yourself and your stupid Buchanan pride you can't even see straight. You're just like your father.

Bo: No, I'm nothing like him.

Nora: You know what? You're right. You are nothing like Asa, because deep down inside, Asa is all heart.

Bo: Yeah, I'm just a cold, unfeeling son of a bitch, huh?

Nora: Your words, not mine. If the shoe fits --

Antonio: Jess, I didn't kill Tico. I wish there was something I can say to make you believe me.

Jessica: I used to believe everything that you told me. What happened to that? I also used to think that our love was strong enough to get us through anything. Why didn't it?

[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: That'll probably be John.

Antonio: Are you sure you're up to this?

Jessica: I just want to get it over with.

Antonio: Ok. If he gets too -- too strong, you let me know, ok, and I will -- I'll have a word with him.

John: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

John: I have an appointment with Jess.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, I know. Come in. Listen, John, don't -- don't push her too hard, ok?

John: Man, you think I want to be doing this?

Antonio: Well, just be careful with her, all right? I'm worried about her.

John: Maybe you're worried about her remembering it was you in Ticoís room.

Cristian: I hope you don't mind coming back here, shooting pool again.

Natalie: Cris, this table was at Crossroads.

Cristian: Whatever -- right, that's what I meant -- on this table. Who brought it here anyway?

Natalie: Uh -- it was John.

Evangeline: Hi, Blair. How are you? I just wanted to tell you that Iím so sorry about what happened with Todd.

Blair: Yeah, as sorry as you were when you laid me out on the witness stand, huh? You know what? I should have not let that guy off. I should have let him burn in hell.

Evangeline: You don't mean that, Blair.

Blair: Don't you tell me what I mean. You go to hell, Evangeline, and take your buddy Todd with you.

[Evangeline gasps]

Margaret: Ok. Listen, all you have to do is impregnate me, and then you can just limp on out of here back to Blair.

Antonio: At some point, Jessicaís going to remember who killed Tico. And then you'll know it wasn't me.

John: You think I'm happy looking at you for this? But you had the means and you had the motive.

Antonio: And the desire. I'll be straight up about that. But I didn't do it.

[Monitor flatlines]

Antonio: John's here.

John: You know the drill. I need to do this alone.

Antonio: Are you sure you're up to this?

Jessica: I have to.

Natalie: I'm sorry I brought up John.

Cristian: It's ok; it's not a big deal.

Natalie: It is -- obviously. I can see that it is.

Cristian: What did he think? That he can buy you off so you wouldn't feel so guilty?

Natalie: It didn't work. I mean, he still does.

Cristian: Good.

Natalie: You know, Cristian, I know that you think John screwed everything up, but he's not the one who wanted you dead. Tico did.

Cristian: I'm going to get some air.

Natalie: Ok, I'll come with you.

Cristian: Alone.

Nora: Hey, Blair, have you seen Evangeline?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah. She had a little problem with an adult beverage, but she'll be back.

Nora: I heard about you and Todd.

Blair: Hmm. Go ahead, gloat, Nora. I know you always warned me about Todd.

Nora: I don't want to gloat, Blair.

Blair: Oh.

Nora: Have you ever taken a look at my track record with men?

Blair: Ooh, you just admitted that you've made mistakes in front of all these people?

Nora: I don't want to fight, Blair. I'm really all fought out, ok, so let's just call a truce.

Blair: What happened, Nora? You and Danny boy get into a little brouhaha?

Nora: No, actually, it was Bo and me, and it's been six years in the making. Ahem.

Blair: Really? Who won?

Nora: Nobody. Nobody ever wins those things. Don't you know that? Come on, Blair. You and I -- you know what? We're not so different. We've even dated the same men.

Blair: Yeah, one's dead and one's crazy.

Nora: And the whole time you kept holding out hope for Todd.

Blair: You're holding out for Bo?

Nora: I don't know what Iím doing with Bo, and I have no idea what you call it.

Blair: So what now, Nora?

Nora: I don't have a clue. Huh. I don't know. We let it go, Blair, and we just start all over.

Blair: That is easier said than done. You need a drink. Bartender, give this beautiful woman a drink. Natalie, I saw what happened with Cristian.

Natalie: He's just having a hard time.

Blair: Yeah, I know. I had a husband who came back from the dead, too, and look what happened to me.

Natalie: No offense, but you and Todd are different.

Blair: Really? Now, how are we so different?

Natalie: It doesn't matter.

Blair: No, no, no, no, no, it matters. I want to hear it.

Natalie: Blair, you've had a lot to drink.

Blair: No, I haven't -- I just -- look, just started. I'm really interested. What do you think that you know about Todd and me?

Natalie: I don't know anything. But come on. You should have seen it coming.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Natalie: Todd. He was totally flipping out right before the wedding.

Blair: No! No, we -- we had a couple of little tiffs, but it was no big deal. I mean, come on.

Natalie: Are you kidding me?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: Todd was totally about to lose it. I can't believe you didn't notice.

Todd: You'd really let me go if you and I --

Margaret: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Oh, God.

Margaret: Am I really that repulsive to you?

Todd: No. No, Margaret, you have your own beauty.

Margaret: But am I as beautiful as Blair?

Todd: You have a special beauty.

Margaret: Well, I guess I can settle for that. So, why don't we get started?

Todd: It's just -- it's just that Iím hurt, you know. I'm so hurt.

Margaret: Yeah, well, you know what? You better just get over it and act a little more enthusiastic or you're never going to be leaving here! Look, think of it this way -- you won't be just giving me a baby. You'll be giving Starr and Jack a little brother or sister and we'll be one big happy family! Won't that be nice? Look, a baby brings so much happiness to people.

Babe: Hello? Is anyone out here? Oh, come on, sweetie. Oh, let's go get you a bottle, huh? Yeah.

Kelly: She's probably his mother. He belongs with her. But how do I give him up?

Margaret: You're so good with children, with Jack and Starr. You are such a wonderful father.

Todd: That's because they're Blairís kids, Margaret. Those are the only children that Iím ever going to love or ever care about. So unless you want a father who's not around or doesn't care --

Margaret: Listen, what good are you if you're not going to love me, if you're not going to be a good father?

Todd: Yes. I'm not going to be a good father to your kid. That's why you have to let me go. Just let me go.

Margaret: Oh. Let you go? No. You deserve to die!

Blair: Todd, he's -- he's damaged goods, and I thought I could fix him if I loved him enough. And I thought that would work, but you know what, Natalie? Some people are just -- they're too messed up. No matter how much you love them, you can't fix them. So I say the best thing to do about it is to forget about them. Forget about them. Yeah.

Evangeline: Hey, Nora.

Nora: Hi.

Evangeline: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Nora: No. Blair said you had an accident with an adult beverage?

Evangeline: Blair is the accident, and she just better be glad she didn't get my hair wet. Todd Manning -- every time I defend him, it's just hazardous.

Nora: Oh, please. You don't have to speak to me about Todd Manning. I'm just glad that Blairís catching on to who he really is. You know, ex-husbands are exes for a reason.

Evangeline: Ok, I assume we're talking about Bo here?

Nora: He's the most pompous, arrogant, self-righteous butthead I have ever met in my entire life, and Iíve met a few.

Evangeline: What happened?

Nora: Oh, God. I had to talk to him. Well, Daniel and I had words, and he accused me of using him to get to Bo. So -- or some stupid thing like that. I don't remember. All I knew was that I had to go and talk to Bo.

Evangeline: Don't you think you should go talk to Daniel?

Nora: I talked to Daniel about it, ok? I needed to go to Bo! I needed to clear the air with Bo, and then I was going to go back and talk to Daniel, except that I got to Bo's house, and Paige was there with Bo --

Evangeline: Oh, you didn't?

Nora: Yeah, I did, I did, I did, ok? Who in their right mind answers the door in the middle of -- of afterglow, for God's sake?

Evangeline: Oh --

Nora: Just stupid of them. Stupid! I mean, and -- and what is it with them, anyway? They've been dating, what, five minutes? God, Daniel and I have been seeing each other for months and we haven't gone primal.

Evangeline: Ok, I'm feeling a little judged here.

Nora: It's different. You started primal.

Evangeline: No, no, no. What happened? What happened?

Nora: I didn't know what to do. I just sort of stammered and stuttered and came up with something until she left.

Evangeline: You stayed until she left, Nora?

Nora: He has been making me feel weird with Daniel, and he's out there sleeping with Paige?

Evangeline: Nora, are you jealous?

Nora: Me? Me? He's the one who's -- look, that doesn't matter. That's beside the point. Do you remember when I said that he forgave me for sleeping with Sam?

Evangeline: Yes.

Nora: Well, it was a bunch of bull! He never forgave me. He never forgave me. And the only reason why I slept with Sam was so that I could give him a baby because he -- God, that sounds stupid.

Evangeline: Well, yeah. That would be a toughie for a guy to understand.

Nora: Well, he called me a cheater. He said it was cheating. It wasn't cheating! I mean, how dare he say I was cheating on him when he's been cheating on me!

Evangeline: He cheated on you?

Nora: He cheated on me, tonight, with Paige!

Evangeline: What?

Nora: What? Oh.

Bo: Paige, hi. It's me. Look, I hope you get this message soon. I'm sorry about tonight -- what happened with Nora -- because tonight was just amazing. And you're amazing. And I want to see you again right away. And I'm not going to let Nora interfere with us next time or any other time, ok, so call me.

John: These are known Santi associates. One of them may have whacked Tico. Any of these faces look familiar?

Jessica: I'm not sure.

John: Ok, take your time. We're not in a rush.

Jessica: I just -- I don't know.

John: Look, Jess, I know this has got to be hard, you know, thinking back to that night, trying to envision who killed Tico, but, you know, you got to give this a try for me.

Jessica: I am! I am trying, John!

John: All right. Well, just take your best shot. Who did you see?

Jessica: I said I don't know.

Cristian: Where is it? Where's my book? How am I going to keep everything straight without it?

Natalie: Cris? What's going on?

Cristian: I -- I got to go home. I'll be back.

[Door closes]

Jessica: I want to remember, John. Don't you think that I want this all to be over with, but I can't! I can't remember. I'm trying, but I --

Antonio: That's enough.

Jessica: Listen, Antonio, it's ok.

Antonio: No! No, you don't need this right now.

Jessica: John, I know that you think that I'm trying to let Ticoís killer get away with it, but I'm not! I really -- I hated Tico, but I didn't want anybody to kill him.

Cristian: Whew.

Natalie: Cristian, what is going on?

John: Look, why don't we all just relax? Sit down, Jess, ok? Good. Maybe try this. Why don't you try closing your eyes? Maybe this will help you be able to think back to that night a little better. I know it's difficult, but you got to try. This is the key, Jess, to unlocking that memory.

Jessica: Maybe -- maybe I can.

Evangeline: I'm so glad that you're admitting that you might not be completely over Bo.

Nora: Oh, I'm over him. I am. I'm done. I'm over him. No, and I'm really glad. I'm really glad that we talked. I really am. We cleared the air, got it all out. Killed that puppy, dug a hole, buried it. It's over, done. Done.

Evangeline: And that's what you both want?

Nora: It's what I want. Bo? Bo wants Paige. Me? I want Daniel. I really do. I want Daniel. You know what? I'm sorry. I'm going to have to cut this little visit short. I'm going to go get me some Daniel.

Evangeline: Nora --

Nora: Mm-hmm?

Evangeline: I don't -- are you sure that's a good idea?

Nora: Oh, you know what? With Bo out of the picture, it's a fabulous idea. I'm bringing out the big guns.

Evangeline: Put them away! Put them away.

Nora's voice: Maybe there's a reason things haven't exactly worked out for you with other women. Ever think of that? Maybe you're hanging on to something, too, because you still love me!

 [Music plays]

Blair: Oh.

Blair: "The fifth time's the charm. I promise it's going to be forever this time. Love, Todd." Wait a minute. I know where to find that bastard. I should have thought of her before.

Margaret: I could get pregnant and then I could kill you, because if you're not going to be a good daddy to our baby --

Todd: Listen to me, Margaret. I --

Margaret: No, you listen. Just call me Peggy. Peggy.

Todd: Ok, Peggy. All children have to be wanted. Right?

Margaret: Mm-hmm.

Todd: By both their mother and their father. And you know this is not what I want.

Margaret: But you'll get over it once you see that beautiful, little baby that we've created together. I want you to make love to me right now. Right now.

John: Ok, you're at Ticoís hospital room. You look in. What do you see?

Jessica: I can see a figure, but I just -- I can't make out a face.

John: Oh, that's good, Jess. Is it someone you know or someone you've never seen before?

Jessica: I'm close. I was so sick and I -- I had -- I was on so many drugs, and I just -- it's blurry.

John: I know, I know, but you had the strength to get up and walk all the way to Ticoís room.

Jessica: And I remember. I remember walking to his room and then getting right to his door, but -- I can't do this. I can't do this with you in the room.

Natalie: Oh, my God. Is she remembering Antonio?

Antonio: What's going on, Jess?

Babe: It's ok. Hey, hey.

Kelly: I've come for my baby.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Babe: I am his mother, his biological mother.

Kelly: I'm the only mother he's ever known.

John: Until Jessica remembers what she saw, this isn't going to be over for any of us.

Blair: Just answer the question. Where is he?

Margaret: Tonight is the perfect night for us to make a baby together.

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