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One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/2/04

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Brian

Dorian: If I don't get to talk to the district attorney, I am going to invoke my right to remain silent.

John: Promises, promises.

[Dorian sighs]

Daniel: Ok, what's going on here?

John: Well, I believe the lady has granted you an audience.

Daniel: Oh. Ready to confess?

Dorian: Oh, if you want a confession, I suggest you talk to Lindsay. She came to La Boulaie, my house, right after I was arrested and she practically admitted that she had killed Paul.

Lindsay: Hi.

Jen: Hey.

Lindsay: Oh, honey, I can't imagine how you must be feeling. It's absolutely unbelievable.

Jen: No, it's exactly like him. I'll be back. You just have to screw things up, don't you?

Rex: Excuse me?

Jen: You know what you did. That's it; you've messed with me for the last time.

Kelly: I'm on my way, baby.

[Knock on door]

Man: Ms. Cramer?


Man: Ms. Cramer, you in there?

Kevin: You're sure you saw her come back here?

Man: Not more than 20 minutes ago.

Kevin: She couldn't have gotten far.

Daniel: So now Lindsay killed Paul Cramer?

Dorian: Well, it isn't as if she hasn't killed before.

John: The murder weapon was found in your office.

Dorian: It was planted there!

Daniel: Meaning Lindsay?

Dorian: Yes! I mean, of course by Lindsay. I don't understand, why aren't you following up with her?

Daniel: Because a witness picked you out of a lineup.

Dorian: Aha.

Daniel: Ok, now, what about your niece, the victim's sister? Kelly's nowhere to be found. Oh, and neither is your fiancť, the one with the long criminal record. Now, what about their involvement in all this?

Dorian: I've already told you what I think.

Daniel: Look, I've heard enough. Just please take Ms. Lord back to her cell.

John: Ok, let's go. Come on.

Dorian: You know, I know the reason why you're not even bothering to question Lindsay. It's because of your former intimate relationship with her, Mr. District Attorney.

John: You done?

Nora: Hi.

Bo: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, hey.

Bo: Want to join us?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Nora: Bo was just filling me in on the tragedy at the TV station.

Daniel: Yeah, it's a miracle there weren't more casualties.

Nora: It's a miracle that Cristian showed up after all this time. Natalie must be the happiest woman on earth.

Bo: Yeah, she was, right up until John took Cristianís statement.

Daniel: Oh, why don't you get someone else to do that?

Bo: Because I thought John wanted to give Cristian the chance to vent, but by the time I showed up, Cristian was so hot that, you know, he was about to pop his stitches.

Nora: Oh, boy.

Bo: Yeah. I just hope that Natalie doesn't get caught in the crossfire.

David: Why did you arrest Dorian?

Bo: Vickers, I know you didn't hear me say "come in" because I didn't hear you knock. Now, don't ever do that again.

David: Fair enough. Why did you arrest Dorian?

Bo: Her arrest was based on evidence.

David: Such as?

Bo: An eyewitness.

David: Dorian didn't do it.

Nora: How do you know?

David: Because I did. I'm telling you the truth. I killed Paul Cramer.

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Rex: So, what terrible thing have I done now?

Jen: Our commemorative square we made for the Love Project? You know, the one I made with Riley? You erased the heart between our names before the cement dried.

Rex: That's it? A block of concrete's your biggest problem? Your life's going good, Jen.

Jen: Well, yeah, it would be if you weren't trying to ruin everything good in it!

Shannon: You don't need Rex for that, do you? How many times is it that you've been married?

Rex: Ok, let's -- let's put away the claws, ladies, before somebody really gets hurt. I can't help you with the cement, but the Love Center's going to be done pretty soon. Then you can go live your happy little life with the starving musician.

Shannon: Yeah, until you screw that up, too.

Jen: Just leave us alone.

Shannon: So, how was your thanksgiving?

Rex: Look, go away. You think that I forgot you went to McBain about that gun, huh? You think that Iím cool with the idea you tried to hang me out to dry, huh? Never.

Shannon: I didn't hang you out to dry. Look, I was trying to hang Jen out to dry, but that didn't work.

Rex: Whatever. We've got nothing to talk about.

Shannon: That's what you think.

Jen: I'm overreacting. It is only cement.

Lindsay: It's important to you.

Jen: But Riley and I are together. That's what really matters.

Lindsay: That's right.

Jen: What's wrong?

Lindsay: Um -- it's just that when you came in here, I didn't realize it was Rex that you were upset about. Honey, I thought you heard.

Jen: Heard what?

Riley: Oh, you're leaving?

Rex: Huh.

Riley: Well, that should cheer Jen up. Hi.

Jen: Hi.

Lindsay: Hi.

Riley: Hi.

Jen: Mom, so what is it?

Lindsay: It's been all over the news. Someone tried to assassinate the governor.

Riley: No, we heard about that on the radio, but the governor's all right?

Lindsay: No, he's -- he's fine.

Jen: What does that have to do with me?

Lindsay: Well, maybe we should go back to the gallery and finish this conversation.

Riley: No, look, I got the hint. I can go.

Jen: No, no, you can say this in front of Riley. What is it?

Lindsay: It's Cristian. He's alive.

Dorian: My, my, my, it really does come in handy having a boyfriend in the police department or the district attorney's office if you want to get cleared of murder charges.

Natalie: Yes, and it also helps when you haven't committed murder.

John: Officer Willard, would you do me a favor and escort Dr. Lord back to her accommodations?

Ofc. Willard: Yes, sir.

John: Thank you, sir. Hey.

Natalie: Hey.

John: How's Jessica doing?

Natalie: She's weak, but, you know, she's doing ok.

John: She'll make it.

Natalie: Cristian's doing a lot better.

John: Yeah? That's good. What have you got in the bag?

Natalie: Oh, I thought just a little something after today.

John: Yeah? What, is it from the diner?

Natalie: Burgers and fries.

John: Thanks. You shouldn't have.

Natalie: I wanted to thank you. If it weren't for you, my husband and my sister would not be alive. It's true. And I want to apologize for Cristian.

John: You don't have to do that.

Natalie: Listen, he didn't mean those things that he was saying. He's just really confused right now.

Man: I want my damn phone call!

Officer: Cool down, you'll get it!

John: Be careful.

Officer: Hey, hey, hey!

John: Did you hear him? Didn't you hear him?

Man: Get off me! False arrest!

Officer: You got him?

John: Get him out of here. Get this guy out of here!

Bo: So, now, you killed Paul Cramer?

David: That's right.

Bo: And then you thought you'd just walk in here without knocking and confess and we would automatically just cut your fiancťe loose.

David: Show some leniency. She didn't do it.

Nora: And now supposedly you did. It's a little transparent, don't you think?

Daniel: Yeah, why did it take you so long to come forward?

David: I was out of town -- on business.

Bo: Hmm, so you could murder Cramer and then make it to your business appointment. I would love to hear your story.

Daniel: Yeah, Nora, can I have a word with you, please?

Bo: Yeah, I'll get everything all set.

Daniel: Thanks.

Nora: Thanks. What's going on?

Daniel: Look, you know, I've had questions about Dorian ever since she's been arrested. Now, she's adamant that Lindsayís the killer, and I got to tell you something, I'm beginning to wonder.

Nora: Well, I got to tell you; Lindsay would be my prime suspect, too, if it weren't for the evidence.

Daniel: Yeah, I don't know. She was acting awful funny at that thanksgiving dinner the other night.

Nora: Thanks-- you had thanksgiving dinner with Lindsay?

Daniel: Yeah. I -- I was stuck.

Nora: Uh-huh.

Daniel: I mean, Jen invited Riley and me and -- Nora, I wanted to spend some time with my son.

Nora: It's ok, Daniel. I'm not giving you a hard time. I promise you I'm not. It's just that, you know, it's a very -- ok, ok, we can't do that here.

Daniel: Why not?

Nora: Because we work here.

Daniel: Oh. Shy, aren't you? Look, look, why don't you and Bo see what you can get out of Vickers, and I'll go have a little chat with Lindsay.

Nora: Be careful.

Daniel: I can handle Lindsay.

Nora: Uh-uh, uh-uh.

Daniel: Bye.

Nora: Bye.

David: Well, I'm ready to give my statement. What happens now? Do you at least offer me a beverage? What are we waiting for?

Bo: We are waiting for one more person.

Dorian: Thank goodness. At last, someone's ready to hear -- David?

David: I'm sorry, honey, Iím -- I'm coming clean. I'm telling them everything. They already know that I killed Paul.

Dorian: Oh, my --

David: Ow!

Jen: Cristian's alive? I can't believe it.

Lindsay: He was at the TV station. I don't really understand why, but now he's in the hospital, and apparently he's going to be ok.

Jen: Wow. I mean, Jessica and Antonio must be thrilled. And Natalie -- Iím even happy for her. You know, I am.

Riley: Well, hey, he was a big part of your life, too.

Daniel: Hey, guys.

Jen: Mr. Colson, hi.

Riley: Hey.

Daniel: Mind some company?

Lindsay: Don't let me stop you.

Daniel: Thanks. Hey, son.

Riley: Hi.

Lindsay: What's wrong? Relationship problems got you down?

Daniel: No, no, actually, it's -- it's the Paul Cramer case.

Lindsay: I thought you had Dorian in custody.

Daniel: Oh, but that doesn't mean we're through investigating, though.

Lindsay: I thought you had everything but a Polaroid of her killing him.

Daniel: It's not quite that simple.

Riley: Well, why spend so much work on trying to find the killer? Cramer wasn't worth it.

Daniel: Well, it's my job, Riley, no matter who he was. Lindsay, you must be kind of concerned. Dorian's a friend of yours, right?

Lindsay: Yes, we -- we're friends and, actually, we were in business together once.

Daniel: You know, Lindsay, you might be able to help me out. For old time's sake?

John: Now that Cristianís alive, I was passing these on to the bureau to be updated.

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Anyway --

Natalie: I'm sorry that I lied to you. I mean, Cristian just swore me to secrecy.

John: I understand.

Natalie: It -- it just happened so fast and -- look, we never really got a chance to talk, and I really think that we should.

John: Ok.

Natalie: But not here.

John: Come on.

Dorian: What do you think you're doing?

David: Hey, Iím doing the right think for a change, ok? I can't let you take the fall for something that Iíve done. Paul was a threat to our family. Dorian doesn't have it in her. She's too good. She didn't kill her own sister's son. I did.

Dorian: Shut up, David! And don't say anything else until you have a lawyer present!

David: Hey, let me go, baby! I don't need a lawyer! I don't need a lawyer! I am guilty, and I'm ready to stand up and take responsibility for my actions. And I know these are probably hollow words coming from a guy like me, but I got something to say. I've changed. No, I've more than changed. I used to be a -- an ugly caterpillar. But now I'm a beautiful butterfly. And do you know who's responsible for that? This woman. Dorian's love has transformed me.

Nora: Haven't we seen this movie?

Bo: Willard? Would you please escort these two out to the squad room now and keep an eye on them?

Ofc. Willard: Come on.

David: You know, that slap really hurt.

Dorian: Oh, honey, Iím sorry. I'm so sorry.

David: So let me get this straight.

Dorian: Right.

David: You get arrested for murder. You neglect to tell me about it. I find out about it. I cop to it and admit to it to save your beautiful butt, and then you slap me when I'm about to deliver a flawlessly nuanced performance.

Dorian: David, did it ever occur to you that maybe I wanted you to stay out of it -- so that you could better concentrate on helping Kelly.

David: Maybe you should just worry about yourself because Kellyís doing just fine on her own.

Kelly: Hey, David, it's me. Listen, you were right about Kevin. He did track me down. I've lost him, at least for now. But, listen, Iím at that truck stop, so Iím hoping that Iíll have some answers about Babe. Give me a call when you get a chance. Thanks. Bye. Hey, could I get some decaf?

Clerk: Looks like you need some, hon.

Kelly: Yeah. Listen, I'm looking for a friend of mine. Have you seen her?

Clerk: Oh, yeah! Nice gal.

Kelly: She was here?

Clerk: Asked about the pay phone. Had the most beautiful baby boy.

Kelly: Yeah, he is, isn't he? She didn't happen to say where she was going?

Clerk: She didn't say.

Kelly: Ok.

Clerk: I'm sorry.

Kelly: Sure. Thanks. But she was definitely here?

Kevin: The window's open. She must have seen us coming.

Man: Got to be miles down the road by now.

Kevin: She didn't say where she was going?

Man: Uh-uh. You about done here?

Kevin: Almost. Yeah, I think I found her.

Jen: I can't believe we're all together again so soon. Thanksgiving was really nice.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I had a great time, Jen. You know, except when I got me that night, I -- I couldn't help but think that I was keeping an innocent woman from her family.

Riley: All right, yeah, that's it, dad. They've already been through a lineup and questioning, all right? Are you ready to go?

Lindsay: Call me later?

Jen: Bye, Mr. Colson.

Daniel: Jen, look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.

Jen: I'm ok.

Riley: Ms. Rappaport, nice to see you.

Lindsay: You, too.

Daniel: Bye. Well, it seems like I blew it with my son again.

Lindsay: I didn't really want to say anything in front of the kids.

Daniel: What?

Lindsay: You don't really think that Iím stupid enough to fall for that little performance, do you?

Nora: Do you want me to take Vickers' statement?

Bo: I think we should listen to both of them and then see whose version comes closest to what we do know.

Man: Where's my lawyer?

Officer: Come on, come on!

Ofc. Willard: Don't move. Come on!

Dorian: So, we don't move? On! So, Kellyís in North Carolina?

David: We were tracking down Asaís birth mother.

Dorian: Oh, I feel so helpless in here! I can't do anything.

David: Look, would you just let me confess so you can get out of here? Then you can track down Kelly on your own and keep her safe yourself.

Bo: Keep Kelly safe from what?

Kelly: Oh. Keep it, thanks. I really appreciate your help.

Clerk: Let me top off that coffee for you.

Kelly: I don't even know which way to go. Thanks again.

Clerk: Wait! That friend of yours -- she asked one of the truckers for directions.

Kelly: Did you happen to hear what he said?

Clerk: No, but he pointed south. You know, she got back on that highway heading south.

Kelly: South! Great. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Clerk: Sure, hon. I hope you find her. It seems like it's real important to you.

Kelly: Yeah, it is.

Clerk: Drive safe.

Kelly: Thanks. Oh, my God.

Clerk: What's the matter?

Kelly: My ex-husband. He's -- he's right outside. You have to help me. You have to hide me, please.

Natalie: Look, I know it must have been hard, you know, what Cristian said to you.

John: Yeah, it's good just having Cris around even if he is yelling at me.

Natalie: Yeah, but still.

John: Nah. You lost a lot of time because of me dragging you into that case.

Natalie: You didn't know that Tico was going to try to kill him.

John: Doesn't matter. What happened in Vegas is on me. And if I had to do it all over again, obviously, I never would have got you involved in something like that. Hey. You look a little cold. Here.

Natalie: Thanks.

John: You all right?

Natalie: Yeah. I haven't told Cristian about what happened with us while he was gone.

John: Nothing really happened with us. Did it?

Natalie: Yeah, it did. John, it's still happening.

Rex: Go away! Do you get off on rejection?

Shannon: I think you'd better invite me inside. I could place another call to John.

Bo: All of a sudden, you two are very quiet for a change, so Iíll ask again. You're trying to keep Kelly safe from what?

Dorian: Really, Bo, do I have to paint you a picture? Her half brother's been murdered. Her baby's been kidnapped. Who knows if we'll ever see him again. Kelly was -- was distraught and coming apart, so we -- we, you know, let her go away for a few days.

David: May I ask why Iím not making my confession?

Nora: Ok. You ready?

David: Wait a second. What is this? I didn't realize Iíd be appearing on camera. How do I look? Do I look ok?

Dorian: Gorgeous as usual. Here.

Clerk: I'm sorry, sir. We're about to close down for a while -- trouble with the grill.

Kevin: Oh, well, this will just take a second. Kevin Buchanan.

Clerk: Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania? What are you doing all the way down here?

Kevin: Well, I'm afraid my wife is missing.

Man: Hey, can I get another cup of coffee?

Clerk: Sorry, I haven't seen her. Excuse me a sec. I'm training a new girl. Your ex is lieutenant governor?

Kelly: Please don't say anything.

Clerk: Don't worry, hon, I got you covered.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Hello.

Harrison: Have you seen this morning's edition of "The Sun"?

Kevin: I've been a little busy.

Harrison: Well, I suggest you take a look at it. According to the story on the front page, you fled the scene of a crime.

Kevin: If Manning published that, it's libel. I wasn't part of some plot to assassinate you.

Harrison: Kevin, I am not accusing you, and I'm sorry I ever did, but this is a public relations nightmare, all right? I need you here to help me take on the press.

Kevin: I understand that, but I can't come back yet, not till I find Kelly and my son.

David: I'm sure Dorian has informed you that she offered Paul the diamond necklace that was made from what was left of the "Bad-rah" diamond.

Dorian: Darling, "Ba-drah."

David: That's what I said. Paul said that he was going to leave town. But as soon as he got his hands on the Badhra necklace, I was sure that he wasn't going to live up to his commitment.

Bo: And what happened then?

David: She and Paul got into a fight. That's probably what -- what your witness saw. But he was alive when she left him.

Nora: And when did you get there?

David: Not -- not long after, I followed Dorian to the graveyard. I wanted to make sure that Paul wasn't trying to pull anything. And I asked him, "Why haven't you left Llanview?" Do you know what he gave me? He gave me the wrong answer. So I killed the little slimeball and I dumped him in the judge's grave. Unfortunately, my -- my brilliant -- my beautiful fiancťe, she was on to me. So I moved Paulís body to the quarry. You know, incidentally, as a side note, it was just pure dumb luck that that quarry froze over.

Bo: What'd you do with the gun?

David: Oh, the gun? I -- I dismantled that thing. I threw it into --

Dorian: David, you don't have to say any more. So now you have his statement.

Bo: That's very interesting, though -- because we found the gun in Dorianís office. Now, there's a lot of people who might wonder -- since you love your fiancťe so much -- why you would murder Cramer and then turn around and try to frame her.

Dorian: That's right, darling. A lot of people are wondering.

John: What are you saying?

Natalie: I don't know. We just have this connection.

John: Been through a lot together.

Natalie: When I told you everything that happened with Paul, I felt so close.

John: Yeah. Seemed like the walls came down for a little while.

Natalie: John, I have always wanted you in my life. Even when I've made your life miserable.

John: Well, I think you sort of owed me one.

Natalie: Please, you know what Iím trying to say.

John: Yeah, I know what you're trying to say. Look, we can -- we can still do this, can't we? We can just sit, right? Are you saying that's got to change?

Natalie: It has to. My husband's back. You have to promise me, ok, Cristian can't ever find out what happened with us.

Rex: Ok, I'm listening. What's the subject?

Shannon: The truth.

Rex: Uh, no. You promised me you'd keep quiet about that. Do I need to get it in writing?

Shannon: One, I never promised anything, and two, I mean the truth about Paul Cramer. I mean, I know you hid the gun to protect Natalie, but the actual murder weapon was found in Dorian Lord's office.

Rex: So?

Shannon: So where did you get the gun that you buried in the cement?

Rex: Found it in the yard at your house.

Shannon: The Love House?

Rex: Yeah. My mom said Natalie had been by. I thought it was hers. Why do you care?

Shannon: Because I thought you were putting yourself on the line for Jen. I mean, until Dorian got arrested, I just -- I thought Jen killed Paul and you were covering for her and I hated that. She doesn't even give a damn about you. But I do. I know you don't believe me because I went to John, but I was just scared. I was scared you'd go to prison and I'd lose you.

Daniel: I really think you're misunderstanding me here.

Lindsay: I'm not misunderstanding anything. And to tell you the truth, it's downright insulting because I know exactly what's going on here. Dorian told you that I went to see her after she was arrested, and that's when she tried to pin Paulís murder on me.

Daniel: That's not --

Lindsay: Stop talking. I am done being probed by you, so why don't you go ask Nora some questions, or did she blow you off so she could go spend some time with Bo?

Daniel: Why -- why do you always have to bring them into this, huh? Bo and Nora have a relationship because of their son, the same way we have a relationship because of our kids.

Lindsay: No. Because to me, having a relationship implies that there's a certain amount of trust between two people, which you and I definitely don't have.

Daniel: Then we'd better work on it, because if Jen and Riley are as close as they seem to be getting, you and I will be spending a lot of holidays together.

Riley: Sure you're ok?

Jen: When we were passing the playground, I was thinking about when I was little. My dad would get home from work and I'd be in the backyard on the swings. He'd push me so high, but I always felt safe. I'd give anything to feel like that again, even for five minutes.

Riley: I -- Iím up for the swings. Let's go.

Jen: Thanks. Can I take a rain check?

Riley: Of course. Anytime. But since we have the time, you want to go take a look at an apartment?

Jen: Now?

Riley: Yeah, I could call the super. It's just a studio, but when I saw it, I could just see us living there.

Jen: I -- I could do that, yeah.

Riley: Look, even with our roommates out of town in Philly, until we have our own place, we'd have a little privacy for ourselves. What's wrong?

Jen: I canít.

Riley: You can't what? I thought we decided we were ready.

Jen: I'm sorry, I just canít. I'm really sorry.

Clerk: Bye-bye, now.

Kevin: Bye.

Kelly: Oh, my God. Thank you so much!

Clerk: No need, hon. I know a snake when I see one, no matter what kind of big shot he is.

Kelly: Did you hear him on the telephone?

Clerk: No. Why?

Kelly: He was talking about an assassination?

Clerk: You haven't heard? Oh, look at this. Excuse me. Someone tried to shoot the governor of Pennsylvania. Well, the papers up there accused your husband of planning the hit to get the governor out of his way.

Kelly: Oh, my --

Kevin: Excuse me. Sorry to bother you, but my wife is missing and this was the last place she was seen. I was hoping maybe you'd seen her.

Man: Yeah, yeah. She was working there a little while ago. Just about dropped everything in sight.

Kevin: Thanks.

John: You know Iíd never do anything to come between you and Cris.

Natalie: You don't have to do anything. Come on. It's just how we are. Look at us.

John: What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to pretend I don't even know you? I'm -- Iím not sure I can do that, Natalie.

Natalie: I don't think I can do that, either. So what are we going to do?

Lindsay: I am so touched that you still want to be friends.

Daniel: Well, Lindsay, I think we owe it to Riley and Jen to put the past behind us and make some peace.

Lindsay: Like this? No. I can't really picture a world where I would ever be stupid enough to trust you again.

Riley: Jen, what has changed since last night?

Jen: You wouldn't understand.

Riley: Is it Cristian?

Jen: Oh, don't even go there.

Riley: Well, he's back in town, and you guys have a history.

Jen: No, Riley, no, it's not him.

Riley: Then what is it?

Jen: You know the side of me that wants to go home with you and stay with you tonight and move in and to have the whole happy-ending thing.

Riley: I know it's not that simple.

Jen: But then there's the other side of me that just can't cope; that self-destructs when anything bad happens.

Riley: Will you stop doing this every time? All right, look, I know you've done things you're not proud of, ok, but I also know you don't want to do them again.

Jen: Maybe I already have.

John: Your husband's back now, and that's all you ever wanted, right? You're going to have the life you always hoped for.

Natalie: Yeah. It'll be perfect.

John: Then Iím happy for you.

Natalie: I should get back to Cristian.

John: Yeah. It's ok. Keep it.

Natalie: Bye, John.

John: Bye, Natalie.

Nora: Ok. Now what?

Bo: Well, we can't release Dorian based on Vickers' statement because it's obvious the guy's lying.

Nora: Even though he got a lot of the evidence correct, including the location of the body.

Bo: Mm-hmm. I got an idea.

David: You don't actually think that I was trying to set you up, do you?

Dorian: Of course not, darling, but couldn't you have just stayed out of it?

David: Oh, I'm sorry. You're absolutely right. My apologies. You don't need me. You're only looking at, what, 25 years to life for Murder Two?

Dorian: All right, David, there is no point in us fighting about this, ok? At least one of us is going to be released. The one that is should go and help Kelly.

David: One of us is going to be on the first flight to North Carolina. I hope it's you.

Dorian: Oh, darling. I hope it's you.

David: Watch those hands. Ahem. Well, I expect that you're here to apologize. I assume you're letting Dorian go?

Nora: No, not with all the evidence against her.

Dorian: May I have a word with my fiancť before he leaves?

Bo: Oh, David is not leaving. Now, you claim that you moved the body. Now, whoever did that clubbed Lieutenant McBain; knocked him out.

David: I don't remember confessing to that.

Bo: Mendez? Manuel, would you please handcuff this gentleman?

David: What?

Bo: David Vickers, you're under arrest for assaulting a police officer and as an accessory to the murder of Paul Cramer.

Dorian: Oh.

Kevin: Hey, lady, if you're hiding my wife in here, I swear --

Kelly: What are you going to do, Kevin, have her assassinated? You know, I'm glad you're here. We have a lot of catching up to do.

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Evangeline: We are on tonight for dinner for two at the Bayberry Inn.

John: Actually, I ate a burger in the park with Natalie.

Cristian: It's over now.

Natalie: It's not over, not for either one of us.

Antonio: Don't you leave me, Jess. I need you.

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