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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 11/30/04

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Melle

Evangeline: I'm just going to wait here for john and let the police check out --


Natalie: Oh! Oh, my god!

[Jessica screams]

Bo: John, what happened?

John: This guy's been hit. Better get an ambulance.

Antonio: Oh, my god -- are you all right? Where's Cris?

Evangeline: Oh, my god.

Natalie: Oh, my god. Come here, come here. Oh, my god -- are you ok? Hey, please talk to me. Please, say something. Talk to me. Come on, honey. Ok? Please? Come on, talk to me. Please. Ok?


Kevin: Duke, you can't possibly think that I was in a plot to kill governor brooks.

Harrison: You and Tico Santi have been tight since the day he came into this country.

Adriana: Who said my brother had something to do with this shooting? You tell me who said it!

Viki: Honey, listen, let's not go about accusing anyone of anything until we have all the facts, all right? Although, I will tell you this -- my son had nothing to do with this.

Harrison: Well, that's very touching, but how could a mother say anything less?

Kevin: Hey, it means a lot to me to know that my family's behind me.

Duke: Dad -- be straight with me, dad. You are totally clean, right? You had absolutely no idea anything like this was going to happen?


Natalie: God --

Antonio: All right, just keep pressure on the wound, all right? The ambulance will be here soon.


Evangeline: Cristian?

Antonio: We were trying to keep it quiet.

Bo: The ambulance is on the way. How's he?

Antonio: He's still alive.

Bo: What happened?

Natalie: Cristian, I can't lose you again! I can't -- you can't die on me!

Bo: What the --

Antonio: It's -- it's a bit of a long story, commissioner.

Bo: Did Cristian get shot?

Jessica: No. No, Tico missed. But he must have knocked his head when he dove for cover.

Natalie: You got to wake up, ok? Come on, just wake up for me. Please? Please, baby, come on. Come on. Come on. Come on, Cristian.


Kelly: David?


David: What?

Kelly: Are you asleep?

David: Hmm? What, are you still feeling barfy?

Kelly: No, feeling ok.

David: Ahem. Well, that's good. Actually, I'm feeling better, too. So what -- what's wrong?

Kelly: Do you think we'll ever find Ace?

David: Kelly, of course we're going to find Ace. Look, I know that we lost a day, but we're going to track down Babe Chandler, and you're going to get your son back.

Kelly: She could be his real mother.

David: She couldn't love him as much as you do.

Kelly: God, if I had known that Paul had ripped that child out of her arms and given him to me, I --

David: Hey, Kelly, nobody could love Ace as much as you do. And you know what, he loves you back.

Kelly: If he even remembers me. David, what if he's forgotten me?


Man: What are you doing there, man?

Todd: I'm press. I'm just covering the shooting. What can you tell me about?

Man: You have to wait for the police to make a statement.

Todd: Hmm. I don't want to wait that long.

Man: What's that, man? You want to get arrested for attempting to bribe an officer of the law? Now, move it. Let's go! Move it!


Harrison: You had a lot to gain if I died tonight.

Viki: Well, excuse me, but so did others. You've made more than your share of enemies, Harrison.

Kevin: Yeah, and I'm not one of them.

Harrison: Well, apparently, Tico Santi is. And he financed your campaign, Kevin. Only yours.

Kevin: Tico didn't tell me anything about this.

Adriana: Because he didn't do it, ok? I don't care what anybody says, my brother isn't a killer!

Duke: Hey, let's get out of here. Come on.

Duke: Hey, you going to be all right?

Adriana: Do you really think Tico would try to kill the governor?

Duke: I can't say, any more than I can say my dad isn't in on it.

Adriana: No, it's not true. None of it. None of it's true.

Duke: Grandma's right, ok? Nobody can be sure of anything right now. But I will talk to my dad. You talk to Tico, and we'll see what they both say.

Adriana: But what if he --

Duke: Hey, listen, we've got each other, ok? Hey.

Viki: Darling, I just thank god you're all right. I thank god that everyone is all right. Especially Jessie. Well, she's fine, isn't she?

Kevin: Uh -- the last time that Antonio saw Jessica, he said she was leaving with Tico.


Paramedic: Hey, you'll have to move out of the way.

Natalie: No, I'm not leaving him.

Evangeline: Natalie, he needs help. Let them do their job.

Natalie: Cristian, I'm right here, ok?


John: Tico was behind Cristian being killed in Vegas?

Antonio: He had no idea that Cristian had survived.

Jessica: And that's why we couldn't tell you guys.

Bo: How long have you two known about this?

Antonio: About a week now.

Bo: Well, if you'd come to me, maybe we could have done something sooner. And then none of this would have happened.

Natalie: Oh, baby, hey, it's going to be ok. I'm here. It's ok, baby. It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok.

John: That explains why she was wearing her wedding ring then.

Jessica: Yeah. Natalie and Cristian were meant to be together. Now they will be, for good now.

Cristian: Last thing I remember, Tico was trying to shoot me. What happened?

Natalie: Somebody stopped him.

Cristian: Who?

Natalie: It was John.

Cristian: McBain?

Natalie: Yeah. He saved your life, Cristian.

Cristian: So is this supposed to make up for almost getting me killed last time?


David: Kelly, Ace couldn't forget you. How could he? You're -- you're unforgettable.

Kelly: Kevin forgot me.

David: Yeah, well, he's lost his alleged mind.

Kelly: You know, I don't think anyone else could make me feel better tonight.

[David chuckles]

David: Well, that's what friends are for, right?

Kelly: You're more than a friend.

David: What am I? I'm a -- an almost uncle?

Kelly: You are family -- at least, more than Paul ever was.

David: Well, that's not saying much, is it?

Kelly: You've been so good to me, and what have you got for it? Food poisoning from pine valley and away from Dorian.

David: She -- she sounded strange when I talked to her.

Kelly: It's probably what you said -- she probably thinks the phones are tapped. She doesn't want the police to find out where we are.

David: Yeah. You're probably right. That -- that must be what it is.


Kevin: So if the situation is defused, can we go?

Man: Yes, sir.

Viki: Well, what about my daughter Jessica? Has anyone heard anything?

Man: Well, commissioner Buchanan called and said she was safe.

Harrison: Well, that's fine, but what about me? Am I safe, or are there more conspiracies out there waiting for me?

Man: That's all I know, sir. Excuse me.

Kevin: Thanks. Harrison? Look, you have earned yourself a lot of instant sympathy and rapport with the public because of what happened tonight. Now, if you go around making false allegations or making up some -- some sort of conspiracy theories, you're going to lose all that.

Harrison: Oh, I'm going to get to the bottom of this, Kevin. Mark my words.

Kevin: You know what, knock yourself out. But if i were you, Iíd start by looking a little closer to home. Let's start with your friends Dawes and Gerhardt. Come on, mom, let's go.

Harrison: Let's go home.

Man: Ok


Natalie: Tico is the one that set us up in Vegas, remember?

Cristian: But it was McBain who got you into it. He's the reason we lost a year together. You know, saving me doesn't even things up.

John: I didn't think so. Anyhow, who's keeping score?

Natalie: I am. Cristian, I am happy that he saved your life, ok? I am glad you are still here with me.


John: For what it's worth, me, too.

Bo: Is he going to make it?

Paramedic: He's lost an awful lot of blood. We need to stabilize him before we move him.

Antonio: He can't hurt you now.

Jessica: You tried telling me not to come here tonight. I got your message, but --

Antonio: Everything's going to be ok.

Jessica: Is it?

Bo: We're going to need statements from you two. We'll do them inside. Come on.

Evangeline: Hey. Are you ok?

John: Yeah.

Evangeline: Let's just get out of here. Let's just go back to my place.

John: There's nothing I'd like more.

Evangeline: But you canít.

John: I got statements to take, a report to file.

Evangeline: I understand, I understand. Just take care of yourself and call me.

John: I will.

Evangeline: Ok.

Natalie: John? Look, I know that Cristianís still angry with you, but I'm not. Thank you for saving his life.


Kevin: Things have settled down a bit, so we're going to go home. Duke, I'd like it if you came along, answer any questions you might have?

Duke: Yeah, I'll be right over.

Kevin: Ok.

Duke: Come with me.

Adriana: I don't know if I should. I mean, what if it's true -- about my brother?

Duke: Hey, you're going to need somebody who cares.


Bo: I want to know everything that happened here tonight. How'd you end up here with a sniper rifle?

Antonio: Tico called me. He told me he had Cristian and that he'd kill him if I didn't do what he wanted.

Bo: Assassinate the governor.

Jessica: So that's what this was all about?

Antonio: Look, I didn't know what was going on until I got here, and then there was no way I was going to shoot anyone. The only reason why I shot Tico was because I saw Cristian come in the back exit. All right? Look, I knew Cristian was safe.

Bo: And you saw Tico with a gun? Right, Antonio?

Antonio: What are you asking, commissioner?

Tico: Wait -- wife -- my wife -- I need her. Please, bring her to me.

Paramedic: I'll see what I can do.


TV announcer: Initial reports --

Kelly: Ugh, there's nothing on but old news on how to make a million bucks in a month.

David: A million bucks in a month? Here.

Kelly: Give me that.

David: I'm serious. What channel?

Kelly: Look, why don't we listen to the radio or play a game or something?

David: Oh, I know what you're doing. I'm onto you. You're trying to make me forget about Dorian, aren't you? Well, it's a very kind thought, but this pajama party isn't going to do it.

Kelly: Maybe we should call Blair. Maybe she knows where Dorian is.

David: What, and put Todd on our trail? Look, when Dorian knows that it's safe to call us back, she will. You know, you and I should probably get some sleep so we can get an early start tomorrow.

Kelly: I can't sleep. I slept all day. You hungry?

David: What, you ready for that pizza?

Kelly: No, no, I was thinking more JaMocha almond fudge ice cream.

David: Oh.

Kelly: Oh, my god, doesn't that sound so good?

David: Yes.

Kelly: I bet they have some at that mini mart. I'll go see if they have some.

David: No, no, no, no, no. I'll go. It's late, ok? But you got to do me a favor. You turn on that TV and you write down that 800 number for that infomercial, ok?

Kelly: Ok.

David: But more importantly, whatever you do, don't ever tell anyone you saw me go out of doors dressed like this. It'll ruin my debonair con man image. Fade out on David Vickers.

Kelly: Dead.

Kelly: Hey, Dorian, it's Kelly. Listen, call David. He's getting really worried about you. So am I.


Viki: Well, I thank god that Jessicaís safe. Can you imagine that she was married to that -- that god-awful man, that Tico? And she had absolutely no idea who he really was. Well, my -- you didn't, either.

Kevin: All I knew is what everyone else knew -- that he had family money and he was interested in politics. I never questioned it.

Viki: Well, maybe you should have.

Kevin: Maybe I should've.

Adriana: The police are wrong, ok? Tico couldn't have done the things that they're saying that he did, ok? I know him better than they do.

Duke: Hey, I always liked the guy, too. I mean, he was the only one on our side.

Adriana: Could we both have been wrong?

Duke: Well, if we were, Jessica was, too. She married the guy.

Adriana: How could he fool so many people?

Duke: It happens, especially when it's family. You know, you always want to believe the best.

[Doorbell rings]

Duke: Hey, I got it. What the hell are you doing here?

Todd: I'm here to see your old man.

Duke: And why would he want to see you?

Todd: I want to help him.

Kevin: What the hell are you doing here?

Todd: I understand you tried to kill your boss. Do you have any comments on that?


Michael: Ok, people, what do we got here?

Paramedic: Head trauma, positive l.O.C., G.C.S. 12. Abdominal bleeding.

Paige: Commissioner Buchanan already called it in. We got a gunshot victim on his way next.

Michael: Put anesthesia on notice and get me the neurologist on call, stat!

Paige: Let's go, ladies!

Michael: Distended, possible internal bleeding.

Paige: I want a c-spine. Get me an abdominal and chest film. What -- how did this happen?

Natalie: I mean, I thought -- I thought he was shot at first, but he was -- he was just diving for cover. He must've hit his head. But he -- he had a stab wound before. He's still bleeding.

Paige: You know what? You get the information. I'll take care of this.

Michael: Ok.

Natalie: Doc, is he going to be ok?

Paige: We're going to do everything we can for him. Let's start another line.

Michael: I need to ask you some questions, then you can go be with him.

Natalie: What?

Michael: His name?

Natalie: Cristian Vega.

Michael: I thought that he was --

Natalie: Yeah, I know. Everybody thought so, but he's not. He's back, he's alive, and, listen, doc, I got to be with him. I can't let anybody keep me away from him. Ok?

Evangeline: Michael? Did you see Cristian Vega brought in?

Michael: Then you know?

Evangeline: Yeah. How is he? I wanted to be able to tell john.

Michael: I saw his E.M.T. Report. He should be fine. It's weird -- somebody coming back from the dead.

Evangeline: Yeah. Changes everything.


Bo: I'm not accusing you of anything. I have to file a report, Antonio.

Jessica: Bo, look, Tico had a gun when he forced me out of the building.

Antonio: Look, he said if i didn't shoot the governor, that he would make the call and kill Cristian. I swear, that's all it was.

Bo: No, I know if you wanted to kill Tico, he'd be dead right now.

Jessica: Ok, I'm -- Iím just going to go and call my mom and tell her that I'm --

Bo: I already sent word to her that you're ok, but Iím sure she'd rather hear it from you.

Paramedic: Mrs. Santi?

Jessica: Yes?

Paramedic: Your husband wants to see you.

Bo: What were you trying to do?

Antonio: I tried to stop it -- all of it. And he almost killed Jessica anyway.

Bo: Well, he didnít. She's safe.

Antonio: Where is she?

Tico: Jessica --

Jessica: Tico, you shouldn't talk.

Tico: I need to tell you -- come closer. Closer. Please. I may be dying, Jessica. Closer. I need to tell you something -- I need to tell you something important.

Tico: How could you hurt me Jessica?

Jessica: Hurt you? I hurt you? You lied to me! You lied to everyone! You almost killed Cristian! You would've killed Antonio! Tico, I hate you. You're going to pay for what you did.

Antonio: Officer, have you seen Jessica Buchanan?

Tico: You will.

Antonio: Jessica? Jessica!

Officer: Drop it!

Antonio: I got it! I got it! You're going to be all right, ok? You're going to be all right. Take care of her.

Paramedic: Ok.

Bo: Antonio, no -- let him go! Antonio -- let him go! Enough! Cuff him!

Officer: I got it.

Antonio: All right, all right -- is she all right?

Paramedic: I don't know. She needs to get to a hospital.

Antonio: I'm sorry.

Jessica: Oh, no, no. Don't be.

Antonio: No, I screwed up.

Jessica: No, you didn't. You tried to warn me. I didn't listen.

Bo: All right, come on, come on, let's get her to the hospital.

Paramedic: He's never going to stabilize! We got to go!


Evangeline: John thought Cristian Vega died because of him. But now that Cristian is alive --

Michael: He can stop beating himself up over it.

Evangeline: And finally let go.

Paige: Your x-rays show fractured ribs on the right. Your cat scan is negative, but you do have a concussion from your fall, Mr. Vega.

Cristian: I feel fine.

Paige: Yeah, well, don't get any bright ideas to go home tonight. You're ours for at least the night. Mrs. Vega, i do have some tests that i need to run. Could I get you to step out for just a moment?

Natalie: Sure. Honey, Iíll be right back, all right? I love you.

Cristian: I love you, too.

Natalie: Hey. What are you doing here?

Evangeline: Just checking up on Cristian for John.

Natalie: He's -- he's going to be ok. I got to call my mom. Excuse me.

Michael: How's Cristian Vega doing?

Evangeline: Natalie says he's going to be fine. John is going to be so happy about that.

Michael: He's not the only one.

Evangeline: What?

Michael: John's free and clear for you now.

Evangeline: This isn't about me, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, but you got to admit the thought crossed your mind. Johnny is all yours now.

John: Suspect Augustico Santi was about to fire his weapon when I entered the alley from the northwest entrance. The intended victim was Cristian Vega.


Viki: But why, darling?

Kevin: I don't have anything to say to you.

Viki: And are you sure everything's all right?

Todd: Maybe you should call the cops. Oops -- no. I wouldn't be the one they'd haul out of here in handcuffs.

Viki: All right. Look, I'm sorry, I have to leave. That was Natalie. She's at the hospital.

Kevin: What?

Viki: Well, I don't -- I don't know why. She wouldn't tell me, but she said everything's all right. I'm just going to go and meet her there, ok?

Kevin: All right. Well, let me know.

Todd: So what exactly was your relationship with Tico Santi?

Kevin: You just don't quit, do you?

Todd: "Quit, do you?" How far would you go to become Governor?

Duke: Hey, did you hear him? Shut your mouth and get out.

Todd: "Get out." You know, I'm not the only one who's asking questions about your dad.

Duke: Please, well, let me answer them for you, ok? My dad had nothing to do with what happened. He's a good man, all right? So you can take your accusations -- shove them! Now, get out!

Kevin: You heard him.

Kevin: Did you do that just to get rid of Todd or did you mean it?

Duke: I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it.

Kevin: Well, thank you.

Duke: That doesn't mean I still don't have questions.

Kevin: Well, I'll do my best to answer them.

Duke: Well, I need to take Adriana home first.

Kevin: Good night, Adriana.

Adriana: Night.

Duke: Sorry about all that.

Adriana: I like seeing you stick up for your dad.

Duke: Tell you the truth, I didn't even think I'd do it -- until he started hurling accusations at him. You know, I just knew my dad couldn't have done it.

Adriana: Like I know my mom didn't kill Paul. You just go on faith.

Duke: Yeah, sometimes, I guess.

Adriana: I just wish I had a little more in Tico.

Duke: Hey, well, at least Tico did something good -- you and me.

Adriana: I don't know what Iíd do if I didn't have you right now.

[Phone rings]


Kevin: Hello? Hello?

Kevin: Is there anybody there?

Kelly: Don't hang up.

Kevin: Kelly?

Kelly: Yeah, it's me.

Kevin: Where are you?

Kelly: Oh, I'm -- Iím out of town. I -- I had to get away. I've been so stressed out about Ace. I -- I can't believe Dorian didn't tell you. When was the last time you saw her?

Kevin: Right before they took her to jail.

Kelly: Dorian's in jail?

Kevin: Yeah. You didn't know?

Kelly: I just didn't know she was still there.

Kevin: Well, they tend not to go easy on murderers. Now, where are you really? You have Ace?

Kelly: No.

Kevin: Don't lie to me, Kelly.

Kelly: I'm not lying. I'm -- Iím looking for him, actually.

Kevin: Well, then tell me where you are and then I can come help you.

Kelly: I -- I got to go. Bye.

David: Well, unfortunately, jamocha almond fudge hasn't made it to the hinterlands yet. They only had vanilla, and it's not even french. What -- what's wrong?

Kelly: Dorian's been arrested for murder.

David: Was that Dorian on the phone?

Kelly: No, it -- it was Kevin. I called him to see if he knew where Dorian was.

David: Well, I -- I got to get back to her right now.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, we both do.

David: No, Kelly, not both of us. You got to keep tracking down Babe Chandler and find Ace.

Kelly: But what about Dorian?

David: I can handle that on my own, ok? You're too close to finding Ace to give up now, and Dorian wouldn't want you coming home without him. I got to -- I got to call a lawyer.

Kelly: My phone's dead.

David: Your phone -- did -- did you call Kevin from the motel phone?

Kelly: Yeah, I -- David, I had to know what was going on.

David: Oh, Kelly, he knows how to find us now. We both got to go. We both got to go right now.

Kelly: Ok.


Kevin: Yeah, it's me. Now you can start earning the money that I pay you. That last call that came through was Kelly. Please tell me that you were able to trace it.


[Music plays]

Natalieís voice: You son of a bitch! You killed him! You killed my husband, the only man I ever loved, and I will never see him again because of you!

John's voice: So by your own rules, you need to tell me something that you've never told me before. How'd you say it -- "no holding back"?

Natalie: I've never stopped loving you.

Singer: You know me at all when I don't even exist

Singer: Everything I thought I was has disappeared in your kiss

Singer: Memories are all that now remain

John: Hey, it's -- it's me. I hope I didn't wake you.

Evangeline: No, no, I just got home. I was just going to call you, actually. I wanted to tell you that Cristian Vega is going to pull through.

John: Yeah, I know. Michael told me.

Evangeline: Yeah. So what's going on? Any more on this assassination attempt?

John: There's a lot. I'm going to -- I'm going to be here all night.

Evangeline: Well, you have to come up for air sometime. So, how about dinner tomorrow night?

John: You know what? I was just thinking the same thing.

Evangeline: Good. Then we're on.

John: We're definitely on.

Singer: The star that provided the light has long since burned out

Evangelineís voice: Is it just me, or did things get way better when we attach dumb strings?

Singer: How can you free me when you can't even see me? I've become the invisible man you can hurt me

Natalieís voice: I never stopped loving you.

[Music ends]

Viki: Natalie, honey?

Natalie: Hey!

Viki: What's going on?

Natalie: Oh.

Viki: Hi, babe. What?

Natalie: It's a miracle, that's what.

Viki: What?

Natalie: Come on, let's see for yourself.

Viki: What?

[Viki gasps]

Viki: Oh, my god! It's Cristian!

Cristian: Hello, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: How in god's name --

Natalie: I'll explain later, mom.

Michael: Well, you're not distended, so I don't think that we hit any vital organs, but Iím going to have to take a better look at this wound as soon as i get a room open, ok?

Antonio: I'm not going to leave you.

Natalie: So he was finally able to escape and make his way back to us.

Viki: I -- I have absolutely no idea what to say except that, yes, this is a miracle! Oh, Cristian!

Nurse: We're going to move Mr. Vega to a room now.

Natalie: Ok.

Viki: Oh, ok.

Natalie: I'm going to get your stuff and Iíll bring it right on up, ok, honey?

Nurse: I'm afraid visiting hours are over. You're going to have to say your good nights.

Natalie: No, I canít. I -- Cristian needs me, I need him.

Viki: Well, listen, darling, I have a little pull here. Let me go see what I can do, ok?

Natalie: Ok.

Viki: I'll be back.

Natalie: Thanks, mom.

Viki: Oh, for goodness gracious -- Jessica? What -- what happened to you?

Antonio: Tico stabbed her.

Viki: What? Are you ok?

Jessica: I'm going to be fine, mom.

Michael: We need to get that wound closed up. We'll be keeping her overnight for observation.

Viki: Oh, my god! I'll -- I'll be right there! Antonio, what in god's name is going on? Tico tries to kill the governor, then he stabs Jess -- and Cristian is alive!

Antonio: And it's not over yet.

Paige: He's lost several liters of blood. His heart stopped working in the O.R. He's completely unresponsive to any kind of command. Glasgow scale seven.

Bo: What does that mean?

Paige: It means he's lucky to be alive, if barely. 7


David: You're going to be fine, Kelly. I know you can handle this.

Kelly: Because of you. I would've lost it.

David: No, don't be ridiculous. You are a lot stronger than you think you are.

Kelly: I have to be -- for Ace.

David: You're going to find him and you're going to get him back, just like I know Iím going to clear Dorianís name.

Kelly: Thank you so much for everything.

David: Yeah. Ok, we got to get out of here.

Kelly: Ok.

David: My rental car's waiting at the manager's office. Kevin's probably halfway here by now.


[Phone rings]

Kevin: Hello.

Harrison: It's Harrison Brooks.

Kevin: I don't have time for any more accusations.

Harrison: Listen, I may have overreacted. I'd like to meet, discuss what happened, and talk about what we do next.

Kevin: You know what? Do whatever you want. I really don't care. I'm going to find my son.

Todd: "Lieutenant governor flees Llanview, tied to assassination." Hmm, that's a pretty good headline.


Jessica: Mom -- mom, how could I have married Tico after all that he's done?

Viki: Baby, you did not know. None of us knew. But it's over now, ok? This whole, awful nightmare is finally over.


Bo: Do you think there's a chance he'll come out of this coma?

Paige: Well, his chances are better if he shows signs within the next 24 hours.

Bo: I sure have some -- some questions I'd like to ask him.

Bo: Thanks for everything you've done.

Paige: No problem.

Bo: Yeah.

Officer: You can't come in here, Antonio. Nobody comes in here. Commissioner's orders. Sorry.

Evangeline: Yeah. So that's reservations for dinner tomorrow night at 9:00. You know what? Give me something just for two, quiet, in a corner. Yes, it is a very special night. It is finally just John and me.


>> On the next "one life to live" --

Margaret: No one can ruin my plans.

Michael: You're in love with two women, and one of those woman's husband just came back from the dead.

Natalie: Cris, he could kill Tico.

Cristian: Antonio said things would be ok. I believe him.

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