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One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/29/04

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Melle

Todd: Oh, that was -- it happens -- it happens quite a bit when the kids are upstairs and asleep.

Blair: We were just planning a wedding.

Todd: Yeah. At this rate, we're never going to get married.

Blair: You just better stop it right now, Mr. Manning.

Todd: You better pick a date, then.

Blair: Well, then, you better come up with some ideas.

Todd: December -- ah. How about Christmas day? What?

Blair: Are you joking?

Todd: No.

Blair: That is the date that Margaret Cochran picked. Todd, is there something going on with the two of you?


John: I got an idea.

Evangeline: Shoot.

John: Don't tell that to a cop. I had this idea that tomorrow, all day, just you and me, no work.

Evangeline: Deal. But if tomorrow is going to be that full, then tonight I would like to make sure you don't have any problem sleeping.

John: Can I get the check over here? Actually, I'll go pay, and we're out of here.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: That's how it sounds to me.


[Natalie gasps]

Natalie: No! Cristian! No! No! No! Cristian! No! Oh, please, god, don't let it be true! Please -- please -- please --

[phone rings]

John: McBain.

Natalie: John -- john, I need you! I need you!


Harrison: This is the result of more police officers on our streets and a targeted attack on organized crime.

Tico: It's very simple, Antonio. I will let Cristian go if you do something for me in return.

Harrison: For the offenders. In my next four years, I intend to seek measures that will wipe out crime --

Tico: Come on, Antonio. It shouldn't be so hard for you. You're a killer at heart, like our father.

Antonio: I'm not you, Tico. I have a soul.

Tico: Then do the right thing. Save Cristianís life by taking the governor's. What are you waiting for? Do it!



Kevin: Governor!

Simon: Somebody's shooting!

Man: Down! Down! Get down!

Viki: Oh, my god! Kevin! Jessica!

Man: Stay down! Shots fired! We got a sniper!

Viki: No, let me go find my children!

Duke: Come here!

Viki: No, I --

Duke: Get down!

Viki: Where are Kevin and Jessica? Where are they?

Duke: Stick with me!

Man: Move it! Move it! Hold your fire!

Kevin: Where's my family!

Man: Stay with me!


Todd: Blair, Iím not going to let some lunatic ruin our wedding, ok? Besides, a lot of people get married on Christmas. I'm sure of it. In fact, i bet you and i have been married on Christmas at least once.

Blair: You think you're funny, don't you? No, we were never married on Christmas. Todd, why are you dismissing Margaret like this, huh?

Todd: All right, if not Christmas, you just pick it, ok? Come up with something.

Blair: Well, Christmas isn't that bad, actually. I -- I don't know, maybe it is something extra to celebrate and -- I don't know, if we play our cards right, maybe we can talk Starr into believing that is her actual birthday present.


Margaret: Now, if I were a key, where would I be?

Man: Ms. Cramer? Are you Blair Cramer?


John: Natalie, talk to me. Are you hurt? Where are you?

Natalie: Oh, god. No. This can't be happening again. This can't be happening again.

John: What happened? What's wrong?

Natalie: Cristian's dead.

John: All right, listen, stay with me, all right? Slow down, stay with me. Just tell me where you are. I'm going to come get you.

Officer: Lieutenant?

John: Natalie --

Officer: Lieutenant, this is urgent!

John: Hold on a second. What?

Officer: There's been a shooting down at the WVL TV station. All hell's breaking loose.

Natalie: Oh, my god! It's because of Cristian! Tico's there! He's with mom, he's with Jess!

John: Natalie? Natalie?


Kelly: Ok. I brought you some tea.

David: Oh, I don't think my innards are capable of even that.

Kelly: Oh, come on, just try it. There you go.

David: No.

Kelly: No?

David: No.

Kelly: All right.

David: Look, I'm sorry about all this.

Kelly: Blame the fry chef in Pine Valley. Oh, my god, I'm never eating there again.

David: Yeah, but here you are, you're out here trying to find Ace, and you're stuck with a guy who's got -- well, description defies polite company. The last time I was this sick, I was out on the road with my old man.

Kelly: Well, I was that sick last night, which is why I know we're not going anywhere.

David: I'm sorry.

Kelly: Don't be. It's not your fault. What we need is a distraction. Let's see what we got.

David: The bible? What, are we going to do some praying? You know, on second thought, maybe it's not a bad idea. Do you think there's a chapter in here on miracles?

Kelly: We need a miracle. Ace is out there somewhere.

David: You know, sometimes miracles come when you're looking the other direction. Perhaps at a royal flush, for instance.

Kelly: Really? Are you sure you want to take on the poker queen of the lone star state?

David: Well, that's quite a title for a pretty little lady, but you don't stand a chance against the mighty menace of the lower 48.

Kelly: Oh, really? And who taught the mighty menace?

David: My dad. You?

Kelly: Kevin.


[All shouting at once]

Man: On the floor! On the floor!

Second man: We're on the move! Come on!

Kevin: Harrison, you ok?

Harrison: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. How about you?

Kevin: I'm fine, I'm fine. Go! Go! Go!

Man: You, too, sir.

Kevin: No, no, listen, I got to get back to my family!

Man: You, too, sir!

Kevin: Duke!

Man: You, too!

Jessica: Mom!

Viki: Jessie!

Duke: Grandma, grandma, we have to get out of here.

Viki: What? No, I'm not going without Jessica and Kevin! I can't --

Duke: Look, I think I saw a bodyguard --

Adriana: There she is -- Jess!

Viki: Oh, Jessie!

Jessica: Oh, thank god! What happened?

Duke: It was gunfire. We have to go.

Jessica: Where's Kevin? Where's Kevin?

Duke: I saw him after we heard the shots. Come on, let's go!

Jessica: No, I have to go and find Tico.

Viki: Jessie, you can't go there! We don't know where the --

Officer: This way!

Viki: What?

Officer: You're not going back there!

Viki: But my daughter is there!

Officer: This way, go this way.

Man: Go!


Blair: Would you -- I need my foot. Hey, stop --

Todd: What?

Blair: Stop it! Todd, we really have a lot to do. We've got to plan this wedding.

Todd: "Flowers, caterer -- Toddís tuxedo"?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: What? I got a tuxedo.

Blair: Well, you need a new one. It needs to look all nice and shiny-new.

Todd: I just want to wear sweatpants.

Blair: Ok, you know what? Now I know you're really, really, really trying to torture me, aren't you? You are.

Margaret: It seems awfully big. Is there some invoice to tell us what's inside?

Man: Excuse me, ma'am, I have a really busy schedule.

Margaret: Of course. Ms. Cramer lives right there with her fiancťe.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: This must be Starrís Christmas presents, huh? Hi.

Man: Hi. I just need you to sign right here.

Blair: Ok, great.

Man: Thank you.

Blair: All right, you take that, and I'll take these.

Man: Here you go.

Blair: Thank you.

Man: Thank you.

Blair: I bet you as soon as Starr finds out that our wedding's Christmas, she won't care about these presents.

Margaret: Oh, Blair, this is one holiday you are never going to forget.


Antonio: Don't shoot. I'm going to put down my gun.

Man: Slowly. Do it slowly.

Officer: Don't even think about it! Now!

Antonio: All right -- look, relax, all right? My name is Antonio Vega. I shot at Tico Santi. He's the one who ordered the assassination attempt on governor brooks.

Officer: Is that a fact? Well, we got you now, pal.

Antonio: You got to get Tico Santi.

Man: Condor --

Antonio: You got to listen to me!

Man: We got the shooter on the catwalk. He was trying to assassinate Governor Brooks.

Antonio: No! No, I was the one who made sure it didn't happen! For god's sakes, you got to find Tico -- he's going to kill Governor Brooks!

Harrison: Just put out a statement that the lieutenant governor and i are fine, and I'll get back to you.

Kevin: Ok, guys, I got to get back out there and check on my family. Now, come on, just let me check --

Man: Governor -- no. Governor, they've apprehended the shooter. It seems like it was an assassination attempt.

Harrison: Oh, my god.

Kevin: Ok, so they found the guy. Let me go back out there and make sure my family is ok!

Harrison: Look, they have to make sure that it's -- that we're safe until they get the all clear, Kevin. It's just procedure.

Kevin: This is unbelievable. My son's been missing for weeks, my family's out there in the middle of a shootout!

Simon: Look, Kevin, hey, for what it's worth, ok, I saw Asa leave before the governor even started speaking.

Kevin: Oh, that's great. What about the rest of my family, huh? My mom's out there with my sister and my son Duke!

Simon: Ok, all right, look, I'll tell you what Iíll do. I'll go out there, Iíll see what I can find, ok? I'm nobody's idea of a high-profile target.

Harrison: I appreciate the help, Simon.

Simon: Hey, it's my pleasure. Excuse me.

Kevin: This is a nightmare.

Harrison: Yeah. My god, an assassination attempt. Any word on who it was?

Man: No, sir, just that he's in custody.

Harrison: What kind of person would do something like this? I mean, he's got to be some kind of nut job who thinks I'm Satan, or -- or is it political?

Tico's voice: After the governor's speech, you're going to be -- well, let's just say that you're going to be facing a great many choices.

Kevin: Choices? Tico, listen --

Tico: Kevin, no, you listen to me. You need to be ready.

Harrison: Any ideas?

Kevin: What?

Harrison: About who'd want to kill me?

Kevin: No. No idea.


[Kelly laughs]

David: Oh, man!

Kelly: Whoo!

David: I guess Kevin was good for something after all. I didn't mean that. No, actually, I did mean that. I'm not sorry for saying that.

Kelly: Believe it or not, there was a time when Kevin loved me as much as I loved him. But people change. He changed. So tell me about your dad.

David: What about him?

Kelly: Well, you said that the last time you were sick, you were with him.

David: He was a salesman. He didn't make very much money, and he certainly wasn't home very often.

Kelly: And?

David: It's really not all that interesting, Kelly.

Kelly: Come on, David. You're going to have to tell me or else I'm going to have to keep kicking your butt at poker.

David: Ok. Believe it or not, i was a bad kid. Incorrigible, some might say.

Kelly: Some might say you never outgrew that.

David: Some might. So there was a time when i found some items in my possession that didn't belong to me, and since this wasn't the first time that that happened, i was facing juvenile hall. So my dad, who never seemed to care much about me up until that point, decided he would take me out on the road with him.

Kelly: How long?

David: About a year. We hit every town east of the Mississippi. It was at that point that i discovered that my father was not a salesman. He was a grifter, a smalltime con artist. Worked the carnival circuit, penny-ante stings. Exclusively the bottom of the barrel, really.

Kelly: Must have been awful.

David: What, are you kidding? It was great. I learned every con there was from the best in the business. Unfortunately, my dad was not one of the best in the business. As a matter of fact, he was terrible. He used to stay up late at night and he'd work out, you know, a piece of business. And then he'd wake me up -- he'd wake me up, i was a kid -- and he'd try it out on me. Poor old guy. Even as a kid, I could always see it coming. Ahem. Three 10íS. Beat that. What do you got?

Kelly: I don't think I can. I've got a king, a queen, and an Ace -- the hand i always thought I'd be dealt.


Tico: Jessica. Where are you, Jessica?

Officer: Keep moving, folks. We need this area clear. Everyone out! This area's restricted!

Viki: Are you sure you saw your father after the shootings?

Duke: Yes, grandma. He had a bodyguard with him.

Viki: But where's Jessica?

Adriana: Last time I saw her, she was over there. Don't you think we should go outside?

Viki: No, I'm not going anywhere until I know my children are safe!

Duke: I can't leave her. We got to go.

Adriana: No, let's go.

Tico: Jessica.

Antonio: I'm telling you, you've got to find Tico Santi.

Officer: Come on, let's go.

Antonio: Come on, he could be down there right now! He could be making his move on governor brooks!

Officer: Oh, for god's sakes!

Antonio: Jessica, stay away from Tico!

Man: Shut up.

Antonio: Jessica! Jessica! Jessica!

Jessica: Antonio?

Tico: Jessica. Please do exactly as i say. I would hate for this to be the last day of your life.


Todd: You should add massages.

Blair: We are planning a wedding, not a honeymoon, Todd. But it feels good, thank you. You know what? I haven't even picked out a dress.

Todd: I think you'd look good in anything, although I prefer you naked.

Blair: Oh, you are so bad. I really need a dress. Don't you think, huh? And it can't be too traditional -- i mean, for obvious reasons -- but I want it to be special and I want it to be beautiful and I want it to take your breath away, and I want it to say something about us.

Todd: Ok.

Blair: So one of the dresses i was thinking about is a kind of slip dress -- off-white, chantilly lace, with tiny pearls all around. It's short, casual -- as wedding dresses go -- but we've had a few trips down the aisle. So Iím not sure what to think. Know what I mean?

Todd: I do. Bet that could work.

Blair: Well, that's only one choice.

Todd: All right. Are there more choices?

Blair's voice: Oh, yeah. The second one I had in mind was this dusty-rose dress. Satin, beaded top. Yeah, it's sexy, it's sophisticated, and it makes me feel like I'm in some romantic movie from the 1930s. But that's us, too, isn't it? Don't you think?

Todd: I do.

Blair: Todd? Were you even listening to me?

Todd: Yeah, you have my undivided attention.

["Wedding march" plays]

Blairís voice: Ok. How do you feel about ruffles? This one's short, halter, and lots and lots of ruffles. So, that's it. Those are your three choices. It's really going to be hard. You know what I mean?

Todd: I do. I do.

Blair: Would you stop saying "I do" and tell me what you think?

Todd: I think they could all work.

Blair: Well, you're no help.

Todd: Oh -- you didn't let me finish. I think they could all work. And I -- you know, you're not totally committed any one of them, right?

Blair: So?

Todd: So -- so, surprise me. You do that better than anyone I know.

Margaret: I think Blair deserves a very, very big surprise this Christmas.

[Phone rings]


Duke: Hey, at least we're out of the way here.

Adriana: Oh, god, I thought my heart was never going to slow down.

Viki: It's all right, sweetheart. We're safe now. Why don't you sit down.

Duke: And the police were shooting at somebody up in the ceiling. That's where the shots were coming from.

Viki: Well, there haven't been any shots for a while now, right?

Adriana: It's just I've never been around violence like this before.

Duke: Hey, hey, I'm really sorry. I'm the one that convinced her to come tonight to forget about what's been happening with her mom.

Adriana: Duke, it's fine. It's not your fault.

Viki: Dorian is going to have a fit when she finds out that you were here when this happened.

Adriana: I'll tell her in person. She'll be fine. We can get through anything.

Viki: Boy, you are your mother's daughter.

Adriana: I just hope Kevinís ok.

Viki: Yeah.

Adriana: And Tico. Jessica went to find him. I hope she did.

Viki: I just wish Jessica were here with me.


Tico: We're going for a little walk, my love.

Antonio: Jessica! That's Tico right down there! He's got Jessica hostage! Use your radio! Tell them to stop him! Stop him!

Officer: This way, folks. This way.

John: There's been an attempt on the governor's life?

Officer: Yes, sir, but you can't go in.

John: This is L.P.D. Jurisdiction.

Officer: I can't let you just take some civilian in there.

Evangeline: That's all right, john. I'll just wait out here in case Natalie shows up.

John: Ok.

Officer: Let me check to see if I can even let you in, lieutenant. Commander Rollins is a real stickler.

John: Make it quick.


Natalie: Where is everyone? Have you seen Tico?

John: You know, you shouldn't be here. There was an assassination --

Natalie: I don't care! I have to get in there, come on!

John: Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? Just calm down.

Natalie: No, I have to get in there! He's in there! I know he is!

John: Who's in there?

Jessica: Antonio warned me not to come here tonight. Oh, he told me that you were planning something!

Tico: Yeah? Get up! Well, apparently, Antonio was the one who did the planning -- in my murder, huh? -- And he didn't want you to know about it! See, that's who he is, and you think that he's some kind of hero? He's nothing but a killer!

Jessica: You're a liar! Oh, there's got to be something more to this.

Cristian: Yeah. Lots more.


Kelly: I guess you can't force a hand like this. That's where i went wrong. I tried to force it.

David: Kelly, there is nothing wrong with going for what you want.

Kelly: You know, back in Texas when Kevin and I were still doing well, he used to love it. He used to be so proud of me when Iíd hold my own at poker. I think it kind of turned him on.

David: Yeah, as long as he wasn't the one you were beating.


[Phone rings]

Blair: No, no, no, no, no, no. Let the machine get it.

Todd: I got to take this.

Blair: Ugh.

Todd: Hello. You're kidding. Is he dead? But he was hit, right? He was shot?

Man's voice: Hello. Llantano mountain cabin rentals is closed until April. To contact us, please dial area code 215 --

Margaret: Code 215 --

Blair: Who killed whom?

Todd: Someone tried to assassinate the governor.

Blair: What?

Todd: I wish Kevin had been killed.

Blair: Todd, stop that.

Todd: I bet Kevin had something to do with it. I got to go.

Blair: No, no, no! No, you donít.


Antonio: Get an A.P.B. Out on Tico Santi!

Man: You're in no position to give orders, pal.

Bo: Antonio. Commissioner Buchanan, Llanview P.D. What's going on? Now, I heard you were the shooter.

Antonio: Commissioner, Tico Santi threatened to kill someone in my family if I didn't shoot the governor. He planted a rifle up there on that catwalk, gave me instructions, told me when to shoot, but I shot him instead. Now, he's wounded, he couldn't have gotten far. I saw him take Jessica at gunpoint!

Man: He's been rambling like this since we took him down.

Antonio: Commissioner, I wouldn't lie, not about jess. You know that. Look, I know I screwed up with the department when I found out who my real family was. I couldn't have done a worse job of handling things. But you know before that I was a good cop. You know my word means something. Please, commissioner. He's got Jess, and he's armed.

Bo: All right. This happened in my jurisdiction, means he's my responsibility. Take the cuffs off.

Man: Yes, sir.


Natalie: John, let me go! I've got to get in there!

John: Tell me who you're looking for and I'll find him for you.

Evangeline: Look, Natalie, it's sealed off. No one is allowed in right now.

Natalie: Why won't anyone listen to me?

Evangeline: Listen, you must be freezing. Here, take my gloves. Is that blood? Are you bleeding?

Natalie: No. It's not my blood.

John: Whose blood is it, Natalie?

Cristian: Looks like you missed your chance to kill me, Tico, for the second time.

Tico: Well, maybe third time's the charm.

Jessica: Cristian, thank god.

Tico: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead or locked up.

Cristian: Except Iím not. And you're not in charge anymore.

Tico: Aren't I? Now, drop your gun right now, or Jessica dies.

Jessica: Cristian -- Cristian, he's lying. He won't shoot me. Please, just shoot him. He's lying, I swear.

Tico: You think I won't kill a traitor?

Jessica: Cristian -- Cristian, he won't shoot me. Cristian, shoot him and then go and find Antonio! Shoot him, Cristian! Shoot him!


Blair: You just want to go down there so you can dig up dirt on Kevin.

Todd: No, someone tried to assassinate the Governor. That's news.

Blair: Oh, and you just want to twist it around to make it look like it was Kevinís fault!

Todd: It may be.

Blair: Uh-uh.

Todd: For -- Blair, I own a newspaper. I have to go.

Blair: No.

Todd: Who was it -- I can't remember -- who was it that chased Kevin all the way to Saranac because he was big news in Llanview?

Blair: Oh, I can't believe you're even bringing that up.

Todd: All right. Why don't you just come with me to make sure i don't misbehave?

Blair: Like I could stop you?

Todd: You never know.

Blair: Oh, Todd, I don't want you to go.

Todd: My jacket.

Blair: Will you just be careful? Because you know what? I -- I worry about you.


Margaret: Oh, Blair, you are not going to be walking down that aisle. Come Christmas, you will be in a very different state of mind.


Duke: The Llanview cops are all over the place now. The one outside said he'd ask the state police if we can go see dad.

Viki: Good. Did he know anything about Jessica?

Duke: No, grandma, Iím sorry.

Adriana: I just wish I knew what happened to Tico.

Viki: Duke, I have to say I'm very grateful to you because you've been incredibly levelheaded through all this chaos here tonight. And I know that you're just as worried about your father as I am.

Duke: He is my dad.

Viki: Yeah, in fact, I have to say that Iím very proud of the way you've handled yourself recently. I know you've had problems with Kevin.

Duke: So have you.

Viki: That's true, yes.

Duke: I mean, he seems so -- just changed, you know? I mean, the way he forbid Adriana and I to even hang out with each other. I mean, he wouldn't even listen to me.

Adriana: Neither would my mom.

Duke: But the way he hates the entire Cramer family -- and it worries me.

Adriana: A lot of what my mother does worries me.

Viki: But, darling, she's your mother and she loves you. And Kevin will always be your dad.

Kelly: But as long as I was running circles around his good-old-boy cronies on their Friday night poker nights, he was madly in love with me. I used to win piles and piles of their money and then donate it to my favorite charities. It would drive him crazy. And then we'd go home. And he'd grab me and kiss me Ė


David: Yeah, yeah, I -- I get the picture.

Kelly: It's just nice to talk about the good times sometimes, you know? I mean, I can't do that with anyone else. Dorian gets so angry and --

David: Hey --

Kelly: I don't really have anyone.

David: Yeah, you do. You can always talk to me, you know?


Kevin: Shouldn't Gerhardt be back with some kind of word by now?

Harrison: Well, maybe he just couldn't get back in the building yet.

Bo: Hey, Kev. Governor. Have you seen Jessica?

Kevin: I thought I did after the shooting. Why? What's wrong?

Harrison: That's what we're trying to figure out, is why would somebody want to kill me?

Antonio: It was Tico Santi, sir, and now he's got your sister as a hostage.

Kevin: What?

Harrison: Tico Santi was behind this? My god! I mean, he was a major contributor to our campaign, Kevin! Your campaign.

Kevin: What about mom, huh? Maybe Jess is with her.

Antonio: No, no, no, I saw him take her away. Look, we got to keep looking.

Bo: All right. Thanks.

Kevin: This just keeps getting worse. It's unbelievable. What?

Harrison: You walked away from politics when I told you it was time to play ball. And then Tico Santi shows up, dumps a ton of money into your campaign, and you had meetings with him about god knows what. And now --

Kevin: And now what?

Harrison: Well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it? Did you know Tico Santi was going to assassinate me tonight and make you the next governor of Pennsylvania?


Jessica: Cristian, shoot him.

Cristian: Can't take that chance, Jess.

Tico: Not good enough. On the ground, Cristian. And drop the gun, or Jessica dies right in front of you.

Jessica: No, Cristian, he's lying! Cristian, no! Oh, god, no.

Tico: Ok, it's time, my love. And I -- i trust that you'll stay here and be quiet for, say, five minutes?

Cristian: Tico, look, you need a hostage, why don't you take me? Let Jessica go.

Tico: Yeah, thanks for the advice, Cristian. But didn't you do that with Natalie in Las Vegas? See where it got you? No. Come on, my love. Cristian will stay here while we go to the car. Of course, it's also possible that Cristian won't stay here while we go to the car.

Jessica: No!


Natalie: Oh, that was a gunshot!

John: Stay here, both of you.

Evangeline: Natalie, wait! We don't know what's happening. We have to wait.

Jessica: No! Cristian! Cris, Cris, Cris! Cris!

Tico: Either stop fighting me, or Iím going to leave you dead right beside him! Look at him. He's like a cat. But even cats don't live forever.

Jessica: No! No!

Tico: Stop it!


Blair: You be careful, please.

Todd: I will. And when I return, we will plan our Christmas wedding.

Blair: Bye.

Margaret: Area code 215.

[Phone rings]

Man: Hello.

Margaret: Hello. I'd like to rent one of your cabins, around Christmas.

Man: Well, we don't normally rent at that time of year. The places are so remote.

Margaret: Oh, that's what I want -- a cabin where no one can find me. The more isolated, the better.


David: Hey, do you think you could hand me that cup of tea? I think it's actually starting to make me feel a little better.

Kelly: Sure.

David: Thank you. Ahem. Hey! Hey! What are you --

Kelly: Ha!

David: I am not that kind of guy.

Kelly: Ha-ha! Did you think I would fall for the old "hand me my tea" trick? They shoot people in Texas for that.

David: Drat! I guess the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree, huh?

Kelly: Did you love him? Your dad?

David: I don't know. It's hard to say. I may never figure that one out.

Kelly: I never knew my father. And my mother -- well --

David: Yeah, well, I'm --

Kelly: That's why I really wanted to give Ace a strong and secure home. I don't ever want him to have to pretend to be someone he's not. I did a lot of that.

David: You don't have to remind me, [french accent] miss Parisian schoolgirl.

Kelly: Pretending never really worked for us, did it?

David: [Normal voice] no, I guess it didnít. But I would bet my last dime that the poker queen of the lone star state -- she's going to get that hand dealt to her that she's always wanted, and she's not going to have to cheat to get it.


Kevin: How can you even think that?

Harrison: Well, it seems simple enough to me. A young man grows up in a privileged family, gets used to power, and then hooks up with some kind of --

Kevin: I would never be involved in murder!

Harrison: Crime family and turns around, and all of a sudden, next thing I know, says, "the hell with Lieutenant Governor --"

Kevin: Wait a minute, you know me! You know my family! All right, Tico -- yes, I believe he could be involved in this, but I had nothing to do with it!

Viki: Kevin?

Kevin: Mom. Oh, god, Iím glad you're all right. Duke, am I glad to see you.

Duke: Me, too, dad.

Viki: What is going on?

Harrison: Oh, hello, Viki. Any idea why your son and Tico Santi would conspire to have me assassinated tonight?

Viki: What?

Adriana: My brother? You're saying Tico had something to do with the shooting?

Kevin: Word is Tico was behind the attempt on the Governor's life.

Viki: My god.

Kevin: Yeah, well, now Harrison thinks that since Tico backed my campaign that I must be involved.

Viki: That's absolute nonsense! How dare you!

Kevin: Well, thank you, mom. At least somebody in this room is thinking straight. Right, Duke? Duke? Oh, come on. Please tell me that you know that I would never do anything like that.


Evangeline: We're just going to wait here for John and let the police check out --


Natalie: Oh, my god!

[Jessica screams]

Bo: John, what happened?

John: This guy's been hit. Better get an ambulance.

Antonio: Thank god. Are you all right? Where's Cris?

Evangeline: Oh, my god.

Natalie: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Come here. Come here. Oh, my god, are you ok? Honey, please talk to me. Please say something. Come on, it's going to -- it's going to be ok. Please? Come on, talk to me. Please? Please?



>> on the next "One Life To Live" --

Todd: Now, i understand you tried to kill your boss. Do you have any comments on that?

Tico: Jessica, come closer. Please. I may be dying.

Evangeline: Cristian?

Bo: What the --

Natalie: Please, baby, come on. Come on.

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