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One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/24/04

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by Boo
proofread by Melle

Bo: So it's the weekend of the 10th -- December 10 that you and Daniel want to go away together?

Nora: Yes. I was hoping that you could watch Matthew that weekend?

Bo: Ok -- I don't believe it. Oh, man.

Nora: What, are you working?

Bo: Well, it's Paige night. We -- we were planning on going skiing that weekend.

Nora: Oh, you and Paige are going away for the weekend?

Bo: Yeah. Is that a problem?

Nora: No. I just -- you know, well, Daniel and I will have to find another weekend.

Bo: So it's ok with you if Paige and I go away together?


Evangeline: Thanks.

John: Thanks. A good way to end the workday.

Evangeline: Except we're both taking work home.

John: Yeah. This is for later. Right now this is our time. This is for us.

[Phone rings]

John: You know what? I'm not going to answer that.

[Ringing stops]

Evangeline: Dorian lord's been charged. Why do you still have a file on Natalie?

John: The case is still open until there's a conviction.

Evangeline: You're still trying to prove that Natalie couldn't have done it?

John: I can't assume anything at this point.

Evangeline: You haven't really let go, have you?


Natalie: Oh, come on, come on, come on, pick up.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Come on.

Jessica: Hey.

Natalie: Hey.

Jessica: Is Tico still right outside?

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, he's out there.

Jessica: Did you hear from Cristian?

Natalie: No. I was trying to call Antonio to see if maybe he knew something, and he's not answering, and something has really got to be wrong, jess.

Jessica: Natalie, look, we just saw Tico, and he seems fine.

Natalie: Oh.

Jessica: At lion's heart, he had no idea who Cristian was. He kept on calling him Josť.

Natalie: Yeah, but I can't stand Cristian being in that house, let alone you.

Jessica: It's a little weird pretending I don't know who Cristian is.

Natalie: Listen to me. If Tico finds out who Cristian really is, the both of you are in big trouble.

Viki: Hello. I thought I heard you. Oh, honey, you look beautiful.

Jessica: Thank you.

Natalie: Hi.

Viki: Ok. Which one of you is going to tell me what's going on?


Antonio: Answer me, Tico. What have you done to my brother?

Tico: I'm your brother, Antonio, not Cristian Vega. You and I are the sons of Manuel Santi. And after tonight you'll see how true that really is.


Kevin: Everything all right?

Man: Yes, sir.

Duke: Dad.

Kevin: Duke. Hey, I didn't know you were coming.

Duke: Ah, it's a major deal. You know, your first state of the commonwealth address as Lieutenant Governor.

Kevin: Well, you didn't have to come, but I'm glad you did.

Duke: I figured you have enough to worry about with Ace being gone.

Asa: All right, excuse me. This is Kevinís son Duke. I'd like you to meet Simon Gerhardt --

Duke: Hi.

Asa: One of your father's biggest supporters.

Simon: I'm glad you could make it. You know, tonight is going to be a very big night for your father.

Asa: You better take notes. You're going to be the next governor.

Simon: And a fine one he'll make.

Kevin: I hope my family will just show up on time. Have you seen Jessica and Tico?

Simon: Don't worry, ok, Kevin? Your sister will be here, and your brother-in-law as well. And he wouldn't miss this night for anything.


Antonio: You tell me where Cristian is, or you're a dead man.

Tico: It's Cristian who's dead unless you do exactly as I say.

Antonio: How do I know he's not dead already?

Tico: Because he's worth more to me alive right now.

Antonio: I want proof.

Tico: I'm sorry, Antonio, but I'm afraid you'll just have to take my word for it.

Antonio: I swear on our dead mother's grave, you harm Cristian in any way and I'm going to kill you.

Tico: Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Now, be a good brother and go to the TV station, where the governor's giving his speech. There's a catwalk that runs below the ceiling.

Antonio: Is that where Cristian is?

Tico: If you ever want to see our cousin Cristian again, you'll go up on that catwalk and enjoy the view.


Viki: Please don't tell me there's nothing going on, because I've seen it for days.

Jessica: Mom, it's really nothing.

Natalie: Yeah, it's no big deal.

Viki: Cool. If it's no big deal, why won't you tell me?

Tico: Jessica, I'm sorry. I was tied up with an overseas call. Hello, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: Tico.

Tico: Natalie. You look lovely. Are you ready for your brother's big night?

Jessica: Looking forward to it.

Tico: Well, we should get going to the TV station. Mrs. Davidson, would you like a ride?

Viki: No. No, thanks. I'll get myself there.

Jessica: Ok.

Tico: Natalie? Aren't you going?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, you know, I'm only going to be a few minutes late. There's something I need to check on.

Tico: Of course. Jessica? Excuse me.

Viki: Sure.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Come on, Jess. Come on.


Jessica: You know what? I'm going to let my voicemail get it.

Tico: Who was that?

Jessica: Nobody. Just a friend from a seminar. We should really get going. Bye, mom. I'll see you there.

Viki: Bye. Ok.

Jessica: Natalie, I'll call you later.

Natalie: Ok.

Natalie: What?

Viki: I think I know what's going on.


Cristian: Antonio! Antonio!


Natalie: Mom, there's really nothing to know.

Viki: I'm surprised that I didn't figure it out earlier, the way you've been acting these past few days.

Natalie: Acting how?

Viki: Well, you've been very preoccupied, your sister has been with you 24/7, and it's not as if you really need someone to lean on, because if anything, you have been much, much happier the last couple of days than you have been in ages.

Natalie: Yeah, I mean, it's not really about me. It's jess. She's going through some stuff.

Viki: Well, frankly, I know about jess and Tico. I know they're having problems.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I mean, that's her stuff to tell.

Viki: Yeah, but this isn't about Jessica. This is about you.

Natalie: Mom, ok, seriously, there is absolutely nothing to talk about.

Viki: Of course there is, and it seems to me there's only one explanation. He's back, right?

Natalie: What?

Viki: John -- he's back in your life.


Nora: Of course I don't mind if you and Paige go away for a weekend.

Bo: You sure?

Nora: Yeah. I mean, it just took me a little by surprise that you guys have gotten so close, you know, and that -- that you'd, you know, go away on a romantic weekend.

Bo: You know, it's not a honeymoon, you know? It's a weekend. It's like you and Daniel.

Nora: Daniel and I have been seeing each other for months. You and Paige, you just starting seeing each other -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's none of my business.

Bo: At least you're not mad.

Nora: No, no, not mad. Daniel and I will just have to reschedule yet again.

Bo: You are mad.

Nora: What do you want me to say? "I hope you break your leg skiing"?

Bo: You do?

Nora: No, I don't, I -- please, I hope you have a wonderful time freezing your butts off in the snow all day, and if that's what you like to do, then go for it.

Bo: Yeah, well, I hope you have a wonderful time when you and Daniel finally do get to go away together, you know, and sitting in front of a nice, cozy fire or something.

Nora: Yeah. It's amazing we lasted as long as we did.

Bo: Well, we had a lot in common.

Nora: We did? Yeah, well, yeah, we had dancing and rock 'n' roll.

Bo: Junk food.

Nora: Oh, yeah, junk food. Daniel's very picky about his food.

Bo: Yeah, Paige, too.

Nora: Hmm.

Bo: And dancing -- I mean, she's not bad on her feet, though.

Nora: Is she? That's good. Can she do the pretzel or the twist? No?

Bo: No, no, nobody can do those things like you.

Nora: Well, or you.

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Yeah. Well, see, now we have even more things in common, so --

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: Yeah, we do. But the most important thing --

Nora: Matthew.

Bo: Matthew.

Nora: Of course. He's the one big thing that matters.

[Door opens]

Matthew: Mom, dad.

Bo: And there he is.

Nora: Your ears must have been burning. We were just talking about you.

Matthew: Were you talking about our not-yet-thanksgiving dinner tonight? You're still coming, right?

Bo: Oh, bud, you know what? I don't think I can now.

Matthew: But mom and I are going to Chicago for thanksgiving with bubba, bubby, and Rachel. You have to come.

Bo: Well, yeah, I know, but I -- right now I'm -- I just can't get away from here. I'm stuck, you know? We're working some big cases right now.

Matthew: Ace is still missing, isn't he?

Bo: Yeah. But we're going to find him.

Nora: Hey, you know what? Maybe your dad would come over after thanksgiving, you know, for leftovers.

Matthew: Yeah, I guess.

Bo: How about this -- how about I come by later on and have some pumpkin pie? How does that sound to you?

Nora: Ooh, I think that sounds pretty good. What do you think?

Matthew: Yeah, sure.

Bo: All right. Just -- you better save me a piece, though. I mean, I don't want you guys to eat it all yourselves.

Nora: That's kind of a tall order.

Bo: Uh-uh.

Nora: Look, we should probably go and let you get back to work.

Bo: All right.

Nora: Ok? See you later?

Bo: Yeah, sure. Sorry again about the 10th.

Nora: Oh, that's all right. You had it planned -- a weekend with Paige. That's great. Bye.

Bo: See you.

Bo: Hello, Paige. Hi. Yeah, you know, I was just wondering, are you interested in maybe going skiing with me the weekend of December 10?


John: I can't let things go just because there's been an arrest. It may be the chicken salad I had for lunch, but my gut's telling me there's more to this Paul Cramer murder.

Evangeline: And what's your gut telling you about Natalie?

John: You know, I have files on every witness and every suspect in that briefcase.

Evangeline: I'm considered a really good defense attorney. You know why?

John: I have a funny feeling you're going to tell me.

Evangeline: I can read people. I can look at a jury, see what they're thinking, and adjust accordingly. But every once in a while, I come across a juror I cannot make out, and that's when I'm in trouble. I don't know how to play it.

John: Ok, I get it. You're talking about me. All right, what's the big question mark?

Evangeline: What I said before -- that you haven't really let this go -- you know that I was talking about Natalie.


Natalie: Mom, how could John be back in my life when he was never there in the first place?

Viki: Well, he sort of was. I mean, you had feelings for him, and now with Paulís murder, you've been thrown together again.

Natalie: Yeah, but that doesn't mean there's anything going on between us. There can't be.

Viki: Why not? He has most certainly been going out of his way to help you.

Natalie: Look, you know, he's with Evangeline, and --

Viki: And?

Natalie: I'm in love with Cristian, ok? I always -- I always will be. I mean, there's not going to be anyone else for me.

Viki: Natalie, baby, look, I know how that feels, but there will come a time when you will love again, and you really mustn't close yourself off to it.

Natalie: I'm not.

Viki: Really? Why have you started wearing your wedding ring again?

[Doorbell rings]

Natalie: Excuse me.

Adriana: Natalie, hi. I'm sorry to interrupt.

Natalie: No, you're not.

Adriana: Oh.

Viki: Hello, Adriana.

Adriana: Hi, Mrs. Davidson. Tico told me he's picking Jessica up here. I thought I could catch them and go to the governor's speech with them.

Natalie: Well, you're lucky. They've already left. Look, I know that Tico is your brother, but he's the one who has all the bad genes in the family.

Viki: I tell you what, Adriana, I'm headed over there. I'll give you a lift, ok? Let me get my things and we can leave.

Adriana: Thank you. Look, Natalie, I know you don't like Tico much, but he's not a bad guy.

Natalie: Look, you might care about Tico, but he doesn't give a damn about his family.

Adriana: That's not true. You know, I was just there this morning, and he was even asking about Cristian.

Natalie: Cristian? Why?

Adriana: Because he does care. He had this photo album out, and he was -- there was one of Cristian.

Natalie: He saw Cristian?

Adriana: Yeah. I told him all about his cousin, what a great guy Cris was.

Natalie: Oh, my god. He knows what Cristian looks like.

Adriana: Natalie, why is it a problem if Tico knows what Cristian looks like?

Natalie: What exactly did Tico say about Cristian? What exactly did he say?

Adriana: Nothing, really. He just wished that he had known his cousin better.

Viki: Here we go. I'm all set.

Adriana: Oh.

Viki: Natalie, what's wrong?

Natalie: Uh -- I got to go.

Viki: Well, where you going, honey?


Cristian: Antonio! Antonio, I'm here!

Jessica: Natalie wanted me to let you know that she might run a little bit late. She's just dealing with a lot right now.

Tico: But Jessica and I couldn't wait to be here. We're both so proud of you, Kevin -- as we are of the Governor. Governor.

Harrison: Tico.

Tico: Mr. Buchanan.

Harrison: Very good to see you.

Tico: Same here.

Asa: Tico. Hey, sweetheart.

Harrison: Jessica.

Jessica: Governor.

Harrison: I assume your mother will be here?

Jessica: Soon.

Harrison: Good. It's a big night for us.

Tico: Yes, it will definitely be a night to remember.

Simon: Yes, it certainly will. If I may suggest, governor, perhaps before you get into your speech, you should make an appeal to the public, you know, for any information about Kevinís missing son.

Harrison: That's really up to Kevin.

Kevin: Well, I don't want it to be construed as anything political.

Asa: Kevin, it might be a good way to find ace.

Tico: Yeah, it very well could be, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, then, I'll take all the help I can get.

[Phone rings]

Duke: Hey, jess.

Jessica: Hi. Duke. How are you?

Duke: Hey. Great. I'm glad you could make it. It's nice to see one honest face in this room full of politicians.

Jessica: I've lied when I've had to.

Duke: Is something wrong?

Jessica: No, nothing. I hope not.

Antonio: Come on, jess. Check your messages. Come on.

Harrison: Well, I guess I better get ready. It's almost time for my speech.

Simon: Governor, if I could have a brief word with you first?

Harrison: Certainly. Excuse us, gentlemen?

Asa: Kevin, I wonder if they're talking about that insider-trade rumor.

Kevin: Grandpa, I'm sure the governor wasn't involved.

Asa: I hope not. He was pretty scared last time when that flood relief money ended up in his pocket.

Tico: Don't worry, Mr. Buchanan. It's under control. Governor Brooks won't be a problem in the future. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Asa: Kevin, if you don't mind, I'm going to find my driver and I'm going to watch this on TV. Good luck.

Kevin: All right.


Antonio: Where the hell's Cristian?

Tico: All in good time. This is about what you're to do next.

Antonio: I want to know where Cristian is first.

Tico: After you do what I need you to. Do you see the lockers on the catwalk behind you? You see it, yes?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, I see it.

Tico: Good. Open it.

Antonio: What the hell for? I want to know where Cristian is.

Tico: I'd advise you to do as you're told, brother.

Antonio: What the hell's going on?

Tico: Obviously, you've found what's in the locker. Now I will tell you what to do with it.

Antonio: I'll tell you what I'm going to do with this. I'm going to get rid of you once and for all.

Tico: Do that and Cristian will be dead. Do we have an understanding?

Antonio: You son of a --

Tico: Cuidado. Cuidado. That's our mother you're talking about. Next, I will be calling you with further instructions. And don't even think about calling attention to yourself up there or telling the authorities or anyone. You know, you do that and Cristian will die.


Duke: I know what you're worried about.

Jessica: You do?

Duke: Yeah -- Ace. Me, too. If anything happens to that little guy --

Jessica: It's just there's a lot going on right now with ace and with Natalie.

Duke: Is there anybody I don't know about?

Tico: Is everything all right here?

Duke: Yeah. We were just talking about my little brother. Let's hope he gets home in time for thanksgiving. I'll talk to you later, jess. Tico.

Tico: Duke. It must be really hard for all of you -- ace missing, Cristian gone. Didn't you say that Natalie was upset because it was the anniversary of his death?

Jessica: Yes.

Tico: Hmm. You know, I don't know how someone gets through the holidays without the person they love. Although, you know, Natalie seems to be handling it. It's amazing how well.

Jessica: Well, she keeps a lot of that stuff inside.

Tico: Well, some things you don't share with your twin, but I can always read you, Jessica. I know when you're happy. I know when you're feeling pain. Hey, don't worry. Antonio's not going to spoil things for us, if that's what you're worried about. I won't let him. Oh, there's nothing but good things ahead for us, Jessica.

Duke: Adriana, you came.

Adriana: Your grandmother drove me.

Duke: Oh.

Viki: Hi, darling.

Duke: Oh, hey, grandma.

Viki: Hi.

Duke: Thanks for bringing her.

Viki: Oh, happy to be of service. Listen, there's someplace I have to go before the governor's speech, so I'll see you two later, ok?

Duke: Ok, great.

Adriana: I wonder where she's going.

Duke: Look, I was out of line before about your mom.

Adriana: She didn't kill Paul Cramer.

Duke: And as far as I'm concerned, she is innocent until somebody proves her guilty.

Adriana: Thank you.

Duke: Anything you need, I'm here.

Tico: Adriana -- hey, Duke -- what are you doing here?

Adriana: Duke asked me to come.

Simon: Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll please --

Tico: You shouldn't be here, Adriana.

Adriana: Why not?

Simon: It's time take our seats.

Duke: Yeah, why?

Simon: We're about to be on the air very soon.

Tico: Well, because there are people here that I don't want you associating with.

Duke: Oh, really? Well, I'm with you on that one.

Tico: Hey, perhaps you'd like to take in a movie, hmm?

Adriana: He's such a big brother. Look, I can handle myself here just fine. But if anyone makes a comment about my mother, they're going to regret it. Thank you anyway.

Man: Ok, folks, we are ready.

Simon: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, in a departure from tradition, the governor of Pennsylvania will be addressing his state of the commonwealth speech directly to the people. Will you please help in welcoming governor Harrison Brooks!

Antonio's voice: Jessica, don't go to the TV station! Tico's planning something! Look, I don't know what, but he's done something to Cristian, and he's got something going down tonight!

Tico: Is everything all right?

Jessica: Um -- yeah, everything's fine. I just -- you know, I think that I should go home. Natalie called. She said that she's not feeling well, so --

Tico: Natalie is a big girl, and I'm sure she can get through the night without you. Don't you want to hear the Governor's speech?


Nora: Hey, hi! Hungry, pilgrim?

Bo: Is that turkey I smell?

Nora: I couldn't be trusted not to eat the pumpkin pie, so Matthew and I decided we better bring the food to you.

Bo: Oh, man.

Matthew: Is that ok?

Bo: "Is that ok?" You bet it's ok. I'm starving. Where'd you order from?

Nora: How do you know that I wasn't working for hours in the kitchen?

Bo: Oh, yeah, yeah, I figured your hours in the kitchen if you hired somebody to cook, and then you stayed in there and watched them. Yeah, sure.

Nora: Ha-ha-ha-ha.

Bo: Is this from Roscoeís steakhouse?

Nora: Carlucciís.

Bo: Oh. Well, good, good. Italian turkey -- at least that beats the Chinese food that we had one year. You know, the first thanksgiving, when you cooked that little plastic bag of giblets right in there with the turkey --

Nora: Ok, now, who knew they stuffed things in there? That's just gross.

Bo: Yeah, and there was one year she almost set the entire house on fire.

Nora: Whose idea was it to barbecue the bird?

Bo: Yeah, well, that year she just set the barbecue on fire --

Nora: Oh --

Bo: But there was one year she decided to microwave the turkey. It exploded.

Nora: Ok, go ahead, make fun of me.

Matthew: You guys sound like you had the coolest thanksgiving ever.

Nora: Yeah, well, let's just forget about past thanksgivings and let's concentrate on this not-yet-thanksgiving dinner and make this the happiest ever.

Matthew: It already is, because it's our first one together.


John: Three olives, extra dirty. I tell you, if I ever lose my badge, I'm going into bartending. I figured I'd take one of those courses like they advertise on TV, like the trucker courses? All right. There's no need to let go of anything with Natalie. There was nothing to hang on to in the first place.

Evangeline: I know. You fought it.

John: Not much of a fight. She's never gotten over her husband. She -- she probably never will.

Evangeline: I see the way she looks at you, John.

John: Is it anything like the way I'm looking at you?

Evangeline: You know, I -- I feel that you think about me when I'm with you, even when I'm not with you, and I believe that you -- I believe that you want to be with me.

John: I do, a lot.

Evangeline: So why do we keep hitting this wall?

John: What do you want from me?

Evangeline: A chance. That's all, just -- just to know that there is one, and I will stick with you forever.

John: There is more than a chance here.


Nora: Oh.

Bo: What's that stuff in turkey that makes you tired?

Nora: Oh, tryptophan.

Bo: Tryptophan yeah, yeah.

Nora: I know the feeling. I'm a little sleepy myself.

Bo: God, he's such a great kid.

Nora: Yeah, sure is.

Bo: This isn't exactly the kind of thanksgiving that we had when I was a kid, not the kind I wanted from my family either.

Nora: No, we're not really a traditional family, though, are we?

Bo: Well, no, not exactly.

Nora: You know, maybe it's all the discussion of the past thanksgivings and our lives together -- I don't know -- but I'm finding myself feeling a tryptophan-induced feeling of regret.

Bo: Well, you know, that's the whole flip side of the holidays. You know, on one hand, you got the family and the food, and then --

Nora: And on the other hand, you have the inevitable self-examination, you know -- reliving the past, awkward moments with estranged family members, then followed inevitably by those feelings of --

Bo: Tryptophan-induced regret.

Nora: Yeah. Yeah.


Natalie: Please answer. Come on, Cristian.

Natalie: Cristian? Cristian? Cristian?


Harrison: Good evening, my fellow Pennsylvanians. This publicly broadcast speech is meant for all the citizens of this great commonwealth, Pennsylvania, and I'd like to thank you for tuning in. I would also like to thank my many friends and supporters who have joined me here tonight. But before I start, I would like to express my concerns and hopes for our lieutenant governor, Kevin Buchanan, and his family, who are searching for their missing son. If anyone has any information, please contact your local authorities immediately. I know I speak for everyone when I say that my prayers are with the Buchanan family at this time. It is a great honor for me to address all of you on the state of our great commonwealth, Pennsylvania. It seems like yesterday that I was first elected proposing new initiatives to make Pennsylvania a better place.

Viki: Is everything ok?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah. I just -- I think I have a headache. I'm coming down with something. Maybe I should go home.

Tico: No, stay here. I'll get you something for it, ok?

Harrison: That was imminent when I last took office.


Viki: Sweetheart, are you ok?

Harrison: Not only that -- not only that, but our economy is growing --

[Phone vibrates]

Harrison: And more jobs have been created.

Antonio: What do you want?

Tico: You're in an excellent position.

Harrison: Not just in budget deficits --

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I am. Where's Cristian?

Harrison: There were rumors --

Tico: Don't worry. He's still alive, and he'll stay alive as long as you continue to follow my instructions.

Harrison: Help is on the way.

Tico: Look directly down below you.

Harrison: I have just received word from Washington that we are to receive increased funding to help people recover their losses and rebuild for a better future.

Tico: Now turn your attention to the governor.

Harrison: In the coming weeks, I will --

Tico: Are you looking at him?

Antonio: Yeah, I am. What's he got to do with this?

Harrison: Further tax cuts and a new energy proposal --

Tico: Everything. It's the reason you have the gun.


Bo: You know, we were talking about a while ago about, you know, the holidays and then awkward encounters with family members and --

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Bo: You weren't talking about us, were you?

Nora: Bo, I experience a lot of feelings when I'm with you, but awkwardness is not one of them.

Bo: Good.

Nora: Good.

Matthew: Dad, that trash bag was heavy.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Nora: Thank you so much for doing that. That's really nice of you.

Bo: Yeah, thanks a lot for that special dinner, too, man. I had a great time.

Matthew: Me, too.

Bo: Good.

Matthew: Are you leaving?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, I have to.

Nora: So are we.

Bo: Hey, you guys have fun this weekend, all right?

Nora: We certainly will. Back at you.

Bo: Ok.

Matthew: Bye, dad. Love you.

Bo: Hey -- love you, too.

Nora: Bye.

Bo: See you.

Matthew: What's wrong?

Nora: Hmm? Oh. It's just a holiday thing. Don't worry about it. I'm fine. Let's go, let's go, let's go! Come on! I'll beat you, I'll beat you, I'll beat you, beat you!


Evangeline: Ok. I should go.

John: What -- why? We were just getting started.

Evangeline: Well, I have lots to do tonight.

John: Every night doesn't have to be a work night.

Evangeline: What are you talking about? You're the one with briefcases spilling out all over the table.

John: Well, that's just in case I can't sleep.

Evangeline: I never noticed you have any problems sleeping.

John: Well, under certain circumstances, sleep's not a problem.

Evangeline: I agree.

John: Hmm. You know, I -- I'm pretty thirsty. I could order another beer.

Evangeline: And I could order another martini.

John: Well, that's what I'm talking about.

Evangeline: I just -- I wanted to thank you.

John: For?

Evangeline: For what you said, for -- for being with me and thinking about me and wanting me -- and only me.

John: I'll go get those drinks.

John: Actually -- now I can go.


Natalie: Cristian? Cristian?

[Natalie gasps]

Natalie: Oh!



No! No!

Harrison: We have weathered many storms, not just when we look at budget deficits --

Viki: Are you looking for Tico?

Harrison: But in the floods that devastated much of our countryside.

Jessica: I just hope that everything's ok.

Harrison: I will send the legislature a budget package that will outline further tax cuts and a new energy proposal --

Tico: It's very simple, Antonio. I will let Cristian go if you do something for me in return.

Harrison: We will provide incentives for businesses that are --

Antonio: What the hell do you think I'm going to do with this gun?

Tico: You're going to kill governor brooks.

Antonio: I'm not going to kill anybody except maybe you.

Tico: Then Cristian dies. All I have to do is make a call. My men on the other side won't even answer. When the phone rings, Cristian dies immediately.

Antonio: You're out of your mind.

Tico: No. I'm perfectly in control over who lives and who dies. Cristian or the Governor. It's entirely up to you, Antonio.

Harrison: On organized crime.

Tico: Come on, Antonio.

Harrison: I will continue to strive to seek tougher laws --

Tico: It shouldn't be so hard for you. You're a killer at heart, like our father.

Antonio: I'm not you, Tico.

Harrison: To seek measures that will --

Antonio: I have a soul.

Tico: Then do the right thing -- save Cristianís life by taking the Governorís. What are you waiting for? Do it!


>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "one life to live."

>> Next week on "One Life To Live" --

Todd: I'm not going to let some lunatic ruin our wedding, ok?

Margaret: You are not going to be walking down that aisle.

Natalie: John, I need you! I need you!

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