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One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/17/04

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By Boo
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Cristian: I spent over a year thinking about what I'd do once I finally came face to face with Tico Santi. Now I find out that the guy that tried to kill me is here in Llanview, married to Jessica. How the hell did this happen?

Natalie: Look, Antonio’s going to be here soon. He'll explain everything.

Cristian: No, no, you know what? I'm done waiting. I want to know, and I want to know now.

Natalie: Ok. Tico's father, Manuel Santi --

el Toro Santi --

Cristian: Right, right, he was some big drug guy. Everybody knew about him.

Natalie: Manuel Santi is Carlotta’s brother.

Cristian: What? He's my uncle? So that means that Antonio and I are -- Tico’s my cousin?

Natalie: Well, it goes a lot further than that. Manuel Santi is not just Tico’s father, but he is also Antonio’s father. Tico and Antonio are brothers.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Natalie? It's me, Antonio.


Blair: Ah, there he is.

Rex: I'm sorry. We're closing for an after-hours private party.

Blair: Well, it's just going to be a minute. I just want to talk to Riley, just for a moment. It's important.

Riley: What's this?

Lindsay: It's a present from me to you and Jen. It's two tickets to Los Angeles and two tickets to the film festival at the Harriman theater.

Riley: Wow, Jen's been wanting to go to that.

Lindsay: I also booked you both a room at the beach. Sounds like fun, huh?

Riley: Well, yeah, but why are you giving this to me and not Jen?

Lindsay: Because I thought it would be more romantic for you to do it, and I think it would be really good for her to get away right now.

Riley: Whoa, whoa, whoa. These are for the day after tomorrow?

Lindsay: Yeah, you'd better get packing.

Riley: Well, we can't go.

Lindsay: You have to go.


Dorian: Kelly, where are you? I even thought maybe you'd come to Kevin’s, but I'm here now, I don't see your car, so obviously you're not here. Where are you? Call me as soon as possible. Love you.

Kevin: Dorian, what are you doing here?

Dorian: The strain of waiting for information about Ace was getting to Kelly, so I decided to send her for a few days to a health spa. If you get information about him, I will tell Kelly.

Kevin: All right, that doesn't make any sense. Kelly wouldn't leave town without knowing where Ace was. It doesn't matter how stressed out she is. Now, what's really going on?

Dorian: I just told you.

Kevin: Well, I don't believe you, especially since I left her at the carriage house earlier, glued to the phone. Now, where is she, really? You don't know.

Dorian: What are you doing?

Kevin: Going to find Kelly.


[Phone rings]

Kelly: Oh, the last one was Dorian. This one's Kevin. Forget it. The last thing I need him to know is that I'm looking for Ace's mother.

David: The fewer people who know, the better.

Kelly: Dorian's going to be worried.

David: Well, we're going to be back in no time, as soon as we find this Krystal with a K.

Kelly: She did say that ace was all right, that he was safe. I wonder if she knows his mother.

David: Well, we're going to find out pretty soon. I'm not completely confident when it comes to maps, so do you think you could --

Kelly: Oh --

David: Thanks.

Kelly: For heaven's sake.


John: Hey. What are you -- what are you doing here so late?

Evangeline: I just had to get some files for court.

John: Oh. Think maybe you want to go grab a drink somewhere?

Evangeline: I don't think so.

John: How about a couple slices of toast? I know, you got too much work, right?

Evangeline: Yeah, that and -- well, you know how it is, you know. I don't want to compromise any of my cases.

John: I don't want you compromising any of your cases. Could I show you something in my office?

Evangeline: What?

John: It'll just take a minute. Let me just show you this thing.

Evangeline: What do you want to show me?


Antonio: Natalie?

Natalie: Did you come alone?

Antonio: Yeah, it's just me. What's up?

Natalie: I'll let you find out for yourself.

Antonio: Cristian?

Cristian: Hey. I made it back.

Cristian: Come on, Antonio, it's me. You know it is.

Antonio: You don't know -- you don't know how I hoped, how I prayed. But how did this happen? The F.B.I. Said you didn't make it out of the lake. They recovered your wedding ring.

Cristian: Got it back.

Natalie: I always kept them in my purse, and now they're back where they finally belong.

Antonio: Did you tell Carlotta? There are some things I need to tell you.

Cristian: Yeah, Natalie told me.

Antonio: Then you know that we're not brothers.

Cristian: No, I don't know. Natalie told me that Manuel Santi was your father, that Tico Santi was your brother, but I'm not buying it.

Antonio: It's true. The rest of my life has been a lie.

Cristian: No, no, the lie was that I was dead. And I'm back. I don't care what's gone down. You're my brother.


Rex: I'm sorry, but Riley’s supposed to be rehearsing for this private gig tonight --

Blair: Yeah, yeah, he's not rehearsing.

Rex: All right, because you're cute.

Blair: Thank you. He's with Lindsay.

Riley: Why is it so important that we go the day after tomorrow?

Lindsay: Why can't you go?

Riley: Because we're part of the crew getting The Love Center ready for the dedication.

Lindsay: I'm sure you can get out of that.

Riley: Yeah, but we don't want to. We're part of the team, all right? Maybe you could go. Thanks, anyway.

Lindsay: They're not going to do me any good.


D.J.: This fog tonight's not going anywhere, folks. They're talking about dawn now.

David and Kelly: Oh.

D.J.: So settle back and relax.

[Music plays]

David: I'm sorry. If I hadn't have missed that turn, we'd probably be there by now.

Kelly: And I'd be seeing Ace, maybe for the last time.

David: If this Krystal is even connected to Ace's mother. That's not a given, you know. This kidnapping could have nothing to do with her.

Kelly: No, it does. I know it. Somewhere out there, Ace's biological mother is feeling exactly the way I do right now.

David: No, Paul was lying about that. What he told you in the first place, that was the truth -- that Ace's mother gave him up. I am absolutely sure about that.

Kelly: How? How are you sure? Did you get it out of him before he died?

David: Ok, look, let's say that Paul was telling the truth, ok, that Ace's mother wanted him back. What if -- what if this lady turns out to be an unsavory type, completely unfit?

Kelly: Then I will do whatever I can to get him back. I will make sure that he gets the love he deserves. A judge is not going to let an unfit person raise a child.

David: Oh, yeah, right, judges are always fair -- like the judge who gave Kevin sole custody of ace, the one that Kevin paid off -- or maybe even blackmailed.

Kelly: Kevin didn't have anything to do with that.

David: Well, she's dead, isn't she?

Kelly: Not because of Kevin.

David: Oh, so now you're defending him? Ugh.


Kevin: All right, where the hell's Kelly and what's she trying to pull?

Dorian: Why would Kelly try to pull anything?

Kevin: She found out something about Ace, didn't she? She's gone to find him or his mother.

Dorian: How could she possibly find his biological mother now that Paul is dead?

Kevin: Well, she better let it go, because if it comes out, she's going to go to prison.

Dorian: Oh, your hands aren't exactly clean. You hid vital information from the court. That's how you were able to steal custody from Kelly.

Kevin: So I could give Ace a better life, better than Kelly.

Dorian: And how's it going to look to your constituents when you are dragged out of your mansion, the new Lieutenant Governor, in handcuffs?

Kevin: Well, Dorian, that's not going to happen.

Kevin: I'm warning you, Dorian, now, get out of --

Dorian: Get your hands off me! What? What? Are you going to do to me what you did to Paul?

Kevin: What, pay you off so you'll leave town forever? Name your price.

Dorian: He never made it to that plane.

Kevin: Oh, that's my fault?

Dorian: You had a lot better reason to want him dead than most people.

Kevin: Well, what about you, huh?

Dorian: You had a lot more to lose, and now Kelly’s missing.

Kevin: You're going to blame me for that, too?

Dorian: Probably not. You're too ticked off that she's gone.

Kevin: Oh, but otherwise, no.

Dorian: It's not as if you're incapable of violence.

Kevin: Me? What about you? I'm the one that should be scared here.

Dorian: Yes, you should be. You've made a lot of enemies. But so what. People are finding out what I've always known -- that Victoria Lord Riley Whatever Whatever and her wonderful family are not the great paragons of virtue that she would like everybody to believe they are.

Kevin: Here we go again.

Dorian: Oh-ho! After what you did to my daughter Cassie and now to Kelly, how dare you take her baby away from her, the only child she will ever be a mother to!

Kevin: Oh, yeah.

Dorian: How could you rip her life to shreds?

Kevin: Yeah, Dorian, Kelly had nothing to do with that!

Dorian: You made her your victim, and I'm not going to let you make Ace your next one! How dare you! How dare you use that child the way you're using Ace!


David: What is with Kevin Buchanan and you Cramer girls? He's managed to charm every last one of you.

Kelly: Well, you've done a little of that yourself. Dorian's mad about you.

David: And you could take a lesson from her yourself.

Kelly: Oh, yeah?

David: Yes, you could, and you could stop hanging out with slime balls like Kevin. Man, some of the stuff that guy's tried to pull.

Kelly: Oh, and you're pure as the driven snow?

David: Oh, for corn's sake. You kidnap somebody and you hold them hostage on a boat one time.

Kelly: Well, there was also that time when you tried to con me so you could get a hold of Dorian’s money, and then that other time when --

David: Ok, ok. I said ok. And you know what? That's actually not even appropriate. I'm not like that at all anymore.

Kelly: Hmm.

David: In fact, "pure as the driven snow"? It's an apt description of me.

Kelly: Oh, god, I hate waiting. I'm so not good at waiting, especially when we're so close to finding Ace.

David: Well, you know, maybe it's a sign from above, a little divine intervention that you're not supposed to find Ace's real mom.

Kelly: I have to know, David.

David: Look, Kelly, if you find -- I'm sorry, when you find ace, are you going to be able to give him up again?


Blair: Hi, riley. I'm Blair manning. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Riley: No. Hey, I know who you are. I met your daughter a couple of times when Jen and I were watching Matthew.

Blair: Yes, and that is why I am here. See, she is a huge fan of Midnight Logic, and her father and I are going to throw her a holiday bash and we're hoping that the band could come and play.

Riley: Huh. That's very sweet, but we don't do kids' parties.

Blair: I could really make it worth your while. You know what I mean.

Riley: Well, that is very sweet, but that's ok.

Blair: Ok, ok, ok, here's the deal -- Starr is having a very difficult time fitting in at school. Well, it's probably because of her father and me, but we're trying to make it up to her.

Riley: I know a thing about that. My dad's been make up things to me for a long time. But I can tell you hiring a band to play for her isn't the way.

Blair: Well, she's already been bragging to all of her friends how much she knows you, and, you know, friends are really important to a little girl at that age, and it would just be one song -- and I promise you I will pay you more than you probably make here a night.

Riley: It's not about the money.

Blair: Well -- well, then what is it?

Riley: Well, it's the music, you know, connecting with people who understand where you're -- forget it, you wouldn't understand.

Blair: Wait, wait, why don't you try me?

Riley: Look, I've got a show to get ready for, ok?

Blair: Look, Riley, if I can prove to you that I get it, will you play?

Riley: Absolutely not.


Lindsay: If jen was in trouble, you would help her, wouldn't you?

Rex: Yeah, I already have, even if it ended up hurting somebody else.

Lindsay: Who, Shannon?

Rex: She made things even worse. Now Natalie’s up to her eyeballs in it.


Antonio: Everything's changed.

Cristian: What? What's changed? You look the same, you talk the same.

Antonio: I'm not the same! Look, I don't want to talk about me now. I want to hear about you. How did this happen? Why didn't you tell us you were still alive?

Natalie: He couldn’t.

Cristian: Flynn was working for Tico Santi.

Antonio: Yeah, I just found that out.

Cristian: Well, Tico ordered Flynn to take me out. Why, I don't know. But he sold me off to some drug runners. I spent a year on a freighter. Then when it docked in Baltimore, I took a chance and got out.

Natalie: Thank god.

Antonio: Does Tico know any of this?

Cristian: He would have killed Flynn himself if he did. Tico wanted me dead. He didn't want me doing slave labor.

Antonio: So he was getting rid of people even remotely related to Manuel.

Cristian: Why, so he could control the whole family?

Antonio: Stay here.

Cristian: Where you going?

Antonio: To do what I should have done a long time ago.


David: Ok. Ok, here's the plan, here's what we do -- as soon as we can, we find Krystal with a K, we grab Ace, and we hightail it back to Llanview. We forget Paul, we forget finding Ace's mother, you know, we forget everything, and we live happily ever after. How's that sound? Sound like a plan?

Kelly: David --

David: What?

Kelly: I told you I can’t. I have to know. Ace deserves to know.

David: Yeah, but why does it even matter? You're the only mother that Ace has ever known.

Kelly: Can't we just get going, please?

David: Yes, absolutely -- if you brought your x-ray vision fog goggles, because I left mine at home.

Kelly: Well, I can't just sit here and do nothing.

David: What are you talk-- where are you going? Kelly?


John: Funny how all your problems go away if you just work at it.

Evangeline: We are sure good at working at it.

John: That we are.

Evangeline: Unfortunately, the problem between us didn't really disappear. We just kind of put it on hold.

John: Well, what do you say we just leave it there for a while? How's that sound?

Evangeline: I wish we could.

John: There's nothing going on between me and Natalie.

Evangeline: You work this hard trying to clear every suspect you bring in?

John: Just because she's a friend doesn't mean I change how I do my job.

Evangeline: Sometimes I think if I weren't in the picture --

John: But you are. There's a reason Natalie and I didn't get together and you and I did.

Evangeline: Natalie opened up to you, john, about what happened the night Paul Cramer was killed. She told you, the cop that arrested her, instead of me, her lawyer. I'm left out in the cold by both my client and my -- a man that I'm involved with. Don't tell me it's not personal.

John: Ok, maybe it is.


Antonio: What the hell are you doing? Let me go!

Cristian: Not if you're going after Tico.

Antonio: He ordered you killed! He thinks he got what he paid for!

Cristian: And we're going to let him go on thinking that!

Antonio: Fine.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, as long as Tico thinks I'm dead, I can do anything. When the time's right, he won't know what hit him.

Antonio: You're going to go after him?

Cristian: You're damn right I'm going after him. After everything he did to our family? I'm not going to let him get away with that. But you can't tell anyone I'm alive.

Antonio: Not even Carlotta?

Cristian: Well, now that I know everything that's going on, no. No, not even Mammy.

Antonio: Cris, she went through hell thinking she lost you.

Cristian: So you do still care about her.

Antonio: She's the woman who raised me, who I thought was my mother.

Cristian: She is your mother, Antonio. She's loved you as much as me, always. Look, Antonio, you might have been born a Santi, but you'll never be like them. It's not in you, no matter how much you think it is.


Riley: All right, we're on in about 15, guys. So you and your legs are still here.

Blair: Yes, we are, and we have a deal. You said if I could prove to you that I know where you're coming from that you'd play at Starr’s party.

Riley: Hmm, I never agreed to that.

Blair: Oh, Riley! Come on, Riley, Riley, Riley! You got to at least give me a chance, right? You know "Sweet Angel Of Mine." Can you play it? Thank you.

Blair singing: Oh as you lay sleeping on my chest a million thoughts run through my head someday you'll think you're too big to hold you'll spill milk on my favorite dress fall down and scare me to death and you'll refuse to do anything you're told and I'll be so mad that I'm almost in tears but you'll smile that smile and it'll all disappear yeah, sometime you'll hide your perfect wings but no matter where you fly you'll always be that sweet angel of mine


Rex: Sorry about that. Had to check on a few things for this party tonight. So, what's going on? Is Jen really in trouble?

Lindsay: She's been upset about something since Halloween.

Rex: Halloween?

Lindsay: Yes. She was here with you all night. Remember?

Rex: She was?

Lindsay: You wouldn't forget anything like that, would you?

Rex: Yeah. Ok. You want me to tell anybody she was here? But who's asking?

Lindsay: Just in case someone does.

Rex: Ok, like the cops? Paul Cramer bought it that night. You think Jen had something to do with it, don't you?


Kevin: I am not using Ace. I happen to love him.

Dorian: If you love him so much, then stop and think, will you? Think about what you're doing to him, using him this way. Yes!

Kevin: What am I doing? I'm taking care of him. I'm giving him a good home.

Dorian: Oh, don't give me that. You are using him to torture Kelly and you're garnering public support and sympathy.

Kevin: Oh, that's ridiculous!

Dorian: Oh, yeah? Just tell me that you're not parading your grief in front of the media.

Kevin: You don't know what the hell you're talking about! Now shut up!

Dorian: Oh! I guess it's time for me to leave.

Kevin: Yeah, leave.

Dorian: Kelly is, no doubt, back at the carriage house by now.

Kevin: Well, why don't we find out, Dorian, huh?

Dorian: Oh, really?

Kevin: Let's give her a call.

Dorian: Fine.

Kevin: How about that -- answering machine.

Dorian: Well, I'm sure there's a good explanation for it.

Kevin: Well, did you ask your fiancée?

Dorian: And why would David know where she was?

Kevin: You didn't ask? Well, when was the last time you saw David? Was it the last time you saw Kelly?

Dorian: And by that you would be implying what?

Kevin: Oh, you're worried, aren't you, Dorian? Not so much that Kelly’s run off, but the fact that she might have run off with the man that you're supposed to marry.


[Radio plays]

David: Kelly, where in the world do you think you're going?

Kelly: Oh, I'm just stretching my legs. Why, did you think I was going to go after Ace on my own?

David: Well, you've done wackier things in the past.

Kelly: Usually with you.

[Song changes]

Kelly: Oh, my god!

David: What?

Kelly: Do you remember this song?

David: No.

Kelly: Yes, you do! Yes, you do! You taught me that dance. You had that ridiculous mustache on, that fake --

David: No, I taught you the Macarena.

Kelly: Oh, no. Oh, come on, David, let's dance.

David: Oh.

Kelly: Come on, you remember.

David: It's coming back to me. It's almost instinctual.

Kelly: Yeah, you can't help yourself.

David: No, it's a double bump.

Kelly: There's a double bump.

David: Bump, bump. Where's it go from there?

Kelly: Here.

David: Yeah? Oh, you're on your own now.

Kelly: Oh, my god. We're out in the middle of nowhere.

David: It's called "The Dance In The Fog."


Antonio: What the hell's the matter with me? I've been dreaming about this -- Cristian coming back, how happy it would be.

Natalie: Antonio, a lot's happened since he's been gone.

Antonio: Does he know about you?

Natalie: Huh. I wish I never met Paul Cramer.

Antonio: I'm talking about john.

Natalie: There is -- there's no John and me. There never was. I just -- that whole thing, it was just -- it was just to cover up the pain that I was feeling for losing Cristian. So whatever I may have felt then, it's over, ok, done.

Cristian: What's going on?


John: You want to hear this or not?

Evangeline: I think you said it all.

John: Yeah, this is personal for me. How could it not be? Her husband's dead because of something I got them involved with.

Evangeline: So, what, you're going to blame yourself for everything that happens to Natalie for the rest of her life?

John: We went over this before. Why'd you take this case if you knew it was going to bother you so much?

Evangeline: Because I'm a professional.

John: Oh, that's what this is about? You're a professional? What, you trying to prove to the whole world that you're the only person without any insecurities?

Evangeline: I'm not insecure. Ok, you know, maybe I'm a little insecure, but I'm not perfect, you know?

John: But you're trying to be. That's the point, you're always trying to be. You know, you're trying to be perfect for your father, for the world, for everybody.

Evangeline: And you're trying to save the world from all the bad guys for --

John: For what they did to Caitlin.

Evangeline: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

John: Well, you're right. I'm trying to make sure it doesn't happen to anybody else I care about.

Evangeline: Natalie?

John: I'm here with you.

Evangeline: Are you?

John: I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean.

Evangeline: John, I don't want to get hurt.

John: Nobody ever wants to get hurt. But you can't just make yourself numb to it. Believe me, I tried. You know, if you want to kick me out of your bed, you go ahead, but I'm not sorry I'm here. And even if I get torn apart again, you're worth it.

Evangeline: John. What are you looking at me for?


Lindsay: You always said you'd do anything for jen.

Rex: So you want me to say I killed Paul?

Evangeline: Oh, my gosh.


That was --

John: That was pretty good.

Evangeline: What?

"Pretty good"?

John: That was pretty good.

Evangeline: I'll show you "pretty good."

John: Oh! What the hell --

Evangeline: God. That was great!

John: What the hell is this?

Evangeline: Oh, oh --

John: "Football For Fools"? What the hell is this crap?

Evangeline: Ok, well, you know, after that Eagles game, I thought maybe I should study up a little bit, you know, for the next game.

John: And?

Evangeline: And, ok, I totally got this clutching, but I'm a little fuzzy on clipping and encroachment.

John: This is what you think, isn't it? Football is for fools.

Evangeline: No.

John: You think this stuff?

Evangeline: No! No, on the contrary, I think that, you know, this sport is a lot more complex than most people realize. You know, kind of like ballet.

John: Like ballet?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: Like ballet?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: Well, that's just insulting. All right, let's start from the beginning.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Encroachment.

Evangeline: Right.

John: There's a neutral zone.

Evangeline: Yeah, I got that part.

John: You can't break the neutral zone.

Evangeline: I got that part.

John: You got to avoid contact -- avoid contact at all costs.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: You're not avoiding contact.

Evangeline: I'm avoiding.

John: I'm telling you --

Evangeline: You're encroaching on my neutral space.

John: I'm encroaching? I'll show you some encroachment.

[Evangeline laughs]

[Phone rings]

John: I'm sorry, that could be the station. Ugh.


John: McBain.

[Evangeline sighs]

John: All right. All right, thanks for calling.

Evangeline: You have to go?

John: Yeah, they found the gun that killed Paul Cramer.


Natalie: How you feeling?

Cristian: I'm fine.

Natalie: Any pain?

Cristian: No, no pain. What -- what's going on?

Natalie: Nothing. Nothing.

Antonio: Cris, I'm sorry so much has changed when you weren't here. I could have used a little brother.

Cristian: Hey, come on, don't worry about that stuff. We're together, where we belong.

Antonio: I'd do anything to go back to the way things used to be, but that's never going to happen.

Cristian: So Tico Santi’s out to destroy our family, and you're going to let him do that?

Antonio: No way.

Cristian: Good. We'll take him down together.

Antonio: I got to get back. You going to be ok here?

Cristian and Natalie: Yeah.

Natalie: Yeah, we'll be fine. I've got my car here, there's plenty of food. Maybe we can have the honeymoon we never had.

Cristian: And remember, don't give me away to anybody.

Antonio: I got to tell Jessica.

Cristian: She's married to the guy, Antonio.

Antonio: Because I kept things from her. I thought it would keep her safe, but she's in more danger now than ever. She's on our side, don't worry.

Natalie: Well, I hope this means that Jessica and Antonio find their way back to each other.

Cristian: I still can't believe Jessica walked away from Antonio and


Blair singing: And so when you want to be out on your own forgive me if I find it hard to let go yeah, someday you'll spread your perfect wings but no matter where you fly you'll always be that sweet angel of mine that sweet angel of mine

Blair: So?

Riley: So you're awesome.

Blair: Oh, so you'll play at Starr’s party?

Riley: We have a deal. I'll do it.

Blair: Oh, Riley, I am going to make you so rich. Thank you so much!


Lindsay: What is she thinking, a woman her age going after a boy like that?

Rex: Oh, like us?

Lindsay: We were different.

Rex: Yeah, because we cared about each other. I did, Lindsay.

Lindsay: You'll always be in love with Jen.

Rex: Yeah, and I am not going to take a murder rap for her.

Lindsay: Could be a good way of getting her back.

Rex: Oh, I'm sorry, behind bars? Ok, why don't you take the heat? You're already killed somebody and gotten off. You know, all you got to do is plead insanity again.

Lindsay: I can't go back to St. Anne’s.

Rex: Yeah, and I can't go to Statesville, so let's not get ahead of ourselves here, ok? A lot of people wanted Paul Cramer dead, and any one of them could be accused.


David: Brought your binoculars?

Kelly: Oh, gosh.

David: Stocking cap?

Kelly: Good thinking.

David: This is the address we have for Krystal with a K.

Kelly: Huh. She didn't strike me as a mansion type.

David: Yeah, well, it can happen to the best of us. You know, I think we'd better revise our plan. Probably not wise to storm the front door of pine valley's rich and famous.

Kelly: All right. I'm not going to stop watching this house all night long.

David: Krystal will come out, and when she does, we got her.


Evangeline: John, it's me. I just -- you don't have to call me back. I just wanted to say good night and I'm glad for tonight.


Dorian: And why should I be in the least bit concerned if David and Kelly are together? They're very close friends. She's -- she thinks of him as kind of an uncle figure.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Since when, huh? She's had a crush on him since high school.

Dorian: That was a long, long time ago.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: And if they're together, it's no doubt because David went to look for her to bring her home.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Oh, thank god. Did you find my son?

John: No, I'm sorry. I'm here to see dr. Lord.

Dorian: Oh? And how did you know you would find me here?

John: I put out an A.P.B. Your car was spotted out there.

Dorian: An A.P.B. On me? Why? Is this about Kelly?

John: It's about your nephew. Dorian lord, you're under arrest for the murder of Paul Cramer.


>> On the next "one life to live" --

Kelly: Where is he? Does his real mother have him?

Krystal: Well, Kelly, you said you were his real mother.

Dorian: Somebody's trying to frame me.

Blair: Well, who could hate you that much, Dorian?

Cristian: Hey, jess.

Jessica: Cristian?

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