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One Life to Live Transcript Friday 11/5/04

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By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Singer: You are the reason my heart beats like it does you are the air I breathe the sun shining above you are the dream I've had a million times or more

Natalie: Oh, Cristian.

Cristian: I made it. I'm home.

Bo: We're going to find Ace, Kevin. We're interviewing every employee at The Palace. We're going to bring the nanny in for a blood test; see if there's any trace of a drug in her system.

Kevin: You think she was drugged?

Bo: This was not a spontaneous kidnapping. This thing was planned. I mean, you know, obviously, they made plans for how to get her out of the picture.

Kevin: Well, at least I know Kelly didn't take Ace.

Bo: Now, this former of employee of yours, this Margaret Cochran --

Kevin: Yeah.

Bo: I know she's confined to St. Ann's, but we're going to check her out, too, just to make sure. Now, she took Ace once before.

Kevin: All right, ok, so what do we do now?

Bo: Kev, this whole thing -- this has taken too long. There's no ransom demand. Now, we've got to move.

Kevin: And do what?

Bo: We want to get the media involved in this.

Kevin: So Kelly has to be told.

Bo: We want to make it as public as possible as soon as possible because we don't know what these people want. Now, you're the lieutenant governor-elect. This may be connected to the election.

Tico: Governor Brooks isn't a problem. He thinks he has my full support. He's even joining my wife and me for dinner tonight.

Walter: No idea we're replacing him with Kevin?

Tico: If he did, he'd be in hiding.

Walter: I -- I hate to be a spoiler, Mr. Santi, but your wife -- she's putting herself into the mix in a way that could cause trouble. Being a journalist, working for "The Sun," no less?

Tico: Don't -- don't worry about Jessica. I know how to handle her.

Jessica: Here we are.

Kelly: Ah, thank you.

Jessica: My mom said that if you need anything, just call her at the office.

Kelly: Great. Thanks.

Jessica: I'd stay and help you, but I have to meet Adriana for lunch.

Kelly: Oh, no, I'm fine.

Jessica: I have to ask, Kelly. This is just so weird. Dorian just said ok?

Kelly: I know! One minute she's furious at Viki for even offering me the carriage house, the next minute she's fine with it. I don't know. I guess with Dorian, you just have to ride the tornado.

Jessica: Well, I don't know. It's really nice to see you happy. It's kind of like we have the old Kelly back.

Kelly: I'm trying to think positively, you know? I mean, Kevinís a lot less stressed out now that the election is over and --

Jessica: And he's letting you see Ace a whole lot more.

Kelly: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah, one of these days that kid is going to be right back to where he belongs.

Jessica: That'll be great. Well, I should run. Good luck.

Kelly: Right back to where he belongs. I have to find Paul.

John: There's a chance the Santis followed up on their threat to knock off Cramer. Why don't you ask around and check things out.

Man: We're still waiting on the blood analysis to come back from Natalie Vegaís clothes from the lab.

John: Ok. Well, I tell you what -- focus on that Santi angle for right now, ok? Thanks.

David: Do you think maybe the Santis got ahold of Paul? Cement shoes, bottom of the Llantano River, that sort of thing?

John: Why the hell would you care what happened to Cramer?

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Singer: Hold me just hold me

Natalie: How did you get here?

Cristian: I'll explain later.

Natalie: Wait, Cristian, wait. There's a lot we have to talk about. I mean, I really, really screwed things up. I got involved with this guy Paul Cramer, and what I did to him -- it was --

Cristian: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Don't you worry. Everything's going to be fine. We're together, and that's all that matters.

Rex: Natty? Hey --

[Rex whistles]

Rex: Natty? I need to talk to you about Paul, ok?

Natalie: Go away.

Rex: Come on, don't be like that. Look, nobody's seen the guy, like, since forever, ok, and this is me, your brother -- sort of. You can talk to me. If you know something about why nobody can find Paul, just tell me, ok? Let me help.

Jessica: Adriana, thank you so much for meeting me here.

Adriana: Sure. I like an early lunch.

Jessica: Listen, I just -- I wanted to talk to you about what happened at Lion's Heart.

Adriana: You and Antonio kissing? I mean, you were practically kissing.

Jessica: I know it must have seemed a bit awkward, but --

Adriana: I love Antonio. But I love Tico, too. They're both my brothers.

Jessica: I understand that. That's why I wanted to meet you here, to clear things up.

Adriana: Jessica, I stood by you at your wedding. I watched you vow to love Tico, forsaking all others.

Jessica: Adriana, that's exactly why Tico can't find out about this.

Adriana: No. Tico deserves to know, and I have to tell him.

Riley: You got awful quiet when Rex walked in.

Jen: It's not him. It's my mom. When I called her to meet us for lunch today, she just seemed a little weird.

Riley: Maybe you woke her up.

Jen: No, I mean, she seemed, like, secretive or scared or something.

Riley: Do you think it's a possibility Paulís been harassing her?

Jen: No, Paul is not a problem anymore. Come on; let's get to the Love Center.

Shannon: Well, well, if it isn't the couple most likely to couple. It's good to see you two back together again.

Riley: You know, we're headed to the Love Center. Ron said they just poured that final slab of concrete, so if you want your names in it, it's now or never.

Shannon: All right, I'll be there.

Natalie: Stop asking me about Paul! I don't know where he is! I mean, why do you even care? Just be glad that he's gone.

Rex: Well, it's just, you know, kind of scary how a guy can disappear like that. I mean, yes, ok, he had a lot of enemies -- R.J., Lindsay, his family, you, Jen.

Natalie: Oh. Well, I should have known this is what this was about. You think that Jen did something to him.

Rex: No, no, no -- Jen? Please, she's a pussycat. I'm just wondering if you've heard anything about --

Natalie: No! Ok? The only thing I've heard about Paul is the stupid questions I keep getting from John and Jessica and Antonio. I am sick and tired of hearing about Paul.

David: I'm concerned about Paul because my fiancťe is concerned. Paul is Dorianís nephew.

John: Yeah, well, you better start getting those alibis ready for Halloween night.

David: I was home on Halloween night. Blair stopped by with her kid. She can vouch for me. So can Dorian and Adriana.

John: Hmm.

David: We spent the entire evening handing out candy to kids.

John: Mm-hmm. I have this funny feeling if I go over there right now I'm going to get a different story.

David: You can't talk to them. Not now. Adriana's not there and neither is Dorian. Dorian's out looking for Paul to see if maybe he had something to do with Ace's kidnapping.

John: Well, thank you for sharing.

David: Yeah, anytime.

Kevin: Thanks, Bo. David.

David: Yeah?

Kevin: Hey, where's Kelly? You know?

David: Oh, yeah. She's at Llanfair, moving into the carriage house. Dorian agreed that it might be better if she was there to stay away from the media.

Kevin: All right, I'll break it to her myself.

David: What? What are you talking about? I thought we had a deal. What is the matter with you?

Kevin: Well, how would you like her to find out? From me or the 6:00 news?

Jessica: Do you remember when you came to Llanview how in love Antonio and I were?

Adriana: Yeah.

Jessica: Well, ever since he found out about the Santi family and everything, it's just things -- he's changed.

Adriana: He shut down. He's turned away from everyone who loves him.

Jessica: And Tico -- well, Tico was there for me.

Adriana: Tico stood by me, too.

Jessica: So we both know how loving he is.

Adriana: Yes.

Jessica: Well -- well, Antonio and I have a long history, and -- what you saw the other day, it was just -- it was almost like we slipped in the past for -- for a few seconds, and -- nothing happened, and it's not like anything ever will. So if you tell Tico, it's just -- it's just going to hurt him, ok?

Adriana: I don't want to do that.

David: Kevin, at least let me find Dorian so she can be with her.

Kevin: I don't have time for you to look for Dorian!

Reporter: Excuse me, Mr. Buchanan. Why are you here at the police station?

Second reporter: Is there some problem we should know about?

Man: Step back, please.

Kevin: Give me a break, guys, ok? I'm here to see my uncle, the commissioner. Excuse me, I'm running late.

Man: All right, out of the way, please. Get the car ready.

Reporter: Mr. Buchanan --

Man: We are on our way out.

David: Hello. I'm nobody. You can quote me on that.

Bo: Dorian's out looking for Cramer. She thinks that he might have something to do with the kidnapping.

John: Yeah, Vickers said the same thing.

Bo: It's a theory.

John: I don't think it'll hold.

Bo: So far everything in this seems to work its way back to Natalie, doesn't it?

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah?

Man: Got the lab report on Natalie Vegaís clothes, lieutenant.

John: Thanks.

Bo: Is it bad?

John: Got a match on the blood on Natalieís clothing -- two different types.

Bo: Well, one's got to be Natalieís.

John: And the other one's Paul Cramerís.

Rex: I'm just worried about you, that's all. Can't I do that?

Natalie: No. Because you are worried about Jen. She is all you think about, Rex.

Rex: Ok, that's not true, and you know it.

Natalie: Whatever.

Shannon: Hey, you want to go to the Love Center with me? They're all going to write our names in the concrete.

Rex: No, I think I -- I'm sorry -- they poured the cement?

Shannon: Yeah. And if you want, I'll let you put your name next to mine.

Rex: That sounds good. Wait here. I'll be right back.

Shannon: All right.

Natalie: So, you get the point now, Shannon?

Shannon: Point about what?

Natalie: Where you stand with Rex? It's way behind Jen.

Shannon: You heard him. He just said he doesn't even care about her.

Natalie: Oh, yeah? That's funny. Then why is he jumping through hoops to help her?

Shannon: You think that's what he's really doing?

Natalie: You can bet your life on it.

Riley: That's perfect.

Jen: I love you, too.

Riley: Come here. Are you ok? Are you still thinking about your mom?

Jen: Yeah. It's kind of strange. Everyone thinks I'm this selfish little princess.

Riley: I donít.

Jen: Well, you're one of a kind. What I'm trying to say is that I can't remember a time when I wasn't worried about my mom. My brother and I growing up -- it's really hard to describe, but it was just sort of weird, you know? My mom is just so beautiful. She could cause accidents walking down the street, you know?

Riley: I'll bet she could.

Jen: She was so insecure it was pathetic.

Riley: Really?

Jen: I would walk into her room, and she'd be crying. I'd ask her what was wrong, and she would just say my dad couldn't stand the sight of her, how she was losing her looks, and the whole family was splitting up. I mean, this would happen all the time.

Riley: Was she depressed?

Jen: I don't know. I mean, I think probably part of it could be that my dad always had this thing for Nora. But it was deeper than that. She never felt like anything would last. And of course in the end, she was right. Nothing does last.

Riley: Well, nothing like cement, but we're going to last.

Jen: You think so?

Riley: I know so. I promise. If you'll just give me some time, I'll prove it to you, ok? Come on. You want to go check on your mom?

Jen: Yeah.

Riley: Ok.

Adriana: Hey, Duke, it's me. When you get this, will you give me a call? I really need to talk to you about -- I mean, I'm in this situation where I can really end up hurting my brother's marriage. Call me.

Jen: Hi, mom.

Lindsay: Hey, you two.

Riley: Mrs. Rappaport, how are you?

Lindsay: I'm good, real good. What have you been up to?

Riley: Well, we actually just came from putting our names in cement at the Love Center.

Lindsay: Aw.

Jen: Yeah, it's almost ready to open. It looks great. But we can't really stay for very long because we need to help with the ceremony.

Lindsay: I'm really proud of you two, and all of the rest of you have worked so hard there.

R.J.: And now that you are here, we can pour.

Jen: I didn't know you were coming, R.J.

Lindsay: I invited him because he's been an amazing friend to me lately.

Jen: Ok, sure. But why the champagne?

Lindsay: Because I want to make a toast to you finishing the Love Center and you being an L.U. graduate.

Riley: Well, that sounds perfect to me.

R.J.: And there is one other toast just begging to be made -- to absent irritations. Goodbye, Paul, and good riddance.

Jen: I don't want to talk about him. I just want everything about that guy to stay dead and buried.

Lindsay: He will.

Rex: There. No one will ever know, Jen.

Shannon: No one will ever know what?

Cristian's voice: You can make any shot, Natalie. And don't worry. You're going to win that tournament in Vegas.

Roxy: You go, girl! Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Natalie: Thanks.

Roxy: You know, I haven't heard jack from you since Halloween. I thought that was fake blood the other day. What the hell happened to you?

Natalie: Roxanne, just leave it alone, ok? I fell. It's not a big deal. What do you want?

Roxy: I'm just here schmoozing and boozing. So, how many parties did you go to the other night?

Natalie: I didnít. I went to the graveyard, and I was at Cristianís marker for a while.

Roxy: That sounds like a drag. His hunky body's not even buried there. Carlotta just wanted that as a marker. You know, talk about throwing money away.

Natalie: Roxy!

Roxy: Is this the stick that Cristian gave you? You haven't been using this lately.

Natalie: Yeah. Actually, I've been thinking a lot about Cris lately. Just the mistakes, if he knew about them -- just --

Roxy: You know what he'd say? He'd say forget all about it and have a couple of drinks, because, honey, he loved you more than I love the track, especially more than Paul Cramer.

Natalie: Ok, do me a favor. Don't mention his name again, all right?

Roxy: My lips are zipped.

Natalie: Thank you.

Roxy: So, how'd you hurt yourself? Was it while you were hanging out all night alone in a graveyard?

Natalie: Ok, I fell, and I wasn't alone. John came by.

Roxy: Like I always say -- stick with Johnny boy, forget about Paul.

Natalie: No, you said just the opposite.

Adriana: Oh, you must think I'm really weird, calling every 30 minutes, but, Duke, I really need to talk to you, so, please, just call me.

David: Hi. Hang up that phone real quick. I'm glad I ran into you because I got to talk to you about something really, really important.

Adriana: What?

David: It's about Dorian and Kelly, ok?

Adriana: Ok. Sure, I'll do anything.

David: Good, I'm glad to hear you say that, because all hell's about to break loose, and you and I are the only ones who can save this family. Now I want you to turn around and walk to the table by those doors.

Jessica: Tico?  It's Flynn. What is -- what's Tico doing with a picture of him?

Tico: Jessica? Jessica? Are you home? Jessica?

Walter: Your wife's at home?

Tico: Well, I thought I heard -- well, I guess she's still working.

Walter: I have to confess, I'm a little uneasy about your brother. Are you sure he'll do what we need?

Tico: Positive. Antonio will have no choice, and Kevin -- well, Kevin will do what's necessary.

Reporter: Ms. Cramer, can you tell us why your ex-husband was at the police station this morning?

Second reporter: Are the rumors true?

Kelly: What rumors? What --

Reporter: Is it true the F.B.I. has been called in?

Kelly: What are you --?

Reporter: Your little boy, Ace Buchanan -- is he missing or not? Can you say?

Kelly: Oh, my God! What are you talking about?

Kevin: Back off! Leave her alone!

Man: Come on, right now -- get out of here!

Reporter: We have a right to know the truth!

Kelly: Kevin! Oh my God, what is going on? Where's Ace?

Lindsay: I didn't realize we were going to be so short on time. Maybe we should reschedule our celebration.

Riley: Oh, no, we'll see. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the center before Arthur Love and President Davidson take a look at it, but --

Lindsay: How is Jen doing with this Paul Cramer situation?

Riley: I don't know. It's hard to say. She -- she's tense all the time. But you know what? I love her dearly, and I'm going to get her through this.

Lindsay: Thank you for that.

Riley: You're welcome. And, you know, the thing that really matters is that Paul Cramer is gone, wherever he went. Right?

Lindsay: Right.

Jen: Riley, we need to go. They need our help at the Love Center, and I need to stop by The Shack first. Sorry, mom, we need to go.

Lindsay: It's all right. I hope we didn't upset you too much with this talk about this Paul Cramer.

Jen: No, no. Paul's history.

Lindsay: Ok.

Jen: Ok? We need to go.

Lindsay and Jen: Bye.

Riley: See you.

R.J.: Hmm.

Lindsay: She's hiding something. You know, I've been combing through these newspapers, looking for one little thing, anything I can find about Paul Cramer. There's nothing. It's like he disappeared -- the same time my gun disappeared.

R.J.: Lindsay, I took the gun, ok? You satisfied?

Lindsay: You took my gun? You took my gun? Why didn't you tell me that on Halloween when I told you it was missing?

R.J.: Because, frankly, the less you knew that night, the better. Besides, someone had to clean your gun.

Lindsay: Clean?

R.J.: Come on, now. Stop playing innocent. You know as well as I do that your gun had been fired.

Shannon: You know, no one will ever know what about Jen?

Rex: I thought I was meeting you at Rodiís.

Shannon: Rex --

Rex: No, hey -- no, it's no biggie. It's just -- it's just stuff out of the past. I was just saying, looking at all these names, no one will ever know Jen and I were married. I mean, I fell for her hard. I can't tell you how hard, and now no one will ever know. What a waste. But, hey, I -- I'm thankful that you came into my life. You know, you saved me. I'm who I want to be again because of you.

Shannon: Good. Then maybe we should sign our names together. Maybe, like, over here.

Rex: No, no, no, wait, wait!

Kevin: Please wait for us.

Kelly: Kevin -- Kevin, where's Ace?

Kevin: I'm sorry; I didn't want you to hear it like that.

Kelly: Oh, my God. Where's Ace? Where -- is he all right?

Kevin: Listen, last night during the celebration, someone got in my hotel suite and they took Ace.

Kelly: Oh, my God! Oh, my --

Kevin: No, it's ok. The police are on it, ok, and the F.B.I. has been called in. We're going to find him, Kelly.

Kelly: Maybe -- maybe it was that Margaret woman again. Do they know where she is?

Kevin: No, she's confined to St. Annís. Bo's checking it out just to make sure.

Kelly: Oh, my God, Kevin! Do you -- why didn't you tell me about this? I mean --

Kevin: Listen, listen, listen to me! This is very serious, ok? We haven't heard anything yet. There's no ransom demand, nothing, ok? Look, I have been up all night trying to figure out a way to get him back. I just -- I need your help here, ok? Please, just --

Kelly: Oh, God.

Kevin: I know, I know. Sweetie, I know.

Kelly: Oh, God, Kevin! I mean, he's probably really scared --

Kevin: We're going to get him back. We're going to get him back, I promise you. We will, ok? It's just somebody is using him as a bargaining chip or something. They want something from me, and they just haven't asked what it is yet, that's all.

Kelly: We'll give it to them, right? We'll give it to them, whatever they want.

Kevin: Yes, yes, yes, we will. It'll be ok. Don't you worry. We'll give them whatever they want to get him back.

Lindsay: Ok, yes. Yes, I fired the gun. But I fired it at the firing range. I went there to blow off a little steam on some anger, and I'll tell you, it felt good to fire the gun.

R.J.: Lindsay, you are not the firing range type.

Lindsay: Well, I didn't do anything to Paul Cramer, if that's what you're insinuating.

Adriana: David, that's awful. Kevin and Kelly must be going out of their minds.

David: Yeah, it's been a pretty bad day all the way around, definitely.

Adriana: And mom thinks that Paul had something to do with Ace being kidnapped?

David: Well, Dorianís out looking for him right now.

Adriana: What about the police? Aren't they looking for him, too?

David: Not about Ace. They think -- do you remember what Paul was like when he was trying to steal your inheritance from Aunt Betsy?

Adriana: Yeah.

David: That guy made enough enemies in Llanview to form an army, and now the police think that maybe Paul is missing because -- well --

Adriana: Oh, come on. You don't think anybody would kill him, do you?

David: No, probably not, but people like to talk, and that's when the police start to get suspicious, you know? And if you remember, Dorian and Kelly had quite a few run-ins with him.

Adriana: Yeah, but you got rid of mom's gun, right? I mean, if the police ask, I'll just tell them that.

David: Good. That's very good. Listen, in a crisis like this, it's very important that we all stick together, ok? And fortunately for us, Paul seems to have disappeared on Halloween, when we were all at La Boulaie handing out candy to kids, and there was no weapon in the house.

Adriana: Well, that's not true. I was home on Halloween alone most of the night. David, are you asking me to lie?

David: Absolutely.

Bo: Jess, hey.

Jessica: Hey.

Bo: Come on in.

Jessica: Um --

Bo: What's up?

Jessica: Listen, I kind of need to ask you a favor, and it's going to sound weird and I hate to do this to you, but you can't ask me any questions about it, ok?

Bo: Jess, you know I can't do that, but -- well, come on. Let's hear it.

Jessica: What are you doing with all these photos of Ace?

Kevin: It's ok? When are we going on air?

Woman: I should get the call any minute.

Kevin: And we're on all the local stations, right?

Woman: Here and in Philadelphia.

Kevin: Ok.

Kelly: Who would do something like this? Who would take our son?

Kevin: Bo's take on it is that somebody wants something from me, either money or a political demand because I'm the new lieutenant governor or something.

Kelly: I can't think of anything to say other than I love my son and I want him back!

Woman: You'll do fine, ma'am. Look directly into the lens and speak in a normal voice.

Kevin: Ok. Look, we'll just -- we'll tell them he's our boy and that we love him, and, you know, don't hurt him, and we'll do whatever they want.

Kelly: This is the kind of thing Paul would do.

Kevin: No, no, no --

Kelly: Paul would do this.

Kevin: Paul didn't have anything to do with this, Kelly.

Kelly: How do you know?

Kevin: Well, let's just concentrate on what we have to do here, ok? Paul's gone. He's not coming back.

David: Now, don't think of this as telling a lie, ok? Think of it as telling the truth with a few extra facts thrown in. The important thing is to protect Dorian and Kelly, ok?

Adriana: Yeah, but you got rid of mom's gun, so she couldn't have hurt Paul.

David: But if the police ask, it's important that we say that we don't know where Paul was on Halloween night, ok? We were all together at La Boulaie, all right? So nobody suspects us. This is for the sake of the family.

Adriana: Ok. For the family.

David: You're an angel. I knew I could count on you. I got to take off, ok? I'll talk to you later.

Adriana: Ok.

Tico: Adriana.

Adriana: Hi. Hi.

Tico: I thought you were having lunch with Jessica.

Adriana: I was. She left already.

Tico: Oh.

Adriana: But, actually, I need to ask you something.

Tico: Of course. Anything.

Adriana: Are you and Jessica -- are you happy together?

Lindsay: To tell you the truth, nothing's ever been the same for me since I shot Sam.

R.J.: Lindsay, I don't know why you're so upset about these guns. I told you, I had your gun all along.

Lindsay: R.J., I think -- I think Jen has something to do with Paul disappearing.

Rex: There. Now our names aren't mixed with everybody elseís.

Shannon: Mm-hmm.

Rex: You seem cold.

Shannon: Do I have a reason to seem cold?

Rex: Hey, you know what? I've been carrying this thing around for I don't know how long. I wouldn't want to open it without you.

Shannon: I'm glad you remembered.

Rex: Well, you aren't somebody I could forget. This is cool. Thank you.

Shannon: Well, I thought, you know, you could put the key to Ultraviolet on it.

Rex: Thank you. Thank you. It's -- I love it. It's -- what's it say? "If lost, call --" well, that's your phone number.

Shannon: You recognize it.

Rex: Listen, why don't we -- why don't we go check on Ultraviolet? It's closed. We'd be the only ones there.

Shannon: Ok.

Rex: Come on.

Roxy: That's my baby. Could I get a bourbon?

Bartender: You got it.

Natalie: So, you're not here to give me the third degree this time?

John: I just came here to shoot a little pool.

Natalie: You sure?

John: Yeah.

Natalie: Well, I'm glad you came.

John: How you doing?

Natalie: Fine.

John: Yeah? You -- you didn't seem so fine on Halloween.

Natalie: Ok, let's just -- let's not go there, ok?

John: All I'm saying is if there's something you want to talk about, now would be a good time to do it.

Natalie: You didn't come here to see me or to shoot pool, did you? Why are you really here?

Kevin: Ahem. My name is Kevin Buchanan. Hello. Today I'm not speaking to you as your lieutenant governor-elect, but as a father. Last night our son, Ace Buchanan -- Kellyís and mine -- was taken from the Palace Hotel by a person or persons unknown. We are making this plea directly to those who took our son. Please do not hurt him. He's just a little boy. We love him very much. If you could just find it in your hearts to call us, please, immediately. The number we can reached at is at the bottom of the screen. Once again, we -- we miss our son very much, and we will do anything, whatever it is. I'm sure we can talk about this and work it out. Just, please, give us our son back.

Jessica: This is so unbelievable.

Bo: Kev's going on TV any minute now. I've already made sure that all the right lines are bugged. Hey, Jess, what was on your mind?

Jessica: I need -- I need you to do me a favor. I'm kind of -- I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about this, but I need you to check out the serial numbers on this and find out if the money is dirty in any way.

Tico: This is something that's obviously very difficult for you to talk about.

Adriana: Yeah.

Tico: Well, you know you can trust me. I'm your brother. Why would you ask if Jessica and I are happy? Our marriage is wonderful. What's going on, Adriana? You can tell me.

Kelly: Speaking to you as a mother, I love my son more than anything in this whole world. Please bring him back. We'll do whatever you want. We'll give you whatever you want. Just, please, please bring our son back. Please --

Kevin: It's ok. Hey --

Kelly: Please --

Kevin: Ladies and gentlemen, the number at the bottom of the screen is toll-free. Please, if you've seen our son or if you have him, call us as soon as you can. Thank you all very much. It's ok.

Roxy: That's so awful.

John: Look, I don't want to be doing this any more than you do.

Natalie: Please.

John: You're going to have to answer some questions, Natalie.

Natalie: Ok, so, am I under arrest?

John: Is that what you want? You want me to arrest you? Look, I'm asking you to come down to my office and just talk to me.

Natalie: I feel so stupid.

John: Oh, boy.

Natalie: No, no, John, you really got me good. I mean, I actually believed that you were here to see me and spend time with me.

John: Natalie, I don't have time to go over all this.

Natalie: No, no, no, don't give me your fake sympathy and tell me that it's your job. Whatever. Roxy?

Roxy: Huh?

Natalie: Can you just pack up my stuff and send it to the Love Shack, please? John's taking me in for questioning.

Roxy: What? What for?

Natalie: I'm fine. Let's go.

John: Yeah.

Roxy: Excuse me. Oh, Cris, I wish you were here. Natalie really needs you.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: I might wind up implicating my husband and my brother.

Todd: Can you handle it?

Natalie: I don't know where Paul is! Why can't you just let this go? If you don't love me, leave me alone!

Cristian: I'm going to make it, Natalie. I'm going to get there.

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