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One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/1/04

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By Eric
Proofread By Melle

Marcie: No, sergeant, they're not here, I'm sorry. Well, have you tried human resources yet? You know, sometimes -- well, sometimes the files are sent there. Ok, bye. Michael -- Michael, I'm so glad to see you. I mean, I know that I've been really swamped and I haven't been able to call you, but, god, I feel so awful about the argument that we had, Michael.

Michael: Marcie, I didn't come all the way down here to dredge all that stuff up.

Marcie: I know. I mean, who wants to fight about something like that, right? And on my birthday, nonetheless.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Listen, I know -- I know that I've been really busy, and I'm having problems with my time management, Michael, and I just --

Michael: You should probably get that.

Marcie: Ok, ok, two seconds, I promise, ok? Llanview police department, how may I direct your call? Oh, hi, Gretchen. Michael, I'm sorry. It's Gretchen. I have to take this.

Michael: Ok.

Marcie: Ok.

Bo: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Hey, hey, Bo --

Bo: Hmm?

Michael: Have you seen my brother around? I was looking for someone to hang out with.

Bo: You ought to check with sergeant banks down at the desk.

Michael: Oh. Hey, how's your dad doing? I hear he's got a clean bill of health.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, that's right. As a matter of fact, I'm on my way to see him right now.

Michael: What, are you guys going to celebrate?

Bo: Celebrate? Not exactly.


Evangeline: Whoo! Don't you look sharp!

Nora: Thank you. And look at you. You must be the snazziest J.P. In the biz.

Evangeline: Oh, thank you. How's our dying patient?

Nora: He's in there dying away.

Evangeline: Where is Bo?

Nora: Oh, he should be here soon. Thank you so much for doing this.

Evangeline: Oh, are you kidding? It's my pleasure. It's time we taught that cowboy a lesson.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Paige: I think we're just the posse to do it.

Nora: Oh Ė


Asa: "Buchanan's judge dead convenient?" That damn S.O.B. Manning.


Blair: This is impossible.

Todd: I didn't think that word was in your vocabulary, Blair.

Blair: Oh, Todd, I have two P.I.S and half the staff of "Craze" working on this, and they still can't figure out who's doing this to you.

Todd: It's Kevin, I told you that. He doesn't want me to re-establish my identity so I can't bother him anymore.

Blair: Well, I still think it's Asa.

Todd: Yeah, pulling strings from his hospital bed.

Blair: Why not? Where's my little black book? Figure this out. You know, I didn't win awards for all that great journalism by sitting on my duff. I'm going to get answers, and I'm going to get answers today.


Tico: What's on your mind?

Kevin: Oh, just the election.

Tico: Well, according to the polls, it's a very close Ace.

Kevin: I really want this.

Tico: And you'll get it. You'll win -- assuming that problem you mentioned earlier has been taken care of. You did take care of it, didn't you?

Kevin: Yeah, definitely. I'm going to get some more coffee.

Kevin: Oh, another cup, please.

John: Hey, Mac, you -- you seen Cramer lately?

Mac: I haven't seen Cramer.

John: All right.

Kevin: Why are you looking for Paul?

John: What's it to you? Unless you know something.


Jessica's voice: Hi, this is Jessica. Leave a message, please.

Antonio: What are you doing here?

Jessica: Um -- it's Natalie. It's about Natalie.

Antonio: What about Natalie? Is she hurt? Jess, I'm not good at guessing.

Jessica: Oh, I should just -- you know, I should go. I shouldn't have come.

Antonio: Come in.


Nora: Ready.

Evangeline: Set.

Paige: Me, too. I -- I just need to go get my prop.

Bo: All right. Hey, Paige, Paige, thanks again for helping us out.

Paige: No, I'm glad to do it, really. Your dad's got to learn he can't get away with bribing orderlies for other patient's files.

Evangeline: And convincing a judge he's mentally incompetent? Please.

Nora: And making fools out of other people.

Paige: I'll see you in there.

Bo: Ok.

Paige: Ok.

Bo: Whew. Boy, you look great.

Nora: Well, every inch the bride?

Bo: Every inch.

Nora: All right.

Bo: Well, I guess this is it, huh?

Nora: Yeah. Ok. Shh, stop that!

Evangeline: Ok.

[Bo knocks on door]

Bo: Pa --

Asa: Bo, is that you?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, it's me, pa, I'm here.

Asa: I'm real glad you came, son.

Bo: Look, Nora told me what's going on, that you've been hiding the truth about your health.

Nora: Hi, Asa. How are you doing?

Asa: Well, I'm doing better, Nora.

Bo: Oh, yeah. You look awful.

Nora: Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so bad.

Bo: No.

Asa: I've tried to -- I tried to be real strong for you, son.

Bo: I know.

Asa: But now I --

Bo: I know, I know, pa. Look, Nora showed me your medical file, and I had no idea that -- that you're this close to the end.

Nora: It's just so sad!

Bo: Hey, Nora, hang in there, all right? Don't be so upset, because we're trying to make him feel better, you know?

Asa: What -- what's with Nora?

Bo: She's overcome, pa. I don't even think that she's going to be able to say "I do."

Asa: What? Did you just say --

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, pa, that's why we're here. Nora told me that your dying wish was to see us get remarried, and that's exactly what we're going to do right now. But, see, first, there's something that we need from you.


Blair: Judge Hernandez should not have taken Ace away from Kelly and given him to Kevin, and you can tell your readers that all you want. But for Kevin to stage an accident just to keep this judge quiet? I don't think so, Todd.

Todd: It's a possibility, that's all I'm saying.

Blair: Right.

Todd: It wouldn't be anything libelous. What's in the little black book?

Blair: Wouldn't you like to know?

Todd: Sources?

Blair: Hmm -- from criminals to crazies.

Todd: And they're going to help me get my identity back?

Blair: I don't know. I hope they can help me find out who's doing this to you.

Todd: I told you who's doing this.

Blair: Yeah, I know, but I need to know for sure before I do anything.

Todd: Well, go for it.

Blair: What's it worth to you?

Todd: To be able to be Todd Manning again?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Yeah, it's worth a lot. Name your price.

Blair: Oh, let's see -- how about a weekend in Bermuda?

Todd: You got it.

Blair: And how about mars. Todd Manning getting her back rubbed every single day of her life?

Todd: Oh. That sounds ok to me. Go for it, tiger.

Blair: I'm not a tiger. I'm a pussycat.


Kevin: My only concern with Cramer is that he stays away from my family.

John: Why? Has he been bothering you lately?

Kevin: No, he and Natalie got into it here the other night. I haven't seen her since. I was just a little worried, that's all.

John: Well, any time she's with Cramer there's usually trouble.

Kevin: Yeah, well, not anymore. I gave him a one-way ticket to San Francisco and a check he has to cash there, so I think he's pretty much gone.

John: Yeah, I heard about that. Except he never got on the plane.

Kevin: Really?

John: Really.


Antonio: So what's this about Natalie?

Jessica: I'm worried about her.

Antonio: You sure this isn't about Tico? Did he do something to you?

Jessica: No, no, he didnít. It's about Natalie. I -- something bad has happened with Paul Cramer. I -- I don't know what it is. She won't tell me. She needs help, though.

Antonio: Well, then, she should call john.

Jessica: She doesn't want to contact the police. That's why I came to you. Listen, you are the one that I need -- the one that Natalie needs. So will you help?

Antonio: Why me?

Jessica: Natalie was married to Cristian. I know that you always liked her, and -- she's my sister and I love her. So I just figured if I ever meant anything to you -- will you help or not? police force. I got my own things to deal with -- my own life now.

Jessica: I know, yeah. I have my own things to deal with now, too.

Antonio: Yeah, then why are you coming to me?

Jessica: Because Cristian would have wanted you to help. Listen, your brother would've asked you --

Antonio: I'm not Cristianís brother. I never was.

Jessica: Wow, that's really cold. How can you pretend that you don't care?

Antonio: I don't care.

Jessica: Really? Well, Carlotta came to pick Jamie up at Llanfair today. She was just saying how Jamie misses you more than anything else in the world. Don't you see that the people who love you are a thousand times more important than just somebody who happens to be your biological father? Why are you letting some dead man pull you away from what's really important? Your true family, people that you love?


Kevin: Well, I'm not surprised the guy didn't get on the plane. He loves making trouble.

John: It would seem that way.

Kevin: Well, I hope I get your vote tomorrow.

John: Yeah.

Tico: And speaking of our next lieutenant governor --

Kevin: Don't jinx it by talking about it.

Sonia: Well, I've got to get home. Good luck tomorrow.

Kevin: Thanks.

Sonia: And you, too, Tico. I know how much you've put into this rAce.

Tico: I just want the satisfaction of knowing that the better man won.

Sonia: Right. See you.

Kevin: Good night. Great -- satisfaction may be all you get. I hate to say it, but a lieutenant governor doesn't have much clout.

Tico: Hey, you never know. After all, once you're elected, you're only a heartbeat away from the governor's mansion.


Todd: Mrs. Bigelow, we'll just -- we'll put out a special election day edition of "The Sun," and then we'll put a bunch of questions about Kevin in there. If he's at a funeral, make that look suspicious. If he's not, we'll make that look suspicious.

Blair: Ok.

Todd: All right. Yeah, I'll call you later. Bye.

Blair: Do I know how to track down a lead, or what?

Todd: You got proof?

Blair: Oh, yeah!

Todd: Yeah? All right. Because Kevin put a lock on my vitals, didn't he?

Blair: Nope. It was Asa, and he's going to be so sorry.

Todd: What are you going to do?


Asa: Oh, Bo. I can't tell you how happy you just made a dying man. You and Nora married again -- this is great.

Bo: Yeah, it is, it's just great. But there's one little hitch, though, and Nora is adamant about this. For a wedding present, she would like you to make a nice contribution to the police department's fund for widows and orphans. Now, would you do that for her?

Asa: Oh, sure. How much you want, honey?

Nora: $4 million.

Asa: 4 million? What the hell am I -- am I -- oh!

Bo: Oh, easy, easy, easy.

Asa: Oh, Nora --

Bo: Too much, huh? Too much?

Asa: Hmm.

Bo: Nora, look, if the wedding's off, no, I don't blame you.

Asa: Ooh, ooh. No, no, no, no, no, no. It's ok. Anything I can help to -- to get you two hitched again.

Bo: Oh, pa, thanks so much. Listen, if you could just sign right here on this line. We've already gone ahead and filled in the amount of your pledge.

Nora: Ok, well, thank you very much. That's just great. I thank you very much. And the widows and the orphans -- they all thank you, too. They really do. Ok, we're ready to start.

Evangeline: Oh, ok. Asa.

Asa: Bo --

Nora: Put this in your --

Bo: Hmm?

Asa: What is she doing here?

Nora: Evangeline is a justice of the peace, and she's going to perform the ceremony.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, we wanted to get Little Richard again, but he had another gig.

Nora: Ok, well, let's get the show on the road. Let's start.

Evangeline: Ok, ok. Ahem. Ok. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today --

Bo: Evangeline, maybe you want to just cut to the chase, ok, because pa's not looking so good right now.

Nora: No.

Evangeline: Oh, ok. Please join hands. Nora, do you take Bo to be your husband, to love and to cherish, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, to have and to hold till death do you part?

Nora: I do.

Evangeline: Bo, do you take Nora, to love and to cherish --

Michael: Dr. Miller? Can you come and help me for a minute?

Evangeline: To have and to hold --

Paige: Just a minute.

Evangeline: In sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?

Bo: I do.

Evangeline: I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Asa: What are you waiting for, Bo? Kiss your bride. Were here. I mean, she is my editor, right? But who cares about that, right? Listen, Michael, nothing is as important as we are, ok? No book, no job, nothing. Just call me.

Michael: I don't understand, Dr. Miller. Is there something wrong with Mr. Buchanan?

Paige: Michael, please, I can't hear! Would you -- would you just go?

Asa: For god's sakes, kiss her!

Paige: I have great news, Mr. Buchanan.

Nora: Oh, look, it's Paige Miller, your doctor, and she has great news, Asa!

Bo: How about that, huh? Hey, what is the news, Dr. Miller?

Paige: Well, Mr. Buchanan, your condition is reversible. You don't have to die of this terrible disease after all.

Asa: I don't?

Paige: No! No, there's an operation. It'll fix you right up.

Nora: Oh!

Bo: That's great, great! How dangerous is this operation?

Paige: Well, we will have to make a rather massive incision, I mean, very, very, large. But you'll be anesthetized, of course.

Asa: No, no, no. Ahem. No operation. I -- you know, forget that.

Bo: Oh, come on, pa, it's for your own good.

Evangeline: Oh, don't worry about it, Bo. The judge declared Asa mentally incompetent --

[Nora gasps]

Evangeline: So his family has to make his medical decisions for him.

Nora: Oh.

Asa: No -- no --

Bo: Then, great! I say let's operate.

Paige: Good. Good, because time is of the essence, and the sooner, the better. So, Mr. Buchanan, if you could please take off your pajamas because I need to jam this into your groin.

Asa: What --

The hell you say --

Bo: No --

Asa: Get that damn thing away from me, lady. Get it away!

Bo: Pa, pa, this is your chance to live.

Asa: I'm not dying! I was -- I was faking it, ok, so you two could get hitched again. And I did it, huh? And you -- forget this operation bull. And you, my little friends, start planning your honeymoon. You are now Mr. And mars. Bo Buchanan again.

Nora: Well, we would be if we had a marriage license.

Evangeline: And if I was a real justice of the peace.

Asa: What? What?

Bo: See, pa, the whole ceremony was as fake as your dying routine. Now let me ask you something. How do you like getting fooled?

[Nora giggles]


Tico: If Paul Cramer is such a problem, why didn't you come to me earlier? I'll be more than happy to take care of him for you.

Kevin: No, no, he's taken care of, ok? I'm going to head back to campaign headquarters. You want to come? Looks like Jessica stood you up anyway.

Tico: Jessica most certainly did not stand me up. She's with her sister.

Kevin: Ok. Maybe I'll see you later.


Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I'll look into it. All right. I'm sorry.

Jessica: It's ok.

Antonio: What's wrong?

Jessica: I shouldn't have come.

Antonio: But you did.

Jessica: I can't -- I can't do this.

Sonia: Jessica seemed pretty upset.

Antonio: She's worried about her sister.

Sonia: Let me guess -- she's mixed up with Paul Cramer again?

Antonio: Yeah. It sounds like it.

Sonia: Did she say what it was?

Antonio: No.

Sonia: What did she want from you?

Antonio: She was hoping I'd look into it.

Sonia: Her own private eye.

Antonio: I said no.

Sonia: So what else did she want? That's the first time you've looked me in the eye since I got here. Something bothering you?

Antonio: That I couldn't help her, I guess.

Sonia: Antonio, something obviously went down between you and Jessica. Why don't you just tell me what it was?

Todd: Hey, jess.

Jessica: Hey.

Todd: What's the matter with you?

Jessica: Nothing, I'm fine. Look, have you heard from Natalie tonight at all?

Todd: No. Why should I? Hey, you ok?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, ok? I'm just a little worried. Can you just -- can you get somebody to look into where Paul Cramerís gotten to?

Todd: Did he do something to Natalie?

Jessica: I don't know.

Jessica: Well, why do you keep on doing this? Oh, did you even get a quote from Kevin at all?

Todd: Well, he'd yell at me if I did that.

Jessica: Listen, look, I know that Kevin has changed a lot lately, but to imply that he somehow caused this judge's fatal accident?

Todd: No, that's just one of many conclusions the reader may draw.

Jessica: Yeah, but you know that Kevin would never do anything like that.

Todd: But we both know someone who would, don't we?

Jessica: Who?

Todd: Someone who can just make people disappear?

Jessica: Who?

Todd: Jessica, you're married to him.

[Phone rings]

Jessica's voice: Hi, this is Jessica. Leave a message, please.

[Answering machine beeps]

Tico: Jessica, why aren't you answering your phone? I'm here at Rodiís. I'm waiting for you. I've been waiting. And I'll keep waiting until you get here, and you better have a good reason as to why you haven't been here for this very important event.


John: Marcie, commissioner back yet?

Marcie: No, no, not yet.

John: All right. I'm going to leave him a note.

Marcie: Ok.

John: Hey, how'd you like Michaelís present?

Marcie: Birthday present?

John: Yeah, didn't he -- didn't he give you a present?

Marcie: No. No, we had a big fight. He hates me, and I really don't know what to do about it.


Evangeline: If you were faking dementia during your trial, you committed a crime against the court, Asa.

Paige: You know, also, bribing an orderly to take someone else's medical records -- that's against the law.

Nora: And then showing them to me? That was just plain low. I care about you, Asa. But getting the $4 million for the orphans and the widows fund? Priceless.


Asa: Stop grinning at me like a bunch of baboons. You two belong together, whether you admit it or not.

Bo: Well, if we thought so, pa, we would be together. I got to get back to the station. You ready, Paige?

Nora: Come on, Evangeline, let's go.

Asa: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! Now that you know I've been faking it, I mean, when the hell do I get out of here?

Bo: Pa, the courts gave Kevin guardianship over you. Now, he checked you in here. Got to ask him.

Nora: Here, catch the bouquet.

Asa: Ah!


Evangeline: Again!

Asa: Oh, good god. Talk about a lousy day.

Blair: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't drive this straight into your old, dried-up heart.

Asa: Please, go ahead, try it, you little tramp, and I'll break that scrawny neck of yours.

Blair: You think, Asa?

Asa: What the hell are you doing here?

Blair: I'm trying to figure out why you're not letting Todd get his identity back. What's in it for you, huh?

Asa: Your lover boy didn't want to be Todd Manning anymore. And for once, I'm going to help him keep his word!

Blair: And you think that's going to change anything, Asa? Do you? You think we're just going to disappear, that we're not going to be able to get married, that maybe Todd is going to end up being a better man than you or Kevin? Well, you might as well think again!

Kevin: Hey, grandpa, I thought I'd come -- Blair, what are you doing here?

Blair: Your grand pappy and I had a little business. But we're done.

Asa: You're damn right. Now get out.

Kevin: And give Todd a message for me. Once I win the election, he's going to find out what it's like to go up against someone who has the state police and the courts on his side!

Asa: Oh, I'm glad you stopped by. I was going to call you. Oh, now, how about you signing me out of this snake pit?

Kevin: Yeah, well, you know, grandpa, the election's tomorrow. Why don't we just wait?

Asa: Wait for -- oh, my god. You don't want me to mess up your campaign, so you locked me away on a mental ward.


Marcie: Am I a mess, or what?

John: You are, but I'm not going to tell anybody.

Marcie: You know, Michaelís just really mad at me, and he thinks I don't have enough time for him anymore, and I just don't know what to do.

John: Well, you know, Marcie, to be honest, I'm probably the last person that anyone should be asking about personal stuff. But it would seem to me, just looking at you two -- you're both busy as all hell, and, you know, in Michaelís defense, I know he doesn't have much time for anything or anybody these days.

Marcie: No, I know that, but somehow me telling Michael that he's just as busy as I am -- I don't think that's going to help the situation, john.

John: Well, for what it's worth, I think what you got to do is -- you know, you got to -- you got to look at your relationship like it's a priority -- what this thing that you two got and -- and never take it for granted. And maybe if you do that, then you'll be able to schedule things so you guys can be together.

Marcie: Well, maybe. I don't know. Well, yeah.

John: Yeah?

Marcie: Yeah! I think you're right.

John: I could also be wrong.


Antonio: Look, Jessicaís in the past. Why don't we just leave her there?

Sonia: Is that really what you want?

Antonio: Ok. I'm worried about her. She's living with Tico.

Sonia: And you're convinced he's el Tiburon?

Antonio: Aren't you? He's a hell of a lot more dangerous than Jessica knows.

Sonia: You want to keep her safe. I understand that. I mean, you loved her. Antonio, that was real. I could see that. I -- even if she's part of your past, she's a crucial part. And you -- sometimes I think I'm in love with you. In fact, a lot of times I think that. I don't know. I'm not asking you to return those feelings for me unless you're ever ready. And I don't know if that time ever comes. But in the meantime, why don't we work together to make sure that Jessica comes through this all right?


Jessica: How dare you. How dare you, Todd, insult me -- you insult my husband. Tico is not a criminal! He -- who told you that, anyway? What, did Antonio tell you that? Tico's not a criminal, Todd.

Todd: Ok. Ok.

Jessica: So, did you have anything specific on Kevin at all?

Todd: Uh -- well, judge Hernandez gave custody of Ace to Kevin, even though Kelly was winning that case hands down. And what's also interesting is that Tico was hanging around that courtroom and a lot of other plAces he probably shouldn't have been hanging around. And Kevin couldn't afford to let anything come out before the election, and then judge Hernandez mysteriously dies.

Jessica: Oh, come on, that was an accident.

Todd: Yeah, but if the judge were bribed or threatened, it's pretty suspicious.

Jessica: And, what, and you think Tico has something to do with this?

Todd: Yeah. Antonio was here asking the same question.

Jessica: You know what? I knew it. He'd say anything. He hates Tico.

Todd: All I'm saying is that I don't have a definitive answer for you. Do I have solid proof? No.

Jessica: I didn't think so.

Todd: Well, my people are working on it, and they're going to come up with something.

Jessica: Really? Because no reporter at "the banner" thinks there's an ounce of truth to any of this.

Todd: Well, that's a surprise, isn't it? You should switch papers, come work for me, I think.

Jessica: What, you're offering me a job at "The Sun"?

Todd: It's a pretty good idea, isn't it?

Jessica: Why? Because it would make Kevin angry?

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, it would make him a little scratchy, wouldn't it? But mostly I'd be hiring you because you're good, you got integrity, you're smart, and I want to see you on the right team when this thing falls apart. What do you say?


Michael: Hey, there you are.

John: Who's that?

Michael: You almost done with work, man? I was thinking maybe we could grab a couple burgers, knock back a couple beers.

John: Sorry, Michael, I -- I can't do it, not just yet. But -- I think there's somebody that would like to talk to you.

Michael: Yeah.

John: Good luck.

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Hey.

Marcie: I have something for you.

Michael: What's this?

Marcie: Well, that's my schedule for the next two weeks, with all my free time penciled in. And every single moment of it is yours -- if you want it. I mean, if you want it.

Michael: Very impressive. You know, the trouble with this is, you see all these free dates? They're probably going to be taken up by some new project of yours.

Marcie: No, no, they won't, I swear.

Michael: Oh, Marcie, that's just the way things work out.

Marcie: I know, but --

Michael: Hey, you know, you put some work into this, and if you're willing to try, I'm willing to try, ok? So, you got time for a coffee?

Marcie: You bet.


Evangeline: Really.

Nora: Are you kidding? Asa's going to wait about one more week before he tries something else.

Bo: Yeah, but we had a good night, and that's all that counts, really.

Nora: We did.

John: How are you?

Evangeline: Great. I performed my first wedding ceremony today.

John: You -- what is this all about?

Bo: Hey, it was a wonderful ceremony. It was just fake. We were pulling one over on my old man.

John: Ah. Well, I want to hear all about it, but I need to speak to you for a second.

Bo: Yeah, sure.

John: I want to give you an update on Natalie.

Evangeline: I swear, Nora, every time I'm with john -- "Natalie, Natalie --"

Nora: Ok, ok, you were the one that said for him to go looking for her.

Evangeline: But he found her. When does it end?

Bo: Has Natalie been hurt?

John: No. She -- she had a cut on her forehead and some blood on her clothing. She wasn't saying much. She alluded to something about falling down, but --

Bo: But it was Paul Cramer, right?

John: I don't know for sure yet. Hopefully the C.S.I. Team will come back with some real answers.

Bo: All right, then we can justify opening a full investigation.

John: We should go after this, Bo. It's trouble.


Antonio: I know how you feel about Jessica.

Sonia: We don't get along, for obvious reasons.

Antonio: But you still want to help.

Sonia: Well, I don't hate her, Antonio. I mean, she's a good person. And whether you like it or not, you're still hooked on her. So, if you're ever going to be free, I need to help you keep her safe.

Antonio: So long as she's living with Tico, she's not safe.

Sonia: Frankly, I think he's up to something.

Antonio: What have you heard?

Sonia: I didn't like the way Tico was saying that Kevin Buchanan would be just a heartbeat away from the governor's mansion if he won this election. Yeah. He's trying to make Kevin the next governor of Pennsylvania, and soon.


Kevin: Grandpa, all I meant was it's just not practical for you to be discharged tonight.

Asa: That's bull rap! You don't want me out! You're afraid I may do something to ruin your election bid tomorrow.

Kevin: All right, fine. You're right. You know what? I do worry. You shoot off your mouth, you rant and you rave. God forbid you should ever get a gun in your hand again.

Asa: My god, you -- you're just something. You even helped me convince that judge that I was loco. And then you had Bo buy into me staying in here. Hell, you even got me to take some tests. And all along, all you wanted to do was keep me away from you so that you could win your election. Hmm.

Kevin: Whoa, wait a minute. Why are you smiling?

Asa: Because you, my friend, are brilliant. Finally!

Kevin: "Finally" what?

Asa: Finally, I found someone to run this family the way it should be run. I'm going to be around a lot longer than a lot of people think. But when I'm gone, you're going to do just fine. Hell, Kevin, you're going to do just great.

[Asa laughs]


Todd: Hey! Ooh, yeah. Did I ever tell you how sexy you are when you're mad as hell?

Blair: There's got to be a way to get Asa to drop all of this, just to let it go!

Todd: You're just mad that you might not be mars. Todd Manning anymore.

Blair: Do you ever take anything seriously?

Todd: You love me --

Blair: Yes, I love you --

Todd: No matter what my name is.

Blair: No matter what your name is.

Todd: All right, then I'm happy. Come.

Blair: What?

Todd: Jessica was here earlier.

Blair: Really?

Todd: I offered her a job at "the sun."

Blair: What? Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho. You just want her to be the one to stick it to Kevin, right?

Todd: No, I -- no, I think it's because she's good, a good journalist. And I like her. I don't like very many people.

Blair: Wait a minute. Todd Manning actually did a very kind gesture?

Todd: Yeah, who would've thunk it, huh?

Blair: I would.

Todd: The bedroom is this way.

Blair: Hmm, ok. You sweet thing, you.


Tico: Did Jessica say where she was going after she left Llanfair? No, look -- no, no, I'm sure she's fine, Mrs. Davidson. But I'm just surprised she hasn't called me, that's all. Of course. I'll let you know the minute she gets here. Thanks again.

Jessica: Hey. Sorry I'm late. Natalie -- Natalie was in a bad way.

Tico: And you've been with her at Llanfair all this time?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, uh-huh. Just left, just got here. I hope you're not angry.


On the next "One Life To Live" --

Tico: It's not good for a couple to keep things from each other. Secrets can be very dangerous things.

John: Looks like we got some blood on the phone. Let's find out whose.

Kelly: I guess we'll never really find out who his real mother is, will we?

Kevin: Looks like that's a secret he'll take to his grave.

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