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One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/28/04

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Brian

Nora: So Paige Miller is still on, right?

Bo: Yeah. So is Evangeline?

Nora: Oh, absolutely, absolutely.

Bo: Oh, all right.

Nora: You know, we just need a kicker, though. That's what we need -- something to really make Asa pay.

Bo: Well, you know, we'll give it a rest right now. We're going to come up with something.

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: He is not getting off the hook.

Nora: Oh, I'm so embarrassed. Do you know that he had -- I was about to march you and Andrew down to his bedside to say our "I doís." I mean, really. Dying wish, my fanny. Can't believe I let him sucker me.

Bo: Oh, no, he had you at a disadvantage. He's laying there in a hospital bed.

Nora: Oh, and showing me the file -- "Terminal, no hope, matter of weeks"! I was scared to death.

Bo: I don't blame you for falling for it.

Nora: Well, if someone you care about tells you they're dying, Iíd just do about anything.

Viki: Do you know who this is? Yeah, it's Jessica, when she was just a little girl, a little older than you. And she's got her Halloween costume on, too, just like you do. Wish I had a picture of Natalie at Halloween when she was little. I bet you miss Jessie as much as I do, don't you, darling? Oh -- oh, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. I don't know -- it seems that my children are all moving away from me, one way or another.

Evangeline: I owed you a new one since I threw yours into the river. Here it is.

John: I like this one better.

Evangeline: Really?

John: Thank you. All right, you ready to go deep? Ready to go for a pass?

Evangeline: Uh-huh.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yes, I am. Wait a minute; get your shoes off the bedspread! What are you doing?

John: Hey, wait right there.

Evangeline: What are you doing?

John: You know what? I know how you are. Now someone can't throw the ball around because you don't want to mess up any of your fancy stuff. But you can't really blame me because -- damn, this is a nice place. It's a lot nicer than mine.

Evangeline: No, no, no, no. Your place -- it's -- it has character.

John: Character?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: How very diplomatic of you.

Evangeline: No, no, the twin bed -- the twin bed has its advantages. It leaves about this much space in between us.

John: You like that?

Evangeline: Yes.

John: Yes?

Evangeline: Yes, I like that.

John: Come here.

Lindsay: Oh, R.J., thank God.

R.J.: Ok. Lindsay, just try to relax. You were practically hyperventilating on the phone. Just tell me -- what's wrong?

Lindsay: The gun you gave me is gone.

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John: You know, when you said earlier that you wanted to go home --

Evangeline: Yeah?

John: I got to admit, I was -- I was a little disappointed.

Evangeline: You were?

John: Yeah. I mean, I was happy that you felt strong enough to get your life back to normal, but I kind of liked you staying with me. There, I said it.

Evangeline: I felt safe there. Especially after that psycho attacked me, I didn't want to be alone.

John: You going to be ok being here on your own?

Evangeline: You're leaving?

John: Not tonight.

Evangeline: One string at a time, right?

John: One string at a time.

[Phone rings]

John: I should get that.

Evangeline: Ok.


John: Hello?

Natalie: John?

John: Natalie, where are you?

Natalie: I'm lost.

John: Where? Can you see an address or anything? Natalie?

Roxy: Yo, trick-or-treaters, what's with the fireworks? Hey, what happened? At least I know it wasn't you shooting those things off. Hey -- oh, hey, great fake blood. Hey, you want to talk to Roxy about it? Come on in.

Natalie: I shouldn't have come here.

Roxy: Why not? I got cold beer in the fridge and I got chocolate-covered candy corn.

Natalie: I don't want to be here. I don't want --

Roxy: Honey? Hey, hey, hey -- hey, come on, honey, it's Halloween! You got to lighten up! Just buck up a little bit! It's the only night of the year that you can get away with murder.

 [Knock on door]

Bo: Come in.

Officer: Excuse me, commissioner.

Nora: Jen?

Officer: The young lady asked to speak to you, Mrs. Buchanan.

Nora: Come on in, sit down. What's wrong?

Jen: I need to report a crime.

Bo: What happened?

Jen: Oh, God, how could I do this?

Kelly: Paul? Oh, my God. Oh! You scared me! What are you doing here?

Kevin: Well, I could ask you the same thing, couldn't I? Of course, I already know. You're looking for the name of Ace's biological mother, aren't you, Kel?

Kelly: I told you I was going to find her.

Kevin: Oh, don't waste your time. I'm not letting you give our son away.

R.J.: So, where were you when you saw the gun last?

Lindsay: I was at the store. I reached into my bag to get my wallet to pay for something, and I realized that it was gone.

R.J.: And you looked inside your car?

Lindsay: Of course I looked inside my car. I checked every inch of the gallery. It's gone!

R.J.: Well, where else have you been tonight, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Deliberately avoiding people that I know.

R.J.: Didn't you get any of my messages?

Lindsay: Yeah, I did. I just didn't feel like talking.

R.J.: Well, I started to think that maybe you were out doing something stupid.

Lindsay: I pretty much haven't left the gallery since that tape came out on the internet.

R.J.: Ok. But why did you need a gun to go to the grocery store? Haven't you heard of coupons?

Lindsay: I take it everywhere I go, R.J. I'm scared to death of Paul Cramer ever since he broke into my gallery.

R.J.: So there wasn't anyone in particular that you were hanging out with?

Lindsay: I haven't really felt like being with anyone.

R.J.: Well, I sure wish I had known Cramer had this tape earlier. I ought to bury him with it.

Lindsay: You're as angry at him as I am.

R.J.: Look, he should've been taken care of months ago.

Lindsay: R.J., what if somebody is madder at him than we are? What if they took the gun and they intend to use it?

Jen: lindsaydoesllanview.com is what Paul called it. You could log on and see Rex and my mom.

Nora: Ok, I understand.

Bo: And you say that the site is not up anymore?

Jen: Thank God. The only reason it was up is because I was so stupid.

Nora: Oh, Jen.

Jen: It's true. I tried to deal with Paul myself. I should've come to you to begin with. He should be punished for this, right? I mean, isn't there something you can charge him with?

Nora: I'm not so sure. But, you know, there could be a civil case in this. I'll get working on that.

Bo: I'm going to put out an A.P.B., bring Cramer in, and ask him a few questions. Excuse me.

Nora: Ok. You know, Jen, your mom may have a case against Rex for filming that videotape without her knowledge.

Jen: She knew about it. And Rex is the one that got the site shut down because he was so furious when he found out about it. I'm really afraid of what he might do when he runs into Paul.

Roxy: Oh, baby, come on in! It's candy corn time! So, what do you think?

Rex: Of what?

Roxy: Yeah, like I dress like this every day?

[Roxy laughs]

Rex: Close.

Roxy: I'm really working this wig, huh? Who are you looking for? Shannon? If you are, she's out partying on campus.

Rex: Yeah, is Jen here?

Roxy: She's on the outs with Riley. Are you thinking of making some moves on her?

Rex: No, no. She was here earlier. She was pretty freaked out when she left. I was just trying to help her with something.

Roxy: Something like "Lindsay Does Llanview"?

Rex: You didn't see it, did you?

Roxy: No, honey, that was too disgusting. Next time you better hide away in a closet.

Rex: Yeah, thanks, mom, Iíll remember that next time.

Roxy: You know, I think I'm the only person who knew that Paul was just scum.

Rex: I'm sorry, you were the only one besides Natalie who liked him.

Roxy: Yeah, but that was before he made my baby into a cipher-spaced porno star.

Rex: Yeah, well, what he did to Jen was worse. But she won't have to worry about him anymore.

Roxy: What about Natalie? He's been dogging her ever since he dumped her. By the way, she was over. She didn't even say a word about him.

Rex: When was that?

Roxy: I don't know. It was about 20 minutes ago. She was acting kind of weird.

Rex: Well, Cramer won't be bothering Natalie, either.

Roxy: Why? What'd you do to Paul?

John: Hopefully, she'll call back.

Evangeline: With all that's gone on between Natalie and Paul Cramer, she could be in trouble. If you want to go check it out, go on.

John: She could be anywhere.

Evangeline: If anyone can find her, it's you.

John: Maybe I should. You sure you don't mind?

Evangeline: Of course not, John. She's your friend.

John: Hey. I don't want to just leave you.

Evangeline: You're not. I'm going with you.

Viki: Natalie! Hi, darling.

Natalie: Hi.

Viki: Hi. My God, what happened to you? Sweetheart, what's wrong? Natalie, honey, please let me help you.

Kelly: Look, I know you want me to wait until after the election, but I am going to find Ace's biological mother. If she didn't want to give him up, she has a right to have him back.

Kevin: Oh, you think it's going to be that easy, huh? You just give her back her baby? There's not going to be any consequences?

Kelly: I want to do what's right for Ace.

Kevin: Kelly --

Kelly: What are you doing here?

Kevin: I thought that maybe Paul was planning to sell Todd his story.

Kelly: He can't sell Todd anything. Todd knows where Ace came from. He's not going to put that in "The Sun."

Kevin: The election is in less than a week. It's a perfect time to break a story.

Kelly: My God, are you listening to yourself? We're talking about Ace. We're talking about a child we both love! I mean, you don't care about anything but your political career. Todd is not going to publish that story.

Kevin: Oh, don't be so naive.

Kelly: What have you done to Paul?

Kevin: What?

Kelly: I know what you're doing here. You don't want Paul talking to me. You don't want Paul talking to Todd or anyone else. You came here to shut him up for good, didn't you?

Kevin: You're right, I did.

R.J.: Lindsay, do you think someone you know took the gun?

Lindsay: I don't know.

R.J.: Maybe Jennifer?

Lindsay: Jen would never hurt anybody. But if she wanted to shoot Paul, I would certainly understand because I'd like to shoot him myself. Lately my mind has been drifting back to when Troy betrayed me. And I remember thinking that I wouldn't get any relief until -- until he got his punishment. It's all I could think about. All I could think about was going over to Blairís and doing something, doing something to Troy. Only it wasn't Troy, it was Sam.

R.J.: Lindsay, just leave that in the past. Just let it go, ok?

Lindsay: Lately Iíve been having the same feelings about Paul.

R.J.: Well, it sounds like a good thing that you don't have the gun.

Lindsay: Yes. It's a good thing I lost it.

Nora: Jen, why do you feel like this website is your fault?

Jen: Because I tried to blackmail Paul and it backfired.

Nora: Ok, so Paul asked for money. You said no. Then what happened? Hey. Jen, it's ok. Did he threaten you?

Jen: He offered to give me the tape if I had sex with him.

Nora: Oh --

Jen: I didn't, Nora. I never even planned on letting him touch me.

Nora: Did he hurt you?

Jen: No, I went to his motel room. He was already drunk out of his mind, and I just -- I kept stalling him and getting him more drunk till he passed out, and I found the tape and I left. I didn't think he had copies. I didn't think about that at the time.

Nora: Well, you shouldn't have had to think about it at all. You didn't make the tape, you didn't threaten anyone with the tape, and you certainly didn't show a videotape of anyone without their consent. I --

Jen: Riley saw me leaving the motel room, and now it's over.

Nora: Jen, you told him what really happened, right?

Jen: Yeah, I told him and he believed me, but he said that I should've come to him instead of trying to deal with it by myself. He said I didn't trust him. Maybe I didn't because I thought he would've made me go to the police. And then Paul would've found out and he would've put the site up. And I just wanted to help my mom, and I wanted to fix the problem and just get this over with as quickly as possible.

Nora: I'm familiar with that. I know what it's like. Hide something from someone that you care about -- it's the last thing you should do.

Jen: I did everything wrong.

Nora: I don't know. I think you and Riley still have a chance. What do you think?

Jen: I don't know.

Nora: Why don't you go talk to him? Come on. I think he wants to talk to you. What do you got to lose?

Riley: Hey.

Jen: Hey.

Riley: You ok?

Jen: Getting there.

Riley: Are you ready to start trusting me again?

John: Hey.

Evangeline: Hello.

Bo: John, Evangeline. I thought you were taking the night off.

John: Yeah, that was the plan. Then I got a call from Natalie. She didn't sound good.

Bo: What'd she say?

John: Said something about being lost, and then she hung up. I'd lay odds it has something to do with Cramer.

Bo: The guy's been very busy for the past few days. Got his hands on a videotape that wasn't his, used it to set up a website -- "Lindsay Does Llanview."

John: As in Lindsay Rappaport?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: Oh, no, you're kidding.

Bo: Yeah. Well, the website's down now, but the damage is done. There's a lot of people who'd like to do some damage to Paul Cramer.

Viki: Sweetheart, I really think you should have a doctor look at that.

Natalie: No, mom, it's ok. Besides, you don't want to wake up Jamie, you know? I'm just happy here. What you're doing is exactly what I need.

Viki: You can't be comfortable in that coat. Why don't you take it off? I'll get you a sweater if you're cold.

Natalie: No, thanks. I'll keep it on.

Viki: Honey, can't you tell me what happened?

Natalie: Yeah, I fell. I tripped and I just -- I hit my head. I'm ok.

Viki: You know what, honey? Head injuries can be very dangerous. Please, let me take you to the hospital to check this --

Natalie: No, no. No hospitals, ok?

Viki: Natalie, I hope you know that you can tell me anything.

Natalie: I know. I guess that's why I came. Mom, Iím so sorry.

Viki: Darling, why are you apologizing?

Natalie: Because I killed somebody that I loved.

Roxy: I know what you'd like to do. It's Halloween, and you'd like to bury him in the woods.

Rex: Do I look like a guy who shovels? No. All I'm saying, forget Cramer.

Roxy: How are you going to keep him away from Jen and Natalie?

Rex: I'll take care of Jen, always. Natalie's got John McBain to watch her back.

Roxy: No, he's her bud only when his new girlfriend ain't around.

Rex: Well, he's also a cop, so he's got it covered.

Roxy: Why is it that the two of you want to be with people who don't want to give you the time of day? I mean, I know I was a bad mama, but was I worse than I thought?

Rex: Got to go. Tell Jen to call me when she gets back.

Roxy: Hey, hey, come on! Take a load off! Come on, you look like you're about to pop a vein.

Rex: Look, I'm just -- I'm worried about Jen, ok? I don't know where she went when she left here, ok, but she was so mad at Cramer, she was out of her head.

Roxy: What do you mean, like Lindsay? You know, pop, bang?

Rex: Paul Cramer could turn anyone into a murderer. I'll see you later.

Roxy: Hey, I hope you find her.

Jen: How can you asked me to trust you after what I did? I can't even trust myself. I always screw everything up.

Riley: Look, you did what you thought you had to do. I'm here to help. I came looking for my dad to see if we could press charges against Cramer for putting up that website.

Jen: I don't know what to say. Thank you. I just talked to Nora, and she's handling it.

Riley: Good, because I'd like to break his neck for what he did, but I'll settle for seeing him in jail. You know that I love you. Now, don't run away again.

Jen: Riley, Iím really sorry.

Riley: I'm sorry, too.

Jen: Just everything that has happened, I don't know if I can deal with it.

Riley: Look, we'll do it together, ok? You want to go home?

Jen: Yes, please.

John: Hey.

Nora: Hey.

John: Hey. I'm going to take off. I'm going to go look for Natalie.

Evangeline: Ok. Well, Noraís trying to make a case against Paul Cramer for that website, so I might as just well stay here and try to help her.

John: All right. Look, I'm -- Iím sorry about our evening.

Evangeline: Tomorrow.

John: Later.

Evangeline: Ok. I hope Natalieís all right.

John: Thank you.

Nora: Bye, John.

John: Bye-bye.

Nora: Are you as ok as you seem about this John-Natalie thing?

Evangeline: Natalie's not a problem unless I make her one. Now, why would I want to do that?

Natalie: I ran into Jen Rappaport last night, and she believes that Cristianís death was my fault.

Viki: What? Darling, you know that's not true.

Natalie: I thought so, mom, I thought, but I don't know. I mean, of course I have gone over it in my head a million times, and just one thing could have changed, just one. If I had just thrown that pool tournament in Vegas, then --

Viki: Natalie, stop this, please. Darling, you cannot obsess about what might have been. Honey, if -- even if you had done that, something else could have happened.

Natalie: Yeah, but you don't understand. I had so many chances to save Cristian. I mean, I was Flynnís hostage. I mean, I never should have let him take my place. I mean, why didn't I just scream? Why didn't I do something?

Viki: Because, sweetheart, you couldn't have stopped him. Cristian loved you very, very much, and believe me; he would not want you to be doing this. You cannot blame yourself.

Natalie: Imagine what he'd feel about my relationship with Paul.

Viki: Oh, come on, your relationship with Paul -- it's over.

Natalie: Yep. Paul's definitely out of my life. If only that could bring Cristian back.

Kevin: Just think about it, Kelly. What if I did make Paul disappear permanently? Then no one could ever take Ace away and we could be a family again. You know, he would finally be ours.

Kelly: But he's not ours. Our baby died. And I can't stand the thought of keeping this child away from a mother who could be missing him.

Kevin: Oh, come on, you've known about her from day one!

Kelly: But I didn't know about this true situation. I didn't know that she didn't want him. I didn't know that she didn't want to give him up.

Kevin: Oh, so you believed when Paul told you that, oh, he just happened upon a young homeless woman and she just gave over her baby to him freely?

Kelly: Yes.

Kevin: You believed that?

Kelly: Yes, I believed it. I didn't think he would lie about something like that, and if I had known the truth, I would have made him take the baby back to her immediately.

Kevin: Ok, well, that's easy to say now, isn't it?

Kelly: I told him that then, and that's exactly what I'm going to do now as soon as I find out who she is.

Kevin: Ok, Kelly, listen to me. Listen -- leave, now.

Kelly: No, I'm not going anywhere.

Kevin: You walk out of here right now, or you will never see Ace again.

John: I was hoping that maybe she finally showed up for work.

Mac: Nobody's seen Natalie since that dust-up in the alley.

John: With that guy Cramer.

Mac: Yeah. You know, you can do me a favor. Don't tell her what I said the other day about her being fired. It's got to be something really big for her to blow off work.

John: Yeah.

Mac: You know, Natalie drives me crazy sometimes, but I really do have to feel for the girl. You know, one day you're a newlywed and the next day you're a widow. And she's a hard worker. Well, maybe you can help straighten her out.

John: If I can find her, Mac. If I can find her.

Mac: Well, good luck.

John: Hey, if you hear anything -- you know, if she calls you -- you let me know?

Mac: Oh, yeah, sure thing. Don't worry about it.

R.J.: Well, what about Paul Cramer, hmm? You going to run him in anytime soon, or are you just too busy keeping Ms. Williamson on hold while you chase around town after Natalie Buchanan?

John: If you think it slipped my mind that you sent those lowlifes to work me over, you're wrong. Your day is coming, pal. Until then, I strongly suggest that you stay out of my face.

Evangeline: Well, Benjamin vs. Robertson isn't going to work either.

Nora: No?

Evangeline: No direct evidence, so, I don't know. I'll find something. I don't know.

Nora: Oh. Well, thanks. It was a shot in the dark anyway. You know, when I mentioned Natalie and John before, I understand what it's like to be in a relationship with someone who thinks there's a third party involved, you know? I mean, remember how long it took Daniel to get it through his head that he didn't have to compete with Bo?

Evangeline: Well, he knows that now.

Nora: Well, yes, he does. He knows that Bo is not a rival. So I think when John tells you that Natalieís not involved or he's not involved with Natalie, you should believe him.

Evangeline: I do.

Nora: Good.

Evangeline: Who are you trying to convince here, me or yourself?

Nora: What?

Evangeline: Nora, did something happen with Bo?

Nora: What are you -- hi.

Bo: Hi. Can we charge Cramer?

Nora: Uh -- no. Sorry. We got nothing but hearsay. Unless we get evidence that -- hard evidence -- that Cramerís directly linked to the website, or we get statements from Lindsay and Rex saying that they did not give their consent for him to use the videotape. And even then, it's hard to make it stick.

Bo: Hmm.

Evangeline: Well, you guys, I'm going to go grab myself something to eat. So --

Nora: Thanks.

Evangeline: Call me if you need anything, ok?

Bo: Ok.

Evangeline: I am so sorry nothing panned out, but I'll see you later.

Nora: Ok, thank you.

Evangeline: And, hey, we're still on for that thing with Asa, right?

Nora: Oh, definitely.

Bo: Yeah, we're trying to come up with the best way to make him pay.

Evangeline: Great. See you guys.

Nora: Thank you.

Bo: Ok. That's it.

Nora: What?

Bo: You want to make pa pay, right?

Nora: Right. You mean as in money?

Bo: Yeah. And it's right here. The department's fund for widows and orphans has just announced a cut in benefits due to a $4 million shortfall. What do you think?

Nora: It's brilliant. It's brilliant.

Bo: All right, there it is. That's what we're going to do, ok?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Bo: I'm going to stick around here and wait for John, see if he heard anything from Natalie. You want to split an order of fries?

Nora: Oh, fries. Yes. Splitting? No. I'll get my own, thank you very much.

Bo: Ok.

Viki: Where did you go tonight, sweetheart?

Natalie: I went to Roxanneís. You know, I -- I fall asleep, and when I wake up, I don't feel like I'm fully awake yet, you know, and sometimes I still think Roxyís my mother. I know it sounds crazy, but I didn't really have much of a life until I found you.

Viki: Well, I thank God every single day that you did.

Natalie: You know, you showed me what it was to love, and you took down those walls that I had built so hard to keep anyone from hurting me, and showed me what it was like to let someone love me. And then I finally allowed Cristian to love me. I never knew you could love someone that much. Sometimes I'm lying in bed and I still feel like his arms are around me. And sometimes I hear the door open and it's like he's coming in just like he always did. And I can smell the paints. Let's make it always be like this. I want it to last forever.

Cristian: Well, we've got forever. We've got all the time in the world.

Natalie: I feel like he's still watching me. But he's gone.

Viki: I so wish I could take all this pain away from you.

Natalie: It's too late.

Viki: It's too late? What do you mean, honey?

Natalie: I'm really sorry, mom. Just please remember that. Please?

Viki: Where are you going? Natalie? Honey, please, let me come with you.

Natalie: I have to do this alone.

Viki: Natalie -- Natalie, honey, please wait.

[Jamie cries]

Bo: You know, just one time I wish you would try it my way. All right, you put the ketchup on the side. That way you can control the distribution of your ketchup. You see? Your fries look like a murder scene.

Nora: Food is not meant to be controlled. Ketchup, certainly not. You see, I like fries. I like ketchup. I want them to like each other. I want them to intermingle.

Bo: Obstinate. I hope you haven't taught my son any of your crazy habits.

Nora: Oh, you'll be very pleased to know that despite my attempts to do otherwise, he's been a dipper of French fries ever since he could hold one.

Bo: Good, see? Buchanan blood.

Nora: Mm-hmm, yeah. But he can scarf a plate full of lox in less than a minute, something you can't do after a three-day fast.

Bo: He sure didn't get that one from me.

Nora: No. That's a Hanen trait.

Viki: John, thank God. I'm so glad you called. Listen, I'm very worried about Natalie. She was just here. She's very, very upset, and then she ran off.

John: She say anything about where she might be headed?

Viki: No, no, but, you know, she was carrying on about Cristian and she said she feels so guilty about his death.

John: Ok. That gives me a couple ideas. I'll call you when I find her.

Viki: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Man: I thought that was you.

Lindsay: What?

Man: I saw your website. It was hot. It's a shame it's down now. But the real thing is even better.

Lindsay: Leave me alone.

R.J.: You heard the lady.

Man: I was just trying to give her a compliment. I --

R.J.: Just start walking, and don't let me see you around her again.

Lindsay: Thank you.

R.J.: Well, you do not have to put up with perverts. Why don't I take you home?

Lindsay: Nah, I think Iím going to stay here.

R.J.: You're sure?

Lindsay: Yeah. I let Paul humiliate me. If I never leave my house, then I let him make me a recluse.

R.J.: Well, if prison couldn't break you, a website can't do squat.

Lindsay: But back then I had somebody to help me escape from prison.

R.J.: Well, if you should need similar aid, I'll be there.

Lindsay: I appreciate that. But I'm not going back to prison this time.

Riley: Oh, hey --

Jen: Let's go upstairs, huh?

Riley: Whoa, whoa. Oh, oh, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hold on, hold on.

Jen: Why? Don't you want to be with me?

Riley: Oh, God. More than you can imagine, yeah. Oh, hey. I just don't want our first time to be out of consolation or trying to cover up any feelings. I know how upset you were about the videotape with Paul, ok? But is there something else? Is there more to that?

Jen: I don't want to talk about that right now.

Riley: Ok. Listen, when you do, I'll be here, ok?

Kelly: Oh, I get it. There are no witnesses around, so you can drop the whole family-man routine and just threaten me outright.

Kevin: You can leave now.

Kelly: I'm not going anywhere. Ace is going to be with his real mother.

Kevin: I'm warning you, Kelly.

Kelly: No, I'm warning you. Don't mess with me. One word from me and Todd will be all over this story, so you better start being a lot nicer to me, or I won't wait until after the election. Now, get out of my way.

Kevin: You listen to me. I am not about to let you or your brother ruin my life. So if I were you, I wouldn't make me do something I might regret.

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Antonio: You said something about Jessicaís marriage. Is she in trouble?

Kevin: I won't let you go to Ace's birth mother with the truth.

John: Natalie, is this your blood or someone else's? Where were you tonight?

David: What are you doing with this?

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