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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/26/04

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By Eric
Proofread by Melle

Evangeline: What a freak accident.

Nora: Apparently she lost control of her car. I'm sad I'm never going to see Hernandez on the bench again. You know, she was one of the good ones.

Evangeline: With one exception. You know, I feel a little guilty bringing this up in light of what's happened to her, but it upsets me that she'll never have to explain how she ruled against Kelly in that custody battle.

Nora: Yeah, that one did come a little out of left field, didn't it? Hi, Paige and Bo!

Bo: Hello, ladies. Evangeline, do you know Dr. Paige miller?

Evangeline: Yes. How are you? We met when a certain someone was suing the hospital.

Paige: You're right. It's good to see you again.

Evangeline: Good to see you.

Bo: You know, we just -- we just christened that new pancake place out on Route 101.

Paige: You know, it's the best omelet I've had in a long time.

Bo: I'm telling you, you got to check that place out.

Nora: I'll do that.

Bo: Ok. We'll see you later. I'll show you those pictures we were talking about.

Evangeline: Nora, you're turning three shades of green.


Adriana: Hey!

Duke: Hey. You made it.

Adriana: Yeah. I'm sorry I couldn't meet you last night. Just as I was leaving, my mother came home.

Duke: Ooh, ouch.

Adriana: Yeah.

Duke: I hope you didn't have to put on a helmet and armor and fight your way out this morning.

Adriana: No, she left really early for the hospital.

Duke: Oh, I got you.

Adriana: So, you said you had something really important to talk about.

Duke: Yeah.

Adriana: What's going on?

Duke: I'm -- I'm leaving town.

Adriana: What? When?

Duke: Today.


Viki: Dorian. Good morning.

Dorian: Good morning, Viki.

Viki: Gosh, I somehow thought that you might actually be at work, at the hospital?

Dorian: I'm here to see Kevin. I understand he's having a press photographer here to take advantage of a family photo op.

Viki: Well, then you better come in.

Dorian: Thank you. Really, Viki, I fail to understand how, after everything Kevin has done to Kelly, you can throw your name, your prestige behind his campaign.

Viki: He is my son.

Dorian: Lucky you.

Kevin: Dorian, what are you doing here?

Viki: Oh, she's here to see you. Lucky me.

Kevin: What?

Dorian: We've got a serious situation on our hands.

Kevin: Look, if this is about Paul --

Dorian: Paul has got to be made to keep his mouth shut once and for all.

Kevin: I have already taken care of it. He's leaving Llanview for good.

Dorian: My nephew is going to need some encouragement to stay away, and i intend to give it to him.


Paul: Make me fold my clothes, too, huh?

Natalie: Just shut up and finish packing.


Paige: Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry I had to cut dinner short last night.

Bo: No, no, no. You know what? You were on duty, you know, so I think it just comes with the territory if you're dating a doctor. So I have to get used to saying good night about 8:30, I guess.

Paige: Well, I don't know, I thought breakfast was a great idea.

Bo: Hmm.

Paige: I'm glad we could meet.

Bo: I'm glad, too.

Nora: I'm not jealous. I'm not! I -- I'm just a little surprised, that's all, you know, that they'd walk in here in the morning flaunting it like that. It's just, you know, it's -- I really need to talk to Bo.

Evangeline: What, to find out if she's making house calls?

Nora: No, about Asa. He's not doing very well.

Evangeline: Asa's sick?

Nora: Yes. He's very ill, Evangeline. He's been hiding it for a long time. Apparently this illness is what's responsible for his memory loss or dementia or whatever it is.

Evangeline: Oh, my god! Bo doesn't know?

Nora: I think he's a little -- ahem -- busy focusing on the new girlfriend and stuff, I don't know. The worst part is that Asa says he doesn't really have long, you know, and that he has a dying wish.

Evangeline: What?

Nora: That Bo and I should get remarried and make a family with Matthew.

Evangeline: Who knew Asa was so sentimental?

Bo: What's that about Pa?


Duke: Look at this.

Adriana: Yeah. Yeah, they're up all over town.

Duke: You read "The Sun" lately? Todd Manning has been slamming Governor Brooks and my dad, saying they're for sale to the highest bidder. Of course, my dad says it's all lies. I just don't know what to think anymore.

Adriana: I'm going to miss you.

Duke: I'll miss you, too.

Adriana: Well, you'll keep in touch, right? Emails?

Duke: Of course. You're going to get sick at how many times my name pops up on your screen. But, hey, I'm not going to be gone for that long.

Adriana: What -- wait, I thought you were leaving for good.

Duke: No. No, I'm not -- I'm not moving to Texas.

Adriana: Oh!

Duke: No, it's -- it's just for fall break.

Adriana: I thought this was goodbye, like, forever!

Duke: No. No. I've been planning this trip to visit my mom for a while. Hey -- why don't you come with me?


Jen: Do you have any idea what putting a tape like that on the internet would do to my mother?

Rex: Look, this doesn't make any sense, ok? I never even told Paul about that tape! I sure as hell didn't give it to him!

Jen: How did he get it, then?

Rex: I don't know! He must've stolen it from my place.

Jen: If I find out that you're lying --

Rex: Look, I'm not, ok? I never -- look, I care about Lindsay.

Jen: All you've ever cared about is yourself.

Rex: No, that's not true. I care about you, and I always will. And I know that you'd never forgive me if I pulled a stunt like that. And, besides, why would I give Paul a sex tape with me on it, huh? You think I want to be the next internet porn star?

Jen: But why you would make a disgusting tape like that to begin with?

Rex: It's not like I did it without Lindsay knowing it. She was just as into it as I was.

Jen: You're such a pig!

Rex: No, just -- no, no --

R.J.: Hey, hey. Is everything good here?

Rex: Dandy.

R.J.: Miss Rappaport, I hear you've been having a little trouble with Paul Cramer. You know, your mother was very worried about you last night.

Jen: Yeah, I got her messages. We've been playing phone tag. Everything's fine now.

R.J.: Well, that's good to hear.

Rex: Paul still has the tape?

Jen: No, I got it back from him, I'm going to cut it into a million pieces.

Rex: Well, what I don't get is why Paul didn't bother to post the tape once you couldn't get R.J. To let him out of his debt. Unless, of course, he decided he wanted something else in return. What did Paul want?

Jen: What do you think?


Paul: You sure were good last night.

Natalie: I told you to shut up!

Paul: Oh, had me thinking we were going to do it one last time, and you said you'd join me in the shower. You pulled my own gun on me.

Natalie: Yeah, well, it took a real genius.

Paul: Natalie, you're going to regret not being with me one more time, you know that?

Natalie: The only reason I am here, Paul, is to make sure you get to the airport and you get on that plane to San Francisco this morning.

Paul: Well, do I have to go to the airport in a towel, or are you going to let me change, huh?

Natalie: No, no, go ahead. Go ahead and change.

Not in the bathroom, though, because I got to keep my eyes on you. You might crawl out through the window.

Paul: Well, then turn around. A guy needs his privacy.

Natalie: Ho-ho-ho! Since when are you modest?

Paul: Well, I'm just doing it to protect you, Natalie. I mean, come on. We all know how you get when you get excited.

Natalie: I'll take my chances.

Paul: Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Kevin: Paul's gone. I gave him a one-way ticket to San Francisco and a massive check that has to be cashed at a bank in San Francisco.

Dorian: Kevin, you are not that naive. Paul will get his filthy little hands on that money, and then he'll turn right around, come back here to Llanview demanding more. He's threatening to tell the truth about where ace came from!

Kevin: He'll be too busy making rounds at bars and strip joints in San Francisco.

Dorian: He is a compulsive gambler! He could go through that money in an hour and be back here in Llanview before the end of the day.

Kevin: Just relax. He will not come back.

Dorian: Do you really think that you're going to win next Tuesday's election if Paul goes mouthing off about where Ace came from?

Kevin: Ok, if he comes back to Llanview, then it'll be --

Dorian: "If"? Excuse me. I really don't know what I was thinking trying to get you involved in handling this. Kelly needs help! I will give it to her on my own.

Kevin: I've got a contact at the airport, ok, so I will know if Paul gets on the plane to San Francisco.

Dorian: Yes, I'm sure you also believe in the tooth fairy still. We have not heard the last of Paul.

Kevin: Ok. Hey!

Viki: Hey.

Kevin: There's my boy!

Viki: Yeah.

Kevin: Hiya, buddy.

Viki: Well, we'll be in the kitchen. We're going to have a little breakfast.

Kevin: Ok.

Dorian: Ace. Hi, sweetie! You are so lucky to be able to spend as much time as you want with your grandson. In the meantime, I, of course, am shut out, as is his mother.

Viki: Well, Dorian, you're perfectly welcome to stay and visit with Ace if you'd like. Right, Kevin?

Kevin: Of course.

Dorian: Very kind of you, but I was really basically just making a point.

Viki: Oh.

Dorian: I have some things I have to do.

Viki: All righty. Say bye-bye.

Kevin: Bye-bye.

Tico: Dorian. What a lovely surprise. Hello, Kevin.

Dorian: Oh, Augustico.

Kevin: Hey.

Tico: Good morning, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: Tico. Hello.

Tico: Hey. Kevin -- um -- I was hoping to discuss something with you before the photographers got here.

Kevin: Sure. Let's go in the library. Goodbye, Dorian.

Dorian: Ace. Viki, you know, I've changed my mind. I think I will stay and spend a little time with Ace. That is, perhaps after he's had his breakfast, hmm?

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Bye.


Adriana: You want me to go back to Texas with you?

Duke: Yeah, my mom will love you, and she won't pull that whole Buchanan-versus-Cramer garbage. I mean, come on, we're adults. Let's show your mom and my dad we can choose our own friends.

Adriana: I'd love to meet your mother, Duke, but I can't, ok? My mother would freak. She'd try even harder to keep us apart. And, plus, you know, I've got classes and --

Duke: Maybe someday, then.

Adriana: I'd love to.

Duke: All right. My flight leaves in a couple hours. I'd better get going. I've got some stuff to do before then.

Adriana: It'll be weird not seeing you.

Duke: It won't be that long. I mean, and we'll talk.

Adriana: Yeah. I should go.

Duke: Hey, I'll email you every day!


Nora: I was just telling Evangeline about my visit last night with Asa. Have you -- did you go see him this morning at all?

Bo: No, not yet. I haven't had time. Excuse me.

Nora: He doesn't have a clue. He doesn't know what's going on. Asa has done a very, very good job hiding this.

Daniel: Hello, ladies.

Nora: Hi.

Daniel: How you doing? Hey, can I steal you for a cup of coffee?

Nora: Um -- yeah. Can you give me about half an hour?

Daniel: Sure.

Nora: Ok.

Daniel: I'll meet you in my office, ok?

Nora: Ok.

Daniel: I'll see you at Judge Hernandez's memorial service?

Evangeline: Absolutely.

Daniel: Ok. See you. Bye.

Nora: See, Daniel and I, we have a good thing going. I can't make false promises to Asa about how Bo and I are going to get back together again just to make the remainder of his days here on this earth happy ones, can I?

Evangeline: Well, I think the first thing is to let Bo know what's really going on with his father, especially if Asa doesn't have that much time left. I mean, my god.

Nora: Doesn't she have patients?

Evangeline: You know, maybe you should let Dr. Miller tell Bo what's going on with his father. I mean, Asa's her patient.

Nora: And spoil the morning-after glow? No, I have a feeling that I'll be the one to tell him. I'll just wait until she goes. I'll wait. That's it. So, how are things with you and john?

Oh. Oh, look at that look. So I guess you two are becoming exclusive?

Evangeline: Well --

Nora: What happened to "no strings"?

Evangeline: We -- we took our relationship forward.

Nora: Ah.

Evangeline: But, yeah.

Nora: So you added strings?

Evangeline: Well, just a few. I mean, I'm trying to be a little cautious until I can figure out what's going on between him and Natalie.

Nora: What?

Evangeline: He worries about her, you know? He lets himself get sucked into these crises that she has, which lately have been daily occurrences.


Natalie: I was so completely out of my mind to get involved with you in the first place.

Paul: Oh, Natalie, you keeping saying that, but --

Natalie: Yeah, because I mean it!

Paul: I still think you want one more romp in the sack, huh?

Natalie: Can we just -- let's get out of here. I -- I can't even think about your hands -- ooh, you make me sick!

Paul: Gosh, Natalie, my hands have touched you before. You didn't get sick then.

Natalie: All right, uh-uh. The sound -- let's get out of here. Come on.

Paul: What, are you going to escort me to the airport, too?

Natalie: Yeah, whatever it takes.

Paul: Fine. What about my friends, my family, huh? I need to say goodbye.

Natalie: Are you kidding me?

Paul: Well, at least let me make a phone call, huh?

Natalie: Fine. Fine.


Jen: I didn't sleep with Paul.

Rex: I never said you did.

Jen: You were thinking it. You always think the worst of me.

Rex: No, I don't.

Jen: Look, I made him think that I was going to sleep with him, then I got him so drunk that he passed out, and I took the tape and I ran.

Rex: Hey, that's my girl. All right, what's Riley's problem, then? You didn't do anything wrong. You played Paul like a pro.

Jen: Riley's not the problem. I am. I mean, he was upset because I didn't come to him instead of trying to deal with it myself. There's no point. Riley deserves somebody better than me. You know, he's a really good guy, and I thought that I could become a better person, but I can't. But, hey, you know, at least I helped my mom. I stopped Paul from putting the tape on the internet.

[Phone rings]

Jen: Hello?

Paul: What, you think I only had one copy of that tape, huh? Check out "Lindsay does Llanview." She's got a hell of a career in porn.

Rex: Who was that? I got to -- I got to tell him. I got to -- you know what? I'm going in there. Date or not, I got to go in there. Don't stop me.


Bo: What did Asa get me for my sixth birthday? A .410 shotgun. 6.

Paige: No.

[Knock on door]

Bo: 6, yeah. Hey.

Nora: Hi. Sorry. I have to talk to you about something.

Bo: It can't wait?

Nora: Uh-uh.

Paige: Oh, but that's ok, really. I should get back to the hospital, anyway.

Nora: You know, it's not to take that long.

Paige: Ok. All right, I'll -- I'll just wait outside.

Bo: Ok.

Paige: Ok.

Bo: Well -- ahem -- what's so important?

Nora: It's about Asa.

Bo: Ok. What about him?

Nora: He -- um -- ok, I -- I guess I'm just going to have to say this. I -- I don't know how much Paige has told you. Last night when I went to go see Asa, he -- uh -- he gave me his chart. He told me the prognosis. And apparently the end is coming fairly quickly.

Bo: What -- no, no, this can't be right.

Nora: I'm sorry, Bo. I'm sorry. Asa's dying.

Bo: What?

Nora: I'm sorry. He's -- um -- he's kind of put us in an awkward situation. His final dying wish is that we should remarry. And what was I supposed to say? What can I say? You know, if we -- if we don't and we wait and -- and then this happens, then -- I mean, we can't just do nothing, can we?

Bo: Uh --

Nora: What --

Bo: Paige? Could you step in here a moment, please?

Paige: Yeah.

Bo: What do you make of this?

Nora: You see, now I feel really terrible because I feel like I'm betraying a confidence.

Paige: I don't understand. Why is your father's name on this file?

Nora: Asa knows. He knows what's happening.

Paige: This isn't your dad's file. Now, this patient is terminal. I mean, take a look here. See? The doctor is Laura Redfield.

Bo: Hmm.

Paige: I mean, she's an oncologist. This -- this is a mistake.

Nora: No, see, Asa told me that he -- that son of a --

Bo: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Nora: Oh, that old weasel!

Paige: This is very macabre. I mean, how or why -- why would he do something like this?

Nora: He told us to remarry and raise Matthew in our new home!

Bo: Oh, brother.

Nora: Oh, it was his dying wish. Oh, I'll give him a dying wish -- I'll kill him!


Tico: You've obviously read "The Sun"?

Kevin: "Brooks-Buchanan -- bigger bang for your bribe." Todd went over the line this time. I've already got my lawyers on it.

Tico: Well, unless we get a judge to shut down "The Sun" immediately, that won't help next week's election.

Kevin: I'll take care of Manning, don't worry.

Tico: It's a pity Judge Hernandez can't help us this time.

Kevin: Yeah, that was very strange how her car went off the road in broad daylight like that.

Tico: Yeah, well, things happen, Kevin, even to good people. And she certainly was good to you -- giving you sole custody of your son.

Kevin: Right, after you talked to her. Frankly, I was always worried she was going to say something about that.

Tico: Yeah, I was, too, but now she can't. Accidents happen.

Kevin: Please tell me you had nothing to do with that.

Tico: Of course not, Kevin. It was a lucky coincidence. Well, not so lucky for Judge Hernandez, I suppose.

Kevin: Excuse me. What the hell are you doing?


Rex: Who was that?

Jen: That was Paul. He did it. He put the tape on the internet.

Rex: No, no -- but you said that you cut the thing up into --

Jen: He had a copy. Oh, my god, my mom is going to flip out!

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa. He's bluffing, ok? He's just trying to freak you out.

Jen: What if you're wrong?

Rex: There's only one way to find out. Where's your laptop? At the cottage?

Lindsay: You told me that you were going to erase that tape. You told me you would never let anybody see it!

Rex: No, no, no, no, I didn't.

Lindsay: How could you?

Rex: I didn't, I swear --

Lindsay: I hate you!

Rex: I did not do it!

Lindsay: I hate you!

R.J.: Lindsay, easy, easy!

Rex: He must've stolen it, ok?

Lindsay: That was private! How could you do that to me?

R.J.: What the hell have you done now?


Natalie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who was on the phone? What was that about? You said something about "Lindsay loves Llanview." Why?

Paul: No, no. I said "Lindsay does Llanview," hmm? You should check it out. It's the hottest thing on the internet. You might recognize some faces.

Natalie: No -- no! No!

Paul: Come on!

Natalie: No!

Paul: You like it, don't you? Oh, no. No way, huh? You want to play rough? That's fine. I can do that, huh? Oh, yeah, mm-hmm. Come here, baby. Come here, baby.

Natalie: Stop it, you bastard!


Daniel: Oh, hey. Hey, Evangeline, have you seen Nora?

Evangeline: Oh, she's in with Bo.

Daniel: Why aren't I surprised?

Bo: Yeah.

Nora: Yeah, that's very funny. That's very, very funny.

Bo: No, no, no, Nora --

Nora: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Bo: Nora, come on. Look, if it weren't for the fact that you fell for it, you know, that just means that you're really --

Nora: Gullible. Really, really gullible.

Paige: No, you know what? This is -- uh -- this is fascinating and disturbing, as well. I'm -- I'm going to find out how he falsified this file. I will get to the bottom of that.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Paige: But has your dad been after the two of you to get back together for long?

Nora: Ages.

Bo: The old deathbed-wish ploy. Got to hand it to him. But --

Nora: Oh.

Bo: What the heck? Let's -- let's give it to him.

Nora: Give what to him?

Bo: Let's grant him his dying wish.

Nora: Get married?

Bo: Well, you know -- but, yeah. Yeah, come on. I think it'd be kind of fun.

Nora: You know, it might be kind of fun. As a matter of fact, it might be a lot of fun. Then we'll see who's laughing at the end of it all.


Dorian: Well, I most certainly was not eavesdropping.

Kevin: Well, then what were you doing?

Dorian: I decided I did indeed want to stay and play with Ace.

Kevin: Oh.

Dorian: Then I thought, well, if I could get Augustico's attention, I'd like to have a word with him.

Viki: Look who I found on the doorstep.

Kevin: Duke. Son, am I glad to see you.

Duke: I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Viki: No, not at all.

Tico: How are you, Duke?

Duke: Fine, thank you, sir. Mrs. Lord.

Dorian: Hello, Duke.

Duke: Uh -- dad, you got a minute?

Kevin: Absolutely. Excuse me.

Kevin: Listen, I felt bad about our disagreement last night. I hope you're here to talk things out.

Duke: You felt bad? You know what? Nothing's changed on my side, so if you still want to try to control me by threatening to not pay for school, you know, dad, go for it. Do whatever you want. I don't care. I just came by to tell you that I've moved up my flight. I'm leaving early, in about an hour, and I'm staying through all of fall break.

Kevin: Whoa, what about the election? I need you here right now by my side for the final push of the campaign. Look, people need to see me as a family man with my children --

Duke: Is that all you care about? I mean, winning this stupid election? What about how I feel? What about the fact that I cannot even be around you anymore?

Kevin: Duke --

Duke: I mean, doesn't your son matter just a little bit?

Kevin: Of course you matter! Why do you think I brought you here and put you in school in the -- you listen to me. You had damn well better be back here by Halloween at the latest. Is that understood?


R.J.: Come on.

Rex: Look, I'm telling you, I did not put that tape on the web, ok?

R.J.: Get out.

Jen: He's telling you the truth! Let him go!

Jen: Mom, I'm so sorry.

Lindsay: One of my artists told -- told me about -- told me about this website. And I didn't believe him! But I saw it. I saw it with my own eyes.

R.J.: If there's anything I can do, just name it.

Lindsay: There's nothing you can do. My life is over.


Natalie: I'm not going to let you do this! You're going to have to kill me first!

Paul: Oh, I don't think you got much of a choice. Aah! God!

Paul: Natalie? Natalie!


R.J.: Here, just try to relax.

Rex: Look, Lindsay, it's -- it's not as bad as you think. You were totally hot on the video.

Jen: Shut up, rex!

Rex: The camera was --

R.J.: Balsom, that's enough. Come on, just -- just get out.

Jen: I tried to stop Paul. I did. I'm so sorry.


Bo: Are you ready to teach the old man a lesson he'll never forget?

Nora: Oh, I am so ready to teach that man a lesson he will never, ever forget, and I shall have a great time doing it. All righty, then. Come on, sir, let's go have some coffee right now!

Daniel: Sure.


Viki: Dorian. Ace is actually having a little nap, but you're more than welcome to go and sit with him if you want to. Of course, that's not really why you stayed, is it? Excuse me.

Tico: Dorian, you said you wanted to speak to me?

Dorian: Yes, Augustico. I am very concerned about the hostility between you and Antonio. Adriana cares about both of you very much.

Tico: Well, I love her very much.

Dorian: As her mother, I don't want her caught in the middle of her two brothers' battles.

Tico: Yeah, well, I would never let that happen. I can't speak for Antonio, however, and, frankly, I'm starting to believe that he's out to become the head of the Santi crime family.

Dorian: Isn't that funny? He thinks the same thing about you.

Tico: Well, he's obviously trying to deflect suspicion from himself.

Dorian: Or you are from yourself?

Tico: Dorian, all I can do is try to continue to live my life as openly and honestly as possible and hope that people will see me for who I truly am. I thought you were one of those people.

Dorian: I sincerely hope that neither you or Antonio is anything like your father. But until I'm quite certain of that, I want both of you to stay away from Adriana.

Kevin: Listen, Duke, I understand that we have differences, and I want to work them out. I do. But right now this election is very important, and I'm not going to let you go off to Texas and ruin things by being a spoiled brat.

Duke: That's what you think this is about?

Kevin: I don't know what it's about! I'm fighting to become Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania here! I actually think that I can help the people of this state! The least you could do is put your problems with me aside and help out with the final days of the campaign. That's all I'm asking. I want you back here by the 31st. Are we clear?

Duke: Yeah. You know what? Don't forget what I said. I will put myself through school.

Viki: Kevin, honey, Mark's here.

Kevin: What?

Viki: Our photographer from "The Banner"?

Kevin: Oh, thanks. Yeah, ok.

Viki: Is everything all right?

Kevin: It's fine.


Paul: Well. At least you're still alive, sweetie.

Paul: You got what you want -- I'm going to head to the airport. I can't take this with me, so think of it as a souvenir, huh?

Paul: We could've been so good together.


Adriana: Duke! Hey.

Duke: What are you doing here?

Adriana: I was worried after you called and told me what your father said.

Duke: Oh, forget him.

Adriana: Don't you think if you stay in Houston past the election, it's just going to make things worse?

Duke: Am I supposed to just come running because he told me to?

Adriana: I don't know. But I do know that if you both stay angry and stubborn, never giving an inch, you may lose your father.

Duke: Listen, I need to go be with my mom. I mean, maybe after I talk to her, I'll start to understand my dad a little better.

Adriana: Ok. Well, good luck. I'll be thinking of you.

Duke: Me, too. I -- I have to -- to the, um --

Adriana: Plane.

Duke: Yeah.

Adriana: Yeah.

Duke: I'll see you soon.


Evangeline: Hey, John. It's me. I got a surprise for you, and I cannot wait to give it to you.


Rex: You know how to handle this kind of thing. Just meet me there, ok?


R.J.: Lindsay, this will all blow over. Don't worry. Cramer will regret having messed with you.

Lindsay: Oh, I'm going to make sure of that.

Jen: No, I am -- right now.

Lindsay: Jen -- Jen --

R.J.: This time Cramer has crossed the line. I'll have to take care of him myself.


Dorian: Kelly, please. Just don't worry about it. I know. I can promise you I'm going to handle this. Paul is not going to bother you or anyone else ever again. I love you.

Kevin: I just told you that I gave Paul a pile of money to leave Llanview forever.

Dorian: And I told you giving him money is just going to whet his appetite for more. He's going to be back. Kevin -- if you won't help me stop Paul once and for all, fine. I'll do it all by myself.

Tico: Where's Duke?

Kevin: He's probably on a plane already. He went to Texas to visit his mother. Don't worry. He'll be back before the election.

Tico: Kevin, it's vital for your entire family to show their support during your campaign. It's the only way you're going to combat the daily --

Kevin: I know, ok? I know.

Tico: Well, are there any more surprises that can hurt the election?

Kevin: No, nothing. I'll take care of things.

Tico: Mr. Dawes? It's Tico Santi. Oh, bad news -- Kevin's son has turned his back on his father, and that could hurt us in the election. No, no. The results for next Tuesday will be the same. Kevin will be elected Lieutenant Governor, and then he'll quickly get a promotion. Yes, I guess "Governor Buchanan" does have a nice ring to it. And my newfound brother, Antonio, will be the one who will make it all happen.


[Phone rings]

Paul: Hello? Really? Well, I guess I'll have to head back to Llanview, then. All right, I'll see you then.


On the next "One Life To Live" --

John: If you're willing to tell a lawyer what you know, maybe you're ready to tell a cop.

Marcie: What if Paul tries to come back?

Jen: No. I'm ready to deal with Paul.

Kelly: I have to find her. I have to give Ace back.

Paul: I'm willing to sell you her name right here, right now.

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