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One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/22/04

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By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Marcie: I don't see Jen. She was supposed to meet us here, right?

Michael: Yeah. She's probably just running late.

Marcie: Oh, you know, I think I’m going to call her anyway.

Michael: I don't think your best friend's going to miss your birthday.

Marcie: We do have a lot to celebrate, don't we?

Michael: Yeah, especially your new book.

Marcie: No, no, no, no! Don't jinx it, ok? "The Killing Club" -- it's not even published yet.

Michael: It's going to be.

Marcie: Can you believe that I'm going to be an author? And in less than a month, when the Love Center finally goes up, I'm going to graduate. Finally, thank God. You know, but the best thing out of this all -- do you know what it is?

Michael: What?

Marcie: That you got to know Eric better.

Michael: Yeah. He's actually a good guy.

Marcie: I think it's so great that you understand, you know, that he's just a regular guy, and that he wants to marry the man that he loves. Thank you.

Michael: For what?

Marcie: For always making me happy.

Michael: Um -- I have a surprise for you tonight, and --

Marcie: You do?

Michael: Yeah -- and I -- I think -- well, at least I hope that it's going to make you very, very happy.

Marcie: Well? What is it?

Michael: You should go and call Jen.

Marcie: Oh, -- you can't do that to me! That is so cruel! All right. Fine, all right? I will go, but it better be a very good surprise.

Paul: It's not nice to make promises you're not going to keep, Jen, huh? Didn't your mama ever teach you that?

Jen: Leave me alone.

Paul: Oh, wait -- no, I'm so sorry. She was too busy making porn videos to give you any motherly advice. Do you really think you could steal that tape of her and Rex doing it and just walk out on me?

Jen: No, that's not what happened. You got drunk and you passed out!

Paul: Oh, I take promises very serious, Jen! Ask Kelly, she'll tell you!

Jen: What are you talking about? God, you reek of alcohol. Do you drink all the time?

Paul: I risked everything for her. I kept my promises, and nobody appreciates it!

John: So you're the reason this place is crawling with photographers.

Kevin: Yeah. Afraid so.

John: Just a regular-guy candidate working out with the common man. You'll be at your ranch with a chain saw before long.

Kevin: You can't fault me for wanting to stay healthy for the people I plan to serve. Huh. Glad I ran into you. Before you make your choice on Election Day, I thought you should know that Governor Brooks and I are pushing for budget increases for local law enforcement.

John: Yeah, good luck with that one.

Kevin: Well, we want to help you guys any way we can. I want slime like Paul Cramer off the street, away from my sister.

John: Yeah, she's been pretty worked up about that.

Kevin: Well, it's gone way beyond that. She's even threatening the guy. Listen, I was hoping maybe you could sit her down, give her a little talk, you know?

John: I get it. Natalie gets into trouble, bad press for you, no good for your campaign.

Kelly: Hey.

Natalie: Kelly, hi! Can I get you something?

Kelly: No. Actually, I wanted to talk to you.

Natalie: Something wrong?

Kelly: It's about Paul. I'm scared. I don't know what he's going to try to do next.

Natalie: I don't really know what you're asking, but if it were me, I wouldn't even walk two feet for a bucket of water if he were on fire.

Kelly: I understand, but I was just hoping that you could do me a favor and -- and maybe talk to him, see if you can get him to leave Llanview? I know he loved you, and he probably still does in his own way. If you could just try, I would really appreciate it. You don't know what I have to lose.

Natalie: Why? I mean, what is Paul doing to you?

Dorian: Kelly can't lose Ace. This time it could destroy her. I am not going to let Paul take that baby away from her.

David: Do you buy his story?

Dorian: No. He's a liar! He didn't steal that baby away from some grief-stricken mother. No. I'm going to put an end to his threats once and for all. I'll see you later, sweetheart.

David: Wait a minute. You aren't, by any chance, going out to kill Paul, are you?

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Tico: If you're going to make accusations, come to me. Leave my wife out of it.

Antonio: Jessica has a right to know what you are.

Tico: Well, she didn't believe a word of your lies.

Antonio: She'll figure it out.

Tico: Jessica says you have some letter from our father.

Antonio: Yeah, he actually wrote it the night before he was murdered. He said he chose me over you to take over the family.

Jen: You did something for Kelly?

Paul: Oh, yeah, I did something major, and never asked for anything in return.

Jen: What did you do?

Paul: You know what I tried to do? I tried to be a good brother. What did I get, huh? I got a family who hates me! Kevin Buchanan wants to run me out of town! And Natalie? Well, I thought she cared about me, so you know what? I don't want to hear any grief from you.

Jen: We've already been through this -- you passed out. What was I supposed to do, just wait all night for you to wake up?

Paul: Oh, baby, I'm awake now, huh?

Jen: Wait -- somebody might walk in.

Paul: Oh, we'll go up to your room, huh?

[Knock on door]

Paul: Oh, you're not going to answer that.

Jen: Wait, listen -- it's probably Marcie. It's her birthday! I'm supposed to be at her party right now!

Paul: It's ok! You're not going to make it. We're going to have a party of our own right here, right now, baby.

Dorian: No, I'm not going to kill Paul. I'm just going to scare the hell out of him. It's the least he deserves. He made Kelly hysterical with that ridiculous lie of his.

David: What if he's telling the truth?

Dorian: He's not! I mean, he -- please! He just needs money, that's all! He's desperate, as usual. Goodness knows what he's gotten himself into, and he doesn't care if he destroys Kelly while saving himself. David, I really wish you were in this with me. Fine. Well, with you or without you, I'm going to do whatever I have to.

David: Come here a second. Come here.

Dorian: But --

David: I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on you. I remember what you were wearing -- bright orange, prison polyester.

Dorian: The visiting room at Statesville Prison.

David: The moment I saw you, the security guards and cinderblock walls just faded away, and all I saw was you. It was the most romantic moment of my life.

Dorian: Oh.

David: But if you walk out of here all wound up the way you are, you are going to wind up back in prison.

Dorian: I know what I'm doing.

David: No, you don’t. You're too emotional. Do you realize that you're about to walk out of this house with a gun that's registered in your name? Let me handle this.

Dorian: How?

David: I'll think of something. Now, give me the gun.

Dorian: Come on. I mean, I -- you're right, but, I mean, I -- it would've, you know, occurred to me that, of course, I could not possibly go around threatening Paul with a gun that was registered to me.

Tico: Well, I'm glad that it was so clear to our father that you were the right choice to take over the family. It must've been obvious that only you were cold enough and cruel enough for the job.

Antonio: Except that it was you that really wanted it. You said it was your birthright. When our father didn't let that happen, you killed him, too.

Tico: That's nonsense, and the rest of that letter is pure fantasy. I have no interest in his filthy world.

Antonio: Really? Hmm. Why did you fly from Madrid to Puerto Rico the night before he was murdered?

Tico: What are you talking about?

Antonio: The airport surveillance tapes. You're slipping, Tico.

Tico: You know, I think that you need to take a good look at yourself, Antonio. You seem so proud that our father wanted you to lead his gang of thieves and killers. No wonder Jessica turned to me. And that's what this is really all about. Right? You're determined to get rid of me because you can't sleep at night knowing that Jessica is in my bed.

Kevin: My sister. Don't question my motives. I thought you might have some influence on Natalie, that's all. Sorry I brought it up. From what I've heard, you didn't treat her very well, anyway.

John: Natalie's my friend and I care about what happens to her.

Kevin: Well, if that's true, then I would think you'd want Paul Cramer out of her life as much as I do.

John: I'm trying to work out what angle Cramer’s working. I thought maybe it had something to do with your ex-wife. She was involved when -- when he disappeared a couple months ago.

Kevin: What are you asking me, John?

John: Cramer's burned every bridge he has in this town, and yet still he sticks around. What's in it for him?

Kevin: How would I know?

John: Well, you are his brother-in-law.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I don't want anything to do with him. Neither does Kelly. See you around.

John: Yeah, see you around.

Natalie: Sorry about that.

Kelly: That's ok. I know you have to work.

Natalie: So, what's going on with Paul?

Kelly: He's been making threats against me and my family. I'm just really worried about the baby. I knew I should never have trusted him.

Natalie: Yeah, well, Paul seems to be very shady. In fact, I think that's kind of one of the reasons I liked him.

Kelly: I know people tried to warn you.

Natalie: Yep. And the more they tried to warn me, the more I tried to fall for him. Of course, it turns out that it was really all about my feelings for someone else.

Kelly: Must've been such a shock to lose Cristian.

Natalie: Yeah. I handled that one well.

Kelly: As well as you could, I think, under the circumstances. I'm just sorry you had to meet my brother when you did.

Natalie: My eyes were open.

Kelly: You were good for him, though. No, no, no, no, I'm serious. I mean, he wanted to be better when he was with you. Since the breakup, though, I've seen him and he's worse than ever.

Natalie: Honestly, Kelly, I really don't think it has anything to do with the breakup, ok? He keeps saying that he feels like he's wronged about something, and talking about some sort of family secret?

Kelly: Do you know what?

Natalie: No. But it's strange, because every time he's drunk, he goes ranting on about you and Kevin. Is that why you want Paul to leave town?

Jessica: Strange.

Antonio: The only thing I'm concerned about is Jessica’s safety. Got something you might want to see.

Tico: And I suppose you're going to tell me what it is.

Antonio: It's a list of people, very important people all over the world. It gave El Toro leverage. It's how he ran a multibillion-dollar smuggling ring, never even got a ticket. Why am I telling you? You already know this. You've been looking for this.

Tico: Why would I be? I don't want to follow in our father's footsteps, remember? My life is perfect. My beautiful new wife is waiting for me at home. And when Jessica and I are together -- well, we have everything we could possibly ever want or ever need.

Antonio: It might take me a little longer, but I'm going to break you the same way. Now, get out of here.

Paul: Come on, Jen, huh? I'm not a bad guy. I've just had some bad luck, huh?

Jen: I never said that you were.

Paul: Well, you might even like this, huh?

Jen: Please, no --

Paul: You never know until you try.

Jen: Please, wait -- wait, Paul -- stop! Stop!

Marcie: What are you doing? Get the hell away from -- get out of this house! Get out!

Paul: We're not done yet!

Jen: I was supposed to be at your party.

Marcie: Oh, forget about that. Are you all right?

Jen: Marcie --

Marcie: It's ok, Jen. It's going to be ok.

Kelly: I have no idea what Paul was talking about, but I'm sure he was lying.

Paul: I stole Ace for you, Kelly.

Kelly: You got him from a homeless person. That was what you told me.

Paul: Well, I lied. I know exactly who the mother is, where to find her.

Kelly: He'll say anything. He -- he has to be lying. It can't be true.

Natalie: What? What can't be true?

Kelly: I just really need your help.

Natalie: Well, look, Kelly, I mean, I'll talk to him, but I can't guarantee it'll do any good.

Kelly: Thank you, thank you. That's -- that's all I want. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. Will you call me?

Natalie: Yeah, sure.

Kelly: Ok. I'll let you get back to work.

Natalie: Bye.

Kelly: Bye.

John: Hey. You doing better?

Natalie: Relatively.

John: What were you talking to Kelly about?

Natalie: Oh -- um -- she just -- she just needed some support -- you know, the divorce, the baby. I guess everybody needs a little extra help these days, huh?

John: Everybody needs help sometimes.

Natalie: Look, John --

John: You don't have to explain, and you sure as hell don't have to apologize.

Natalie: Well, I'm going to anyway. Um -- it was stupid. I was stupid for kissing you like that.

John: Natalie, it's all right.

Natalie: I just haven't --

John: I know.

Natalie: I've --

John: You told me.

Natalie: Yeah.

John: You haven't been sleeping, right?

Natalie: Yeah. When I do, it's like my dreams, I feel alone. And it's like everything I do -- if I do something, it's wrong. If I don't do anything, it's wrong, too.

John: You just got to hang in there, kid.

Natalie: I have no choice. Anyway -- um -- I will stay away from Jen.

John: And Cramer?

Natalie: Yeah, definitely. Paul -- he's -- he's definitely someone I'll stay away from.

John: Good. Whatever this kid pulls next, I don't want you anywhere near it.

Natalie: Don't worry about it. No way am I going to let Paul hurt me.

David: Good workout, Kevin?

Kevin: How'd you find me?

David: Oh, it's on your official schedule -- the one that the campaign headquarters gives to the media.

Kevin: What do you want, David?

David: Well, I have some rather unpleasant news for you, and, unfortunately, it's not about your mediocre golf swing.

Kevin: Ok, what is it? Come on.

David: Paul finally decided to come clean with Kelly about where he got Ace.

Kevin: What?

David: He claims that Ace's biological mother did not give him up willingly, and now she wants her baby back.

 [Knock on door]

Antonio: Who is it?

Dorian: Antonio, it's Dorian.

Antonio: We need to stop meeting like this.

Dorian: May I come in?

Antonio: Please.

Dorian: Thank you. Oh. Nice space. Oh -- did it occur to you that that money you took out of your father's safe-deposit box might be marked?

Antonio: It occurred to me.

Dorian: So, it must've also occurred to you that I might get arrested if I tried to spend the money? But did you consider that perhaps I might tell Lieutenant McBain that you were in New York looking for some of your father's hidden assets?

Antonio: Dorian, you can tell John whatever you'd like. I got a feeling he knows where I go and when.

Dorian: I didn't breathe a word about you the entire time I was in custody.

Antonio: Thank you.

Dorian: You're welcome. Now I need you to do me a favor.

Antonio: Shoot.

Dorian: Precisely. I need a gun, any gun, just as long as it can't be traced back to me.

Antonio: What do you need a gun for?

Dorian: Any one of us remotely associated with the Santi family could be in danger -- that means Adriana, me. There are things that I know about Manuel That I have never told a soul. I think I should tell you. Because this search that you're on for your identity, whatever it is -- it has to stop.

Antonio: Why?

Dorian: Because it could get all of us killed. It scares me to go out alone. In fact, he wanted to know where I was every minute of the day -- who I was with, what I was doing.

Antonio: You didn't stand for that, did you?

Dorian: He told me that it was for my own protection, that he didn't want me to meet the same fate as his first wife and child. But, basically, he pretty much cut me off from the rest of the world. But then one night I decided to defy him. He was having his brandy and a cigar, and I announced that I was going to go to the American embassy and meet an old friend. He stopped me at the door, and he burned me with his cigar several times. Well, that made me rethink my plans for the evening, also for my future. I just found out that I was pregnant, so I kept that a secret. I packed my things, and I ran away. For years I've lived in fear that he would find me, find Adriana. When I learned that he was dead, I thought, "Thank God we're finally safe." Only now I'm really afraid that a lot of us are in danger.

Antonio: Why now, Dorian?

Dorian: Because these Santi thugs -- they're all over the place. What if one of these monsters finds Adriana? I suppose I should be grateful that Tico is so protective of her.

Antonio: No, don't let Tico anywhere near her.

Dorian: Do you think he's the one who's taking your father's place in the family? Oh, my God. What about Jessica? What if Tico is abusive to her the same way that your father was to me?

Jessica: Hi!

Tico: Hi.

Jessica: What's wrong?

Tico: Nothing.

Jessica: Well, where were you? I've been waiting for you.

Tico: A meeting. It ran a little over schedule. I'm sorry.

Jessica: Wow. Well, from the way you look, it didn't go the way you hoped. What happened?

Tico: Oh, God, so many questions, Jessica. But being that you're a journalist, I guess I should expect that.

Jessica: No, I think being that I'm your wife, you should expect that.

Kevin: You're lying to me.

David: How could I conceivably benefit from this, Kevin? I'm trying to clue you in.

Kevin: Does Paul have any proof?

David: No, Paul doesn't have any proof. But would you put it past him to steal a baby? And if Ace's real mother is out there looking for him -- look, it would kill Kelly to have to give that baby up for good.

Kevin: Ok, you know what? I don't care what Paul says. No one is going to take him seriously.

David: Maybe not, but the media will jump all over the story.

Kevin: Well, then I'll have to keep him away from the media till after the election. I'll have to figure out a way to shut him down permanently. I assume that I don't have to tell you what will happen if you don't keep a lid on this?

David: You just worry about Paul blabbering. If necessary, wire his jaw shut, because if you don't, I will.

Paul's voice: I need some money, and I need it right now.

Kelly's voice: You told me that you got Ace from a homeless woman, that you didn't even know her name! That -- that she didn't want the baby!

Paul's voice: I lied, all right? Of course she wants the baby. She misses him like hell. She's out there right now looking for him.

Paul: Hey, bartender, let me get a shot of tequila. Now.

Natalie: Paul?

Paul: Oh, hey. Listen, I really need a drink, all right?

Natalie: Ahem. John is standing right over there. Can you just wait for me outside and be cool?

Paul: Oh, come on, Natalie. I'm starting to lose my buzz, huh?

Natalie: I need to talk to you.

Paul: No, no. You need to sucker-punch me again, right?

Natalie: Trust me, that would make me feel a lot better, but, no, you're not worth going to jail over. So are you going to wait outside or not?

Paul: Natalie, what do you want, hmm?

Natalie: Nothing. I just need to talk to you. John can't see us walk out together. I mean, he's going to follow us, so are you going to go? Please, get out of here?

John: Hey, how we doing, kids?

Paul: Doing just fine. I'm leaving.

Singer: But I don't care if you leave me

John: So, what'd you say to him?

Natalie: Nothing. I just politely suggested that it'd be better for both of us if he found somewhere else to drink, that's all.

John: And?

Natalie: And he listened for a change.

Dorian: Antonio, we are talking about a woman who until recently you professed to love. Are you telling me you're not at all concerned about her safety?

Antonio: I can't protect her, Dorian.

Dorian: I don't -- I don't understand how you can turn your feelings off so quickly. Though, I did wonder if the reason that you could turn your back on your family and your career was that you had decided to take your father's place in the family.

Antonio: I can't stop what's already been started.

Dorian: Please? I beg of you. Back off before it's too late.

Antonio: I have to see this through to the end.

Dorian: Meaning what?

Antonio: Meaning I can't let El Tiburon go on.

Dorian: Well, if you're going to escalate the violence, the least you can do is get me a gun.

Antonio: I can't make any promises.

Tico: I've upset you. I'm sorry, Jessica. That's what I was trying to avoid. That's why I didn't want to tell you.

Jessica: Tell me what?

Tico: That I just came back from Antonio’s.

Jessica: What happened?

Tico: I warned him not to come here and bother you again.

Jessica: It'd explain your new mood. Huh.

Tico: Forgive me.

Jessica: I do. I tried to go out looking for you, though. I asked Bertram where you were, and he refused to tell me.

Tico: Well, that's because Bertram protects my privacy, Jessica.

Jessica: I -- I wanted to surprise you, though, maybe go out -- I don't know -- somewhere for dinner? We've just been home almost every night since our wedding. Don't you want to go out?

Tico: No, there's nothing that I'd like more. It's just that work has been -- I've just been so caught up with work. But soon things will settle down, and then I will take you around the world if you want.

Jessica: Well, The Palace for dinner would be just fine.

Tico: Well, anything you like. And I'm sorry again about my mood before. You've made me happier than I ever thought possible. I only wish I could show you how much I love you in every way.

Michael: So how's Evangeline doing?

John: A little more shook-up than she's willing to admit.

Michael: Yeah, well, you know, getting attacked like that would do it to just about anybody. I still can't believe that a total stranger would attack her like that just because she's black.

John: She told me things like that had happened before, just never got violent. Nothing will keep her down long, though. She -- she stayed with me for a few days.

Michael: Really? How was that?

John: Except for the circumstances, I think I could get used to it.

Natalie: Can I get a break now?

Mac: You ok, Natalie?

Natalie: Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be back.

Mac: Ok.

Michael: Man, I wish Marcie would hurry up and get back here. You know, she always has such an interesting perspective on things, you know?

John: What am I, chopped liver?

Michael: Oh, sensitive, huh? You know, it -- it's like even if I didn't pass my boards, right, and I didn't ever become a doctor, but at least I have the thing that's most important to me. Ok. I might as well tell you. I'm going all the way big-time for Marcie’s birthday.

John: Yeah? What'd you get her? Is that what I think it is?

Michael: It's what you think it is. I'm going to ask Marcie to marry me.

Marcie: You've got to let me call John!

Jen: No, I don't want the police involved.

Marcie: Paul attacked you!

Jen: No, I did this myself! I did something really stupid.

Marcie: Well -- well, then just tell me what's going on, ok?

Jen: Riley and I broke up.

Marcie: What?

Jen: He -- he caught me coming out of Paul’s motel room. I didn't do anything, I didn't sleep with him, but it looked really bad.

Marcie: Well, then what did happen?

Jen: I explained it to Riley. It's really complicated, but --

Marcie: But what? What? He didn't -- he didn't believe you?

Jen: He did, but he was mad because I didn't come to him instead of trying to fix it myself, and he's right. That's what I should've done.

Marcie: No, listen, he probably just needs some time to cool off, that's all. All right, I'm sure that you two can work this out.

Jen: No. Riley deserves somebody who's not a total screw-up.

Marcie: You're not a total screw-up, Jen!

Jen: No, he shouldn't waste his time, because I'm just going to mess things up.

Marcie: No, you are not! When is Riley coming back from out of town?

Jen: Tomorrow.

Marcie: All right. You know, I bet that he wishes he could talk to you about this right now. Why don't you just go give him a call?

Jen: He's already left three messages. I can't call him back.

Marcie: Why not?

Jen: Because he's figured it out by now -- I'm damaged goods, and I'm never going to change.

Marcie: Jen? Jen? I want you to tell me what Paul did to you! What did he do that made you feel so worthless?

Paul: You want some?

Natalie: No.

Paul: Didn't think you were going to show.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I'm here.

Paul: Natalie, remember? We were so good together, huh?

Natalie: All right, look, Paul, I did not come here for you to grope on me. I came here to talk about Kelly.

Paul: Kelly? What about her?

Natalie: She wants you to leave her alone, Paul. I mean, don't you think her life is miserable enough without you making it worse?

Paul: Oh, wait a minute, me? Me? I care about Kelly, ok? I mean, I was the one that she came to when her life was in the garbage. All right, when she couldn't go to the scum of her husband, I was the one that went out and got her what she wanted more than anything.

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Paul: Oh, but she -- and she blamed me -- she blamed me. Everybody blames me. You know, I probably should've told you this earlier, you might be on my side right now. I'm not the bad guy here, Natalie. I was just trying to help.

Natalie: Help Kelly? Paul, come -- all right, what did you do to help Kelly? Come on, tell me!

Jessica: I'm not ready yet. I just thought that we could go out together. I still need to feel more comfortable. I'm sorry.

Tico: Well, then I'll plan a special evening very soon.

Jessica: Can't we just get away from Lion's Heart -- I don't know -- go somewhere we've never been before? You don't have to do anything. I'll plan everything, surprise you.

Tico: No -- no, that won't be necessary. I'll arrange everything and we'll have a wonderful time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to finish. I'll see you later.

David: You obviously haven't thought about Kelly for one second, Kevin. Because if you had, you'd realize that, unlike you, she has a heart. And if Paul Cramer is telling the truth about Ace's mother wanting him back, there's no way that Kelly will be able to prevent her from taking him.

Kevin: What's going on? What, Kelly all of a sudden made you her protector? Huh?

David: I'm not her protector. I care about her. She's practically family.

Kevin: Right, she's family. You both live in the same house; you see each other every day in the same house with your fiancée. How is it, having your fiancée and your girlfriend in the same -- or is that the way you like it?

David: You shut the hell up!

Michael: So what do you think?

John: I think it's great, Michael. Congratulations.

Michael: Well, don't congratulate me yet. She -- she hasn't said yes.

[Phone rings]

John: She will. Excuse me. McBain. What? I'll be right there. I'll be right -- I got it.

Michael: What's up?

John: I -- I think we got a lead on the guy that attacked Evangeline.

Michael: Oh, you -- you need me to come down to the station and do a lineup?

John: We might. I'll let you know. Hey -- you concentrate on that. Good luck with that.

Michael: Yeah, well, you know, if she says yes, maybe you'll give it some thought yourself.

John: Good one, Michael.

Natalie: Well?

Paul: Hmm. You wouldn't understand.

Natalie: You know, that is so typical of you, Paul. You always talk about what a hero you are, a big shot, whatever, and then when it comes down to the details; you always say "No one would understand."

Paul: I helped my sister out. That's -- that's all you really need to know.

Natalie: Helped her how, by blackmailing her? That makes sense.

Paul: You shut your damn mouth.

Natalie: Or what?

Jen: Paul didn't do anything. He just reminded me who I am.

Marcie: No, he didn’t. All he did was make you feel horrible about yourself. Oh, I could just kill him!

Jen: Somebody should, but I don't want you to worry, ok? It's your birthday, it's your party. Just -- please go. Please go and have fun, ok?

Marcie: Jen, who cares about my birthday? Jen -- Jen, don't go.

Dorian: Thank you so much! Do I need to sign anything?

Man: Nope. You're all set.

Dorian: Oh -- wait a minute.

Man: It's ok.

Dorian: For you.

Man: It's all right.

Dorian: Oh. Thank you! Oh.

Kelly: Hi. What's that?

Dorian: Oh, just something they sent over from the hospital -- things for me to review. How are you?

Kelly: I'm fine.

Dorian: Do you want to talk about this situation with Paul?

Kelly: No, no. I'm going to go out for a walk. I need to burn off some energy.

Dorian: Fine. Just don't worry, honey. Believe me, I don't -- I don't think Paul is going to be bothering you anymore.

Kelly: I won't be long.

Dorian: I have the situation under control.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Evangeline: I can't do this if you're not going to be honest with me. You care about Natalie.

Viki: Please, just tell me what's bothering you.

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