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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/19/04

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By Eric
Proofread by Brian

John: Yeah, is Evangeline there? Hey. Stop being tough on my account, all right? Well, then, take your work to my place. You've been through a lot. Ok. I'll see you later.

Rex: Ahem. Well, it's official. I keep my mouth shut about you playing demolition derby with the Love Center property, and I get back 60% ownership of Ultraviolet. Whoo! It feels good to be back. This place was my baby!

R.J.: Well, do not screw up again, or you and your baby will not be growing old together.

Rex: Jen, give us the news.

Jen: Have you seen Riley?

Rex: Yeah.

Jen: I waited up for you. I left you a dozen messages. Just -- I need to explain.

Riley: I caught you coming out of Paul Cramerís motel half-dressed, him calling you back to the bed. What more of an explanation do I need?

Jessica: I didn't realize you were here.

Tico: Hi. Anything interesting?

Jessica: Oh. Well, yeah. Almost the entire front page is about the gubernatorial race. Huh. The coverage is not even remotely balanced. I mean, of course -- of course we favor Kevin, but I'm not even sure all the facts have been checked.

Tico: Let me see.

Jessica: Do you want to go and see a movie tonight?

Tico: I have to meet someone to discuss my family's overseas investments. It could go very late.

Jessica: Well, I know that you told me that you can't get away for a real honeymoon, but maybe, you know, we could go somewhere -- somewhere close by.

Tico: Business is very hectic right now, Jessica. Soon. Are you unhappy here?

Jessica: Not at all. It's just -- it's just that I spend most of my day in this house alone, you know, now that Soniaís moved in with Antonio.

Tico: Does that bother you?

Jessica: She can live anywhere she wants.

Tico: Except here. Sonia's no longer a part of my life.

Sonia: Thank God.

Antonio: What are you doing here?

Sonia: Where have you been?

Antonio: I left some stuff at the motel, so I stayed there.

Sonia: Well, why didn't you call when you got back from New York?

Antonio: You get anything else on why the I.N.L. shot Benicio?

Sonia: Listen, just be glad the whole thing is over, ok? It is over, isn't it? Did you find something in New York?

Antonio: It's hard to say. It's -- what's all this?

Sonia: I had my stuff sent over from Lion's Heart.

Antonio: You're staying here?

Sonia: What, I'm good enough to share your bed in a cheap motel, but not in your home?

Antonio: That's not it.

Sonia: Well, what is it, then? What, are you waiting for Jessica to walk through the door?

 [Dorian sighs]

David: Where are you?

Dorian: Right in here, sweetheart.

David: Hey, you were pretty frisky last night, not to mention this morning.

Dorian: Oh, jewelry always has that effect on me.

David: What jewelry does to you, money does to me. Now, scale of 1 to 10, how certain are you that the Santi safe-deposit box in New York was really empty?

Dorian: 10. After all, what's mine is yours. I wouldn't keep anything from you.

Kelly: Hi.

Dorian: You, both, however, are keeping something from me.

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David: Kelly and I aren't keeping secrets from you.

Kelly: We're not keeping anything from you.

Dorian: Oh, come on. Adriana told me all about it, and I think it's wonderful news. Did you get it in writing?

Kelly: What are you talking about?

Dorian: Adriana told me that Kevin has given you a whole day of visitation with Ace.

Kelly: Oh, yeah, he has! I get a whole day, once a week, unsupervised.

Dorian: Oh, wonderful. I repeat, did you get it in writing?

Kelly: No, he didn't want to go through the lawyers.

David: Yeah, Kevinís trying to muzzle her. Todd wants her to do an exclusive for "The Sun," tell the voting public what a lying, sadistic rat Kevin really is.

Kelly: I don't really care what the reason is as long as I get to spend more time with my son. Maybe Kevinís coming around.

Dorian: Oh, and so convenient, just a few weeks away from the election.

Kelly: You weren't here. Maybe Kevin realizes that Ace needs both of his parents. I don't care, as long as we're making decisions together without fighting.

David: Verdict's in. She's brainwashed.

Dorian: Yeah.

Kelly: David --

Dorian: She must be brainwashed. Why else would you be saying such nice things about Kevin after what he did to you?

Kelly: I'm not going to try and explain this to you.

Dorian: Wait a minute; I really think it's wonderful that you're going to have more time with Ace, truly. And I want to celebrate, so let's go on a shopping spree.

Kelly: A -- oh, I don't know, Dorian --

Dorian: All right, I am not going to take no for an answer, young lady. Grab a jacket. Let's go.

Kelly: Ok, ok.

Dorian: Stores are waiting. I just don't get it.

David: What?

Dorian: How can she say anything nice about Kevin after what he did?

David: Well, Kelly always tries to find the good in people, even if it's not there. Apparently, people have trouble finding the good in us. Kelly seems to find it.

Dorian: David? How do you think Kelly is doing?

David: She seems ok.

Nora: Hi.

Bo: Hey, Matthew.

Matthew: Hello.

Nora: Hey, are we interrupting?

Bo: No, no. Daniel was just leaving.

Daniel: Yeah. The mayor wants Bo to be at a press conference next week.

Nora: Oh. Somebody doesn't like to be on parade.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Bo: Hey, how's school, bud?

Nora: You know, the very thing that I want to know. As a matter of fact, I had a little trouble getting him out of the house for school this morning.

Bo: Is something wrong?

Nora: I think I'm going to leave you to a little father-son time. Come on, Daniel.

Daniel: Sure thing. You know, Nora, Riley missed school once, too -- actually, it was most of his college career.

Nora: Hmm.

Daniel: Hey, look, Matthew will work it out.

Nora: Yeah, well, I certainly hope so. He's too young to drop out.

Daniel: You know, I hope this doesn't do anything about our dinner plans for tonight -- assuming Matthewís ok, of course.

Nora: Thank you for being understanding. I don't like breaking dates with you, I really donít. It's just I --

Daniel: Hey, I know, I know. You're a mother. I get it.

Nora: I'm glad we're seeing each other again.

Daniel: You can thank Bo.

Nora: Yes, he told me you had a talk.

Daniel: Well, actually, I kind of went at him about the fact that you two guys always seem together when you're supposed to be with me.

Nora: Hmm. And he said?

Daniel: Yeah, well, the same thing that you kept trying to tell me, that it was strictly coincidental, and --

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: You know, actually, he made it quite clear. He said that I was nuts to think that the two of you could be anything but just friends.

Nora: Yeah. See?

Waitress: Will that be all?

John: Yeah, maybe with some rice and some plantains, please.

Waitress: Sure.

John: Thank you.

Shannon: This for McBain?

Waitress: Yes, ma'am. Oh, but I'll run your check up. One sec.

John: I know that's not all for you.

Shannon: No, Rex and I happen to be celebrating tonight. He just got Ultraviolet back from R.J. Gannon.

John: Yeah? And how'd he do that?

Shannon: I don't know. I think they, like, worked out a deal or something. What?

John: Be careful, Shannon.

Shannon: Could you please just cut him a break? I mean, Rex happens to have a lot of potential.

John: Potential to wreck your life, yeah.

Shannon: Oh, spare me the lecture, please.

John: I'm not lecturing you. I'm just asking you to be careful. I happen to know you're not as tough as you act.

Shannon: Oh, really? F.Y.I., John -- Rex is good to me.

John: Yeah, well, he better be.

Shannon: If he's not, I give you full permission to arrest him.

John: Believe me, I will. See you later.

[John sighs]

John: Hey.

Natalie: Hey, yourself.

John: May I?

Natalie: Sure. Giving your cousin a hard time?

John: Does it show? Yeah, a little bit.

Natalie: Well, you were right. Rex is definitely in love with Jen, and always will be, and she is only going to get hurt.

John: Mm-hmm. Well, feel free to tell her that next time you see her.

Natalie: Hmm-hmm-hmm. I'm sure she would just laugh at me. I mean, I am the poster girl for taking bad advice and not following the good.

John: Well, look, at least you got wise when it came to Cramer, and you got out of that thing.

Natalie: I don't think wising up was really the hard part. It came to me today. Don't ask how or why. I was just crossing through Angel Square and it hit me -- you were right all along.

John: About what?

Natalie: I needed to grieve for Cristian. And I wasn't doing that at all, so I did just about anything I could to run away from it, including chasing you around like a junior high school kid.

John: Hey, look, don't go putting yourself down like that, all right? We talked about this, all right? There was -- there was two of us involved in that, not just you.

Natalie: When you and I didn't work out -- whether it was bad timing or whatever -- I hooked up with Paul because --

John: What?

Natalie: Because I knew that he would get me in trouble. And that would worry you, make you pay attention. And -- see? Chasing you around in my sick little ways -- that was really, really selfish of me, and I'm very sorry.

Antonio: Jessica's not coming back. She's got a new home with her husband.

Sonia: Still, I know that this place has a past for you. There's a lot of memories. But I'm here now in the present. And we could have a future. You still want me to go?

Antonio: No. No, stay.

Sonia: You know, now that this whole El Tiburon thing is finished, maybe we can finally start to enjoy one another.

Antonio: I found something else in the safe-deposit box in New York City.

Antonio: It's a list of names -- very important people from all over the world.

Sonia: I see.

Antonio: Give me a second here. What do you make of this?

Sonia: Well, my encryption skills are a little bit rusty, but I think I can crack that.

Antonio: Ok. Why don't you get started?

[Antonio sighs]

Jen: I didn't sleep with Paul.

Riley: No. You got undressed, went to his motel to have a little chat.

Jen: No, I just got him there so he could get drunk.

Riley: Why?

Jen: So he wouldn't remember.

Riley: Remember what?

Jen: Whether or not I'd slept with him.

Riley: Oh, that's even a better answer, Jen.

Jen: Ok, he had this tape, and I needed to get it from him.

Riley: A tape of you?

Jen: No, of my mom. Look, this is really embarrassing for me. I know you hate me. I hate myself.

Riley: What was on the tape, Jen?

Jen: Rex and my mom having sex.

[Jen sighs]

Jen: Paul was going to put it on the internet.

Riley: What?

Jen: Yeah, he said that he would give me the tape if I give him a bunch of money because he had this debt. And then he said he was getting the money from somewhere else, but he wouldn't give me the tape unless --

Riley: Unless you slept with him. And you said ok, and you went to his hotel and you took your clothes off.

Jen: That's not what I wanted to do. I didn't even want to go to the motel room.

Riley: But you did!

Natalie: Thanks.

John: You ok?

Natalie: Yeah, I'm fine. I don't know why I blurted all of that out. I just -- I needed a reason. I needed to know why I got hooked up with a dirtbag like Paul in the first place, and I guess now I know.

John: Maybe you shouldn't put all this on yourself. Cramer took advantage of you because he's the idiot. All I really care about is you don't let it happen again.

Natalie: Lieutenant, you don't have to worry about me anymore.

John: I think I'm always going to worry about you. That's not going to change.

Natalie: Thanks.

John: Just do me a favor. Next time you see Cramer coming, maybe cross the other side of the street.

Natalie: What, and run away from my problems? Come on. You know me better than that. Roxy didn't raise a coward.

John: Roxy, yeah. Well, now I'm really worried.

Natalie: Oh, listen, I got to go.

John: Ok.

Natalie: Enjoy your take-out while you're working hard.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: John? Thank you. It's nice to know you care.

Dorian: Hon, it's probably just low blood sugar. We'll get a booth.

Kelly: Oh, Dorian --

Dorian: Come on!

Kelly: Come on, I'm -- I'm tired. I really want to go home.

Dorian: But there's a whole other side of town we haven't covered yet.

Kelly: I don't need anything else! I never thought I'd say that!

Dorian: Since when has that ever stopped a Cramer woman?

Kelly: Huh! Look, I've got a lot of work to do tomorrow for my job.

Dorian: Oh, your job with Viki.

Kelly: Yes. Doing fundraising work for the university is important, and it gets me out of the house. Thank you for everything.

Dorian: You're welcome. Oh.

John: Been shopping, I see.

Dorian: And is that a crime?

John: It all depends.

Jessica: Sonia is your sister, and you can't just cut her out of your life.

Tico: Sonia has not been supportive of our marriage, Jessica. You know that.

Jessica: Well, yeah, I know that Sonia and I don't really get along, but that's no reason to --

Tico: It's done, Jessica. You're all the family I need now.

Jessica: And I'm totally committed to that.

Tico: I know that.

Jessica: I just -- I just want you to know it's not going to take forever. I'll be ready soon to make love.

Tico: I've waited for things my entire life, and my patience has always been rewarded.

Jessica: It's just that everything happened so fast, you know? I wasn't even used to the fact that we were engaged, and then we were married. And -- I don't know, it's just -- this house. I know that you've changed a lot of it, but a lot of really horrible things happened here, and -- maybe if we could just get away somewhere, like a little trip, a beautiful inn?

Tico: I understand how you feel. And I know that in time you will be Mrs. Santi in every way and that you will produce an heir.

Jessica: Hmm. That sounds so old-fashioned.

Tico: Well, I'm very traditional, like you are. We're the same, Jessica. We believe in family above all else. So, I know you understand. I have some old family business to attend to. I'll return later.

Antonio: Whatever's on that disc was important enough for El Tiburon to kill for.

Sonia: I think I got a little piece of it right here. Oh, my God. You realize what this is?

Antonio: My father compiled enough dirt on these people to have every single one of them in his pocket.

Sonia: Judges, generals, politicians -- God, this is the key to the whole Santi organization. Thank God this never got in El Tiburonís hands.

Antonio: I found something else in the safe-deposit box.

Sonia: Your father left it for you? What is it?

Antonio: The reason he was murdered. Money.

Bo: And what would happen if you refused?

Matthew: He says he'll cream us. He's big. He got held back a year.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. That figures. Has he hit anybody yet? Do you remember that movie that we saw? It was a western, where the sheriff got the whole town to stand together against the bad guy?

Matthew: Yeah.

Bo: Ok, do you remember how that ended? When that bad guy realized he could do ok against one guy, but not a whole bunch of guys, all of a sudden he backed off, you know, and they ran him right out of town.

Matthew: Yeah, but I'm not a sheriff.

Bo: No. No, you're not, but I am the Commissioner of Police, which means I can deputize you. And then you can go to school and you can form a posse out of all your little buddies that are sick and tired of being taken advantage of, all right? And then when that bully sees that he's up against all of you, I got a feeling he's going to back off, too.

Matthew: Can we kick him out of school?

Bo: No, no. What you do is you just -- you show him that he's going to lose. I think that'll be enough.

Matthew: Yeah. I could get Jimmy, Jason, and Eddie. That's awesome, dad.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. And when I deputize you, that means you can turn around and you can deputize all of those guys that are propping you up.

Matthew: Sweet!

Nora: I told you, I resolved all of my feelings about Bo years ago, you know? Yes, we have a child, which is major. We have history, obviously. I care about him, but romantically, nothing, not the slightest bit.

Daniel: I heard you the first time.

Nora: Good. Ok.

Matthew: Guess what, mom --

Nora: Hey, what?

Matthew: I'm ready to go back to school. I'm a deputy.

[Nora gasps]

John: You see, there was something besides cash and jewelry taken from your safe. And whatever it was, it belonged to the Santi family.

Dorian: Lieutenant, I hope this is for the last time. There was nothing else in my safe. Besides which, if I did have anything that belonged to my late husband, it would, after all, rightfully, legally be mine.

John: Well, not according to the federal government. Anything Santi had was obtained illegally.

Dorian: I don't have anything of Manuelís. And I don't want his money. It's dirty money.

John: Uh-huh.

Dorian: Excuse me, miss.

Waitress: Yes?

Dorian: Unfortunately, the smallest bill I have is $100. Do you happen to have change?

David: Ah --

[David sighs]

David: Waste of time. Wait a second. What was I thinking? What the -- she changed the combination on me! How subversive. I respect that. I'm no good with numbers! Or buttons. Give me a good old-fashioned tumbler lock any day. If that money is anywhere, it's inside that safe.

[Door opens]

[Kelly sighs]

Kelly: Oh. Hi.

David: Hi.

Kelly: Dorian will be home later.

David: Yeah? How was the shopping spree?

Kelly: It was fabulous! I'm exhausted.

David: Are you parched?

Kelly: Yes, thank you. But it was well worth it. I got this adorable dress. It's so sexy and -- and -- Dorian bought up almost all of Loganís.

David: So you got anything you want to show me?

Kelly: We have to talk about this.

David: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Kelly: I mean, we've been dancing around this whole issue for days now. We're hoping that it's going to go away, but it's not going away. We got to talk about this.

[Doorbell rings]

David: I'll get it.

Kelly: No, no, I'll get it.

David: I can answer a door.

Kelly: I'm closer, I'm closer. Hey!

Jessica: Hey.

Kelly: Jessica -- what are you doing here?

Jessica: Well, I thought that maybe you and I could hit up a nice restaurant. You know, like we used to do?

Kelly: Oh --

Jessica: I'm sorry. Did I come at a bad time?

Kelly: No, actually, you came at a perfect time.

Antonio: He had me watched for years. Tico, too. "I watched both my boys grow to be men."

Sonia: You know, Antonio, maybe he had some investigating done, but there's -- there's no way --

Antonio: Listen. "Tico had every opportunity, every privilege. When I visited him in Spain, he said he was ready. He wanted to take over the family whenever I decided to step aside. He said it was his birthright. But he's weak with no heart, no sense of loyalty, no core. So I've ordered him to Puerto Rico. I will leave New York in the morning, fly down there and tell him to his face -- he will have nothing."

Sonia: That is Manuelís handwriting. Oh, my God. This letter was written on --

Antonio: April 21, this year.

Sonia: It's the day before El Toro was gunned down in San Juan.

Antonio: By his son Tico.

Rex: I'm thinking of remodeling, giving the place a shot in the arm, you know?

R.J.: Were I you, I would focus on making my mortgage payments on time.

Rex: Relax. I'm talking long-term. I will not make the same mistake I made before.

R.J.: I'll be seeing you.

Shannon: Are you sure you want to be in business with a guy like that?

Rex: Oh, I can handle R.J.

Shannon: Right. Well, I got you a present.

Rex: Mm-hmm?

Shannon: Mm-hmm. I left it at the shack. I'll be back in a few.

Singer: Hey, hey, hey

[Jen sighs]

Jen: Look, I was worried about my mom. She's great now, but if this had happened, it might have just pushed her right over the edge.

Riley: Well, nothing's going to happen, is it, because you worked out everything.

Jen: Oh God, Riley, please, I was not planning on sleeping with Paul. I just wanted to get him drunk so he wouldn't remember anything.

Riley: What, you never used to lie to me, all right? I mean, one shot, I become Joe Buchanan or Cristian.

Jen: Oh, no! God, no!

Riley: Why didn't you come to me when he was blackmailing you? My dad's the D.A. for God's sake.

Jen: I don't know! I was just --

Riley: What happened to us? We were strong for each other. You stopped drinking; I stopped using. What the hell happened?

Jen: I don't know. I was in trouble, and I did the best I could, and I should have been stronger, but I always mess everything up!

Riley: I'm out of here. I just need time to think. I'll find you.

Jen: No, you wonít.

Sonia: How could I not have seen this?

Antonio: Love is blind sometimes.

Sonia: Well, it shouldn't be. What else is in that letter?

Antonio: Manny wanted me to succeed him. He saw himself in me. He wanted me to run the organization.

Sonia: Probably told Tico that that day in San Juan.

Antonio: Probably.

Sonia: He's hated you ever since.

Antonio: He wanted me to take control. He wanted to be there at the hand-over to tell everyone to follow only me. "It is your destiny. You are my son. Follow in my footsteps." I'll be back.

Sonia: Where -- where -- where are you going?

Nora: Matthew's very excited about going to school tomorrow.

Bo: Good.

Nora: He's at home making a lot of phone calls, rounding up a posse. I told Marianne to limit it to 20 calls.

Bo: That's good because you don't want a posse that's too big.

Nora: Yeah, there you go. And whatever you said to Daniel worked, too.

Bo: What do you mean?

Nora: Well, he told me that you said you had no feelings for me whatsoever.

Bo: Oh, yeah, that. Well, you know what? He had a totally wrong idea about everything. Every time that we'd get stuck together someplace, he -- it was no fault of ours -- but he kept thinking that someway, somehow I was setting the whole thing up.

Nora: Oh, I know. He told me that. I told him he was absurd, and, you know -- but -- but, you know -- I said that we were doing everything we could to get out of the situation.

Bo: Yeah, as quick as possible.

Nora: Yeah. So, anyway, I'm -- thank you for talking to him, because it really, you know, put things right out in the open there.

Bo: Yeah, good, good, good. I want a nice, clean start.

Nora: Yeah. And I told him that I -- you know, I had no romantic feelings for you, either.

Bo: Good.

Nora: Yeah, that's good. You know, that way, we ever get stuck together -- or have dinner because of Matthew or work or anything like that stuff, he's not going to get the wrong idea.

Bo: That is good because you know what? I wanted to talk to you about some cases before they go to court, and -- you free for dinner tonight?

Nora: Oh, no, I'm not. I'm having dinner with Daniel.

Bo: Oh, ok. Well, some other time.

Nora: Ok.

Bo: Have a burger for me.

Nora: Yeah, there you go. Oh, no! It's stuck! Gotcha.

Riley: Dad --

Daniel: Well, hey, hey, son. What's up?

Riley: I was just coming to your office.

Daniel: Why? Is something wrong?

Riley: Jen and I got in this fight.

Daniel: What about?

Riley: Well, it's complicated, as usual.

Daniel: Son, couples fight. I mean, you'll work it --

Riley: This is different. Everything with her has changed. She's starting back the way she did when we first met, and it worries me.

Rex: Jen, tell me what's wrong, ok? I want to help you. I'd do anything for you, you know that.

Jen: This is stupid. My life's a mess. My life is always a mess!

Rex: Jen, just don't -- don't -- just stay for --

 [Door closes]

Natalie: Hey, Jess, it's Natalie. Give me a buzz when you get this. I'm just kind of feeling at loose ends right now. It's no biggie. You can just call me when you can. I'm fine. Ciao. I'm fine.

 [Knock on door]

Sonia: Hi.

John: Antonio here?

Sonia: No, he left. I don't know where he went.

John: What's he up to?

Sonia: I don't know what you're talking about.

John: Sure, you do. You know, I thought we were going to work together to get him out of this fine mess he's gotten himself into.

Sonia: Well, he's not in a mess anymore. El Tiburon is dead, and the rest of the Santi organization died with him.

John: So, what now? You just going to set up house together and just forget about the Santi family?

Sonia: That's what we want. We're going to do our best to live a normal life.

John: I think Antonio found something in New York.

Sonia: Well, if he did, I'm sure he'll share it with us when he wants to.

John: No, he'll lie -- just like you're lying to me right now.

Sonia: John, we moved on. Why don't you?

John: You know, for a while now, against my better judgment, I've been involved in this little sordid family drama because at the end of the day, Antonio was my friend. But to tell you the truth, I'm sick and tired with everything that has anything to do with the name Santi, and I am done helping someone that doesn't want to be helped.

Daniel: Hey, hey, Nora, I'm glad I found you.

Nora: Hey.

Daniel: Listen, I have to cancel our dinner date for tonight.

Nora: Oh -- ok.

Daniel: Well, it's -- it's Riley. Jen and he broke up, and he's in pretty bad shape.

Nora: Oh.

Daniel: You know, I -- you know, I need to spend some time with him.

Nora: Yeah, well, tell him I send my love, will you?

Daniel: I will, will.

Nora: Ok.

[Nora chuckles]

Daniel: Something funny? I --

Nora: No -- oh, no, I really truly am sorry that Riley's upset. I'm just -- I'm just so glad it's you breaking the date and not me, you know?

Daniel: I -- I will make it up to you, I promise. Ok?

Nora: Ok.

Daniel: Listen, why don't you go have dinner with a friend?

Nora: Ok.

Daniel: All right. I'll see you.

Nora: Bye. "Dinner with a friend," huh? Ok.

Bo: Well, great, Paige. Then I'll pick you up about 8:30. Ok. Bye-bye. Hey, you're back.

Nora: Yeah.

Bo: Did you need something?

Nora: Hmm -- no. I'm fine. Huh.

Kelly: Hey.

David: Hey. Did Jessica take off already?

Kelly: Yeah, she left a while ago. Where's Dorian?

David: I guess she's still on her shopping spree.

Kelly: I'll bet she's buying stuff for you. When we were at Loganís, she made a beeline for the men's department. She was, like, "Well, I think David would like this, I think David would like that," and -- this of course was in between the times when she was buying me things.

David: Oh, she's a piece of work. We both love her a lot, don't we?

Kelly: You know, I've been thinking. There are so many Cramers in this house. You know, first, with Blair and the kids and Paul and Adriana and now me -- I just think that you and Dorian need some privacy.

David: What are you talking about? This place is huge. It has wings.

Kelly: I know, but you're always so concerned about me, and I need to live my own life. I think I'm going to move out.

[Phone rings]

[David sighs]

David: "La Blue-laie."

Dorian: Oh, David, thank goodness you're home. There's been a terrible misunderstanding, and I need you to come by the police station as soon as possible.

David: The police station? What's wrong?

Dorian: Oh -- I've been arrested for passing marked $100 bills.

Sonia: I can't talk about this over the phone, Eleanor, we've got to meet. Because I have some very valuable information to hand over. Trust me, this is going to be major.

[Knock on door]

Sonia: Yeah, I'll call you back.

Bertram: Sir, I must insist you wait here until I see if it's allowable to --

Jessica: Bertram, it's ok.

Antonio: Where's Tico?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: You guys are getting married for real?

Todd: Within the hour.

Kevin: I gave you a pile of money to get out of town. Why are you still here?

Jessica: Tico's not here.

Antonio: I'm not here to see him. I'm here to see you.

Tico: Aren't you going to kiss your brother hello?

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