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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/12/04

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By Eric
Proofread by Melle

Evangeline: I cannot believe they didn't go for the field goal!

John: Well, they thought they were going to have enough time to get the ball back.

Evangeline: But they never scored again!

John: You know, for someone that says they don't like football very much, you sure have some strong opinions.

Evangeline: That referee was just so not fair! Anyone with eyes in front of their head could see that the Eagles did not deserve that 15-yard penalty. Did you see any interference?

John: No, I didn't see any interference.

Evangeline: I didn't see any interference.

John: I didn't see any at all.

[Evangeline sighs]

John: Go deep.

Evangeline: Hmm? What?

John: "Go deep" means go down there.

Evangeline: Oh. I knew that.

John: I know.

Evangeline: All right, come on.

John: All right. Don't pull a Marcia Brady on me. Block that nose, all right?

Evangeline: All right, come on, you're scared.

John: You sure?

Evangeline: Bring it on, bring it on. Whoo!


Bo: I thought you were gone for the night.

Nora: Oh, Matthew had to go -- well, he went to Donny's for an overnight, so I'm playing catch-up.

Bo: Did you talk to Colson?

Nora: No, he had to go to Philly. And I was hoping he'd come back here, but -- I don't know. I think it's probably safe to assume that we're done.

Bo: I don't know. Don't give up. Don't give up, because I talked to him.

Nora: You did? You talked -- about me?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Nora: What did you say?

Bo: I said that we were friends, that we have a son and a lot of memories, but I'm not doing anything to try to come between the two of you. You know, it's just like you would never do anything to interfere with me and whoever I was dating.

Nora: Right.


Lindsay: Now, who in this town would buy that for a minute?

Paul: Hey, Jen. Wow. You looking good. You know, I really hope you decided you wanted that videotape of your mom and Rex because I really want to give it to you.

Jen: Why are you doing this to me?

Paul: What, you expect something for nothing?

Jen: What if I do sleep with you? You're still not going to have a cent of the money that you need. R.J.'s still going to be on your back.

Paul: You know, I might have an answer for that problem, too. So how about it? You want the videotape or not?


David: Looks like we're slumming it with the $100 bottle.

Dorian: Champagne? David, what are you doing?

David: I'm preparing a toast.

Dorian: What is there to celebrate? Someone has broken into my safe! Everything is missing! I had a favorite emerald necklace in there!

David: Oh, well, I'll get you another favorite emerald necklace.

Dorian: With what? The key the Manuel Santi's safe-deposit box was in there! Oh -- so now it's gone, and so are the millions of his dollars which should have been ours!

David: That money can still be ours.

Dorian: Oh? How?

Dorian: Oh.


Sonia: Hi.

Antonio: How'd it go?

Sonia: My I.N.L. Contact was pretty skeptical about Tico's story, too, but they checked it out.

Antonio: And?

Sonia: I know you don't want to hear this, but it looks an awful lot like Isabella was El Tiburon.


Rex: Hey. Thanks for meeting me.

R.J.: What the hell do you want?

Rex: The love project -- I know.

R.J.: The what?

Rex: The new community center. I know you've heard of it.

R.J.: What about it?

Rex: The property could make you a fortune, right?

R.J.: What are you getting at, Balsom?

Rex: Well, you buy now while the price is reasonable, put up a couple high-priced lofts for the young and upwardly mobile, in a year or two you're racking in all kinds of rent.

R.J.: Well, now, that's a fascinating plan, but exactly how would one go about putting it into action? I mean, there is a building under construction on that land.

Rex: You should know. You've been sabotaging the site for months.


Sonia: Antonio, I was hoping that we would prove Tico wrong, too, but his story looks solid.

Antonio: No, you just didn't want to find out that Tico's a liar.

Sonia: Tico was lying to protect his mother. He was covering for her, but there is nothing to suggest that he was ever part of the Santi organization.

Antonio: What about the guy who's been calling me claiming to be El Tiburon?

Sonia: Well, the agency thinks that that's just some ambitious underling making a grab for power when he sent you on some wild-goose chase.

Antonio: No. I lied. He set me up to do his dirty work.

Sonia: What? What did you do?


Dorian: How did you get that key? Ooh!

David: I made a copy of the original. We're talking about a sizable amount of money here. I thought we should be prepared, just in case. I'm smart that way.

Dorian: Just in case someone broke into my safe?

David: Yeah, for any unforeseeable sort of event. You know, why aren't you throwing your arms around me right now and kissing me all over? Aren't you happy?

Dorian: I'm ecstatic -- and curious. Why didn't you tell me you made a copy of the key?

David: I don't know. I thought I did. I've been busy at work. You've been busy at work.

Dorian: Or were you thinking that perhaps you might go after the money on your own?

David: Oh -- we're not going to go through this all over again -- look --

[David giggles]

David: I would have no idea how to go about spending all that money if I wasn't doing it with you.

Dorian: David, I was miserable! I was devastated when you called! I mean, I thought that we had lost all those millions of dollars! I thought they were gone! And all this time, you had made a copy of the key?

David: Yes, I did. I made a copy of the key to protect us from our competitors. If you remember, there are several other fortune hunters who were going after the original Santi millions.

Dorian: Yes.

David: Look, I love you, ok? Do you really think that I would leave you for a couple of hundred million dollars?


Lindsay: I think somebody needs to warn Daniel that he's headed for the biggest heartache of his life.

Nora: Lindsay --

Lindsay: Anybody that's in a room with you and Bo can see what's going on -- the little side glances, the little inside stories. Honestly, it's nauseating.

Nora: You know what? Why don't you do that? Why don't you go warn Daniel? Oh, oh, there's the problem -- he doesn't listen to you anymore since he caught you with Rex. Stay away from my -- you're not repeating your performance at Rodi's. I get one drop of coffee on me and I'm pressing charges.

Lindsay: You know, all I'm trying to say is that I feel sorry for anybody that gets involved with you or Bo because it's a lost cause.

Nora: Lindsay, what is it about you? Why do you have this incessant need to find me, to seek me out and have the exact same conversation with me over and over and over again? I'm sorry you and Bo didn't work out -- believe me, I really am -- but it's over, ok? It's over. Let it go, Louie! And stop blaming me for things that go wrong in your life!

Lindsay: I'm trying. You think it's easy? You think it's easy being in here? It's not easy.

Bo: Lindsay. You wanted to see me?

Lindsay: Yeah, yeah. I -- I need to apply for a permit for a gun.


R.J.: Well, look, shaggy, why don't you tell the gang maybe they should stop watching so many scary movies?

Rex: Well, I'd probably be saying the same thing if it was only one person, but they've been hearing these strange noises at the house where they're living and this weird music. Their work's been wrecked more than once, and construction supplies have just, like, disappeared.

R.J.: So, what, you think I'm smuggling plywood in the night?

Rex: Look, since you and I go way back, I'm willing to forget this conversation ever happened.

R.J.: Let me guess -- you want me to let you and Cramer off the hook for the money you owe me?

Rex: No, no, no, no, the rest of what I owe, ok? I paid you half already. I am not asking for Cramer. In fact, I'm hoping he can't come up with his share, ok? Listen, tell your guy to break a few of Cramer's bones for what he did to Natalie, all right? And whatever he's doing to Jen.

R.J.: Why don't you run along and save her, huh? Leave me the hell alone.

Rex: Yeah, I've tried. She won't have anything to do with me.


Paul: You want a drink, hmm? She'll have the same thing, please.

Bartender: You got it.

Paul: Yeah. You know, remember what your mom and rex looked like, huh, getting it on at the bar of Ultra Violet?

Jen: Shut up!

Paul: God, well, it just gets me all hot inside.

Jen: What did my mother ever do to you? You know, when she caught you almost trying to rob the gallery, she didn't call the cops, did she? She could have.

Paul: No, see, now you're making this personal.

Jen: What you want from me is about as personal as it gets.

Paul: Well, what's it going to be, Jen, hmm? Are you going to let your mom be seen sleazing around with Rex on the internet, or are you going to go back to my hotel room with me and re-create what's on the videotape?


John: Catching a pass, thumbs up --

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Low pass, pinkies.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Thumbs, pinkies.

Evangeline: Pinkies. Pinkies. Pinkies -- I got it, I got it, I got it!

John: All right, I think you got it.

Evangeline: I just didn't get much exposure to football, you know, growing up.

John: Right, right. The old man -- he was more into golf and tennis, more of a golf- and tennis-type guy.

Evangeline: Well, anything that would advance my career.

John: Fans -- they don't paint their face in golf, do they?

Evangeline: I don't think so.

John: No, I don't think so, either.

Evangeline: But I had so much fun tonight.

John: Yeah, I was -- I was surprised.

Evangeline: Why?

John: Well, you seemed genuinely --

Evangeline: Spontaneously enthusiastic?

John: Yeah, that's the word. I'd just never seen that side of you before.

Evangeline: What, you think I'm too uptight to yell at a football game?

John: Uptight? No, I -- I wouldn't say you're uptight. After all, the first time that we -- well, the first time --

Evangeline: What? What are you talking about?

John: Well, I don't know if you remember, but the first time that we -- the first time was in a stranger's apartment.

Evangeline: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And it was well worth getting caught?

John: Absolutely.

Evangeline: Ok. All right, I'm going to try out my new technique for you.

John: Oh, all right, a new technique.

Evangeline: This is my McNabb, all right?

John: Right. You're going deep, right?

Evangeline: Whatever. Ok, here we go. Here we go, hands --

John: All right, McNabb.

Evangeline: Ready?

John: All right.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Ready?

Evangeline: I'm ready.

John: Let it rip.

Evangeline: Ok.


Evangeline: Oh!


Antonio: The other night when I had to go out, when I heard from El Tiburon, you didn't ask a lot of questions.

Sonia: Not because I didn't want to. I almost had you followed.

Antonio: Why didn't you?

Sonia: Because you asked me not to -- even though you're a liar.

Antonio: So are you.

Sonia: Besides, you're hardly the helpless type.

Antonio: My mother's not El Tiburon. Somebody set things in motion, left obvious clues behind. Now, I'm not saying the I.N.L.'S stupid, but you need to tell them to dig deeper. Now, I'm telling you what I have so you can watch your back. El Tiburon is alive, and I have something he wants, but he's not going to get it. Now that I know who I am,  El Tiburon had better watch himself.


David: What, you're not going to drink with me? Oh, come on. Aren't you the least bit grateful that I had the foresight to make a copy of the key?

Dorian: Oh, yes, I'm very grateful. In fact, when Manuel's millions are mine --

David: "Mine." "Mine, mine, mine." You keep saying pronouns like "I" and "me" rather than "we" and "us." I thought what's yours is mine and mine is yours. Oh, that's right -- we're not married, are --

Dorian: These are merely details which can be worked out!

[David sighs]

Dorian: Ok, now, what about the robbery? Any suspects?

David: The thief managed to open the safe without damaging the lock, which means one of two things. Number one, he is a professional, or, number two, he knew the combination to the safe. Either way, this guy snuck into the house while people were sleeping.

Dorian: Or maybe he just slipped down the stairs from our bedroom.

David: Like me, you're thinking? Well, I'm thinking that it's someone who's tried this before, someone who wanted cold, hard cash, and when they tried it before they got busted by Blair.

Dorian: I'm thinking it was Paul.


Jen: Here. You can have mine, too.

Paul: Ah. You know, I think I've had enough.

Jen: What have you had? That's only your second one.

Paul: You know, you're right. Sure, why not, huh, as long as we're partying?

Jen: No, we're not partying. If I do this, it's just so you won't humiliate my mother. Understand?

Paul: Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

Jen: And Riley can never find out about this.

Paul: Ok. Lips are sealed. You know, you can tell Natalie if you want, though, because I know it'll get her all worked up, and you hate her so much.

Jen: No, I'm not going to tell Natalie or anybody else, and neither are you.

Paul: Fine. Fine, that's great. You know, I think you need to relax, Jen, ok? You might enjoy this.


Rex: I'd probably be asking for a cut of the love center property, but I was in on planning the place. Kind of want to see it through. But maybe you'll luck out and get community service like I did. Or if you do end up in Statesville, you can get Lindsay to help you escape. She owes you one.

R.J.: What are you talking about now?

Rex: Oh, she told me all about it. I guess the cops would be interested, too, huh?


Bo: Lindsay, I think that you got to know -- here, please, sit down.

Lindsay: Thanks.

Bo: You got to know that you're not allowed to have a gun because you have a conviction.

Lindsay: I didn't mean to shoot Sam.

Bo: No, no, you meant to shoot Troy.

Lindsay: I was having a breakdown. I got all the help that I was supposed to get. I'm sane now. I mean, I did everything the court ordered me to do. Somebody broke into the gallery, and I need a gun to protect myself.

Bo: No, did you call us?

Lindsay: No.

Bo: Why not?

Lindsay: Because they didn't steal anything.

Bo: Yeah, but I still -- I think that you should report it.

Lindsay: Well, it was because of my own stupidity, so --

Bo: Yeah, but, look --

Lindsay: I let the wrong person in my life.

Bo: Nobody deserves to be robbed just because they let their guard down. Now, I think you should go ahead and file a report, and you let us take it from there.

Lindsay: You know, I thought that you, of all people, would understand.

Bo: No, Lindsay, listen to me. A gun is not going to make you safer, all right? The best thing you can do right now, invest in a new security system, one that will call us the minute that it's triggered.

Lindsay: Right. That'll solve everything.

Bo: What


Nora: Everything ok?

Bo: I'm a little concerned about Lindsay.

Nora: Yeah, me, too, especially if she's armed. I'm going to go home. I don't think Daniel's coming, so --

Bo: All right. I think I'll swing by Rodi's, grab a burger.

Daniel: Hi. Sorry to interrupt -- well --

Nora: No, you're not interrupting.

Daniel: Can I speak to you for a minute?

Nora: Sure. Excuse us?

Bo: Hmm? Yeah, of course.

Nora: Ok.

[Nora sighs]

Nora: I've been wanting to talk to you all day.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, me, too. Listen, my train was delayed, but I didn't want to call you. I wanted to do this in person.

Nora: Do what?

Daniel: Apologize for being such a jerk about Bo. I


Bo: Hello, Dr. Miller. This is Bo Buchanan.

Dr. Miller: Yes, commissioner. You know, I checked on your father a little while ago, and he's doing fine. No change since you called earlier this afternoon.

Bo: Oh, great, great. That's good news. Thank you so much. I'm glad to hear that, doctor. But that's not the only reason that I called you. I know that it's short notice, but I was wondering if maybe you were free tonight for dinner.

Dr. Miller: I was just about to place a takeout order.

Bo: Well, that's great! Great. Then, why don't you have dinner with me?

Dr. Miller: I'd like that.

Bo: Well, good, good. Well, thanks, doctor. You know what, though? I was thinking maybe -- maybe we should be on a first-name basis, you know -- Paige?

Paige: I think we can risk it -- Bo.


Antonio: He told me to empty out Dorian's safe. This is what he's really after.

Sonia: What's it for?

Antonio: I don't know. Probably leads to more of my father's money.

Sonia: Well, if El Tiburon wants it, he's going to come after you.

Antonio: I set up a meeting with him for tomorrow night at 7:30, warehouse 84 at the docks, but I'm not planning on showing up.

Sonia: Don't you want to know who this guy is?

Antonio: Yeah, and I'm going to find out. You're going in my place.


John: I'm very depressed.

Evangeline: Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry about your ball. I know how important that is to you. You spent good money on that ball, and I'm promising you something, john -- I'm going to buy you a new one at the next game.

John: So what you're saying is you're going to go again?

Evangeline: Well, I'm sure -- I'm sure not getting in that water to get that ball for you. And besides, I'm up for it. I'm up for learning more about football.

John: This keeps up, I might have to rethink my original opinion of you.

Evangeline: Rethink away. You didn't get out much this summer. You're so pale.

John: Don't be insulting an Irishman's tan.

Evangeline: Ooh. I'm sorry.

John: Just because my skin's not as beautiful as yours.

Evangeline: I don't think that. But no one has ever called me pale before.

John: Just "beautiful."

Evangeline: Do you think it's strange that we never talk about this difference between us?

John: When I look at you, I don't think different.

Evangeline: And I love that about you. Unfortunately, sometimes I think that difference is all people see when they look at me.

John: I find that hard to believe.

Evangeline: Did you know that I was asked to be keynote speaker for an international symposium -- penn law school?

John: That's great.

Evangeline: The first African-American female.

John: I see what you mean.

Evangeline: I mean, I'm not complaining, at all. It is such an honor to have been asked. I just think that there are so many amazing African-American females that came before me, and I cannot believe that I'm the very first one that's ever been asked. I mean, I'm not that unusual.

John: I think you're very unusual. I know I never met anyone like you. And now that you're willing to learn about football, I just -- I want to know if you want to go home with me.

Evangeline: You want to know if I want to go home with you?

John: Hmm.

Evangeline: You know, I think I do, but only -- only if you agree to make that face you made when the eagles scored. You know, that really intense one?

John: This one?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: When we get there, behind closed doors.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Ok.

Evangeline: All right.

Lindsay: Oh.

Evangeline: Hey.

Lindsay: Hi.

John: Hey. What are you -- what are you doing out here so late?

Lindsay: Oh, you know, I'm just taking a walk.

John: All right. Be careful. Hey -- it's not any of my business, but for what it's worth, your daughter -- she was hanging out with that guy Paul Cramer the other night at Capricorn. The guy's trouble. Maybe you want to talk to her.


[Phone rings]

Paul: Hello?

Dorian: Paul, it's Dorian. Don't hang up.

Paul: Well, I thought you said I was out of the family.

Dorian: I --

David: Overreacted.

Dorian: I was out of line. I think now that we have to put our differences aside. This is really urgent.

Paul: Dorian, you threatened to kill me.

Dorian: I was being overemphatic. You know I didn't mean that. Please, I need you to come over here right away. It's about your mother.

Paul: What about her?

Dorian: Just don't make this any harder for me. Get over here to la Boulaie as soon as possible.


Paul: Damn it. Listen -- I got to run an errand real quick, so why don't you meet me in my hotel, huh? 8:00.

Jen: You're not going to tell anybody about this, not a word of it -- about you, me, or the tape.

Paul: Yeah, sure. Hey, don't worry. I'll see you soon.

Riley: Oh, you will? And why in the hell will you be seeing her soon?

Paul: You can ask your girlfriend.

Riley: What's going on?


R.J.: You need to get out of my face with these crazy theories, ok, because you got nothing.

Rex: Except for the personal surveillance tape I set up at the construction site.

R.J.: You have it on you?

Rex: No, but I can get it, package it, and send it to Bo Buchanan. You'll write off the rest of my debt, then?

R.J.: We'll see. You just keep this little fantasy to yourself.

Rex: What about the public nuisance charge against Natalie? Think you can drop that?

R.J.: She can spill as much Cramer blood as she wants, ok, just not in any of my clubs.

Rex: She knows.

R.J.: Maybe she won't have to worry about him much longer, you know? I mean, if he keeps harassing Lindsay, I'll be ready to take care of him myself.

Rex: You want some help, give me a call.


David: Hmm, hmm.

Dorian: What's that for?

David: That is for two reasons. Number one, for being incredibly clever with Paul on the phone --

Dorian: Oh.

David: And number two, I think I'm digging your hair extensions.

Dorian: Oh -- I do want my jewelry back from Paul.

David: Oh, don't you worry about that. Cash and whatever he could turn into cash -- that's all he wanted.

Dorian: Hopefully so he can buy a first-class plane ticket out of Llanview. No, I'm not going to be happy until he's on another continent.

David: Yeah, like Canada.

Dorian: David, I don't want him near Kelly ever again.

David: So once we have the Santi millions, we hire the best in the go-away business, and he'll never bother Kelly again.

Dorian: Honey, this is my sister's child we're talking about.

David: Right, so we sacrifice Paul in order to save his sister, Kelly. This is not exactly "Sophie's Choice" here.

Dorian: Far from it.

David: You know, what I think you and I ought to be discussing is how we're going to spend our first few million.

Dorian: Oh! David, I adore you!

David: I know.


Antonio: It's probably for a safe-deposit box.

Sonia: Yeah, those numbers are definitely in code -- law enforcement insists on it. Ok. There it is. Yeah, x-v-o-o-4-n -- that's Franklin Lock and Key Company, Foraker Trust, 69th and Madison, New York. It's got to be some kind of private bank.

Antonio: Foraker Trust.

Sonia: Yeah.

Antonio: Ok. Tomorrow night you'll meet up with whoever El Tiburon sends as a decoy. I had a dummy key made up. You'll give him that.

Sonia: You going to New York?

Antonio: I'm going to find out what's in that bank box, while you see whoever Tico has posing as El Tiburon.

Sonia: I'll be there, and I'll prove once and for all that Tico's innocent.

Antonio: You'll be careful?

Sonia: I want to get this guy. I want to be done with him. And I want to start over with you. I don't know what happened. I just kind of lost it. Look, I mean, how can I be mad at you for caring about your son's family and how -- being on good terms with your ex -- well, that's very admirable, too, and


Nora: I know, but I did break a lot of dates, and Bo was somehow always involved.

Daniel: I know, but you couldn't help it, and -- I'll try not to get too bent out of shape next time.

Nora: Ok. I do have to admit that if you kept getting trapped with your ex, I don't think I'd be happy about that, so --

Daniel: Yeah. But I hurt you last night, and I'm sorry.

Nora: Thank you. I'm ok now.

Daniel: Well -- how about I make it up to you? Are you free for dinner tonight?

Nora: Yes. Yes, I am.

Bo: Hey. Don't let me interrupt, just on my way out.

Daniel: No, no, no. I was just going to make reservations for dinner.

Nora: Ok.

Daniel: Bayberry?

Nora: Yes. That sounds great.

Daniel: Great. Bo.

Bo: Night.

Nora: I don't know what you said, I don't want to know what you said, I don't need to know what you said. I just thank you.

Bo: That's ok. And I will not come within five miles of the bayberry.

Nora: No, of course not. Why would you? It's not kind of a "grab a burger and run" kind of place.

Bo: No. No, it's not, no. Hey, have a good night.

Nora: Yeah, we will.


Antonio: I plan on being back by tomorrow night. If I'm not, you watch your back.

Sonia: Yeah, the Santi organization knows me. They have no reason to suspect that I would be a threat. So, by the time you get back, I'm sure we'll know more about Isabella. Maybe this will all finally be over.

Antonio: It'll never be over for me. I'll always be Manuel Santi's son. I can never go back to my own life.

Sonia: Neither can I. I've been undercover so long, I don't know any other way to live.

Antonio: Then maybe we can figure it out together.


Dorian: Hello, Paul. Do come in.

David: Hi, Paul! Glad you could stop by!

Paul: Get off of me!

David: I got something to show you! Come here!

Paul: Ow! God --

David: Look at that! You see that safe? It's empty! Where's the jewelry, huh? Where's the cash?

Paul: What jewelry?

David: How much cash was in there?

Dorian: 11,425!

Paul: Dorian, I did not take it!

Dorian: Oh --

Paul: Ow! God --

Dorian: When are you going to learn with whom you are dealing?

David: Where's the stuff, Paul?

Paul: What stuff? I didn't do it!

Dorian: Oh! Let's search him!

David: Come here.

Dorian: Come on!

David: Come here! Ah!

Paul: Agh!

Dorian: Nothing in his jacket.

David: Search his pockets!

Dorian: Right.

David: You hold still!

Paul: Hey!

Dorian: Money in here -- oh.

David: What's he got?

Dorian: Track tickets?

So help me --

Paul: Oh!

Dorian: If you have gambled my money away, I'll -- oh. No, it's from last week. No problem. Thank you.

David: Meanwhile, back on the subject --

Dorian: Oh, right --

Paul: Ow!

David: Keep your voice down!

Dorian: Ah -- his wallet!

Paul: Ugh!

Dorian: Yeah!

David: Well?

Dorian: Oh. Nothing.

David: Stay down!

Dorian: Absolutely nothing?

David: Oh, great!

Paul: Get off me! I told you I didn't take it!

Dorian: This doesn't prove anything! You could have sold my jewelry and then spent the money! Huh!

Paul: Dorian, I didn't take it, ok? But, hey, I'll help you find the thief, huh? Is there a reward? What was he talking to you about?


Jen: He just was trying to pump me for information about Natalie.

Riley: Pump you? Why?

Jen: They broke up, he wanted to get back together with her. I've missed you. Where have you been all day?

Riley: I was apartment-hunting for a place to live after we move out of the community center.

Jen: Oh.

Riley: I found a great apartment, and I was hoping you'd like it because I was thinking maybe you could live with me there, if you want to.

Jen: Thanks. God, I need you so much right now.

Riley: Are you sure he wasn't bothering you?

Jen: Yeah, I'm just tired. And I'm late. I need to get to the sale at Logan's before it closes, ok?

Riley: Yeah.

Jen: See you at home.

Riley: Ok.


Daniel: Look, I'm sorry we couldn't make it into the bayberry.

Nora: That's ok.

Daniel: And you know we're down for tomorrow night, if you're up for two nights in a row.

Nora: I think we have a lot of nights to make up for.

Daniel: Yeah, we do.

Hostess: Mr. Colson, your table is ready.

Daniel: Thank you.

Hostess: Right this way.

Nora: Thank you.

Hostess: Uh-huh. I'll get your menus.

Daniel: Thank you.


R.J.: So, you will let me know if Paul Cramer gets out of hand?

Lindsay: Ok, R.J., I -- you know what? I'm scared to death. I am scared to death of him. I actually went to Bo, asked him for a gun permit, and he turned me down.

R.J.: Well -- here.

Lindsay: Can I keep it?

R.J.: Keep what?

Lindsay: Right.

R.J.: Just, please, exercise extreme caution? You do remember what happened the last time you had a gun?


Evangeline: Is it just me, or did things get way better when we attached some strings?

John: It's not just you.


David: Did you happen to find a key mixed in with all that loot?

Paul: What key?

Dorian: You heard him!

Paul: Dorian, if you're going to search somebody, do it right. My keys are in my front pocket.

David: Let's see them. The key's not on there. Get out.

Paul: Can I have my wallet, please?

David: And do not come back.

Paul: Trust me, I would love nothing more than to get the hell out of this town. So why don't you help me finance it, huh? Keep me away from any legal types around here who might be interested in where kelly got her baby from?

Dorian: Oh-oh-oh.

David: Why don't I help you disappear right now?

Paul: I'm going.

[Dorian sighs]

[Door closes]

Dorian: All right. Who did break into this safe?

David: I could have sworn it was Paul.

Dorian: Unless, David, the people who broke into this safe wanted it to look like a robbery, when all they wanted was the safe-deposit key, which they knew was in there, which means they also know that we are looking for the money?

David: The Santis.


Antonio: Is there something else I could have missed?

P.A. Announcer: Now boarding at Gate Three, Train Number 132, nonstop service to New York City. All aboard.

Isabella: Take care, Manuelito. Tico has stolen Jessica. He killed me. He'll kill you. No one is safe.

Sonia: It isn't you, Tico, is it? It's ribrageous time.



On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: You've decided to accept the job with Viki at the university?

Bo: Paige and I are here on a dinner date.

Kevin: If you want to use "The Sun" to come after me, just be prepared for "The Banner" to come after you.

Asa: What now? You going to smother me?

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