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One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/6/04

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By Suzanne
Proofread by Melle

John: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey.

John: Thanks for coming.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Evangeline: So you said there was something important that you wanted to talk to me about.

John: First off, I have something for you.

Evangeline: What's the occasion?

John: Well, we'll get to that later. Can I see your hand?


David: Hey, I really need your help. I'm doing a supplement for the December issue of "Craze."

Dorian: Uh-huh?

David: Yeah, it's kind of a "buy everything at the last minute because you're lazy and thoughtless" kind of column, but I need a title. What do you think about "Taking the 'Yu' out of 'Yuletide'”?

Dorian: That's wonderful.

David: No, it's terrible. I could do "Selfish, sloth-like Santas." Although, that's offensive to people who own two-toed sloths -- or three-toed, for that matter. Did you know that the three-toed sloth only walks six inches in about an hour?

Dorian: David!

David: What?

Dorian: I'm sorry, honey, i really have more important things to think about right now.

David: More important than the land speed of the three-toed sloth?

Dorian: Honey!

David: How'd we get on this subject?

Dorian: Please! We are waiting for that envelope from Mendora, right? We need that information.

David: Yeah, I know we do. You said that the messenger called. It's going to show up today.

Dorian: They said it would arrive at noon! Noon! Look at the time. Is it noon?

David: It is noon.

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: It is. And where is the package? Oh. Well.

David: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Thank heaven.

David: "More important." She's the reason i got this stupid job in the first place.

Dorian: Thank you! Oh, yes! Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! We are going to be rich, rich, rich, rich!

David: Extraordinarily, obscenely, grotesquely rich?

Dorian: No! Victoria Lord Riley Buchanan Carpenter rich!


Viki: Oh, my goodness! Oh, grandchildren are just a pure gift, aren't they? Carlotta, you're so lucky to have her!

Carlotta: I know. She's the joy of my life. You know, my heart breaks for her, too.

Viki: Aw.

Carlotta: You know Antonio has all but given her over to R.J. Gannon? He can't even bear to be with his own daughter. And I feel like it's all my fault.

Viki: No, no, that's not true.

Carlotta: No, he feels like I betrayed him and that his whole life is a lie.

Viki: Honey, Antonio's just going through a really terrible time right now.

Carlotta: I know, maybe we shouldn't second-guess ourselves. Maybe I should have told Antonio years ago that he was Manny's son. Maybe then if I had, then he wouldn't be so angry now.

Viki: It's not just you, though, you know? I mean, he's turned away from Jessica, too.

Carlotta: And now she's engaged to Tico.

Viki: Well, come on, that's just because she's hurt and she felt that she was rejected by Antonio. I tell you, I pray to god that she will take her time and think about this before she does something really rash like marry him.

Carlotta: Yeah. I can't imagine what Antonio must be going through right now.


Natalie: Come on, Antonio, ok, I know that you love Jessica and you know that you love Jessica. Jessica loves you. I mean, the two of you are not going to give up on each other.

Antonio: We already have.

Natalie: Well, I don't buy that.

Antonio: She just married my brother.

Natalie: She doesn't love Tico! Not the way she loves you.

Antonio: No, she loved Antonio Vega. That's not who i am anymore. I'm Manuel Aanti.

Natalie: Well, you know, I really don't care what you call yourself or who you real parents are, you're still the same person inside.

Sonia: God, Antonio, I've been looking for you everywhere.

Antonio: Yeah, well, you found me.

Sonia: Well, you know what? I know you're upset about Tico and Jessica's engagement, but I need you right now, so you're just going to have to accept it.

Antonio: What, you don't think I accept it? Hell, I just watched them get married.


Tico: I want to make love to you. I want to be as close as two people can be. I want you to be my love in every way.


Evangeline: You're giving me a piece of string? Thanks, I guess? Is this some sort of new fashion trend I'm not aware of?

John: Yeah, I'm going Kaballah. It's very popular with the young kids on the west coast. No, you -- you said you weren't comfortable with no strings attached anymore.

Evangeline: My phone message.

John: You said you wanted at least a few strings with us. Here's one.

Evangeline: Let me get this straight. Are you telling me that you're ready for a relationship? Strings and all?

John: Strings and all.


Antonio: What Jessica and I had is over.

Natalie: Can we have some privacy, please?

Antonio: There's nothing more to talk about.

Natalie: Ok, just one minute. Give me a minute, please.

Antonio: I mean it, Natalie. I don't want to talk about Jessica.

Natalie: Ok, we're not talking about Jessica. Let's not. It's about you. You know, you may consider yourself a Santi, but you are nothing, nothing like them. You're not the cold-hearted killer that Manuel Santi was. You know who you are? You're the brother of Cristian, your real brother. A guy who really, really looked up to you, who was nothing but good and caring and kind, and who died for those that he loved. I just wish he was here to help you through this right now.

Antonio: Yeah, well, he's not.

Sonia: Hey. You ok?

Antonio: I said I was, didn't I? Jessica and I are done, but I swear to god, I'm going to prove Tico's not who he says he is, show her what kind of man she really married.


Jessica: I -- I can't. I can't do this.

Tico: What's wrong? Did I do something?

Jessica: No. It's not you. I'm sorry.

Tico: Jessica, we're married. We're husband and wife.

Jessica: I know. I -- I know. I just -- it's just all moving really, really fast. I -- I'm just not used to being your wife yet.

Tico: This is about Antonio, right?

Jessica: No, Tico, it's not! The last few days -- they've been incredible. I just -- you know, maybe if we could just go away somewhere, a honeymoon, somewhere far away from Llanview.

Tico: I can't take a honeymoon right now, Jessica. I have business that requires my presence here in Llanview. It's just not possible, not right now.

Jessica: I'm sorry you're upset. I'd completely understand if you wanted to annul the marriage.

Tico: Is that what you want?


David: The key to the missing santi millions.

Dorian: I just hope it matches.

David: Oh, come on. It's got to match one of the codes or the numbers on the paper you brought back from Mendorra.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. I've been looking for that key ever since last summer when I went to Mendorra.

David: Yeah, and got beaten up by that Santi thug. I don't want to talk about that!

Dorian: Mm-hmm, a small price to pay for a big prize.

David: Yeah, the question is, which account does it match? I mean, those codes and those numbers are old. They could go to banks, who knows, anywhere in the world.

Dorian: You know, there are markings on the key, and maybe that's some kind of a hint for us to find out which of these banks the safe-deposit box belongs to.

David: Ok.

Dorian: Only -- well, hey, I -- I can't read that.

David: Neither can I. I'll get the magnifying glass.

Dorian: Oh, that's where it is. Though I'll tell you, I always did suspect that Manuel had stashes of money hidden all over the world, so maybe that $100 million that was hijacked from Antonio in Puerto Rico was just one of them.

David: Yeah. Well, with this key, we're one step closer to getting $100 million of Santis' all to ourselves.


John: How's it feel?

Evangeline: It feels pretty amazing. I'm not sure exactly what it means. What strings are we agreeing on here?

John: Ones we want. It's up to us.

Evangeline: So, what, what, are you saying that we're going steady now? You going to give me the honor of wearing your varsity jacket?

John: You're making this tough. No, I was never very good at high school sports. What do you say we just -- we say we're taking a step forward?

Evangeline: Forward. I really like the way that sounds.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: So what are you doing tomorrow night?

Evangeline: What, are you inviting me to an Eagles game?

John: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: I've never been to a football game.

John: You've never been to -- what am I going to do with you? No, I just -- I thought if we were going to move forward this thing, I mean, honestly take a shot at taking steps forward, then we need to share with each other things we like to do, you know. So what do you think?

Evangeline: It sounds excellent. I would like nothing in this world more than to go to a football game with you.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yeah.


Paul: Jen, you'd better be trying to get R.J. Off my back or your mom is going to have some seriously unwanted publicity when her sex tape hits the internet.


Paul: And if Jen doesn't come through for me, I have plan B.

Rex: Ahem. Ok, why'd you call me? What do you want now?

Paul: Well, hi, Rex.

Rex: Do you have your half of R.J.'S money or not?

Paul: Nope, not yet, but I do have these.

Rex: Oh, they'll look great on you.

Paul: They're worth a fortune. I'm looking for somebody to fence them. Do you know anybody?

Rex: Why are you asking me? After the way that you blew the art heist, I'm done with you.

Paul: Come on, Rex.

Rex: Ok, where'd you get them, anyway? Because honest to god, if you stole them from Lindsay, I'm going to have to break your neck right here, right now.

Paul: Oh, no, no, Rex, I would never do anything like that to Lindsay. So come on, you going to help me or not?

Rex: Not.

Paul: That was definitely not the answer I was looking for.


Sonia: I want to find out who El Tiburon is more than anybody, and not just for my own selfish reasons but for you, too, so you can finally have some peace of mind. Whatever happens, you're nothing like Manuel Santi.

Antonio: What if you're wrong, huh? What if I'm just like Manuel Santi?


Carlotta: You know, I'm worried sick about Antonio. He told me the other day I should give up on him --

Viki: Oh.

Carlotta: That he's no longer my son. He even called himself Manuel Santi.

Viki: Oh, Carlotta, listen, Antonio is a very, very good and loving man because you made him that way, ok? And he's strong. He's going to get through this. And hopefully -- hopefully, he and Jessie will find their way back to each other.

Carlotta: Oh, I pray that you're right.

Viki: I think they're both just acting out of hurt and pain right now. I just hope and pray that neither one of them does something that they will ultimately regret.


Tico: Are you having second thoughts about this marriage?

Jessica: No, no. This is what I want. You are what I want.

Tico: Then why even suggest the idea of an annulment, Jessica?

Jessica: I don't know, I just -- I just felt your disappointment, and I knew that I was already failing you --

Tico: No, don't -- don't even say that.

Jessica: It's just it's not fair. Of course, you know, of course you'd want to make love to your wife. It's just it's my problem. I'm sorry.

Tico: I can wait, ok, for as long as I have to. I love you, Jessica. Your happiness and your comfort means -- means a lot to me. So when we do make love, I want it to be as passionate and as meaningful for you as I know it will be for me.

Jessica: I want that, too. You're really incredible. You know that?

[Phone rings]

Tico: I have to take this.

Jessica: It's ok. I'll give you your privacy.

Tico: Hello, Governor Brooks. Yeah, thank you. I couldn't be happier. Jessica's the woman I've dreamed of my entire life. Yes, I'm now part of the Buchanan family. Mm-hmm. Things are falling into place beautifully. This is going to be an election day that Pennsylvania will never forget.


John: What do you say we have a drink and celebrate?

Evangeline: You're on.

John: Yeah? All right, let's see what they got here. Handmade beers. Extra-dark stout cheddar, pumpkin ale? Beetle nut beer? I've never even heard of beetle -- you know, what happened to good old-fashioned American beers? What happened to them?

Evangeline: Let's get out of here. Let's get out of here. Let's just go to Rodi's.

John: Whoa, wait a minute, what, are you saying I'm not country club material? Is that what you're trying to say to me?

Evangeline: I'm saying that I should buy you a beer, and you should teach me everything you know about football.

John: Oh, you got yourself a deal.

Evangeline: Let's go.


David: That's an N.

Dorian: No, it's a V.

David: No, that's an N.

Dorian: David, it's a V.

David: No, I can see the left leg and the right leg of the capital -- oh, I think you're right.

Dorian: Letters don't have legs.

David: You go.

Dorian: Adriana. I thought you were up in your room. I didn't know you had come downstairs.

Adriana: Yeah, I'm just working on my English lit paper, the significance of Hester Prynne's A.

Dorian: "The scarlet letter."

Adriana: Yes.

David: Old Hester wasn't too bright, was she? If I ever would've earned an A, I would've had a lot more fun.

Dorian: David.

David: Yeah? Sorry.

Dorian: So, have you been down here long?

Adriana: No. Actually, I didn't even know anybody was in the living room.

Dorian: Ah. Hmm. Good, I was worried that our talking might have disturbed you. So you -- you didn't hear us, then, hmm?

Adriana: No, actually, just came down for some bubbly water.

Dorian: Good. Hmm.

Adriana: Well, I'd better get back to work.

Dorian: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Adriana: Oh. Hello? Hey! Can I call you back? It's not really a good time. Ok --

Dorian: Give me that, please? Duke Buchanan? I want you to leave my daughter alone.


Sonia: Couldn't you have picked a little more private place to meet?

R.J.: Well, the place picked me. I'm meeting my granddaughter here. Maybe someday if you reproduce, you'll understand.

Sonia: Don't hold your breath.

R.J.: Besides, the place is mostly empty. If we just keep our voices down --

Sonia: Well, I just thought you should know that our situation with Octavio Vigil will never be a problem.

R.J.: Hmm. By "situation," you mean my saving your ass.

Sonia: Whatever. The case is closed.

R.J.: Closed?

Sonia: Mm-hmm.

R.J.: I thought good old Johnny, our ex-Federale, was running a fact-finding crusade.

Sonia: Not anymore. Listen, R.J., Since the last time we talked about the Santis, have you had any contact with anyone in the family? Maybe -- maybe somebody that you used to do work for?

R.J.: No.

Sonia: You're sure? Nobody maybe working for the new boss?

R.J.: Why are you asking?

Sonia: I need to find something -- anything that could lead me to the identity of El Tiburon.


Tico: Everything's going according to plan. Yes, it's going to be a wonderful November 2. Thank you for well wishes, governor. Jessica has made me the happiest man in the world. And in honor of her and her mother, I will be donating an additional $1 million for heart disease research. Thank you again, Governor. Goodbye. That was Governor Brooks.

Jessica: Oh.

Tico: Yes. I know that you and your brother have had your differences lately, but I believe Kevin and Governor Brooks will make a great team, and I'm encouraging them every chance I get.

Jessica: Thank you. Kevin and I aren't getting along, but I love him.

Tico: Well, I hope you two reconcile soon, because in the end, there's nothing more important than family. And I'm very proud to be a part of yours.


Natalie: Was that Carlotta?

Viki: Oh, yeah. Ooh, don't you look pretty.

Natalie: Well, thank you.

Viki: I tell you, she is so upset about Antonio and just everything, the whole thing with Jessica and Tico, and, boy, I am, too.

Natalie: I didn't really know that you knew.

Viki: Knew what?

Natalie: Well, about Jessica and Tico getting married today.

Viki: They what?

Viki: Jessica and Tico got married today? I mean, that's not possible!

Natalie: Ok, but you said that Carlotta and you were upset about Jessica --

viki: I was thinking about the engagement! I had no idea they got married!

Natalie: Oh, I'm such an idiot. Uh -- Jess. Listen, I am sorry. I thought she knew. I'm so -- um -- look, another box. Got to go to the carriage house. I'll let you two talk. Great. See ya.

Viki: Jessica --

Jessica: Mom, I'm sorry, ok? I -- I didn't want you to find out this way. I wanted to be the one to tell you. That's why I came over.

Viki: I can't believe you got married!


Natalie: Oh, my god. Paul stole the earrings that mom gave me.


Paul: Rex, all I need is a name, all right, somebody that can fence those earrings for me.

Rex: Forget it, dude. If you can't come up with your half of R.J.'S money, that's not my problem.

Paul: You're going to regret that.

Rex: No, you know what I regret? Ever agreeing to work with you in the first place. You're headed for a fall, man, and you're not taking me down with you.


Evangeline: Football makes so little sense to me.

John: How so?

Evangeline: Ok, ok, there's one team that's just for offense, one team just for defense, and a whole third team just for kicking?

John: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: Don't these guys make millions of dollars?

John: Easily.

Evangeline: Well, you'd think for that kind of money, they'd be a little bit more versatile. (Looking over at Antonio) He doesn't look so good. Maybe you should go talk to him.

John: Oh, I'm probably the last person he wants to see. We haven't talked so much since Isabella Santi died, and every time I see him now, he's with Sonia.

Evangeline: Do you think they're involved romantically?

John: Don't know. He's -- he's cut everyone off from his life, even his little girl.

Evangeline: Just because he found out he's Manuel Santi's son?

John: It's changed him.

Evangeline: You think he's going to come out of this?

John: I hope so.


R.J.: I wish I could help you.

Sonia: I'm not so sure about that.

R.J.: Why would I have any idea who this El Tiburon is, hmm? I told you, I haven't had any contact with a Santi.

Sonia: Yeah. That's what you said.

R.J.: I am only interested in my granddaughter, ok, so you can have the family Santi and the long-lost son of El Toro.

Sonia: Don't start on Antonio, ok?

R.J.: Oh, no. What, are you his protectoress now, hmm? You know, it figures. It figures that he'd be the discarded son of some drug-runner.

Sonia: Antonio is a good man, regardless of who his father is.

R.J.: You just keep saying that to yourself. Maybe you'll believe it. Ah, there's my little girl!

Carlotta: Hi!

R.J.: Hey! Hey, you. Come on over here. How you doing?

Sonia: Hi, Carlotta.

Carlotta: Hello. Sonia, could you take a message to Antonio for me?

Sonia: Sure.

Carlotta: Could you tell him that his daughter needs her father? And that whatever he feels about me or even Jessica, don't take it out on a little innocent child. She loves her father, no matter what his new life is.

Sonia: Right. I'll see you around.

R.J.: Yeah. Hey, girl. So, little Tonio's off exploring his dark Santi roots, huh? That's a pretty dangerous road. Sounds like that good catholic upbringing you slapped on him just didn't stick.

Carlotta: Shut up, R.J.

R.J.: Now, Carlotta, you are upset, huh? Well, I'm sorry. How about his fiancé? How is she? I can't imagine Queen Victoria's little princess marrying the long-lost son of El Toro Santi.


Adriana: How could you do that?

Why would you do that?

Dorian: We laid down certain ground rules, which you agreed to.

Adriana: I told you, Duke and I just friends! How many times do I have to say it?

David: You know, you got to be a little careful because you're dealing with raging hormones. The more you try to push Adriana and Duke apart, the more you're really pushing them together.

Dorian: Adriana.

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Augustico. What a surprise.

Tico: I hope it's not too late.

Dorian: Not at all. Come in.

Tico: Excuse me.

Dorian: David! Guess who's here! Augustico.

David: Ah, Gus. Can I get you some booze? Are you a drinker?

Tico: No, thank you. Actually, I came to give you extraordinary news.

Dorian and David: Oh?

Tico: Yes.

Dorian: Great. What is it?

Tico: Jessica and I got married today. She's now Jessica Buchanan de Santi.

David: Let me get this straight. You came to our house on your wedding day to tell us you got married?

Tico: I wanted to tell you personally.

Dorian: Oh, Felicitaciones.

Tico: Gracias.

Dorian: Well, how did Viki react to this impromptu wedding?

Tico: Well, Jessica and I are both confident that Mrs. Davidson and the rest of the family will be as happy about our marriage as we are. I'm very honored to be joining such a wonderful family as the Buchanans. Which brings me to why I'm here.

David: Well, why don't we sit? You, right over there.

Tico: Thank you.

David: Ahem.

Tico: I understand from Kevin's son Duke that you're refusing to let Adriana see him.

Dorian: That's right. Kevin also thinks it's a good idea.

Tico: Well, I plan to talk to him about this, as well, but may I ask why you feel the way you do? Because I don't see any harm in Adriana and Duke being friends.

Dorian: Augustico, I know that you have come to genuinely care about Adriana.

Tico: Well, she's my sister, Dorian.

Dorian: Half sister. And I am her mother. I am so sorry. I'm going to have to ask you to stay out of this.

Tico: Well, frankly, I don't think I can. She's been so upset and so unhappy lately that --

Dorian: Oh. If you want to get involved with your precious new in-laws, the Buchanan family, that's fine with me. Go right ahead. If you want to forge this  secret alliance with Kevin to get him elected as Lieutenant Governor, go right ahead! That's also fine with me! However, just know this -- Kevin is a viper. He nearly destroyed the lives of my daughter, my two nieces, and I will be damned if I'm going to let his son do the same to Adriana.

Tico: But duke is a polite, respectable young man. He's well-educated --

Dorian: Basta! Leave my daughter to me. I think you should concern yourself with your new wife.


Jessica: Mom, I didn't invite you because I didn't think that you would understand, and I knew that you wouldn't approve.

Viki: Well, that's kind of beside the point, now, isn't it?

Jessica: I'm sorry.

Viki: Jessica, I don't understand this. How in god's name could you marry somebody that you've only known a few months? Especially when you still love Antonio.

Jessica: After Antonio found out who his biological parents were and after he completely shut me out of his life, he slept with somebody else, mom.

Viki: I'm very, very sorry, Jessie. I know how much Antonio has hurt you. But, darling, that's absolutely no reason to rush into marriage with another man.

Jessica: Tico loves me! He loves me and he gets me! He understands me! And, mom, when he asked me to marry him, it just -- it felt right! And do you know what he told me? He told me that the first moment he saw me, he -- he knew that he was in love with me. Do you know how that feels?

Viki: Yes, actually, I do.

Jessica: Well, I'm enough for him. You know, when Tico's with me, he's not distracted or -- there's no struggle. When I'm with him, I'm loved.

Viki: That's all very nice, but how do you feel?

Jessica: I'm happy.

Viki: Honey, how do you feel about Tico? Do you love him the way you love Antonio?


Dorian: Thank you for the unsolicited advice, but one more time -- I'm Adriana's mother and I know what's best for her.

Tico: Of course you do. So, I've been told that the charity gala raised over $500,000. It couldn't have happened without you.

David: That was one heck of a shindig. And I got to say, I am so impressed that you picked up that entire tab all on your own. You know what? I'm a little envious of all that money that comes from -- where is it, your mother's family?

Dorian: Oh, David, please.

Tico: It's all right, Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, no, no, no. David knows better than --

David: What?

Dorian: It's none of our business --

David: Ah.

Dorian: Augustico's finances. Anyway, he's got no interest in money, right? Didn't you say that, you know, those millions and millions of dollars of your father's, that you didn't want them?

Tico: Of course not. That money is dirty.

David: Now, just between friends, do you think your dad has any more money stashed away?

Tico: Hmm. I have no idea, David. Like Dorian said, my father's world just does not interest me, and neither does his money.

Dorian: Yeah, I really get where he's coming from, really, because I feel the same way.


Evangeline: You do realize that if I'm going to a football game with you --

John: Mm-hmm?

Evangeline: Something that you love, you're going to have to reciprocate.

John: I don't think I can do the lawyer convention. But I could probably sit through one of your trials.

Evangeline: So you think that my work is the only thing I'm passionate about?

John: Is it?

Evangeline: Oh, Lieutenant.

John: Hmm.

Evangeline: You have absolutely no idea what you're in for.

John: And what am I in for?

Evangeline: So much.


Natalie: I want them back.

Paul: What back?

Natalie: My earrings that you stole from me!

 [Doorbell rings] I'll be right there! Ok, like, right now. Yes. No, I'm sure everything's gonna be fine. We met for coffee yesterday. He's really cute. Ok, I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Natalie: My mother gave me those earrings. They were my grandmother's.

Paul: Natalie, I haven't stolen any earrings!

Natalie: You're lying!

Paul: Oh, come on!

Natalie: You're lying!

Paul: Chill out!

Natalie: Get up! If i have to tell you one more time to give me back my earrings, I swear -- you lying son of a --

Paul: You --

Natalie: You --

Paul: Let go! Stop it!

Natalie: Come on!

Rex: Hey, hey, come on!

Natalie: Give me back my earrings!


David: Man, I thought that guy would never leave. It was starting to look like he was going to spend his entire honeymoon in our living room.

Dorian: Hmm.

Adriana: Well, what is it that you want me to do for you?

Tico: Well, have dinner with me tonight at the country club.

Adriana: Oh. That's it?

Tico: Well, there might be a surprise guest joining us.

Adriana: Who?

Tico: Well, why don't you just show up and find out yourself. 9:00 sharp, ok?

Adriana: I'll be there.

Tico: Good.

Jessica: Mom, Antonio and I are over, ok? It doesn't matter how I feel about him anymore. I'm married to Tico now. And, yeah, ok, it was a little quick. Everything happened really fast. But it doesn't make our feelings any less real.

Viki: What do you know about this man, really?

Jessica: I know that he -- I know all I need to know. I know that he's giving me things that Antonio never could or would.

Viki: You know that I love you more than anything on this earth, and all i have ever wanted for you is your happiness. And I hope to god I'm wrong about this, but, sweetheart, I think this marriage is a terrible mistake.

Jessica: Well, I'm sorry that you feel that way.


Antonio: Vega.

Tico: [Disguised voice] hello, Antonio.

Antonio: Who's this?

Tico: El Leon. Surely you know.

Antonio: El Tiburon. What do you want?

Tico: You're going to be getting a very important assignment, the first of many.

Antonio: When?

Tico: Soon.


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Kevin: I have an offer for you, and i think you're going to want to hear it -- unless, of course, you and Todd want to spend the rest of your lives in prison.

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