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One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/1/04

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By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Daniel: Hey, Nora! Nora! Nora -- hey, Nora, I've been calling and calling and, well, your secretary didn't know where you were.

Nora: I was out.

Daniel: Yeah, no kidding.

Nora: Shopping.

Daniel: Oh. I see.

Nora: Yes, well, if we're going to go to New York, my wardrobe needed a little updating, especially in the sleepwear department.

Daniel: Ah. Sleepwear.

Nora: No peeking.

Daniel: I wouldn't dream of it.

Nora: Yes, you did.

Daniel: Oh, well, I -- I kind of like you in the sweats you wear sometimes.

Nora: That's because it matches my mud packs.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: You know, but seeing you in attire that's more comfortable will be very comforting. You know, what do you say we get an early start for New York, beat the traffic?

Nora: That sounds good. I got to drop Matthew off at Bo's. I'll call you. We'll hook up at the diner?

Daniel: Great.

Nora: Ok.

Daniel: Uh, Nora, when you're with Bo --

Nora: Yeah?

Daniel: Stay away from elevators, meat lockers, and all contagious diseases.

Bo: Renee, look, don't try to fly back today, all right? You're tired, and -- just get some rest. Yeah, I'll let you know if I hear anything. All right, bye-bye.

Kevin: Grandpa's not at the ranch?

Bo: No, nobody's seen or heard from him. You know, I told Renee not to go down there, but she's worried.

Kevin: Of course she is. He's been gone for three days.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Nobody's seen him in Texas; nobody's seen him in London. He sure as hell is not in Llanview. I -- God. Damn! How'd I just fall asleep here?

Kevin: Oh, come on, Bo, you can't stay awake 24/7. You nodded off; he took off.

Bo: Yeah. Yeah. He snuck off with his Winchester. You know, I was sure that he was going after Manning and Blair, gunning for them, so I got guys watching their place round the clock. I'll tell you, Kev, the guy is going to drive me nuts.

Asa: Oh, Bo, you're always complaining. What now?

Kevin: Grandpa?

Bo: Where they hell have you been?

Asa: Where have I been? I've been hunting. Three nights ago, I shot Todd Manning right there. I have checked hospitals in a 100-mile radius to see if there's any record of him checking himself in with a gun wound. No. It can't be.

David: Where in the h-e-double hockey sticks is Carlotta? Is she back there cleaning the kitchen?

Dorian: David, she has a business to run, and she has to leave instructions. We are not going to let her go to that funeral alone.

Adriana: She looked so sad.

Dorian: Oh, I could just strangle Antonio, cutting her off like this. It's just beyond cruel.

Adriana: Well, thank you for helping her.

Dorian: I'm not such an ogre after all, am I? Have you forgiven me for forbidding you to see Duke Buchanan?

Adriana: Mom, I know you're afraid that Duke will treat me the way that Kevin treated Kelly --

Dorian: And Cassie and Blair.

Adriana: But we are just friends, ok? He took me to a dance; he didn't marry me.

Dorian: Wait, where did that idea come from? Marry you? What?

David: Hold on, hold on just a second. You could stand to calm down just a little bit, just a little bit.

Dorian: We are talking to a young lady who, not too long ago, was afraid that she was pregnant by River, hmm?

Adriana: Mom.

Dorian: All right, but I absolutely refuse to allow my daughter to go racing into a rebound romance, especially with a Buchanan. I mean, really, what do you want me to do, be just like Viki, huh? Allow my daughters to do whatever they want? Have you seen how miserable those girls are now? Hmm?

Tico: So, have you talked to your family?

Jessica: No. Look, I know that I said that I'd tell them yesterday and then the day before that.

Tico: Are you still worried that they might try to talk you out of it? Because perhaps maybe I should talk to your mother.

Jessica: No, no, no, no, that wouldn't be a good idea. I -- I'll talk to her. Nobody can talk me out of marrying you.

Tico: Well, then I'm just the luckiest man in the world! You know, just before you got here, I was reading the latest -- your latest article, and it's excellent. My family, our real history, the death of my mother. I thought you spoke well of Antonio and how events caught him so off guard. You were fair.

Jessica: He's going to be at the funeral today, isn't he?

Antonio: God, keep me strong. This journey I've begun is going to be hard for me. Protect and guide those people I've had to leave behind -- Jessica, Jamie, Carlotta. I'm sorry.

Isabella: You did nothing wrong. It was Tico. My blood is on his hands. He murdered me so that I could not tell his secrets. And now you must avenge my death.

[Captioning made possible by ABC, inc., And Soapnet] from the beginning -- again. You say that you took a shot at Manning, ok, because he was trespassing?

Asa: And I hit the S.O.B.

Bo: All right, all right, but see, there's no blood on the floor; there's no blood on the furniture. And you say you checked all the hospitals within a 100-mile radius to see if anybody had treated him?

Asa: Yes.

Bo: Ok. And you also said that Blair had knocked you out and then rolled you up in a carpet, took you out to the woods, and just dumped you there?

Asa: First, she and Todd tied me to a tree.

Bo: Ok, all right. Let me just ask this question. If you checked all the hospitals within a 100-mile radius, nobody had treated Manning, is it just possible that maybe you made a mistake?

Asa: Bo, I swear, I winged him.

Bo: And why are you carrying around a Winchester?

Asa: Manning is out to kill me.

Bo: Pa, look, Kev, Renee, and I -- we -- we had a little meeting while you were gone with the doctor at the hospital, and we told her how you'd been acting. Now, she thinks it's a good idea if we just check you in there for a while for observation.

Asa: I don't need a damn doctor.

Bo: Well, I'm sorry, but you really don't have a choice this time.

Asa: The hell I don’t.

Bo: Pa, Kev has power of attorney. He can check you in against your will.

Asa: Kevin. You wouldn't do a thing like that to me, would you?

Kevin: It's too late, grandpa. You need help.

Natalie: You know, what Antonio did to Jessica was so cold --

Viki: Oh, please --

Natalie: And she was so hurt by that. But, mom, to turn to Tico?

Viki: I know! It is so hard to see her do that because it is so completely the wrong thing to do!

Natalie: Mom, obviously, she's got to be on the rebound, right?

Viki: Oh, absolutely!

Natalie: Yeah. I mean, been there, done that. After Cris died, I went to John. John said no, and then I turn straight into the arms of Paul. I finally wised up, though, and I've made a decision. I am taking myself off the market. Yep -- it's just like a house that won't sell.

Viki: Oh, don't be silly.

Natalie: I'm serious. I'm moving in here and I'm starting my life over.

Viki: You know what? You listen to me, and you make this your mantra. You are going to have a wonderful future.

Natalie: Someday.

Viki: No, starting right now.

Natalie: It sounds good to me. Now we just got to get Jessica to put the brakes on.

Viki: Yeah, and soon. Frankly, the only reason that I'm going to Tico’s mother's funeral today is so that I can talk to Jessica.

Jessica: This has to be the saddest day of your life.

Tico: It was until you came.

Jessica: I'll be right next to you throughout the entire funeral.

Tico: Yeah. You know, the one thing that I regret the most about losing my mother is the fact that I couldn't erase the pain that my father caused her.

Jessica: Well, she must have been very, very proud of you that you turned out nothing like your father.

Isabella: Oh! You are no better than your father!

[Tico screams]

Isabella: Oh!

[Isabella screams]

Tico: Yes. But what was really tragic was that I know how much my mother missed her firstborn son, Manuelito. When we were back in Spain, she would spend hours just looking at baby photographs. You know, by the time she found Antonio, she died.

Jessica: I'm sorry. It'll be all right.

Tico: No. I have so many regrets, Jessica, all the sadness she had to endure because of my father.

Jessica: But you said that she was happy in the end.

Tico: Yeah. And the one good thing to come of this is that it made us closer.

Jessica: I'm so happy that you're able to -- to share everything with me.

Tico: I know that was always a problem with you and Antonio. But I think it makes us stronger, don't you?

Jessica: Absolutely.

Tico: I want to share everything with you, Jessica. You know, I wish my mother was here today. I know she would've given us her blessing. She liked you very much.

Jessica: I'd like to think so. I just -- I kept on asking her so many questions, trying to get information from her. I just -- she probably thought I was the nosiest person alive.

Tico: No, no, not at all. She liked you very much. She thought you were kind and giving. Jessica, this -- this pain, this grief that I'm going through, you can turn into happiness, just as I can erase all of the pain that Antonio has caused you. Marry me as soon as possible. What do you say?

Adriana: She thinks I'm too naive.

Duke: Well, and since I'm just like my father --

Adriana: Hmm.

Duke: I'm going to wreck your life like he did Kelly’s.

Adriana: Exactly.

Duke: But we are going to figure out a way to get around that, find a way to hang out together, right?

Adriana: Yeah, I mean, if Tico can help us, but -- well, if he can't, then we'll have to say goodbye.

David: Come on, would you relax? Didn't you see the look on her face when you brought up the pregnancy scare? She's not going down that road again.

Dorian: I'm sorry, there's only one way to be safe with a Buchanan, and that is stay away.

David: Uh-uh. She's going to do the right thing. She's going to make her mom proud, let him down easy. What I want to know -- why are we taking care of Carlotta and all that business?

Dorian: For heaven's sake, David! The woman has just lost her entire family. What is that?

David: My guess is --

Dorian: What?

David: You want to get information out of her about her brother's missing millions.

Jessica: I've only had a few counseling sessions with Antonio. I don't -- I don't think that Father Gregory is going to let us get married anytime soon.

Tico: Well, actually, Father Gregory is on a mission to Africa. And, believe me, the new priest -- he's more than willing to help us out. Over the last few days, I've taken care of all the paperwork. It's right here.

Jessica: What?

Tico: Yeah, so all you have to do, Jessica, is agree, and we can be married tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. I love you, Jessica, and I know you love me. And if you don't feel like you can say it just now, I -- I completely understand. But there really is no reason to wait.

Jessica: Uh -- Tico --

Tico: I'm sorry, ok? Maybe I'm being hasty, but I want you to know that I will never shut you out. Ok? You will always be the center of my life.

Isabella: Manuelito, I will never be able to rest. You must do what has to be done.

Sonia: Sorry, sorry. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you. Are you ok?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Sonia: Pretty soon everyone will be here, including Jessica and Tico. Are you ready for that?

Bo: I told you on the phone; don't bring Matthew over yet.

Nora: I didn’t.

Bo: Oh.

Nora: I came over here because I thought maybe you could use some help -- legal advice, anything at all. You know, this has got to be hard on you. I know that.

Bo: Pa has been so out of it lately, I think we have to get him help, you know, before he does something that everybody's going to regret.

Nora: I assume that Asa sees this as ultimate betrayal.

Asa: What's the matter with you, Kevin? I gave you everything.

Kevin: I know that. All right? The company, my shot at politics -- don't think I'm not grateful.

Asa: Well, I'll tell you, you lose me, boy, you've got no one. What good is being on top if you don't have anybody with you?

Kevin: Come on, grandpa, I'm not alone. I have Ace, I have Duke. I'll have you back before long.

Asa: Ace is not even your son, and Duke testified against you at the custody hearing. I'm warning you, Kevin. You do this to me, you'll have no one. Is that what you want?

Duke: I thought you agreed your mom was being too overprotective.

Adriana: I just don't want to keep sneaking around anymore and lying just to see you. It just makes me feel bad.

Duke: Ok. I mean, I'm not going to ask you to do anything that makes you feel bad. I got to go. The funeral.

Adriana: You're going, too?

Duke: Yeah, out of respect for Tico. After all, he was the only one telling me to keep asking you to the Heart Gala. See you later.

Adriana: Bye.

David: There. You see that? Adriana gave him the brush-off. Now you can answer my question.

Dorian: Gosh, what is taking Carlotta so long?

David: I don't know, but I think we've got plenty of time for you to tell me what it is you hope to get out of her.

Dorian: All right, yes, I'd like to know where Manuel’s millions have gone. But I -- after all, a good portion of it rightfully is Adriana’s.

David: And ours.

Dorian: Whatever. I don't think Carlotta knows anything. Besides which, she's in terrible pain right now.

Carlotta: Oh, I'm sorry that took so long.

David: That's ok.

Carlotta: Thank you all for coming with me, all of you. It's just that I'm feeling so alone right now.

Adriana: Antonio's going to change his mind, tia, I know it.

Dorian: All you did was protect him from the violent man that was his father, just as I did with Adriana. It was love.

Carlotta: Yeah, well, Antonio’s so angry right now, I don't think love or anything else has any meaning for him.

 [Church bell rings]

Priest: Isabella was a kind and loving woman who dedicated her life to the well-being of others. Only in her final weeks did she come to know the child she thought had died many years before was with her once again. Manuel, Augustico -- remember, out of the sorrow of your mother's loss comes the affirmation of life. Tico has told me that his grief is shared with a deep and profound love, proof that God works in mysterious ways. He tells me he is now engaged to be married to Jessica Buchanan.

Asa: What happened to Kevin? He signed the papers and snuck out?

Nora: No, he has an appointment, and he's going to meet us at the hospital.

Asa: He's something. Tosses me into a pile of garbage, my own grandson.

Nora: Hey. Listen to me. I know how much you love having Matthew here -- you know, coming for supper, for the night, making him sundaes on Saturdays, having him ride that beautiful pony you bought him. And he loves it, loves it. But what if one time you're with him and you get so confused you don't know what's going on? What if Matthew winds up being hurt?

Asa: Nora, I'm fine.

Nora: And you probably are. You probably are. But, Asa, I need to know that. And I want to know that when you're being obstinate and pigheaded, it's because you want to be, because you're Asa. So just -- please, just have the doctors look at you. What's a week, anyway? Bo's going to come visit you every day. I'm going to bring Matthew every day.

Asa: You will?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Asa: Nora, my being confused like this -- is that bringing you and Bo back together? Because if it is, it's worth it.

Nora: Asa Buchanan, you are just as bad as Matthew. Hey, you know this -- Bo is a wonderful, kind, caring man with a heart as big as Texas. Believe me, what he's doing today hurts him as much as it hurts you.

Bo: Pa? The paramedics are here to take you to the hospital.

Asa: I don't need them, Bo. Tell them I'm going to go on my own, with you and Bo.

Sonia: I can't really say I'm all that surprised. I mean, Tico’s been after Jessica since the moment he laid eyes on her. And I know you're not going to want to hear this, but it hasn't exactly been one-sided. I mean, I can't tell you how many times in the last month Jessica has just shown up at Lion's heart to do an interview or whatever -- whatever sounded good at the time. You know, this thing has been brewing for a long time. I mean, you guys are -- I mean, you and Jessica are finished, right?

 [Organ plays]

Tico: Jessica, I had no idea the priest was going to say anything about our engagement. I really hope I haven't ruined things for you with your mother.

Jessica: Well, she had to hear sometime.

Dorian: Oh, Viki, you could've knocked me over with a feather. I had no idea. You knew, of course?

Viki: No, actually, I did not know.

Dorian: Oh, my, how awful.

David: Is that for Isabella Santi?

Adriana: No. It's for all the souls who need help. St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. He can do the impossible.

David: Hmm.

David: St. Jude, huh? Ahem. Listen, St. Jude, I've always thought in a lineup of the saints, you've always been a real standout. So if, you know, maybe you could see to it that I could receive some of that Santi fortune? And not to be kissing up or anything, but "Hey Jude" has always been probably my favorite Beatles' song, so -- so that's just, you know, something to think about when you're deciding who should receive that money.

Carlotta: Viki, I couldn't believe my ears.

Dorian: I'll leave you two alone to talk. Excuse me.

Carlotta: What happened? Did you know?

Viki: No, I had no idea.

Carlotta: Antonio should never have turned his heart away from Jessica -- not her, too. Now look what she's gone and done. I hope you can talk to her. I'm sorry. I'm going to go find him. Excuse me.

Viki: Sure, sure.

Jessica: Mom, before you say anything, I'm sorry. I didn't want you to find out this way.

Tico: I can't apologize enough, Mrs. Davidson. The priest misunderstood. That was not for public announcement. I need to speak with Father Ignacio. Will you excuse me?

Viki: Sweetheart, if you're happy, then I'm happy for you, ok? I think you know that.

Jessica: Thank you.

Viki: Jessie -- baby, Antonio hurt you so badly and he left you vulnerable to a lot of very conflicting emotions right now, and I think that Tico’s offer of marriage is ill-timed, to say the least, and I think your acceptance of it is just an easy way to camouflage all that hurt.

Jessica: Mom, I'm not hiding behind Tico, and I'm not on the rebound. He makes me happy. He actually shares his feelings with me, and he really loves me. Mom, he's sweet and tender and caring and charming and --

Viki: Sophisticated and cultured and blah, blah. He's an awful lot of things. But do you love him?

Adriana: I can't stay long. I've got to get to the library and get those books on Sandra Day O’Connor.

Dorian: Commendable. Sure you're not meeting someone there?

Adriana: Mom, give me a break, ok? You don't want me to hang out with Duke. I get it, ok? I said I wouldn't!

David: They wrote books about Sandra Day O’Connor? Did she do anything besides all those "Gidget" movies?

Dorian: I think I've lost my appetite. Let's get a booth.

David: Oh, hey, good news. For luck, I blew out a candle to St. Jude. He's the patron saint of lost causes. I thought maybe he could help us get the Santi millions.

Dorian: Yes, well, we could use some divine intervention.

David: Yeah, he'd better be what he's cut out to be. Are you sure that Carlotta can't give us any pointers?

Dorian: Yes.

David: Well, then you and I have to figure out how to connect the codes to the account numbers, because if we can do that, we don't even need St. Jude. That money will definitely be ours.

Dorian: Yes, and anything else he may have left behind.

David: What does that mean?

Dorian: Honey, let me just say this. Manuel Santi was not the sort of man to put all his golden eggs in one basket.

Carlotta: Antonio? I -- I need to talk to you. Alone.

Antonio: Whatever you have to say, you can say it in front of her. So, what is it?

Sonia: Actually, I have to be somewhere, so, excuse me. I'll see you back at the room.

Carlotta: Mijo, I know that it was a shock to hear that Jessica got engaged to Tico.

Antonio: Jessica's from another life. So are you.

Carlotta: I think I'm beginning to understand why she's given up on you.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, maybe it's time you gave up, too.

Carlotta: Antonio --

Antonio: I'm not Antonio. That's part of the lie you made me live. I'm Manuel, Manuel Santi, my father's son.

Viki: Jessica, to become engaged to someone so soon after you and Antonio separated --

Jessica: Mom, I -- I have spent a lot of time with Tico, more time than you know. I interviewed him for weeks for those articles that I put together, and I don't -- we talked. We talked about our lives, we shared our dreams, and I want to be with him, mom. I want to be with him all the time. I mean, isn't that what love is? When you love somebody -- when --

Viki: Honey, listen to me. He came into your life as a total stranger. He was charming and kind, and -- and he offered you a world with no problems. So you have to forgive me for saying this, but I don't think what you're feeling is love. I think what you feel is an escape from all the turmoil in your life.

Jessica: Fine, call it whatever you want. Whatever it is, it is so much better than what I had with Antonio because that was a mistake.

Viki: A mistake?

Jessica: Yes, a mistake. Mom, please, all that undercover work? He wanted me to be a stay-at-home woman. And just -- things with me and Tico are just -- they're perfect.

Viki: Well, darling, it's your choice. But I -- I have to ask you, though -- please make it a long engagement.

Jessica: We'll see. Thank you.

Viki: I love you.

Jessica: I love you.

Tico: Are you ok?

Jessica: Yeah.

Tico: I felt it was better for me to stay out of it for now. But if you want, I'll go talk to her.

Jessica: No, no, no. Later.

Tico: But not much later. I want to tell Father Ignacio that we would like to get married within a week. Is that possible? Have you decided?

Jessica: Yes, I've decided.

 [Phone rings]

Daniel: Hello?

Nora: Hey, Daniel. I'm sorry that I couldn't reach you sooner.

Daniel: That's ok. You ready for New York?

Nora: Well, actually, that's why I'm calling. There's been an emergency. Bo's had to commit Asa to the psych ward at the hospital, so he's not going to be able to babysit Matthew this weekend.

Daniel: Oh. Well, hey, what do you say I rent all the movies that I can about New York City and we'll just hunker down for the evening, huh?

Nora: That is really, really sweet, but I'm sorry. I just can't go. I promised Asa that I would take Matthew to visit him, and then -- I think Matthew and I are going to spend the evening with Bo, you know, just to cheer him up.

Daniel: Yeah, I see. You know, Nora, I was afraid you might get caught with Bo somewhere, but now I see you're planning it.

Nora: Now, that's not fair. I don't think you understand.

Daniel: Sure, I do.

Bo: Hey, Kev called. Pa's calm, he's looking forward to a visit from Matthew, and Renee’s on her way back from Texas.

Nora: Great.

Bo: Hey, look, I want to thank you for talking pa into going down there, and I hope that it's not too late for you and Daniel to get to New York.

Nora: Oh -- actually, we're not going to go.

Bo: Why not?

Nora: Because I promised Asa that I would take Matthew to visit him. I didn't just promise him that I'd take Matthew; I promised him that the three of us would go.

Bo: Yeah, pa will understand.

Nora: Bo, I'm not doing this just for Asa. I know you. I know how hard this is for you. I know you're hurting.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I am.

Nora: Ok. Well, so for me, I see hospital visits, lots of junk food, and a lot of video games with my two favorite guys.

Bo: That sounds good.

Nora: Bueno.

Kevin: So, if you want to stop by and say hello to grandpa, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Viki: Well, of course I will. This seems to have taken quite a toll on you, honey.

Kevin: Yeah, I guess. Listen, I got your message about taking "The Sun" off the masthead, and it's done. You know, if Todd doesn't like it, he can go to hell.

Viki: Kevin, you can't break a contract. There are consequences!

Kevin: I'm sorry, you -- it's too late to run to Todd’s rescue, mom.

Viki: I'm not thinking about Todd!

Kevin: Well, if you would've read the paper -- which it looks like you have -- you would've noticed that Governor Brooks and I are ahead in the polls, so, you know, thanks for the congratulations and the support.

Viki: Kevin!

Kevin: Appreciate it. I'll see you around.

Isabella: It has begun, Manuelito. Your brother, Tico, is taking everything away from you.

Tico: Jessica, please tell me we'll marry now. We can always have a huge party to celebrate afterwards.

Jessica: No, that's not important.

Tico: Well, tell me what is and I'll make it happen.

Jessica: You already have. You've helped me move away from Antonio. You've -- you've offered me a new life without pain. Let's get married as soon as possible.

Isabella: Tico won't stop

(Sorry, it got cut off here)

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