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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/28/04

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Natalie: Antonio, what the hell are you doing?



Tico: Don't worry. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Jessica: I'm not, I'm not. Maybe we should go back inside.

Tico: In a minute. I don't want to stop what's happening here.

Jessica: What is happening here, Tico?

Tico: Something right.

Jessica: I don't know if it is. I don't care anymore.

Viki: Jessica.


Blair: Dorian, have you seen Todd?

Dorian: Perhaps he figured out he doesn't belong here.

Blair: Don't even start.

Dorian: Honey, if you can't keep a leash on him, how can you expect me to?

Blair: I'm worried about him, all right? I can't get in touch with him anywhere, and I think he might be in some kind of trouble.

Dorian: When is Todd not in trouble?


[Knock on door]

Bo: You can't get in?

Nora: Hi. No. He's bolted the door shut.

Bo: You sure you heard a gunshot?

Nora: Well, I'm pretty sure that's what I heard. I think so. I'm just so worried about him. I'm so worried he's going to get hurt messing with those two.

Bo: Hey, Pa! It's me! Let me in!

[Pounding on door]

Bo: Pa! Pa, open up!

Asa: I knew damn well you were here.


Bo: Pa! Come on!

Asa: Are you finally dead, you S.O.B.?


Bo: Pa!

Bo: Come on, Pa, answer up!

Nora: What if he can't?

Bo: Something's going on in there. I'm going to bust that win--

Asa: What the hell is all the yelling about?

Bo: What took you so long?

Nora: Is that the gun I heard fired?

Asa: I caught the intruder red-handed.

Nora: Someone's in there?

Asa: Not someone. Todd manning.

Bo: You shot Manning?

Asa: He was trespassing.

Bo: Where is he?

Asa: Right where I plugged him.

Asa: Ooh. Where -- what in the -- where in the blue blazes -- I swear he was lying right there looking real dead a minute ago. Look -- look, you two, I'm not making this up. No. Manning, where the hell are you? Come out! Show your ugly face!


Antonio: Stay out of this, Natalie.

Natalie: If my sister's not happy, it makes me unhappy.

Antonio: There's nothing to talk about here.

[Phone rings]

Sonia: Oh -- ahem. "There's nothing to talk about here"? Throwing away a life with my sister for what, for that? You know, this whole thing about you finding out that someone else is your father and you're just going to abandon everyone -- well, you know what? It's dumb. It's really stupid.

Sonia: Antonio, I've got to get back to Lion’s Heart. I just got a call -- work related.

Antonio: Call me.                                                                                                        

Sonia: Yeah.

Natalie: What are you doing? You know, Antonio, you were always one of the good guys. This is not you.

Antonio: Yeah? And who am I? Hmm? Nobody knows because nobody's ever been straight with me.

Natalie: You are Antonio Vega, the man that loves my sister, Carlotta’s son, Jamie’s father, and Cristian’s brother.

Antonio: Except for Jamie, everything else was a lie.

Natalie: So what? Going to throw a whole lifetime away? Not too long ago, you asked me if I thought that Cristian was looking down from heaven and watching me derail my life. Now I'm asking the same of you. Do you think he's doing that to you, Antonio?

Antonio: It doesn't matter.

Natalie: The hell it doesn’t. Cristian's still your brother. He looked up to you, he loved you, and you loved him!

Antonio: The only brother I have now is Tico Santi.

Natalie: Fine. Fine. Throw away your life, the one that God gave you, because it was best for you, because it was right?

Antonio: "Right"? That word doesn't mean a damn thing to me anymore.

Natalie: Oh, but it does. You just don't want it to, Antonio. This is your life. You have a choice. You can go back, you can make it right.


Tico: Mrs. Davidson, I can't tell you how pleased I am that you could make it tonight after all.

Viki: Would you excuse us, please, Tico? I'd like to speak with my daughter alone.

Tico: Of course. I will see you in the ballroom.

Viki: Darling, what on earth is going on?

Jessica: Mom, look at you. You look beautiful. I can't believe that you flew in from California, went home --

Viki: Jessica! What happened between you and Antonio?

Jessica: He left me.

Viki: What?

Jessica: That's all you really need to know right now.

Viki: I don't think so. Sweetheart, you're so upset, and you're with Tico?

Jessica: Mom, you can't even begin to understand what I've been going through.

Viki: Baby, try me.


Dorian: Tico! Oh, our gala is a smashing success.

Tico: Yes, everything is going according to plan.

Dorian: Do you know we have raised so much money -- I mean, just on the silent auction alone. Such a shame that Viki couldn't make it.

Tico: Oh, but she did.

Dorian: What? She's here?

Tico: Yeah. I just left her out on the balcony with Jessica.

Dorian: Oh, my. You know, I'm just a little concerned that maybe you spent more on this party than we could possibly raise. It's not going to bankrupt you, is it?

Tico: I'm not worried.

Dorian: No. Sure, you've got a bunch of money trees growing on some property of yours.

Tico: Well, actually, Dorian, I've made very wise investments with my mother's money.

Dorian: Of course, your mother's money, not your father’s.

Tico: There's someone I need to see. Will you excuse me?

Dorian: Yes.

Tico: Jarod, I need you to take care of something for me.

Jarod: What is it, Mr. Santi?

Tico: I want you to reserve a suite here at The Palace. I want the best -- I want the most romantic suite they he e to offer. I want you to fill it with roses, candles, and my favorite champagne. Have it ready by midnight.

Jarod: Yes, Mr. Santi.


Natalie: You know, it's one thing if Antonio wants to mess with his own life, but why Jessica's and why Jamie’s?

John: Maybe he thinks it's what -- what's best for them in the long run.

Natalie: No. This is just plain stupid.

John: I can only assume he doesn't see it that way.

Natalie: John, please don't defend him.

John: I'm not defending anyone. He has been acting a little crazy lately.

Natalie: Yeah, well, abandoning all the people that care about you the most -- that's just -- that's being a coward.


Jessica: My ex-fiancé? Well, he's staying at some cheap motel with Sonia Toledo.

Viki: Oh, God, I'm so sorry.

Jessica: He's cut himself off from everybody, everybody but her. Even Jamie, Mom. He's left her with R.J.

Viki: I don't believe that.

Jessica: I can't believe any of this, Mom. He's throwing everything away. He won't let anybody help him.

Viki: Well, Darling, you can't give up on him. I mean, in spite of everything, he needs you now more than ever.


John: Look, there's no excuse for bailing out on people that care about you, but it happens. It happens to the best of us.

Natalie: You okay?

John: Yeah. Why?

Natalie: A feeling.

John: You're not the only one concerned about this Antonio thing.

Natalie: You know, you don't have to go through it alone.

John: You got a lot on your plate right now.

Natalie: I actually meant Evangeline.

John: Oh. She's in San Francisco on business.

Natalie: She's got a phone, doesn't she?

Paul: Natalie, I need to talk to you for a minute.

Natalie: Paul, I'm kind of busy right now.

Paul: Yeah, well, it's kind of important, you know?

John: I'm just going to go grab a cup of coffee.


Jessica: I know Antonio needs me, Mom. But what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to help him if he keeps on pushing me away?

Viki: You have to keep trying, Sweetheart. He feels he's been lied to his whole life. That's devastating for him.

Jessica: What about Tico? The same thing happened to him. He didn't know who his father was, either, and when he found out he didn't self-destruct and --

Viki: Honey, people deal with crises in different ways.

Jessica: Yeah, and Antonio’s dealing with it with Sonia Toledo.

Viki: And that's why you're with Tico -- because you're jealous.

Jessica: I like Tico. I enjoy being with him. And he seems to want to be with me.

Viki: Baby, you're on the rebound.

Jessica: Yeah -- Mom, he knows what's going on and he doesn't care. All he cares about is me. And right now I really need that.


Bo: I searched every room in the house. No sign of Manning.

Asa: Well, what about the rattlesnake he set loose in here?

Bo: What rattlesnake?

Nora: Asa said that he killed a rattlesnake in here earlier.

Asa: Just like I killed Manning.

Bo: All right, if you shot him, where's the blood?

Asa: There was a pillow on this sofa, Bo, and it's gone. Manning must have used it to stop the bleeding from getting all over the place.

Bo: Mm-hmm. So you're saying that he was shot, he was bleeding, but somehow he managed to sneak out of here without a trace?

Asa: I know, I know it sounds crazy, but that's what Manning is trying to do -- make you think that I'm loco.

Bo: It's working.

Asa: Oh, what? I mean, you just don't believe me?

Bo: No. No, I don’t. Pa, look, you need some help. You need serious help.

Asa: I am not going to stand here and listen to my own flesh and blood call me a lunatic.

Bo: This is what I think might have happened. You hit your head when you were lost in the woods, and now it's having an effect on the way you're thinking.

Nora: Asa, you really should see a doctor.

Asa: I don't need a damn doctor.

Bo: Well, that's not open to discussion, because you're going to see one if I have to drag you all the way down there myself.

Asa: You? So, what are you going to do, police commissioner? Knock me out, roll me up in a rug like that tramp Blair did?

Nora: Okay, Asa, you know what? Bo is just worried about you. We're all worried about you. You have been through a hell of a lot.

Bo: Yeah, you say you're fine. Now, what's the big deal about seeing a doctor?

Asa: You're right. All right, I'll see him tomorrow. Now, both of you, go, beat it. Go; get out of here.

Bo: No, no, no. Sorry about that. I'm not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere, either, if that's what you're thinking about.

Asa: Damn you, Manning.


Todd: Yeah, I'm sorry to disturb you. I need some help.

Sonia: What happened to you?

Todd: Uh -- my car hit a tree.

Sonia: Bertram, get me the first-aid kit, please! Can you walk?

Todd: Yeah. I just need to sit down.

Sonia: Okay. Here.

Todd: No, wait -- what are you doing?

Sonia: Calling 911.

Todd: No. No cops, no doctors. Just call my wife, Blair, please.


Blair: Okay, Todd, this is the last message I will be leaving for you this evening. I'm heading home, and you better have a very good explanation about where you are. Dorian, I'm headed home. Tico, thank you so much for a lovely evening.

Tico: You're not leaving us now, are you?

Dorian: Blair, you can't leave.

Blair: Why not?

Dorian: Because the auction's going on right now and one of the final items is something I want to bid on. I can’t. After all, I am one of the co-hosts. I need you to do it.

Blair: What does it matter where the money comes from, Dorian? Come on.

Dorian: Blair, please. It's a week in Tuscany.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Better be you, Todd! Hello? Oh, my God. Yeah, I'll be right there. I've got to go, Dorian.


Paul: I miss you, Natalie.

Natalie: It's over, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, I know. I know. It's my fault, right? Listen, I'm a changed person, I'm a better person, and I can be a better person for you.

Natalie: Right, until you have to rob the next person who comes along, pay back R.J. for the heist that you didn't do.

Paul: Natalie, did I say anything about that?

Natalie: No. But you will. I mean, Paul, do you think that I wanted it this way? I wanted it to be different, too. I wanted to be friends with you.

Paul: Yeah, as long as I'm still among the living.

Natalie: Could you stop, okay? R.J.’s not going to kill you. He wants his money. He's not going to get money out of a dead man.

Paul: He might hurt me so bad that I wish I were dead.

Natalie: I cannot help you, okay? You're going to have to start figuring out sooner or later that you got to take care of yourself.

Paul: Fine, so that's it, right? And you're just going to hang me out to dry?

Natalie: I have to take care of my life and find out whatever is left of it, okay? So, please, just do me the favor -- stay away from me.

Paul: You know, Natalie, you're so cold. Do you know that? I mean, you lead me on, you make me think that you're the one, and all this time you were just trying to get John McBain jealous, huh, so he'd come crawling back?

Natalie: I'm leaving now.

Paul: No, wait a minute. I'm not done with you.

Natalie: Let go of me.

Paul: Not until I finish. Ooh --

Natalie: Get your hands off me! You lay another hand on me, I'll kill you myself!

John: Why don't you do yourself a favor, kid, and get the hell out of here.

Paul: You know what? This is between Natalie and me.

John: Not anymore.


Viki: Kevin?

Kevin: Mom, I didn't know you were here.

Viki: I just got here. I got an earlier flight.

Kevin: Oh.

Viki: I'm very happy to see you here supporting the cause.

Jessica: Oh, come on. The only cause he's supporting is his own.

Viki: Jessica.

Jessica: Mom, he doesn't care about women's heart research. He's only here because Governor Brooks is coming, and Kevin would never miss a photo op.

Viki: What does Governor Brooks got to do with anything?

Kevin: All right, first off, how dare you tell her I'm not interested in women's heart research.

Viki: Kevin, please don't start --

Kevin: Hold on -- of course I am. I am running for Lieutenant Governor again.

Viki: With Harrison Brooks?

Kevin: Yes. Clarkson is off the ticket. I'm on it.

Jessica: And what did you have to do in return? I mean, don't tell me nothing, Kevin, really, because I saw you talking with Dawes.

Viki: Kevin, you resigned as Lieutenant Governor because Harrison Brooks was in league with people like William Dawes.

Jessica: And now he's one of them.

Kevin: Well, things have changed --

Woman: Kevin, here's what we got at the silent auction -- everything but the antique silver cocktail set.

Kevin: Oh, I'm sorry. I know you wanted that. Who outbid us?

Jessica: Oh, that would be me.

Kevin: I'm really sorry. You know my sister Jessica?

Woman: Yes.

Kevin: She's very determined.

Woman: We know each other. Excuse me.

Kevin: Oh, okay. Well, Jessica, did you really even want that? Just trying to keep me from giving it to her, is that it?

Jessica: Come on, Kevin. Grow up!

Kevin: That's very mature.

Jessica: No, really, you grow up.

Kevin: Oh!

Jessica: She has McGovern money. She could have just overbid me, okay?

Viki: All right, excuse me, excuse me. You are both too old to have to make me break up your fights.


Waiter: Oh, Sir? Sir? Excuse me. Private party tonight.

Antonio: Fine. I need a favor.

Waiter: Exactly what can I do for you?

Antonio: Got a pen?

Antonio: Get this to Jessica Buchanan. Tell her it's urgent.


Natalie: Leave me alone, Paul!

Paul: You know what? I've had just about enough of you!

John: Hey, what, are you deaf? Didn't you hear what she just said?

Paul: Why don't you go to hell, all right?

John: Hey! Hey! Are we cool? We're cool?

Paul: Yeah, yeah -- yes! You'll be sorry you did that. You both are going to be sorry.

John: You okay?

Natalie: Yeah. I just need to have my brain checked for ever getting involved with him in the first place.

John: Just -- just be glad you got out of it and you got out of it before it went too far.

Natalie: Yeah, well, if it already hasn’t.

John: Why are you worried about Cramer?

Natalie: I mean -- I mean, he's going to get over me just fine. It's just -- you know, maybe my family was right this whole time. Maybe he was really only after the money.

John: I doubt it. Look, anybody can see there's a lot more to you than that.

Natalie: I --

John: Look, you -- you want to go grab a beer or maybe shoot some pool or something?

Natalie: You know, thank you, but I think I'm going to the diner get and some take-out and go back to Llanfair before this storm hits, so, see you.

John: I'll see you, then, yeah.

Natalie: I'll see you.

Woman: Lieutenant McBain?

John: So you're a fed?

Woman: I'd like a word with you about Sonia Toledo.


Sonia: So, how did this happen?

Todd: Like I said, my car hit a tree.

Sonia: Yeah. Did your car take a shot at you, too? Oh, let me guess -- you don't me to call a doctor because the doctors would have to report this to the cops.

Todd: There's no reason they have to know, you know?

Sonia: That's true for most people. But I know who you are.

Todd: Then you know the cops and I don't party together.

Sonia: Here. Hold on that there. I do now. Well, you're in luck. Didn't hit any major organs. I'll probably be able to fix you up.

Todd: Are you a doctor?

Sonia: No, but I've doctored a few of these before. Here. You won't feel a thing.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Is Todd here?

Sonia: You must be Blair.

Blair: Where is he? Is he all right?

Sonia: I think he'll survive.

Blair: Oh! Todd! What are you doing here?

Todd: I smashed up the car. I think I passed out from the gunshot wound.

Blair: Shot? You were shot?

Todd: Yeah.

Sonia: I got some liquid stitches upstairs, so I'm going to give you kids a minute.

Todd: Asa shot me.

Blair: What?

Todd: It's a good thing the lights were out or he wouldn't have missed. The good news -- he must be going wacko right now because he thinks he killed me.

Blair: Well, he could have killed you! I told you to back off!

Todd: Oh, Blair, things are starting to just get fun now.

Blair: You call this fun? Look, you need to go to the hospital.

Todd: No, no, because then Asa will think it actually happened, and then he'll think he's not losing it, so we can't tell anybody right now. I --

Blair: Hello? That woman knows.

Todd: I think she's cool. Don't worry about her. No, you see, we got Asa right where we want him. He's going to be weaving baskets at St. Ann's tomorrow morning. And we'll be back in the mansion.

Blair: Todd, I do not care about the mansion anymore, all right? I just want to get you out of here. I want to get you home.

Todd: No, later, later. Kevin and Tico have been up to something. I want you to do something for me. I want you to --

Blair: What?

Todd: Well, make an excuse, go to the bathroom, go somewhere, and then snoop around, see if you can find something that ties Tico to Kevin.

Blair: Have you completely lost it? You were shot, you're bleeding, and all you can think about is getting back at Kevin?


Kevin: We should probably head inside. Looks like the storm's about to hit.

Viki: Honey, I am so worried about you.

Kevin: No, please, no more lectures about women or politics, really.

Viki: No, I'm worried about your health. Really, you don't look well.

Kevin: I'm tired, okay? The campaign's taking a lot of time, work, too. I just haven't been getting much sleep.

Viki: Because of a guilty conscience?

Kevin: I don't have a damn thing to be guilty.


Waiter: Excuse me. Ms. Buchanan.

Jessica: Thank you.

Tico: Is everything all right?

Jessica: Everything's fine. Could you just excuse me for a minute?

Tico: Sure.

Jessica: Thank you.

Jessica: All right. I'm here.

Antonio: I saw you earlier, dancing in the ballroom with Tico.

Jessica: If you're going to tell me to stay away from him, you really -- you have no right.

Antonio: I could see why you would -- why you would turn to him. You guys are a lot alike, similar backgrounds, like the same things, but he's not like you, Jess. He's not a good person.

Jessica: I don't need this. Why did you want to see me, Antonio?

Antonio: I need time.

Jessica: I'll give you all the time in the world if you'll just tell me that you're going to come back to me. So you just want me to sit around and wait while you run around with Sonia, finding what, what, your other self?

Antonio: No, Jess, I know you don't understand --

Jessica: Right, Antonio, I don't understand. You want me out of your life? That's fine. But it goes both ways. You're out of my life, too.

Woman: This is a federal investigation. You were F.B.I. You know what that means, so back off, Lieutenant.

John: You know, I'm beginning to wonder if there's an investigation at all or if it's not something else. You know, I worked for the company, and I know a smokescreen when I see one, and this stinks of a cover.

Woman: And what would we be covering up, Lieutenant?

John: You're letting Vega do your dirty work for you. And if he ends up dead, I just want you to remember your high school physics -- for every action, there's an equal, opposite reaction. And if Sonia’s got a hard time understanding that concept, tell her I'll draw her a picture.


Tico: Is everything set for tonight?

Jarod: Yes, Sir. I was able to get the honeymoon suite for you.

Tico: Thank you, Jarod.


Dorian: Is this any way for our Guest of Honor to be looking?

Viki: Hello, Dorian. I'll be right in, okay?

Dorian: Kevin's the one to blame for this, right? No, he's the one who has put you in this mood.

Viki: Dorian, I don't know what to do about him. I --

Dorian: You know he's running for Lieutenant Governor.

Viki: Yes.

Dorian: What and how could he possibly be on the same ticket with Harrison Brooks? But then, the governor had you fooled, too.

Viki: And not you?

Dorian: I didn't date him.

Viki: No, he never asked you.


Paul: Dorian, where's Kelly?

Dorian: What are you doing here? You're not on the guest list.

Paul: Look, I just need to see my sister.

Dorian: You stay away from her. You've already done enough damage.

Paul: Me? Well, what about your son, huh? You know, you should really talk to Kevin. He's like a human scud. Who's going to be his next target?

Guard: I'm afraid you're going to have to leave, Sir.

Paul: Fine. I can see my own way out, all right?

Viki: Well, I'm just very grateful that Natalie caught on to him, realized he was trouble before she got herself into something dangerous.


Natalie: You're still here?

John: I -- I ran into somebody.

Natalie: Oh, a friend?

John: Not even close. Looks like the storm blew over.

Natalie: Yeah. You know, I thought it was going to be pretty bad, but it's okay.

John: Hmm. Well, I'll see you, then.

Natalie: Okay. John! Hey, is that offer to go shoot pool still good?

John: I would, but I actually just rented a movie.

Natalie: Oh, okay. Go enjoy your movie.

John: You ever see it?

Natalie: No, but I heard it was really good.

John: Oh, no, it is good. You know, car chases and automatic weapons, nudity.

Natalie: Sounds like your kind of movie.

John: What else is there? You know, if you're not doing anything and you want to watch it with me --

Natalie: Okay, why not? I mean, I don't have to worry about any big storms anymore, so, yeah.

John: Yeah.


Dorian: Viki, now that you've gotten Natalie into line, maybe you should do something about Jessica.

Viki: Oh, please. She and Antonio are separated.

Dorian: Yes. I assume that's true since she's here tonight with Tico. I have to tell you, Viki, I don't trust him.

Viki: Yeah, well, I don't trust him, either. But I can't stop her.


Nora: Do you think he's going to be okay?

Bo: I hope so. But there's definitely something wrong.

Nora: Yeah. I guess we'll know more about it tomorrow after he sees the doctor.

Bo: Yeah. You know, it's late, so you don't have to stick around.

Nora: Are you sure you don't need me?

Bo: Yeah. Thanks for caring about Pa.

Nora: Call me.

Bo: Yeah. I will.


Sonia: All right; that ought to heal just fine.

Blair: And what do you expect in for this in return?

Sonia: Well, I may ask you to do me a favor in the future. Of course, maybe I won’t.

Todd: Maybe you don't want the cops here, either, do you?

Sonia: Maybe I'll go wash my hands. I'll be right back.

Blair: How are you feeling?

Todd: Like somebody who's been shot. Come on; let's get to work. There's got to be something around here that ties Tico to Kevin.

Blair: Oh, hello? Am I just talking to these men here in this picture? Come on, Todd, you have to stop this stuff with Kevin. Come on; let's go home now. Come on.

Todd: Ah! Don't touch me.

Blair: Oh --

Todd: Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Look at this.

Blair: What?

Sonia: Okay, then, can I get either of you two any -- you probably ought to stay off your feet.

Todd: Yeah, no, I really want to go home, but thank you for your hospitality and nursing me, so -- let's go, come on.

Blair: Oh, okay. 


Jessica: What is all this?

Tico: I wanted everything to be perfect for when I ask you to marry me.

Jessica: Marry you?

Tico: I know it's sudden. But I'm in love with you, Jessica, and I knew it from the moment I first saw you. And whether you realized it or not, I know you felt it, too.

Jessica: I don't know what to say. I'm sorry, I --

Tico: Oh, at least you haven't said no.

Jessica: I think I should go. Excuse me.

Tico: You will marry me, Jessica.


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Kelly: I'm just trying to focus on what's positive.

Viki: That's good. What things?

Blair: Why would Tico Santi be tailing Governor Brooks?

Todd: Maybe it's got something to do with Kevin.

Antonio: You're a beautiful, sexy woman.

Sonia: But I'll never be Jessica, right?

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