OLTL Transcript Tuesday 9/21/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/21/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Shannon: Hey, guys. So, I just stopped by the paint store. Our order's ready. Somebody want to write a check; we'll go get it?

Nick: Why don't you just steal it?

Shannon: Ah! Good one. Yeah, that would save me the time from jacking it from the site later. It's a joke. Ha? Come on, I didn't trash the site! We've been through this. You guys gave up blaming me.

Julie: You were the only one that didn't go to the game.

Mark: Yeah, and you don't have an alibi.

Rex: Yeah, she does -- me.

Tico: Gloria? Gloria, did you see Eduardo?

Gloria: He left a while ago with Ms. Toledo, sir.

Tico: Sonia left with Eduardo? Did they say where they were going?

Gloria: No, sir.

Tico: Thank you, Gloria. Sonia, it's Tico. Call me as soon as you get this. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Sonia: You want proof Antonio didn't kill Angelina? Here it is.

John: Well, what do you know? It's the guy that accused him.

Sonia: Eduardo, tell Lieutenant McBain what you told me.

John: You lie to me?

[Eduardo sighs]

Eduardo: No, I wasn't lying. I was mistaken.

John: Oh, this -- this ought to be rich. So, what exactly did you see?

Eduardo: Antonio Vega did argue with Angelina -- I mean, with Senora Santi, but he did not push her as I thought. She fell on her own.

John: So, why'd you tell me Antonio pushed her down? Who put you up to this?

 [Knock on door]

Natalie: Just me.

Jessica: I'm an idiot.

Natalie: Why? Hoping Antonioís going to be coming back?

Jessica: He's not going to. The sooner I get used to that, the better.

Natalie: Well, I can tell you work definitely does help. In fact, it's actually almost as good as going out with the next guy available. Take it from someone who knows.

Jessica: You are still breaking up with Paul, right?

Natalie: Look, going off with him -- it didn't make John pushing me away any easier, and to be quite honest, neither one of them helped me forget about Cristian. I guess just like you can't forget about Antonio.

Jessica: Yeah. I can't forget Antonio, but I bet he's not thinking about me.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Hello?

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Rex: Shannon never went near the construction site. She was here with me the whole time.

Julie: Huh. Like we should believe you.

Mark: Yeah, you're not exactly the most credible source, Rex.

Nick: And everybody knows you two have been going at it behind, like, every tree for a while now, so --

Julie: So, why wouldn't you lie to protect her?

Hudson: Julie makes a good point.

Jen: Except Rex never lies to protect anybody. He's only looking out for himself. So if he says he was there, I guess he was.

Rex: Oh, thanks for that tremendous vote of confidence.

Julie: It's still not enough proof for me.

Shannon: Well, you know what, Julie? That's too bad because that's exactly what happened.

Riley: So, do you really think that she didn't do it?

Jen: I'm sure now, but now I have no idea who did do it.

Riley: I'll tell you.

Shannon: Thanks for sticking up for me. I know it meant outing us.

Rex: Everybody knew anyway.

Shannon: Yeah, but you didn't want them to. No one's ever done anything like that for me before.

Rex: Oh --

Shannon: Well, I guess everybody does know about us now.

Lindsay: Excuse me.

Shannon: Was that look supposed to scare me?

Rex: Don't push it with Lindsay.

Shannon: You're afraid she's going to get hurt, aren't you?

Rex: Not her.

Jessica: Hello? Is there anyone there?

Natalie: Who was it?

Jessica: Wrong number.

Natalie: Oh.

Jessica: So, did you do Paul that favor that you owed him?

Natalie: I tried. He wanted me to ask Kevin for money. Ahem.

Jessica: Oh, I bet that went over real big.

Natalie: Yeah, but I hope that Kevin doesn't take it out on Paul just because I asked.

Jessica: Natalie, why do you feel sorry for him?

Natalie: I can't help it, ok? I still like him.

Jessica: How can you, Natalie? If it wasn't for him, this whole Santi mess never would have come to Llanview.

Natalie: Ok, that's a little bit of a stretch, don't you think?

Jessica: Is it? Really? Because he did the delivery to The Hookup. The feds were here looking for him, ok? Maybe they would have come anyway.

Natalie: "Maybe"? Jessica, Antonio is Manuel Santiís son. I'm surprised they didn't come sooner.

Jessica: Why did they have to come at all? He was so happy. We were so happy.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Now, I don't want -- I don't know what's going to happen to Antonio.

John: Come on. Face it, you worked for the Santis your whole adult life. Somebody called in that favor. They wanted you to make up what happened.

Eduardo: As I have told you, I made a mistake in what I saw. I was so upset. The truth is Angelina fell on her own. That's how she died.

John: Mm-hmm. Get out of here. Get out of here. Expect a call from the I.N.S. Ms. Toledo, could I have a moment with you?

Sonia: So, does this clear Antonio?

John: It's out of my hands. The F.B.I. took over the case, but, then again, you knew that already. As a matter of fact, you know where Antonio is right now.

Sonia: Why are you giving me such a hard time?

John: Because you're up to here in this thing, and you're dragging Antonio down with you.

Sonia: Well, it's a federal case. I guess it's none of your business.

John: Yeah, well, you bring me this guy -- you bring me the idiot servant for what, so Iíll stay out of it?

Sonia: Whatever.

John: Yeah, whatever. By the way, I already knew Antonio was innocent. He was at the diner when the 911 call came in. But thanks for playing. Yeah, I want to speak to agent Ray Castillo. No. No message. Just tell him McBain called. Tell him it's urgent.

Jessica: I'm sorry about that.

Natalie: Don't be sorry. Yeah, believe me. But this is Antonio. I mean, I can't believe he did this to you. He's such a jerk. Jess, I know that you still love him, but I got to tell you -- I mean, anything that Paul has done to me is nothing that compares to this.

Jessica: Have you moved out of Paulís place yet?

Natalie: No, but I need to right away, because I can't keep going back to him every time Iím lonely.

Jessica: What about John?

Natalie: I told you, we're friends.

Jessica: Friends, right.

Natalie: Jessica, he doesn't want me. He's made that very clear.

Jessica: Oh, you know, I was thinking -- about moving back to Llanfair. Maybe you would come, too.

Natalie: What, misery loves company?

Jessica: Might as well be miserable together.

Natalie: Oh, don't make it too tempting.

Jessica: You know, I could really use a sister right now.

Natalie: Me, too. I missed you.

Jessica: I missed you, too.

Natalie: Hmm. Ok, I got to go, I got to go. I got to pack. I'll see you at the house?

Jessica: Yeah.

Natalie: Ok.

Paul: Hey.

Natalie: Paul, what are you doing here?

Paul: Well, I was looking for you.

Natalie: Are you following me?

Paul: Natalie, I might be a lot of things, but Iím not a stalker, all right? No, I thought your sister might know where you were.

Natalie: Ok, so, what do you want?

Paul: Well, I have a lot of ideas about how we can get the money I need. So, why don't we go back to our place?

Natalie: I need to talk to you, Paul.

Paul: Ok.

Natalie: I'm moving back to my mom's house.

Paul: No, you canít. I mean, you can't do this to me. I need you.

Natalie: No, you just need my money.

Paul: No, I need you more. I do. I love you.

Natalie: Ok. You just think that you love me.

Paul: No, Natalie, I know what I feel inside and I thought you felt the same.

Natalie: I never said that I loved you, Paul.

Paul: Well, I at least thought you might care. Or maybe you were just keeping me around because you couldn't have McBain, huh?

John: No, I do not want to leave another message. I would like Agent Castillo to call me. Thank you -- John McBain. Thanks. Sonia's I.N.L.; Antonio's expendable. All she wants is El Tiburon.

Isabella: No --

Tico: Get back to bed, please. Please!

Isabella: Oh!

Tico: Sonia, where have you been? I've been calling and calling, and you're not picking up.

Sonia: Did you bully Eduardo into lying about Antonio?

Tico: Why would you even think that?

Sonia: Because I know the truth, and so do the police.

Tico: What? What are you talking about?

Sonia: I'm talking about Eduardo changed his statement. He says he never saw Antonio push Isabella down onto that glass.

Tico: Is that what he said?

Sonia: I'm not letting Antonio get arrested for a crime that he did not commit.

Tico: How can you be so sure he didn't?

Sonia: Because I know Antonio, and so do you! You know that he would never do something like this.

Tico: Are you saying Iím lying?

Sonia: Why would you lie about your own brother, Tico?

Tico: Exactly, Sonia. Why would I? Do you think I want to believe this? Look, if Eduardo thinks I put him up to it, I didn't mean to, ok? Maybe it was something that I said that he took the wrong way. I'm not exactly myself right now.

Sonia: I know. I'm sorry. I told Eduardo to keep your name out of it with the police.

Tico: Then you're not still angry with me?

Sonia: No -- Tico, Antonio is no threat to you. He's a good man. He wants nothing to do with the Santi organization. And he's not exactly himself right now, either. You know, he and Jessica just broke up.

Tico: Well, that's their business.

Sonia: That doesn't break your heart.

Tico: Does it break yours?

Sonia: I have to go.

Tico: Look, Sonia, I love you, ok? You have been like a sister to me my whole life. I just -- I just don't want what's happened to Antonio to come between us, ok?

Sonia: Neither do I.

Tico: Eduardo? Eduardo?

Eduardo: Senor, I'm sorry about going to the police with Senorita Sonia --

Tico: We're going to deal with that later, ok? Right now I want you to follow Sonia. And, Eduardo, please, please, don't make another mistake.

Isabella's voice: Manuelito? Manuelito? Manuelito?

Antonio: Who is it? Who's there?

Antonio: It's you.

Isabella: Si. Tu madre. I am so proud of you. You have grown into the kind of man I hoped you'd be. Remember who you are, Manuelito. You are my son.

 (Electronic beat playing)

Lindsay: So the Love Project is still going strong?

Jen: Yeah, we got an extension. Still a lot of work to do, though.

Lindsay: So is everybody going to stay working with the project?

Jen: Yeah. That a problem?

Lindsay: No. I just was hoping that we could spend more time together.

Jen: Sure. Yeah, after the project's over. Why not?

Lindsay: Good. Maybe you could move in with me, then.

Riley: Ahem.

Jen: Uh -- actually, I kind of had other plans.

Riley: Things have changed.

Lindsay: Oh. I'm really happy for you two. So, you're going to stay here, living here?

Riley: Well, I think we might move somewhere a little less haunted.

Jen: Will you stop?

Lindsay: What's going on?

Riley: Jen's been getting a little spooked. The lights have been flickering a bit, and she keeps humming this song she says she's hearing. It goes --

[Riley hums]

Riley: Something like that?

Lindsay: That's an old song. Why would that be in your head?

Jen: Must have heard it somewhere. But not here because this place is not haunted, and there's an explanation for all of this.

Riley: I just think the body we found did a number on you, that's all.

[Phone rings]

Riley: Whoa. It's Sheyne. I got to take this.

Jen: Ok.

Lindsay: So, does that mean that the entire Love Crew will be staying on to work on the project? What?

Jen: I can't believe you're still interested in Rex after what he did to you. Mom, he tried to rip off your gallery.

Lindsay: Who said anything about him?

Jen: Ok, good. I'm glad you're over him, because he's definitely over you.

Rex: I need to handle something. Be right back. Sorry, I got to borrow this guy for a sec.

Shannon: So what's going on with those two?

Natalie: Nothing good. And if you were smart, you'd stay away from the both of them.

Shannon: Hmm. Kind of like you do, huh?

Natalie: Shannon, I broke up with Paul. And Rex, Iím stuck with him, he's my brother.

Shannon: Yeah, so why would you diss your own brother?

Natalie: I'm not dissing my brother. I love him, but it just seems that everyone he gets hooked up with gets hurt.

Shannon: He's different with me.

Natalie: All right. See what you want to see. I guess we all do, even when it's bad for us.

Paul: Natalie is not going to be able to get any money from Kevin. We're going to have to go to Plan B.

Rex: I am not robbing Kevin with you.

Paul: R.J. is not going to wait forever. We are running out of time.

Rex: We'll have to come up with a Plan C, then, ok? Let's get out of here. Nattie, later.

Natalie: Ok. Ok, so, what was this talk with Rex about?

Paul: What do you care, Natalie?

Natalie: I meant what I said before. I really did care about you. I still do. I didn't just get with you because I couldn't have John. I really did want it to work out.

Paul: And all I was trying to do is to go clean. But I have to pay R.J. back. Now, how do you suppose I do that, Natalie? I mean, I didn't get here alone.

Natalie: And I'm sorry that you think I screwed this up for you, but I was trying to keep your butt out of jail.

Paul: Yeah? Well, at least Iíd be alive, because I am a dead man walking if I don't pay R.J. his money. Now, can you live with that?

Tico: And Sonia and Antonio are together now? Very good, Eduardo. Very good.  Jessica, Iím sorry for coming back here so late.

Jessica: Did you forget something?

Tico: No, it's -- it's just that -- I just didn't want to leave things the way they were between us. Jessica?

Jessica: No, it's ok. You've been through a lot. You just lost your mother.

Tico: And you've been a good friend. I -- I don't want you to be uncomfortable with me.

Jessica: I'm not.

Tico: I know that you're going through a lot, as well. Antonio left you very vulnerable and, believe me, I don't want you to think that I want to take advantage of that. If there's anything that I can do at all to help, you know, please, just --

Jessica: I don't know how you could, really, because Antonioís disappeared again. Nobody knows where he is. Unless you do.

Tico: I really shouldn't say.

Jessica: Tico, please, if you know where Antonio is, can you tell me?

Tico: And send you to him so he can hurt you again? No.

Jessica: I know he doesn't want to be with me anymore, ok? I've accepted that. I just need to know that he's ok. Please. If you know where Antonio is, just tell me.

Antonio: So he bribed or retracted his statement, but he wouldn't say Tico put him up to it.

Sonia: Yeah, I talked to Tico about that. He said it was a misunderstanding.

Antonio: Nice save.

Sonia: Maybe it was the truth.

Antonio: You're an I.N.L. agent, yet you can't see through Ticoís lies.

Sonia: I know Tico. He's like a brother to me.

Antonio: He is my brother, and it's not stopping me.

Sonia: Maybe Tico isn't completely on the level, but if he's pulling anything, it's just because he wants Jessica.

Antonio: No, no, he wants much more than that. He wants -- he wants to take over where my father left off if he hasn't already done that.

Sonia: Tico is not El Tiburon. There is no proof.

Antonio: I'm going to get you some. Do you know an operative named Benicio?

Sonia: Yeah. What about him?

Antonio: We find this Benicio; he'll help us find El Tiburon.

Sonia: I'll see what I can do.

Antonio: Even if it means Iím right? And Tico is El Tiburon?

Sonia: I'm doing this to prove he's not. You got to get some sleep. It's late.

Antonio: Well, I still have a lot of work to do.

Sonia: Antonio, you need rest.

Antonio: I need answers.

Sonia: You've given up so much -- Jessica, the only family you've ever known, your mother --

Antonio: Carlotta's not my mother. She never was.

Sonia: Stop, Antonio. She raised you like a mother and she loves you like a mother. You know I understand. I do.

Tico: Look, Jessica, Iím -- I'm sure Antonioís fine.

Jessica: After how he acted this afternoon? I've never seen him like that before, Tico.

Tico: You mean the way he knocked you down?

Jessica: No, that was an accident!

Tico: Well, I hope so because Iíll tell you this much -- I wouldn't let you anywhere near him if I thought he might hurt you.

Jessica: He's mad at you, not me.

Tico: Well, he has every right to be. I kept secrets from him. I thought it was best, but I was wrong. You know, he deserved to know the truth to know who he really was. You know, that is why I tracked him down tonight, to try to make it up to him.

Jessica: I don't think that you can right now. You better let me talk to him first.

Tico: You think that will make a difference?

Jessica: Where is he?

Tico: Pines Motel on County Line Road. But I still don't think it's a good idea for you to go.

Jessica: Antonio shouldn't be alone right now. If he won't see me or he won't see Carlotta, then -- I don't know, he should be with my Uncle Bo or John McBain, somebody who could help him.

Tico: Ok, well, then, at least let me go with you.

Jessica: I don't think that would be such a good idea. You should let me talk to him first.

Tico: Jessica, just -- just be careful, ok?

Jessica: Thanks for worrying about me. I'll be fine.

Antonio: We can't do this.

Sonia: Why? You want it as much as I do, Antonio.

Antonio: It's not right.

Sonia: Antonio, there's no reason why we shouldn't be together.

Antonio: I can't give you what you need right now.

Sonia: I'll take what I can get.

Antonio: No, you deserve better than that.

Sonia: Why don't you leave that up to me?

Antonio: It's not fair to Jessica, either.

Sonia: You said goodbye to her.

Antonio: But not because I don't love her.

Natalie: You know, Paul, I'm sorry that you think this whole mess is my fault. Ok, but I can't help you. I've tried everything. I even asked Kevin for the money.

Paul: I know.  He wasn't too happy about that. Come on, Natalie. I mean, there's got to be a way of getting the money out of him.

Natalie: You're not thinking of robbing him, are you?

Paul: Why not? I mean, he's loaded. He probably wouldn't even miss it. Besides, it might teach him a lesson, might knock him down a peg or two.

Natalie: You are unbelievable. You know, Kevin had you in the wrong job of being his pilot. He should have made you in charge of spin for his lieutenant governor campaign.

Paul: Yeah, but would I be wrong, huh?

Natalie:  You know, Paul, this is absolutely crazy. I can't --

John: Don't let me interrupt.

Paul: How come you didn't rat me out?

Natalie: I don't hate you.

Paul: Then help me, Natalie. Give me a crumb, a little something, anything. I mean, I'm dying in here. Natalie, help me go straight. All right, Iíll never ask anything from you ever again. That's how much I love you.

Natalie: I'm sorry, Paul, but you have said that many times before. I would love to help you, but I don't think I can.

Paul: What?

Natalie: I have to go. Ahem. Goodbye.

Lindsay: I never thought it would last with Rex. And for your information, I used him more than he used me.

Jen: I know you, and I know this is harder on you than you're going to admit. But I'm proud of you for at least trying.

Nick: No, no, a touchdown is worth six points.

Julie: Yes, I know, but why does it end up being seven?

Nick: Look, could somebody please do the math for the rocket scientist here?

Mark: What, you mean you're actually interested in football?

Riley: Hey, a lot of things are changing around here.

Mark: Yeah, like you and Jen.

Riley: Well, hey, you know what that means? There's still hope for you and Nick.

Mark: Oh, you know -- that's sick.

Nick: Hey, if I were gay, I would be, like, a guy magnet --

Mark: Oh --

Nick: And you know it.

Mark: Yeah? Something you're not telling me here, fruity?

Riley: Ok, ok. Come on, we need to get that check over to the paint store before it closes.

Mark: Yeah, good idea. Come on, gay magnet.

Nick: Hey, do not start with me, fruitcake!

Riley: We won't be long. Ms. Rappaport --

Lindsay: Ok.

Riley: See you later.

Lindsay: Kids today.

Jen: It's like a weird, dysfunctional family, but it works. I guess that's what Viki wanted.

Lindsay: I'm happy for you.

Jen: But you're my real family, of course.

Lindsay: Yes, I am, but I guess that you're going to be spending a lot of time now with Riley and his father and Nora, who swooped in like a vulture on this situation, by the way.

Jen: Mom, come on.

Lindsay: I'm just kidding. I'm happy that you found somebody like Riley in your life. Everybody should have a Riley.

Jen: You, too. You need somebody better than Rex. You deserve that, ok?

Lindsay: Thank you. I love you.

Jen: I love you, too.

Lindsay: Hmm. I'll see you soon?

Jen: Ok.

Lindsay: Ok.

Jen: Bye.

Natalie: John?

John: Yes, Iím in here today. They're doing some work in my office. You looking for your uncle?

Natalie: Yeah, I just wanted to see if anyone's heard about grandpa yet.

John: No, I don't think anything's come in yet, but, you know, you're more than welcome to wait for Bo.

Natalie: No, it's all right, thank you.

John: Ok. Hey, you -- you sure everything's ok? I mean, I didn't mean to barge in, but it looked like you and Cramer were sort of getting into it earlier.

Natalie: Oh, yeah. He's just upset about me moving out. That's -- hmm.

John: So you're really doing it?

Natalie: Yeah. Jess and I are moving back to Llanfair.

John: Ok. Well, just as long as that's the only thing you and Cramer were talking about, not something else.

Natalie: What do you mean?

John: I think you know what that means. Your boy's got a bit of a habit of getting in trouble with law enforcement, and I just don't want him dragging you into something illegal.

Natalie: Is that what you care about?

John: No, I care about friendship, too. Just -- Natalie, don't ever ask me to choose between our friendship and the job.

Antonio: Sonia --

Sonia: No, it's ok, I -- I get it. You're still not over Jessica. But you will be. And you'll see that you and I are supposed to be together. You already know it. The same way you knew that something else was going on in your life, because you could feel it right here.

Antonio: No one knows the future, Sonia, not even you.

Sonia: I read your cards. I saw death. And I was right. It was an emotional death. A rebirth. And I read my cards back then. I saw our lives would come together. And they have.

Antonio: I have to be on my own now.

Sonia: Yeah, to find out who you are, who your family is.

Antonio: Who El Tiburon is.

Sonia: I can help you.

Antonio: You're too close to Tico. I can't let anything get in my way. I have to do this on my own.

Sonia: Well, you may be by yourself, but you won't be on your own.

Antonio: I have to shower. I have a lot of work to get done.

Jen: Do you really get all that stuff?

Julie: Yeah, I'd better. President Davidson set me up with this exam.

Jen: Mm-hmm.

Julie: I score high enough; I get a full ride in physics.

Jen: You will.

Julie: I hope so. My loan's about to run out. Want a bite?

Jen: Wait, are you still --

Julie: No. And I'm gaining weight, thank you very much.

Jen: You can't even notice.

Julie: I can. But I'm getting help. There's a support group at school for eating disorders.

Jen: Well, you've got one right here at home, too, you know that.

Julie: You just want me to outgrow my clothes so you can have them. Oh.

Jen: Hmm.

Julie: It's those stupid fuses again.

Jen: This has happened before?

Julie: Yeah. We've got to get it fixed.

Singer: Each moment together

Julie: Who turned the radio on?

Jen: I don't know -- nobody.

Singer: Promise my love

[Door opens]

[Jen gasps]

Jen: Oh, God.

Riley: Is everything ok?

Natalie: Look, John, if Paulís getting himself into trouble, I'm not a part of it.

John: Good. I hope that means you really don't know anything about it because, Natalie, I'm not always going to be there to help you when you get caught.

Rex: Where's Nattie?

Paul: Don't worry about her. She's going to help us.

Rex: Oh. Like last time?

Paul: No, because of last time. She owes us.

Rex: And she's going to sell out her brother Kevin for us?

Paul: Well, Rex, you're her brother, too, and she likes you better, huh? So you in or you out?

Rex: If Natalieís helping us, I'll let you know. This stays between us.

Paul: Sure.

Rex: Get everything squared away at the paint store?

Shannon: Yeah, I think the guys are bringing it over to the site. So what's going on with you and Paul Cramer?

Rex: Nothing.

Shannon: Well, Natalie thinks it's something.

Rex: Natalie worries too much.

Shannon: So there's nothing to worry about?

Rex: Do I look like there is? Huh? Come on.

 [Knock on door]

Jessica: Antonio?

Sonia: Jessica. You ok?

Antonio: It's over now.

Tico: And you're sure Jessica saw Sonia with Antonio? You have just redeemed yourself, Eduardo. And now it begins. Ah.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Adriana: In no way are you some kind of gangster like our father.

John: Sonia's working for the government. She's taking Antonio along for the ride.

Sonia: I have a plan that can get you closer to El Tiburon, but it's going to take some bait.

Antonio: What kind of bait?

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