OLTL Transcript Monday 9/20/04

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 9/20/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Dorian: Well, I called Cassie in Savannah, and she said that Jack and Starr are doing really well. Blair, honey, you want to tell me why you decided to take off for St. Bart's? Doesn't it seem like kind of strange timing? Uh-huh. Right. Fine. Kick some sand in Toddís face for me. Ha-ha.

R.J.: Hey, Dorian.

Dorian: R.J., hello.

R.J.: Would you like a drink? It's on the house.

Dorian: No, thank you. It's a bit early in the day for me. You seem in a very good mood this afternoon.

R.J.: Well, that's because Jamie is staying with me for a while, perhaps permanently.

Dorian: What, Antonioís allowing that?

R.J.: Oh, now, Antonio doesn't allow me anything. But it was his idea. You see, I guess his life is going down the drain.

Dorian: Now, wait a minute. Antonio --

R.J.: I know, I know, I know, Carlotta is practically family. I mean, you all fed and clothed the brothers Vega when they were pobre ninos. Please, spare me.

Dorian: I'm having a hard time seeing you as the full-time, doting grandpa.

R.J.: I'm a quick study. But don't worry; I will not lose my edge.

Dorian: Oh, I'm sure you wonít.

R.J.: Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me.

David: Hello, looker.

Dorian: Hi, sweetheart!

Kelly: Hello.

Dorian: Oh, Kelly --

Kelly: Oh, it's so good to see you. Oh, Dorian, thank you so much. David told me that it was all because of you that I get to see Ace. I can't tell you what that means to me.

Dorian: Well, I'm just so sorry that it's so little time and so much supervision.

Kelly: Who cares? I get to see my son. For the first time in weeks, the ache inside me feels like it's disappearing.

Dorian: I wish I'd been able to go with you.

Kelly: You had work at the hospital. David went with me. He was incredible.

Dorian: Oh?

Kelly: Well, Kevin wanted to reschedule my visit when we first got there, and David stood up to him. He said that I had to see my son. He demanded it.

David: Just looking after my girls.

Dorian: You are an amazement.

David: You haven't seen nothing yet.

Dorian: Ooh, can't wait. Truly, though, you are always there for your girls, no matter who we have to fight against -- even the Buchanans. So I say it's time. Oh, yeah, it's time we gave those Buchanans a real run for their money.

Kevin: Is there any news on grandpa?

Bo: Well, I've got Llantano county covered, most of the three surrounding counties. I've called the Atlantic City P.D., Philadelphia P.D. So far, nothing.

Kevin: Yeah, we had some guys look up at the ranch, at the mountain lodge, and there's nothing there either.

Bo: We got through to his compound on St. Blaze's Island. Nothing there either.

Renee: How can he have just vanished?

Bo: I think he's laying low right now. He's trying to figure out his next move against Todd and Blair. See, he won't stop until he's sure that they can't take his mansion.

Renee: I think something has happened to him. Asa could be in some kind of trouble, and he needs our help.

Asa: I swear, when I get my hands on that Manning and that she-devil Blair, I swear I'm going to kill them. These damn mosquitoes. Who's there?

John: Yeah, Ray Castillo, please. Thanks. Ray? Johnny Mac. Yeah, it's been a long time. How are you? How are the kids? Ok -- kid. Hey, Ray, why the hell is the F.B.I. working on the Isabella Santi case? No, an agent just ran on a block on a collar I had, a local guy named Antonio Vega. No, he took him right out of my hands, man. Well, how did the bureau even know about it? Ray, Ray, Ray, come on. Someone there has got an interest in Antonio Vega. Who is it?

Antonio: I'm not going any further until you tell me what the hell is going on. Now, what the hell happened back there?

Sonia: Well, one thing that happened is I just saved your butt from going to jail.

Antonio: How did you even know where I was?

Sonia: John came by Lion's Heart. He told me he was going to bring you in for questioning about Angelinaís death. I had to act fast.

Antonio: Yeah, he told me. He told me about the supposed eyewitness.

Sonia: Eduardo Lorca. He's been with Tico for years.

Antonio: He said I had something to do with my mother's death.

Sonia: He claims he was standing in the doorway and saw you push Angelina and cause her to fall on the glass.

Antonio: Tico put him up to it. Looks like my brand-new brother is trying to get me out of the way, maybe for good this time.

Jessica: Tico, what are you talking about? Antonio -- he didn't kill your mother.

Tico: I didn't want to be the one to tell you that. I --

Jessica: Tell me what?

Tico: Do you remember when I told you Antonio snuck into Lion's Heart the other day? Well, apparently, he was with our mother just before she died. They had a horrible fight.

Jessica: No.

Tico: Jessica --

Jessica: No, no.

Tico: A staff witnessed everything. He's already given a statement to the police.

Jessica: I don't care who this staff member was, and I don't care what he witnessed, ok? He's wrong. He misinterpreted everything that he saw. Antonio would not hurt anybody, ever.

Tico: Antonio was angry. He was confused. He had just learned that Angelina was Isabella Santi. He felt betrayed. He -- look, it may not have been intentional, but he did it, Jessica. Antonio killed my mother.

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Asa: Whoever you are, you don't know -- you don't know who the hell you're dealing with! I've killed mountain lions with nothing but my -- my hunting knife! Ha-ha-ha, but now I got a gun! I got a gun, and I'll blow you to kingdom come! Show your face or say your prayers. One, two --

Boy: Don't shoot, mister!

Bo: We'll find pa. Look, I know if he's in some kind of trouble, he's going to figure out a way to get out of it.

Kevin: Grandpa's always been able to take care of himself, Renee.

Renee: That was in the past. But everything has changed. We've all seen that, Kevin. He's become forgetful and erratic. You have his power of attorney because he refuses medical help that the judge ordered.

Bo: I thought he was faking that so he could get out of trouble for pulling that gun on the reporter.

Renee: No, it hasn't gotten any better, Bo. A while ago, he claimed that there was a wolf on the property, and he went looking for him with his shotgun, and that is how he hurt his leg.

Kevin: Yeah, and then he said the wolf was calling him on the telephone, taunting him, so --

Renee: I know something terrible has happened. I just feel it!

Bo: Did you say one of the security guards saw Blair at pa's yesterday?

Kevin: Twice. She was there the first time with Todd, and then she was there by herself. And no one's seen grandpa since then.

Bo: They claim they have no idea where he went.

Renee: And you think Todd would tell the truth? Or Blair?

Bo: Hey.

John: I'm sorry. I didn't realize --

Bo: No, it's ok, it's ok. Anything?

John: You got a minute?

Bo: Yeah. Excuse me.

John: I didn't mean to interrupt, but you wanted me to tell you. The feds just pulled rank again in the Santi case.

Bo: That's a local death. Why are they so interested?

John: Don't know. But they took Antonio into custody. Look, I called in a favor with a contact of mine at the bureau, a guy named Castillo. He's going to look into it. But whatever this is, Bo, it's got everything to do with Sonia Toledo.

Sonia: Tico swears he had nothing to do with Eduardoís statement.

Antonio: Of course he did.

Sonia: Antonio, Tico is not trying to get rid of you. You're both still grieving. Can't you cut each other a little slack?

Antonio: Sonia, Eduardo works for Tico. He wouldn't lie unless Tico told him to.

Sonia: Antonio --

Antonio: Look, I didn't push down Isabella! I would never lay a hand on her. I would never do something like that!

Sonia: I know that! I believe you. Why do you think I'm working so fast here? I can't find El Tiburon with you rotting away in a jail cell somewhere.

Antonio: All right. Ok, maybe -- maybe you're right, all right? Maybe Tico didn't have anything to do with it. Maybe it was El Tiburon or someone who works for him.

Sonia: Well, I doubt it, but I guess we have to start somewhere.

Antonio: What about this -- this Sara Fernandez?

Sonia: The woman who used to manage The Hookup?

Antonio: Yeah, she always acted like she knew a little more than she was saying. Maybe she could tell us something about El Tiburon.

Sonia: Well, she was a smart woman, she was a go-getter, but I think a connection to El Tiburon would sort of be a stretch.

Antonio: Look, you're the one who said we need to start somewhere, right?

Sonia: Ok. I don't even know where to find her. She --

Antonio: She gave me her cell phone a while back.

Sonia: Really? You kept it?

Antonio: Yeah. It's in a book somewhere in my loft. But I can't go back there.

Sonia: Why? You afraid you're going to run into Jessica?

Antonio: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Sonia: Nothing. I just saw her earlier. She seemed pretty upset.

Antonio: We broke up. I moved out.

Sonia: I'm sorry to hear that. But it looks like if you're going to find Sara, you're going to have to go back to your place and face Jessica.

Jessica: Tico, I'm sorry about your mother. I know this must be terrible for you, but Antonio had nothing -- nothing to do with it. Whatever that witness saw, whatever he thought that he saw, he was wrong. Antonio would never hit or push a woman, ever, ever.

Tico: Jessica, I -- I read about the investigation into Jamieís mother's death. Antonio was overheard in a violent argument with her the night that she died.

Jessica: Well, there's a lot you don't know about Keri Reynolds.

Tico: Well, from what I read, Antonio knocked her to the ground during that argument, which is no different than what happened to my mother.

Jessica: No, you're wrong! Keri committed suicide. She was sick. Antonio -- all that he ever tried to do was help that girl.

Tico: Look, I'm sorry. I -- I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. It's just that in the little time that I've known Antonio, he -- well, his temper can be very explosive, you know, like -- from what I've been told, like our fatherís.

Jessica: Antonio is nothing like Manuel Santi.

Tico: How can you be so sure? It's possible that Antonio is like our father in more ways than any of us realized.

Jessica: No, no, no, he's not!

Tico: You know, perhaps you were lucky to get away from him when you did.

Jessica: Stop it. Shut up. You don't know anything about Antonio and me.

Rex: Progress on the money Paul and I owe you. I don't have anywhere near 100 grand, but --

R.J.: Look, I am finished waiting for you idiots. Get me my money -- all of it.

Rex: How am I supposed to come up with that kind of cash?

R.J.: That's not my problem.

Rex: Come on, R.J. It's not even my fault the heist got screwed up. Paul's the one to blame.

R.J.: Look, once again, it's not my problem. It is yours. So you fix it, ok? Or that beating you took will be shiatsu compared to what's coming.

Shannon: Hey. What's going on?

Dorian: So, apparently, Blair and Todd decided to take some sort of impromptu vacation in St. Bart's while Starr and Jack are in Savannah with Cassie.

David: Where did they get the money? I thought Asa froze their assets until the lawsuit over the mansion was complete.

Dorian: I know, and apparently Asa still has possession of the house.

Kelly: Well, it's not like either one of them to leave town and give Asa the upper hand.

Boy: Don't shoot!

Second boy: We didn't do anything wrong!

Asa: Why were you guys sneaking up on me?

Boy: We heard branches breaking. We thought you were a deer. We're real sorry, mister. Don't kill us!

Asa: You just relax, boys. Put your hands down. Nobody's going to get killed. I was bluffing. I don't even have a gun.

Boy: Are you a group leader?

Asa: A what?

Boy: We're in Fire Scout Troop 4504. What troop are you with?

Asa: Troop "How the hell do you get out of here?" You ever heard of that one?

Boy: No.

Second boy: Are you lost, mister?

Asa: Asa Buchanan never gets lost. It's just that I don't exactly know where I am at this moment. Now, you two -- you two have a group leader, right?

Boy: Mr. Phipps is our scoutmaster. He's way, way over there, somewhere.

Second boy: We're earning our survival badges.

Asa: I'll tell you what, boys -- I'm going to make sure you get your badges.

Boy: Cool!

Asa: Take me to your leader.

Boy: Ok. Come on!

Kevin: Ok, it's really late. Listen, I've got a meeting scheduled --

Renee: No, uh-uh-uh -- go.

Kevin: No, no. Listen, I don't want to leave you here by yourself.

Renee: No, no, no --

Kevin: Let me drive you home.

Renee: Go, please. I will be fine. Your grandpa would string me up by my thumbs if he thought I was keeping you from B.E. business.

Kevin: Are you sure you're going to be ok?

Renee: Yes, I will be fine, thank you.

Kevin: All right. Well, let me know if you hear anything.

Renee: Darling, thank you for all -- all your support.

Kevin: Hey, hey, come on.

Bo: Are you ok handling this whole Sonia thing? Because I've got to concentrate on finding my father right now.

John: I understand. I think I got it covered.

Bo: Ok. Brief me as soon as you talk to your friend, ok?

John: I will. Well, hopefully, Castillo will come clean. I trust him. They're not backing us off this one, Bo.

Antonio: Why don't you wait here?

Sonia: Sure. Antonio, I'm not here to make things more difficult for you or for Jessica.

Tico: I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds. I know how much you and Antonio cared for one another and probably still do. It's just that I can't help but feel protective of you. You saved me from dying in that vault in Puerto Rico. I owe you my life.

Jessica: No. No, you donít.

Tico: Yes, I do. And for that I will always be grateful.

Jessica: I don't need protecting from Antonio. And I think that it's probably best if you stay out of things between us right now, you know?

Tico: Of course.

Jessica: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Antonio. Threatening him.

R.J.: Wow, Rex. How do you do it? I mean, chicks just lining up to save your butt.

[R.J. laughs]

David: To Todd and Blair being out of town. I do miss Blair at "Craze," although most of the good ideas are mine. I don't miss Todd staring over my shoulder every 15 minutes, telling me what I'm doing wrong.

Dorian: He'd better bring her back in time for the ball, that's all I can say, because I am, after all, the co-chair.

David: Hmm.

Dorian: And it would be very embarrassing if all my Cramer girls weren't there.

David: Oh, well, we do not want you to be embarrassed. Not in front of Gus -- humanitarian extraordinaire, the Patron Saint of Santi. Pray for us in our hour of greed.

Dorian: Oh, Kelly, it's certainly good to see you laughing again.

David: Yeah.

Dorian: It's been a long time.

Kelly: It feels good; it really does. You're lucky to have a guy like David in your life.

Dorian: I'll drink to that. I think I'll keep him.

Kevin: Good to see you.

Kelly: Kevin is meeting with William Dawes?

David: It wouldn't be the first time.

Kelly: He hates that guy! He used to go on and on and on about how he was lining his pockets with special interests, and how he had all these big business cronies. It's probably the main reason why he resigned as lieutenant governor.

Dorian: It's a safe bet they're not discussing ethics and idealism in politics.

Kelly: You're probably right.

Boy: Snake!

Asa: Hey, hey, hey! It's just a rattler. Back home in Texas, we had plenty of them when I was your age. Nothing to be scared of, nothing to be scared of. Just let him know who's boss. Just let him know who's boss. Well, that's all settled. Let's get going. Hey! Where'd y'all go?

Bo: Renee. Hey, hey, it's going to be ok.

Renee: I'm sorry, Bo. I'm just -- I'm just so scared. I -- I think something terrible -- your pa -- your pa and I are happy. Can you believe that? I mean, I am not going to marry him for the third time, finally, and lose him now.

Bo: No, no -- hey, you're not going to lose him, ok? None of us are. What would the Buchanan family be like without him?

Renee: Oh!

Bo: We've already had two funerals for the man.

Renee: Mm-hmm.

Bo: He survived both of them.

Renee: Yeah, you're right. It's just the waiting and the waiting to hear from him. It's driving me crazy.

Bo: I tell you what -- why don't you go home now get some rest because I have an idea how to find pa.

Renee: You do?

Bo: Yeah. And then I'll swing by afterwards, and I'll check on you.

Renee: I don't know what I'd do without him, Bo.

Bo: Well, you don't have to worry. You're never going to find out.

John: Ray, thanks for coming, man. Appreciate it.

Ray: Well, you and I go way back. I mean, what's favors amongst friends?

John: No, no, I -- I owe you one. Look, I know you don't have a lot of time. What have you got for me?

Ray: Well, sorry to say, nothing much. I mean, whatever's going on is deep undercover. No information is being passed. I think quite possibly the I.N.L. is involved.

John: So now we're talking International Narcotics and Law Enforcement? Also part of the State Department?

Ray: Well, they got agents embedded all over the world. When a call comes into the bureau, total cooperation, attorney general's standing orders.

John: What makes you think it's I.N.L.?

Ray: Well, I didn't say that it is. It's just that -- that Antonio Vega --

John: Mm-hmm?

Ray: I mean, he got arrested by an agent named Jeff Cox, who's been with the agency since 1998, and he's got strong ties to the I.N.L.

John: That'd certainly explain why I keep hitting these brick walls.

Ray: So, where's this Toledo woman from?

John: She said Spain. Maybe Puerto Rico.

Ray: Oh. Well, the I.N.L. has got connections all over the place. I mean, they start off in the Middle East, Latin America, East Asia.

John: Places where drugs are grown and processed.

Ray: They got agents deep into the families that distribute the stuff.

John: Like the Santis.

Ray: Like the Santis. And like I said, I can't guarantee anything.

John: Well, if you're right, she's using a friend of mine to do all her dirty work.

Jessica: What are you doing here? You seemed to think that we had nothing left to say to each other.

Antonio: I thought I told you to stay away from him. Why did you do it? Why did you have your servant lie for you, telling the cops I had something to do with our mother's death?

Tico: I didn't put Eduardo up to anything.

Antonio: And why are you lying to me now?

Jessica: Leave him alone, Antonio.

Antonio: Stay out of this, Jess.

Jessica: You don't get --

Tico: Jessica!

Antonio: Jess, I'm sorry.

Jessica: Don't touch me!

Antonio: Look, I didn't mean to.

Jessica: What are you doing here anyway? If you wanted to talk to me, why didn't you to just call?

Antonio: I came to get my address book.

Jessica: Oh, right. Right. God, I'm such an idiot! I -- I was under the impression that maybe you came by to try to work things out with me.

Antonio: Jess --

Jessica: Let me guess, Antonio -- you misplaced Soniaís address and private number, right? Is she with you?

Jessica: Oh, my God. Just get what you came for and leave.

Antonio: Jess --

Jessica: Just get out!

Rex: So, what are you doing here anyway, besides looking hot?

Shannon: Looking for you.

Rex: Yeah? Why do you want to see me?

Shannon: Because I like you. I care about you. So tell me what's going on with R.J.

Dorian: Word has it that the current lieutenant governor had to step down due to health reasons.

David: Oh, baby, when they step down for health reasons, they're usually covering a money or a sex scandal. My bet is on sex.

Dorian: So, Kevin is definitely in as the new replacement.

William: I'm glad you figured out you have to play hardball if you want to survive in politics. And, of course, you got to play major league hardball if you want to do more than just survive.

Kevin: Well, hardball has become a specialty of mine.

Kelly: Kevin even believes that Dawes is responsible for the chandelier falling last year and almost killing me. Now he's cozying up to him.

David: Hey, if it's Dawes; it's big. If it's big; they'll get away with it. And if they get away with it; the federal government is involved. Look at Washington.

Dorian: I know -- this could be our chance. We should grab it, really. If we could get enough dirt on Kevin, you might even be able to get Ace back.

Jessica: I can't believe this. I can't believe that he brought Sonia here with him.

Tico: Are you sure you're all right? Because when he knocked you down on the ground --

Jessica: No, I'm fine. He didn't knock me down to the ground, Tico. It was an accident. I lost my balance.

Tico: Yeah, an accident -- or worse -- is what killed my mother. Look, I promised I wasn't going to bring up Antonio. I'm sorry, ok? Hey, I miss that smile of yours. Where is it? Come on, I know it's in there. That's a start. You know, if I put my mind to it, I'll bet I can get an even bigger smile out of you at my charity gala.

Jessica: Oh, Tico, I have some bad news. With all that's been going on, I totally forgot to tell you that my mom -- she's not going to be able to make it.

Tico: Oh. She's not sick, is she?

Jessica: No, no, no, nothing like that, not at all.

Tico: Have I offended her in any way?

Jessica: Tico, no. It's -- it's this major donor's banquet. It was supposed to be next month, it got pushed forward. She can't get out of it. She's the keynote speaker. She's really sorry. I'm really, really sorry.

Tico: No, I -- it's ok, I understand, although I am disappointed. You're still going to attend, won't you, as your mother's representative? Or at least as my friend? It would be an honor if you came to the gala with me as my guest.

Sonia: Antonio, I am so sorry. I had no idea Tico would be there.

Antonio: Jessica's spending more and more time with him. I don't like it.

Sonia: Tico had nothing to do with Eduardo claiming that he saw you push Angelina.

Antonio: In the letter my mother wrote, she asked me to forgive Tico. Now, if he's tied to El Tiburon, I --

Sonia: She just meant to forgive him for not telling you the truth about your parents. That's all it could possibly have been.

Antonio: No, no, it's not.

Sonia: Antonio, Tico is not responsible for Eduardo lying, and he's not connected to El Tiburon. Ok, I know him. I know him better than you do, and I love him. We'll find El Tiburon. I'm going to prove it.

Antonio: That him?

Sonia: Yeah.

Antonio: Eduardo?

Eduardo: Senor?

Antonio: I'm Antonio Vega.

Eduardo: I know.

Antonio: Why did you lie to the police? Why did you tell them you saw me push Isabella?

Eduardo: "Isabella"?

Sonia: That's Angelinaís real name -- Isabella Santi.

Eduardo: I know nothing about that. I saw you in Angelinaís room. You were very angry, out of control.

Antonio: Eduardo, it's not very smart to keep lying to me. Now, who put you up to it? Was it Tico?

Kelly: Do you really think that we could get Ace back? I mean, I will find out what Kevin and Dawes are up to. I'll do anything.

David: Wait -- now, slow down, Kelly. You don't want to get into another situation like you had this morning when you had to give Ace back.

Kelly: Oh, David --

Dorian: What happened?

David: Well, Kelly had a -- it wasn't a big deal, but it was a bit of a time when she had to hand Ace over to Kevin.

Kelly: It was difficult. I was having to say goodbye to my son. Thank God David was there. I mean, that's the only reason why I was able to do it.

Dorian: You wouldn't have had to go through that, and you wouldn't have had to -- if it weren't for that maniac Kevin. I mean, I just wish every one of those Buchanans would disappear off the face of the earth.

[Bo chuckles]

Kelly: Sounds fine to me.

Bo: Is that a fact, Dorian? You know, it's funny, because I have the feeling that one of the Cramers already put that plan into action.

John: For a while now, I've known Sonia was connected to the feds. I was thinking I.N.L. myself.

Ray: Well, I'll see what I can find out. But if this Toledo woman is working for the F.B.I. or the I.N.L., I'll tell you right now, my pull isn't that strong.

John: I know, and I appreciate everything you're doing, Ray.

Ray: Hey, John, from one friend to another -- I mean, if the bureau is protecting this woman for whatever reason and they find out you're investigating, I mean, you're looking for a lot of trouble here.

Antonio: Answer my question.

Eduardo: Senor Santi did not put me up to do anything.

Antonio: That's not the answer I was looking for! Now, you and I both know I had nothing to do with pushing Isabella!

Eduardo: Senora --

Antonio: She can't help you now! This is between you and me!

Eduardo: I -- I may have been confused. It's possible that I misunderstood, that -- that I didn't see you push Ms. Angelina.

Antonio: Either you saw it or you didnít. It's pretty simple. Look at me. It was Tico, wasn't it? He told you to lie.

Rex: I guess you could say I'm in a little bit of trouble with R.J. I owe him money because of somebody else's screw-up. It's totally bogus, but I will take care of it.

Shannon: You sure? All right. I don't want anything to happen to you.

Rex: Don't worry. You've got enough problems. The Love Crew still on your back?

Shannon: Well, I mean, they still think I'm vandalizing the site, but they have no proof. There's nothing they can do about it. You want to come over later?

Rex: Yeah, sure. You and me -- we're still on the down low, right?

Shannon: Well, it's not like I run around talking about it. Yeah. See you at the shack.

Bo: Where are Todd and Blair?

Dorian: Why do you ask?

Bo: My father is missing, Dorian, and I'd like to know whether either one of them have any idea where he is.

David: Oh, did you try Disney world? I hear he's got a thing for the teacups.

Bo: Shut up, Vickers.

Dorian: Uh -- Blair told me that the police questioned them -- her and Todd -- and they said that the last time they saw Asa was at Asaís former home. It's a big house. Did you check all of the rooms?

David: Shh.

Bo: I'm going to ask this question one more time. Where are Todd and Blair? Huh? If any one of the three of you are withholding information, I'll arrest all three of you for obstruction of justice.

Asa: You gutless, lily-livered, rotten brats! Who the hell needs you? I'll find my own way out of these damn woods.

[Asa screams]

Bo: So you don't know anything, that's right, Blair, huh? Well, thank you so much. You better hope that Blairís telling the truth because I'm going to find my father. And God help her or Manning if they had anything to do with his disappearance.

 [Knock on door]

John: Come in.

Sonia: Lieutenant. I got to talk to you about something. It's important.

John: I'm listening.

Sonia: I can prove Antonio didn't kill Isabella Santi.

Woman: Antonio Vega?

Antonio: Who the hell are you?

Woman: Sara sent me.

Antonio: Why didn't she come herself?

Woman: She's gone; left town. But she told me to tell you to ask a man named Benicio about the identity of El Tiburon. He'll know.

Tico: What do you say? Will you be my date for the gala?

Antonio's voice: I can't be with you, Jess.

Jessica's voice: Donít.

Antonio: I don't know who I am anymore or where I'm going to be. And I can't guarantee you that it's not going to be someplace really ugly. This isn't my life anymore. I -- I can't be around this.

Jessica: Or you can't be around me?

Antonio: Where I'm going, I have to go alone.

Jessica: I've waited for the last time. Antonio, if you walk out that door right now, it's over.

Jessica: I'll go. I'll be your date for the gala. I can't think of anything else that I'd rather do.

Tico: You won't regret it. I promise.

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Paul: Or maybe you were just keeping me around because you couldn't have McBain.

John: So why did you tell me Antonio pushed her down? Who put you up to this?

Jessica: If you know where Antonio is, can you tell me?

Sonia: Tico is not El Tiburon. There is no proof.

Antonio: I'm going to get you some.

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