OLTL Transcript Friday 9/17/04

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/17/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Kevin: Kelly, come in.

Kelly: Hey. So, why did you want to see me? Is this -- is this about sharing custody of Ace? Where is he, anyway?

Kevin: No. Sit down. Ahem.

Kelly: What's going on?

Kevin: Something happened.

Kelly: What? What? Is Ace all right?

Kevin: No, I -- I went in this morning to check on him, and --

Kelly: Kevin, what happened? Tell me.

Kevin: He wasn't -- wasn't breathing.

Kelly: But you -- you got him breathing again, right? He's ok, right?

Kevin: I'm --

Kelly: Where is he? Where is he? Is he at the hospital? I've got to go see him. I got to see him right now! Where is he?

Kevin: He's dead.

Kelly: No. What?

Kevin: I'm sorry.

Kelly: What are you talking about?

Kevin: He's -- he's gone. We lost him. He's --

Kelly: No! No! Oh, my God! Kevin, what are you talking -- no! Oh, God!

David: What? What is it?

Kelly: It's Ace.

David: What about him?

Kelly: He's dead.

David: What are you talking about?

Kelly: Kevin was --

David: No, wait -- did Kevin call here?

Kelly: I was there and --

David: No, no, Kelly, just relax, ok? I think -- it sounds like you were dreaming. You ok?

Kelly: Yeah. Oh, thank God you're here.

David: You've been conked out here since last night.

Kelly: I -- I had this dream that this strange woman was talking to me out by the pool, and --

David: Yeah?

Kelly: I --

David: Wait a second. Who are you calling?

Kelly: I'm going to call Kevin and just make sure that Ace is ok.

David: No, Kelly, hang up. Hang up the phone, all right? I talked to Ace's nanny not 15 minutes ago. I heard Ace in the background. He's fine.

Kelly: What did she want?

David: Dorian set it all up for you. You're going to see your son today.

Antonio: This isn't my life anymore. I -- I can't be around this.

Jessica: You can't be around me?

Antonio: Where I'm going, I have to go alone.

R.J.: Ok, honey, no more tears. We know the strained pears are not a favorite, but sometimes we have to do what's good for us.

Paul: Was that remark for my benefit?

R.J.: You know, contrary to the voices in your head, everything is not about you. So, come on, honey. Next time we're just going to think sweet thoughts. That makes the nastiness go down so much easier. All right?

Paul: Listen, R.J., You deserve that 100,000 that we lost for you, ok? Every penny of it, but -- I mean, I need some time to come up with that kind of money. I can't just pull it out of my a--

R.J.: Hey, hey, hey! Watch your mouth. This child is my granddaughter.

Paul: Oh, right, right, I'm so sorry. You're such a wonderful influence.

R.J.: You know, boy, you better get your mind right or I will adjust your attitude for you. We understand each other?

Paul: Yeah.

R.J.: Good. Now, get me my money -- all of it, in cash. And I don't need to see your smirking countenance until you do. Here. It's not so bad.

Paul: Yo, R.J., you got company. I'd be careful if I were you. It's not such a wonderful day in R.J.'s neighborhood.

R.J.: Look at that, look at that. Well, you're a little late. About 12 hours late. What happened? Did you forget about your daughter? Hmm?

Antonio: I'm going to need you to take care of her for a little while longer.

R.J.: Longer? Well, how much time are we talking about?

Antonio: Indefinitely.

Tico: Lieutenant McBain. Thank you for getting over here so quickly.

John: Of course. You said you had some information regarding your mother's death?

Tico: Yes, I do. But perhaps you'd like to hear it from the witness himself.

John: Witness to what?

Tico: Please. Lieutenant, this is Eduardo Lorca. He has been employed by my family for years. He knew my mother very well, although, of course, he knew her as Angelina.

John: You have something you want to tell me?

Tico: Go ahead, Eduardo. We can trust Lieutenant McBain. Tell him everything you saw.

Eduardo: I was there when Angelina died.

John: You saw her fall?

Eduardo: No, but she did not fall. He pushed her.

John: "He"? Who, him?

Eduardo: No, no, not Senor Santi. It was Antonio Vega. He killed Senora Angelina.

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John: You saw Antonio push this woman, Angelina? He caused her death?

Eduardo: Si.

John: Why didn't you say something sooner?

Tico: He was afraid. He knew Antonio was a police officer and was worried that no one would believe him.

John: I didn't ask you.

Eduardo: This is true. I should have told you earlier, but I'm telling you now. Antonio killed her. He's the reason why Angelina is dead.

Tico: He sneaked back into my house, trespassing for the third time in one night. My God, what a nightmare to think that Antonio could do something like that to our mother!

John: Hmm. Why would he?

Tico: Well, the moment I saw him, I knew he was out of control. That's why I called the police the first time he broke in here. Why wasn't anything done? This all could've been avoided.

John: If you don't mind, I'll ask the questions. Why don't you tell me why you think he was here?

Tico: Well, I assume because he had just found out Angelina was his mother and that he had been lied to his whole life.

John: Lied to by you?

Tico: By everyone, to protect him and my mother.

John: Is that why you lied to me that night? When I asked you why Antonio was saying Angelina wasn't her name, you said you didn't know.

Tico: Well, I was keeping a secret I vowed not to reveal since childhood.

John: Hmm. It didn't really matter at that point.

Tico: Well, I had just found out my mother was -- was dead, ok? I wasn't thinking clearly.

John: Of course. How about now? You thinking clearly now, now that you know that your brother may have caused your mother's death?

Tico: "May have?” “May have?" You doubt what doubt Eduardo is saying?

John: I doubt everything till I have proof.

Tico: Antonio tried to kill me, and you were here to see it with your own eyes. What makes you think that he wouldn't do the same to our mother?

Sonia: Tico, what are you talking about?

John: Well, Tico here seems to think that Antonio killed their mother.

R.J.: So, are you going undercover? Why would you want me to take care of Jamie for the foreseeable future?

Antonio: I quit the force.

R.J.: Again? It's becoming a bit of a habit with you, isn't it?

Antonio: This time it's for good.

R.J.: Well, congratulations, then, for wising up finally.

Antonio: Save it, R.J. Look, you want to keep her for me or not?

R.J.: Of course. Jamie is blood. She can stay with me as long as she needs to. What about your mother?

Antonio: Carlotta's not an option right now.

R.J.: Carlotta? I've never heard you call her that. Something happen?

Antonio: I'm sure you'll hear all about it.

R.J.: What about Jessica? Is she going to help? I mean, she is your fiancée.

Antonio: She's no longer in the picture.

 [Knock on door]

Jessica: Antonio.

Natalie: It's just me. Guess that means you're alone?

Jessica: Yeah.

Natalie: Got a minute?

Jessica: You know, Natalie, it's really not a great time right now.

Natalie: Look, I know that you're mad at me, Jess, but --

Jessica: I'm not mad at you, Natalie.

Natalie: Jess, we haven't been close, but we used to be. You're -- you're like my other half, and I kind of need the half back.

Jessica: I do, too.

Natalie: Are you ok? Jess, look, I know you were really upset the other night at the diner with Carlotta, and -- did something happen?

Jessica: Antonio left me.

Natalie: What? I'm sorry, Jess. I -- I broke up with Paul, too.

Paul: Hey, Babe, it's Paul. Oh, you're surprised, huh? Well, imagine how surprised I was running into you in Llanview, huh? No, I'm just calling to make sure there aren't any more unexpected stops ever again.

Kelly: I hope Ace likes this. I bought this a while ago, but you know how fast babies grow.

David: Yeah. Look, I need to talk to you about this visitation.

Kelly: Oh, gosh, I don't want to be late. Let's go.

David: Look, Kelly, you need to know the ground rules.

Kelly: I know, I know, it's supervised. That's fine.

David: And it's only for an hour.

Kelly: An hour?

David: Yeah. Dorian tried to get you more time, but --

Kelly: It's ok. It's ok. An hour is -- it's better than nothing, right? David, I just want to hold my son. I'm just want to hold him, tell him how much I love him. That's all I care about.

Kevin: Bo, no one's seen grandpa since yesterday. I'm starting to get worried.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Yeah. I have to go. Listen, just call me if you hear anything, ok? All right, bye.

Kelly: Hi.

Kevin: Hey.

Kelly: I know I'm early, but I couldn't wait to see Ace.

Kevin: I meant to call you.

Kelly: Why? What's going on?

Kevin: Well, something happened.

Kelly: What? Is it Ace?

Kevin: No, no, he's fine.

Kelly: I -- I want to see him. Where is he? I want to see him right now.

Kevin: He's napping, ok? Look, now is not a good time. Frankly, the way you're acting, I don't think he should see you anyway.

David: Oh, get off of it, Kevin. Ace would be thrilled to see Kelly regardless of the circumstances.

Kevin: Maybe tomorrow, ok? I've got something going right now. I don't have time for this.

Kelly: Kevin --

David: You know, Dorian’s going to be awfully disappointed. You know how she gets when she's upset. There's no telling what she might do.

Kevin: All right. I'll have Karen get him ready.

Kelly: Thank you.

Kevin: You're welcome.

Kelly: Oh, my -- oh, it's a two. He must be getting big. Babies change so fast.

David: Yeah, he must be six foot by now.

Kelly: What if he doesn't recognize me? What if he doesn't know who I am?

David: Hey, I'm more worried about you and how you're going to react when you have to give Ace back to Kevin. Are you sure you're up for this?

Kevin: All right.

Kelly: Hi!

Kevin: Just keep your voice down. He just woke up, ok?

Kelly: Hey, sweetheart!

Kevin: He didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

Kelly: Oh, why didn't we get a lot of sleep last night? I'll take him.

Kevin: Yeah, just --

David: Now, did I put Dorian on speed-dial one or two?

Kelly: Hi, sweetie. Oh, you're getting so big! Look at you! Look at you! Oh, gosh. Oh, I've missed you so much. Yes, I have. I brought you something. I brought you a little toy. Oh. Oh, I missed you so much.

Natalie: So -- ahem -- what happened with you and Antonio?

Jessica: You first.

Natalie: Not much, really. Paul wasn't the right guy for me. Told him so. End of story.

Jessica: Are you ok?

Natalie: Yeah. I mean, I had fun with Paul; I really did.   But it's not like he was the love of my life or anything. Those Vega boys, huh? How do you follow that act?

Jessica: Yeah. So, you rented your house, though. What are you going to do? You going to move in with mom?

Natalie: Uh, I don't really know. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I still have some loose ends.

Jessica: Like what?

Natalie: Like a favor that I told Paul I would do for him, and it's not totally over yet.

Jessica: Natalie, should I be worried?

Natalie: No, but thank you for asking. What about you? I mean, come on, do I need to be worried about you?

Jessica: I'll be ok.

Natalie: Jess? What's going on? I heard that Antonio quit the L.P.D. Why?

Jessica: Natalie, I just -- I can't talk about it right now.

Natalie: I really hate him for hurting you like this.

Jessica: Oh, God, I wish I hated him, too. But I don’t. I love him so much. And he -- well, he just doesn't know who he is anymore.

R.J.: Your Buchanan heir dumped you? What happened? She figured out what Keri --

Antonio: Look, R.J., I could get a babysitter if you'd like.

R.J.: No, no, it's fine. Jamie should be with her family. Thanks to you, she has precious little of that left.

Antonio: That's why I came to you.

R.J.: Well, sure. Sure, she can stay with me as long as she needs to.

Antonio: Good.

R.J.: I'd have her forever if it was up to me.

Antonio: Jess is still at the loft. Look, if you want to pick up the rest of Jamie’s stuff -- I'll be in touch.

R.J.: Are you going to say goodbye to your daughter?

Sonia: Antonio would never do something like that to his mother.

Tico: Eduardo saw it happen, and you know he would never lie.

John: I'm going to need you to come down the station; make an official statement.

Tico: I will bring Eduardo, then.

John: Thanks, but I think I'll send one of my own people. You don’t go anywhere.

Tico: What about Antonio?

John: What about him?

Tico: Are you going to bring him in, too?

John: I'll keep you posted.

Sonia: Eduardo, what did you actually see with Angelina?

Eduardo: What I said was --

Sonia: No, no, no, no. You actually saw Antonio push her down onto that glass

Tico: Sonia, basta. Eduardo, thank you for all your help. You can go now.

Sonia: Tico, he's lying. Antonio didn't kill your mother and you know it.

Tico: Look, all I know is what Eduardo is saying he saw.

Sonia: Tico, did you put him up to this?

Tico: You honestly think I put Eduardo up to this? Fabricating some story to make Antonio look guilty?

Sonia: I don't want to, Tico.

Tico: And I don't want to believe Antonio killed my mother, our mother. He's my brother!

Sonia: Ok, Tico, we've always been straight with one another, right? I mean, at least I thought we were. I always thought that I could count on you.

Tico: And you can. Sonia, I love you, ok, and if there's anything I've kept from you, I did it to protect you.

Sonia: Is that what you're doing right now? Protecting me?

Tico: I know how involved you've gotten with Antonio. And I also know that he has hurt everyone he has come close to, Sonia. I just -- Sonia, I just don't want to see you get hurt by him.

Sonia: If Antonio had anything to do with this-- there's got to be something else. I mean, it had to have been an accident or something.

Tico: Well, if that's the case, then why didn't he come forward?

Sonia: Maybe he just wasn't thinking straight. I don't know.

Tico: Well, I hope that's all it is. I -- I really do. Look, when we find Antonio, talk to him, ok? Give him -- just give him a chance to explain himself and we'll see. You know what? I really -- I really can't worry about Antonio right now. I should be making the proper arrangements to bury my mother. Excuse me.

[Doorbell rings]

Sonia: Jessica.

Jessica: Hello, Sonia.

Sonia: If you're here to talk to Tico, this really isn't a good time.

Jessica: I'm not here to talk to Tico. You and I need to get a few things straight about Antonio.

R.J.: Are you forgetting to say goodbye to your daughter, or didn't you want to?

Antonio: This isn't easy.

R.J.: Look, Antonio, I don't like you. Hell, I hate you. But the little girl in there is your daughter. So whatever it is you think you're going through, you suck it up, you go in there, and you say goodbye to her because she needs to know that her daddy loves her back.

Antonio: I do.

R.J.: That's why I'm going to give you a little time alone with her. Oops.

Antonio: Hi. How you doing, little one, hmm? Good apple? Yeah? Papa's going to be going away for a little while. You're going to be staying here with Grandpa R.J. He'll take good care of you. I want to make sure that -- that you're protected and you're safe. I can't do that right now. I can't be the father you need. I want you to know that I love you more than anything, mija, with my heart and soul.

Kelly: And these are Ace's toes and these are his knees and this is his tummy and this is his neck! Oh, my goodness, I've missed you so much! Yes, I have! Look how big you are! You're such a good boy --

Kevin: All right, that's it. Time's up.

Kelly: No, no, it's -- it's not time, not yet.

Paul: Hey, babe, it's me again. Well, your cell phone keeps cutting out. It better be a bad connection. No, no, I'm not trying to hide anything, ok? I just want you to stay out of Llanview, because whenever you and I get five miles from each other, trouble starts. Oh, well, good, good. I'm glad we can agree on something. Have a nice life. God, why does this keep happening to me?

John: I got it.

Natalie: Thanks.

Kelly: It's -- Kevin, it's -- it's not been an hour yet.

Kevin: To the minute. Check your watch.

Kelly: Please, I -- he's having such a good time! Aren't you, Ace? Aren't you having a good time?

Kevin: Kelly, you know the terms.

Kelly: Please let him stay with me just a little while longer.

David: Cut her some slack.

Kevin: Karen, would you please get his bath ready?

Kelly: You're not even going to let me say goodbye to him?

Kevin: Your aunt and I had an agreement, ok? One hour at a time, nothing more.

David: You're a heartless bastard.

Kelly: Bye, sweetheart.

Kevin: Look, I'm keeping up my end of the bargain, ok? I expect Kelly and Dorian to do the same thing.

David: Ok, let's go, Kelly. Come on.

Kelly: Ok.

Kevin: Look, if you need me to get someone to show you the door, just -- ok, take him upstairs for me now, please.

Kelly: You'll be ok, and -- and I'll be thinking of you every minute.

David: Look, let's just get out of here. Come on.

Kelly: But I --

David: No, Kelly, come on. Just think about the next time that you get to see him, all right?

Kelly: It's too soon.

David: Come on, let's go.

John: I -- I caught the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful. You see it?

Natalie: No, I kind of slept through it this time.

John: I thought maybe it was because -- well, I thought you moved out.

Natalie: Soon. It's going to be very, very soon. It's getting uncomfortable there.

John: Well, I know you'll do better.

Natalie: Yeah. Listen, I'm kind of worried about Jess. Do you know what's going on with Antonio?

John: I figured she would've told you about it.

Natalie: She didn't want to talk about it. You can't, either, right?

John: Something like that. Hey, look, there's -- there's someplace I need to be.

Natalie: Ok, well, I don't want to keep you, so --

John: Look, just because Jess isn't talking doesn't mean she doesn't need her sister.

Natalie: Don't worry, I don't give up that easy.

John: Yeah, I know. Well, look, maybe I'll see you up on the roof sometime.

Natalie: Yeah, maybe I'll stop by.

John: See you around.

Natalie: See you.

Jessica: Did you know all along? Did you know that Angelina was Antonio’s mother?

Sonia: What difference does it make whether I knew or not?

Jessica: Then you did know.

Sonia: No, not until recently.

Jessica: And you didn't tell Antonio?

Sonia: I considered it.

Jessica: Why didn't you?

Sonia: Because I thought not telling him was best, and I was exactly right. Now his whole life has been pulled out from under him. He's a total mess, and who can blame him?

Jessica: How do you know? Have you seen him?

Sonia: I ran into him.

Jessica: Where?

Sonia: He doesn't want me to say.

Jessica: How is he?

Sonia: How do you think he is? I did my best to help him.

Jessica: What's that supposed to mean?

Sonia: Look, Jessica, if Antonio wanted your help, he'd be here right now, but he's not. So I'm guessing that the two of you broke up.

Jessica: That's none of your business.

Sonia: I'll take that as a yes.

Jessica: Just stay away from Antonio.

Sonia: Now, I guess that's none of your business, is it?

Jessica: Listen, Sonia, I may not be with Antonio anymore, but I still care about him a whole lot. If you care about him even just a little bit, you'll leave him alone so he won't get hurt again.

Tico: Sonia, was someone here?

Sonia: Yes. Your friend Jessica was here.

Tico: Then why didn't you come get me?

Sonia: Because she didn't ask for you. All she's concerned about right now is finding Antonio.

Antonio: I'm going to miss you, mija. Ok, R.J.

R.J.: Ready?

Antonio: Yeah.

R.J.: Ok? Come on now.

[Jamie whimpers]

R.J.: No, it's ok.

Antonio: Um -- like I said, I'll -- I'll keep in touch. I just don't know when.

R.J.: It's ok, I'll take care of her. You don't have to worry.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I know you will.

[Jamie fusses]

R.J.: It's ok, honey. It's all right.

[Jamie cries]

John: Hey. I heard you might be here.

Antonio: I can't talk right now.

John: Well, you're going to have to. Isabella Santi’s death? Somebody told me you were involved.

Kevin: Bo's looking for grandpa as we speak, Renee. Hopefully, they'll find him soon. I'll let you know if I hear anything. All right.

Natalie: What's going on with Asa?

Kevin: Have you seen him?

Natalie: No. Why? Has something happened?

Kevin: I hope not. He's missing.

Natalie: Well, I'll -- I'll ask around, see if anyone's seen him.

Kevin: Thanks.

Natalie: No problem.

Kevin: So, what's going on?

Natalie: You know what? I came here to ask you a question, but this is kind of a bad time, so --

Kevin: No, no, no. Hey, it's ok. What can I do for you?

Natalie: Ok. I don't know how to ask you this, but -- I need $30,000, and I was hoping you could advance it to me from your earnings and -- as my trustee, and I'll pay you back as soon as possible, I swear.

Kevin: What's Paul gotten you into now, Natalie?

Natalie: Um -- well, Paul really didn't get me into anything. I sort of got him into something, and I owe him.

Kevin: Well, I'd like to help you.

Natalie: Thank you!

Kevin: I really would, but giving Paul that money is just enabling him. He's going to keep coming back until he bleeds you dry. Look, you don't owe him anything.

Natalie: This isn't about me, is it? You just want to stick it to Paul for going to bat for Kelly at the custody hearing.

Kevin: The guy is no good for you.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I already broke up with him.

Kevin: So make it a clean break.

Natalie: Kevin, look, I promised him.

Kevin: Well, you shouldn't go promising people something that don't deserve it, ok? He's a waste of time.

[Door closes]

[Phone rings]

Paul: Hey, it's Paul. What's up?

Kevin: Yeah, get over to my house, now.

Jessica: Sonia did her best to help Antonio. Yeah, I'll bet. Stupid bitch.

[Knock on door]

Tico: What's going on?

Jessica: Ask Sonia.

Tico: I heard the two of you got into it.

Jessica: You know, I know that she's like a sister to you, Tico, and I am really sorry because you must be going through a very terrible time right now, but she is using what Antonio’s going through to move in on him. And don't -- just please, God, don't tell me that I'm wrong.

Tico: I won’t. In fact, I think you're right.

John: Look, I know it must've been a hell of a shock, but I still need to ask you these questions and we need to do it now.

Antonio: I already told you everything I know about what happened to her.

John: One of the Santi staff says he saw you with your mother at the time of her death. He says he saw you push her down.

Antonio: That's a load of bull.

John: Then why don't you elaborate. What did happen?

Antonio: Look, she was alive when I left, alone with Tico. Why don't you ask him what happened?

John: I did. He's backing the servant's story.

Antonio: You're not buying it, are you?

John: Of course not. But I still think you should come down to the station and make an official statement.

Antonio: I already said everything I have to say.

John: What? What are you doing? Are you telling me you won't come with me?

Antonio: Yeah.

John: Fine, I'll arrest you.

Man: Hold it a minute, detective!

John: What do you want?

Man: I'm here for Vega. You're coming with me.

David: Hey, you -- you going to be ok?

Kelly: Yeah. You told me how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to Ace again, and I -- I guess I just didn't want to listen.

David: Well, at least you got to see Ace, right? And you'll get to see him next week, and the week after that, etc., etc.

Kelly: Yeah. Until I get him back.

David: Right.

Kelly: I'm going to get him back. I don't know how or when, but I will. I have to believe that, David. I have to believe that because if I don't --

David: Well, then don't think about it, ok? You just think about the next time you get to see Ace.

Kelly: Ok. Thank you so much for going with me today.

David: Yeah.

Kelly: For everything. I just -- I don't know what I'd do without you.

Jessica: How could Sonia do that? How could she take advantage of Antonio like this?

Tico: I'm afraid Antonio has bigger problems than that.

Jessica: Did something else happen?

Tico: I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but it looks as if Antonio may have killed our mother.

Antonio: What the hell's going on here?

Man: This is an F.B.I. matter.

John: I know I'm going to get the runaround, but what do the feds have to do with this?

Man: Someone will be in touch with you. Let's go.

R.J.: McBain? What was that all about?

Antonio: I want to speak to a lawyer.

Sonia: You won't be needing one.

Antonio: What the hell are you doing here?

Sonia: Saving your butt. Let's go.

David: I've got to -- what do I have to do? I got to go back to work. And you'd better get some sleep.

Kelly: Yeah, yeah, you're right. I -- I didn't sleep very well last night. So, thanks again for everything. I really, really appreciate it.

David: Yeah. I'm just being the good step-uncle-to-be that I am, right?

Kelly: Right.

David: Ok.

Paul: All right, I'm here. What's the big deal?

Kevin: Well, Natalie was just here. We had a little conversation. She needed some money for you.

Paul: Well, I'm glad you listened to her because she got me into a lot of trouble.

Kevin: Oh, you're in trouble because you dragged her into one of your criminal activities. You're not getting a dime from me or Natalie.

Paul: Kevin, you -- you seem to forget I know where Ace came from. And it wasn't from you.

Kevin: You breathe a word about Ace to anyone, and getting your money will be the last thing you have to worry about.

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Dorian: If we could get enough dirt on Kevin, you might even be able to get Ace back.

Tico: He did it, Jessica. Antonio killed my mother.

Antonio: Looks like my brand-new brother is trying to get me out of the way, maybe for good this time.

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