OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/16/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/16/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Jessica: Antonio, I have been looking for you everywhere. When you didn't come home last night --

Antonio: Where's Jamie?

Jessica: She's at R.J.'s. She's fine. Listen, Carlotta told me everything. I know. I know that you're Isabella and Manuel Santiís son. And I know this must be a terrible shock for you, but you have to know it doesn't change anything.

Antonio: It changes everything.

Dorian: Did you see this?

David: Hmm?

Dorian: It's the beginning of Jessicaís series on the Santi family. She's practically canonized Augustico.

David: Well, he probably paid her off. He's got Manuel Santiís hundred million to toss around.

Dorian: Oh, no, don't say it. Well, we don't know that for sure.

David: Oh, now, come on. You're as suspicious of Gus as I am. There's something not right with that guy. Do you -- do you think maybe he's bankrolling Kevinís return to politics? I mean, Adriana did say that Kevin and Gus have been meeting a lot lately.

Dorian: Yes, I saw them toge-- I mean, that would be so two-faced of him. Why, I welcomed him to this town, I brought him into the fold of our family, and this is how he repays us, by cozying up to Kevin Buchanan?

[Doorbells rings]

Dorian: Excuse me. Augustico! Come in.

Tico: Hello, Dorian. Hello, David.

David: Hey, how you doing? You all right?

Dorian: You poor dear. What you must be going through, what with the death of your dear Angelina. Please sit down.

Tico: Thank you.

Hudson: Hey, what's wrong?

Marcie: My dad.

Hudson: You still caught up in the middle of the gay situation with the gay wedding and all that?

Marcie: Yeah, he wants me to choose sides. I mean, why can't he just be happy that Eric has found someone who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, you know? I mean, I love my dad, but he is being a complete jerk. I accept my brother for who he is. I'm happy that he wants to get married. But, you know, if I support him, then my dad is going to -- he's going to kick me out of the family, and I don't know how to deal with that.

Hudson: Oh, that's a tough situation for you and your brother. And I know what that's like.

Marcie: You do?

Hudson: Dealing with prejudice? You better believe it. And I know what you need to do now.

Todd: Any progress on the Asa front?

Mrs. Bigelow: You mean blasting loud rap music outside of Mr. Buchanan's window didn't do the trick?

Todd: I want him out of there. There's got to be something we can do, something we haven't thought of.

Mrs. Bigelow: I have racked my brain. I mean, I haven't come up with anything yet -- well, short of killing him, of course.

Blair: Oh, my God. I killed Asa. Oh, God.

[Asa mumbles]

Asa: Oh --

Blair: Oh, he's still alive. He's still alive, thank God. Oh, no, he's going to come to and have me arrested. I'm going to be arrested for assault. What's going to happen to my kids? I'm going to lose them. Come on, Todd. Come on, Todd. Answer the phone, answer the phone. Answer the phone!

[Asa mumbles]

Blair: Oh, no, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do?

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Todd: No, we can't kill him. Blair would never go for it. Besides, I'd rather see him suffer. Kevin, too. That's really the fun part for me.

Mrs. Bigelow: Well, your lawyer did get a right of way for Blairís 12 acres. Legally, you can continue to try to harass Mr. Buchanan into leaving.

Todd: We still got stuff in that house, stuff that's important to Blair and the kids, sentimental junk.

Mrs. Bigelow: You think Mr. Buchanan would destroy them?

Todd: In a heartbeat.

Mrs. Bigelow: Well, I'll head back to the office; do more research. Coming?

Todd: No, I'm meeting Blair. I told you that. What the hell is keeping her?

Blair: Ok, I can do this. This could work. It can work. It could work. It could work, it could work, it could work. Oh, hi, guys. Thank you so much for getting those little things out to the car for me, being so careful with the family portrait. I didn't wear you guys out, did I?

Guard: No, ma'am. Anything else you need moved?

Blair: Well, actually, yes. Just this last thing.

Guard: This is heavy.

Blair: Yeah, it's an old relic, an antique. I kind of wrapped it in the rug, you know, to keep it from getting damaged. Just --

Guard: We'll be very careful with it.

Blair: Oh, thank you. Actually, there's actually no need, really.

Dorian: You must be beside yourself with grief.

Tico: Yeah, it's been quite a shock for Sonia and me. Angelina was like a mother to us.

David: Yeah, talk about a freak accident.

Dorian: If you need help with anything at all, we're here for you. The memorial service, for example.

Tico: Thank you. You're very kind. But the arrangements are being taken care of. Angelina's family in Spain has been notified, and there will be a funeral held here at St. Judeís.

Dorian: Oh. That should be lovely.

David: I, for one, am just so glad to see that you're up for social visits at what must be such a difficult time.

Tico: Well, I'm trying to keep myself busy. Otherwise, the pain is too unbearable. You know, I think Angelina would have wanted me to continue with the gala. So much good will come out of the money we raise for your hospital.

Dorian: Oh, yes. And of course, it must be a comfort for you to know that you have so many people here who care about you -- me, David, Adriana --

Tico: Yeah.

Dorian: And Kelly, though I do wonder at your friendship with Kevin Buchanan.

Tico: Yes, I've been very fortunate. I've been welcomed and embraced by so many wonderful people here in Llanview. By you, more than anyone.

Dorian: Oh, please, you're family. We share our beautiful Adriana.

Tico: You know, Dorian, if you have time, I would like to go over the seating plans for the gala. Your input would be invaluable.

Dorian: It would be my pleasure. Here, by the desk.

Tico: And Jessica and I worked on it. It's not complete.

Dorian: Uh-huh.

Tico: But the final guest list is being worked on --

Dorian: Oh, this is beautiful.

Tico: And I don't want to offend any of your friends by seating them with the wrong people, so --

Dorian: Good thinking. All right, so -- ah, yes, yes, yes. For example, here at Table Five, you've got Mrs. Peabody next to Mrs. --

David: Why don't I let you two do what you do?

Dorian: Thank you, David. She's next to Mrs. Smythe. That won't do. Personality issues.

David: Ok, Gus, let's see what you got.

Duke: Told you I wouldn't be long. I just had to pick up Ace, because nanny had a doctor's appointment. Hey, buddy, why don't we say hi to Adriana? Hi, Adriana!

Adriana: Hey, you. I missed you.

Duke: It really stinks that my dad's not letting Kelly see him. Adriana was pretty upset when I left here to come get you, buddy. You think us Buchanan boys can cheer her up?

Adriana: Not upset so much as confused. It's so hard for me to believe that Carlotta kept this huge secret for so long. And now Antonioís not speaking to Carlotta and Carlottaís completely beside herself, and suddenly I have another brother.

Duke: Well, I guess you and I both are just going to have to get used to having new brothers around. Look at that, buddy. Adriana and I have a lot in common.

Antonio: I am my father's son.

Jessica: Antonio, I know exactly what you're feeling right now. When I found out that Mitch was my father, my whole world was upside down, and I can --

Antonio: This is different. What you went through with Mitch, it was hell, but you still had your family; you were still Vikiís daughter, Kevin, Joey, and Natalieís sister. You didn't know the truth because no one did, not because it had been kept from you your whole life. You weren't lied to by people who loved you, people you trusted.

Jessica: Carlotta loves you, Antonio. She's your mother in every way that matters.

Antonio: No, I've always had these feelings of -- of anger and -- and violence, things I couldn't explain, I couldn't control. Now I know why. I've always been Manuel Santi.

Hudson: All of my life, people have made assumptions about me because of the color of my skin, you know? They expect me to do something good or bad or, you know, whatever all because of the way I look.

Marcie: I understand that. People make assumptions about me all the time because of my weight. It's not fair, I know.

Hudson: Yeah, well, I guess that's the way it is, right? But whatever color, this is the skin I've got, and I want to feel good in it and I want to feel comfortable and I want to own it, you know? And part of that is knowing who I am -- Hudson Prescott. And that means standing up for what I believe in.

Marcie: That's easier said than done, don't you think?

Hudson: I guess I don't know you all that well, Marcie. But I'd say you have to feel comfortable in your skin, and unless you do what's right, you'll never feel that way.

Shannon: What's wrong?

Rex: Nothing. Just want some privacy.

Shannon: Mm-hmm. Well, we've been seeing each other for weeks now, and you've not needed privacy before.

Rex: Didn't know you were an exhibitionist.

Shannon: I'm serious. Come on, it's not like you're married. What's the big deal if we're sleeping together?

Jessica: You're still the man that you always were, Antonio. There's nothing inevitable about --

Antonio: I am who I am. I always have been.

Jessica: Please, please, let's just talk about this, ok?

Antonio: Talk about what?

Jessica: What you're feeling -- the pain, the loss, losing Angelina.

Antonio: Her name was Isabella. I have no memories. Just one. She was sitting in a chair. I hugged her. I don't remember the warmth of her skin. I don't remember her holding me or feeding me or playing with me. I don't remember. I have no memories.

Jessica: We can deal with this.

Antonio: Deal with what? The fact that the woman I thought was my mother betrayed me?

Jessica: Please don't look at it that way. Carlotta loves you. Antonio, I know, I know that it must be killing you right now to lose a mother that you never knew that you had. But now you have a half sister; you have Adriana, and you have a brother.

Antonio: Stay away from Tico.

Dorian: I would have thought Governor Brooks would be attending.

Tico: I don't know the governor personally. Perhaps you could contact him?

Dorian: I would be delighted. We have some history, and I know he'd be delighted to get my call.

Tico: Would you mind taking a look at the list of contributors that I have somewhere here? It's probably in the briefcase.

Dorian: Oh, I just want to tell you, it was so thoughtful of you sending over that --


Dorian: Lovely gown you sent over for Adriana. She fell in love with it the moment she saw it.

Tico: I only hope it does her justice.

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: I -- excuse me.

David: Answer the door!

Dorian: Oh, good. I was beginning to think maybe I'd have to call the Philadelphia papers to, you know, fill them in on this sordid tale --

Kevin: Dorian, please. I am here to talk about giving Kelly visitation of Ace.

Dorian: Oh, you would do that for her?

Kevin: Well, it depends on what you're going to do for me.

Todd: Hey!

Blair: Oh, good. Thank God.

Todd: I came as soon as I got your message.

Blair: Thank God.

Todd: What are you doing out here?

Blair: I snuck back into Asaís after you left.

Todd: Yeah, ok.

Blair: And --

Todd: Relax.

Blair: No, he was -- he was going to burn all of our stuff, Todd. He had our family portrait -- it was a picture of Jack and Starr -- in the fireplace.

Todd: What happened?

Blair: Well, we had a big fight, and he was saying some nasty stuff about Jack and Starr. And I lost it. I hit him over the head with a candlestick, and there was all kinds of blood.

Todd: Did you kill him?

Blair: No -- stop smiling! No, he was moaning! He was moaning, but I couldn't leave him there.

Todd: Well, where is he?

Blair: I mean, he'd throw me in jail.

Todd: Where is he, Blair?

Blair: What are we going to do with him?

Todd: Well, we sure as hell can't take him back to Llanview, can we? He'd shoot his mouth off about this.

 [Asa moans]

Kevin: Can we have some privacy? This is between Dorian and me.

Dorian: Oh, no. David is fully aware of the situation.

Kevin: Fine. Kelly can see Ace once a week.

Dorian: Excuse me?

Kevin: For an hour, supervised, of course.

David: You really are a toad, Kevin.

Kevin: Take it or leave it.

Dorian: We'll leave it and, of course, that tape goes public on the 6:00 news tonight.

Kevin: All right, an hour twice a week. Still supervised.

Dorian: All right. One hour twice a week. Negotiations can always be reopened.

Kevin: Whatever, and no more threats about my political future. Are we clear?

Dorian: Yes. You have a deal.

Kevin: No, no, no. One more thing. I want the tape from the hearing, the prostitute's bogus testimony.

Dorian: Yeah, yeah, we know what's on the tape.

Kevin: All right. We have a deal.

Blair: So, Todd, what are we going to do? We can't kill him.

Asa: Blair! Darling.

Blair: Yeah.

Asa: What -- what are we doing in the woods? And why -- why am I tied up? Oh, I know. We're playing one of your kinky games, right? Clint? Is that you?

Blair: Asa, do you remember what happened to you?

Asa: Of course I do. We went for a drive. We had a picnic lunch all set up. And, oh, lordy, you are some wild filly -- ooh -- that is for sure. That's why I love you. I love you.

Blair: Ok, it must be the knock on the head, because he has completely lost it.

Todd: Maybe, maybe not.

Shannon: So what is it, are you ashamed of me?

Rex: No, of course not. I just think that it'd be better for you if we just keep this thing between us quiet.

Shannon: Yeah, why?

Rex: Well, I've got a record. Cops and I don't mix. And your cousin is, like, supercop. No way would he approve of us hanging out, and Michael, neither. You know, he hates me.

Shannon: I don't care what my cousins think. Is this about Jen's mother, your ex-girlfriend?

Rex: No.

Shannon: Because she pretty much has made it clear that she hates me.

Rex: Forget Lindsay, ok? I just don't want you to have to deal with any of them. And, you know, I just want you all to myself.

Shannon: Ok. It'll be our secret for now.

Marcie: Ahem. Hi.

Rex: Marcie.

Marcie: Rex.

Rex: I got to call Roxy. I'll be right back.

Shannon: All right.

Marcie: So, what's going on with you and Rex? You guys are friends?

Shannon: Yeah. It's not a big deal.

Marcie: Ok. I -- I just think you should know that no matter who he's with, he's never going to love anyone the way he loved Jen.

Hudson: You guys coming to the game? Because everyone's already there, so --

Marcie: Oh, yeah. I'll be right there. I'll catch up with you.

Hudson: All right.

Marcie: Shannon, you coming?

Shannon: Yeah, I'll meet you guys there.

Marcie: Ok.

Rex: So, we're all alone? What?

Shannon: Is this just about sex, me and you? I mean, because if it is, I'm not really interested.

Rex: No, no. It's way more than that.

Shannon: Good.

Adriana: Here you go, just the temperature he likes.

Duke: Thank you. You know, I don't really have that much experience with babies -- like any.

Adriana: I sometimes help out with the younger kids at St. Judeís. I always wanted a brother or sister, you know, somebody to stay up late with, whisper family secrets, someone who knows things about you that no one else knows.

Duke: I know what you mean. I was always jealous of all my friends growing up who had little brothers to pick on. Oh, I'm just kidding, champ. What, you want some more? I'd never pick on you. And if anybody ever does, you better tell me because they're going to have to answer to me.

Adriana: You sound just like a big brother already.

[Ace cries]

Duke: Oh. Well, I'm going to try to be a good one, you know? Teach him all the big-brother things, you know, like riding horses and how to stay on dad's good side.

Adriana: Oh.

Duke: How to deal with girls. Be the kind of big brother I've always wanted to be and wanted to have.

Adriana: I want to be a good sister to Antonio. I know he must be so upset right now, finding out that he's Manuel Santiís son. I want to reach out to him, but I don't think there's anything I can do. I'm glad he has Jessica to turn to.

Jessica: Tico has been nothing but thoughtful and caring to me through this whole thing. Why should I stay away from him?

Antonio: Just do it, Jess.

Jessica: You can't order me around like I'm a child, Antonio.

Antonio: I'm asking you to stay away from him.

Jessica: Why? You have been investigating him for months, trying to link him to the Santi crime organization, to El Tiburon, and what have you come up with? You've come up with nothing.

Antonio: Because my hands have been tied by the L.P.D. No, they're satisfied just blaming Sonia for everything.

Jessica: Now you're defending Sonia.

Antonio: Look, I'm just saying --

Jessica: Is that why you left the force, Antonio? Did you leave because they were blaming her and not going after your brother?

Antonio: I left the L.P.D. It's not a part of my life anymore.

Jessica: What about me, Antonio? Am I a part of your life?

Man: Governor Brooks is very grateful for your interest in Kevinís bid for a comeback, Mr. Santi.

Tico: My pleasure.

Man: Where's Asa? Huh? He requested this meeting. At first, I thought it was because he wanted to ream me out, but he sounded good on the phone.

Kevin: Oh, he is, believe me.

Man: Then shouldn't he be here by now?

Kevin: He -- he must be running late. You know what? Excuse me. I'll go see if he left word, all right? Have you seen my grandfather?

Guard: Not since before Blair Cramer came to take away her belongings.

Kevin: Blair was here?

Tico: Is Kevinís place on the ticket assured?

Man: Clarkson will resign tomorrow. Kevin will replace him. Brooks-Buchanan as originally planned.

Kevin: All right, let's get started. My grandfather will join us. He must be tied up at the moment.

Asa: Blair, where are you? I miss you.

Blair: You think the confusion is just an act?

Todd: Could be. It worked for him before. Got out of doing time for pulling a gun on that "Sun" reporter, remember?

Blair: We think.

Todd: Well, how was he at the mansion, before you hit him?

Blair: Oh, as mean, as ornery as ever, and he knew exactly what was going on, too.

Todd: I think he's slowing down.

Blair: What do you mean?

Todd: Well, haven't you noticed that he's -- you know, he's repeating himself? Maybe -- maybe he was already losing it, and that blow to the head made it worse.

Blair: Well, Todd, if he is senile, then we should just let him go. And if his mind comes back and he starts remembering, nobody's going to believe a word that he says.

Todd: Yeah, but if we're wrong --

Blair: Well --

Todd: Let's find out for sure. Hey there, slick. Look at you, all tied up to a tree like a wild beast. You feeling good?

Asa: Who are you? This is a private picnic -- my wife and just me.

Todd: Is this your wife here?

Asa: You're damn straight. She's a june bug, the love of my life.

Todd: And what about -- what about Renee? Aren't you married to her? Three times?

Asa: Once. She just couldn't keep up with me.

Blair: Ok, I don't think he's faking it.

Asa: Who are you? Must be a friend of Blairís. She's some gal, isn't she? She just makes one great wife. I love you.

Blair: I'll be right back, Asa. Hey, Todd -- Todd, Todd, Todd, I think it's legit. I mean, he would never say that I was a "great wife." I think we should just take our chance and take him back to Llanview.

Todd: No, I think we're going to leave him here.

Blair: What?

Todd: Yeah. Whatever ounce of sanity he's got left; it'll be gone by the time he makes it out of these woods. Yeah, come on, get in the car, follow me.

Blair: Well, I -- ok.

[Car starts]

Asa: I'm going to get out of here, Manning. And when I do --

[Car drives off]

Asa: You are going to wish that damn candlestick had killed me.

Marcie: Well, that was a great game.

Nick: Yeah. Look, thanks for getting everybody to come out there. That was --

Marcie: Yeah, actually, it wasn't my idea. It was Mark's.

Mark: Hey, guys, I just swung by the construction site. While we were at the game, it got trashed -- again.

Marcie: What? Are you kidding?

Nick: It can't be an inside job, then. The whole crew was at the game.

Mark: I don't know.

Marcie: Well, not quite.

Duke: You know, you should come over sometime and see him.

Adriana: I don't know if that'd be such a good idea. It might make Kelly more upset to know that I can be with him when she canít. Hi!

Duke: I really hope my dad changes his mind about the custody someday.

Adriana: Yeah.

Duke: I think he's just acting out of anger and hurt right now. I mean, he has to want what's best for him. You should see him with him.

Adriana: Yeah.

Duke: Oh, my dad's face lights up. It's a face I've never seen before. Hmm. You know, I guess you don't really have to say you're coming over to see Ace. You could pretend you're coming over to see me.

Adriana: I don't know if that'd be such a good idea, either. I better be getting home. Going to go say goodbye to Carlotta.

Duke: Ok. See? Isn't she everything I said she was?

Man: Governor Brooks is glad to have you on the team again, Kevin, as long as we understand that we're both playing on the same team this time.

Kevin: Well, I was naive back then. I'm ready to play the game now.

Man: Good, good. Also, the governor doesn't want any personal news getting out this time, ok?

Kevin: Oh, there will be no more surprises. I guarantee it.

Man: Fine, fine. Why don't you start out by looking for a new wife; someone who would be an asset to the party?

Tico: Till then, the media will paint a glowing picture of Kevin as a devoted single father.

Man: Now, that's where you come in, Mr. Santi.

David: Conspire more loudly.

Man: I understand you just gained financial control of several media outlets in the state.

Tico: Print and television, all to be used to Kevinís benefit.

Kevin: Excuse me. Grandfather had some notes he wanted us to cover in the meeting, and they're in the study, so I'll be right back, all right? Grandpa? Yeah, this is Kevin Buchanan. I need a favor. Have Bo call me right away, ok? My grandfather has wandered off -- you know what? Just have Bo call me.

Antonio: I'm not going to ask you to hang around, waiting for me. I don't even know what you'd be waiting for.

Jessica: I do. Antonio, I love you. You're the man that I love. Nothing -- nothing has changed here. I love you and you love me. I know that you love me, I know that you do.

Antonio: I can't be with you, Jess.

Jessica: No. Don't say that. Don't say that.

Antonio: I don't know who I am anymore or where I'm going to be. And I can't guarantee you that it's not going to be someplace really ugly.

Jessica: Please, stop it. Don't say that, ok? Together, we can get through this. Together, we can do it. I know that --

Antonio: No. No, I have to do this alone. It's the only way I can get answers.

Jessica: To what? What?

Antonio: To who I've always been. To who I'm going to be for the rest of my life.

Jessica: What about Jamie?

Antonio: She'll be safe, taken care of. God knows this isn't my life anymore. I -- I can't be around this.

Jessica: Or you can't be around me?

Antonio: Where I'm going, I have to go alone.

Blair: So, what have we done, Todd? Just leaving Asa out in the woods all alone?

Todd: He deserves worse than that. Look at this -- he was going to burn our memories of our children. He insults you and Starr?

Blair: I'm not saying he doesn't deserve what he's getting. It's just -- what happens if we get caught?

Todd: We won't get caught. They won't pin his disappearance to us.

Officer: Mr. Manning?

Todd: Yes?

Officer: Ms. Cramer? I'd like to talk to you about Asa Buchanan.

Todd: What about Asa?

Officer: When was the last time either of you saw him?

Todd: Earlier today at his house.

Blair: Oh, yeah. Oh, me too. I was there. We were there together, and Asa -- he was just throwing out accusations, threatening us as he always does.

Todd: We're in the middle of a dispute regarding the Buchanan mansion and the surrounding property.

Blair: And we just want what is legally and rightfully ours, that's all.

Todd: Did something -- something bad happen to Asa?

Officer: The family's just a little worried about him, that's all.

Blair: Oh.

Todd: Well, I wish we could help, but we saw him this morning. He seemed fine.

Officer: Ok. Thanks.

Blair: See you. The police are already looking for him, Todd!

Todd: They'll never find him. Even if they do, he won't remember what happened. He'll be lucky if he remembers his own name.

Asa: As sure as my name is Asa Buchanan, I'm going to find my way out of the damn woods. And the last thing those two are going to see is my face.

Dorian: So? Tell me -- what happened at Asaís?

David: I got to tell you, we are so lucky that I'm a first-class, elegant thief. Otherwise, I would've been caught. I had some close calls.

Dorian: What did you find out about the involvement between Augustico and Kevin?

David: Well, I didn't see much, but I overheard plenty. There was Kevin, Gus, and that politico powerbroker William Davis Dawes.

Dorian: So Tico is involved in Kevinís return to the political arena. But why?

William: Kevin has no idea of our real agenda.

Tico: And he won't, as long as we're careful and continue to play this exactly right. We have Kevin where he want him.

William: Now all we have to do is lead him to where we want him to go next.

Kevin: All right, gentlemen. I've got my grandfather's notes. Let's get down to business.

Jessica: No. No, no, Antonio, please. Please don't do this. I know that we can get through this. I know that we can do it together.

Antonio: Not this time, Jess.

Jessica: Every time -- every time that you went off by yourself without telling me where or with whom or what you've been doing, I sat here and I waited for you. I waited. And every time you came back and you promised me -- you promised me it'd be the last time.

Antonio: Jess --

Jessica: I know that you love me, Antonio! I know that you do! I can feel it! I know you don't want to do this! Why did you say that we were a team? Why did you say that we were partners? Why did you say that? It's not true. That's it. I can't do this anymore, I can't do this anymore. I've waited for the last time. Antonio, if you walk out that door right now, it's over. for you. You're going to see your son today. You and I need to get a few things straight about Antonio.

Antonio: I'm going to need you to take care of her.

R.J.: How much time are we talking about?

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