OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/9/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/9/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Jessica: Carlotta. Hey, Iím glad that you're here.

Carlotta: Oh, Jessica, is anything wrong, Antonio?

Jessica: It's Kelly. She's just really upset about losing custody of Ace. But I am really worried about Antonio. Carlotta, he needs help, and I think that you're the only one that can give it to him.

Carlotta: What do you mean?

Jessica: I think I know what this secret is that you've been keeping, and I think that it's time that you tell Antonio.

Tico: Where are you going with that, Sonia?

Sonia: Just taking it upstairs to Angelina.

Tico: Why don't you let her rest? She's sleeping.

Sonia: But she --

Tico: Sonia, por favor.

Sonia: Fine, I'll check on her later. And what brings you to our house?

Kevin: Oh, your brother and I were just --

Tico: We're discussing the heart gala. Kevin heard that we're honoring his mother, so he wanted to make a contribution.

Sonia: How generous.

Tico: Why don't we go inside?

[Phone rings]

Sonia: Yeah. What? No. What was Vigil's murder file doing in Antonioís jacket? Well -- well, what's McBain doing about it?

John: As soon as you get this, I want you in my office. Listen to me carefully, Antonio -- somebody is setting you up, but the D.A. ainít going to see it that way.

Angelina: Nothing is what you thought, Antonio.

Antonio: Then tell me, Angelina. Tell me what is true.

Angelina: I am not who you think I am.

Antonio: Then who are you?

Angelina: Manuel's son --

Antonio: Tico?

Angelina: No. Manuel's first son, Manuelito --

Antonio: He died in that explosion.

Angelina: No. That's what everyone thought, but this is not true. Manuelito did not die on that day of September 17, 1976. He escaped, and he is still alive.

Kevin: Some reason you don't want your sister to know our political plans?

Tico: The less said; the better for now. Let's just leave it at that.

Kevin: Fair enough.

Bertram: Sir, if I may have a word with you?

Tico: Excuse me, will you?

Kevin: Uh-huh.

Tico: What is it?

Bertram: Antonio Vegaís car is parked up the road.

Tico: Has anyone seen him on the property?

Bertram: No, sir, but we're looking.

Tico: Go, go. He's in the house.

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Duke: That bad?

Adriana: Oh, it's -- it's fine.

Duke: Yeah.

Adriana: It's just some homework.

Duke: I can tell. Is that calculus?

Adriana: Yeah, it isn't exactly my best subject.

Duke: Well, hey, I'm a math junkie. Maybe I can help.

Adriana: Oh, no. I'll figure it out, really. What are you doing here?

Duke: I came by to see Kelly.

Adriana: She's out with my mom.

Duke: Yeah, I heard and, actually, a delivery guy came by --

[Duke grunts]

Duke: With this. I told the man I'd bring it in.

Adriana: What is it?

Duke: I don't know. It's for you.

Adriana: Oh, it's from my brother Tico. "I hope you will honor me by wearing this to the heart gala"! Oh, my God. It's beautiful.

Duke: Not as beautiful as the girl wearing it.

Adriana: Um -- thank you for bringing it, but, you know, I really should -- thanks -- I really should get back to my homework, so --

Duke: Not a problem. Hmm. Try x to the sixth.

Adriana: How'd you get that so fast?

Duke: I tell you what -- promise me to dance at the gala and I'll tell you my secret.

Angelina: The bomb was planted by one of Manuelís enemies. Manuel was not in the car as they expected him to be. Of the family, only Isabella and Manuelito were. The driver and the nanny were killed.

Antonio: And Isabella and the boy?

Angelina: Isabella -- she was thrown from the car. She ran back to get her son. And then there was this second explosion, and the car, it burst into flames. She thought her son was inside.

Antonio: How did he get out?

Angelina: He was apparently thrown from the car by the first blast, as well. And in the confusion, with all the smoke and fire, he ran off. Someone found Manuelito and they carried him away.

Antonio: They never told Isabella?

Angelina: Not in time. She was sure that he was dead. She ran back to her house and she grabbed her other son, Tico, and she ran as fast and as far as she could with Tico, letting everyone believe that she had died in the explosion, as well, and that even Tico had died so that Manuelís enemies would not find him and kill the only son she had left.

Antonio: Where did Isabella go?

Angelina: For a long time, she traveled. She traveled to many different places. And then in the end, she returned back home to Spain, to her family.

Antonio: And Manuelito? Who took him?

Angelina: Someone who loved him very much.

Antonio: What does this all have to do with me?

Angelina: Manuelito --

Tico: What do you think you're doing?

Antonio: I'm talking to Angelina.

Tico: Get out now or I will call the police.

Antonio: I am the police.

Angelina: Tico, this has gone on long enough. The truth must come out!

Tico: Angelina, please, let me handle this. Police or not, you broke into my house. I'm sure you're aware that's trespassing. Now, get out of my house or I'll have you arrested.

Angelina: Do as he says, please.

Tico: What did you tell him? How much did you say?

Antonio: Why doesn't this surprise me?

Kevin: Well, what's going on?

Antonio: Why don't you ask your new friend Tico? Hey, John, it's Antonio.

John: Where are you?

Antonio: I'm at Lion's Heart. Listen, we need to find a way to get Angelina away from Tico.

John: Have you gotten any of your messages?

Antonio: No. Why?

John: The Octavio Vigil file.

Antonio: What about it?

John: Just get your butt down here. This has gone on too long. It ends tonight.

Sonia: What ends tonight?

Jessica: Whoever left that date on Antonioís desk -- September 17, 1976 -- they were trying to tell him something, something about the day that Isabella and Manuel died.

Carlotta: And who do you think that was?

Jessica: I don't know. Do you?

Carlotta: Me? Why would I know anything about it?

Jessica: Because I think that you know what really happened after that car exploded, don't you?

Carlotta: Yes. Isabella and Manuelito died.

Jessica: Carlotta, you don't have to be afraid, ok? You can tell me.

Carlotta: But why would I have anything to be afraid of?

Jessica: Because it would change everything. Carlotta, admit it. One or both of them, Isabella or her son, they're alive, aren't they?

Kevin: Hey. Everything ok up there?

Tico: Yeah, Angelina was a little stressed.

Kevin: What, because of Antonio Vega?

Tico: You saw him?

Kevin: Yeah, he just ran out of here.

Tico: Everything's under control. Let's get down to business, shall we? I would like to set up a meeting with Governor Brooks to smooth things out between the two of you.

Kevin: Well, if Brooks agrees to that, sure.

Tico: I don't think he'll have any choice.

Kevin: What is that supposed to mean?

Tico: Well, I understand you were a very popular lieutenant governor. Brooks could definitely use a boost in the polls. So we're clear? You're back on the ticket?

Kevin: Count me in.

Tico: This is just the beginning, Kevin. I predict big things to come, maybe even the white house.

Kevin: Well --

Tico: What's funny? You don't believe me?

Kevin: No, you just sound like my grandfather.

Tico: I'll take that as a compliment.

Kevin: Well, some people think that he's a ruthless S.O.B., so --

Tico: I like to consider myself a visionary.

Kevin: Yeah, well, it's getting late. I should go.

Tico: Yeah. I look forward to the future for the both of us.

Kevin: Me, too.

Tico: Good night.

Adriana: I'm not going to make deals with you so that I can get answers to my homework.

Duke: I wasn't going to give you the answers, just show you how to figure it out for yourself. See, there's a flaw in your logic. You keep making the same mistakes.

Adriana: Like you know it all?

Duke: Hey, what can I say? I am a math geek.

Adriana: You could never be a --

Duke: A brain? Well, you're right. But I do know a few tricks that got me through A.P. Calculus, and I would be happy to show them to you.

Adriana: For a price.

Duke: For a dance at a yawner fundraiser.

Adriana: They're honoring your grandmother.

Duke: That's the good part. And dancing with the most beautiful girl there in the most beautiful dress -- that's all I ask. And you get a good grade.

Adriana: Fine. But this doesn't mean that I'm going to the ball with you, and it's only one dance -- and not even a slow one, either.

Carlotta: Jessica, you're talking nonsense.

Jessica: Am I?

Carlotta: Yes. Isabella and Manuelito both died. They both died when that car bomb went off.

Jessica: What if they survived somehow?

Carlotta: They didn't. Why can't you just leave it alone?

Jessica: I can't, Carlotta. Antonio wonít. He's consumed by it, and I don't blame him. He's almost been killed twice, and so have you! Don't you want this to be over?

Carlotta: Yes. But I can't make it stop.

Jessica: Maybe you can if you stop keeping this secret.

Carlotta: What makes you so sure I have a secret?

Jessica: Because of the way that you're acting. Look at you. Look at how you're acting now. Do you know what happened to Isabella and her son? Do you know where they are now?

Carlotta: No. No, I couldn't tell you.

Jessica: You can't or you won't?

Carlotta: Why don't you just leave it alone?

[Carlotta sighs]

Jessica: Are they putting pressure on you? Is that it?

Carlotta: Just don't push it.

Jessica: Carlotta, why are you so afraid? At least -- at least you could tell Antonio.

Carlotta: No! No. You're not going to like what you find out. Don't you understand? No one is going to be the better for it. No one.

Tico: Where do you think you're going?

Angelina: I'm leaving here.

Tico: I don't think so.

Angelina: It's too late. I've already told Antonio everything.

Tico: I doubt that.

Angelina: Fine, don't believe me.

Tico: He would have had a different reaction had he known.

Angelina: He deserves to know the truth, Tico!

Tico: Why after all these years?

Angelina: Because it's wrong to keep it from him! It's wrong for all of us!

Tico: We don't owe him anything!

Angelina: What's happened to you, Tico? Don't you care about me? Don't you care about Antonio?

Tico: You need to trust me. I know what I'm doing. Everything I do I do for us.

Angelina: No. Not anymore. Maybe at one time, yes, but I don't even recognize you anymore. When I look at you, Tico, I see your father.

Tico: Don't you ever say that again.

Angelina: It's true, isn't it? Yes. Now, please, please let me go and do what I must do.

Tico: I love you -- you know I do -- but you're not going anywhere.

Angelina: What are you doing, Tico? Huh? Are you threatening me?

John: What are you doing here?

Sonia: Paying a parking ticket.

John: In this office?

Sonia: I took a wrong turn.

John: Mm-hmm. Conveniently, you got to listen to my phone conversation.

Sonia: Well, if you don't like it, you ought to shut your door. So, what's Antonio gotten himself into this time?

John: Maybe you should ask Antonio.

Sonia: Does he even know?

John: I'm not really sure if this is any of your business.

Sonia: We're friends.

John: Friends? Like buddies, pals, bowling partners? That's it, right?

Sonia: Yeah. I know Antonioís with Jessica, so --

John: That's not what I'm talking about.

Sonia: Then what?

John: You know something, Sonia -- I'm on to you. So why don't you just drop the act?

Duke: You see, because a variable's raised to a variable power, the regular rules of differentiation don't apply.

Adriana: Yeah, I have trouble with differentiation and derivatives.

Duke: Well, let's try -- try this one with what I showed you.

Adriana: Oh, that could take a while.

Duke: I've got all night.

Adriana: I donít. Better get busy.

Sonia: I've got a lot of secrets, detective. Which one are you talking about?

John: Oh, I think you know which one I'm talking about.

Sonia: Help me out.

John: You know, my old man taught me never to show a winning hand till I was ready.

Sonia: Right.

John: So, what, you're calling my bluff? Is that it?

Sonia: Why not?

John: "Why not?" Well, you'll lose.

Sonia: Ditto.

John: Well, I don't have that much at stake.

Sonia: You think I do?

John: Yeah, I'm sure of it. Now, you'd better go pay that parking ticket before they impound your scooter. Will you close my door on the way out?

Sonia: Always a pleasure.

John: Hmm.

Antonio: Sonia, what are you doing here?

Sonia: I'm watching your back. You know, John's got something on you, and he claims he's on to me, too. I think he's bluffing about that, but what about you? Did you do something?

Antonio: Well, obviously, somebody thinks so.

Sonia: Well, do you need help? I can run interference. What? I can do anything.

Antonio: No. No, no, no. I think you've helped enough.

Sonia: I can't have you blowing my cover, Antonio, ok? I've been on this investigation too long. And besides, I care about you. Just let me know what you want me to do.

John: Antonio, now.

Jessica: There's something here, something that I missed.

Jessica's voice: Carlotta came up from Puerto Rico to New York in January of 1977. It was four months after the car bombing. And Tico says he ended up in Madrid three months after that. What happened in all that time? Carlotta's brother married Isabella, so they knew each other. How close were they? Maybe there's somebody else in Puerto Rico, but who? Who do I talk to?

Tico: Get back in bed.

Angelina: Why? Why must we keep this secret any longer? There's no point!

Tico: Because there's no reason to tell them, that's why!

Angelina: You hate him, don't you? It's true. It's true. But why, Tico, why? Is it because of Jessica? You are falling in love with her.

Tico: She's Antonioís fiancťe.

Angelina: Which makes her even more appealing to you. You always want what you cannot have.

Tico: I can have her.

Angelina: And you won't stop until you do. Am I right?

Tico: You need your rest.

Angelina: No! No, I need my rest because I was shot by a bullet that was meant for Antonio. Tell me it isn't true. Tell me that you are not trying to get rid of Antonio!

Tico: I don't need to kill a man to win the heart of a woman.

Angelina: But he's not just any man. You want him dead, don't you? It has been you all along trying to kill him. But I will not let you.

Maid: Can I help you?

Jessica: Yes, I'm looking for Mr. Santi. Is he home?

John: Close the door behind you. This disappeared from my desk, along with all the evidence in the case.

Antonio: Who do you think's behind it?

John: We found the file in your jacket.

Antonio: Wait a second, you think I stole it?

John: Did you listen to any of your messages? It looks like someone's setting you up.

Antonio: Ok.

John: You know, you're not making this any better. Tico called in an unlawful-entry complaint against you. Please tell me that's a lie.

Antonio: I had to talk to Angelina.

John: So you break into his house?

Antonio: He wouldn't let anyone see her.

John: You know what? This has gone too far.

Antonio: You know, what am I supposed to do?

John: At the end of the day, you never forget that you're a cop!

Antonio: I'm trying to run an investigation here, John.

John: No. No, you're not. You know what you're doing? You're randomly breaking rules.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, you know as well as I do that sometimes we need to bend those rules to get answers.

John: You've crossed the line, Antonio, and I'm going to end up having to answer for it.

Antonio: Don't do me any favors.

John: Hey! I get it! I am on your side, and I am trying to help!

Antonio: Yeah? By stopping me from finding the truth?

John: Stay out of the Santi case. That's not a request.

Antonio: I'm through taking orders from you. If I can't get what I need as a cop, then I won't be a cop!

John: Pick up your badge.

Antonio: Not if it handcuffs me again, John. Look, I think I know who El Tiburon is.

John: Sonia?

Antonio: No, it's not Sonia or Tico. It's El Toroís first son. He didn't die in that explosion.

John: You know this for sure?

Antonio: Angelina told me. Look, Isabella and Manuelito survived. He's running the show. It's got to be him!

John: So where are they now?

Antonio: Angelina was about to tell me when Tico came in. Look, I need to bring her in for questioning so I can find out the rest. You know what? No. No, I'm this close, and I'm not letting you or anyone else stop me.

Kevin: I told you a week ago to get me information on Tico Santiís finances. What the hell's taking so long? Well, work faster or get another job. You understand me? This guy is making all kinds of promises. I want to know if he has the cash to back it up.

Angelina: Let me by.

Tico: Get back in bed and rest. You were almost killed.

Angelina: Because of you! Because you were trying to kill Antonio!

Tico: You're not thinking straight. It's the pain medicine.

Angelina: I am thinking more clearly than I have in my life! Antonio needs to know! I need for him to know! I cannot live with this anymore!

Tico: There's too much at stake here! I told you to trust me.

Angelina: You've changed, Tico. You've changed. I don't even know who you are anymore!

Tico: Don't you understand? If this secret gets out, it will destroy all of us!

Angelina: It's already destroyed you!

Tico: Come on.

Angelina: Tico, you're hurting me!

Tico: After all we've been through, everything I've done for you --

Angelina: What have you done? What have you done? It's always been for you. Everything has been for you!

Tico: Why, after all these years, do you have this urge to confess?

Angelina: Because -- because I love him. Oh! You are no better than your father!

Tico: Ah!

Angelina: No!

Tico: Get back to bed, please.

Angelina: No, no --

Tico: Please!

Duke: You see, what's --

[Adriana sighs]

Duke: See, what's messing you up is that absolute value. What you got to do is look for ways to remove it, like this.

Adriana: Oh! I see it now! Wait. Is that right?

Duke: Yeah.

Adriana: You didn't even look at it.

Duke: Oh. Well, I was watching you do it, and you've got it.

Adriana: Really?

Duke: Yeah, check it out.

Adriana: Thank you so much! You make it so easy!

Duke: Oh, it is, once you know the trick. Ok, what -- what did I just say here?

Adriana: Nothing. It's just something I said to River when I was helping him with his reading.

Duke: It's hard sometimes getting over somebody, isn't it?

Adriana: I'll be ok.

Duke: You sure?

Adriana: Thank you for helping me with my calculus.

Duke: Yeah, anything I can do, Adriana. I mean that.

Adriana: I'll be fine. There's nothing more I need.

Duke: Except a dance at the gala? We're still on, right?

Adriana: When I make a deal, I don't go back on it.

Duke: And who'd believe that your dad was this huge crime boss?

Adriana: A man named Cesar Colon raised me. He's my father, not Manuel Santi.

Duke: I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. You sure are going to look amazing in that dress. Lucky guy who gets to be your date.

John: Put a tail on Detective Vega. Tell me where he goes, what he does, who he sees.

 [Angelina groans]

Tico: Let me get some help.

Angelina: Mi hijo --

Tico: Donít. No. No. No.

Jessica: Tico? Tico?

Tico: Hello, Jessica. I'm sorry if I kept you waiting too long.

 [Duke whistles]

Kevin: Hey. You sound happy. Anything I should know about?

Duke: I like it here in Llanview.

Kevin: Oh, yeah? I'm glad to hear that. Listen, I set up the thing at B.E. for you to work a couple hours a week in the accounting department. We'll work around your schedule at Penn, of course.

Duke: Thanks, dad. I think it'd be good for us working together.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. Actually, I need to talk to you about that.

Duke: Something wrong?

Kevin: No. Hopefully, something's very right. I'm going back into politics.

Duke: When did this come up?

Kevin: Well, an opportunity presented itself.

Duke: I thought you were finished with politics.

Kevin: Well, things have changed.

Duke: What?

Kevin: Well, I think I'm better prepared this time out.

 [Jazz plays]

Singer: One slow dance a day I love when we take time to play

Adriana: I thought I said no slow dancing.

Duke: Do you want me to stop?

Tico: Stay away from my sister.

[Music stops]

Duke: What do you mean? You were the one that told me to be here with her.

Tico: You misunderstood. Adriana, get over here, now! If you ever touch her again, I will kill you, just as our father would have killed you.

Duke: You can't keep us apart.


Adriana: No!

Jessica: Did I hear something break upstairs?

Tico: Yes. One of the servants broke a mirror. Would you like something to drink?

Jessica: No, no, thank you. How's Angelina?

Tico: Not well, I'm afraid.

Jessica: Well, what's wrong?

Tico: Well, the gunshot, it has taken it out of her and she's very, very weak, disoriented by the pain medicine. And, of course, Antonio didn't help coming by earlier, badgering her.

Jessica: About what?

Tico: You know, maybe I shouldn't say anything.

Jessica: No, no, no, tell me, please. What did Antonio do?

Tico: Well, first of all, he must have picked the lock.

Jessica: He broke in?

Tico: Yeah, that alone upset Angelina. I was worried what it might do to her, so I had to call the police.

Jessica: I can't believe it.

Tico: Jessica, I'm not making this up.

Jessica: No, no, no, I know you're not. I know you're not. Antonio, he's been obsessed about trying to find the truth about his family, and -- and now I think I understand why.

Tico: What do you mean?

Jessica: Well, that's why I came over here. I came over here to tell you something.

Tico: Jessica, what is it that you think you know?

Jessica: Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe your older brother didn't die in that car explosion?

Tico: What?

Jessica: What if he's been alive all these years and in hiding?

Tico: No, no. No, you don't understand. My brother died, ok?

Jessica: Yes, but what if he didn't? What if -- what if your brother, Manuel, is El Tiburon?

[Woman screams]

Tico: What is it? What's wrong?

Maid: Ms. Angelina! There's been a terrible accident!

Carlotta: Antonio.

Antonio: I need to talk to you.

Carlotta: I have to get home.

Antonio: I saw Angelina. She told me about Manuelito. That's right, mami. He survived the bomb, mami. So did Isabella.

Carlotta: No. No, no, that's not true. Angelina doesn't know what she's talking about. She was shot. She's delirious. She's on medication. She doesn't know what she's say--

Antonio: Quit, quit -- quit lying to me. Angelina told me.

Carlotta: Just stop it! Stop it right now! You don't want to know. I mean it, Antonio. You need to forget all about this.

Antonio: How can I after everything that's happened? Is it me? Am I Manuel Santiís oldest son?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Kevin: I'm a little jealous. I mean, he's happier with you, a total stranger, than he is with me.

Antonio: Angelina's not a nanny. She's Isabella Santi, and she's my mother.

Tico: Everything she went through, to die in some accident like this?

Sonia: Accident? I'm not so sure. 

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