OLTL Transcript Friday 9/3/04

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/3/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Marcie: Hey, I don't care what you say. I am, too, a good cook.

Mark: Marcie, you burned the eggs!

Marcie: I didn't!

Shannon: And the toast!

Jen: No, I burned the toast.

Marcie: See? Jen was helping.

Shannon: All right, well, who burned the bacon?

Jen: There wasn't any bacon.

Shannon: Well, what was that crunchy stuff we were eating?

Mark: That was the eggs!

Marcie: Oh, that is the last time I ever cook anything for you.

Mark: Thank God for that.

Marcie: That's not funny.

Roxy: All right, hold on, everybody. Roxy's in the house. Where are the other love doves?

Marcie: Well, Nick is at football practice, and -- ooh, excuse me. Riley and Julie are collecting money at the library.

Roxy: Well, I wanted to tell everybody, but -- well, I guess it's their loss. I got good news. I just saved a bundle on my car insurance. Oh! Oh! Seriously, the good news is I'm done with my time. I don't have to do community service anymore. I'm not your den mother.

Marcie: All right!

Shannon: Good for you.

Jen: Whoo! Great.

Roxy: Excuse me, but that's not the good news.

Marcie: Oh.

Mark: Sorry.

Roxy: The good news is, is that you guys are getting an extension, and I thought maybe I would stay on, you know, see you through the Love Center. Don't all clap at once. Hey, excuse me. You know, I thought we were kind of getting a groove thing going on here and you'd want me to stay put.

Mark: Yeah. You know, we are getting a groove thing here, Roxy. And you're right. We'd be glad to have you stay.

Jen: Yeah.

Marcie: Yeah. It really wouldn't be the same without you.

Shannon: Wait a minute. Does this mean that, now that you're done with your community service, maybe Rex won't be around as much?

Marcie: No, I wouldn't exactly say Rex is off the hook.

Rex: All I want is a shower.

Paul: Oh, I just want to go home.

Rex: McBain has nothing. He can't keep us.

Paul: What, you think the rules apply to this guy? Come on. He hates my guts.

Officer: Look, you guys shut up, or you're going to spend the rest of your time in that cell.

Natalie: Ok. Looks like all you guys need to do is get your stuff and you can get out of here. Paul, you're going to have to get your gun next week.

Paul: That's fine. I don't care. Thank you, Natalie. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Rex: Are you the one who ratted us out, Nat?

R.J.: Sonia, it's R.J. Listen, I'm -- I'm sorry you did not receive those objects that we discussed, but I'm working now trying to figure out what went wrong, and when I find out, I'll let you know.

Lindsay: Did you see this? Did you?

R.J.: Yes. Apparently, someone tried to make off with our paintings last night.

Lindsay: Oh, no, not someone. Rex. It was Rex. He and a bunch of little thieves were planning to take them.

R.J.: But it didn't pan out.

Lindsay: No, but they told me that he was part of a decoy team and that there was actually a second team that was planning to commit the robbery.

R.J.: But they came up empty-handed, too.

Lindsay: But that's only because the security company asked the van to take a different route. My God! There was over a million dollars' worth of paintings, R.J.

R.J.: Lindsay, just take a breath, ok? Nothing happened.

Lindsay: We're talking about Rex. He was never interested in me. He was only looking at those paintings; trying to figure out a way to steal them.

R.J.: Well, you know, it's a real shame that nobody warned you what a rat that boy was.  

Renee: So you're sure that these new lawyers of yours can get Asa's house back?

Kevin: Well, they say it's going to be a battle because of some technicalities, but we have Bill Emerson. He's the best. He just won me sole custody of Ace, remember?

Renee: You know, Kevin, I'm sorry for Kelly, but I have to tell you that I am glad that you got sole custody, because I do know how much you love that child.

Dorian: Kevin, if you love Ace so much, where is he? Where is he? I have no idea. Shouldn't he be with you? If Kelly had gotten custody, she would be with him every minute of every day.  

Kelly: I got to get this done so it's ready when Ace comes back to me.

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Natalie: Rex, what is with you?

Rex: It's a simple question. Did you drop a dime on us? Yes or no?

Paul: Rex, come on. This isn't the time, ok? We'll talk at home.

Officer: All right, looks like everything's in order. You guys go pick your things up at the property room.

Paul: Fine. I know where that is. Oh, man. I haven't gotten a wink of sleep. I just want to hit my bed.

Natalie: You look tired, too, Rex.

Rex: Yeah, not too tired to listen to you answer a few questions. Come on.

Roxy: Oh, my God. They got Rex in a holding cell on suspicion.

Mark: Suspicion of what?

Roxy: Conspiracy -- conspira-- conspiracy? The robbery never even happened.

Marcie: Yeah, but they're holding him for the same reason that you have to do community service, Rox. You didn't commit the arson, but you conspired to do it.

Roxy: Yeah, well, if he keeps conspiraling like this, he's going to have to do community service till he turns 100.

Jen: He'll be lucky if he doesn't have to go to prison next time.

Roxy: Yeah. Oh, man. Excuse me.

Shannon: What is this? I mean, doesn't anybody think maybe Rex could be innocent? You guys are so cold.

Jen: Just realistic.

Mark: Shannon, don't start empathizing with Rex just because of the construction site thing.

Shannon: Oh, you mean, the thing where guys all thought I was sabotaging the site and turned out to be dead wrong?

Marcie: We apologized.

Mark: I just wish we could catch the guy.

Marcie: I know.

Shannon: Look, I gave it a shot. I went to the site. I stayed all night; staked it out.

Jen: Are you kidding me? You went there alone?

Shannon: Yeah, just me and a few candles. But I didn't see anybody. What? Oh, you guys don't believe me.

Marcie: No, it's not that we don't believe you. I just don't really think it was a good idea. Being there alone at night?

Jen: Shannon, a woman was killed there.

Shannon: Oh, yeah, like, 50 years ago. Give it a rest. Well, I'm going to get out of here. I'm going to go check on Rex.

Jen: I didn't think you cared so much.

[Shannon mumbles "I don't know"]

Shannon: I like guys who conspire.

Roxy: This is working on my last nerve. I need a shot of something real strong.

Mark: Hey, what's up? Shannon and Rex -- does that bother you?

Jen: Oh, I was thinking about something else. I mean, please, you know, if she's into Rex, then that is my mother's problem, it's not mine, right?

Lindsay: After all I've done for Rex, after all the gifts I've given him, all the promises that he made -- I can't take it. I'm going to go find him.

R.J.: Lindsay, you should just cut your losses.

Lindsay: Oh, no. No one makes a fool out of me and gets away with it.

R.J.: No one makes a fool out of me, either.

Kevin: Ace is upstairs in my suite with a registered nurse.

Dorian: A registered nurse? A fine substitute for his mother's loving care.

Kevin: Well, Kelly isn't his mother, is she?

Dorian: The judge didn't know that. She did know, though, that you weren't his father, and yet she decided to give you custody. Why in the world would she do that? Unless, of course, you paid her off.

Kevin: Well, she ruled that way because she saw Kelly as unfit, and I agree with her.

Dorian: So help me -- it's because of what you have done to her that Kelly may suffer a nervous breakdown. If that happens, you --

Kevin: Wait -- "has a breakdown" -- then she obviously shouldn't have been given a baby, should she?

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Hello.

David: Dorian, bad news. I just came in from a swim and Kellyís gone.

Dorian: Oh! No problem at all. I'll be right there. This isn't over.

Todd: Oh, Mrs. Bigelow, I'm going to get back to you. Yeah. What are you doing, Kelly?

Kelly: I'm knitting a sweater for Ace. It's almost fall, you know.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah. You're not allowed to see Ace, though. What, are you going to send it to him?

Kelly: I'll have him back soon enough.

Todd: Oh, shoot. Here you go. So what makes you think you'll have him back?

Kelly: Kevin is going to realize that he made a mistake and that Ace needs his mother.

Todd: I mean, you are crazy. Kevin took Ace away from you out of spite, Kelly. You're never going to see that baby again.

Dorian: Did you find her?

David: No, I didn't. When I went out to the pool, she was eating in the kitchen. I came back in, she's gone.

Dorian: Did she seem upset?

David: Well, she seemed kind of quiet. But listen to this. Ace's nanny showed back up for work.

Dorian: She knows there's no job for her here.

David: Yeah, but remember, Kelly called her and told her she wanted her to come back because Ace was going to be coming back here any day.

Dorian: Oh. What would make her say that?

Kelly: I don't know why you're so horrible to me. I'm sure you're getting a big kick out of seeing me like this. I don't know what I ever did to you.

Todd: Well, I'm just trying to get you to face the facts, kiddo. There's no good part of Kevin.

Kelly: He loved me once.

Todd: Hmm. Kevin is a vindictive S.O.B., and you cut him really deeply when you told him he wasn't Ace's daddy. And he's never going to forgive you and you're never going to see that baby again. So accept that. Stop driving yourself crazy.

Kelly: I'm not crazy. I'm not.

Todd: Ok. Ok. Uh-huh. Sorry. I say the wrong thing sometimes. Why don't I take you home? How about that?

Kelly: No, I want to stay here. I need to finish that.

Todd: You can finish your knitting anywhere, Kelly. And you'd be more comfortable at home. My car's right over there. Come on, I'll take you.

Marcie: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: Look, I know you don't want me to come with you today because you think I'm a total jerk, but I really want to be there for you.

Marcie: Well, I don't think you're a total jerk. I know you're a total jerk.

Michael: Look -- wait. I also know that you think I'm going to make things worse today, but I won't, I promise. I'm going to be on your side, I promise.

Marcie: How can you be on my side? You don't even think Eric and James should get married.

Michael: I don't think that you should do this alone. You know how your family can get.

Marcie: Yeah, I do, all right? My dad's going to go ballistic. Ron's going to get loud. Everybody has a temper.

Michael: Yeah, well, we're all Irish here. What's a temper or two? Marcie, you're miserable leaving things the way they are. And, hell, it's not like they can get any worse.

Marcie: Actually, they could get a lot worse, because not only did I invite my dad and Ron, but, well, I kind of went ahead and invited Eric and James to come up from Boston. So you're still really sure you want to join us?

Michael: Hmm.

Paul: Listen, can we talk about this upstairs, guys, huh?

Rex: No, we can talk about this here and now. Answer me, Nattie, did you tip off McBain?

Natalie: No.

Rex: Oh, then, how did he know about the job, exactly where we were going to be waiting?

Natalie: He said he had people following us.

Rex: Yeah, right. You set us up. You never meant to do this job from the get-go. You were just stringing Paul along to make McBain jealous.

Paul: Is that true, Natalie?

Natalie: No. No. He's just saying that because he's mad that we got arrested, ok? John and I, we're just friends.

Rex: Don't play with me, Nattie. Yes or no? Did you tip them off about the heist?

Natalie: Fine. I tried to stop a crime from being committed.

Paul: You called McBain?

Natalie: No. I called the security company. I had them change their route, all right, because what the two of you were planning was way too dangerous, and if you'd gotten caught, you would have spent the better half of your life in prison.

Paul: Oh, God, Natalie, how could you do this?

Rex: Thanks a lot!

Paul: We are so dead, man.

Natalie: I don't understand. What is wrong with the two of you? Nothing happened. You're free to walk around. I don't get it.

Rex: Ok, do you have any idea what R.J. Gannon is going to do to us for screwing up?

Dorian: Oh, David, it's so distressing. I just looked in Kellyís room. She's got a whole new batch of baby clothes from Loganís in there.

David: Oh, boy.

Dorian: I don't know what's going on, but I really should have been more vigilant.

David: This is not your fault.

Dorian: No, it's not. It's Kevinís fault.

David: Look, we just have to figure out a whole new strategy to deal with this, ok? Kelly's been on the edge --

Kelly: Don't have to --

Dorian: Kelly! Sweetheart! Where have you been? I've been worried sick.

Kelly: Well, I'm fine.

Dorian: Yes, I -- I see that you are. Todd, what are you doing here?

David: Are you the one who's been taking Kelly shopping?

Dorian: Oh, really? What are you thinking, filling her head with ideas --

Todd: All right, hold on, time-out. I found her in the park. She was knitting, mumbling to herself, so I brought her home.

Dorian: What were you doing there?

Kelly: I was knitting a sweater for Ace. I got in Toddís car, and I realized I've lost it, so, well, all that hard work for nothing.

David: The nanny said you wanted her to stay on, Kelly, because Ace is going to be coming home soon?

Kelly: Yeah. You don't expect me to just give up?

Dorian: Honey, you know very well Kevin is never going to give you back that baby --

Kelly: Dorian, there are appeals. There are things we can do to fight this. I will never give up on my son. My son is my life. If I don't have him, then I have no life. I will never, never give up on him -- never.

David: Kelly, come on. Kelly, come here.

Dorian: Honey -- please. You see? Dear God! This is all Kevinís fault.

David: Look, you stay here, all right? I'll deal with Kevin.

Dorian: David, what are you going to do?

David: Whatever I have to.

Natalie: You never told me that R.J. was behind this.

Rex: Yeah, for a reason.

Natalie: Oh, my God.

Paul: He's going to be so mad, man. We were better off in jail.

Rex: Thanks a lot, Nattie. Real smart.

Natalie: Well, if I had known that R.J. was behind this, I would have screamed bloody murder weeks ago. Are the two completely out of your mind?

Rex: It was 10,000 apiece, a simple job.

Natalie: I tell you what -- read the paper, all right? We were just a decoy. The police think that the head guy had a pro team waiting to do the real job, and when they were caught --

Rex: Ok, who cares what the cops think?

Natalie: When they were caught, we would go to prison as the accomplices. Now you tell me that it was R.J.? You still think I was out to betray you?

Paul: We're in so much trouble.

Rex: Well, this is your fault, Cramer. You're the one that brought her into this.

Natalie: Huh! I kept your butts out of jail.

Rex: Yeah, or got us killed. Look, just stay here, ok? I'll try to buy us some time.

Paul: Wait, what are you going to do? Are you going to go see R.J.?

Rex: Oh, whatever happens to us now, man, this is your fault.

Shannon: Rex, hey. I heard what happened.

Rex: Yeah --

Shannon: Can I help you in any way?

Rex: Shannon, I'm kind of in a rush, ok, but we'll hook up later?

Shannon: Yeah, sure.

Rex: Ok. If there's anything I can do to help you, you just let me know. Anything.

Lindsay: Hold it right there.

Roxy: This is bad, and I mean really bad news. Think I need a couple more. So, what do you think, Jen? You think I'm a lousy mommy? I tried to pawn Rex off on my sister-in-law. I still am his mommy, though, huh?

Jen: I think he'd be glad to see you.

Mark: You know, when you're in trouble, there's nothing like seeing your mom walk in the door.

Roxy: Yeah, me?

Jen: Yeah, you should. You should go see him. I know Rex doesn't have a lot people in his life that care about him. I mean, not that really care, you know?

Roxy: Are you one of them?

Jen: Yeah, yeah. I do. I mean, we've been through a lot together, most of it bad. But, yeah, I will always care about him.

Roxy: Even though he's a special kind of stupid?

Jen: I know. It's just he has all these dreams, you know, and he just throws it away on something stupid. If I could give him one thing in this life, I would make one of his big plans come true. But he's got to do that for himself. What's wrong?

Roxy: Oh, nothing, you know? Just life sometimes. Jen, you're a sweet kid. Riley is lucky to have you. So, I think I'm going to go see my baby boy, huh? Go over to Rodiís for a little fortification. See you around.

Mark: She's right, you know? Riley is one lucky guy. So are you. He's one of the good ones.

Jen: Yeah. That's probably why his ex-girlfriend wants him back.

Mark: Oh, that's what's bothering you.

Jen: No, no, I'm -- I'm fine. Ugh. Ok, no, it's not bothering me. It's me driving me crazy.

Michael: The rest of our party should be showing up shortly.

Renee: Great.

Michael: How you doing?

Marcie: My palms are sweating. They always get sweaty when I get nervous, and then I also eat a lot, too, which is why I'm eating all this bread, and then I also talk a lot when I get nervous. I don't know if you notice that before. I'm -- I'm talking a lot. I'm sorry.

Michael: It's ok. Like you said, you're nervous.

Marcie: I know, I know I'm nervous, ok? You don't have to tell me I'm nervous. You're not helping me out here, ok?

Michael: What would you like me to do, Marcie? Do you want me to lie? Really, I can't believe that you invited Ron and your dad and Eric and his boyfriend to lunch. I mean, it's like some sort of weird gay intervention.

Marcie: Oh, a gay intervention? Are you really sure you want to be here? Because I need all the support --

Michael: I'm trying, Marcie.

Marcie: All right. Well, I'm just trying to bring my family together, ok? And I thought that might be something that you could actually relate to.

Michael: Listen, Marcie, you were very instrumental in bringing my family and I back together. I appreciate that deeply. I love you. That's why I am here supporting you.

Marcie: Ok, I just think that if you guys can see how happy Eric and James are together that maybe --

Michael: What? What? We'll all think it's swell that Eric and James are getting married? Marcie, this is a very complicated issue.

Marcie: I know that. But I can at least try, right?

David: Hello, Kevin.

Kevin: What are you, the second act? Dorian was already here; harping about how I bribed the judge.

David: Did you?

Kevin: I won, Kelly lost, end of story. If she's whining about that, tell her she shouldn't have tried to pass off someone else's baby as mine. Get out of here.

David: Kevin, come on --

Kevin: Don't waste your time, all right? The answer is no. No, she will never see Ace again and, no, we will not be sharing custody. No.

David: What if I could offer you something in return?

Lindsay: I wouldn't bother if I didn't think this is something you needed to hear.

Shannon: You know, I don't really know you, aside from the fact that you're Jen's mom, so --

Lindsay: I do believe I just saw you kissing Rex.

Shannon: Yeah. So what?

Lindsay: So what? So I think there's a few things that you need to know about him.

Shannon: Ok, like?

Lindsay: Well, first of all, he's going to break your heart. He did it to Jen, he's done it to others, and I don't think you're going to be any exception.

Shannon: Yeah, well, thank you for the warning, but I am a big girl --

Lindsay: This is what he does. He uses women, and when he gets what he wants out of them, he tosses them aside. Now, I'd hate to see that happen to a nice young lady like yourself. And I've heard a lot of nice things about you from Jen --

Shannon: You know what? This is getting a little too weird for me. Thank you, Ms. Rappaport, but I'm going to be ok.

Natalie: Come on, you got to believe me. I didn't tell John. He said that he found out with inside information that he had, ok?

Paul: Natalie, do you really except me to believe that? I mean, I trusted you. How could you do this? I thought you cared about me.

Natalie: Oh, my God. I did this because I care about you.

Paul: Oh --

Natalie: I don't want to see you in jail.

Paul: Really? So, what, you thought we were too stupid to pull off some simple heist?

Natalie: Have you listened to a word that I've said? We were the decoy. We didn't even know it.

Paul: Natalie, I asked you if you wanted out, ok, and you said no, that you were in, that you were completely dedicated to the heist and me.

Natalie: But I -- I am still committed to you.

Paul: Well, R.J.'s going to kill us, so I hope you're proud of yourself.

Rex: Mind if I sit down? Look, I know you've got to be ticked, but I think you should know we were in the spot we were supposed to be, ok? I had no idea how the cops knew we were there or why the truck never came by.

R.J.: No? Well, then, you should work on your reading, because it is all there. You and your team were decoys.

Rex: Really? Natalie said that, but I --

R.J.: The real team was miles and miles and miles ahead of you, but the van took a detour and they never got the goods.

Rex: Ok, well, then at least you know it wasn't our fault.

R.J.: Oh, that's wrong, that's so wrong. You and your handpicked team screwed things up and you are the ones who will put them right.

Rex: No, no. No, no. You said that we were the decoys --

R.J.: The van took a different route because they had been tipped off. Do you know how much that cost me? Do you have any idea how much front money it takes to get an operation like this set up or let alone how much I've had to shell out to pay off your debts at Ultraviolet?

Rex: R.J., Come on, that's not my fault.

R.J.: It is! It is. You see, that insurance money was finally going to balance out all my holdings, but now -- now you are going to pay me back.

Rex: R.J., Come on, you've got to be kidding.

R.J.: Do I look like I'm kidding?

Renee: Can I get you something while you're waiting?

Marcie: Maybe more bread sticks? I'm just kidding. I'm sorry. I'm a little nervous.

Michael: No, thank you. We're fine.

Renee: I just got a message from someone in your party. They wanted me to pass it on to you.

Marcie: Was it my dad?

Renee: No. Your brother Ron.

Michael: Did they say that they were going to be late?

Renee: No. They said they wouldn't be coming from New Jersey because your brother was very concerned about your father's blood pressure?

Michael: That's nonsense. Ron just bailed on us because he didn't want your dad getting upset about the whole Eric/James thing.

Renee: So, you will be just four?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Yeah, thanks.

Renee: All right.

Marcie: Why are they always avoiding the situation? You know, we have to talk about it, right? We have to get it out in the open sooner or later. I mean, Eric loves James, they're going to get married, and my dad is just going to have to face the facts and get used to it sooner or later.

Michael: Marcie, you can't force people to agree with you. You just -- you just canít. You know, you're also going to have to take into consideration that if you side with Eric on this gay marriage thing, well, you run the risk of alienating the rest of your family.

Kevin: Save your breath, ok?

David: Kevin, be reasonable. Kelly is devastated.

Kevin: Good. She should be. Why do you even care? What, are you having an affair with her behind Dorianís back, huh?

David: Oh, don't -- Kellyís family. She's fragile, and I want to help her.

Kevin: Ok, here's something. Sell me your interest in "Craze."

Todd: How's Kelly?

Dorian: She's resting.

Todd: Oh, well, I got to get out. Blair's in New York on some kind of photo shoot for "Craze," and Jack goes crazy when she's not around, so --

Dorian: Todd, wait. Do something for me.

Todd: Like what?

Dorian: Get Ace away from Kevin and back to Kelly. Do whatever it takes.

Jen: Ok, just -- just tell me that I'm an idiot right now.

Mark: Why? Because you care about Riley?

Jen: Because I'm being ridiculous. Ok, Riley and I -- we share a room upstairs, all right, but we've never -- you know, and he's never said "I love you" or something. So --

Mark: So you're not a couple?

Jen: So why do I care if he gets back with his ex-girlfriend?

Mark: Come on, Jen. Look, why try and bury your feelings?

Jen: Ok, yeah, it hurts a lot. I mean, waiting to see if he's going to go back to Flash -- I mean, I'm freaking out here.

Mark: Yeah. You know, I only had one date with Justin, and I'm freaking out because he hasn't called me back.

Jen: Stupid, isn't it?

Mark: Men.

Jen: Ugh.

[Jen and Mark laugh]

Marcie: Well, you were right.

Michael: What'd Ron say?

Marcie: Well, he said that my dad wants my decision upfront. He said that if I stand by Eric, then I'm out of the family -- no more coming home, no letters, no phone calls, no nothing.

Michael: Wait. He's cutting you out of the family?

Marcie: Yeah, pretty much.

Michael: Because of something that you can't control, that he can't control?

Marcie: No.

Michael: That's stupid. I mean, doesn't it matter to your dad that you love him?

Marcie: Obviously not, and Ron feels the same way, apparently. He said that if Eric goes along with this marriage and I stand by him, then we're both out of his life.

Michael: Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry.

Marcie: He says he believes what he believes and he has to stand by his convictions.

Michael: And you have to believe it, too? That sucks.

Marcie: I don't want to lose my dad. I don't want to lose my family. I don't want to lose any of them.

Rex: No, no, no, no, wait. Man, look, you can't do this. How am I supposed to pull off something like that?

R.J.: That's your problem.

Rex: It's impossible, R.J.

R.J.: Is that right? Well, let's see how you feel the next time I broach the subject. Take care of the bill.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, that's right. Just sell everything. Yeah, you put the cash into bonds. All right. So, what's your answer?

David: You want me to sell you my 15% of "Craze"?

Kevin: Yep. For a dollar.

David: For a dollar?

Kevin: Well, you said you'd do anything for Kelly. Here's your chance. You sell me your interest in "Craze," and I will let Kelly see Ace once a month.

[David scoffs]

Kevin: All right, once a week, for an hour -- supervised, of course.

David: You got to be --

Kevin: Well, what's wrong? Cat got your tongue? You have to decide what's more important -- being a big-shot magazine owner or seeing Kelly happy for one hour a week.

Dorian: You and I both know Kelly never should have lost Ace.

Todd: Yeah, that's about the only thing we agree on.

Dorian: True. So if you care about Kelly, help me.

Todd: Oh, I'll see what I can do, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Dorian: Todd, I'm not talking about finding a lawyer or -- I'm talking about doing whatever it takes. And you're so very, very good at that. Pick your poison and stick it to Kevin, no holds barred, because I'm afraid if she doesn't get that baby back, Kellyís going to end up in a mental institution, just like her mother.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah. I'll look into it. Good luck.

Roxy: Where's Rex? What are you doing here? Is my kid still on ice?

Rex: I'm right here, mom.

Roxy: Oh, honey, let me give you a hug.

Rex: Oh, don't squeeze the merchandise, ok, please? Thank you. Yeah, all right. What do you want?

Roxy: What do I want? I just want to know if you need something.

Rex: Oh, thanks a lot. You're a real surprise sometimes.

Roxy: Yeah, well, you know, I surprise myself, also.

Rex: Look, I got to talk to Paul and Natalie, but maybe we can hook up later?

Roxy: Yeah, come to the Love Shack and we'll talk about the heist.

Rex: Well, it didn't happen. That's all I can tell you.

Roxy: Oh, good. Well, then, maybe you should file for a definition of character suit against the cops, because you're turning a very peculiar shade of green.

Rex: I'm ok. So long.

Roxy: Ok, honey. I blow like the wind. I'm out of here.

Paul: So? How'd it go with R.J.?

Natalie: What happened?

Rex: R.J.'S giving us two weeks to come up with $100,000 or else.

Natalie: What?

Marcie: Yeah, Eric, I'm -- I'm really sorry, but I just kind of came down with this bug thing last minute. Yeah. No, no. No. I think I'm going to be all right. I just don't think I could make it through lunch. Yeah, I already got in touch with dad and Ron, but -- I tried to reach you. I guess you were still in your meeting or something. Yes, you're just going to head back up to Boston, I guess? I'm so sorry I ruined your entire day. No, no, I'll make it up to Boston soon, I promise. Yeah. I love you, too. Give James a big hug for me, ok? All right, bye. I can't believe I just lied to him like that.

Michael: Listen, all things considered, I really think you did the right thing. It's not the time to stir the pot.

Marcie: I know. I just couldn't bear to tell him about dad and Ronís ultimatum.

Michael: Yeah. Well, you could let them be happy for as long as possible, right?

Marcie: But I tried to put this lunch together so that everybody could become closer, and I just wind up driving everybody further apart.

Michael: Come here. It's ok. It's going to be ok.

Renee: But if Todd Manningís lawyers are stressing the land issue, what do we have? The ownership of the mansion itself?

Kevin: We have the Buchanan name and everything that goes with it. There's not a judge in his right mind that would rule against us in this state, Renee.

Renee: Kevin, I don't think that that is a --

Kevin: No, you tell me you know --

Kelly: Uh -- hi. Sorry, I -- could I talk to you for a second?

Renee: Kelly. Darling. Excuse me. I have something important I have to do. I'll be right back.

Kevin: What do you want?

Kelly: I want Ace back.

Kevin: Yeah, well, it's not going to happen.

Kelly: I don't want to have to do this, but if you force me, I will go to the authorities and I will tell them that he doesn't belong to either one of us.

Dorian: Did you find Kevin?

David: Yeah.

Dorian: And?

David: He said he would be willing to let Kelly see Ace for one hour a week -- provided I sell him my entire interest in "Craze" for a dollar.

Dorian: And what did you tell him?

Kevin: You won't go to the authorities, because if you do, Ace will be out of your life for good.

Kelly: He's already out of my life because you took him from me.

Kevin: That's true. But you never know. You know, someday I might do the right thing, let you see him. You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Kelly: You know I would.

Kevin: Well, you should hold on to that hope, because it's all you have.

Kevin: I'm busy.

Kelly: You're awful. You're awful.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

Paul: Where are we going to come up with $100,000?

Rex: You're the one who screwed the job up for us.

Dorian: We are not going to play Kevinís game.

David: Even if it would mean keeping Kelly out of a mental institution?

Carlotta: Antonio, please go home.

Antonio: What have you done to my mother?

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