OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/2/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/2/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Jen: Pretend like you're cramming for a test.

Marcie: Has anyone checked the schedule?

Mark: Nope.

Jen: No.

Marcie: I mean, are we even supposed to show up tomorrow?

Mark: Why wouldn't we?

Marcie: Because today was the deadline to finish the community center.

Jen: All that work and then we didn't make it.

Hudson: So this means what -- no credits? We're kicked out?

Marcie: I'm going to go check the schedule.

Mark: You know what? I can't even think about this.

Marcie: Oh.

Mark: I just hope Justin calls.

Jen: Is that the guy you had coffee with this morning?

Mark: Yeah, yeah. He said he wanted to go out tonight.

Jen: Great.

Mark: Yeah. I'm nervous as hell.

Jen: It's really scary starting something. Riley and I are calling everything off until the project's over.

Hudson: God, how can you guys babble on about your love lives when our futures are ruined?

Marcie: There wasn't even a schedule posted for tomorrow.

Mark: Well, I guess that's it, then.

Marcie: It looks like the Love Project is over.

Man: Thank you for getting me out of that dump of a jail.

Tico: Shut up.

Man: What?

Tico: How could you let Angelina get in the way of that bullet?

John: You know what this is? This is the forensics from the gun taken off the prisoner. Have a look at it. It confirms he shot Angelina Paredes.

Officer: Yeah.

John: Yeah? So tell me again how he got away.

Officer: I was taking him up the back for interrogation. Next thing I know, I wake on the floor with a goose egg. It had to be an inside job, lieutenant.

John: Take this with you. Get out of here. Get out!

[Phone rings]

John: Come on, Antonio, pick up.

Sonia: God -- oh! Antonio, what are you doing?

Antonio: This is going to ballistics. You're under arrest, Sonia Toledo, for the murder of Octavio Vigil.

Sonia: A Padilla hit man? This is a bad idea, Antonio.

Antonio: Yeah, bad for you, because I'm on to you now.

Sonia: On to what?

Antonio: Either you're really, really close to El Tiburon or you are El Tiburon. Which is it?

Sonia: Antonio, please. What you're doing right now could get you killed.

Antonio: Yeah? Everything I've done in the last two months could get me killed.

Sonia: You don't understand what's going on, so just walk away, ok?

Antonio: Let's go make a formal statement down at the station. Move.

Man: Drop the gun, detective. Put up your hands.

Sonia: Antonio, put the gun down.

Judge: In the matter of custody of the minor child Asa Buchanan II, I have reached a decision. This is not a simple case. But in essence, it boils down to one simple question -- shall the child live with Kevin Buchanan or shall the child live with Kelly Buchanan? I have weighed all the testimony carefully, and it is clear that both parents love this child known as Ace. That is not the issue. The issue is which parent can provide the most loving and stable environment for this young child. It is my conclusion that Ace's needs will be best served if he is in the sole custody of his father, Kevin Buchanan.

[Gallery murmurs]

Dorian: No!

David: What?

Evangeline: Your honor --

Judge: This ruling is effective immediately.

Kelly: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Dorian: It's a disgrace.

[Captioning made possible by ABC, Inc.]

Angelina: Tico.

Tico: I'm so sorry.

Angelina: Antonio. What happened?

Tico: You were shot. How do you feel?

Angelina: Fine. But Antonio -- is he all right?

Tico: He's fine. You're the one here. He doesn't have a scratch on him.

Angelina: Now I can rest.

Tico: Angelina? Descansa.

Tico's voice: This was the second time Renfield failed me, and this time it was absolutely unacceptable.

Sonia: Antonio, put the gun down.

Man: Nobody wins this.

Antonio: Maybe, maybe not.

Sonia: Good job, you guys.

Man: We're still going ahead as planned?

Sonia: Yes, yes, but not in my brother's house.

Dorian: Full custody for Kevin and no visitation for Kelly? This is outrageous! I mean, this is -- this is a shameful day!

Evangeline: I'm going to appeal. I'm so sorry it went this way. I have no idea what happened.

Dorian: Would you please give us a few moments alone, please?

Evangeline: Yes, of course.

Dorian: Shh.

Jessica: Are you surprised by this?

Duke: I really thought it was going Kellyís way.

Jessica: I thought this ruling would get through to Kevin. I don't know how to reach him anymore. Do you?

Evangeline: I really didn't see this one coming.

David: Yeah, it's too bad the first case you had to lose happened to be Kellyís.

Evangeline: I won every point. The judge made that clear.

David: I don't even want to think about what happens to Kelly when she loses Ace.

Marcie: I can't even believe this. My dad's already angry at me for backing Ericís marriage to James, and now if I flunk out for missing a deadline, he's going to kill me.

Hudson: I was going to go to business school, you know, start up my own company, and now I'll be flipping burgers. Flipping burgers -- I don't even know how to flip burgers. And for what?

Jen: For mono.

Mark: Catching mono.

Hudson: Well, it's not right.

Riley: Hey, guys. Been looking all over for you.

Jen: What's up?

Riley: Well, I found friends of mine to donate the instruments for the music room.

Hudson: Too little, too late.

Riley: Why? What happened?

Jen: We blew it. The project's over.

Kevin: Nice work, Bill.

Bill: Thanks. To tell the truth, I'm surprised.

Kevin: Yeah. So don't overbill me, all right? Oh.

Jessica: I am so glad mom's out of town and can't see this.

Kevin: Hasn't it occurred to you that I'm right? Huh? I'm the right one for Ace, not Kelly. She is unfit to be a mother.

Duke: Ok, dad. Now you got the upper hand. Call a truce.

Kevin: What are you talking about?

Duke: Let her visit sometimes. Make it shared custody.

Kevin: I don't think that's a good idea.

Duke: Why not?

Kevin: Because Kelly will never get over losing Ace unless she makes a clean break.

Duke: "A clean break"? It's her son.

Kevin: I don't think it would be healthy for Ace.

Evangeline: Kevin, would you at least let Kelly say goodbye to her son?

Duke: Come on, dad. At least give her that.

Dorian: It's just a temporary setback, sweetheart. You'll -- you'll get Ace again. You will.

Kelly: Kevin's taking him now?

Dorian: Oh, honey, please. Pull yourself together. Be strong. Don't give the bastard the satisfaction.

Evangeline: Kelly? Kelly, I know it's a small concession, but Kevin has agreed to let you say goodbye to Ace.

Tico: Did you remove the problem? And it's all cleaned up? I don't want any mistakes. You know what happens to people who make mistakes.

Sonia: I'm sorry we had to do that to you, Antonio. I tried to warn you, but you just wouldn't listen.

Antonio: So where are they? The goons who surprised me -- where are they?

Sonia: I sent them away.

Antonio: Don't give me that, lady. No more games, I need answers, or I swear to God I'll pull this trigger right now.

Sonia: Antonio, you don't want to do that.

Antonio: Give me one good reason not to.

Sonia: Because if you do you'll be wanted for the murder of a federal agent.

Dorian: She needs Kevinís permission even to say goodbye.

Kelly: Hey. I'm going to miss you. I am. I don't know what happened, sweetheart. I really thought we were going to win. I thought we were going to be together forever. I tried so hard, I tried so hard, but I -- I don't know what happened. I hope you can forgive me. And don't forget about your mama, ok? Because I'm going to be thinking about you every second of every day until we're together again. I'm going to remember exactly what you look like right now. I'm going to remember this little face and that little nose and mouth and those beautiful eyes. Oh. We will be together again, ok? Because I am never, ever, ever going to stop fighting for you. I promise. And it won't be bad. I don't want you to think it's going to be bad. Your daddy's going to take real good care of you. Hey. He will, and -- oh, God, just don't stop loving me, Ace, please. Please don't, because if you do, I -- I won't be able to get up in the morning. I -- if he doesn't allow you to be part of my life, I -- I won't live anymore and -- Oh. I love you so much.

Bill: Ahem.

Evangeline: Kelly? Kelly, it's time.

[Ace coughs]

Kelly: It's ok, sweetheart.

Tico: This is all Antonioís fault. He keeps getting in the way. Next time he's not going to be that lucky.

Antonio: Hand it over. "Sonia Toledo, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs."

Sonia: I'm a federal agent, Antonio. I've been under deep cover trying to bring down the Santi organization for the past seven years.

Antonio: You expect me to buy that? After the story you gave me -- your father worked for El Toro? You're Ticoís foster sister?

Sonia: Why do you think the I.N.L. recruited me?

Antonio: You have an I.D. right. You can have a dozen different I.D's.

Sonia: We tried to keep you in the dark as long as we could. It was a lot safer for you that way, but you're a very persistent man.

Antonio: I'm a cop.

Sonia: And you're a good one. But you're local, and this is a huge --

Antonio: That's close enough.

Sonia: This is a huge investigation. I've got agents from over half a dozen countries working on this. My angle is finding El Tiburon.

Antonio: Yeah? Then why are people shooting at me?

Sonia: I don't know. I've done my best to keep you safe, including pulling you and your mother out of that shed in Puerto Rico.

Antonio: Those were I.N.L. agents?

Sonia: Yeah. We've been watching your back. But you're making it very difficult if you keep interfering.

Antonio: I'll risk it.

Sonia: Well, I wonít. You keep this up and I will make you disappear -- legally.

Antonio: What's that supposed to mean?

Sonia: You know what the I.N.L. can do to protect an investigation. You back off, or I will bury you in a hole so deep you won't see Jessica for years.

John: Get those booking photos to all the squad cars. I want this guy found tonight. You understand me? Hey. Antonio's not here.

Jessica: Yeah, I can see that.

John: You ok?

Jessica: Well, I just watched my brother take their baby away from Kelly.

John: I'm sorry to hear that. I'm surprised, too.

Jessica: Evangeline did a great job. Everybody thought that she won.

John: Judges can be unpredictable. You want me to leave a message for Antonio?

Jessica: Yeah. Where is he? I haven't seen or heard from him since before Angelina was shot. Who did it?

John: We're working on that.

Jessica: Well, you found the shooter. Thank God for that. Where is he, John? What is he looking for?

John: Justice -- a reckoning.

Jessica: Well, he can't do that alone and he thinks that he can.

John: I know. It's a dangerous way to live. I did it for years after Caitlin was killed.

Kelly: Please, please. No, I -- please. It's too soon.

Evangeline: I'm afraid so.

Kelly: Um -- he-- he likes a little juice in the morning, and his -- his favorite toy right now is that little blue elephant that your mom --

Kevin: We'll figure it out, and I'll take good care of him.

Kelly: Please -- Kevin, he -- he needs me. If you -- if you -- if you really want to take good care of him, you won't keep him away from his mother.

Kevin: Yeah, well, that's not what the judge decided.

Kelly: You're not doing this because you love him. You're doing this just to hurt me.

Kevin: Well, that's your opinion. Your opinion doesn't count anymore. Give me the baby, Kelly.

[Ace sneezes]

Kevin: There you go. Just so you know, you brought this on yourself. You lied to me about the kid. Do you see what it cost you? Hey, there.

Dorian: Kelly? Let's go. This isn't over.

[Ace fusses]

Kevin: Here we are. It's ok, it's ok.

Dorian: Come on. Come on. Come on, sweetheart.

Evangeline: Come on.

[Ace coughs]

Kevin: You all right? You're ok? You're with daddy now.

Mark: Riley, I don't know if I told you, but that music room is sweet.

Hudson: Yeah, and those acoustic tiles you put in -- man, that's great.

Riley: Thanks. Well, I wanted to get a couple more things done, though.

Jen: You did the best you could.

Riley: Well, I am still going to hate telling my dad that I flunked. I wish he'd kind of get mad like he used to and blow up instead of just being disappointed.

Mark: Ah, it's nothing compared to what I'm going to have to deal with.

Marcie: Mark, your parents know you're gay?

Mark: Well, I was hoping I could start off by saying, "Hey, guys, I got readmitted to L.U., and, by the way, I'm gay."

Jen: How do you think they're going to take it?

Mark: Well, I'll find out soon enough. If I'm not in school, I'm going to have to move back in with them.

Marcie: God, that sucks. Just when you're ready to have a love life.

Mark: Maybe -- if Justin ever calls.

Jen: What are you going to do, Marcie?

Marcie: Hmm, I don't know, really. I guess I'll have plenty of time to work two jobs now, right? I could rewrite my novel, plan my brother's wedding, and alienate myself from my dad even more.

Jen: He'll come around.

Marcie: You don't know how stubborn he is.

Riley: Well, they all hate being wrong, don't they?

Marcie: Yes.

Jen: Where are you going?

Riley: I'm going to break the news to my dad. I hate it hanging over my head like it is, so --

Jen: Do you want me to come with you?

Riley: Thought you wouldn't ask.

Nick: Oh, hey, good. You're all still here.

Hudson: Yeah, well, welcome to the wake.

Marcie: Yeah, the project's dead.

Nick: No, no. President Davidson just called the cottage. You guys weren't there, so she gave me, Julie, and Shannon the news.

Jen: What news?

Nick: Well, apparently, she had a little talk with our main backer, Mr. Love, and some of the board over at L.U. and apparently, she got them to give us an extension.

Riley: Are you serious?

Marcie: Till when?

Nick: Till December, I think. Yeah. They're going to let us see the Love Project through until it's finished.

Kevin: Don't you get it yet? Huh? Trying to help Kelly out wasn't the right thing. She's unstable. I, on the other hand, can give Ace everything and anything he wants in the world. And I don't want what happened to you and me to happen to him. Ace is my chance to get it right, Duke. You understand?

Evangeline: On the night of July 15, you didn't spend the night at home. Where were you, Mr. Buchanan?

Kevin: In jail.

Evangeline: On what charge?

Kevin: D.U.I.

Evangeline: Let the record note that Mr. Buchanan's blood-alcohol level measured .14 on a breathalyzer test that night.

Judge: So noted.

Evangeline: You showed up at your wife's residence and announced that you had succeeded in getting the court date moved up. Is that correct?

Kevin: I thought she should know right away.

Evangeline: But as a C.E.O. of a major corporation, you knew that it was her attorney's job to inform her that the court date had changed. Am I right?

Kevin: I suppose.

Evangeline: So what was the real purpose of your visit, Mr. Buchanan? Was it to intimidate your wife or was it to gloat?

Bill: Objection.

Judge: Overruled. I'd like to hear the answer.

Judge: Mr. Emerson, I despise courtroom theatrics. I suggest you save them for your next jury trial. You are scoring zero points with me.

Evangeline: There is no way that I lost that case. Something happened.

Jessica: Tell me the truth, John. Was that bullet that put Angelina in the hospital really meant for Antonio?

John: That'd be my guess.

Jessica: Why?

John: Could be he's more dangerous than she is.

Jessica: To the Santis? But I thought their organization fell apart. Everywhere that I've dug, that's the rumor that I got.

John: They may have fell apart, jess, but they're still fighting.

Jessica: Well, they already used him to get their money out of the bank. Why can't they just leave him alone?

John: Maybe they're afraid he won't leave them alone.

Antonio: Ok. You're an I.N.L. agent.

Sonia: It explains everything, Antonio -- why I had to kill Padilla, why I had to take out Octavio Vigil, why I've been hanging around the family until El Tiburon is caught.

Antonio: Fine. Then answer this -- why was my handprint the key to getting my uncle's $100 million?

Sonia: I don't know. Maybe because you're the least likely suspect. You've been to Puerto Rico enough times that they could have gotten your handprint easily, so --

Antonio: How close are you to El Tiburon? Who are the suspects?

Sonia: I can't tell you that.

Antonio: Well, if you're still here and not in San Juan, that means there's only one person that you could be closing in on.

Sonia: Really? Who?

Jen: So are we happy about this, or are we bummed because we have to do construction while taking classes?

Riley: Well, let me see -- spend another four months sharing a room with you and not sleep with you? I don't know.

Jen: Well, here's what I'm thinking. Looks like you're thinking what I'm thinking.

Riley: Yeah, but, you know, let me clarify.

Nick: Oh! Get a room, you two! Oh, wait, that's right, I'm sorry. You two do have a room, don't you?

Jen: What do you want, Nick?

Nick: Well, we're all going back to the Love Shack, but I'm under orders from Roxy to give you this. She thought it looked important. Ooh, it's from England.

Riley: It's from Flash.

Antonio: Well, I'm not El Tiburon. It's not my mother, it's not Angelina, and it's sure not Adriana. And now it seems like it's not you.

Sonia: If you're thinking Tico, forget it. He's never wanted anything to do with his father's business.

Antonio: Tough to rule him out.

Sonia: Everything he does rules him out. He's only ever wanted to be with the good side of the family.

Antonio: Yeah, well, if I was El Tiburon, that's where I'd hide out, too.

Sonia: No. It's not possible. But now that you know who I am and what I'm doing, I need you to keep your mouth shut. You can't tell anyone about this.

Antonio: I have to tell McBain. Otherwise, he's wanting time, manpower --

Sonia: No, no. No. You could get me killed. I need you to promise me that you will keep your mouth shut.

Antonio: Or what? You'll make me disappear?

Sonia: I like you, Antonio, but I will do whatever I have to do to protect this investigation.

Antonio: I believe you.

Sonia: I'd rather work with you the way we did in Puerto Rico. You're a good man, Antonio, and you're a good cop. I don't meet many of those in this line of work. I need your help.

Dorian: Why don't you sit down in here and -- and just try to -

Kelly: No, no. I want to be alone.

Dorian: Honey, it's not good for you to be alone -- not now.

Kelly: Dorian, please. I just want to be by myself.

Dorian: Ok, but David and I will be right here. Right, David?

David: That's right. Jessica. What are those for?

Jessica: Kelly. I didn't know what to bring. I'm not used to having to apologize for my brother.

Dorian: No, that's usually your mother's job. Where is she, by the way?

Jessica: She's out of town. She's on a speaking tour about her heart surgery.

Dorian: Hmm. I was wondering where she was through all of this. Well, how very worthwhile.

Jessica: She couldn't have changed his mind anyway, Dorian. Kevin's so far out of reach we don't know who he is anymore.

Dorian: Oh, I could think of a few choice words to describe him.

Jessica: I just hope that when the bitterness fades that Kevin will come to realize that Ace needs his mother.

Dorian: Do you have any idea when precisely that might be?

David: Easy, easy.

Jessica: In the meantime, I know that Kevin will let me see Ace, so I can come and report back to Kelly. I'll bring pictures, if you think that that'll help.

Dorian: Yes. I do think having some connection with the baby will help her a great deal.

Jessica: I'll never forget what you did for my mother. Your family doesn't deserve this.

Dorian: Thank you.

Tico: Congratulations, Kevin.

Kevin: Thanks.

Tico: You have your son, as you should

Kevin: Yeah, it's almost a miracle.

Tico: Yeah, almost.

Kevin: I saw you here earlier.

Tico: Yeah, I was concerned that the judge might rule against you.

Kevin: Yeah, I was a little worried there myself. Thank God she changed her mind.

Tico: Well, thank God, if you like. But I've learned that we have more control over our fate than we believe. You know, perhaps some warned the judge that accidents happen in the happiest of families, even to grandchildren.

Kevin: Well, what are you saying?

Tico: I'm not saying anything except that there are many ways friends can be useful if you decide to get back into politics. Think about it. A miracle could happen every day.

[Ace fusses]

Kevin: Hey, there, buddy.

John: Hey. I heard about the ruling in the custody case. I tried to call, but for the first time in history, your phone was turned off.

Evangeline: Sorry.

John: What are you doing up here? Why didn't you call me?

Evangeline: Because that's not what tough girls do. Besides, I like to be alone while I torture myself.

John: You want me to go?

Evangeline: No.

John: You want to tell me what happened?

Evangeline: I had a judge that is known for ruling in favor of the mother. All the testimony was going my way. She was with me. I can tell.

John: You sure you're being objective right now?

Evangeline: That's what I keep asking myself, but I've been through enough hearings to know when I'm winning, and that judge was ruling with me on every single point. Then she gets back from the recess and --

John: Something had happened. What?

Evangeline: Look, this is -- this is just between us, ok?

John: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: I don't mind taking responsibility if I lose fair and square, but that is not what happened, John.

John: So what happened?

Evangeline: I think somebody got to the judge.

Antonio: I'm checking on Angelina. I'm at the hospital and I'll be home soon. I hope you can be there. I love you. Why did you do it? Why did you take a bullet for me?

Tico: Get away from her.

Riley: I haven't heard from her since she wrote me that "Dear jerk" letter and broke up with me.

Jen: You know, I'll just go because you probably want some privacy to read this.

Riley: No, hey, hey. What could she say that you can't hear?

Riley: Dear Riley, you may not want to hear from me, but you deserve to know you were right. The crush I had here in London was all about the accent, not the man. Every day, he keeps proving that he isn't you. I found I want the real Riley and I want to come home to him. Does the real Riley still want me?"

Tico: You have no business being here.

Antonio: She saved my life.

Tico: I don't care.

Jessica: Hey, what's the problem?

Antonio: I don't know. Ask him.

Tico: I'm just very protective of Angelina.

Antonio: Protecting her from Jessica and me?

Jessica: I came by to see her.

Tico: Of course.

Jessica: Well, I don't know what that was about, but I am very happy to see you.

Antonio: I left a message on your voicemail.

Jessica: I know. Sometimes, it's just really hard when you're gone.

Antonio: You know, I wish I could tell you it's going to get easier, but I canít. Just don't give up on me, ok?

Jessica: Never. Well, at least for tonight. I'm not going to let you out of my sight. Hey, did you -- did you ever find out where you've seen this before?

Antonio: I can't be sure.

Jessica: I've seen this picture before. It was in a mirror that belonged to Ticoís mother, Isabella.

Evangeline: I bet you think I'm some sort of sore loser, that I can't take a punch.

John: Ah. I'm not going to question your instincts.

Evangeline: Looks like I won every round, but lost the decision. It just doesn't add up.

John: Maybe your judge is bought and paid for.

Evangeline: I can't believe this would happen to me.

John: Why not?

Evangeline: "Why not," indeed. Am I naive or what?

John: You go into law enforcement thinking the rules work on some level. Otherwise, why do it?

Evangeline: And I always thought if I found a good defense and I presented it well that justice would win in the end, but this was a total ambush.

John: Sounds that way.

Evangeline: And I don't even know what I'm up against, but Judge Hernandez just is not bribable, so somebody made the wrong girl mad and I'm going to find out how this happened.

John: You -- maybe you want some help?

Evangeline: The best I can find. Now you kiss me, mister.

John: Now I kiss you?

Evangeline: Yes.

Kevin: Bring the car around. I'm taking my son home. You're back.

Duke: No matter what I think about how you got him, I am looking forward to knowing him.

Kevin: Well, he'll be lucky to have a brother like you.

Duke: Well, as long as I'm around. And maybe, once I get my feet under me, I can start learning the ropes at Buchanan Enterprises; work it into my business classes.

Kevin: Well, I think we could probably work that out for a Buchanan.

David: You all right?

Dorian: I'm fine. Didn't Kelly say that Ace's favorite toy was a blue elephant? I couldn't find it anywhere.

David: Hey, listen --

Dorian: A gray one and --

David: Listen to me. Don't worry about that. What are we going to do about Kelly?

Dorian: I don't know, David. She wanted to have a baby so badly, and then she had Ace. What if the baby's the only thing between her and what happened to my sisters?

[Kelly hums]

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Rex: Yes or no -- did you tip them off about the heist?

Kevin: No, we will not be sharing custody.

David: What if I could offer you something in return?

Dorian: Get Ace away from Kevin and back to Kelly. Do whatever it takes.

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