OLTL Transcript Thursday 8/26/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/26/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Dorian I know Ticoís giving this ball in Vikiís honor -- after all, it was my idea but do you suppose I could get away with crossing Kevinís name off the guest list?

David: Oh -- he has invited everybody in a 500-mile radius who owns a tuxedo.

Dorian: Mm-hmm. It's going to cost him a fortune.

David: He must have found Manuel Santiís money. You don't come up with this kind of cash managing your family's funds.

[Kelly screams]

Dorian: Kelly? Kelly, what is it?

Kelly: The baby's gone! The baby's gone! Kevin must have taken the baby!

Todd: Hey.

Blair: What are you doing?

Todd: I had a little family research done a while back. Looks like it's going to come in very handy now.

Blair: Research about what?

Todd: Everything you ever wanted to know about Duke Buchanan.

Duke: Jessica?

Jessica: Hi, Duke! Oh, my goodness!

Duke: Hi.

Jessica: Hi. When did you get into town?

Duke: Well, earlier today but, hey, I didn't want to interrupt. I just wanted to say hi.

Jessica: No, please, sit. This is my sister Natalie.

Duke: Oh, yeah, I heard.

Jessica: Natalie, this is -- it's Duke. It's Kevinís son.

Duke: Hey, hey, we finally meet.

Natalie: Hi, Duke. Nice to meet you.

Duke: Same here. So -- so, you're Natalie?

Natalie: Hmm. Wild story, huh?

Jessica: How long are you in town for?

Duke: I'm here. I'm going to Wharton.

Jessica: Really? I didn't know that. That's great.

Evangeline: I'm so sorry I took so long.

John: Yeah, well, if we rush right now, we can still make the movie. Or not make the movie.

Evangeline: I have a neurotic client on my hands.

John: Hmm. Just as long as this neurotic client isn't named Gannon. When are you going to give all this investigation stuff up?

Evangeline: I know, I know, I know, but I'm telling you, John, every time I see R.J., he's with Sonia Toledo. There has got to be something going on between them.

John: Ok, but if they find out you're trying to set them up --

Evangeline: Oh, no. R.J. wouldnít hurt me.

John: Maybe. I'm more worried about what Sonia might to do to you.

Antonio: Come on, I need help here!

Tico: Look, Antonio, I wish I had answers for you, but I'm as puzzled as you are.

Sonia: Oh, so they used you because they needed your handprint to get to the money that was --

Antonio: The $100 million in bearer bonds. Look, so why me? Why not you?

Tico: Well, I don't know. Maybe my father wanted to give the money to Tia Carlotta, but knew that she wouldn't take dirty money.

Antonio: So she would take it from me?

Tico: Yeah, that won't explain it, either. Did you see the guys who grabbed the briefcase? Did you hear any names?

Antonio: I was too busy trying to stay alive.

Sonia: It would really help if we knew who was behind this.

Antonio: I think you do.

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David: Kelly, Ace is not gone.

Kelly: He's not in his room.

Dorian: No, he's fine, sweetheart.

Kelly: Kevin must have come in when nobody was looking. He must have him. We've got to call the police.

Dorian: No, no, no, no, no. He's out with the au pair girl.

Kelly: No one asked me.

Dorian: You were upstairs resting, and it was such a lovely night --

Kelly: He can't be out unprotected. What if he gets kidnapped again! Oh, my God! How could you let this happen?

Dorian: Please calm down

Kelly: Oh, hey, sweetheart! Hi! Hi, honey! I know. Don't worry. Your mama is never going to let --

Dorian: You see, he's just fine. Madame -- never mind. Merci par de problems.

David: Yeah, and thank you.

Dorian: Honestly, I mean, the way she's acting, if she behaves like that at the hearing, she's going to lose custody of the baby.

David: I know. Why don't you just let me talk to her?

Dorian: All right. David, please convince her to get some help.

David: All right.

Kelly: Oh, don't you worry, sweet boy. No one is going to take you away from your mother.

David: Yes, they will, Kelly.

Kelly: How can you say that? I thought you were on my side.

David: I am on your side. That's why I'm telling you the truth.

Kelly: I'm not crazy.

David: I'm not saying that you are, but you're a little whacked out right now.

Kelly: Well, of course I'm a little upset. My God, they're trying to take my child away from me.

David: You have every reason to be upset, very upset, but to someone who doesn't know you, a judge, for instance, they may confuse the way you're acting with something else.

Kelly: What? Go ahead and say it. They're going to think I'm crazy? They're going to think I'm like my mother?

David: That is not what I'm saying but, Kelly, you can't leave Kevinís lawyers any opening. They're going to jump all over you, ok? They're going to insist that you're too fragile. They're going to say that you're not fit to take care of a baby. They're going to get you to lash out, and if you do lash out, you're going to be proving their point. Their job, Kelly, is to prove to that judge that you're too unstable to take care of your own child.

Kelly: I'm not!

David: I'm not saying that you are, ok? Look, I'm just trying to prepare you for what I think they're going to do to you. And you've got to walk into that courtroom and be the perfect image of the perfect mother.

Dorian: Kelly, he's right.

Kelly: How do I do that?

Dorian: We've got to get a professional, someone who's on our side, who will testify that you are the only person who should raise Ace.

Kelly: You mean, like, a psychiatrist? You really think we can get someone to say that?

David: Your psychiatrist would say that.

Dorian: Please, Kelly, let us call someone.

Kelly: All right, fine, fine, if you think that it will help me keep Ace.

Jessica: Duke, you know about Kevin?  Honestly, I don't know what's gotten into him, and I can't believe that he's trying to take that baby away from her.

Duke: You know, I don't know whose side I'm on yet. I mean, it's not like I agree with something just because my dad tells me it's true.

Natalie: Yeah, but Kevinís got his rights, too.

Duke: No argument.

Natalie: Everyone's got rights.

Jessica: Can you guys excuse me for a moment? Hey, John.

John: Hey.

Jessica: Evangeline.

Evangeline: Hey, Jessica. Excuse me. I'm going to get back to work, but I'll call you.

John: Ok.

Evangeline: And maybe we can catch the midnight show.

John: All right.

Evangeline: Ok.

Jessica: Hey.

John: Hey.

Jessica: So, Antonioís back.

John: He called me from the airport.

Jessica: Quite a trip. What do you make out of it?

John: You know I can't tell you anything, Jessica. You should be talking to Antonio.

Jessica: John, please. Antonio is just -- he's obsessed with trying to find out anything that he possibly can about the Santis, and if you don't stop him, I'm afraid that he's going to be killed.

Tico: You think I know who? I know nothing about my father's organization.

Antonio: I'm not talking about your father's organization.

Tico: Why my father left the money to you, Antonio, it's beyond me. It really is.

Antonio: You're awfully quiet.

Sonia: I wish I could help.

Tico: I suppose I should feel funny I wasn't my father's heir. But even if he would have left the money to me, the government would have taken it, so what would be the point in my trying to get it? And I certainly didn't kidnap your mother.

Antonio: I never said you did! Don't you get it? It had to be El Tiburon.

Sonia: The man who tried to kill you was El Tiburon?

Antonio: No, no. These were errand boys, hired guns.

Tico: That worked for him.

Antonio: The problem is this whole thing is a swamp of lies and secrets. There are too many people that aren't willing to give up the whole story, and my mom and Angelina included.

Tico: And us?

Antonio: Damned right.

Sonia: Antonio, I wish I knew what to say.

Antonio: How about the truth? My job here is to protect my family. We're all in danger. Damn it, if you have something that's going to help me track down this killer, then you got to tell me!

Dorian: All right, David, I put in a call to the hospital. I got the top psychiatrist there on her way over here right now. Her name is Dr. Marie Quintana.

David: Ok, well, that's good. We cannot let Kelly walk into that courtroom tomorrow without knowing what we're dealing with.

Dorian: Right. I hope we're doing the right thing.

David: Yeah, me, too. You know, this news might not be good.

Dorian: David, so help me, if Kevin has pushed her over the edge --

David: Hey, shh, shh. Relax, ok? Kelly is going to be just fine.

Dorian: You know something?

David: Hmm?

Dorian: You have become such a tower, such a rock.

David: A rock? I like that.

Dorian: What did I do to deserve you?

David: I'm only after you for your money.

Dorian: I know that.

David: Now, frankly, I thought you had a whole lot more of it.

Dorian: So, I'll be doing better once I get a hold of the Santi millions.

David: No, hold on a second. I want you to stay away from those guys. I don't ever want to see another bruise on your beautiful body. Unless it's a hickey, from me, which is tacky, but it's a temporary tattoo of love.

Tico: I don't know of any deep, dark family secrets. I barely knew I was a Santi before my father died. I met him once. And frankly, I can't begin to imagine what Tia Carlotta might be hiding.

Antonio: What about Angelina?

Sonia: She's a glorified governess.

Antonio: Yeah, well, every time I find her with my mother, she stops talking the second they see me. Maybe it's time I talked to Angelina again.

Sonia: She's sleeping.

Antonio: Then wake her up.

Tico: She's not in good health, and frankly, I don't want you anywhere near her when you're acting this way.

Antonio: Angelina!

Sonia: Antonio, you'll scare --

Antonio: I don't appreciate being used as target practice!

Sonia: Well, we're not the enemy here! Go home to Jessica. When Angelina wakes up in the morning, I'll ask her if there's anything interesting or useful that she could know, and I'll call you.

Antonio: I'll be back first thing to ask her myself. In the meantime, if anyone tries to contact either one of you, you better let me know, because we're all in danger until these people are behind bars. I'll show myself out.

Sonia: Get some sleep, Antonio.

[Door slams]

Sonia: You'll feel better in the morning.

Tico: We can't stop him. And mark my words, he's going to pursue this until the bitter end.

John: I can't keep him from investigating the Santis, Jess, not as long as they're a threat to people he cares about. Thanks.

Jessica: Well, can't you just give the Santi case to somebody else and put Antonio on another case?

John: The thing is we're not investigating the Santis. That's federal. Antonio's doing this because it's personal.

Jessica: Yes, and it's dangerous, John.

John: Antonio's a cop. He puts it on the line every day. You knew that when you hooked up with him, Jess.

Jessica: I know that. But you don't understand. Antonio's obsessed, he's angry, he's restless, and he can't possibly be objective. He shouldn't be doing this.

John: It's not your call.

Jessica: You of all people should know how dangerous it is when somebody gets obsessed with a case.

John: Nice talking to you.

Kelly: Oh -- oh, shoot.

David: Oh --

Kelly: Oh, no, I've got them, I've got them. Don't worry.

David: Kelly, you don't need these. Give them to me. Would you trust me? You don't need them.

Natalie: How much of this family war do you know?  What's going on?

Duke: Obviously, Todd Manning doesn't have too many good things to say about my dad.

Natalie: Yeah, things are a little intense between the two of them.

Duke: And his wife, Blair -- she's a pretty interesting woman.

Natalie: That's one word for her.

Duke: I mean, she took Asa away from Renee, and now I heard that she had an affair with my dad. I mean, what is it with Blair Cramer and the Buchanan men?

Blair: Duke Cramer is a child, and there's no way I'm going to seduce him to turn him against his father. Just forget it. I'm not going to do it.

Todd: The kid is ga-ga over you.

Blair: I just met the boy!

Todd: And his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Blair, think about how much it's going to help to have him on our side.

Blair: Help? How, exactly, huh? Just so you can destroy Kevin at all costs? I'm not playing. Thank you very much.

Todd: I'm just trying to keep Kevin from hurting our family. You know that.

Evangeline: All right, I'm here. Now, what is so important we couldn't do this over the phone?

Todd: Nice to see you, too, counselor.

Blair: You didn't have to come all the way over here, Evangeline.

Todd: Yes, she did.

Blair: Why?

Todd: I want to make sure this is our land.

Evangeline: I already told you that it is, but if Asa files suit, a judge could rule that the premises has to be vacated until the matter of ownership of the house is settled. That's worst-case scenario.

Todd: But Kevin and Asa can't live here either, right?

Evangeline: Not while it's in dispute, which could be a very, very long time.

Blair: How long?

Evangeline: I'm still researching, but your best bet is just to make Asa an offer on the house. Maybe he'll be reasonable.

Todd: Sure, Asa reasonable.

Blair: Right.

Evangeline: Ok, you think about it. And if that's all and it could have just been a phone call, I would like to salvage the rest of my evening. Excuse me.

Todd: Thanks for nothing. Your check's in the mail.

Evangeline: Don't push me, Todd.

Blair: Todd, I do not want Jack and Starr to get settled in this house and then have to be kicked out.

Todd: They're already settled. They love it here. It feels like home to them.

Blair: Well, how are we going to hold on to it, then?

Todd: You got to seduce Duke. Yeah, I want to talk to Asa Buchanan, please. Yeah, I know he's laid up, but tell him Todd Manningís calling. That ought to rouse him a little bit. Yeah, hi, asa-- same to you. Listen, I'd like to make you a generous offer for the house that's on our land.

[Asa screams]

Todd: Just remember I was a gentleman about it, at least. I don't think so. He says that Kevin is on his way up here to do to us what he would do to us if he wasn't in the hospital, so I think buying the house is out.

Blair: Oh, Duke!

Todd: Howdy there, partner.

Duke: I just came by to tell you not to get too comfortable here. My dad's on his way back.

Todd: So we heard.

Duke: I suggest you start packing.

Blair: Duke, wait!

David: Kelly, you take way too many of these way too often.

Kelly: I do not. I just take them when I need to sleep, and with the trial tomorrow, I --

David: No, listen to me. You are strong enough to make it through this, but you got to keep your wits about you.

Kelly: Well, it's not going to help if I'm not calm.

David: You're a good mother. Dorian knows that, I know that, but this judge has never met you before. You're going to need all your strength to stand up against Kevin tomorrow.

Kelly: I know. I just -- I just like knowing that I have them.

David: Ok, well, I'll keep them, and you'll know that I have them, all right? Look, I want to tell you something. Throughout this entire process, you've been a really great mother to Ace, considering. No judge in her right mind is going to rule against you. You just hang in there, ok?

Kelly: Thank you. I'll never forget everything you've done for me.

David: What, are you kidding? We go way back. I'm always in your corner. Just do what you got to do and do it one step at a time, all right? Everythingís going to work out.

Kelly: Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

David: That's probably the shrink.

Kelly: Oh, I don't think this is such a good idea.

David: No, what did I say? One step at a time. Step one -- you're going to show this Dr. Quintana what a great mother you are, and, step two, she's going to march into that courtroom tomorrow and she's going to tell that judge that you are perfectly fit to raise your own kid. You ready for step one?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

David: Ok.

Jessica: You're home.

Antonio: Where you been?

Jessica: I've been with Natalie. So, did Sonia and Tico tell you everything that you needed to know?

Antonio: Jess, I'm sorry.

Jessica: I know. Don't you understand how much I love you? I knew that you were in danger down there, Antonio. When you don't call -- you know, no --

Antonio: I'm back now, ok? I'm not --

Jessica: Ok, you're back. Do you have any idea what goes through my mind when you don't call me? Anything that you went through down there in Puerto Rico couldn't have been any worse than what I was sitting here imagining. So you know what, Antonio? You're going to have to tell me what happened down there, because otherwise I can't be with you anymore.

Tico: He knows more than he told us, Sonia, and he's determined to find out how much we know.

Sonia: You think Carlotta could have told him anything?

Tico: No. She knows the consequences.

Sonia: Yeah. I don't like this. This isn't going the way we planned.

Tico: Well, nothing ever does.

Jessica's voice: You of all people should know how dangerous it is when somebody gets obsessed with a case.

Evangeline: Hey.

John: Hey. Hey. I thought you said you were going to call.

Evangeline: I thought that I would surprise you. You're drinking alone in the dark. That's not a good sign.

John: No, I was just -- I was just getting some air. I'm afraid to ask. What is that?

Evangeline: This is a movie that every man should see. Are you interested?

David: Kelly, are you ready? The doctor's here, ok?

Kelly: People in the park always say how much he looks like me.

David: Kelly --

Kelly: No, I -- I know. I know he isn't mine. I'm not crazy.

Dorian: Kelly, I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Marie Quintana. This is my niece Kelly.

Marie: Hi.

Kelly: Hi. It's nice to meet you, doctor.

Marie: Hello, Kelly. Please, call me Marie.

Kelly: Ok.

Dorian: Shall I take the baby upstairs?

Kelly: No.

Marie: No, it's all right. No, he can stay here with us.

Dorian: All right. Well, we'll give you a little time alone together.

Kelly: Ok. So -- what do we do?

Marie: Nothing. We just talk. I want to get to know you. Why don't you start with telling me why you didn't want your aunt to take the baby upstairs?

Kelly: Well, it's -- it's perfectly natural for a mother to not want her baby out of her sight. I mean, I -- I'm a good mother, and I want to keep an eye on him, and if they take him, then I lose him.

Marie: Why is that?

Kelly: Because of what I did.

Antonio: Listen to me. You and Jamie are the best thing that's -- do you remember when you found out Mitch was your father? You wanted nothing to do with him, but he was your blood, so you wanted to know what that meant.

Jessica: Yes, and I was almost killed.

Antonio: But it didn't matter at the time, ok? You wanted to know what the truth was. My mother has been keeping secrets from me, and I'm not going to stop until I find out what they are.

Jessica: Yeah, and I bet it's making you crazy, just how you keeping secrets from me is making me crazy.

Antonio: It's for your own good.

Jessica: I think I can be the judge of that. Antonio, just because you're engaged to me does not give you the right to make decisions for me.

Antonio: My uncle was a vicious killer.

Jessica: And my grandfather was a child molester, ok? And I'm a pretty good person. Antonio, you're a wonderful person, and I love you so much. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But whatever happens from now on, we're going to have to face it together.

Antonio: My mother was kidnapped by someone trying to take over the Santi organization. They used her to get to me, because for some unknown reason I was the only one who had access to Manuel Santiís $100 million.

Jessica: Why you?

Antonio: I don't know, but that's what I need to find out.

Jessica: You mean, you said you had access --

Antonio: Someone met me and took me to a bank. The manager asked me some questions, things only I would know. Then they checked my palm print, because for so reason, somehow, they had it on file, and then they handed over $100 million in bearer bonds. After the men got their money, they held me at gunpoint. I thought it was over. All I could do was think about you and Jamie. But before -- before he was going to fire, two men, they burst in, they killed the hit man, then took off after the guy who had run off with the bonds. That's when Emilio found us.

Jessica: I knew it. I knew something happened to you. For one second, my whole body went cold.

Antonio: It's over. It's over now. I'm here. But until I find out why Manuel Santi left that money to me, none of us will ever be safe.

Sonia: I have a lot of questions for Angelina when she wakes up.

[Phone rings]

Sonia: Sorry. Hello. What do you want? Yeah. Sorry, I better go.

Tico: Oh, let me guess. More problems at Caliente?

Sonia: That's what being a club owner is -- just putting out fires. See you.

[Music plays]

Dorian: What if this doesn't go well?

David: If there is even the slightest question, this visit never happened. We won't even mention the shrink's name.

Dorian: What about Kelly?

David: If the doctor decides that Kelly needs help, we will get her the very best, and we'll make sure that Evangeline postpones the hearing until Kelly can walk into that courtroom and prove that she's a fit mother. We will deal with it, ok, and we will win.

Dorian: I wish we knew what was going on.

David: I should have put one of Ace's baby monitors in there.

Kelly: I had an affair in Texas, when Kevin and I lived there.

Marie: And that's why you think you'll lose custody of the baby?

Kelly: I loved Kevin so much; always loved him. I gave him a child.

Marie: So it means a lot to you to be a mother, hmm?

Kelly: It means everything to me. Do you have children? I'm sorry. It's just I -- I'm exhausted, really. Ever since this whole thing started, I just haven't been sleeping well.

Marie: What medication are you taking?

Kelly: Nothing. I -- I take a mild tranquilizer, but only on occasion, and my doctor prescribed them to me. You can call him if you want to.

Marie: No, no, I believe you. I believe you.

Kelly: I don't take them very often. I just -- I have bad dreams.

Marie: What kind of dreams, hmm?

Kelly: I dream that -- that I'm walking Ace to school, and before we get there, he's gone. But where -- where is he? Do you --

Marie: He's right here. Come on, see?

Kelly: Oh. Hi. Hey. This isn't going very well, is it?

Blair: Well Duke, I'm really glad you got to hear your father's side of the story.

Duke: He says you and Todd are a pair of squatters with no right to be here.

Blair: Well, I can show you the divorce decree, ok? Todd, do you have that? It will prove that I own all 12 acres, including where this house is located. It's right -- it's on the second page, right here. See?

Duke: I'm not a lawyer. This looks legit.

Blair: Well, it is legit. And if Kevin hadn't just left well enough alone, this wouldn't probably be a problem.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Yeah, hi. Todd Manning. Oh, I'll be right there. I have a meeting. Bye.

Blair: Well, sit down, Duke. I -- well, I really hate saying these things about your father, but he has been very vicious -- vicious to my family. And not just my family. Yours, too. He used your Uncle Joe and Natalie to take Vikiís paper away from her, just to fire Todd. Viki's so angry with him she won't even talk to him. And what he's doing to Kelly -- he's trying to take her baby away from her. Isn't that awful?

Duke: He loves Ace, too.

Blair: Yeah, but do you think he's going to be spending any nights with that baby? He's out every night with a whole different woman, every night, flaunting it right in front of Kelly.

Duke: I know he's hurt Kelly, but -- and I heard what happened between the two of you.

Blair: Well, that was my mistake, and it was terrible, one that I will regret for as long as I live.

Duke: Listen, nobody's perfect. But cruelty's just -- there's no excuse. I mean, if he's treating Kelly this badly -- it's not right.

Blair: Sorry that I have to say these things to you about your father.

Antonio: I don't understand my mother. I mean, we almost died at the hands of those killers, and she's still willing to keep secrets from me. And Sonia or Tico, maybe both of them -- they're in this up to their necks, too.

[Phone rings]

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Vega.

Natalie: Hey, are you ok? You ran out of Rodiís so fast, I was kind of worried about you. Oh, hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Natalie: You know what? I'm really glad to see that you're back safe and sound, and Jessica was very, very worried.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Natalie: Ok. Well, she's ok, so I'm going to go. You guys can be alone.

Antonio: No, no. Actually, I have to go to the station for a few hours.

Jessica: You just got back.

Antonio: I know. I left a lot of loose ends that need following up.

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Honey, it's nothing dangerous, ok? I'll see you. See you later, Natalie.

Natalie: Did you guys make up?

Jessica: He told me everything.

Natalie: So this whole Santi thing, it's over, right?

Jessica: He thinks Carlottaís still -- still keeping secrets. He doesn't trust Tico or Sonia, although I think that he's right about her.

Natalie: Tico's good.

Jessica: What are you smiling at?

Natalie: I don't know, I just kind of think maybe you like Tico. You do, don't you?

Tico: Put the gun away now.

Man: Are we alone?

Tico: What the hell took you so long?

Kelly: If I lose Ace, I will have nothing. I will be nothing. I'm sorry. I'm just really tired.

Marie: Oh, get some rest. And try not to project where you think that things might go.

Kelly: How am I supposed to do that?

Marie: Well, think of things that make you happy right now.

Kelly: Ace makes me happy.

Marie: Ok. Why don't you lay down on the couch, huh?

Kelly: Ok. Thanks. Oh, thank you.

Marie: Ok? She's resting.

Dorian: Is she all right?

Marie: Well, she has a tenuous grasp of facts and sequencing, and she's inconsistent in her ability to process information.

David: I understood almost none of that, but it doesn't sound good.

Dorian: Doctor, what's the bottom line?

Marie: I'm afraid Kelly is hanging by a very thin thread.

Duke: Yeah, no matter how many times that horse bucked me off, Asa always flung me right back on that saddle --

Blair: Oh!

Duke: And then smacked that mustang on the rump, which, of course, naturally made him buck me off again.

Blair: Asa is so mean, isn't he?

Duke: Yeah. I tell you, I may have been bawling like a little baby, but damn it, I learned how to ride.

Blair: I bet you did. You know, I like to ride. I ride out at the country club. They had beautiful paths out there, but I haven't actually been able to do that in a very long time.

Duke: And why is that?

Blair: Well, I went out riding one day, and your father, he followed me out there. And I told him that I was not interested at all, but he wouldn't take no for an answer, and Kelly had just come back to town, and I -- I'm sorry. I shouldn't even be telling you this.

Duke: I'm sorry he treated you badly.

Todd: Still here?

Duke: Just leaving.

Blair: Oh, yes. Well, come on. I'll show you out. It was really nice that you got to hear my side of the story, and I hope to see you again.

Duke: So do I.

Blair: Ok. Take care.

Todd: So, did boy wonder dish up any dirt?

Blair: Not yet, but he will.

[Music plays]

John: Whoa.

Evangeline: I know. I'm a sucker for that ending. It's dumb. It's dumb, I know.

John: No, you're right. Everyone should see that movie.

Jessica: Tico's a good guy. He just -- he's trying to get settled in Llanview, and he's getting to know his family, and --

Natalie: Oh, yeah, especially his cousin's fiancťe.

Jessica: Oh, come on. If you're looking for ulterior motives, look at Sonia Toledo.

Natalie: Whatever you say.

Jessica: Listen, I don't like Tico, ok? We're friends. If anybody should be jealous here, it should be me.

Natalie: Well, I can already tell you, Antonio would never cheat on you.

Jessica: And I would never cheat on him. Listen, I trust him, but I'm not stupid enough to trust her.

Man: Time is running out.

Sonia: It is not my fault that things went down the way they did. Now, I've been in this too long to throw in the towel now.

Man: They walked away with $100 million of Santi money.

Sonia: Now we know. Antonio Vega was the key to everything.

Tico: What went wrong?

Man: I was ambushed. I have no idea who was behind it.

Tico: Well, this is sloppy. I'm not happy.

Man: I got off a few shots, but I thought the money was more important, so I took off with it.

Tico: Hand it over.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Evangeline: Somebody is going to tell me what is going on here or I am off this case.

Antonio: I keep coming back to her being tied to El Tiburon.

John: For all we know, she is El Tiburon.

Sonia: Whatever it is you think you're doing, you better stop it. You have no idea what you're dealing with.

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