OLTL Transcript Monday 8/9/04

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/9/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Coming.

Natalie: Hi.

Jessica: Hey. Come in.

Natalie: Is Antonio here?

Jessica: No. He's still at the station.

Natalie: They -- they opened Cristianís exhibit in Philly.

Jessica: Yeah, I know. Antonio and I went this morning.

Natalie: Anyway, I thought he might want this.

Jessica: Oh, thank you. You know, Cristian and you were perfect together. He was a good man.

Natalie: Why don't you just say what you really mean? That Paulís not good enough for me?

Roxy: Hey, Paul, babe -- yo, yo, slow down. Yo, slow -- no, Natalieís not here. Yeah. Oh, by the way, where do you keep your pork rinds? Or -- well, maybe you better explain. Natalie's giving away all her money to her children? She doesn't have any children! Hey, wait a second, you little devil -- are you thinking of making Foxy Roxy a grandma? Well, yeah -- well, then you better explain. What? What? Trust fund? Well, I'm going to need the bucks, and you're going to need the bucks. Hey, we're going to have to figure out a way to talk her out of this one.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Marcie: We should've known that President Davidson was going to make us work this out for ourselves.

Mark: Guys, let's just drop it. It's no big deal.

Jen: Yes, it is.

Hudson: Hey, if Nick were a racist instead of a homophobe, I sure as heck wouldn't drop it.

Marcie: I mean, I knew Nick was shallow, but I didn't think he was downright ignorant. I don't want to be around somebody like that. I don't want anybody like that in my life.

Michael: Does that include me?

John: I don't get an answer? At the very least, you can lie to me.

Octavio: Sonia -- more beautiful than ever. I guess you know why I'm here.

Sonia: Somebody's got to avenge Padillaís death. Sort of thought I'd see you sooner than this.

Octavio: Good. Let's not make this hard.

R.J.: Yeah. Let's keep it real simple.

John: What about you, Gannon? How do you know the new girl in town?

R.J.: Well, that's hardly a police matter. We're just a couple of club owners exchanging notes.

John: Oh. And you thought you'd just come down and meet the competition?

R.J.: Now, see, that's hardly a police matter, you know, any more than who you keep company with is mine.

John: Well. Hi.

Evangeline: Hey. Uh -- what was the problem?

John: Oh, I'm just responding to a report of unusual activity.

R.J.: You see? Now, that all depends on what you call "unusual."

John: I think gunshots are unusual, don't you? But I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about, so I think I'll just take a little look around.

R.J.: Look away.

John: Thank you.

R.J.: Mm-hmm.

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R.J.: Now, Van, I find this very interesting. I mean, here you are, the woman who is so very proud of her independence, and you're following this cop around on a leash.

Evangeline: The dog reference again, R.J.? You know, you're going to have to come up with a new way to insult me. That one only works once. Besides, I didn't come down here to talk about my personal life. I heard there was trouble down here.

R.J.: Oh -- chasing ambulances to get your clients?

Evangeline: No, actually, I was concerned about you. But don't worry, it will never happen again.

R.J.: Oh, well, did we find anything?

John: Cleanest alley I ever saw. I'm headed back to the station. What are you up to?

Evangeline: Oh, man. When I thought our date was canceled, I made plans with Nora. I'm sorry.

John: It's ok. You have a good time, all right?

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Hi, Nora.

Nora: Hi!

John: Have fun.

Nora: Thanks.

Evangeline: Come on.

Nora: Hmm.

R.J.: So, did you enjoy the fresh air?

Sonia: More than he did. He's thorough; I'll give him that.

R.J.: Well, it's just too bad there wasn't anything for him to find.

[Nora sighs]

Evangeline: Long night?

Nora: Well, let's just say this is the first time I've actually gotten around to dinner. So you and John looked very comfy.

Evangeline: We're beginning to feel that way, too.

Nora: Details, please.

Evangeline: Actually, we even began to have -- well, the beginning of a genuine date until he got a call.

Nora: Oh. So I'm plan B? Thanks. Don't worry. The night is still young. I'm sure your date is far from over.

Evangeline: We'll see. But why are you working so late?

Nora: I'm just trying to clear off my desk so I can get away for a few days --

Evangeline: Oh, that sounds so nice. Oh, you should have, like, a bag of books and just -- quiet walks all by yourself. That's wonderful.

Nora: With Daniel Colson.

Evangeline: What?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: You're going away with Daniel Colson?

Riley: I cannot believe that you can still cream me at tennis.

Daniel: Ah, well, what do you expect? You trade in your racket for a guitar; the old man wipes the court with you. By the way, thank you for the exercise.

Riley: It was a lot of fun.

Daniel: Hmm. Let me just grab something in the office, and then we'll get a bite to eat, ok?

Riley: Ok.

Daniel: Listen, Riley, this Love project thing -- it's really working out for you, huh?

Riley: Yes, I'm still clean, if that's what you're wondering. What about you?

Daniel: Seven months sober.

Riley: You did look good out there.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I did -- except for the old shoulder. You know, maybe I should give up that overhead put-away.

Riley: You know, I got a better idea. How about you let little A.D.A. Buchanan kiss it and make it better?

Daniel: No -- ok, ok, you're dreaming now. Then again, maybe I am, too.

Riley: Hey, dad, you guys started out as just friends, right?

Daniel: Well, actually, Nora hated me.

Riley: Well, yeah, but then it moved to friends, and then you worked together, and you know all the same people. So what happens if it doesn't work out?

Daniel: Oh, it could get ugly, right?

Riley: Yeah, so why risk it?

Daniel: Because of what happens if it does work out. Look, if the right girl gives you a shot, you'd be a fool not to take it.

Jen: Maybe we should give them some space.

Julie: Yeah, I think Marcie and Michael need to talk.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: What?

Mark: Maybe we all need to clear the air.

Nick: Yeah, something does stink in here.

Mark: Look, Nick, maybe you don't like gays because you were taught to believe that way. Or maybe you never met anyone like me. Or maybe you did and didn't know it. But if you put yourself in my shoes --

Nick: You know what? Save me the sensitivity training. What, am I the only one who gets this? The story is Adam and Eve, ok, not Adam and Steve.

Julie: Oh, brother!

Nick: Look, Mother Nature made us a certain way, honey -- to perpetuate the species. That's natural. That is the plan. Queer is not normal. Why, if he wants to be that way, fine, but I want him out of here.

Marcie: You don't get to make the rules around here, Nick. Mark was born that way, ok? Being gay is not a choice!

Nick: Right, that's right. No one's responsible. So now I guess you can say that being fat isn't a choice, either, right? Well, here's a clue -- stop eating.

Michael: Shut up!

Nick: You know what? You don't even live here.

Michael: I'm a doctor. I know how people are built, right down the bone, and everybody is the same.

Julie: You know, knowing how to throw a football does not make you the boss.

Michael: Yeah, take a look around, tough guy. You got black, white, Asian, gay. America was founded on tolerance for all kinds of people, even your kind -- the stupid.

Nick: You want to know what's up, doc? You don't even get a vote.

Jen: I do, and I agree with him.

Julie: Me, too.

Hudson: I do, too. That's five to one. Can you count that high, Nick?

Jen: Nick, you kill yourself at football practice. But if this project falls apart, what do we have?

Hudson: I'll tell you what happens. You flunk, you're off the team, and no one's looking at you from the NFL.

Julie: Yeah, so, making this work is the most selfish thing you could do. Get it?

[Door opens and closes]

John: Hi. So there was a report of a disturbance in the alley behind Capricorn. Possible gunshots. I go to check it out. Nothing cooking outside, but inside, I found R.J. Gannon getting pretty chummy with your friend Sonia.

Antonio: Sonia and R.J.? What the hell were they doing together?

John: Oh, club business, I'm sure.

Antonio: No, uh-uh, no way.

John: Anyway, the alley had been washed clean, so if there was something there, they didn't want us to see it.

Antonio: Wait a second. Sonia's been saying she's a businesswoman now and that she's glad that she doesn't have the Santi rackets in her life.

John: Did you ever ask her about the new boss of the Santi family?

Antonio: Yeah, never heard of him, and I can't find anyone that's ever seen him. As far as my sources go, he's never been in the states.

John: The F.B.I. says he's still out there.

Antonio: Yeah. Wait, so you think that -- that incident in the alley -- it's -- it could be Santi business?

John: It's hard to say. But whatever it is, Sonia knows more than what she's telling.

Jessica: Listen, Natalie, I didn't answer the door to pick a fight, ok? I know that you and mom already had it out the other night. She's been trying to call you, too, by the way.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I've been busy.

Jessica: Well, you saved me a trip. She -- she knows that you don't want to talk to her so she asked me to give you this. Natalie, you know, since you're already mad at me, I might as well just be honest.

Natalie: Oh, goody.

Jessica: I have nothing to say about Paul, ok? I was actually thinking about you. Natalie, it's just, like, you're this really, really, really good person, and you inspired Cristian so much. I don't know how many times he told me that over and over and over again.

Natalie: Really?

Jessica: Yeah, really. You're more wonderful than you give yourself credit for. And you were worthy of every ounce of Cristianís love. But I guess I just wanted to remind you of that.

John: Well, how close have you and Sonia gotten?

Antonio: Not as close as she would like.

John: She never mentioned knowing Gannon?

Antonio: No. No, but the people she knew in the organization are the kind of people he does business with so maybe they have a history.

John: What about your cousin Tico?

Antonio: Different class than R.J. But you know what? He's got secrets, too, and neither one of them is easy to read.

John: Ok, well, Sonia was at the scene, so it's starting to seem like your family connections are also police business. Take whatever time you need, but keep an eye on those two.

Antonio: What about R.J.?

John: He's mine. He's been on my list ever since I started seeing Evangeline.

Antonio: Seeing Evangeline? Well, that's kind of an official step for you.

Sonia: R.J., are you sure you're not going to have a problem with this?

R.J.: Oh, no. No. If I take out the trash, you can eat off the cans.

Sonia: You know, Santi only hired the best.

Evangeline: Ok, don't let the fact that my jaw just hit the table make you think that I don't want you to be with Daniel. I'm sure he's the nicest guy --

Nora: It was just as surprising for me, you know, that he and I -- that we -- we're -- that we have -- that, you know -- whatever.

Evangeline: What happened?

Nora: Um -- I don't know. Well, we -- we started talking, and then we just started learning new things about each other and discovered that we liked those new things. Right?

Evangeline: Wow. Well, that sure beats finding out things you don't like.

Nora: Oh, looks like he's got a new interest. You know, help him over the breakup with you.

Evangeline: Oh, no, no, no.

Nora: No?

Evangeline: No, that's -- that's business.

Nora: Business?

Evangeline: No, he's still really bitter about this whole thing.

Nora: Ah. Looks it, yeah. Is he giving you problems?

Evangeline: Well, I would like to think that they're in the past because we definitely are.

Nora: Right.

Evangeline: I just hope he can learn to live with this.

Sonia: Now, you seem to have a problem with that woman -- McBainís girlfriend?

R.J.: Evangeline Williamson. She's a lawyer.

Sonia: You guys have a history?

R.J.: Ahem.

Sonia: I'm not going to [???search] the internet, but I'm new. And after tonight, I need to know.

R.J.: Well, whatever it was, it's -- it's over.

Sonia: Really? You see, when something ends badly for me, it's never over. You don't seem like the type that will forgive and forget, do you?

R.J.: No. Never.

Marcie: I'm really proud of you. Thank you for standing up for me.

Michael: You're my girl.

Marcie: And you did it for Mark. And in a way, you know, it was kind of like you were doing it for Eric, you know? I knew you'd come around. I knew you'd see that Ericís in love, and that he just wants to get married. It doesn't matter whether he's gay or straight, right? I mean, you do feel that way, don't you? Michael?

Michael: Marcie, this is all really new for me. I mean, you have to admit, though -- I mean, the marriage laws are set up to promote families.

Marcie: Yeah, but Eric is a part of my family, and when he gets married, he'll be creating his own family.

Michael: I understand that, and I think it's great that he wants to make a commitment, but the laws, the insurance -- that's all set up to facilitate child rearing.

Marcie: Yeah, but gay people -- they have children. And why shouldn't they have the same protections as we do?

Michael: I don't know.

[Marcie scoffs]

Marcie: You don't know?

Michael: I -- no, I don't know!

Marcie: All right, well, then let me ask you another question. What about people who don't have children, gay or straight? Are you telling me that if you don't have children, then you shouldn't get married?

Michael: Marcie, I'm telling you that --

Marcie: What? What are you telling me?

Michael: I didn't come here to fight with you.

Marcie: Yeah, you don't want to fight with me because you don't know how to defend yourself!

Michael: You know, you're the one who's always talking about tolerance. Tolerance. So why don't you have some tolerance for me right now?

Marcie: No! Because I can't tolerate intolerance! You know what? Just -- I don't remember being taught in school that our country was based on different standards for different people. What you're telling me is that my brother is different, that he's not an equal person; he's not an equal citizen. You can't accept who he is!

Michael: No! Marcie, that is not what I'm saying, not at all. Not even close, ok?

Marcie: No? Then what are you saying?

Jen: Marcie. Hey. Don't mean to interrupt, but any news on those bones that were dug up?

Marcie: Um -- yeah, they were part of a skeleton, and they found them about four feet away from the rest of the body.

Jen: Oh.

Marcie: Yeah, her name was Amy Dunham, I think.

Jen: Amy Dunham --

Michael: That name sound familiar?

Jen: What do you know about her?

Michael: Well, she was only 21 when she died.

Marcie: Yeah, it was right after she got engaged to some guy that she didn't want to marry. It was an arranged marriage.

Michael: Yeah, I think she -- she broke her neck. It may have been a murder or a suicide. She went off the roof of a building.

Jen: People can do pretty desperate things when they're in love.

Natalie's voice: "My dearest daughter, this is a trying time for us, isn't it? But I want you to know, no matter how far apart you feel from me right now, I always feel close to you. I will always love you. Nothing will ever change that. If you ever need me, you can always call or come home and be welcomed with open arms. Wherever you choose to live, my home will always be your home. Love always, mom."

Roxy: Hey!

Natalie: What are you doing here?

Roxy: I came here to cheer you up.

Natalie: Who said I was down?

Roxy: Honey, I got this psychologist friend, Hazelstein, and she said when a person is depressed, they start giving away all their money.

Natalie: And who told you that I was? Paul or Rex?

Roxy: Well, I was talking to Paul. He called from Chicago. Why don't we go to the racetrack tonight? It's family night, ok? You know, we don't have to bet. You know, give it a whirl?

Natalie: I don't think so.

Roxy: Come on! It's my night off from those spoiled brats at the Love Shack. Hey, look -- um -- where is it -- oh, here it is -- ok, all right -- "Fast Track Freddie in the second, and Johnny-boy is a long shot."

Natalie: Johnny-boy already scratched.

Roxy: Say what?

Natalie: I said, "Letís get to the track!"

Roxy: All right!

Antonio: You know, there's someone else who has a little bit of history with the Santis here in Llanview.

John: Oh, yeah -- Paul "I'm a little weasel" Cramer.

Antonio: Yeah. You seen Natalie since she moved into the hotel?

John: Couple of times.

Antonio: Are you -- you still worried about her seeing him?

John: Everybody deserves to get what they want, even if they're getting it all wrong.

Daniel: Hey.

Nora: Hey! The Colson men -- father and son!

Riley: I'll tell you, you know, you just missed my dad in a t-shirt and shorts firing aces down the line.

Nora: Not quite sure what you're talking about.

Daniel: Tennis.

Nora: Uh -- oh. I didn't know you played tennis.

Riley: Hey, you know what? I think I'm going to cut out and take a rain check on dinner.

Daniel: Sure --

Riley: Ok.

Daniel: Sure.

Riley: Yeah.

Daniel: We'll do it again.

Riley: Bye, everybody.

Nora: Bye.

Daniel: Riley.

Nora: You play tennis? I had no idea you played tennis.

Daniel: Well, there's a lot you don't know about me that a couple of days down at the shore won't solve.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Ah!

Nora: What? What'd you do?

Daniel: Uh --

Nora: What happened?

Daniel: Nothing. It's a -- it's a shoulder -- it's a rotator cuff injury that -- you know, I hurt it rock climbing a couple months ago, and -- oh, like an idiot, I was showing off an overhead put-away for Riley, and I -- it's --

Nora: Rock climbing?

Daniel: Well --

Nora: Something else I didn't know about you.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nora: You rock-climb?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. You know, I guess I don't take very good care of myself. But you already know that, though, don't you?

Nora: You know what? You need to put ice on that. You do.

Daniel: Ice?

Nora: Yep. And I just happened to buy a soda -- fresh out of the soda can, still cold.

Daniel: Oh.

Nora: So, you know -- um -- why don't you take off your shirt? Because -- yeah.

Daniel: Uh -- here --

Nora: It's late, it's late. No one's going to be here. Go ahead. Just open your shirt. Just open your shirt.

Daniel: All right --

Nora: Fine.

Daniel: Um --

Nora: Oh! You weightlift, too. Something else I didn't know about you. Ok. Um --

John: Ok, keep me informed. Some kids swimming up at the quarry -- they saw something ugly in the water.

Antonio: A body?

John: I don't think it was Asa in a Speedo. The department's got divers up there right now. We'll find out soon enough.

Sonia: It's been nice to meet you. It's getting late.

R.J.: Well, now, that all depends on your plans.

Sonia: I was planning to go home and go to bed.

R.J.: Oh, no, no, no, you donít. Not yet. I just did you a very big favor.

Sonia: And I intend to repay. Just let me know when you need something.

R.J.: Well, I need something. So I guess I'm calling in that marker right now.

John: I don't know what he used to pay him --

Daniel: Uh -- it's a rotator cuff injury.

Nora: Rotator cuff injury. It's a -- it's rotator cuff injury.

John: So a time to type a tally for --

Nora: Ok, well, is that helping at all?

Daniel: It -- it -- um -- feels really, really good.

Nora: You're hot. You're very, very hot.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nora: I meant your shoulder.

Daniel: So did I.

Antonio: Ahem. I -- I forgot a file in John's office.

Daniel: Well, I guess -- I guess I better get going --

Nora: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Rest up this shoulder for --

Nora: Yeah.

Daniel: For the trip and everything.

Nora: Yeah, yeah, I got your -- yeah, I got it, right -- your tie.

Daniel: So I'll --

Nora: Yeah. Good idea.

Daniel: Ok, I'll see you later.

Nora: See ya. Absolutely.

Antonio: How about them Yankees?

Nora: Yeah. "How about them Yankees?"

Riley: Hey.

Jen: Hi. How did it go with your dad?

Riley: Go.

Jen: Great.

Riley: Um -- ok. I think I'm going to go to bed.


Jen: Hello?

Julie: Oh --

Jen: Oh, my God. Uh -- let me help you.

Julie: No, I -- I have it!

Jen: Jeez.

Jessica: I'm sorry -- I was aiming for your head.

Antonio: Ah. Very funny.

Jessica: Ah.

Antonio: So, how's the Santi story going?

Jessica: Oh, it's a good story. It's just this new editor that Kevin hired at the ďBanner Sun," he's ridiculous -- showing off his chops by rewriting everything. I can't write the word "the" without seeing red pen crossed through it.

Antonio: Well, why don't you just go somewhere else?

Jessica: I just might -- after what Kevin did to Todd and mom.

Antonio: Or just learn from this guy's mistakes. I mean, from what you're saying, he's not going to be around long.

Jessica: You think?

Antonio: Mm-hmm. And your mom will certainly be happy knowing that you're there, and you will be, too, in the long run.

Jessica: I know. You see? This is why I keep you around.

Antonio: Yeah, I knew I was good for something.

Jessica: Hmm. Um -- Natalie dropped this by. It's from Cristian.

Antonio: Man, he had talent. He has such a good eye for people.

Jessica: Yeah, he saw Natalie like no one else did. Except I thought John McBain would come around.

Antonio: Yeah, instead she's with Paul Cramer.

Jessica: Well, it's John's fault. If you're going to live in the past, he's always going to be alone.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Hello?

John: It's me. It's too dark for the scuba team to see. They're going to try again in the morning. Good night. Hi.

Evangeline: I know it's late.

John: No, it's -- well, it's not real late. Come on in.

Evangeline: Ok -- um -- so we've established that we think about each other when we're alone, and that I'm a little uneasy about this when I'm not in control, and that this is awkward for you and you need some time.

John: I'll survive.

Evangeline: I'm glad to hear that, because I was hoping -- if it's doable, of course, I was hoping that we could take this out of the closet.

John: What does that mean?

Evangeline: As long as we're sleeping together, do you think we should go out on an actual date?

Natalie: That was fun.

Roxy: I think we would've had more fun if we had better luck.

Natalie: You know, Roxanne, sometimes you really scare me.

Roxy: I do? Why?

Natalie: I don't know. How many times have I heard this in my lifetime? You know, no heat, no food, no Christmas, so, better luck next time. As if luck has anything to do with it. It couldn't be the fact that you gambled all of our money away. It's not your fault, though.

Roxy: Oh, baby, you really are in a bad mood.

Natalie: You know what, Roxanne? I just -- you cannot live your life on luck, all right? Luck doesn't last, if it even comes around!

Roxy: You know, at least Paul knows how to have fun at the track.

Natalie: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, Paul -- you want to know how Paul has fun?

Roxy: Uh-huh.

Natalie: I'll tell you how Paul has fun -- he's responsible. He's got a bank account, all right? Savings -- for us, for our future.

Roxy: Whoa, 1,000 bucks. That's pretty good.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, it is good. Because he opened up that account, he's putting all of his paychecks in there, and he's saving for us. And in the meantime, we're living off of paychecks.

Roxy: That's great, but, you know, he could've doubled his money if he bet on Lady Lulu. Did you see how fast she came around that far turn?

Jen: Who's there? Roxy?

[Woman cries]

Jen: Julie, is that you?

Riley: Whoa, hey, hey! What's going on?

Jen: Riley, I thought -- I thought I heard something! I got myself so scared!

Riley: Well, hey, hey, there's nobody here. It's just us.

Michael: I guess I should get back to the hospital.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Michael: It's not like we're going to resolve this thing tonight, anyway.

Marcie: Obviously not.

Michael: Marcie, couples fight; they disagree. We still love each other, right?

Marcie: Maybe.

Evangeline: I'm not saying we'll know how to handle this, but it would be nice to go out together in public.

John: You know what? I think so, too.

Evangeline: So -- so let's just make this as easy as possible.

John: Ok.

Evangeline: Ok. So these are -- um -- movie schedules for the Thalia where they show all the classics -- um -- tee times for the golf course, and these are some recipes that are altogether too complicated for me to try on my own, you know, so just take your pick and call me.

John: Ok. Evangeline? Evangeline? Tee times for the golf course?

[John and Evangeline laugh]

Antonio: I've actually been meaning to talk to you about something. Tico hasn't been completely straight. He did meet with his father before he died.

Jessica: What?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. He said he wanted to keep it from us because he was worried about how we would respond, and because he wanted to forget about it.

Jessica: Well, do you think it's that simple?

Antonio: I think I'm more worried about what other lies those two might be telling us.

Jessica: Well, I'm interviewing Sonia for the Santi piece; see what I can get out of her.

Antonio: Ok. But you be -- you be careful with her, ok? I don't trust her.

Sonia: Now, why do you care if I know about contemporary art?

R.J.: Well, I'm also part-owner of an art gallery. We handle contemporary art, and some of the pieces are extremely valuable.

Sonia: So, what, you want me to buy one?

R.J.: No. No, no, no. I'm going to liberate a few of the pieces, file the claim, and then collect the insurance.

Sonia: And does your partner know about this? So you're ripping off your own business partner?

R.J.: Language, language. No, no -- shh, shh, don't worry. I mean, she'll get half of the insurance.

Sonia: And the art is yours free and clear.

R.J.: Ah.

Sonia: I like the way you think.

R.J.: To new partners.

Sonia: Partnering with you is for suckers. How about friends?

R.J.: And to things finally starting to pop in Llanview.

Singer: Viewing lights under the surface knowing I'm found can't run away from can't make it undone while reaching out for anything screaming without a sound how did I find you? How was I supposed to try? I'm frightened by the love that's in you but it's all right oh, and I'm frightened by the love that's in me but I know it's all right it's all right oh oh the only one who understands the only one who gave me something to belong to with nothing left to undo with you, everything's beautiful and I'm not scared to be falling into unknown with you, I find the strength to carry on I'm frightened by the love that's in you but it's all right oh, and I'm frightened by the love that's in me it's all right

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Riley: So what do we do, just go back to being friends?

John: Check the alley top to bottom; don't stop until you find something. I know you will.

Kevin: The court date's been moved up. So we'll be divorced, and I'll have sole custody of Ace before you thought.

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