OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/27/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/27/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

John: His name's Sherman Wills. We got him on assault. Look, I want to know what he was up to before he and his buddy paid me a little visit. I want to know who he talked to. I want to know where he went -- everything. Thanks.

[Knock on door]

John: Come on in.

Evangeline: Hi. How's your head?

John: Better, now that we picked up one of the guys that jumped me.

Evangeline: Yeah, I heard. Did you get anything on him?

John: No, not yet, but it's not looking like a random mugging, either.

Evangeline: No. John, I'm afraid R.J. was behind it.

John: I think you're right. But we got no proof. Do you know something?

R.J.: Natalie, listen, some of my bartenders have vacation time coming, so if you need to pick up some extra shifts --

Natalie: Hmm, I don't know if I can swing that. I'm kind of booked between Foxy Roxyís and Rodiís.

R.J.: Well, your loss.

Rex: Ahem -- ok, I took care of your problem, now you take care of my mine. I want my club back.

R.J.: Relax, little man. You don't mind if I pay off some of that tremendous debt you incurred, do you? Now, excuse me.

Rex: I'm a free man. Want to take me to dinner?

Natalie: Hey, I wish I could, but I'm meeting mom and Jessica here. Sounded important.

Rex: Where's Paul?

Natalie: I don't know. He was hoping he'd get invited to some get-together at Dorianís.

Rex: Well, you don't always get what you want, do you?

Adriana: Look who's here!

Dorian: Ah. Augustico. Bien venido. Welcome to La Boulaie.

Tico: Gracias, but please, call me Tico.

Adriana: And look what he brought us.

[Carlotta gasps]

Adriana: It's called a butterfly palm. They grow all over in Puerto Rico.

Dorian: Oh, it's beautiful. Thank you, Tico.

Carlotta: Oh, they were surrounding our house when we were growing up. It reminds me of the times we were growing up with your dad when we were children.

Tico: Oh, it's so nice to see you happy again. You know, much more so than the last time I was here.

Carlotta: Hmm.

Tico: Did you make up with your boyfriend?

Adriana: River and I are over.

Tico: Oh, I'm -- Iím sorry. I -- I didn't mean to ask.

Adriana: It's ok. You know, we were children. But I'm happy now because of you. I'm so glad that you're in my life.

Dorian: And we want to make sure that you feel welcome. Now, you remember my niece Kelly.

Tico: Yes, it's so nice to see you again.

Kelly: Same here.

Dorian: But you haven't met my other niece, Blair.

Blair: Oh, yes, he has. We met last evening when he outbid me on a house.

Adriana: You bought a house?

Tico: Yes, I can't wait for you to see it.

Adriana: Oh!

Blair: Lion's Heart.

Dorian: What?

Tico: Yeah, I knew I wanted it the minute I walked in. I would have paid almost anything for it. I hope you won't hold it against me.

Blair: Everybody needs a place to live. But you should know I don't always give up that easily.

Dorian: Blair, I can't imagine that you could consider living in that place. I -- you obviously don't know the history of the house. It -- it was the former residence of a simply dreadful man named Mitchell Laurence.

Tico: Yes, I know. I heard all about him.

Blair: She's just angry because he didn't leave the house to her.

Tico: I don't understand. Why would he --

Blair: Oh, right, right. You don't know. See, my sweet, lovely aunt here was married to that wicked man, Mitch.

Tico: Oh.

Dorian: Briefly. It was a mistake.

Blair: Well, it's just too bad that you didn't inherit it, Dorian, because then you could have sold it to us, because my family -- we really need a bigger space. My wonderful husband and I have two beautiful children, and he is just dying to have more kids! You should see Kellyís baby while you're here. I mean, he is really something. And Kelly -- oh, Kelly is just so proud of him, aren't you, Kelly?

Dorian: Blair --

Blair: Are you going to have more children, Kelly, huh?

Kelly: How dare you, you evil bitch!

Blair: I just asked a question.

Dorian: All right. Oh, we got a little misunderstanding going here.

Blair: I know you love children.

Dorian: Girls, please, stop. Thank you.

Blair: What's wrong?

Dorian: Tico, please, sit down, won't you? You have to tell us all about Madrid.

Jessica: Hi.

Todd: Hey. What's the word?

Jessica: Well, Kevinís still holding his meeting tomorrow.

Todd: Don't worry about it. I'll deal with those shareholders. By the time we're done with them, they'll offer me a lifetime position as editor in chief.

Jessica: Yeah, I don't think so. I don't think that you know what you're really up against here.

Todd: No, Kevinís got the proxies! Yeah, big deal, I know.

Jessica: Yeah, he has grandpa, Natalie, Joey, the major outsiders -- he has the majority vote.

Todd: There's still time. We can turn this around.

Jessica: Oh, God, how? What are you going to do?

Todd: I'm thinking about it! I don't know.

Jessica: Well, listen, ok? I know that you're really, really angry at Kevin. But please, you know, just don't go and do anything crazy, just for mom's sake.

[Viki rings doorbell]

Kevin: Mother.

Viki: Can you spare me a few moments? So last night, you wouldn't tell me what your plans for my newspaper were. And then today, I got a call from your assistant about a stockholders' meeting that you've called, so I'm going to assume that's your answer. You're going to take a vote to force the board to fire Todd, right?

Kevin: I'm just trying to do what's right for you.

Viki: That's nonsense, Kevin. If you're concerned about me, then you consult me!

Kevin: Well, someone has got to protect the journalistic integrity of the paper.

Viki: Kevin, this vendetta of yours has nothing to do with the journalistic --

Kevin: Mom, what is it?

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Kevin: All right, we're going to the hospital.

Viki: No, we're not going to the hospital. I'm fine.

Kevin: You don't know that.

Viki: Yes, I do know that! I'm a little short of breath, that's all. I'm fine. I had a checkup this morning.

Kevin: Come in and sit down, for crying out -- see, this is why I want to take the paper away from you. It's too much stress right now.

Viki: The paper -- stop this! The paper has not been an issue for me until you made it one, Kevin! You are using the newspaper to try to punish Todd!

Kevin: Am I the only one that sees what's going on here? He has attacked me over and over again using that paper, and you just look the other way.

Viki: No, I most certainly did not. I called him on it, and he stopped.

Kevin: Yeah, now when he wants to attack me in the paper; he just blames it on his kid.

Viki: Todd didn't write that piece, Starr wrote it.

Kevin: Oh, come on. How many times has he had her do his dirty work? If it's not her, it's one of my employees.

Viki: Ok, and Margaret Cochran was the one who sabotaged B.E. finances. And you know all of this, Kevin!

Kevin: What about getting my wife pregnant, huh? I guess Todd didn't do that, either.

Viki: No, he did not. He has said over and over again that he didn't, and I believe him.

Kevin: That's right, I forgot, Todd doesn't lie anymore.

Viki: Not about this, no!

Kevin: You know what? Forget it, ok? This isn't about Kelly having a baby with Todd. Someone has got to stop him from running the "Banner" into the ground.

Viki: He is not running the "Banner" into the ground, Kevin! He's actually doing a damn good job, and you know it, which is simply another reason that you're angry with him. Believe me, honey, if the paper were in trouble, I would fire Todd, but it's not! Kevin, everything -- everything that you are doing, including this -- this custody suit that you're -- that you're having for Ace -- it's all designed to hurt Todd!

Todd: If there's anyone that's hazardous for Vikiís health, it's Kevin.

Jessica: Yeah, but you don't have to go making it worse --

Todd: I'm just trying to save my job, thank you. If I can line up the votes, it's a clean fight.

Jessica: Ok. Well, listen, mom and I are trying to get some of the proxies back.

Todd: All right. Forget about Asa. What about Joey and Natalie?

Jessica: Well, mom put in a call to Joey, but with the London time difference, you know -- so, we're meeting up with Natalie in a half an hour.

Todd: God. I know Iím not her favorite uncle, but did she have to throw her votes to Kevin like that?

Jessica: Well, don't take it personally. I think that Kevin manipulated her by saying that it was -- he didn't want to stress mom out.

Todd: Oh. He's using Vikiís heart condition to throw a punch at me? That's great. So what's next? Killing kittens?

Jessica: Listen, I don't think it's that bad, but -- I don't know. He's definitely not himself. I don't know what's wrong --

Todd: Oh, no, this is himself. That's the real Kevin. Sorry you had to meet him.

Jessica: Ok. Well, I got to go. I'll call you after I meet up with Natalie.

Todd: All right, Iíll get on the phone; see if I can round up some more votes. There's got to be a few shareholders that don't hate me.

Jessica: Well, good luck with that.

Todd: Yeah, you, too. Thanks.

Evangeline: R.J. claimed not to know you'd been attacked, so Iím afraid all I have are my suspicions.

John: So he's a crook and a liar.

Evangeline: But you don't have any hard evidence against him?

John: Except for the guy we had arrested. I mean, he -- he was employed by Gannon in the past, but he's not talking -- although, now that he's going down on his own, maybe he'll open up.

R.J.: Ooh, well, now, looky here. Did I interrupt?

Kevin: This custody suit is to protect Ace. I'm not about to leave him in Kellyís hands.

Viki: She's his mother!

Kevin: She's not fit to be his mother. She's unstable and irresponsible! I mean, where the hell was she when -- when Margaret Cochran came in and took him?

Viki: Hedy was supposed to be looking after him then, and you know that! That's certainly no reason to take him away from Kelly.

Kevin: Oh, well, what about the fact that she's a compulsive liar? Is that a reason?

Viki: Kevin, all this for a child that you don't even claim is yours?

Kevin: Well, biologically, no, but legally he is.

Viki: "Legally"?

Kevin: Yes.

Viki: Kevin, I am begging you -- I am begging you to take a long, hard look at what you are doing, ok? Look, you are my son, and I will always love you, but you -- I don't know what's happened to you. You've changed. You've become someone I don't know and I don't like. And I do not condone your behavior. And I think until you come back to your senses -- until you come back to being Kevin again, I don't think we should see each other.

Kevin: Sorry you feel that way.

Viki: And I will be at that stockholders' meeting tomorrow, because I refuse to allow you to make a mockery of it. You will not force Todd out just to satisfy your need for revenge.

Kevin: Yeah, it's me. There's a change of plan for the stockholders' meeting. We're having it tonight.

Tico: So I decided since Iím going to have to deal with my father's notoriety for quite a few years, I will take the name he used -- Santi -- and deal with all the problems head-on.

Blair: Like a real man.

Tico: Anyway, I think it's enough about me for one night.

Adriana: Oh, no, I want to hear everything about your life.

Tico: And that's how I feel about all of you. Tia Carlotta, I would love to hear more about my abuelos.

Carlotta: Oh, well, I have many pictures at home, if you'd like to see them.

Tico: Oh, I would like that very much.

Carlotta: You know, my mother and father -- they were very loving people. They were handsome and generous and hard working. Yes, they were fun-loving, but they also had a deep faith in God. It's amazing to me how Manny could go so wrong.

Tico: Sometimes, there is no explanation for what people become.

Kelly: Sometimes, you don't have any choice.

Dorian: I don't know, darling. I think one always has a choice.

Blair: It's just that sometimes, one doesn't make the right one.

Dorian: Huh, that's certainly true. Consider Paul Cramer.

Blair: That's Kellyís half brother.

Dorian: Yes. I did not invite him to this gathering because when you think of the Cramer family, I don't want you thinking of Paul.

Adriana: Paul's a cousin. He tried to steal from our family.

Dorian: But he failed.

Tico: Well, there's nothing worse than to steal from your own family.

Blair: Hmm. Stealing is bad, hmm?

Dorian: And, of course, there's nothing better than family loyalty. I have to say that there isn't anything that I would not do for my family.

Blair: Are you implying that I wouldn't?

Kelly: Oh, I think you've done enough.

Blair: Kelly, why don't you just run upstairs and go play with your baby.

Kelly: Damn it, Blair, just stop it! Just stop!

R.J.: Do you need me to --

Evangeline: No need. Keep me posted on the case, ok?

John: I'll do that.

R.J.: Boy, don't you two just have the overdeveloped work ethic. You know, you should just get out, enjoy life.

John: Well, thanks for coming down.

R.J.: Maybe -- maybe what you need to do is put a uniform at the door to announce your guests so you don't have this awkward overlap.

John: Hmm. I'll keep that in mind.

Evangeline: See you later, ok?

John: Yeah. I'll talk to you soon.

Evangeline: Ok.

[R.J. sighs]

John: Have a seat.

R.J.: No. Thank you, Iíll stand.

John: Ok. So, we -- we picked up one of the guys that jumped me at my hotel.

R.J.: How lucky for you. But what does that have to do with me?

John: You know him. He works for you.

R.J.: That's Sherman -- uh -- what's his name? He does not work for me.

John: Well, have a good look. You sure about that?

R.J.: Yeah, he's one of the locals, hard core, unemployable. I mean, you know, I've had them unload supplies for me a few times. But, you know, they're unreliable. But sometimes, you can't help it. You just need to rent a little brute force.

John: I know what you mean. Good help is so hard to find. I mean, you hire a couple of jerks to beat up a cop, one of them gets busted. Now you got to go find yourself a whole new jerk for your next sleazy job.

R.J.: You've lost me, lieutenant.

John: Well, if he rats you out, you won't have to worry about staff for a long time. As a matter of fact, the good people at Statesville will be looking after you.

Todd: I know that Kevinís trying to convince you to cut me loose. But, as you know, my work record speaks for itself. Circulation is up, morale is up. Kevin's motivation is purely personal. I don't think that's the way to run a newspaper.

Man: You do have a point. I'll give it serious consideration.

Todd: I also have Viki Davidsonís vote.

Man: Well, I trust Victoriaís judgment implicitly.

Todd: You're a smart man. I'll see you tomorrow.

Natalie: Hey.

Viki: Hi, honey. Hi, baby.

Jessica: Hi.

Natalie: Hey. So, what's this urgent family meeting about?

Viki: Well, I understand that Kevin asked you to sign a proxy giving him the right to vote your shares of the newspaper.

Natalie: Yeah. How did you find out about that?

Jessica: I told her. Kevin asked me for my proxy, as well, and I turned him down.

Natalie: So you told mom? I think Kevin was trying to make mom's life a little easier and not make her worry about something more.

Viki: No, actually, that's not true. See, Kevin was not honest with you about his motives. He wants control of the paper only so that he can fire Todd.

Natalie: Maybe Kevin has a good reason.

Jessica: Yeah, and his good reason is that he hates Toddís guts, and he wants to hurt him any way that he can.

Natalie: Well, you know, I guess you would know Kevin a lot better than I would, seeing as how you grew up with him. I mean, I really don't understand why I have a say in any of the family business. Why don't you just give my shares to Jessica? I mean, obviously, Iím too stupid to make the right decision.

Singers: Love goes on and on and on

Singer: Say, now

Kevin: Look, I am sorry I changed the meeting, ok? If you can't make it, just fax me your proxy and I'll take it from there.

Man: Kevin, I understand your mother's supporting Todd Manning.

Kevin: Look, I didn't want to have to tell you this, but after my mother's surgery, she's been exhausted, and this is just a temporary lapse of judgment, all right? But the board has got to protect the paper. The rest of the family is rallying around to -- to vote Todd out.

Man: Still, I really think I should call Victoria.

Kevin: Sure, sure. You know what? I'll put you down as undecided. You can think about it before the meeting, all right? By then, I should have a decision on whether B.E. is going to re-up your $3 million contract that we have with your firm.

Dorian: You know, we'll have to make sure that someday, we take you, Adriana, to Madrid so that we can see Ticoís home.

Adriana: Yes, Iím sure it's beautiful. You were saying before that you can trace your mother's family lineage back for generations?

Tico: Yes. We go back centuries. You know, you'll meet them someday.

Adriana: I hope so.

Tico: Yeah. So, this guy --

Blair: Paul.

Tico: Yeah, Paul. You said he tried to steal from you?

Adriana: Yes, my inheritance. But we lost it all, anyhow, in the stock market.

Tico: Well, the market has played games with the best of us lately.

Adriana: Hmm.

Dorian: That's certainly true. You see, Adrianaís benefactor, our dear, late Aunt Betsy -- she didn't give us many -- options, shall we say, for investing Adrianaís trust fund.

Adriana: It's ok. I didn't care about the money, anyway.

Dorian: Well, I did, sweetheart. I still do. I would do absolutely anything to get that money back for you.

Blair: Yes, yes, yes. That's why you ran off to Puerto Rico, right?

Dorian: Blair, I think you misunderstood.

Blair: I don't think so.

Dorian: Absolutely, you did. Now, then, let me -- I insist -- freshen your drink. And, Blair, dear, didn't you say you had to leave early? The children?

Blair: Yes. My children -- I must go check on them, because I hear they are stealing babies around here.

Kelly: Can you allow me the small happiness I have left?

Blair: Why, Kelly? Because it's a lie!

Kelly: Shut up!

Blair: Don't you push me! Stop it!

Kelly: Why are you here, anyway?

Blair: Stop it, Kelly!

Dorian: All right, stop! Girls!

Blair: You better back off, Kelly!

Dorian: All right, Kelly -- thank you very much. Now, I am so very, very sorry. Uh -- I don't know how to explain this, except that Kellyís in the middle of a divorce.

Blair: Oh, please.

Dorian: This is a very difficult time.

Tico: I understand completely. You know, these unhappy times happen in the best of families.

Dorian: Yes, indeed.

Blair: God, I hope not.

Dorian: Oh, goodness! Please, Carlotta, stop that!

Carlotta: No, it's almost done.

Dorian: You're a guest. Thank you, though, very much. Please, excuse me, everyone, for just a moment. Come here, please. Blair? Blair?

Blair: What?

Dorian: Blair -- both of you.

Blair: What?

Dorian: What is the matter with you? Augustico is Adrianaís brother. I really wanted him to have a good impression of the Cramer side of the family.

Blair: Well, you should have given Kelly a sedative before you invited him over here.

Dorian: You baited her all night long!

Blair: I told you to keep her away from me.

Dorian: I asked you to keep the peace for one night, Blair!

Blair: Dorian, I am already keeping your little secret for Kelly. I'm all out of your favors.

Adriana: River --

River: Adriana, I know you don't want to see me, I know you don't want to talk to me. I don't blame you.

Dorian: River, I told you the 10 times that you called that she doesn't want to talk to you --

River: But listen, I really need to talk to you for five minutes, and that's all Iím asking. Just let me explain for five minutes. And if you really want me to go, I promise you, I will.

Tico: I'm Augustico Santi, Adrianaís brother. Adriana has nothing to say to you.

R.J.: Well, lieutenant, I really don't know what to say. I mean, if someone has arranged to have you mugged -- well, it wasn't me. And as far as this Sherman -- as I said before, I hardly know the man, so unless you plan to arrest me and charge me with recognizing a neighbor, I'll be on my way.

John: Yeah, just one thing before you go. I know you did this, so I owe you one. And I have a long memory. Are we clear?

R.J.: Perfectly.

John: You can go now.

R.J.: Just one more thing. I hope you've learned something about spreading false accusations. Because, you see, innocent people get hurt.

John: You even think about laying one hand on Evangeline, you'll experience more pain than you ever heard whispered doing hard time.

R.J.: Hmm. Well, I think that you've misunderstood me. You see, Iím not a violent man by nature, but I will defend myself against the biased eye of the law. The best of Quantico? I'd think you'd have a little better grip on the temper. Good night, lieutenant.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello? When? Are you sure? Damn it.

Evangeline: Kelly, hi.

Kelly: Hey. Oh, thanks so much for meeting me. I -- I know you're busy tonight.

Evangeline: Oh, no, no, no. Um -- I apologize if I seemed hesitant about meeting you. It's -- it's not you. It's just I'm -- Iím not thrilled about coming here.

Kelly: I thought you liked this place.

Evangeline: Actually, I'm avoiding it like the plague, but that's a whole other story. What -- what's going on with you?

Kelly: Kevin is suing for full custody of Ace. He's trying to take my son away from me. Now, I -- I don't know if you know this, but Kevin is not Ace's biological father. I -- I just don't know how he can do this. How does he have any legal rights?

Evangeline: Well, you and Kevin were married when Ace was born, so he does have legal standing.

Kelly: Yeah, but that's just a technicality. I want you to take my case. I don't care how much it costs; I will get the money somehow. I just can't let Kevin take my son away from me.

Evangeline: Ok, Kelly, slow down.

Kelly: I know, I -- it's -- I know you've done really good work for Todd. He's the one who recommended you to me. You're a woman. You've got to know what I'm going through. I can't lose my son.

Evangeline: Ok. Ok, Kelly. I will take your case.

Kelly: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Evangeline: The first thing I need you to do is to pull yourself together. I know that you're scared, but you cannot afford to look out of control, especially in court.

Kelly: I know, I know. I've got to get it together. I've got to get it together for my son. I know.

Jessica: Natalie, nobody said that you did anything wrong.

Natalie: Oh. Oh, really? Then why -- why are we sitting here?

Viki: Darling, I was just thinking you might want to reconsider your decision, given the way -- when Kevin asked for your proxy; you did not have all the information.

Natalie: Right. Well, like Jessica. Jessica had that great schooling, perfect upbringing. It's just like she always knows exactly what to do.

Jessica: How can you say that?

Natalie: Because it's true. I mean, you're always trying to tell me how to run my life, right? "Don't go to Puerto Rico, don't move in with Paul. Paper, not plastic."

Viki: Natalie, Jessieís not trying to tell you what to do. Neither am I.

Natalie: No, you just want me to side with Todd, but I don't think that I should. Look, Kevinís run the "Banner" before. All right? I think he knows what he's doing. And if he thinks that Todd should go, maybe he should.

Jessica: But this has nothing to do with how Todd is doing his job, Natalie.

Natalie: I don't care, all right. Todd is very manipulative and doesn't give a damn who gets hurt.

Viki: Well, that has been true, sometimes, in the past.

Natalie: "Sometimes"? He did it to me, remember? He threw me off to Mitch Laurence. You know what? Frankly, Iím glad that Kevin has my proxy because at least I know he'll do the right thing.

Viki: I'll be back.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Oh -- yeah, hello?

Todd: Hey, it's me.

Viki: Todd, hi. Listen, Jessie and I didn't get very far with Natalie, but Joey said that he's going to be faxing me his proxy in a few hours, ok?

Todd: Tell him not to bother. It's too late.

Viki: Why?

Todd: Because Kevinís called a meeting for tonight. In fact, most of the shareholders are probably at the ďBanner Sun" boardroom right now.

Kevin: Thanks for coming. I'll try and keep this as short as possible. There are only a few of us, obviously. The other shareholders gave me their proxies.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dorian: River, it is time for you to go!

River: Adriana, I had no idea that you were in Puerto Rico. I had no idea -- if you'd called me before, I wouldn't have thought that you had dumped me.

Adriana: Oh, don't give me that. You were too busy hooking up with Shannon McBain!

River: I'm so sorry.

Dorian: That's it. River, it's over. You're going.

Tico: Let me walk him out.

River: I'm so sorry.

Tico: Come on. I'm going to take off myself, ok?

Dorian: Please, please, Tico, don't leave.

Tico: Just, you know, I'm sure Adriana wants to spend some time with you and Tia Carlotta, ok? Just tell her I'll call her tomorrow. Good night.

Dorian: All right, good night.

Tico: I don't want to see you near my sister again, do you hear me?

River: All right, look, man, I don't know you, but you have to believe that Iím in love with your sister and I would never do anything to hurt her, you understand?

Tico: Yeah, you won't get a chance to do it again. I'll see to it, trust me. Stay away from Adriana.

Dorian: I don't know what got into River.

Carlotta: Honey, you did the right thing. You can't trust him to come back into your life after what he's done to you.

Adriana: I know. It's ok. I'm fine. Thanks.

Dorian: It was so nice to see how much your brother Tico loves you, and, oh, he adores you, Carlotta. Though what he must have thought of the rest of us -- thank you, Blair!

Blair: You're welcome, Dorian. Talk to Kelly.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?

Todd: Hey, it's me. I just wanted to let you know I dropped the kids off with the nanny. Kevin has changed the meeting for tonight.

Blair: Ok. Excuse me. So Iíll meet you there.

Todd: Blair, I don't think we have the votes.

Blair: What are you talking about? Don't even talk like that. They have to listen to Viki. Besides, I think I need to have a meeting with Kevin. It's time he knew the truth about Ace.

Kelly: Look, I realize I have a lot of strikes against me -- I was unfaithful to Kevin and I lied to him about Ace -- but that does not make me a bad mother. I love my son, I can take care of him, and I can't let Kevin take him away from me.

Evangeline: Ok, I understand that you're upset.

Kelly: If I lose Ace --

Evangeline: Ok, look, I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen.

Kelly: All right, thank you.

Evangeline: I need you to help me by staying calm, ok? And I'm not going to need your assurance that you've told me everything I need to know -- about your relationship with Kevin, about the baby -- everything.

Kelly: Yeah, I've told you everything.

Evangeline: Any surprise, especially a badly timed one -- it's going to blow the whole case.

Kelly: No, there's nothing. I have to get home to my son.

Evangeline: Sure. We'll talk tomorrow.

Kelly: Ok. Thank you.

Kevin: Thanks for your help. We'll meet later on this week; sign those new contracts for B.E.

Viki: The meeting is over?

Kevin: Well, there was no reason for you to be here.

Viki: That was not for you to judge.

[Kevin sighs]

Viki: Everett, we go back a long way. Why didn't you come to me?

Everett: I'm sorry, Victoria. I really can't stay.

Kevin: Like I said, there was no reason for either of you to be here. I already had the majority. The shareholders of "The Banner Sun" have voted to remove the editor in chief. Todd's been fired.

Natalie: Well, this is a rarity, seeing Rex Balsom all alone. Where's Jen? Where's mother?

Rex: Don't know, don't care. I'm all about work now.

Natalie: Good.

Rex: You don't look too happy. What was the big family meeting about?

Natalie: Oh, about what an idiot I am. Mom wasn't too happy that I gave Kevin my proxy for those newspaper votes.

Rex: So what's it to them? They're your proxies.

Natalie: Yes, but Kevin wants to have Todd fired.

Rex: And they care?

Natalie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, they do.

Rex: So why'd you blow them off, give them the proxies?

Natalie: Because I like Kevin more than I like Todd. Kevin gave Paul a job.

Rex: Oh. You know, maybe you could get Kevin to give me one. No, don't give me the job, give me the salary, because then I wouldn't have to work and I'd still get the money.

Natalie: You're right, I don't care. I really don't. He's going to go right over to Evangeline. Just watch. See?

Rex: Yeah, well, I could've told you that.

Natalie: What does that mean?

Rex: Nothing, nothing. I'm just -- no, it's just what I said before, there's no future with McBain. It's a dead end. You're better off with Paul.

Natalie: You know, I just find it interesting how all of a sudden; he's ready for a relationship.

Rex: Now, how do you know that's what it is? Maybe it's law-and-order stuff.

Natalie: Do you see the way he's looking at her? They're definitely sleeping together.

Rex: So what if they are? You got Paul.

Natalie: Yeah. Right, I got Paul. Hmm.

John: I'm glad you're here.

Evangeline: I was just meeting a client, but I was going to say the same thing to you.

John: I want to talk to you. I'm -- I'm concerned about what R.J. might be up to.

Evangeline: What, other than sending people to beat you up?

John: I'm fine. It's you Iím worried about.

Evangeline: Me? Why, did he say something after I left?

John: He denied everything, but, you know, of course, he's a tough guy, so he had to make indirect threats.

Evangeline: R.J. wouldnít hurt me, John.

John: Are you sure about that?

Evangeline: Look, I'm a defense attorney. I deal with tough guys all the time. I -- I can take care of myself.

John: I know. I know. It's just until -- well, look, just to be on the safe side, you and I maybe -- we should be cool about this, just until I figure out how I want to play this.

Evangeline: Well, thanks for wanting to protect me. But is that really what's going on here?

John: What else would it be?

Evangeline: I don't know. Um -- fear of getting too involved? I mean, if that's true, it's fine, really. Just -- just be honest about it.

Kelly: I'm not going to lose you. I don't care what I have to do.

Dorian: There you are. I was worried about you. Where did you go?

Kelly: I had to go see Evangeline Williamson. She's going to take my case.

Dorian: Why, that's wonderful! Honey, what happened tonight? I have no idea what Tico must think of us.

Kelly: Well, you should blame Blair.

Dorian: You cannot let Blair get to you that way.

Kelly: I'm just so afraid of losing Ace. I don't know why she has to keep threatening me.

Dorian: You could have a pretty serious fight ahead of you, and it's going to be really important for you to keep your emotions in check, especially in front of company. If something like what happened tonight were to get back to Kevin or his lawyer --

Kelly: I know, I know, I know, I've got to keep it together. Evangeline said the same thing.

Dorian: Then you listen to her. Now, we've got something to look forward to. I just got a call from Augustico. I love saying that. He wants to take us out for drinks, right now at The Palace.

Kelly: Oh, no. Dorian, come on, I don't want to go out again tonight.

Dorian: But you have to!

[Kelly sighs]

Dorian: It'll give you a chance to show everybody that you are just fine, that you're holding everything together.

Kelly: Fine, fine. Go up and get dressed. I'll -- I'll be down in a minute.

Dorian: Yes! Something a little more sportive.

Jessica: Joey changed his mind. He doesn't even want you to vote his shares anymore.

Kevin: Well, he should've made that clear before the meeting.

Viki: It wouldn't have mattered. Congratulations, Kevin. You took advantage of your brother and your sister. You lied and you cheated, and now you have control of my newspaper. Was it worth it?

Kevin: I did what I had to do. A year from now, you'll be grateful that I had the foresight.

Blair: Hey. Are we late?

Kevin: No, you're just in time, actually. Todd, clean out your desk. You've been fired.

Blair: What? Kevin!

Todd: Ah, ah, wait a minute. Let him have that one.

Viki: I'm sorry, Todd.

Jessica: So am I.

Todd: It's ok.

Blair: It is not ok, Todd! Did you see the smug look on his face? I swear, if he thinks he was hurt when Kelly told him that you were Ace's father, you just wait till he finds out all of that is a lie!

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Kelly: What if she tells Kevin the truth about Ace?

Dorian: She won't do that.

Blair: I am going to go tell Kevin the truth.

Todd: No, you're not. I am.

Jessica: You're alienating the entire family, Kevin! When is it going to end, when mom is dead and buried?

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