OLTL Transcript Friday 7/16/04

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/16/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Jessica: We're home, Jamie! Yay!

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Now, just as soon as your daddy gets home, everything will be perfect. Hi. Oh, I didn't -- I didn't know you were here.

Tico: Yeah, I didn't hear you come in.

Jessica: Yeah.

Tico: And who might this be?

Jessica: Well, this is Antonioís daughter.

Tico: Oh.

Jessica: Jamie, meet your new cousin, Tico.

Tico: Well, I'd better get dressed for a proper introduction.

Jessica: Yeah. Tico, you're bleeding. Come here, in the light.

Carlotta: Jessica!

Jessica: Carlotta? Hi.

Tico: Carlotta? Then you must be my aunt. Am I right?

Jessica: Yeah.

Carlotta: Your aunt?

Tico: I'm your nephew, Augustico.

Carlotta: Augustico? Manny's son?

Tico: Si.

Jessica: Carlotta --

Bo: Here you go, detective. Can't wait to see you wearing that again. Welcome back, Antonio.

Antonio: Thank you, sir. No one's happier about being back than I am. Being on the other side wasn't for me.

[Bo chuckles]

Bo: Yeah, but you were a great help breaking up that Santi organization. And you brought El Toroís son back with you?

Antonio: Tico. Apparently, he grew up in Spain. He says he didn't know who his father was until about a year ago.

Bo: And you're ok with that?

Antonio: Not really. Jess told me you're testing his D.N.A.

Bo: McBain put a rush on it.

Antonio: Good. Good -- I know it's a formality. He probably is who he says he is. The question is, what does that mean?

Bo: We'll know soon enough.

Antonio: Yeah.

Bo: Hi, Kev. Did spending a night in jail give you some time to think?

Kevin: Yeah, about how I'm going to get my life back.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?

Kelly: Hey, Blair, it's Kelly. Can I talk to Todd?

Blair: No.

Kelly: Blair, this is about Ace's kidnapping. I've got to go to the police station; make a statement. I need him to go with me.

Blair: What Margaret Cochran did was horrible. She took Jack for a while, so I know what you're going through, but Todd -- he can't help you now.

Kelly: Just put him on the phone.

Blair: Well, you see, I can't do that, because he's out with his children -- his real children.

Kelly: Yeah, well, everybody thinks that he's Ace's father, too.

Blair: But he's not, so back off, or I'm going to tell everyone that Ace isn't yours, either -- including the judge at your divorce trial.

Dorian: Kelly --

Kelly: Oh, my God -- oh, my God!

Dorian: Kelly, honey, what is it?

Kelly: Blair's going to have Ace taken away from me.

Dorian: What would make you think that?

Kelly: Because I just talked to her on the phone, and she threatened me! I wanted to talk to Todd, and she flipped out and hung up the phone!

Dorian: Well, in a way, that's understandable. After all, she does believe that her beloved rapist husband is Ace's father.

Kelly: No, no, she doesnít. She knows that he's not Ace's father. And she also knows that I'm not his biological mother. Todd told her everything, and now she's threatening to tell everyone everything.

Dorian: She actually said that?

Kelly: She hates me, Dorian! She's crazy with hate!

Dorian: Honey, please, just calm down, will you?

Kelly: No, I can't do that. I can't lose my baby. I can't lose my baby. I'm not going to let her take him away from me. I'm not going to let that happen! Dorian, you don't understand. If I lost Ace, I would die! I would die!

Dorian: Now, you trust me on this. I am not going to let Blair hurt you.

Kelly: How are you going to stop her?

Dorian: Your cousin needs to be reminded that we Cramer women do not turn on each other. We stand together, or else.

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Singer: Hey, hey, hey love's strange

Adriana: Antonio!

Antonio: Hey, Adriana. You're back.

Adriana: Yeah.

Antonio: Are you ok?

Adriana: Yeah, I'm fine.

Antonio: Yeah?

Adriana: I mean, I was scared to death when that man grabbed me, but the sisters at my old school took really good care of me.

Antonio: Good. Well, I'm glad you're home and safe. I'm sure that my mom and Dorian will be, too. The San Juan cops -- they treated you well?

Adriana: They wouldn't let me out of their sight. I have a question to ask you.

Antonio: What's that?

Adriana: Do I have a brother?

Antonio: What gave you that idea?

Adriana: Sergeant Ortiz flew back with me. Is it true?

Antonio: Here. Have a seat.

Antonio: Yes. Yes, it's true. You have a half brother. His name's Tico.

Adriana: Have you met him?

Antonio: At a hospital in Puerto Rico. He was held hostage by the Santi organization, but he's going to be all right.

Adriana: What's he like?

Antonio: He's very nice. I think you'll like him.

Adriana: What -- you mean, I'm going to meet him? He's in Llanview?

Antonio: He's -- he spent the night at my place. But listen, Adriana --

Adriana: No -- oh, my gosh! I can't wait to meet him! Can we go over there right now?

Antonio: Don't you think you should call Dorian first? She missed you.

Adriana: Yeah, of course. I've missed her, too. We've gotten to be really close. I can't wait to see her and tell her about my brother.

Antonio: Good.

Bo: Must be a relief to have Adriana back, huh?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I just wish she hadn't found out about her brother yet. I was hoping that I could make sure that he is who he says he is, you know? I -- I don't know why I took him in so fast. I -- I think I made a mistake.

Bo: It's not that long ago that you lost your brother; leaves a big hole in your family.

Antonio: What, you think that Iím trying to replace Cristian with him?

Bo: No, no. You'd never do that, but when something like that happens, people tend to reach out to family.

Carlotta: Does Adriana know that she has a brother?

Jessica: Antonio thought it would be best to keep it from her for just a little while.

Carlotta: How did he ever find Tico? Dios mio.

Jessica: Actually, I found him. When I found the old Santi vault, he was chained up inside.

Carlotta: What?

Jessica: People from the Santi family thought that Tico would know where your brother had hid his money, and --

Carlotta: But I don't understand. Antonio said that the Santi organization had fallen apart.

Jessica: Oh -- oh, it is, and it's because of Antonio.

Carlotta: But then, what does he have to protect Tico from?

Tico: Tia Carlotta, I'm sorry about the way we met.

Carlotta: Oh, no, no, no, no. No te preocupes.

Jessica: Here. Why don't you sit?

Carlotta: I'm sorry. It's just that when I first saw you, I was so shocked. It was like I was seeing a ghost. You look so much like your father when he was young; when he was really still my brother.

Tico: Well, I never knew him, and I didn't even know he was El Toro Santi until they told me who my father was. And it was through Jessica back in the hospital in Puerto Rico that I learned I also had an aunt who had rejected my father.

Carlotta: No. I did not reject my brother. I rejected the evil in him -- the evil things that he did. He almost broke up Aaronís heart.

Tico: Yeah, you don't need to explain. It's ok. But did you know about me?

Carlotta: Not too much. Only that when you were very young, and that you went to live in Europe. And now that your father's enemies kidnapped you and they tortured you and did terrible things to you.

[Tico sighs]

Carlotta: Are you all right?

Tico: Yes, yes. It's just that now that I know who he is -- I mean, was -- my life will never be the same again.

Carlotta: No. You go back to where you're from. When you go back home, you may be able to recapture your life. You live in Spain, verdad?

Tico: Si, pero, I'm thinking of staying here for a while, in Llanview.

Carlotta: No. You can't stay here. I don't mean to say that I don't want you living here in Llanview, but --

Tico: Yeah, but you donít. I understand. You've been afraid all this time that the Santi organization could hurt your family. And you've already suffered so much.

Jessica: Uh -- I told Tico about Cristian.

Tico: Yeah. I wish I could have known him.

Carlotta: My son was a wonderful man and a good son, much like your father was as a boy.

Tico: Yeah. Well, maybe my father still had some of that good in him, sending me away as he did.

Carlotta: But somehow, you couldn't extricate yourself completely, and it eventually came and found you and hurt you.

Tico: Yes. But strangely enough, it's what brought me to my new family. Jessica tells me that you helped her find the vault.

Jessica: When I called you and asked for the combination on the back of the brooch.

Carlotta: But I thought giving you the combination was to save Antonioís life.

Jessica: It -- it was. I thought that it was Antonio locked in the vault, but it was Tico.

Tico: Yeah. Jessica saved my life, and so did you.

Carlotta: Well, for that, I'm very grateful. I wasn't able to help save my own son.

Antonio: Hey, maim.

Carlotta: Adriana!

Adriana: Hi.

Carlotta: Oh, I was so worried about you! Until Antonio told me that you were safe with the sisters. Preciosa!

Antonio: What are you doing here, maim?

Carlotta: Well, I came over to see Jamie, but she was sleeping. And then I found --

Antonio: I was going to introduce you two tonight.

Carlotta: Adriana, I want to introduce you to your half brother, Augustico.

Tico: Call me Tico. Adriana, you have no idea what it means to me to finally meet you.

Adriana: Me, too.

Tico: You know; they were right. You're very beautiful.

Adriana: I'd love for you to meet my mother, Dorian Lord.

Tico: She must be a very different person than you are.

Adriana: Why do you say that?

Tico: What kind of a woman would marry a vicious man like our father?

Blair: Oh. Well, hi, Dorian.

Dorian: Hello, Blair.

Blair: I wasn't expecting you to stop by, so -- actually, I'm on my way out.

Dorian: Oh, come on. Surely you can spare a few minutes for me. After all, we haven't seen each other since I got back from Puerto Rico.

Blair: Oh. Without the Santi millions, I hear.

Dorian: That remains to be seen. I haven't really had a chance to talk to David about that yet.

Blair: What? You -- you think he found it and didn't tell you? Well, you two don't trust each other. That's too bad.

Dorian: Ah. Not like you and Todd do.

Blair: Yes, we do. Ok -- don't close the door, Dorian. I just told you that I was on my way out. I'm going to have a picnic with my family. Todd and the --

Dorian: It can wait.

Blair: No, it can't.

Dorian: Blair --

Blair: What?

Dorian: Why are you threatening Kelly?

Blair: Is that what she's telling you?

Dorian: Are you going to deny that you're threatening to tell the secret about her baby, unless she does what you say?

Blair: Come on! She's lying that Ace is Toddís son! And he's not, Dorian! Anyway, what business is it of yours, anyway?

Dorian: Because I'm the one who told her to go through with it.

Blair: What?

Dorian: Yes! I'm the one who told her not to deny that Todd is the father.

Blair: Why? Why in the hell would you do that? Oh, I know why you would do it. Because you obviously have always hated Kevin and Kelly together, and I know that you hate me being with Todd! So this way, you get to kill two marriages with one stone, right?

Bo: Well, you paid your fine and signed up for driver's ed, so you're free to go, Kev. You know, getting drunk is not the way to handle things. And revenge isn't, either.

Kevin: Thanks for the advice.

Antonio: You sure you're going to be ok with Tico here?

Carlotta: Yeah. I wasn't sure at first, but now that Iíve met him -- you know, we've had so many losses in our family between your father and your brother. He seems like a good man, don't you think?

Antonio: I'm going to find out more -- make sure his story checks out.

Carlotta: Yeah, well, our family could use a couple more good men. And I'm so glad that you're one of them.

Antonio: Well, going undercover was just to get inside the Santi organization, and to make sure our family was safe.

Carlotta: And are we safe, Antonio?

Antonio: I wouldn't worry about Tico, maim. Um -- he may just be exactly what he seems to be.

Carlotta: Well, bring him over for dinner. He looks like he could use a home-cooked meal. Que flaco.

Antonio: Come on, Iíll walk you to a cab.

Adriana: Did you ever meet our father?

Tico: No.

Adriana: Do you ever wonder about him?

Tico: No. And you shouldn't, either. But you know what? Let's not talk about him; let's talk about you, ok? I'm sure you have, what, four, five boyfriends lined up?

Adriana: Oh! Yeah. Just one, and I haven't seen him since I've been gone. A whole week.

Tico: Wow, a whole week?

Adriana: Yeah.

Tico: Well, he must be someone very special to put a smile like that on your face.

Adriana: Oh, he is. His name is River, and he's the most incredible boy I have ever known.

[Music plays]

River: Look, I'm really sorry. I came down here to be alone, and -- Iím just going to go to the other side, if that's ok.

Shannon: No, you're not. Not till I get some sunscreen on you. I can't have you blaming me for looking like a lobster, too.

River: Uh -- ok.

Shannon: Just sit right here. So, how are things with you and Adriana? What's going on?

River: Nothing. Nothing's going on.

Shannon: You haven't seen her?

River: No, I havenít.

Shannon: That sucks. I'm not cutting her down; I'm just telling you how it is.

River: Yeah, you may be right. It's just that when I first met that girl, I thought that we would be together forever. After all the stuff we've been through, you know, fighting everybody who tried to keep us apart, I thought it would last --

Shannon: Maybe that's what you needed.

River: Needed what?

Shannon: Something to make it interesting between the two of you.

River: No, I donít.

Shannon: Maybe that's what Adriana needed.

River: Yeah, well, anyway, she's not cutting me any slack right now. If she really loved me the way she said she would -- you know what; I have to face the facts -- that we're probably history.

Shannon: That girl's an idiot for leaving you. Let me finish getting this on. You know, the first rays can be the most difficult.

River: You know, actually -- I can just do this myself, really. It's no big deal.

Shannon: You cannot do the back yourself. Look, if you want to stay here, you can. I'm going to have to go, anyway. Some kids trashed the Love Center last night, and the cops have to check it out before we can go back. They're probably done by now. And you're all protected.

River: Thank you for that. Look, thanks for being a friend through all this, all right?

Shannon: You deserve it. No one should treat you like this. I'm going to go, anyway. You want to be alone.

River: Wait. Maybe I donít.

Singer: Now you can't hurt me anymore you can't travel to the places I can

Bo: Yeah, I know how much you and Renee enjoyed him, pa. And I'll -- I'll bet you little Ace is missing his great-grandpa right now. Yeah, and I will. I'll bring Matthew by to see you real soon. Yes, I promise. Ok.

Kevin: What are you doing here with Ace? Is something wrong?

Kelly: No, I just -- I have to give my statement about that Cochran woman, and I -- I didn't want to leave him alone.

Kevin: Well, I understand that.

Kelly: You sound like you care.

Kevin: Of course I care. I wouldn't wish what happened to him on any baby.

Kelly: He's not just any baby, Kevin. He's -- he's our baby. He's your son. He's the one that you -- you used to hold when he was crying --

Kevin: I --

Kelly: And you used to rock to sleep at night.

Kevin: I didn't mean anything by it, Kelly.

Kelly: You hate him. You can't even look at him.

Kevin: No, I donít. I don't hate him.

Kelly: Yeah, you do. You -- you do, because he's Toddís. I don't want my son around all that hate.

Dorian: Believe me, Blair, the idea of claiming that Todd was the father of Kellyís baby had nothing to do with breaking you and Todd up.

Blair: Ok. Then why did you do it, Dorian? Because it is stupid. It's crazy!

Dorian: It is not.

Blair: It is.

Dorian: If Kevin were to find out the true circumstances of how Kelly got that baby, it wouldn't matter that the child's mother didn't want it in the first place. He'd try and take the baby away from her. And Kelly wouldn't have any legal claim.

Blair: Yeah. And I can understand that. But why have Todd play daddy? Let her pick somebody else, Dorian.

Dorian: Blair, it was Todd and Kelly who said they had slept together!

Blair: Yeah -- to cover up why Paul was blackmailing her about getting that baby! And that was a stupid idea, too!

Dorian: Tell me that even for a fleeting moment, you didn't think that was true. Huh? Huh?

Blair: No, not even for a --

Dorian: I don't believe you!

Blair: No, not for a fleeting moment I did!

Dorian: Yeah -- Kevin believed it, ok? And then Kelly was faced with a choice -- to continue with the pretense, or lose her baby!

Blair: Dorian, what about me in all this? What about my children? What do you think it's going to do to them if they think that their daddy has had a child with somebody else, huh?

Dorian: You don't want anybody thinking that the man you love slept with your cousin.

Blair: You're damn straight I don't!

Dorian: And -- and what's worse is the way he keeps paying so much attention to her; the way he goes running whenever she calls!

Blair: Oh, he does not.

Dorian: Oh, he does so! And it bothers you, doesn't it?

Kelly: So, when Todd got the -- the Cochran woman -- Margaret Cochran to let him into the house, and, you know, he finally got Ace away from her, and he was wonderful. He -- he saved him. He could have been hurt. He -- he could have, you know, gotten into trouble, but he didnít. All he -- all he did was -- was get him -- get him back for us.

Bo: Kelly, we're all glad that everything turned out ok. And --

Kelly: There you go.

Bo: Thank you. That's all we need.

Kelly: Ok. I'm really, really glad he was there. I mean, I don't think Kevin would have done what he did.

Bo: Kelly, I don't want you to ever doubt that Kevin cares for little Ace, all right? I know that he would have done everything he possibly could to save that little boy.

Kelly: Yeah -- I don't think so. You didn't see him out in the hall just now. I didn't know he could be so unfeeling.

Bo: You know, there's no father that stops caring about a child just like that, even when he finds out that the child isn't really his. I mean, you have to -- you can trust me.

[Ace fusses]

Kelly: Hmm. Yeah, well, Kevin isn't you. You know what? Ace -- Ace doesn't need him. Ace doesn't need a father.

Bo: He will someday. Ace is going to want to know who his real father is, even if it's Manning.

Kelly: You know, I really have to go, I think.

Bo: All right, Kelly. I'm sorry if you don't like what I just said.

Kelly: I think I got to go. I got to get him home.

Kevin: How do I just say goodbye?

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Blair: Oh, don't you do this to me.

Dorian: What? What am I doing?

Blair: Don't you pull another one of your numbers to get me to doubt Todd!

Dorian: Oh, if you truly trusted him --

Blair: I do trust him, Dorian! I don't trust Kelly!

Dorian: What has she done? She can't help what happened to her, Blair.

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: She lost her baby; the only baby she will ever be able to have.

Blair: And I know what that's all about, Dorian, thanks to Kelly. I am not going to let her ruin things for me and my family. You know, pretty soon, she's going to be telling them all about this new half brother that they have. And, you know, she's probably going to believe it.

Dorian: Honey, it shouldn't make any difference if your relationship with Todd is as solid as you want me to believe.

Blair: You never believed that he would tell me the truth, did you? No, you didn't, see. You thought that Todd would do absolutely anything rather than tell me how he helped Kelly get that baby.

Dorian: You know, he was planning to use this against Kelly.

Blair: Yeah.

Dorian: Yep, to get revenge --

Blair: Mm-hmm, I know that.

Dorian: On Kevin.

Blair: I know that. He was, but he changed. And I respect him for keeping his promise not to expose her little secret.

Dorian: Has he got you hypnotized? Is there something he puts in the air here? What? What?

Blair: See?

Dorian: What, what?

Blair: I never made any promises to Kelly. See, all I have to do is to convince Kevin to listen to me. Hell, I can even bring Paul Cramer in to back me up! Yeah. I can stop all of this just like that. And I will. I swear to you, I will if Kelly doesn't back away from Todd.

Dorian: I'll get her to stop.

Blair: You can't do that any more than you can stop me from telling her little secret, Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, I can make you stop, Blair.

Blair: Really? And how do you plan on doing that, Dorian?

Jessica: So what do you think? Things back to normal again?

Antonio: Well, we'll see.

Jessica: Tico?

Antonio: Yeah. I hope I didn't make a mistake bringing him back here.

Jessica: I don't know. I wasn't sure of him myself at first, but he seems ok. It's that half sister of his that I'm not too sure about.

Antonio: You don't trust Sonia?

Jessica: I don't know. Maybe it's just a little bit of jealousy after watching you kiss her.

Antonio: Listen, you know Iím sorry about that, right?

Jessica: Yeah, I do. It was for a good reason.

Antonio: Hey, no one could ever take your place.

Tico: I want you to meet my sister, too. My foster sister, Sonia. She came to live with us in Madrid when she was 12.

Adriana: Oh, I can't believe all of a sudden, I have so much family. I mean, the Vegaís have always felt like family, but getting to know my mother's family -- and now I have a new brother.

Tico: So when do I get to meet your boyfriend?

Adriana: Oh -- if I still have one.

Tico: What do you mean?

Adriana: Oh, we -- we had a fight, and I wanted to make up, but I was taken to Puerto Rico before we had a chance to talk. The sisters said I couldn't make any phone calls.

Tico: Well, I'm sure he'll understand.

Adriana: If he's still speaking to me.

Tico: He's probably going crazy trying to get a hold of you now.

Adriana: All I could think about the whole time I was in Puerto Rico was River -- how much I wanted to see him, and wondering if he still even wanted me.

Tico: Well, he would be a fool if he didnít. And if he's any trouble, he has your big brother to answer to now.

[Music plays]

Shannon: You know what's going to happen if we don't stop.

River: Yeah.

Shannon: Adriana's not going to like it.

River: I told you, she doesn't love me. We're through.

Shannon: What if you still want her?

River: I want to feel good again.

Shannon: Then stay right where you are.

[Music box plays Mozart]

Kevin: Oh, hey, Ace. You're awake, huh? How are you doing there, buddy? Well, you are something. Look at that. I'll tell you what. I am always going to be there for you. You know that? Just like you were for your mom and me. That's right. You gave us a second chance to be happy. You know, to be better people. You sure did. You sure did. That's what I'm going to be. You know that? I'm going to be a better person for you. I promise you that. I will never let you down.

Dorian: Blair, I think you're forgetting who you are. You're a Cramer. We are family.

Blair: I haven't forgotten anything, Dorian, but you need to remember that Todd and my children are my family, too.

Dorian: Yes, of course. You have a family. You have wonderful children. You have a man who, God help you, you love. And if he's capable of it, he loves you back. If you want to, you can have as many children with him as you want to. But Kelly canít. She has nothing. Her marriage is over, her baby was stillborn, and Ace is all she has.

Blair: Yeah, and that's sad, Dorian, but it's not my problem.

Dorian: It's all of our problem. Blair, if you could have seen her when you threatened her -- something happened. She -- I don't know. It just reminded me of that time when her mother, Melinda, had that terrible, last nervous breakdown.

Blair: Ok, Dorian. What are you trying to tell me?

Dorian: I'm afraid if Kelly loses Ace, she'll lose her mind.

Blair: Well, then get her into therapy.

Dorian: I will. Blair, please, I do not want to lose another member of our family to mental illness, not when one of us is the cause of it.

Blair: Now, if Kelly loses it, it's her fault!

Dorian: Oh, really?

Blair: Not mine!

Dorian: Oh? How is she to blame? How is it her fault, any more than it's your mother's fault? That she --

Blair: Do not bring my mother into this. It's very different, and you know it! Now, stop it!

Dorian: It is not different! Mental illness runs in our family -- fact! Face it! I am begging you, please, just let Kevin continue to believe that Todd is the baby's father. That way, he won't take the baby away from Kelly. Please. I'll make sure that she is no trouble to you or to Todd. Do this for our family!

[Doorbell rings]

[Blair sighs]

Kelly: Hey.

Blair: Kelly?

Kelly: I -- I don't want to bother you, but I just wanted you to know that I -- I won't do anything to come between you and Todd. I just -- please -- please don't take my baby away from me.

Blair: You two planned this, didn't you? To ambush me?

Singer: And I can go no more live or die no one can save me now that Iím trying

Adriana: Hey, Reverend Carpenter, Iíve been trying to reach River. Do you have any idea where he is? At the quarry? Oh, well, I don't know if I should go. River really missed me? Thanks, reverend. River missed me.

Tico: Oh, didn't I tell you?

Adriana: So you know what it's like to be in love?

Tico: Maybe. Someday.

Adriana: Hi! Antonio, Jessica, I would love to stay, but I have to go see River.

Antonio and Jessica: Ok.

Jessica: Wow. They're back together?

Tico: In a very few, short minutes, I suspect.

Antonio: [Spanish accent] Jess, when this family loves, they love.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: [Normal voice] ok, hold on. The phone's ringing. I'll be right back. Hello?

Bo: Just heard from the lab, Antonio. They're sending up your cousin's D.N.A. results right now.

Antonio: I'll be right over. I have to get to the station -- check out some lab results.

Jessica: Oh. Well, let me drop Jamie off at your mom's, and Iíll come with you.

Antonio: Yeah.

Tico: Actually, I can take care of Jamie.

Antonio: Try keeping her from my mom.

Tico: Antonio, you don't trust me, do you?

Kelly: I don't know. I -- he looks a little flushed to me. I mean, do you think he has a fever, Dorian?

Dorian: Oh, no, sweetheart --

Blair: Come on, Kelly. Ace is fine, he's fine. You guys are just fussing over him. Come here, big boy. Come here.

[Ace fusses]

Blair: Yeah, that's right. That's right. You just have to hold him up like this and pat him on the fanny and settle his stomach. He feels your stress is probably what it is. It -- what is it?

Kelly: I don't know. I mean, what if he --

Blair: That's right.

Kelly: What if it's something more? I mean, what if I -- I think maybe I should take him to the hospital, have some tests run, because if anything happened to him, I don't know what I would do.

Blair: He's fine.

Kelly: Are you sure?

Blair: Yes.

[Ace fusses]

Blair: And I'm not going to take you away. That's right, come here. All right. Come here. That's right, come here.

[Ace cries]

Blair: Shh.

Kelly: You want to, don't you? You want to tell Kevin that he's not Toddís or mine. Tell the judge at our divorce hearing? That's nice. Do you know what will happen? They'll take him away from me. They'll put him in a home where no one loves him.

Blair: I wouldn't do that to him. Or to you, Kelly.

Kelly: Thank you.

Blair: But you stay away from me, my children, and Todd, from now on. That means no calls; don't come around. Because if you do -- if you do anything to get in the way of my life -- yeah -- I just might have to do what I have to do.

Kelly: Don't worry.

[Ace cries]

Kelly: Come here, sweetheart. Come here, sweetheart.

Blair: You two see yourselves out.

Kelly: It's ok.

[Door closes]

Kelly: Thank you. Thank you, Dorian.

Dorian: Don't thank me. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure my girls are happy.

Kevin: Yeah, Jeff, my wife got the divorce papers. Listen, I want to talk to you about something else. I've decided to sue for custody of Ace. That's right, full custody. And I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to win this. All right? I want to make sure that Todd Manning never sees that child again. And neither does my wife, Kelly.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: I guess the rumors are true. You're finally moving on.

Kelly: I had to tell Kevin that his worst enemy is Ace's father.

Viki: Todd, if you're not Ace's father, then who is?

Kevin: And when Iím through, Kelly and Todd are never going to see him again.

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