OLTL Transcript Wednesday 7/14/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/14/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

Todd: Margaret, are you and Ace ok?

Margaret: Don't call him that ugly nickname. Todd Jr. is a beautiful name.

Todd: Well, is Todd Jr. ok?

Margaret: He's fine. He wants his daddy to come home.

Todd: He's fine. It's all right. I'm just running a little late.

Margaret: Well, aren't you going to come home in time to read him a bedtime story?

Todd: Uh -- honey, my -- my cell phone's dying. Can I give you another number to call me back on?

Margaret: Just come home.

Todd: Right, ok, I'll be right there. Where are you?

Margaret: What? I told you -- at home.

Todd: Yes, but we -- we have -- we have so many houses. Are you at the beach house? Are at the townhouse?

Margaret: You don't know? You are not Todd!

Todd: Yes, of course I'm Todd.

Margaret: What are you doing on Todd’s phone?

Kelly: What do you mean, you lost her?

Todd: It's ok. She's in town; Ace is fine. We'll get him back.

Viki: Dorian, I'm very sorry if you feel that Todd is ruining Kelly’s life. Frankly, I think Kelly’s the one who's dragged Todd into something --

Dorian: Oh, no. Stop right there, please, because I know how oblivious you've always been to Todd’s faults. However, how can you possibly excuse what he's doing now?

Viki: Well, what is he doing now?

Dorian: He is putting a child's life in danger.

Viki: What child?

Kevin: You ready for this?

Viki: What now?

Kevin: You trust Todd to run your newspaper, this is what you get. Thank God I have friends there to tip me off.

Dorian: What is it?

Kevin: Tomorrow's front page. "Kevin Buchanan, the Worst Employer."

John: Hey, Larry, it's McBain. Yeah. Hey, look, an agent of yours made off with one of my collars. Sonia Toledo. Do me a favor -- you check it out, get back to me? Thanks, Larry. I owe you.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah. Come on in.

Jessica: You wanted to see me?

John: Yeah, Jess. Thanks for coming down. I just wanted to know why didn't you tell me about Tico Santi?

Jessica: Well, what about him?

John: You took him to the hospital after you found him in the vault, didn't you?

Jessica: You have spoken to Antonio.

John: I was just wondering why you kept quiet about it.

Jessica: John, Antonio told me not to say anything, ok? I mean, you were the one that called him. You said the case was closed; he wasn't undercover anymore. He just wanted to stay and spend some time with his cousin.

John: So he's suspicious of this guy?

Jessica: He said he just wanted to be sure.

John: Sure of what?

Jessica: I don't know for sure that Tico was who he said he was. I mean, if he's lying to him, then Antonio could be in real danger.

Antonio: Stay down, ok? Come on. We got to get you out of here.

Sonia: What's going on? I heard glass breaking.

Antonio: Get down, now! Get over here! Someone took a shot at us. All right, you stay here with Tico.

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Sonia: Are you ok?

Tico: Yeah, yeah. Antonio saw something or someone out the window.

Sonia: Well, were they shooting at him or you?

Tico: Well, I don't know. Puerto Rico is obviously not good for my health.

Sonia: Don't worry, don't worry. I'm getting you out of here tonight.

John: So when you found Santi, he was chained to a wall; he was left to die?

Jessica: Yeah, and close to it. I mean, it's not like he was lying there counting stacks of money.

John: Well, I think the so-called $100 million was kind of an exaggeration anyway.

Jessica: Yeah. Even so, Antonio just wanted to be sure. I mean, Tico was a baby when he left the country.

John: After his mother and brother were killed?

Jessica: Oh. What if this guy really isn't Antonio’s cousin? I mean, he's down there alone with him, and Antonio was pretending to join the family business, which in turn would make him a threat to Tico.

John: I understand you're worried about that.

Jessica: Yeah, I don't know what I am, John. I guess I'm just nervous, ok?

John: Jessica, there is no more Santi family. The F.B.I. and the local police are rounding them up and arresting them. It's over, and Antonio is no longer undercover.

Jessica: Then why isn't he back?

John: Could be he's picking up Adriana at the convent. Could be something else.

Jessica: Well, even so, we should find out who Tico is for sure.

Evangeline: Jessica. Hi.

Jessica: Hey.

Evangeline: So I heard you made it back alive.

Kevin: He has my own people trashing me, except they weren't interviewed.

Dorian: Well, that's what they're saying now.

Kevin: They want me to sue. It's a complete fabrication.

Viki: Come on, Todd didn't write this.

Kevin: What do you mean? He's been after me for months.

Viki: Dorian, is this what you were talking about?

Kevin: Look, you have to fire him. There's the evidence.

Viki: I'm looking at it. Just a minute.

Kevin: Your brother is not some misguided soul that needs a second chance.  He's sick and he needs to be fired.

Viki: All right, calm down. Todd did not write this.

Kevin: It's his paper. If he didn't write it, who did?

Starr: My mom is still on her computer.

Travis: So I guess she won't take us to the restaurant?

Starr: I am pretty much stuck here until they find the woman that took Jack.

Travis: Yeah, I know, but why? I mean, she brought him back, didn't she?

Starr: Yeah, well, that doesn't really matter. My mom's still wigged out about a lot of stuff.

Travis: So sneaking out would be a problem?

Starr: No, but coming back would be. She probably would never let me see you again. I have an idea. Why don't we hack on to "The Banner Sun"?

Travis: Yeah, cool, sure. So, who do we trash this time?

Starr: How about Kevin Buchanan for going after my dad?

Travis: Sweet. What do we accuse him of this time?

Starr: How about drug dealing?

Kelly: Wait wait, wait. What are you doing? You can't just give up.

Det. Wade: We'll track Mr. Manning's cell calls, but she won't be calling here for a ransom. She wants him.

Kelly: You would pick some total wacko to use against Kevin!

Todd: You know, Kevin knows her better than I do. Maybe he'd know where she'd take him.

Kelly: No, no, I can't bring him into this. He'll get some judge to declare me unfit. He'll use this against me.

Todd: No, if he still loves Ace, this is his chance to be a hero.

Kelly: About saving your child?

Todd: Maybe you should just come clean. Sometimes the truth works.

Kelly: No, I can't risk that. Ace needs his mother.

Todd: Wait a minute. Margaret has a mother. Was it Angela?

Kelly: Where? Where? I mean, do you know her name

Todd: Yeah. I think she talked with Angela. Angela, Angela -- here it is. 108 Calderon Drive. Let's go.

Kelly: Wait, wait, wait. What if she sees us and then she hurts Ace?

Todd: She's not going to hurt -- she didn't hurt Jack. She just wants a family.

Kelly: She's crazy.

Todd: Well, then, we got to go!

[Ace cries]

[Ace cries]

[Ace cries]

[Ace cries]

Margaret: Why won't he stop crying?

Evangeline: So, Antonio’s ok?

John: Yeah, yeah, but it was tight. He was in the room when the new head of the Santi family bought it, a guy by the name of Padilla.

Evangeline: Did you find out who ordered the hit on my client and your friend Kathryn?

John: It was Padilla. When he got killed, the F.B.I. moved in. They're rounding up the rest of the gang right now.

Evangeline: Good. Well, I guess, I'll just --

John: Hey, I was -- I was actually just about to have a cup of coffee. It's old, but it's lousy.

Evangeline: I'd love some.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yeah.

John: Ok.

Evangeline: So, my poor bookkeeper's homicide is closed.

John: Yeah. They're -- they're having a service for Kathryn Fitzgerald. Her family is from Princeton.

Evangeline: I feel terrible about what happened to her. I wish -- I wish I could pay my respects to her family.

John: Yeah, well, you could ride with me, if you want.

Evangeline: I'd love to.

John: Do you want anything?

Evangeline: What?

John: Cream? Sugar?

Evangeline: Cream and sugar, please.

John: Ok. You'll never guess who I ran into down in Puerto Rico. Sonia Toledo.

Evangeline: The owner of The Hookup?

John: Hmm. The F.B.I. took her off my hands. They're going to go after her for what they got. I still like her for sending someone with cyanide to our shooter's jail cell.

Evangeline: Conspiracy to commit suicide. You know, that would be a novel.

John: Oh, please don't tell me you would ever defend her.

Evangeline: Why, lieutenant? Are you scared?

John: No, I'm not scared. I'd just rather not be on opposite sides.

[Something falls to floor]

Evangeline: Oh. I'm so sorry.

John: It's ok.

Evangeline: I'm so sorry --

John: It's ok. No problem, all right? They clean this place up once a year.

Sonia: Come on, we got to hurry. We can't trust anyone.

Tico: We can trust Antonio.

Sonia: We'll see.


Antonio: Take a look at who wanted us dead. You ever seen him before?

Starr: You have got to be kidding me. "Access denied --" Travis?

Travis: Yeah.

Starr: Travis, come here. Travis, it's not working. It keeps saying "Access denied."

Travis: Did you try the same access code?

Starr: My dad's!

Travis: Then somebody must have seen our paper and changed it. You think your dad saw our first piece on Buchanan?

Starr: I hope he did.

Travis: Well, won't he be ticked if he traces it back to us?

Starr: No. He would laugh. Kevin Buchanan would be the only one ticked. And that's cool, right?

Travis: Yeah, I guess.

Viki: If he comes into the office, would you please have him call me? Thank you. Todd's not there, but Briggs has reset all the security codes. There won't be any more hacking into our system.

Dorian: A bit late.

Viki: And the story has been spiked.

Kevin: Yeah, until Todd overrules him.

Viki: Kevin, would you use your head? I'm telling you that Todd didn't write this!

Kevin: How would you know?

Viki: Have you read it? "Buchanan thinks he's so cool, but the man is totally bogus." A kid wrote that, some teenager playing a prank.

Kevin: What teenager? They don't know who I am.

Dorian: He's got a point.

Kevin: Look, I don't care. He wrote to make it look like somebody -- it doesn't matter. It's his front page!

Viki: Look, calm down. I know you're upset. Now, come on. Don't do anything until we talk to him.

Kevin: Oh, no, no, I'll just stand here until he libels me again.

Viki: Oh, Kevin!

Kevin: "Kevin" what? Would you please tell her that he's just making her look like a fool?

Dorian: Kevin, I try my very best to stay out of other people's affairs.

Kevin: You don't care that Kelly had a child with Todd Manning? Wake up, Dorian.

Dorian: I happen to think that Kelly is a wonderful mother, and I'm not going to say anything that you can slam her with in court.

Kevin: I didn't say she wasn't a good mother. She's an unfaithful wife.

Dorian: Oh! The pot calling the kettle unfaithful? You have such nerve! Really, whose fault is it? Who -- I am so sorry. Please excuse me, Viki. We'll just have to talk about Todd at another time. Good night.

Viki: Kevin -- Kevin, I really wish that you were not so quick to blame Todd for everything.

Kevin: He is to blame.

Viki: Not for everything! Look, I'm going to investigate this, ok, and I promise you I will fire him if I find out he's responsible.

Kevin: "If"?

Viki: Yeah.

Kevin: Are you -- when he does anything horrible, you just pick him up and you slap him on the back. It's really unbelievable. You know what? Forget it. I'll take care of it myself.

Viki: No, Kevin. Kevin, don't you go -- Ke--

Det. Wade: You sure that's the suspect's car in the driveway?

[Baby cries]

Kelly: That's Ace. That's Ace. That's my son.

Todd: Kelly, stay back. You don't want to panic her. Just shut up --

Kelly: You heard him? You heard him, right?

Todd: He might want his diaper changed.

Det. Wade: All right, but let's back off so she doesn't see us.

Kelly: Ok.

Todd: I'll yell the minute I got him, ok?

[Baby cries]

Margaret: Stop it. Stop crying! What's the matter with you? I'm your mother, damn it!

[Knock on door]

Todd: Honey, I'm home. Come on, let me in. Hey, come on.

[Knock on door]

Todd: Come on, honey, quit kidding around. I got to get in there and get my hello kiss.

Margaret: Where are your keys?

Todd: I left them. Come on, open up.

Margaret: But I though you didn't know where I was.

Todd: Well, I had to -- I -- I was stalling because I got you some flowers. Come on, honey, open up.

[Ace fusses]

Todd: Hey, sweetheart.

Margaret: Aren't you going to give me a kiss?

Todd: Yes, I'm going to give you a kiss.

[Ace cries]

Todd: Aw. Do you want me to help you stop the crying?

Margaret: No, no. I'm his mother.

Todd: Yeah, I know.

Margaret: Oh. Oh.

Todd: What are you doing here? Are you making a -- making a -- what are you making?

Margaret: Oh, it's -- it's of us.

Todd: Oh, great. It's great. Well, can I help you? Let me help you. I -- I want to do this, too. Let me -- I'll trade you. I'll trade you the flowers for the scissors.

[Ace cries]

Margaret: Ok.

Todd: Oh, this is going to be fun. It'll be fun.

Margaret: Why don't I go upstairs and give him a bedtime story? He's obviously tired. I'll read him a bedtime story, then we can go upstairs and we can have you a little bedtime, if you know what I mean. Ok.

Todd: There he is, there he is. Hey, my friend. Hey, my friend. Has he -- has he said anything yet?

Margaret: No.

Todd: No?

Margaret: No. I don't think he's going to talk for a long time.

Todd: Oh. Hey, you know what? We should teach him to call you "Mommy." Don't you think? Is there a book around? Go get a book, all right?

Margaret: Why don't we just lay down in bed, and then you can --

Todd: Got him.

Kelly: Oh! Oh, my baby! Oh, my God!

[Ace cries]

Kelly: Sweetheart, oh, dear.

Margaret: Why does she have our baby, Todd? Todd, I love you! Don't leave me!

John: Oh, well, hey, maybe I --

Evangeline: Yeah, I should probably go.

John: I should get back to work, actually. And I'm sure you -- oh.

Evangeline: Uh -- yeah. Thanks for the coffee.

John: Anytime. Anytime.

Evangeline: You know, I'm -- I'm meeting some friends in a while for a drink.

John: Sounds good.

Evangeline: Are you saying you'd like to join me -- us?

Tico: I've never seen him before.

Sonia: Are you sure he's the one?

Antonio: The guard here made him coming off the roof. A quien trabajar?

Guard: Conteste el hombre!

Antonio: Rapido. You speak English? Look at me. Now, we can charge you for shooting at him or the attempted murder of a police officer. It's your call.

Man: I worked for the man you killed. Padilla was my uncle -- my father. But you ruined everything, you and your F.B.I.

Antonio: Who sent you to make the hit?

Man: I don't work for no one no more, only my honor.

Second man: Hector, el Capitan Cruz tiene un equipo en el pasillo.

Hector: Esta bien. The San Juan police is in the lobby.

Antonio: Get him out of here.

Hector: No problem.

Sonia: Congratulations.

Antonio: What?

Sonia: You heard that guy. The family's history.

Antonio: And you believed him?

Sonia: You think a foot soldier's smart enough to lie? What?

Antonio: You knew Padilla. Who's next in line?

Sonia: Oh. We killed him, too.

Antonio: Yeah? What about whoever kidnapped Tico and tortured him? Your brother said he saw no one there. You and I both know it couldn't have been Padilla.

Sonia: Antonio, this is a big organization, but if the F.B.I. says it's in shambles, what --

Antonio: Yeah, why do you want me to believe that this is over so badly?

Sonia: Why don't you want to believe it's over? I just want to get Tico out of here.

Tico: Oh, something's bothering you?

Antonio: You know, I know you said you're done with the business, but who got out of the room safely before the shooting started? Who could run everything if there's no competition left?

Sonia: I don't believe this. Are you saying I put the hit out on Tico?

Antonio: Well, did you?

John: Well, that's an interesting question. Would I like to join you?

Evangeline: Ok, it's no big deal, really. It's -- it's a bunch of us sitting around swapping courtroom stories. You know, I don't remember. Do you drink?

John: You know, I've been known to enjoy the occasional adult beverage.

Evangeline: Yeah, maybe -- how about wine? How do you feel about wine?

John: I think I feel pretty good about wine.

Evangeline: So -- so, you want to maybe meet me at Ultraviolet later?

John: You sure we should do this?

Evangeline: I don't know.

John: There's a lot.

Evangeline: Keep your sad stories to yourself. I'm just hoping you tell me who does your hair.

John: Well, I could tell you, but, of course, I'd have to kill you.

Evangeline: Oh, and you know what happened the other night -- we both said it's not like it's -- it's not like it's going to happen again.

John: Yeah --

[Door opens]

Jessica: Oh -- sorry. I didn't know you were still here.

Evangeline: I'm not, I'm not. I'm -- I'm leaving. Some other time

John: Yeah, some other time.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: Ok.

Jessica: Something important?

Sonia: Did I make a mistake yesterday when I shot Padilla and saved your life?

Antonio: Good way to get rid of the boss -- with cop as your alibi?

Sonia: Didn't know you were a cop.

Antonio: Look, I was trained to think this way.

Sonia: Oh, Antonio, I'm a lot less Santi than you.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, I wasn't part of the organization. You found the way to get inside somehow.

Sonia: That was just to get to Padilla; to pay him back for something that happened a long time ago.

Antonio: What?

Sonia: Let's just say he got off easy.

Tico: Yeah, in 10 or I don't know how many years later, Padilla kills my father.

Antonio: Fine. So he got what was coming to him. But you let me get inside. Why?

Sonia: Because Tico was missing, ok? I knew Padilla must have him. I saw you coming; I knew you were trouble -- good trouble. I needed to bring you in to shake things up, ok? I needed to get Tico back.

Tico: Antonio, when she shot Padilla, why not kill you, too? Huh? And why go through all this and try the hard way?

Antonio: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe the bullet was meant for you.

Tico: If she hasn't killed me by now, I guess she never will.

Sonia: This is not funny -- I not the bad guy here! There's been too much death --

Antonio: Ok, look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, all right, but the way we met, being undercover this whole time, it has me paranoid.

Tico: Well, you're still alive. Who's to say you were wrong?

Antonio: I had to ask.

Sonia: I'll be fine. Anyway, I need to ask you a favor. I need you to do one more thing for me, please.

[Music plays]

Starr: Know what? I think maybe next we should do a "Slam Buchanan" music video.

Travis: I cannot wait to see the paper tomorrow.

Starr: I know. My first paper in print -- tear, tear.

Travis: Oh, this is way cool.

Starr: Yeah.

Travis: You know, you're the most amazing person I ever knew.

Starr: Yeah, well, you're the most coolest person I ever knew and a lot more. You know what? Knowing you was worth getting kidnapped.

Travis: Ok. I'll do it again.

Starr: Ok.

Travis: Ok.

Dorian: Kelly, where are you? I don't understand. The house is empty. The police are gone, the wiretap, gone, you're gone. Please, as soon as you get this message, call me and let me know that the baby's all right.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Is Todd here?

Dorian: Why would Todd be here?

Kevin: Must be in hiding, huh? That's what he is. He's in hiding, isn't he?

Dorian: Todd isn't here.

Kevin: Are you sure he's not here? Tell me the truth.

Dorian: Kevin, he's not here. Kelly's not here. Ace isn't here. I wish you weren't here.

Kevin: You seem a little agitated, Dorian. Something going on I don't know about?, Huh? Something going on, huh?

Dorian: Something going on you don't know about? Pardon me. Isn't that the story of your life these days?

Kevin: Todd! Come out, come out, wherever you are! You can't hide forever!

Dorian: Oh, shut up!

Kevin: Todd!

Viki: Hey! Kevin!

Kevin: You following me?

Dorian: Now, just stop this. This is more stress than your mother can handle.

Viki: Oh, Dorian, shut up. Yes, I am following you. I cannot leave things like this.

Kevin: Look, I don't want to argue about Todd anymore, ok? I just don't! The man is a human wrecking ball, you know, and I'm just left to pick up the pieces. Well, no more! I'm done!

Viki: You calm down. You're totally out of control!

Kevin: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You just back him up. You support him all you want, mom. That's great. I can't stand him, I hate him, and I'm going to prove you, I'm telling you, I am right about him.

Viki: I know you hate him, Kevin, and you have good reason, ok? He did terrible things to you in the past. But, sweetheart, you have put your life back together again and it's working! Please don't let your anger destroy who you are.

Kelly: Dorian, we're home.

Dorian: Oh.

Kevin: Well, if it isn't the happy family.

Sonia: It's too dangerous for us to stay here. Santi will always have enemies.

Antonio: Maybe he should go back to Spain, change his name.

Sonia: No, no, he's going back to the states. He's going to recover with us in Llanview.

Antonio: I got to admit my family will want to meet you.

Tico: Well, can we get to the airport alive?

Sonia: Yeah. We'll make it happen. Can you get him checked out and make the arrangements?

Antonio: I'll get on it before word gets out the first shooter missed.

Tico: Hey. Do you like my new cousin now?

Jessica: Listen, I can wait outside. Call Evangeline back.

John: No. Why?

Jessica: I don't know. You tell me.

John: What's that? What's in the bag?

Jessica: I had the bandana when I found Tico. I cleaned his cuts and bruises with it, and it has his blood on it.

John: It doesn't mean a whole lot to the Llanview P.D.

Jessica: Yes, but it does mean something to the safety of one of your detectives, right? You can get the D.N.A. analyzed, John, ok, and you can just at least find out for sure if he is Adriana’s brother.

John: Better than that. The F.B.I. already has D.N.A. Records for Manuel Santi. If this is his son, we'll get a match.

Jessica: And please, John, even if it's not official, could you just tell Antonio?

John: Jessica, I'll run it.

Jessica: Thanks.

John: You're welcome.

Jessica: This is probably none of my business.

John: Probably not.

Jessica: That thing that I just saw between you and Evangeline --

John: Yeah?

Jessica: John, it's just that my sister was jumping through hoops to try to please you, ok, and, you know --

John: I never meant to hurt Natalie.

Jessica: But you did. I just don't want to have it happen to anyone else.

John: Neither do I. Neither do I.

Dorian: Oh, the good boy --

Kelly: He's just fine. She didn't hurt him at all. He's perfect.

Kevin: Who didn't hurt him? What are you talking about?

Dorian: Your employee, Margaret Cochran. She stole the baby out of his crib tonight.

Kevin: What?

Dorian: Yes. Kelly, of course, called the police. She's absolutely blameless.

Kevin: Wait, did you know about this?

Viki: No!

Kevin: Why didn't anyone tell me?

Todd: We didn't know you cared.

Kevin: What's his part in it?

Dorian: Oh, his usual part. He drove the woman insane, so she felt she had to steal the baby in order to win his love.

Kevin: Well, there you go, mom. More wreckage.

Kelly: Actually, Todd was very helpful. He talked his way into the house. He was able to get Ace back.

Kevin: Oh, so Todd was the hero. Isn't that nice.

Viki: Kevin --

Kevin: That's --

Viki: Kevin, Kevin -- look at this child. Ace doesn't care about anything except who loves him. Please just take him home and love your son.

Kevin: He's Todd’s son, remember.

Kelly: He's not Todd’s. He's not yours. Come here, honey.

Dorian: There you go.

Kelly: He's mine. I don't want either one of you anywhere near him.

Dorian: Viki, I don't care what you do about your own family. However, when I get back here, I would appreciate it if all of you were gone.

Viki: I really wish you had not done that.

Kevin: Well, it's done. That's a nice story in "The Banner," by the way. Too bad it will never run.

Todd: What story's that?

Kevin: You know what story I'm talking about.

Todd: I don’t. This guy belongs in a cage, man.

Kevin: Yeah, man. You belong in jail, and you know what? I'm going to make sure that you --


Kevin: What was that?

Viki: It's nothing, it's nothing. It's a reminder to take my anti-rejection medication.

Todd: You got any more for this guy?

Kevin: Oh, just shut up! You have any? You want me to go back to the house and get it for you?

Viki: No, I have it with me, honey. I just need a glass of water.

Kevin: All right.

Todd: I'll go to the kitchen --

Kevin: No, no. Why don't you go upstairs and tuck in my wife and your bastard son? I'll take care of my mom.

Viki: I think under the circumstances I'll get my own water.

John: Yeah, it's McBain. I got a blood sample here that needs testing. No. Not in the morning. Send someone now. Thank you.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Sonia: You strong enough to travel?

Tico: I don't know. Isn't that why we're going with Antonio -- to lean on him?

Sonia: I'm not kidding. You know, the doctors are not thrilled that you're leaving so soon.

Tico: Well, tell them I'm leaving for my health and I'll be all right.

Antonio: Ok, the car's at the loading dock. You ready?

Tico: Yeah. I'm looking forward to this peaceful, quiet town -- Llanview? And meeting the rest of this family.

Antonio: Let's go.

Tico: Ok, hey, I'm not crippled, you know.

Sonia: All right, hurry up.

Kelly: Kevin's going to use this against me. He's going to say that I allowed Ace to be kidnapped.

Dorian: Why would he do that?

Kelly: If he goes after custody.

Dorian: Oh. He won't do anything of the sort. Please, Kevin is only interested in himself now that he knows the baby isn't his. He doesn't want anything to do with it.

Kelly: Yeah, you're probably right.

Dorian: He thinks he knows who the baby's real father is.

Kelly: Well, I guess this is it. Just you and me now, huh, Ace? I lost you today;  my life just stopped. Nothing's ever going to come between us ever again.

Todd: You still here?

Kevin: She's not stupid, you know. Mom will figure it out.

Todd: You got nowhere to go, do you? You got no wife anymore. You got no kid anymore. Even mommy can't help you.

Kevin: Shut up.

Todd: I tried to warn you. All you had to do is -- all you had to do was nothing, but you're such an ass. You really did it to yourself this time. How does it feel, Kevin? Tell me. I really want to know. To lose everything -- does it feel anything like I felt when you tried to put me away?

Kevin: Don't -- Ugh!

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. Come on. Come on, you wuss. Viki would love this. Come on. Right now, come on. Huh?

Viki: Kevin! Good God, stop this! Kevin, stop! Stop! My God, are you insane? What are you doing? Have you lost your mind, Kevin? This is no way to solve anything. Are you all right?

Todd: I just need -- I need some space. I'm all right. I'm fine.

Viki: Kevin, go home. Just go home.

Kevin: Mom --

Viki: I mean it! Go home! I don't even know who you are anymore!

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: He led a really powerful gang. He'd never go back.

Tico: I certainly hope not.

Kelly: You lost someone, too?

John: Couldn't do anything to stop it.

Kelly: How do you get past that?

Natalie: How's John?

Evangeline: Why are you asking me?

Natalie: You are sleeping with him, right?

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