OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/13/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/13/04

By Eric
Proofread by Brian

[Rock music blares]

Nick: How about I get us some shots?

Jen: No, thanks. I'm not drinking.

Nick: It's one shot. It's not drinking.

Dorian: Jessica! Oh, thank goodness. Where's David?

Jessica: I came in on an earlier flight. David, Natalie, and Paul, they're with John. They should be here soon.

Dorian: And Adriana? Is she with Antonio?

Jessica: No, no, she's still at the convent school, and Antonio’s at the hospital.

Dorian: Why? Was he hurt?

Jessica: No, he's with Adriana’s brother.

Sonia: Oh, God, what are you doing here?

Tico: Some of father's colleagues apparently wanted to see me very badly, so they grabbed me right off the street in Madrid and brought me here to Puerto Rico.

Sonia: Oh, sweetie, thank God you're alive. What did they do to you?

Tico: Well, they roughed me up a little, but I'm ok now. They wanted to know where their money was hidden.

Sonia: But you don't know anything.

Tico: Well, they didn't believe me. Then when they got to the Santi vault and they saw it was empty, they locked me in there to starve to death.

Sonia: That was you they had chained up in there?

Tico: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Wait -- wait a minute here, all right? Hold up. You two know each other?

Tico: She's the sister I was telling you about.

Sonia: Not by blood. I was adopted.

Tico: Hey, you're still my sister. Remember I was telling you she's my age; we grew up together?

Hedy: Mrs. Buchanan! The baby Ace -- you didn't take him with you?

Kelly: What -- no. No, I didn't take him with me! He's here with you!

Hedy: Oh, no. Heavens.

Kelly: Hedy, Hedy, what -- what's going on? What happened?

Hedy: The baby -- he's gone.

Kelly: What do you mean gone? Where is he?

Hedy: I don't know! Someone took him, I think!

Kelly: What are you talking about? Who? Who has my son?

Hedy: I don't know!

Margaret: Shh. Don't worry, baby Todd. Daddy's coming home very, very soon.

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[Knock on door]

Marcie: Hi.

Viki: Hi.

Marcie: I'm sorry to bother you so late, but we were wondering if you could talk to us for a few minutes.

Viki: Well, sure, come on in.

Marcie: Thank you.

Viki: Why don't you pull up some chairs, guys, ok?

Marcie: Oh, thanks. Thank you.

Viki: Where's the rest of the crew?

Julie: Hanging out, probably already wasted.

Riley: And we didn't feel like partying with them, so --

Marcie: Yeah, we're having, well, a few little problems at the house.

Viki: A few? That doesn't sound so bad.

Julie: First of all, Roxy is acting like she's dictator of the world.

Viki: Really? How does this dictatorship manifest itself?

Marcie: Well, she's just trying --

Julie: She's forcing all of her stupid ideas --

Riley: Basically we're miserable, and she just makes it worse.

Viki: Guys, one at a time. Go ahead.

Marcie: Roxy came in and she just randomly changed all of the first room assignments.

Viki: For no reason?

Marcie: Uh, well -- ok, we -- we weren't really getting along and she walked in on a really big fight.

Viki: Oh. Ok. So I gather you were not getting along with the original roommates?

Julie: So what?

Riley: Exactly. We are adults and we can work out our problems on our own.

Viki: Yeah? Haven't heard much from you, Mark.

Mark: They pretty much summed it up.

Viki: Yeah?

Mark: I guess Roxy was trying to help.

Viki: Ok, I tell you what -- give it two weeks with the new roommates and following Roxanne’s rules.

Julie: You can't be serious.

Viki: Look, Roxanne made a very responsible effort to resolve the conflict in the house. And as you all are aware, one of the most important parts of this project is learning to get along, live together, and deal with your housemother, ok?

Mark: I think we should all get six credits just for making it through the summer alive.

[Rock music blares]

Nick: Come on, Jen, one body shot.

Jen: You know what? I'm starting to wish I'd stayed home with Roxy.

Hudson: Oh, yeah, we could've been home watching late-night infomercials.

Nick: Yeah, I'm with you on that, my brooks brother.

Rex: Hey, listen, I made a deal, got you guys some grade-A hardwood flooring for the Love Center.

Jen: That's fantastic.

Hudson: I mean, of course, free would've been better, but that's great, Rex, thanks.

Rex: You're welcome. Jen, it's Search-and-Destroy Night.

Hudson: Search and destroy what?

Jen: Oh, you mean who. It's a singing contest. Marcie won before.

Nick: Yeah, that figures. The fat lady can always sing, right?

Jen: Shut up, Nick!

Nick: Oh, hey, careful. You might break your knuckles.

Jen: Oh, yeah, right. If I break anything, it's going to be your head.

Rex: Jen -- ahem -- where's your best friend?

Jen: Who, Marcie?

Rex: No, I thought Riley was number one now.

Jen: I don't know. He may be at home. You know what, Riley has his own life, and so do I.

Rex: Independence is good.

Jessica: Tico is still in the hospital, but he's going to be all right. And I can't really tell you anything else.

Dorian: Do you have any idea what these absurd charges are against David?

Jessica: Sorry.

Dorian: Wonder if they have anything to do with the Santi money.

Jessica: Uh -- you know, Dorian, I'm not even sure the $100 million ever really existed in the first place.

Dorian: Why?

Jessica: Well, the F.B.I., from what I heard, recovered very little of the money, and when I showed up at that old vault, all I found were chains.

Dorian: Oh, you went into the vault?

Jessica: Yeah. I mean, I guess somebody could've taken the money before I got in there.

Dorian: Yes, I suppose so. Well, if David is going to be getting here later, maybe I'll go home and wait.

Jessica: Oh, well, do you want me to call you? I'm going to be waiting here for Natalie.

Dorian: Thank you. That would be so nice of you. Tell him that I would've liked to be here, but I have to go home to Kelly and the baby.

Jessica: They're at the house?

Dorian: Yes. Kelly has decided to move back to La Boulaie.

Kelly: Oh, my -- oh, this can't be happening!

Hedy: He was in his crib. He was sleeping! I came downstairs for only a few minutes. When I went back to look in on him, he was gone!

Kelly: Babies don't just disappear! How could you let this happen?

Hedy: The nurse. Maybe she came back for the baby.

Kelly: What -- what nurse? What nurse?

Hedy: The nurse Mrs. Davidson sent earlier. She took Jack and picked him up and brought him over to Mrs. Davidson so's they could be together with Starr.

Kelly: I just saw Viki. She didn't say anything about having Ace!

Hedy: Maybe she left all the children with Mr. And Mrs. Manning.

Kelly: I hope so. Please, God, please.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello?

Kelly: Todd, it's -- it's Kelly. Do -- do you have Ace there?

Todd: Ace? No. Why would he be?

Kelly: Oh, because he's gone. He's missing and -- and he was with Hedy, and she said that this -- this nurse came by to get Jack and bring them over to Viki's, and I thought maybe she had Ace, too, and brought them to your house.

Todd: Hold on. That woman who had Jack was no nurse.

Kelly: What? Who was she?

Todd: Her name's Margaret Cochran. She's a former Buchanan Enterprises accountant. I think Kevin fired her. She might be trying to get even.

Kelly: Oh, God. Oh, God, what am I going to do?

Todd: You're going to call the cops first.

Kelly: No, I -- what if she hurts Ace? What if --

Todd: Ok, sit tight, I'm coming over. We've got to call the cops, though. Bye. Starr, tell your mom I went out. I'll explain later why, ok?

Starr: Ok.

Rex: All right, this is U.V., and it's party time! You've all been waiting for it! Search and what?

All: Destroy!

Rex: Search and Destroy! We need our first victim; don't be shy, people.

Jen: Why don't you do it, Nick?

Nick: What? Sing?

Jen: Yeah, come on.

Nick: No way.

Jen: Sing for me. It'd be hot.

Rex: Come on, people, let's put it together tonight.

Nick: All right, what the hell.

Rex: Come on, let's go! Anybody! Anybody!

Jen: Rex, you got your next contestant. This ought to be good.

Hudson: Why, can he sing?

Jen: No, he's horrible. Didn't you hear him showing off the other day at the construction site?

Rex: Nick Messina, take it away.


[Music plays]

Nick: This is for you, Jen. I'm too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts and I'm too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan New York and Japan


Nick: I'm too sexy for your party too sexy for your party no way I'm disco dancing I'm a model you know what I mean and I do my little turn on the catwalk on the catwalk on the catwalk, yeah I shake my little tush

Viki: Ok, any other issues that need to be resolved?

Mark: I have something.

Viki: Yes?

Mark: Our seed money for the center is going fast.

Riley: Yeah, he's right. We are getting the donations for the services and supplies, but we need a wave of cash quickly.

Viki: Ok. In that case, I would suggest arranging a brainstorming session and you can come up with some fundraising ideas.

Julie: When? Over our sack lunches at the construction site?

Viki: Nothing like a deadline to get people going, you know. Anything else?

Julie: We're leaving before you make us repave the interstate.

Marcie: Yes.

Viki: Julie, would you mind staying just for a minute? I just wanted to talk to you for a sec.

Julie: Sure.

Viki: Thanks.

Marcie: Bye.

Julie: See you.

Riley: Thanks, President D.

Marcie: Thanks, Mrs. Davidson.

Viki: Bye, guys. Sit down. I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to talk before now, ok? Julie, as you know, you were recommended for this project by your therapist at L.U.

Julie: So? What is there to talk about?

Viki: Well, let's start with what happened to you last year.

Starr: My mom said we should really stay down here because she's trying to get Jack to sleep.

Travis: That's cool. Oh, I brought that game I told you about.

Starr: Awesome. Let's play.

Travis: You know, your mom is acting kind of nervous. She kept checking to make sure she locked the door after she left me in.

Starr: You know what, that's because this really weird lady came over my aunt's house and picked up Jack and took him out for a while. It was really scary.

Travis: Is he all right?

Starr: Oh, yeah, he's fine, but my parents are losing it. They said that I'm not allowed out of the house till I'm 30.

Travis: 30? So I guess I'm going to have to be visiting you for the next 17 years.

Kelly: What made you think she was a nurse?

Hedy: She had a uniform and an I.D., and a note from Mrs. Davidson. It gave her permission to take Jack.

Kelly: And so you just let him go with her?

Hedy: I'm so sorry, Mrs. Buchanan.

[Doorbell rings]

Kelly: Yeah, you'll be sorry if I don't find my son. Oh, thank God you're here.

Todd: Hey. Ahem. We'll get him back. Don't worry about it.

Kelly: Did you tell Blair that he's missing?

Todd: No. Did you tell Kevin?

Kelly: No. Hedy, can you please go home now, please?

Hedy: No, Mrs. Buchanan, I want to help.

Todd: Help? We lost two kids on your watch today.

Hedy: Just go, please. If the cops want to talk to you; they'll know where to find you.

Todd: The cops will be in touch with you soon, Hedy. I'm pressing charges against you for criminal negligence and whatever else I can come up with, so --

Hedy: I hope little Ace comes home to you soon.

Todd: Get out, please. Oh, and of course you're fired. All right, so what about Kevin?

Kelly: I can't tell him. He's already furious with both of us. The last thing I need is him yelling at me.

Todd: Did you call the cops?

Kelly: No.

Todd: Why not?

Kelly: Because you know where Ace came from. If they get involved, they'll start a whole investigation. They could find out everything.

Todd: They'll be looking for Margaret, not digging into Ace's background.

Kelly: What if she sees the cops and hurts my son?

Todd: Kelly, you're going to have to trust me on this one. Can you do that?

David: This is false imprisonment. I play squash with the district attorney. Why don't you get him over here? He'll tell you you have no case.

John: You know, if you don't stop talking, I'm going to charge you with interfering with a police investigation and just generally irritating me.

David: I know my rights. I've been arrested all over the world.

Jessica: Hey.

Natalie: Hey.

Jessica: Natalie, are you ok?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Ok. That's it. You're out of here.

David: Really?

John: Yeah.

David: Well, it's about time. Natalie, Jessica, it's been real. Paul, goodbye.

Jessica: Bye, David.

Natalie: See ya.

Paul: Hey.

John: Yeah?

Paul: Listen, you know what, I've already told you people all I know about the Santis, about their buddies in San Diego, the money. I mean, what, do I get a bonus for cooperating?

John: Once again, our illustrious D.A. has decided you're not worth the paperwork. You're out of here, too.

Paul: Yes. You don't know how bad I didn't want to spend the night in jail.

Natalie: Hmm. Believe me, I know all about those lousy accommodations.

Paul: Yeah. You're not mad at me for getting you arrested?

Natalie: He did it just to force me to come back to Llanview.

Paul: Yeah. He did kind of ruin our vacation. But, you know, the money is still down there. Why don't we go back and keep looking?

Natalie: Why don't we quit while we're ahead and out of jail?

Paul: You know, you're always a good influence on me. I get some stupid thing going on in my head, and you knock some sense into me.

Natalie: Problem is you go ahead and do it anyway.

Paul: Yeah, well, you know, sometimes. But you are good for me. That's why I'm so crazy about you. Listen, you know what, I've been thinking. Why don't we move in together?

Jessica: So, have you heard from Antonio?

John: He's got some time off. The case is over. I don't know why he stayed in Puerto Rico. What's going on?

Jessica: Family stuff.

Tico: I was so shocked to see you. I didn't even ask you -- how do you know Antonio?

Sonia: Well, he was working for me in Llanview. He wanted to meet some people higher up in the Santi organization, so here we are.

Antonio: And Sonia here was kind enough to introduce me to Jaime Padilla.

Tico: I thought you said he was dead.

Sonia: I was never working for him. I was just trying to get close enough so I could get rid of him. He was trying to shoot me when he died.

Tico: Then it was self-defense, right?

Antonio: Well, like I said before, now that Jaime’s dead, there's a power void in the Santi organization.

Tico: Yes, and I want no part of it. I think I already told you that.

Antonio: What about everything you and I discussed, huh? Having our hands in everything all over the world?

Sonia: No. I did what I came here to do. If you want to take a shot at the family, you make your move.

Antonio: There's something both of you need to know.

Dorian: Kelly, is that you? Oh, David!

David: Ah.

Dorian: You're back.

David: In the flesh.

Dorian: Hi!

David: Hi.

Dorian: Hi.

David: Or soon to be, anyway. Why don't you join me in the Jacuzzi?

Dorian: Hmm. Welcome back, darling.

David: Hey, any word about Adriana?

Dorian: Yes. She's back at her old convent school in Puerto Rico. Antonio thought she'd be safer there.

David: You've got to be kidding.

Dorian: No. I wish I had known about it. I wouldn't have left you.

David: Yeah.

Dorian: So how did it go? The money?

David: It didn’t.

Dorian: Why?

David: Well, we got to the vault ok, but the door was standing wide open. We didn't even need that combination.

Dorian: Wasn't that convenient.

David: Yeah, we thought so, until it turned out we had company.

Dorian: The Santis?

David: The F.B.I.

Dorian: Oh.

David: They took Paul and me into custody. Natalie was guarding the door. She got away.

Dorian: Well, that's absolutely terrible. Don't they let you make a call? Why didn't you call me?

David: It was the feds. They don't have to do anything. They don't have to let you make a phone call, Dorian.

Dorian: Hmm. I suppose so.

David: You think I'm lying, don't you.

Dorian: Did I say that?

David: You don't believe me. You think that I'm trying to abscond with that money, don't you?

Natalie: So I don't understand -- moving in? What brought this on?

Paul: Why are you so surprised? I mean, you don't know how I feel about you? Besides, you don't want to leave me to my own devices.

Natalie: Well, I don't have a permanent address yet.

Paul: See? Neither do I. It's perfect.

Jessica: What is?

Natalie: Paul just asked me to move in with him.

Jessica: Yeah, but, I mean, you're not going to -- right?

Natalie: Why would you say that?

Paul: Hmm, that doesn't sound like a no to me.

Natalie: That's a maybe.

Paul: Oh, ok.

Jessica: It's just, I mean, you guys don't really know each other that well, right?

Paul: You know what? Hey, let's go get a drink, huh?

Natalie: Maybe, but it's my decision. Sounds good.

Paul: Yeah, cool.

Natalie: Talk to you later?

Jessica: Yeah.

Paul: We'll -- we'll extend you an invite to our housewarming party.

Natalie: Come on.

Kelly: Oh, lieutenant, can you help us?

John: What's the problem?

Kelly: My son is missing.

Margaret: What could be keeping your daddy, sweetheart?

[Baby fusses]

Margaret: Oh, shh. Hush, Todd Jr. Daddy will be home very soon.


Margaret: No, stop it. Stop it! I didn't do anything to you! Stop crying!

Viki: Julie, I know how tempting it is to make light of, you know, what happened.

Julie: You can use the word "breakdown." It doesn't bother me.

Viki: Ok.

Julie: It was a major episode, I know that, but I am fine now. I mean, you can ask my therapist. I signed a release for her to talk to you.

Viki: Yes, I know, and we both felt that being part of this group would be very helpful for you.

Julie: Because of my tendency to isolate myself?

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Julie: But you didn't tell me about the bonus -- all this hard physical labor, and there's no time for me to sit around overthink things, and my insomnia's gone.

Viki: Julie, it's a very tough program. There's a lot of pressure on all of you. I just want to make sure that you're holding up all right.

Julie: I -- I really need to get these credits so I can graduate. My parents have put half of every dollar they've made into my college fund since I was born, practically, and they've invested way too much for me to just walk away without a degree.

Viki: But, Julie, you have to do this for yourself.

Julie: I know.

Viki: Ok. If you ever need to talk to me, I'm right here, ok?

Julie: Thanks, President Davidson.

Viki: You're very welcome. Come in.

Jessica: Hi.

Viki: Jessie! Well, I'm very glad to see you.

Jessica: Nice to see you.

Viki: Sweetheart, this is Julie Teacake.

Jessica: Nice to meet you.

Viki: This is my daughter, Jessica Buchanan. Julie's one of the students in the Love project.

Jessica: Wow.

Viki: Good night. Thanks for stopping by.

Julie: Thanks. Bye.

Jessica: Bye.

Viki: Oh, my God, am I glad to see you.

Jessica: I know, I know. I'm sorry.

Viki: Is Antonio with you?

Jessica: No. Actually, I'm just waiting for him to call.

Viki: Ok. And Natalie?

Jessica: Well, she's actually the reason that I'm here. She's back in Llanview but, mom, Paul Cramer asked her to move in with him.

Viki: Already?

Jessica: Yeah. I don't know, mom, I -- she just has such a blind spot for that jerk, and I just -- I have this feeling that she might do it.

Viki: You know, Paul is not somebody that I would've chosen for her, but they seem to care for each other, and I would so like to see Natalie happy again.

[Music plays]

Woman: Everything is wrong here get me out of this place somebody throw me out of this bad scene

Jen: Nick, really, that performance -- it made my week.

Hudson: Whew, I am damn glad I decided to come.

Nick: Yeah, stupid audience. They don't recognize talent when they see it.

Jen: Yeah.

Nick: I'm going to sleep.

Hudson: Good night.

Jen: Let's do it again real soon, Nick.

Hudson: He's crazy.

Marcie: Hi, guys. Well, let's go sit down.

Riley: Yeah, yeah. So what's with Nick?

Jen: Oh, he made a fool of himself.

Riley: What's new?

Jen: This time, he was actually really ashamed. I thought you weren't coming.

Riley: Yeah, well, I changed my mind.

Marcie: We actually went to see President Davidson about Roxy.

Riley: Yeah, and we are stuck with her.

Mark: And we have to come up with new brainstorming ideas for fundraising by next meeting.

Rex: Ok, we need one more contestant to make this a real Search and Destroy. Who's it going to be?

Hudson: Jen said you could sing.

Riley: Yeah, she can.

Marcie: Oh, no, no, cut it out.

Riley: Come on.

Marcie: Stop it. No, stop exaggerating.

Riley: Let's go, Marce, you can do it.

Marcie: No!

Rex: Anybody? Hello? Anybody at all?

Jen: Come on, Marcie. The first prize wins $500. We could use it for the Love Center fund.

Marcie: All right.

Rex: Last call for Search and Destroy!

Riley: Do it.

Marcie: Ok, fine!

Rex: Hello?

Marcie: Rex?

Rex: Anybody?

Marcie: Rex?

Rex: Anybody at all.

Marcie: Rex!

Rex: Anybody else?

Marcie: Rex! I'll sing!

Rex: Marcie.

Travis: This is lame.

Starr: I know. Hey, we can go on "The Banner Sun" website.

Travis: Yeah.

Starr: We can change the headlines like we did before.

Travis: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Starr: I think my dad's password is still the same.

Travis: Ok.

Starr: "Ogreat1." Yeah, it's the same.

Travis: Yeah, so this is tomorrow's paper?

Starr: Yeah, anything we change will be in the paper tomorrow. Oh, gosh. Look, this is something about Kevin Buchanan and his stupid company, Buchanan Enterprise.

Travis: Isn't he the guy that got your dad arrested?

Starr: Yeah, for no reason. You know what, he would probably go break up my parents again if he could.

Travis: Yeah, he's a jerk.

Starr: I know. Know what? That's what the article should say. How about "Woman who works for Buchanan Enterprise says that Kevin Buchanan is a total jerk"?

John: Ok. A unit went by that woman's apartment. Of course, she wasn't there. We have an A.P.B. out on her. We'll go back to the house. We're going to tap the phone lines in case she happens to call. Now, I usually like to call a specialist in on this kind of thing. We're going to do everything we can, ok?

Kelly: Ok.

John: All right. Just give me a minute. I'll be right back. I'm going to go set this stuff up.

Kelly: I'm glad we came here. You were right.

Todd: You'll get him back.

Kelly: What if I deserve this? What if I'm being punished?

Todd: Oh, now, Kelly, it's -- it's --

Kelly: I did so many horrible things. Maybe I deserve it.

Todd: No, it's ok.

Kelly: Ace -- he doesn't deserve it.

[Music plays]

Marcie: I would have given you all of my heart but there's someone who's torn it apart and he's just taken just all that I had but if you want I'll try to love again baby, I'll try to love again but I know the first cut is the deepest baby, I know the first cut is the deepest 'cause when it comes to being lucky he's first when it comes to loving me he's worst I still want you by my side just to help me dry the tears that I cried but I'm sure gonna give you a try 'cause if you want I'll try to love again I'll try baby, I'll try to love again but I know oh the first cut is the deepest baby, I know the first cut is the deepest 'cause when it comes to being lucky he's first when it comes to loving me he's worst oh, oh first cut is the deepest baby, I know, I know first cut is the deepest and I'm gonna try to love again

Rex: Marcie. Ok, let's search and destroy! Here are the finalists. First contestant, Nick Messina. Yeah, I think Nick left, along with the second, third, and fourth contestants that you all laughed off this great stage. But there is still the beautiful and talented Tiffany Abrams.

Man: Yeah, Tiff!

Rex: And last, but certainly not least, Marcie Walsh. Marcie, you did it again!

Sonia: So you were never fired from the force?

Antonio: That was just to set up my cover.

Tico: Well, if Padilla’s dead, like you say he is, and none of us wants to take his place, then what happens to the family?

Sonia: Well, I understand it's just a lot of minor players now.

Antonio: Yeah, well, somebody had enough information to find Tico; get him to the vault.

Sonia: I have no idea who that could be.

Antonio: Well, it couldn't have been Padilla who grabbed Tico. He was just looking for the jewelry so he would learn the combination. You know what? This is the F.B.I.'s headache now.

Sonia: Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll all just kill each other off. What's our next move?

Antonio: I'm going to step outside and make a phone call. I'll be right back.

Tico: Yeah, take your time. We got some catching up to do.

Antonio: John, it's Antonio. Listen, I'm not going to be coming back to Llanview as soon as I thought, yeah. No, my gut's telling me Sonia’s keeping something from me, and I'm not leaving here until I find out what it is.

Travis: "One employee says she hates working for Kevin Buchanan so much, she wishes she could quit, but jobs are too hard to come by these days."

Starr: Should we send it? I mean, it'll appear just like this tomorrow in the paper.

Travis: I don't know.

Starr: He deserves it.

Travis: It would be funny.

Starr: Let's send it. Ready? On the count of three? One, two, three.

Dorian: David, please --

David: Don't bother apologizing to me. I will not accept it because I'm not listening to you and I'm not talking to you.

Dorian: Except for right now.

David: That's not funny. I thought you trusted me.

Dorian: I do.

David: Oh, except when it comes to money, huh?

Dorian: Would you be fair? Consider our history.

David: You know, you are absolutely unbelievable.

Dorian: So was your story. Just kidding, ok? David, all right, I indulged in a fleeting moment of doubt. Please forgive me.

David: You know, I believe this pen came from your desk, so I'm going to put it right here so you don't think that I'm trying to rip you off!

Dorian: David, please --

David: If anybody's l looking for me, I'll be at the office.

Dorian: Don't leave! I --

David: Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

Dorian: Kelly, what is it? What's the matter?

Kelly: Ace is gone. He's been kidnapped.

Dorian: Oh, honey.

Kelly: Some woman that worked for Todd took him.

Dorian: Oh, really? Of course Todd would be involved, responsible even. Spreading misery.

Todd: Why don't you shut up, Dorian.

Dorian: That is your mission in life, isn't it?

John: None of this is going to help us bring your boy back, all right? Now, listen, this is Detective Wade. She is an expert at missing persons. She's going to tap the phone lines just in case Margaret happens to call.

Det. Wade: I'll go get started.

John: Thank you.

Dorian: This is unconscionable!

John: In the meantime -- in the meantime, I need you to all calm down, please.

Dorian: All right, but still --

Kelly: No, no, Dorian, Dorian, please, please, just do as he asks. I'll be fine.

Dorian: All right, honey. I'll do everything I can to help, but I have to go out for just a moment. Would you excuse me? All right, I'll be back. Oh -- find that baby.

John: I'll do everything I can.

[Phone rings]

John: Ok. Excuse me. McBain. I'll be right there. Yeah. Ok. Listen, I'm sorry. I need to go back to the station. But Detective Wade is on your case, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Kelly: Ok. Please -- please find my son.

John: We will.

Rex: So Puerto Rico must've been one hell of a trip -- you and Paul.

Natalie: Yeah. Actually, he asked me to move in with him.

Rex: Whoa! You ready for that?

Natalie: What do you think?

Rex: Well, I'll say one thing -- don't wait around for John McBain to thaw out.

Paul: Here you go. Two limes and lots of ice.

Natalie: You remembered.

Paul: Mm-hmm. I also know you don't like lettuce on your sandwiches and you don't like lemon desserts.

Natalie: Sounds like the perfect roommate.

Paul: Oh. Well, does this mean you're going to move in with me?

Natalie: Yeah, I will.

Marcie: Look, $500, guys!

Mark: Hey, hey!

Marcie: Look at it! I can't believe it.

Hudson: Be proud of it.

Marcie: Thank you. It's our first drop in the Love Center fund bucket. Now all we need to do is figure out how to build the rest of it.

Jen: What if we had a bigger audience and everybody paid to hear you sing? You could perform, too.

Riley: Like a benefit.

Jen: Exactly.

Riley: I'm sure I could get Midnight Logic there.

Hudson: We could hold it right there at the site.

Marcie: Oh, that's a great idea. I think that might work.

Julie: You guys, you guys, you have to come over to the work site now.

Marcie: Why?

Julie: I was just walking past, and all the work we've done? It's totally trashed.

Marcie: No! No! Guys --

Riley: Settle down. What?

Antonio: How you feeling?

Tico: Better. So you're a cop, huh?

Antonio: Big relief not having to hide it anymore.

Tico: Yeah. I guess so.

Antonio: Look out!

Dorian: Viki, we have to talk.

Viki: Dorian, it's a little late.

Dorian: I'm sorry about the timing, but thanks to your beloved brother, we've got a crisis on our hands.

Viki: Why? What's going on?

Dorian: He's ruining Kelly’s life.

Viki: Oh, no, this can wait till morning.

Dorian: No, Viki, it cannot.

Kelly: How long did Margaret have Jack?

Todd: A while. I'm not really sure.

Kelly: I can't just stand here and do nothing. I have to find my child.

Det. Wade: Mrs. Buchanan, I need for you to stay here.

Todd: Yeah, she's right, Margaret might call.

Kelly: My baby needs me, Todd.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello?

Margaret: Hi, honey.

[Baby cries]

Margaret: Our baby won't stop crying. He wants his daddy to come home.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: If he's lying to him, then Antonio could be in real danger.

Sonia: Are you saying I put the hit out on Tico?

Antonio: Well, did you?

Todd: It's ok. She's in town. Ace is fine. We'll get him back.

Viki: Todd did not write this.

Kevin: If he didn't write it, who did?

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