OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/6/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/6/04

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John: Hey, I'm glad I caught you here.

Evangeline: What's going on? Is that guy you busted the one who killed my client?

John: Yeah, and he's about to take out your client's girlfriend, too. His name is Carlos Rosa, and he's a known hit man with the Santi family with a file as thick as the Philly phone book.

Evangeline: Is he responsible for Kathryn, too?

John: I haven't gotten that out of him yet. I will.


Roxy: Well, it's the Love crew, back from the Love center. You find any good dinosaur bones?

Marcie: Oh, I never want to see another shovel again.

Nick: Hey, where the hell were you today? Aren't you assigned to help us?

Rex: Hey, you guys couldn't rebuild that community center if you had the Army Corps of engineers helping you.

Nick: All right, that's it.

Roxy: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Cut it out! You better go back to U.V.

Rex: Marcie.

Marcie: Rex.

Roxy: You better mind your Ps and Qs, because we are in enough trouble.

Julie: I'm calling second-floor shower.

Hudson: No way!

Julie: Not if I get there first! Watch out!

Jen: So how about an answer?

Riley: To what?

Jen: You've been avoiding me for two days now. I asked you if you want to be more than just friends. Just tell me -- yes or no?

Riley: Look, Jen --

Jen: I'll take that as a no.


Margaret: I was so loyal to this company and to you. And when Todd Manning was using me, trying to destroy you, I helped you out. And what do I get? You fire me. I don't deserve that. But you deserve this. I am going to turn B.E.'s finances upside down.


[Music plays]

Blair: Is that my good-looking man home from the office? Dinner is ready. And here is a taste of what you get for dessert.

Todd: So I take it you've calmed down about the whole Kelly thing. Are you going to go along with her story? Am I Ace's father?

Blair: I just don't think that you are thinking straight, Todd. If Kevin believes that you're really Ace's father, then everybody's going to think that, including Jack and Starr. And what's that going to do to them? They're going to think that they have this half brother. What's it going to do to them? What's it going to do to us? I mean, are we expected to raise a child that not only isn't yours, but it's not even Kellyís? I mean, come on, it's stupid! It's out of control. It's only going to get worse.

Todd: So if you're still ticked off about it, then what's with all this romance?

Blair: Because I want to remind you of everything that you have right now and everything that you could lose if you go on with this lie that you are really Ace's father.


Margaret: By the time the market opens, Buchanan Enterprises will be in a free-fall. And Todd Manning will be to blame.


River: Hey. Aren't you supposed to be with the Love crew down at the shack?

Shannon: Yeah, I'm supposed to do a lot of things that I donít.

River: Yeah, tell me about it.

Shannon: This is where I'm supposed to apologize for hitting on you at the country club.

River: Well, thank you for that. You got me into a lot of trouble with the old lady.

Shannon: Tough. I mean, I'm sure you guys worked it out. You worked it out?

River: I don't really want to talk about it, that's all.

Shannon: Oh, that doesn't sound good.

River: Please, don't start right now, okay? Not right now.

Shannon: Look, love sucks sometimes. I know.

River: Not for me. I'm fine. I'm really cool.

Shannon: Look; if it doesn't work out, you know where to find me.


Evangeline: I'm just glad to get some closure on my client's murder. Thanks.

John: Well, thank you for all your help. I'm just glad we were just able to work together after --

Evangeline: There's no reason we shouldn't, right?

John: I just -- I don't want you to ever feel -- I don't know -- uncomfortable around me or --

Evangeline: What's wrong?

John: Nothing.

Evangeline: Okay, let me just get something straight. I don't -- I don't just go to bed with people on the spur of the moment. At least, I never have before in my life.

John: I do it all the time. That's not me, either.

Evangeline: Okay, okay. So it's not you and it's not me. It was -- it was two people who had too much to drink.

John: Too much wine, we were locked in a tight spot.

Evangeline: We weren't thinking.

John: You react on the moment. All in all, it was just a pretty eventful night.

Evangeline: I'll say.

Evangeline: What?

John: We're being followed.

[Door closes]


[Phone rings]

Kevin: Yeah, it's Kevin Buchanan. All right, hold on, give me a minute. All right. What's Manningís blood type?

Kevin's voice: That's weird.

Kelly: What?

Kevin: It must be a typo, because Ace can't have that kind of blood type.

Margaret: Oh, my God. "You are not Ace's father. Todd Manning is!"


Todd: I'm not going to lose what we've got. It's taken me too long to get it back.

Blair: And we have it, Todd. We have everything -- the perfect family, Jack is getting to know you, and Starr, she's -- she's happy, I mean, as happy as I've ever seen her, and she's like a normal, normal little girl.

Todd: Hmm. Probably just the new boyfriend, hmm?

Blair: No. All she's ever wanted is to have one big happy family.

Todd: It's all I've ever wanted.

Blair: Well, then don't ruin it, Todd, please. Please don't ruin it. Don't get mixed up in one of Kellyís stupid messes, please.

Todd: I'm not going to let Kelly hurt us. Put that champagne down and watch this.


Riley: Jen, you are one of the most amazing people I've ever known. You are beautiful, you are fun, you're amazing to be with, and --

Jen: Bu--

Riley: But I say why bag a good friendship?

Jen: I mean, I thought -- and you're the one that kissed me.

Riley: And I shouldn't have.

Jen: Well, why did you?

Riley: I saw Rex and I didn't want him to bother you anymore.

Jen: Wow. Did I take it the wrong way?

Riley: Oh, no, listen, listen, I have been screwing up a lot lately. I still think with Flash, if we'd just stayed friends we'd probably still be friends right now, and I don't want to lose you, too. So, look, if you want to bail out of this friendship, I will hate it, but I'll deal with it.

Jen: Well, we're going to be stuck here in this house all summer. Might as well make the best of it.

Riley: Still friends.

Jen: Always.

Shannon: Oh. Get a room.

Julie: Okay. Who ate my salad that was in the fridge?

Shannon: Hmm, was it the one with the carrots? Because I think I had it for lunch.

Julie: I told everyone I'm a vegan! I can't eat all that other crap that's in there.

Shannon: Well, didn't see your name on it.

Nick: Hey. Where the hell were you?

Shannon: And it's your business why?

Hudson: Did you read the agreement you signed?

Marcie: And we're all supposed to be back at the same time.

Shannon: Why? So we can all sit around and sing "Kumbaya" together?

Riley: Shannon, will you just give it a rest, please?

Shannon: Oh, yeah, you -- Mr. Chill -- except when you're all over Jen.

Nick: Oh, I see, so she's good enough for you, but she's not good enough for me?

Riley: You don't learn, do you?

Marcie: All right, all right, calm down, both of you. How many times do I have to say this? But if we all work together, we all fail.

Julie: Because of Shannon.

Shannon: Oh, you're just mad because I ate your stupid salad.

Julie: I told you I'm a vegan!

Shannon: Hiya. What are you going to do, just stand there, or are you going to take a shot at me, too?

Mark: Well, you do make it easy.

Shannon: All right, you know what? That's it. I'm done with this, and you can take your stupid Love Center and shove it.


John: You mind if I ask what that was all about?

Evangeline: I think I know who's been following me. R.J. asked me tonight if you and I were having an affair.

Jo: What'd you tell him?

Evangeline: I said no! It was just one time. That hardly constitutes an affair. I'm sorry -- I'm sorry to spring that on you just to prove a point.

John: Please don't apologize for that. I'm just -why are you doing this, to make R.J. jealous, or are you trying to make him mad enough to break up with you?

Evangeline: You know what? If he wants trouble, he has so got trouble. Right on schedule.

R.J.: What's that supposed to mean?

Evangeline: I think you know.

R.J.: Do you mind? Evangeline and I need to speak.

John: It's up to you.

Evangeline: No, he's right. We do. We need to get some things straight. Excuse me, if you don't mind. I'll be okay.

John: Play nice, or you and I will have to get a few things straight.

R.J.: A little possessive for a friend, isn't he?

Evangeline: I don't know, R.J. Why don't you tell me? I think you've cornered the market on possessive.

R.J.: Oh. Well, look at you. Hmm? What am I supposed to think? Every time I turn around I see you two together, and now you're out here kissing on him.

Evangeline: So you are spying on me!

R.J.: I wouldn't have to if you didn't lie to me. So how about I get a little truth this time, huh? Are you laying down with that cop, McBain, hmm?

Evangeline: You don't deserve the truth.


Evangeline: I would like coffee, 2% milk, and a blueberry muffin, low fat.

John: It's a diner. They don't have low fat. Make mine a large, black.

Carlotta: Coming right up.

Evangeline: That's breakfast?

John: I have it with cream for lunch.

Evangeline: Oh, that's nice.

John: How'd things go with R.J. last night?

Evangeline: We split up.

John: Well, I guess that's what happens when you have someone followed.

Evangeline: Yeah, I guess.

John: You all right?

Evangeline: I guess I just thought that he and I had a shot.

John: I'm sorry.

Carlotta: Here you go, Ms. Williamson. Coffee, black.

Evangeline: How about we take our takeout to a table.

John: Yeah, well, if Mrs. Vega doesn't throw me out first. It's a tough room.

Evangeline: So, are you going to tell me why you really fired Antonio?

John: Why I fired Antonio -- am I going to tell you? No.

Evangeline: Okay. How about another line of questioning. What do you have with your coffee for dinner?

John: Oh, I go all out -- cream and sugar.

Evangeline: Want to join me for dinner later on?


Shannon: What are you doing?

Rex: Drawing up some ideas for rooms in the community center.

Shannon: I thought that was just to get your community service hours in.

Rex: Yeah, there's that, but as long as I'm stuck with it, I might as well do it right.

Shannon: Mm-hmm. And what would you know about this? You pour drinks at Ultraviolet.

Rex: Ahem -- I run the place, and I almost had my own place, too. Made a lot of good contacts -- contractors, designers, architects.

Shannon: Arsonists.

Rex: Aren't you and your roomies supposed to be over at the construction site?

Shannon: I voted myself out of the tribe.

Rex: Why?

Shannon: Like I'm going to spend my summer hanging out with a bunch of losers, hauling around two-by-fours.

Rex: So you've just given up on River Carpenter?

Shannon: He's in love with Adriana.

Rex: Shannon, you got to keep your eyes on the prize, okay? You know what you want, you go for it, and don't let anybody screw with you.


Marcie: Thanks.

River: Are you guys taking a break already?

Jen: The project's off.

River: What happened?

Marcie: Shannon decided to quit.

Julie: So now we're all going to flunk. It was all in or all out.

Hudson: It's pointless even being here.

Nick: You know, I say we bag it.

Riley: She still might show.

Julie: She hates us. She even went off on silent Mike over there.

Mark: It's silent Mark.

Julie: Whatever.

Nick: You know, I'm out of here.

Hudson: For once, I actually agree.

Marcie: No, no. Hey, guys, wait up just a minute. You never know when she could --

Shannon: Where's everybody going?

Julie: Now she shows up?

Jen: Are you ready to work or what?

Shannon: Yeah, I'm back in.

Hudson: You can't just keep popping up whenever you feel like it.

Riley: Look, you have got to commit or quit wasting our time.

Shannon: I'm ready to work.

Jen: Great. Let's do it.

Rex: It's going to be a hot one.

Nick: Hey, put your weight into it, Marcie. That ought to make a big difference.

[Nick laughs]


Blair: No!

Todd: What is it?

Blair: I was -- I was dreaming.

Todd: What about?

Blair: Oh, I dreamed somebody was trying to take our children, was running off with them.

Todd: No, they're at Vikiís, remember?

Blair: I know. I know, but it was horrible. It was -- she had them and I couldn't get to her --

Todd: "She"?

Blair: It was Kelly.

Todd: Oh. It doesn't take a Freudian psychologist to figure that one out. I told you to stop worrying about it.

Blair: I know. I just can't believe that she's trying to pass off somebody else's baby as hers and Kevinís.

Todd: Oh. You're just still mad at me, keeping Kellyís secret.

Blair: No. I don't think it's a good idea. You know what? I'm happy that you told me the truth. Tell you what, Kevinís going to go through hell when he finds out.

Todd: The thing about Kevin, he deserves it.

Blair: Yeah? Well, what about that baby, and what about the real parents? They deserve better than that, Todd.

Todd: Kelly says that the real mother didn't want the kid.

Blair: Well, Kevinís going to want to know about that.

Todd: That's his problem.

Blair: Unless Kelly insists that you really are Ace's father. I think Kevin needs to know that one way or the other.

Todd: You're not going to tell him, are you?

Blair: What difference does it make, and why do you care if I do or if I don't?


Asa: I have been taking calls all morning from C.E.O.s from all over the damn world.

Kevin: Taken care of.

Asa: What in the hell happened?

Kevin: Somebody got into our quarterly earnings report and screwed up the numbers, messed everything up. Took us most of the morning to sort it out.

Asa: To the tune of millions of dollars! Oh. Somebody had to break in.

Kevin: No. This was me.

Asa: You? Why?

Kevin: I had a rough night.

Asa: No wonder. Manning claiming that Ace is not your son.

Kevin: Well, look what I found.

Asa: Ooh. We've finally got our proof. Manning's the one who mucked up this mess.

Kevin: Yeah, we got our proof, all right.


Todd: Ha! What are you doing here?

Kelly: I told Kevin that you're Ace's father. I just thought you should know.

Todd: It is an interesting looking child. However, it isn't mine, and that's what I'm going to tell everybody.

Kelly: Well, Kevin will never believe you. I'll make sure of it.


Asa: Well, if you heard, I had to do some fast talking, but I think I convinced our affiliates that we got everything under control.

Kevin: Thanks. That helps.

Asa: And now I'm going to take care of this slime Manning.

Kevin: Well, don't worry. I'll take care of that.

Asa: You are not telling me you're going to let that slime walk.


John: What happened between us happened. You don't have to feel obligated to me for anything.

Evangeline: It's just dinner. I don't feel obligated, and you shouldn't, either.

John: I donít. If I have dinner with you, it won't be because I have a sense of duty or anything.

Evangeline: Is that a yes or a no? My God, it's hard to tell with you.

John: It's a yes. Make it coffee for two. All right, I better get back to work.

Evangeline: Yeah. Me, too. Oh --

John: I got it.

Evangeline: Thanks.

R.J.: Hey. I'd -- I'd like to talk to you.

Evangeline: R.J., I don't think that we have anything left to say to each other.

R.J.: Evangeline --

John: She doesn't want to see you. Leave her alone.

R.J.: Are you threatening me, Lieutenant?

John: Do you really want to find out?

R.J.: What is that? Is that your enlightened way of saying keep my hands off your woman?

John: She's not my woman or your woman or anybodyís.

R.J.: Well, then, stop trying to run interference.

John: You know, we do have stalking laws in this state.

R.J.: Well -- well, well. That didn't take long at all. So I'm a stalker now.

John: You're one restraining order away.

R.J.: You know, Johnny, I think that's up to the lady.

John: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

John: McBain. You crack Rosa yet? What'd he say? Okay, I'm on my way. Mrs. Vega.

Carlotta: You're still here?

John: Yeah, look, I want to ask you a few questions.

Carlotta: What about?

John: Have you seen Adriana lately?

Carlotta: Not since the 4th. She went back to Dorianís.

John: So she would be at Dorianís, then?

Carlotta: No, she's probably at St. Jude's daycare at her job right now. Why? Nothing's wrong, is it?

John: No. I just wanted to ask her a couple of questions.

Carlotta: About Antonio? Look, haven't you done enough, firing him? Why do you have to keep going after him?

John: Thanks for the coffee.

[Door closes]

Carlotta: Adriana, es tu madrina. Por favor, call me as soon as you get es mensaje.


River: Hey.

Shannon: Hey. You need a hand?

River: No, I'm cool.

Shannon: So, did you work things about with Adriana?

River: Do you care?

Shannon: Yeah, well, that's what I get for asking.

River: Hey, wait; listen, I'm sorry. Come on, I just figured that you don't really want me and Adriana together, so --

Shannon: I don't want you to be miserable.


Jen: What do you make of Mark over there?

Riley: I don't know. He doesn't say much, does he?

Jen: I wonder what that's all about.

Riley: I don't know. Whoa! Marcie.

Marcie: Thank you. Are you sure you got it?

Riley: Yeah, I got it.

Marcie: Oh, thanks.

Riley: You all right?

Marcie: Yeah, just a little heavy.

Nick: She will be if she lost some weight.

Jen: Leave her alone!

Nick: What? I'm just telling her for her own good. Jeez.

Riley: It's okay. We're all together, okay?

Jen: And don't listen to him.

Marcie: It's all right. I'll be fine, really. Okay.

Rex: Okay, I brought some inspiration.

[Heavy metal plays]

Rex: What's up, Marcie?

Marcie: Rex.

Roxy: Yo, everybody, I got a couple of crazy questions for you. This first one is, is anybody thirsty?

[All cheer]

Hudson: Bring it on!

Marcie: Yeah, I'll take some.

Roxy: Okay.

Julie: About time you showed up. Did you bring any juice without preservatives?

Roxy: Dream on, Honey. Viki said everybody should drink a lot of water, but nothing cools you off like an ice-cold brewski.

Nick: Oh, yeah, baby!

Roxy: Whoa, not till you're legal, babycakes.

River: Come on, Roxy, you're killing me. It's really hot out here.

Roxy: Hey, Viki would kill me if I distributed to the delinquency of a minor.

Marcie: No, I don't drink. Do you have anything diet? And you know what? I don't think we should all be drinking. I mean, we're not finished yet. No, wait. Guys -- I just don't think we should be doing this.

Roxy: All right, everybody get one?


Todd: Your hole is getting deeper and deeper, isn't it? You're drowning in it now. Can I give you a little piece of advice? Why don't you come clean to Kevin before someone else tells him the truth?

Kelly: Who's going to tell him? You're not. Paul's nowhere to be found. Who else is there?


Asa: Blair, are you here to finish up what Todd started?

Blair: What are you talking about?

Asa: He got into our computers, messed everything up.

Blair: Well, why would he do that, Asa?

Asa: Why? Because he has a screw loose. And so do you if you're back with him again.

Kevin: All right, I'll take care of this, Grandpa. Really.

Asa: I'm gone.

Kevin: All right.

Blair: Ugh.

Kevin: I wanted to talk to you about coming back to work for "Craze," but I need to talk to you about Todd, too.

Blair: Well, if you're here to try to talk me into not going back together with Todd, you can forget about it, because it's too late.

Kevin: He's setting you up for a fall, Blair.

Blair: Not this time, Kevin.

Kevin: This came last night.

Blair: What is it?

Kevin: You don't seem very surprised. Did Todd tell you that he was Ace's father? Blair? Will somebody give me a damn answer around here?

Blair: Todd didn't say that he was Ace's father. He said something else.


Julie: Out of my way. I need a shower, quick.

Nick: What? Again?

Hudson: And don't leave a wet towel on the floor. Ever hear of something called mold?

Riley: Oh, my bad. Wouldn't want you to get mono again.

Nick: Hey, man, at least you got a roommate who talks. I'm stuck with the zombie.

Hudson: Yeah, well, I'd rather have a zombie than the slob.

Riley: Hudson, man, I'm telling you, give it a rest, dude.


Jen: Want to get some leftover pizza in the fridge?

Marcie: No. I'm on a diet.

Jen: Since when?

Marcie: Since this morning.

Jen: What, because of stupid Nick?

Marcie: He's right. I mean, I do need to lose weight.

Jen: Marcie, you look great. Michael thinks so, too.

Marcie: Michael might be happy with me, but I'm not.

Jen: Well, since when? And who cares if you're a little overweight? You've got a great family. You've got a boyfriend who loves you.

Marcie: What's wrong, Jen?

Jen: I don't know. I guess I thought something was going to happen between me and Riley. But he's not interested.

Marcie: Well, I mean, I wasn't interested in Michael at first, remember? I hated him. But, I mean, you and Riley, you're friends. I mean, that's a great start.

Jen: It's not going to change. And I don't know why. I guess I better wait in line for the showers.

Marcie: Okay.


River: If you don't want to talk to me again, then tell me to my face, please. I hope to hear from you soon.

Shannon: Still no word from her highness?

River: Don't start, please.

Shannon: Look, I know how it feels when someone doesn't give a damn about you. Is there anything I can do?

River: No, there's nothing.

Shannon: Are you sure?


Evangeline: What, do you live here now?

John: I like the coffee.

Evangeline: I forgot. Your lunch.

John: Hmm. Hey, about dinner later -- unfortunately, I'm going to have to take a rain check. Something broke in the Santi case.

Evangeline: Okay. Another time.

John: Definitely another time. I'll see you later.

Evangeline: Okay.


R.J.: No. No, no, no. Look, I don't need you to follow Evangeline anymore. I -- yeah, yeah, I have something else for you to do.

R.J.: Very soon.


Blair: I know that Kelly is saying that Todd is Ace's father, but he is not, Kevin.

Kevin: Right. That's what he told you.

Blair: And I believe him.

Kevin: Well, he can't admit it to you. He'd lose you. He knows that.

Blair: You don't know what's going on here. That's the problem.

Asa: Kevin! Japanese affiliates are going crazy.

Kevin: That's all Todd.

Asa: And he's going to pay. Now, take that home.

Kevin: Let's just talk out here.

Blair: Todd does not deserve any of this. And you deserve to know the truth, little guy.


Kelly: If Kevin finds out that Ace isn't his or mine, I will lose Ace. I can't let that happen.


Margaret: Todd's her baby's father.


Kelly: Can you hold him while I grab a bottle?

Todd: Yeah, I'll take him.

Kelly: There you go.

Todd: Oh, yeah. Hey, yeah. There are you. Wudgie, wudgie -- oh, he's got gas.

Kelly: Well, hey, I'm so worried about every little thing. I just don't know what I would do if I lost him. I think I would die. If anyone tried to take him away from me, I'll make them live to regret it. You want to feed him?


Margaret: Get the baby, get Todd. As simple as that. Get the baby, get Todd.

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Man: There's a power struggle going on, and there's a huge amount of money on the line.

Sonia: You don't call the shots here. You want in, you got to prove yourself.

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