OLTL Transcript Friday 7/2/04

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/2/04

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Adriana: Shh! Don't talk about it. Carlotta's right over there.

River: She has no idea what I'm talking about.

Adriana: Yeah, as long as David keeps his promise not to tell anyone.

River: Well, actually, I was -- I'm thinking -- seriously considering about mentioning it on my radio show and letting --

Adriana: Stop teasing me.

River: What?

Adriana: Sorry. I just -- look, I can't talk about things right now. I told Carlotta that I'd help set up for the party.

River: Well, that's okay. I have to split anyway. So --

Carlotta: You lost your helper.

Adriana: He'll be back.

Adriana: What?

Carlotta: There's something different about you.


Riley: Hey. What's up?

Jen: I just stopped by my place. I got a letter from the music video station.

Riley: The one where you sent the Midnight Logic video? What did they say? "Greatest rock documentary since --"

Jen: I'm too scared to open it.

Riley: Look, come on, the college station loved it. They aired it twice it one week. Why wouldn't the pros like it, too?

Jen: Because they see the best stuff every day.

Riley: Look, you want me to read it?

Jen: Yes. No -- I don't know. Okay, just be prepared to be cried on.

Jen: "Dear Ms. Rappaport, thank you for your submission. Unfortunately --" "Unfortunately."

Riley: That's it?

Jen: No.

Riley: Give me. "Unfortunately, we cannot accept it because we already have similar projects ready for air. However, we are impressed by your talent as a cumentarian." And people just used to call you gorgeous. "If you find another subject about what you feel passionate, we would very much like to be given the first look at your work."

Jen: Let me see that.

Riley: That's what it says. They love you. They really, really love you.

Jen: God, I'm so glad you were here.


Viki: Thank you both for weighing in with Judge Freeman.

Daniel: Well, he's a sucker for poetic justice.

Nora: Yeah, well, I think the toughest part is going to be enforcing the sentence.

Roxy: Hey, Vik, is this big? Because I left Mrs. Ziglar under the hair dryer.

Nora: Okay, this is about your community service, Roxy. You know, for your part in burning down the community center?

Roxy: Am I still going to have to do that?

Daniel: Well, there's always jail instead.

Nora: Judge Freeman has agreed that you could do your community service in support of the Love project.

Roxy: And who do I got to love?

Viki: Nobody. Arthur Love is the name of the man who is paying for a great deal of the reconstruction on the community center. Some university students are going to be working on there, and actually, they're going to be living in Natalie’s cottage, which we have rented for them.

Roxy: Oh, good. So maybe you want me, like, to do free haircuts or something.

Viki: No. We want you to be their housemother.


Jen: Uh -- if you're looking for Natalie, she rented the place out to L.U.

Rex: No, I heard all about it. This is the home of the loser project.

Jen: Love project.

Rex: Oh. So, you two were what, cramming?

Je: What are you doing here?

Rex: Volunteering to help out. Just a good citizen.

Riley: You were sentenced for community service here, weren't you?

[Riley laughs]

Rex: Yeah, hey, you know, what's 500 hours when you're young, right?

Marcie: Hey.

Jen: Hey.

Marcie: The others back yet?

Jen: Not yet.

Riley: No, hey, but if Hudson and Shannon decide to bail on us, at least Jen’s got a career. The TV network is hot for her new project.

Marcie: Wow.

Jen: I don't even have an idea for it yet.

[Knock on door]

Marcie: Hello.

Woman: Hello.

Nick: What -- where's the rest of them? I got a lot riding on this -- like getting drafted to play pro ball?

Marcie: Yeah, well, we all want to graduate, okay, Nick?

Riley: So, what's the deal with you two? Are you signing on, or do we all flunk?

Hudson: Excuse me, but didn't everyone already flunk?

Shannon: Damn straight. So why is it my fault if I don't want to go along with this?

Jen: President Davidson gave us till tonight to either sign up or start slogging our way through summer school classes.

Riley: Where they cram 13 weeks into six, so we'll probably flunk all over again.

Shannon: So just sign up to take your classes in the fall.

Marcie: I already told you, I can't afford it.

Nick: No, I got to play L.U. football in the fall.

Shannon: Ugh. Okay.

Hudson: Remind me why I owe anything to anyone?

Shannon: Ugh.

Woman: Because you need us to graduate and get on your way to Wharton and your first million -- hello.

Hudson: Anything to move on from Llanview U daycare.

Rex: Okay -- ahem --

[Rex whistles]

Rex: You want a voice of experience? Work beats school any day. It's where you learn about life. My man Hudson has it right.

Hudson: I'm not your man, man. I'm getting an M.B.A. and spending the rest of my life with grownups. And I'm only here now because --

Jen: Yeah, yeah, you had mono.

Woman: It's like he's bragging someone kissed him once.


Riley: So, genius, can you slum it out long enough to get through this, or are you going to tear up?

Hudson: Oh, what choice do I have?

Marcie: Great. So, what's behind door number two? Come on; spill it.

Shannon: Hmm, let me see -- 90-degree heat, swinging a hammer, or going out clubbing all night with hot guys. Hmm.

River: Hey.

Shannon: What are you doing here?

River: I'm helping out St. James by volunteering here for the summer. This is the whole crew?

Rex: Shannon?

Shannon: I'm in.


Roxy: You know, just because I had some kids a bunch of years ago, you know, baby-sitting a bunch of 20-year-olds is really going to put a leg lock on my freedom.

Viki: I think maybe that's what the judge had in mind, Roxy, and as loci parentis, you are going to have to have a lot of responsibility.

Daniel: You won't like the alternative.

Roxy: You know, I think there's a legal problem with local parentis -- whatever. You know, and that problem -- that's me.

Nora: Okay, well, then suit yourself. I guess you can do your 500 hours of community service putting makeup on women --

Roxy: Okay, that's more like it!

Nora: In Statesville prison -- you know, working with convicted murderers.

Roxy: Think they still have killer urges?

Daniel: Well, let's just say that no one has ever completed 500 hours of community service in Statesville prison.

Roxy: You know, this is starting to sound like a good idea, you know, working with kids, because, you know, I like kids and I think I got some good things to teach them.

Viki: Yeah? Roxanne, they could turn out to be quite a handful.

Roxy: Oh, well, I had Nattie and Rex, and, you know, that's a handful to handle, you know?

Viki: Well, in that case, let's go meet them.

Roxy: Well, as long as the clock starts on my community service right now.

Daniel: Three, two, one --

Nora: Bye.

Daniel: Okay, okay, remind me why we're placing that woman in charge of a bunch of college kids. If I know Riley, she'll drive him nuts.

Nora: Well, I think maybe for Viki that's going to be part of their challenge, you know. What is this about 500 hours of community service never being finished at Statesville prison?

Daniel: No, it's true.

Nora: Community service has never been assigned at Statesville prison.

Daniel: Well, that's also true.


Matthew: Hey, I remember this from last year.

Bo: Oh, yeah. You know something, though? I think I got better looking.

Matthew: Yeah, I guess you did. You know, last year I made a wish, a wish about you.

Bo: You did? Well, what'd you wish?

Matthew: That you were my dad.

Bo: Oh, Matthew. Matt, Matty, my darling boy, I am your dad. That's a heck of a wish. Come on. Let's grab us a table.

Matthew: I just hope my wish this year comes true, too.


River: Hmm, so this is your project.

Marcie: Shh! Be quiet.

River: Well, what do we now?

Marcie: We just wait, okay, until President Davidson comes. Come on, move it.

River: All right.

Marcie: Just go.

River: I'm going.

Jen: Well, I guess we can get to know each other.

Woman: Hey! Break out those nametags! "Hello, my name is Doofus."

Nick: No, your name is pain in the -- you name it.

Riley: No, you know what? I got an idea. What kind of music is everybody into?

Woman: Hey, what are you doing?

Jen: I make documentaries. I'm a film major?

Nick: Oh, hey, I'll star if you'll co-star and if it's X-rated.

Jen: Ew.

Riley: She's a director. She stays behind the camera, all right? And she's very good.

Nick: I bet she is. Hey, Jen, want to get famous?

Woman: Someone didn't get enough attention as a baby.

Nick: Hey, you're the one with, like, 10,000 earrings coming out of your head, and I'm the one that needs attention?

Marcie: I think I have a title for your film -- "Disaster 101."


Adriana: Why do you keep saying that I'm different? I mean, I'm the same as I always was.

Carlotta: No. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Adriana: You're just teasing me, right?

Carlotta: Before, when you spoke of River just now, you had the confidence of a woman.

Adriana: Well, that's a good thing, isn't it?

Carlotta: I never saw it before, and now I believe it. And as your godmother, that worries me.

Adriana: Why?

Carlotta: Because a woman listens to her own heart, not her godmother. That means I can't protect you anymore. Excuse me. I have a customer.


Marcie: Hey, Hudson, I just want to say that I know this wasn't your plan and all, but thank you.

Hudson: Forget it.

Marcie: No. I mean, it really means a lot to all of us, and I know it matters to you, too.

Hudson: No, you don’t. You don't know anything about me.

Marcie: I know you're going to make a great C.E.O. Can this get any worse?

Roxy: All right, everybody! Mama's home!

Viki: Excuse me. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce Roxanne Balsom, who's going to be your den mother.

Woman: She's taking care of us?

Rex: Watch it. That's my mother.

Riley: Community service, part two.

Viki: Roxanne will be living here with you. She will be your, well, housemother, and she will be reporting to me. Okay? Now, as there were no dropouts, I'm going to assume that this project is a go, right? So, there are some guidelines that I would like to set --

Roxy: And the guidelines are rule number one, no drinking or wild late-night parties.

Rex: Roxy, come on.

Roxy: Of course, unless I'm invited.


Rex: Wow.


Matthew: Dad's taking me to fireworks. You want to come?

Bo: Hey, hey! Your mom's got her own plans.

Nora: Oh, no! We'll meet you there, as soon as we finish eating, okay?

Matthew: Well, my day camp's visiting day is next Friday. You're both coming, right?

Nora: Yes, as long as there are no ants.

Bo: Yeah, and don't forget the matches this time.

Nora: Oh, yeah, right, like -you know, Daniel’s done the camping bit. Right? I mean, that popsicle stick pencil holder on your desk -- wasn't that from Riley?

Daniel: Well, Nora, that took me at least three months to finish.

Bo: You know what? I promised him I'd stop by the community center construction site. So are you ready?

Matthew: Oh, do we have to?

Bo: Well, I have to, yeah. I promised them.

Matthew: Can't I stay with mom?

Nora: It's no problem.

Bo: No?

Daniel: No, not at all.

Bo: All right, good. Then I'll see you guys later.

Nora: Okay, bye-bye. So --

Matthew: You won't believe what Dad just told me.

Nora: What?


Carlotta: I'm sorry, Commissioner Buchanan, but I have to ask you because I just don't understand it. Why was Antonio fired?

Bo: Carlotta, Antonio was given every chance after he was let go last time, and, you know, I wish things had worked out differently, but I'm sorry.

Adriana: Antonio was fired?

Carlotta: Even dead, your father haunts this family. That's why I worry about you so much.

Adriana: Well, don’t. You know, that cross that you gave me, the one from my father? I let Antonio have it.

Carlotta: What?

Adriana: Well, he can keep it for all I care. I don't want anything that connects me to the Santi family anymore.

Carlotta: I'll see you there.

Adriana: Okay.


Viki: And since this is for credit, you will be required to hand in progress reports on your work on the project.

Nick: Oh --

Marcie: When are they due?

Viki: Weekly.

Nick: Oh, man, I hate writing.

Viki: Then I'm sure you'll be very happy that Jennifer brought her video camera, because you are actually allowed to hand in your reports on videotape if you would rather talk about your experiences and feelings.

Nick: That's more like it.

Viki: And the construction itself will be documented every single day. It will be a record of your success or failure, and any goofing off, we'll have it on tape.

Riley: There's your next documentary.

Viki: Roxanne will get you settled in now. She's going to assign rooms and house chores.

Shannon: What if we hate our roommate?

Viki: Deal with it. Learn to get along.

[Door closes]

Ron: Hey!

Viki: Oh, Ron!

Roxy: Hey!

Viki: I'm so glad you made it. May I introduce Ron Walsh? He's a professional contractor. He is going to help you get started.

Ron: And I'll show you how to use a hammer in one easy lesson.

Roxy: Oh, and you should see his hammer.

Woman: He can give me a lesson any time he wants.

Shannon: That's Marcie’s brother.

Woman: Hmm, well, she should have eaten whatever he was eating.

Viki: Okay, I'll let you get settled in. I will see you all shortly at the groundbreaking, and then we'll have fireworks.

Roxy: All right!

River: Hey, Ron?

Ron: Yeah.

River: My dad is the rector over at St. James. They own the center, and this is the list of the facilities they have over there, if you want it.

Ron: Okay, okay, what do we got? We got four meeting rooms, kitchen, gym.

River: Right.

Ron: Looks easy. I got it.

River: Cool. All right.

Ron: All right.

River: Thanks, man. I'll see you.

Ron: I'll see you.

Nick: So who do I get to sleep with?

Roxy: Ooh, baby, don't tempt me.

Rex: Mom, I'm standing right here.

Roxy: So?

Shannon: So what are we supposed to eat all summer -- like takeout?

Jen: I heard we're supposed to cook for ourselves.

Woman: Well, I'm a vegan. I'll do my own cooking and have my own separate food.

Roxy: Oh, really? Well, let me get back to you on that one. Oh! I got to go to Foxy Roxy’s. I left someone under the hair dryer. They're going to go bald.

Ron: Okay, people, listen up. I'm going to take off and check out the site. St. James -- they left some basic groceries on the porch here, so I suggest you guys cart them in. I'll see you later.

Riley: All right, come on, man, let's do it. Let's grab some bags.

Hudson: Do it yourself, Vanilla Ice. I don't carry bags for anyone.


River: Adriana! Hey.

Adriana: Hey.

River: You sleeping at Carlotta’s tonight?

Adriana: I don't know. The fireworks are going to be over so late, I probably should. I haven't asked yet.

River: Right. It's just that my dad's -- he's been working on the celebration, too, and he's not going to be done until the fireworks are over, so the rectory's going to be open for a couple of hours. I don't know if you wanted to just hang out a little bit alone.

Adriana: No, no. Carlotta expects me to be here.

River: Well, it's a big crowd. It's not like she'll really know.

Adriana: I can't lie to Carlotta.

River: You don't have to. Just don't say anything and sneak out.

Adriana: Yeah, but to betray your father's trust? I mean, in a rectory? And sneaking around --

River: Well, that's what people do when they want to be alone together, when they're in love, you know? Look, what happened in the cabana was -- it was everything. I want to be with you again.

[Adriana sighs]

Adriana: I knew this would happen.

River: Is something wrong? I mean, are -- you're not sorry that we did it, are you?


Viki: It's hard to imagine a building rising out of all of this.

Bo: Well, a lot of people in this community are going to appreciate it, the people at St. James. You know who's going to appreciate it the most, though? All the kids, if they don't kill each other first.

Viki: Yeah. I hope I haven't been too ambitious.

Bo: No, Viki, you're part of this whole thing. It's over. You're finished now. You just leave it up to the volunteers and the kids, you know? You worry about your health.

Viki: I've been told I must lead a normal life. For me, worry is normal. Actually, truth be told, I need this project, too.

Bo: Why?

Viki: Why?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Viki: So I don't worry about the things that I really am worried about.

Bo: Hmm, and what things are you really worried about?


Riley: Listen, if you are too lazy to pitch in, just say so. Do not even think about turning this into a race issue.

Shannon: Come on, look; we all do everything, right?

Hudson: Except I'm the only African-American, so how you talk to me is about race whether you like it or not.

Rex: Ahem -- I'm sorry. African-Americans don't carry bags of groceries to the kitchen?

Hudson: They don't answer to "my man" from anyone.

Rex: I call everybody "my man," mostly white guys.

Woman: You're not the only minority. I'm first-generation American. I'm special, too.

Mark: We're all different. At least our problems are. That's why she put us together.

Woman: Did he actually talk?

Riley: Marcie's right. This isn't just about building a building anymore, okay? She's testing us right now.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Hello. Oh, hi. Can you hold on one second? Sorry, it's my boyfriend. I got to take this.

Nick: Wait a minute. She's got a boyfriend?

Shannon: My cousin. He's a doctor.

Nick: Oh. A real nerdy guy, huh?

Jen: He'll be by. You'll find out.

Woman: Time out! She does not get to bring a boyfriend along like a teddy bear.

Roxy: What, those young savages calm down?

Rex: Glad I don't have to live here. Good luck getting those rejects to agree on anything, okay?

Woman: Could I have a bed to pass out on?

Nick: Yeah, I'm going to need a double bed, because I thrash around a lot.

Roxy: Oh, lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. Okay, you know, when it comes to pairing people, I got ESPN, so first off, Jen? Jen?

Jen: Yeah?

Roxy: Okay, good, and Marcie --

Marcie: Yeah, I'm right here.

Roxy: You two got a grip on each other, so I'm going to put you in the room at the top of the stairs on the right. And Shannon and Miss Vigan --

Woman: Julie. And I like to read late.

Shannon: Whatever.

Roxy: Honey, you better get a flashlight, but you two are not shacking up with me, so we're going to put you at the end of the hall right on the left.

Shannon: I've never had to share a bed in my whole life!

Julie: Why not sleep in the hall, then?

Roxy: Hey, why don't you two duke it out? All right, now we got Riley and mono guy -- ugh. Okay, other end of the hall.

[Riley sighs]

Roxy: And the two of you that are left, in the attic, because that's the only room that's left.

Julie: I want a trade.

Nick: All right. You go with Marcie and I'll take Jen off your hands.

Jen: Ha-ha. You're such a comedian.

Nick: No, serious! We'll be great. I always thought so.

Jen: We just met.

Nick: Yeah, but I've seen you dance at Ultra violet. There was this one night you stripped down to nearly nothing --

Jen: Shut up, okay?

Nick: Why? You have got a lot to be proud of.

Riley: Listen, she told you to shut up --

Nick: No --

Riley: So do it!

Nick: Why don't you shut up, Mr. Rock 'n' Roll? Matter of fact, why don't you go sit in the corner and play your little guitar, huh?

Riley: He's funny.

Roxy: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop it! Stop it! This is never going to happen again. You, stay put. You, get out of here. All right, everybody get your butts out of here. Out, now! Come on!

Jen: You didn't have to do that, you know.

Riley: Yes, I did.

Jen: But he's right. You know, it's my fault, about the dancing and everything.

Riley: Listen, no one talks trash about someone I care about and gets away with it, okay?

Jen: Well, that'll teach you to care about me.

Riley: Hey, listen, I know the real you, and the real you is the best friend I have.

Jen: Oh. Me, too. Just watch out for him, okay?

Riley: Will you please let me know if he hits on you again, please?

Jen: Okay.


Viki: Oh, Bo, I worry about the things all parents do.

Bo: You worry about your kids.

Viki: Oh, yes. Yes, yes. Natalie's going through some very strange transition.

Bo: Well, seeing Paul Cramer, it's not going to help her much.

Viki: Ooh, I think his kind of trouble is the last thing she needs. And Jessica is trying so hard to understand why Antonio was fired. And I gather you're not going to give me an answer on that, are you?

Bo: Sorry.

Viki: And there's Kevin and Kelly. They have a baby, but they can't quite decide whether they should actually be married. And Joey’s halfway around the world trying to get over his failed marriage.

Bo: Yeah, but Clint’s helping out in that department, hasn't he?

Viki: Yes, of course he is. He is -- oh, Bo, I miss Ben. I miss him so much. I me, he wasn't the children's father, but he put a whole different perspective on their problems, you know?

Bo: I know. You know, Clint -- Clint really grew to appreciate Ben. Not at first, naturally, but, you know, it's because of the kids.

Viki: Are you worried about a new man in Nora’s life?

Bo: No. Right now -- right now she's seeing Daniel Colson.

Viki: Hmm?

Bo: Viewing their history, I mean, how serious could she be about him?

Viki: I don't know. You tell me.

Bo: Don't know. You know, there's going to be somebody someday that she's going to get serious about, and that somebody is going to end up being important in Matthew’s life.

Viki: So are you worried about somebody being important, or Daniel Colson being important to Matthew or Nora?


Nora: Want to come to dinner tomorrow night?

Daniel: Well, is it going to be a working dinner or a dinner dinner?

Nora: Dinner.

Carlotta: Here we go.

Matthew: Oh, gracias.

Carlotta: De nada, mi amor. Mi pequenito corazoncito.

Daniel: I'd love to come. What time?

Nora: 8:00.

Daniel: Great. I'll bring dinner.

Matthew: Mr. Colson's coming for dinner?

Nora: Yes, he is, and we're going to have a lot of fun.

Matthew: Okay, great.


Adriana: River, try to understand, okay? What we did --

River: We made love because we're in love.

Adriana: Yes, but I gave my word to Dorian and Carlotta, and I broke it.

River: Yeah, that would make sense if you were just fooling around. But you and I are forever.

Adriana: I have to confess.

River: That's okay. You can confess, but I think we should be proud of how we feel. If you want, I'll go with you.

Adriana: No, it's just -- and we didn't use protection, River. What if I'm pregnant?

River: Yeah. That probably should have stopped us, but that's not going to happen again, I promise.

Adriana: What if I'm pregnant already?

River: Then we'll take care of it together.

Adriana: No. I can never have an abortion.

River: No. I mean we'll get married, like we said we would. All right, if anything, that would just sort of push us along. And it's not going to be like that again. I got some -- I got some condoms, so it's not a big deal.

Adriana: No! There's not going to be a next time!


Jen: Action!

Marcie: Well, I really don't know what to say. I mean -- well, I guess the only thing I can say about today is that it's going to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. And the other kids -- well, at least I have Jen and Riley, right? We'll make it work somehow. Was that okay?

Jen: Yeah. It was honest. That's what Viki’s looking for.

Marcie: All right. Hey, let's get upstairs before one of them steal our beds, or God knows what else.

Jen: Okay.

Shannon: Guess I'm not going to get to be alone very often.

Shannon: I can't wait to get to really know and just bond with all the kids, especially the guys. Which brings me to thanking St. James for sending River to me. We seem to have such a good chemistry when he's not stuck on Snow White. But when he does eventually decide to really cheat on her, it's not going to be my fault, because guys just do that. Believe me, I know firsthand. So I guess I'll have to get to my dad to thank for that for sleeping around on my mom. And, I mean, it was just perfect timing, because right when she's dying he's running off with -- oh, was this thing on?

Rex: You okay?

Roxy: Eat your heart out, Tina. Okay, well, this is our first night, and I think that I'm a pretty good role model, because nobody has killed each other yet. So when in Llanview check out the Love crew - check out this lovely Love crew - check

Marcie: Roxy?

Roxy: Yeah. Okay, everybody! Come on downstairs! I got to read you the rules. Okay. Come on, come on. Okay. Rule number one -- you got to clean up for yourself, because Mama don't do no cleaning.

Nick: Do we have to call her mama?

Roxy: It's optional. Mama don't do no cooking, she don't do no laundry or windows or beds.

Hudson: So what are you doing here? You know.

Roxy: Isn't it obvious? I provide the ecstatics.

Julie: You mean the aesthetics?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, that, too. In fact, I put little samples of shampoo and conditioner in your room, and if you want, you know, a regular-sized one, you got to go to my place, Foxy Roxy’s Hair Haven.

Julie: Is this an infomercial?

Roxy: No, but I'm working on that. In the meantime, though, you get a 10% discount on your first haircut.

Nick: I'm hungry. Who's cooking?

Jen: Maybe we should draw straws.

Julie: Gee, fun. But where's Shannon?


Shannon: Tell anyone and I will kill you in your sleep.

Rex: To hell with parents. I never even knew my old man.

Shannon: Yeah?

Rex: My mother had hot-and-cold running guys till she sent me away, and I don't even want to imagine what happened after that, but, hey, life's whatever. Do what you want. Go for whatever makes you happy.

Shannon: And for you that would be money.

Rex: And for you that would be River Carpenter. And it looks like you might have a chance after all.


River: Hey, what do you mean there won't be a next time?

Adriana: River, what we did was wrong.

River: No, it wasn’t. Only someone who wasn't there would say it was wrong.

Adriana: I was there.

River: Oh. Great. Now you're channeling Carlotta. Or better yet, you're channeling Dorian.

Adriana: Doesn't Mom have feelings? And my godmother? And I do this to them.

River: You haven't hurt anyone. You have to stop living for your family, Adriana.

Adriana: Yeah, I was going to wait. I was going to wait until I got married.

River: I know, and I was with you on that. I wasn't thrilled, but I was still with you.

Adriana: I know you were. You were patient.

River: Yeah, doesn't it seem stupid, then, to just go back to holding hands after you know you're ready?

Adriana: What are you saying? That if I don't do that again you're breaking up with me?


Bo: Hey, buddy. Ready to go see the fireworks?

Matthew: Sure.

Bo: Thanks a lot, you guys.

Nora: Bye.

Daniel: Bye. See you later.

Nora: You -- pay no attention to my son. I think he's just a little territorial.

Daniel: Well, that's understandable.

Nora: You know, he's been seeing you around the house a lot, or around me a lot, and I think he's afraid that there's going to be another man in my life.

Daniel: Is there?

Nora: Well, there's one coming for dinner tomorrow night.

Daniel: That's true.


Matthew: I really, really need your help on a project for Parents' Day. Could you come over tomorrow?

Bo: Sure. What time?

Matthew: I don't know -- 8:00.

Bo: 8:00 is good.


Viki: Okay, I want you all to see what you have to work with.

Marcie: But it's --

Viki: What? What, Marcie?

Marcie: Well, it really doesn't look like much.

Viki: No, it does not look like much, but looks can be deceiving. You must never discount the manpower.

Ron: So, let the fun begin.

Viki: Oh, okay.

Ron: Together.

Viki: Excellent.

Ron: All right. Who's next? Come on!

Ron: Well, your building has begin.

Viki: Actually, Ron, I hope something much bigger has begun.


River: Hey, I'm never going to say I want to break up with you, all right? I want you happy no matter what.

Adriana: I'm trying.

Rive it's just that why pretend you're a virgin and wait when it made you so happy? It's something that we both want.

Adriana: I'm not blaming you.

River: I keep feeling your head on my chest and how warm you were. I want that in my life, always.

Adriana: I just -- please don't say that.

River: Okay. So what do we do now, wait until we can't wait any more and torture ourselves again for a month?

Adriana: I don't know, okay? I'm not ready for this. It's just everything's moving so fast.

River: I want you to be happy about us.

Adriana: I think I just need to be alone right now and I need to think.

River: Okay. I'll think about what you said, too, and I'll talk to you tomorrow?

Adriana: I don't know. I have that daycare center job at St. Jude's tomorrow.

River: Okay.


Riley: Get your head out of that thing and back into the world.

Jen: Let's be more than just friends.


Rex: Hey, you all right? Because if you're not --

Adriana: I'm fine. I just want to be left alone right now.

Rex: I can do that.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live"  --


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Bo: This is too dangerous for you to try and go it alone. You'd be walking into a trap.

Jessica: Ever since you met Paul, he's been in trouble. I am really scared that he could get you killed.

Dorian: What were you looking for when you came breaking into my house the other night?

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