OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/29/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/29/04

By Boo
proofread by Linn

Evangeline: What is this? What is this?

John: I don't know.

Evangeline: Maybe we should stop.

John: You want to stop?

Evangeline: Do you?

John: I asked you first.


Jessica: Tell me the truth, ok? Listen, I know that John didn't fire you. I know that that can't be true. Why don't you trust me anymore?

Antonio: Jessica --

Jessica: Just tell me -- tell me this whole thing is fake, ok? That woman -- you said she worked at the hookup, right? Does she own it? Is that true? Antonio, please.

Antonio: You're right, Jessica. I've been lying to you.


David: Damn it, Dorian, don't you ever check your messages? Call me as soon as you get this. I'm really starting to get worried. Look, I -- I know you can take care of yourself, but just be a little extra careful, ok? I'll talk to you soon. I better. I love you.

Kelly: Was that Dorian?

David: It was her voicemail.

Kelly: Why does she need to be careful?

David: It's just a figure of speech. Like "I value your opinion," or "hey, let me pick up the check." Dorian's fine. She'll be here sometime soon. You know what? She's not the one that I'm really worried about. I'm worried about you. Can I get you anything?

Kelly: Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I have to be for my son.

David: All that tension between you and Kevin -- that cannot be good for you and the little guy.

Kelly: Well, that's why I'm here.

David: Well, I'm glad, for one, and Dorian is going to be overjoyed.

Kelly: It's nice to have some support for a change.

David: You know, Kelly, in all the time that I've been in Llanview, I've seen you and Kevin happy for maybe a week -- no, not even for a whole week.

Kelly: Relationships take work, David.

David: And some relationships will never work no matter how hard you try. Why do you guys stay together just to punish each other?

Kelly: I don't want to punish him.

David: Then why do you keep lying to him? Kelly, that -- that can't love.

[Doorbell rings]

David: I'll get it.

Kevin: Where's Kelly?

David: Kelly is not available, but I'll tell her you stopped by, thanks.

Kelly: Oh, no, no, it's ok. I'll talk to him. What's going on?

Kevin: This. Another note that someone didn't have the guts to sign.


[Phone rings]

Blair: Hello?

Hello? Look, Margaret, I know that it's you. Stop doing this, all right? Stop calling here! Don't come here! We will get a restraining order, you got that? Leave us alone! I don't know how much more I can take of this woman, Todd. She's driving me crazy!

Todd: Look at this.

Blair: "I will not be ignored"? How'd she get our fax number?

Todd: How did she pull any off this stuff? She's obviously very resourceful -- or Kevin is.

Blair: I think she's just getting warmed up.

Todd: I got to get rid of her, permanently.

Blair: And how do you suggest we do that, huh?

Todd: You're going to kill her.


Antonio: Jessica, I've been cheating on you.

Jessica: No. Antonio, I -- I don't believe that.

Antonio: It's true. I started working at the Hookup. I met Sonia. One thing led to another.

Jessica: No, no! That's a lie! I know that you're lying to me! You would never do that to me!

Sonia: Ahem. Maybe I've got something to offer him that he just can't get from you. I changed my mind. I decided to stay.

Jessica: Antonio, please, just tell me what's going on here.

Antonio: It's what you see.


Blair: You want me to kill Margaret?

Todd: You're going to scare her to death.

Blair: No, Todd, I want you to be serious here. She is obsessed with you.

Todd: No.

Blair: She wants to get back at you, Todd.

Todd: She's just following Kevin's orders.

Blair: She's going to do more than that. What if she comes after our kids next? What are we going to do then?

Todd: Then I kill her myself for real.

Blair: Oh, please. Let's just be serious here. We got to figure something out.

Todd: I'm being serious. I think I got it covered. If we work on this together, Margaret will be out of our lives before night's up.


David: You want to talk to Kelly? Why don't you send her an email?

Kevin: Stay out of it, Vickers.

David: Not as long as I live in this house, Kevin.

Kevin: If you don't leave me alone with my wife, I'll arrange for you to live in the hospital.

David: Well, I'll take my chances.

Kelly: All right, all right. I'll talk to Kevin alone.

David: I'll be on the terrace.

Kelly: Well --

Kevin: How does David Vickers become the good guy? Huh?

Kelly: Come on in. So what does this note say?

Kevin: Read it.

Kelly: "Who do you think Ace's father is? Because it's definitely not you."

Kevin: I have been over and over this, and I just don't understand why this is happening to us. Look, I moved back to the mansion. I want us to be together -- you, me, and Ace.

Kelly: I want that, too. I want it more than anything.

Kevin: But how? How are we going to save our marriage if we don't have any trust left? You've been lying to me for months. How will I ever know when I I can believe you?

Kelly: I --

Kevin: At least talk to me.

Kelly: I'm scared to.

Kevin: Look, how many times have I told you -- whatever's going on, whatever you might have done, I love you and I will forgive you. But this -- I have to know there's nothing to this. I have to know that you and I -- that we're not a lie. So please, Kelly, just tell me that Ace is our son.


Antonio: No, thanks.

Sonia: What's the matter? You still feeling down about the breakup?

Antonio: Well, it would've been nice if I could've told her in private.

Sonia: You had to let her know what was up. So the worst is over, anyway, right?

Antonio: Well, it does make things a little less complicated.

Sonia: Except it wasn't really the truth, was it?

Antonio: What do you mean?

Sonia: I mean you and me. It was just a few kisses. You made it sound like we were having a hot, heavy affair. Must have been wishful thinking.

Sonia: That's where I live. Be there tonight anytime after midnight. We'll see how closely we can work together. You don't show, I'll figure you're not really that interested in working with me after all.

Antonio: After midnight.

[Key turns in lock]


Kevin: If you can't tell me that Ace is our son, what am I supposed to think? Kelly, why can't you tell me this isn't the truth?

[Door opens]

Dorian: Hello? Anybody home? I could use a little help here. Hello.

Kelly: Wait -- oh, you're back!

Dorian: Kelly. What a nice surprise seeing you here.

Kelly: I just haven't moved back home.

Dorian: Oh.

Kelly: What happened to your wrist?

David: Hey, welcome home!

Dorian: Hi, sweetheart.

David: What -- did you break your wrist?

Dorian: Oh, no, no, no, no. Just a little sprain. I had a little accident, that's all, got a little banged up.

David: What happened?

Dorian: Why don't you let me sit down? I'll let you make me a drink, and then I'll tell you all about it.

David: All right.

Kelly: Are you ok?

Dorian: Yeah.

Kelly: You sound like you're in pain.

Dorian: Hello, Kevin.

Kevin: Dorinan.

David: Sit down over here. Get her something to drink, will you?

Kelly: Do you guys want some of this or you want some alcohol?


Todd: Hello, Margaret? Yeah, hi. It's Todd Manning. No, I'm not going to yell at you. Why would I yell at you? It's -- yeah, I heard. I'm sorry about that. Blair has -- has no right to be mad at you or yell at you. Yeah. Listen, I would love to see you. Just me and you. Yeah, no Blair. She's gone for the night. I promise. Terrific. Uh, half-hour, my place? Terrific. Ok. I'll see you then. I appreciate it. Bye.

Blair: All set?

Todd: Good to go.

Blair: Half-hour?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: Ok.

Blair: Todd.

Todd: Blair.

Blair: How many times have I told you not to have guns in the house with the kids here?

Todd: Kids weren't here when I hid this gun in the house. Besides, it's in a box and it's got a lock on it.

Blair: Well, we're back, the kids are back. I want it out of here. Get rid of it.

Todd: I promise I will, as soon as you get rid of Margaret.


[Evangeline gasps]

John: Hey, easy! Take it easy, all right? I'm a Llanview cop, all right? I'm going to show you my badge. Take it easy. Right here. John McBain, Llanview P.D. Are you mary?

Woman: Uh-huh.

John: You're Mary?

Mary: Yeah.

John: Ok.

Mary: Ms. -- Ms. Williamson?

Evangeline: Mary? Thank god you are ok. When we got here, you were gone. We were -- we were concerned and -- and we didn't know what happened to you!

John: We're sorry. The -- the door slammed shut and it got locked. We got locked down here, and I guess we just -- we fell asleep, we were down here so long.

Evangeline: I'm so sorry. But what about you? Where were you?

Mary: I was at the super-- the supermarket just a couple blocks away. I went to get some groceries. I thought I'd -- I thought I'd be right back, but then I felt somebody following me.

John: Did you get a look at them?

Mary: No. Luckily, there's a mall on the way home. I went in there. I thought it'd be safer if I stayed around people.

John: Ok, that was smart.

Mary: So did you -- did you enjoy the wine?

John: We'll replace that, of course.

Evangeline: Mary, I am so sorry. All I can say is that we honestly had no idea how long we'd be trapped down here.

Mary: I asked you to meet with me because I'm scared for my life. I thought maybe you could help me.

John: Believe it or not, that's what we're hoping to do.


Jessica: Hey, Jim.

Jim: Hey, Jessica.

Jessica: I'm just looking for my uncle.

Jim: Well, the commissioner just stepped out, but he said he wasn't going to be long, so if you want to stick around --

Jessica: Can I just wait in his office, please?

Jim: Yeah, sure.

Jessica: Ok, thank you.

Jim: Hey, Jessica? Are you ok?

Jessica: Yeah, thanks.


Dorian: There were only three steps, but I was wearing these strappy little stiletto heels and there was this tear in the carpet --  mind you, this was a five-star hotel!

Kelly: And your heel got caught in the carpet?

Dorian: Exactly, and I went tumbling over.

David: Are you sure you didn't break anything?

Dorian: Just my dignity. I was mortified.

David: Well, I would guess so. It's my understanding that every Cramer woman receives her first pair of heels right after she takes her first steps.

Kelly: David, every woman has suffered a high-heel-related injury at some point in her life. Give her a break.

Kevin: Look, Dorian, I'm sorry about your accident. Obviously, that's -- that's terrible. But Kelly and I had a really important conversation going when you came in, and I really need to speak with her alone and finish that conversation, so let's go home and we can talk, ok?

Kelly: Well, I can't leave the baby.

Kevin: Well, we'll take him with us.

Dorian: Hey, whatever it is, I'm sure it could certainly wait until the morning.

Kevin: No, it can't.

David: Yeah, maybe you guys should get going, yeah.

Dorian: I am, um, concerned about these injuries that I have and I think I'm going to need Kelly to help me.

Kevin: I'm sure that David could help you, ok? Please, Kelly, let's go home.

Kelly: Kevin --

Dorian: This is Kelly's home. It's her choice. And I would appreciate it if you would leave, now.

Kelly: We'll -- we'll talk tomorrow, honey.

Kevin: No, I can see that we're finished here. You've answered my question. I wanted the truth and I got it.

Kelly: Kevin --


Todd: Hi, Margaret. Thanks for coming. You can -- you can relax. Blair's going to be gone for hours. She's with her aunt. They'll be yakking until daybreak. Come on.

Margaret: So what did you want to see me about?

Todd: Oh, I just -- can I pour you some wine? I just -- I wanted to just talk to you face to face, you know, without Blair getting in the way.

Margaret: That woman is seriously disturbed.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: She's very territorial. She's got quite a temper, as well, as you experienced.

Margaret: Yeah.

Todd: You never know when she's going to snap. But Blair's really just an innocent victim in all this, same as you.

Margaret: Well --

Todd: I should have been more forthcoming about my -- my domestic situation.

Margaret: Well, I guess I can understand why she was in such a rage. She just found out you'd been cheating on her.

Todd: Yeah. Um -- please. Margaret, about the cheating -- we're alone now, ok? It's just me and you. And we both know this is the first time we've ever been alone and we both know what never happened, right?

Margaret: What are you trying to say?

Todd: Margaret, uh, I've made some mistakes with you, and I apologize. I'd like to make it up to you. Would you mind holding this? What if I made it possible for you to take a well-deserved break? You could take a long leave of absence from B.E. And, well, maybe go get some sun or something?

Margaret: You want to pay me to leave town? Like some cheap whore?

Todd: Not at all. It's --

Margaret: Is that how you see me? I thought that you wanted me!

Todd: No, no, no. All right, all right, listen, Margaret, I do. I want you. It's just Blair. If -- if she wasn't in the way, if she just -- who knows, if she wasn't in the way, what we could be, where we could be together, you know?

Blair: Todd, I -- oh, my god. What the hell are you doing here?

Todd: Blair, take it easy. It's --

Blair: You slept with her, didn't you? You slept with that slut! You're still sleeping with her, aren't you?

Todd: Calm down.

Blair: Don't tell me to calm down!

Todd: Put that gun away right now.

Blair: You're not going to negotiate with me, Todd, and you're not going to humiliate me. I'll kill the both of you!

Blair: Didn't I warn you to stay away from him?

Margaret: You don't understand.

Blair: And you have the nerve to come into my home?

Margaret: He invited me! I didn't even --

Blair: You're lying! You just came here to get him back.

Todd: Blair, I think you're making a big mistake.

Blair: Shut up, todd! How many times did you sleep with him, hmm?

Margaret: Never. We never did.

Blair: You're lying again.

Margaret: No, I'm not lying! I just made it up! I -- I just wanted to get back at him for leading me on! Look, we never slept together, I swear!

Todd: Margaret, tell Blair about the Buchanan Enterprises files. You were doing that to get back at me, right?

Margaret: I just stole them and I put them in his office.

Todd: I think you can run for your life now.

Blair: Yeah, I'll give you a head start before I shoot you.

Margaret: All right.

Todd: Go. Go.

Blair: But don't come anywhere near my family, you got that? Now, get out!

Todd: Brava. What a performance.

Blair: Who said I was acting? You're just lucky she said just the right things.


Bo: Hello, Jess.

Jessica: Hi, Uncle Bo. I need to talk to you.

Bo: This about Antonio?

Jessica: How could you let this happen? How could John just fire him like that?


John: Look, I don't blame you for being angry about what's happened here, but when we got here and we couldn't find you, we got worried and we started going through some of your things to see if we could get a clue or something.

Evangeline: But, you know, you are absolutely right about the wine and our, um, falling asleep. None of it should've happened.

Mary: It's all right. That fire door's been a pain ever since my parents had it put in. It's constantly getting stuck. They used to have to call somebody to get it open.

Evangeline: Mary, do you have any idea what the person that was following you looked like?

Mary: I don't know, maybe there wasn't even anybody. I've been so paranoid recently. That's -- that's why -- that's why I called you. Whoever killed Arthur, they -- they think I know something, too. That's why they've been threatening me.

John: Look, we can -- we can protect you, but you've got to give us everything you got on who you think might have killed your fiance.

Mary: Well, it has to be those gangsters who run the Hookup. I mean, they must have known that he was getting ready to testify against them.

Evangeline: Could you identify anyone?

Mary: I -- I saw a man fighting with Arthur the day before he disappeared. I don't know him.

John: What do you mean by "fighting"?

Mary: They argued. The guy pushed Arthur around some and then he left. Arthur told me to pack. He said we were leaving the country.

Evangeline: Do you think that you can I.D. The guy?

Mary: I think so.

John: Do you think maybe you would work with a sketch artist? That'd be a big help.

Mary: Oh, I don't know. I'm not sure I should stay in Llanview.

Evangeline: Mary, you cannot live the rest of your life in hiding. John knows what he's doing. He will keep you safe, I promise you.

John: You give us a good description, you help us find these killers, I promise you I can get you in a safe house tonight.

Mary: All right. Just let me go pack some things, ok?

Evangeline: Sure.

John: Look, I don't know how any of that --

Evangeline: No, I -- I don't know how this happened. I'm so sorry.

John: I'm sorry. No, listen, I'm sorry. I didn't -- no, I should've --

Evangeline: I -- I --

John: I should've stopped it.

Evangeline: I didn't hear me saying "no." I -- I should've known not to be drinking all that wine on an empty stomach. What was I thinking?

John: Yeah, me, too. I'm not -- I'm not saying I regret anything.

Evangeline: Me, neither.


Kevin: Why are you doing this to me, Kelly? Why?

Dorian: Don't try to tell me that was just some little spat you and Kevin were having. What did he mean when he said he wanted the truth and now he's got it?

Kelly: We've been receiving these anonymous letters and we think they're from Todd.

Dorian: What do they say?

Kelly: That Ace isn't Kevin's son.

Dorian: Oh, dear.

Kelly: Everything's falling apart -- the marriage that I always wanted, my family. It's all gone. And there's nothing that I can do but sit back and watch it slip away.

Dorian: There is one thing you can do.

Kelly: What?

Dorian: You can tell Kevin the truth -- that is, if you want to save your marriage, though why you want to, I'll never understand. There's some terrible secret about your baby, and I think you're going to have to tell Kevin what it is.

Kelly: Nono, I can't do that. That's impossible.

Dorian: Honey, you know that I will do whatever I can to make you happy, and if that means helping you cover up whatever this is about the baby from Kevin, believe me, I will do that.

Kelly: It won't work.

Dorian: Of course it will. Sometimes, the only choice you have is to just, you know, show your cards and hope for the best.


Bo: Jess, you know, I haven't talked to John yet about what happened. All I know is he did let Antonio go.

Jessica: Yeah, but you know that it wasn't because he supposedly roughed up some suspect.

Bo: Jess --

Jessica: Listen, I don't believe it. I don't believe any of it, ok?

Bo: Ok, ok. Is there something else going on with Antonio, maybe something I'm not aware of?

Jessica: He's just been really secretive lately -- about a lot of things. I know he's hiding something from me, and I think that it has something to do with the Santi family.

Bo: But you think. See, it doesn't do us any good, any of us, to speculate.

Jessica: No, I'm pretty sure, Bo, ok? And I also think that it had something to do with that place, the Hookup, that he was doing undercover work at and the woman that owns it.

Bo: I'll tell you what, I'm going to check into this. I'm going to find out exactly what happened. I want you to go home and try not to worry, all right? Ok, come on.

Jessica: Ok. Thank you.

Bo: I'll talk to you later, ok?

Bo: Have a seat, detective. I think that there's a few things that we need to clear up right now.


Todd: To teamwork.

Blair: Oh, to a job well done. And to the end of little Miss Margaret's reign of terror.

Todd: I think before she confessed, you still had some shadows of doubt.

Blair: Uh-uh. I knew that you were going to say that. No, I knew, Todd.

Todd: You believed me all the way?

Blair: I did. Because you're a different man. It has just taken me a long time -- a long, long time to see it.

Todd: Taken me a long time to be it.

Blair: I hope nothing ever changes that. And you know what, I knew the second she told me the two of you had slept together that that wasn't true.

Todd: She didn't know I'm a one-woman man.

Blair: Yeah. That's one thing that hasn't changed. And if it happens to change and I do catch you cheating on me, I will have to kill you.

Todd: Ok. Mental note.


Kevin: Margaret.

Margaret: I'm sorry to come by so late, Mr. Buchanan, but I really need to talk to you.

Kevin: All right, come in.

Margaret: I messed up.

Kevin: How?

Margaret: With Todd and his ex-wife. They found out everything.

Kevin: I don't understand. What did they found out?

Margaret: That everything I said was a lie, that Todd and I never slept together.


Kelly: Kevin and I are already separated. There's no hope of saving my marriage unless I do something.

Dorian: Honey, I've watched you suffer over this for months, and I think you're going to have to tell the truth for your own sake, whether Kevin can accept it or not.

Kelly: Well, at least if everything's out in the open, I won't have to live like this anymore.

Dorian: And know that whatever happens, I will stand by your side.

Kelly: I know. I'd give you a hug, but I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you.

Dorian: Oh. Don't worry about me. But you -- you need some rest.

Kelly: I'm going to sit with Ace for a little bit. You going to be ok?

Dorian: Yes, I'm going to be fine, thank you.

Kelly: Ok.


David: It appears that your little spill was a little more serious than you originally let on.

Dorian: Don't be silly, David. I just got off an airplane. I'm a little sore, that's all.

David: Hmm. Well, why don't I take you upstairs and give you a thorough examination then?

Dorian: Oh, honey, not now.

David: Why not?

Dorian: I just want to get into a really dark room and go to sleep.

David: Stay right there.

David: You never wear scarves. Stand still.

David: You're black-and-blue all over, aren't you?

Dorian: I have a few bruises, yes.

David: If you really fell down the stairs, you would have made up a lie.

Dorian: What makes you say that?

David: Because it would kill you if people thought that you were clumsy.

Dorian: That's ridiculous.

David: I need to ask you something, and I want you to tell me the truth -- and don't lie because I'll know it. Who did this to you? Because I swear to god, I'm going to kill them.


Antonio: Look, Commissioner, I know John and I should've probably given you the heads-up before we moved forward with this, but we saw the opportunity to get me into the Santi organization, so we grabbed it.

Bo: It's going to be hard to keep Jessica in the dark about all this.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, that's why I told her I was cheating with this woman. Look, Jessica's got to stay as far away from this as possible. Same goes for my mother and Adriana. It's the only way I can protect them.

Bo: You know what you're risking?

Antonio: Yeah.

Bo: Ok. Till further notice, you are officially fired. But I want you to keep me informed.

Antonio: Will do. Thank you,Commissioner.

Bo: Antonio, this is the first time that you've been quite this deep undercover.

Antonio: Yeah.

Bo: You're probably going to have to go along with some things that will make you sick, and you're going to be the only judge of just how far you're stepping over the line.

Antonio: I'll try and remember that, sir.

Bo: Good luck, detective.

Antonio: Thank you, sir.


John: Ok. All right, keep me informed. Hey, how'd it go with Sonia?

Antonio: I'm in.

John: Good. Good. I I want you to take a look at something. Evangeline and I brought in the bookkeeper's girlfriend, and she gave us a lead on a possible suspect on Kathryn's murder.

Antonio: I've seen that guy at the Hookup.


Carlos: Yeah, but I haven't found his girlfriend yet.

Man: You were hired to find Mary Barnes and eliminate her. She's a headache for me. A headache, understand?

Carlos: Yes, sir. And she will be eliminated, no problem.

Man: She'd better be. If she's already talking to the cops, you're the one in trouble, my friend.

Carlos: After what I did to her boyfriend, she won't do that, sir.

Man: Stop telling me what she will and won't do. Make her go away. Don't call again until you've done it.

Carlos: The boss has a headache.


Kevin: Wait a minute. You and Todd never slept together?

Margaret: I'm sorry. It all came out.

Kevin: Well, why did you say it in the first place?

Margaret: Because I thought you wanted me to. That's why I planted the files in Todd's office.

Kevin: What?

Margaret: Wait -- you wanted him in prison, didn't you?

Kevin: Well, I never asked you to help me put him there.

Margaret: Yes, you did! So did your grandfather! He was the one -- he helped me make those fake photos of Todd and me in bed!

Kevin: Well, he's not your boss, I am! And I never asked you to lie! I certainly didn't ask you to fabricate evidence, Margaret! Oh. I suggest you get yourself a good lawyer.

Margetet: Mr. Buchanan, please.

Kevin: Get out. You're fired.


Blair: Here's to us. To the life that we have always wanted.

Todd: Hmm. Cheers.

Blair: Mmm.

Todd: Mmm. That's right.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Give it to me.

Blair: That's right.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Oh! I'd better get it.



Todd: What?

Kelly: It's kelly. I need to see you immediately.

Todd: About what?

Kelly: About the anonymous notes you keep sending us.

Todd: You got the wrong guy this time.

Kelly: Todd, I have to see you right now. This is all going to end, tonight.


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>> On the next "one life to live" --

Antonio: I want an intro into the Santi family.

Viki: What do you really want with my daughter??

Jessica: You're going to Puerto Rico? Why?

Asa: Well, if you're not the father, who do you think is?

Dorian: I knew it! Kevin isn't the father!

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