OLTL Transcript Friday 6/25/04

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/25/04

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Antonio: Terrified. She's not even part of the Santi organization. Why the hell would they do something like that to her?

John: They obviously know there's something important on the back of that bracelet. Just slow down, take it easy.

Antonio: Don't tell me to take it easy, John! They could've killed her.

John: You know, losing it is not going to help anything.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I just want to take these people down before they hurt my family.

John: Let's do it. I want to go over every possible variable for this truck heist. I don't want any surprises.

Antonio: I can handle it.

John: The minute Dorian sets foot back in Llanview, she'll be slapped with a subpoena and forced to hand over that brooch. Once we get the combination to that vault, we're halfway to the Santi money.

Antonio: Yeah, well, let's hope we get there before David and Dorian realize they're holding the key to millions.


David: Ow. God bless it. Where did Adriana run off to?


Kelly: I know we said that we would get together soon, but I really thought you'd call first.

Jessica: Well, I was hoping that you and I could have a real talk.

Kelly: Uh-huh.

Jessica: Yeah. Well, I don't know, Kel, after stopping by the other day, I just realize how much I missed you and wanted to chat with you.

Kelly: Kevin sent you, didn't he? He wants to see if you can find out what I'm keeping from him.


Margaret: Todd and I videotaped ourselves making love, but this is just a preview. Do you need any more proof?

Todd: Why are you doing this?

Kevin: What's going on?

Margaret: Blair needed some proof that I slept with Todd, so I gave her a visual aid.

Kevin: Well, there you go, Blair. All he does is lie to you.

Todd: It's a fake.


David: Hey, Marcie, have you seen Adriana?

Marcie: Hi. No, but I just got here. Everything okay?

David: Yeah, peachy. Running my own daycare center would be even more fun.

Marcie: Hey. Shannon?

Shannon: Yeah?

Marcie: You all right?

Shannon: I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?

Marcie: I don't know, it just looks like you're crying.

Shannon: No, it's the chlorine in the pool.

Marcie: Oh.

Shannon: I'm fine, see?

Marcie: Okay. Listen, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a second about President Davidson and the work-study project.

Shannon: Marcie, like I'm going to spend my whole summer working on some stupid community center. I mean, they should turn the thing into a parking lot and forget about it.

Marcie: Well, then where are the Angel Square kids going to go?

Shannon: Somewhere else.

Marcie: No, the town needs a community center. I need to graduate, and you might actually be able to earn some good grades for a change. Shannon, we can't do this without you. The whole project's going to get scrapped. It's all or nothing.

Shannon: Big deal. So we'll just make up the classes in the fall.

Marcie: No, it is a big deal. I can't make up the classes in the fall. If I lose my scholarship, that's it. I can't afford it.

Shannon: Marcie, that's really not my problem.

Marcie: You really want to spend the rest of your summer all by yourself at the country club, all alone?

Shannon: You know what? I wasn't by myself. I was with River until Adriana came and ruined it.


River: I know you wanted to wait --

Adriana: Donít. I am so happy.

River: I love you so much.

Adriana: I love you, too. I'm glad my first time was with you.

River: It was my first time, too.

Adriana: Did you like it?

River: It was amazing. Did you? It's just -- we probably should have used some protection or something.

Adriana: I didn't even think about it.

Rirve: I did. It's just that it was too late. There was no way that -- you think you might be pregnant or something?

Adriana: That would be --

River: Really bad luck.

Adriana: Nothing bad could come out of something so good, don't you think?

River: It feels perfect. I just don't think anything bad can happen when we're together like this.


John: We need to know where and when this liquor heist is going to take place. We can't do anything till you get the details out of the new boss at the Hook Up. What's her name?

Antonio: Sonia Toledo. But I can't push it, John. I mean, she's looking for blind trust. That's part of the test.

John: I want to be able to control every variable. Without the route --

Antonio: Yeah, I know. I know -- without the route, I'll be out there alone.

John: I don't like hanging your life out there like this.

Antonio: Yeah, well, you think I do? But I'm doing this, so show me what you got.

John: Okay. We got the decoy truck in place. I got my best undercover guys on call. Now, the minute you know the route, we put our people into action.

Antonio: Got it.

John: Listen; you get a bad feeling about this, you get out. I get a bad feeling about this; I'm pulling you out.

Antonio: Yeah, okay, look, are we done with this? Because I got to get out of here and find Jessica.

John: Out Jessica -- this is deep cover. In other words, I don't want to be reading about this in "The Banner Sun" tomorrow.

Antonio: You don't trust her.

John: I don't trust her. I don't trust any reporter. And it's a deal breaker. Everybody's got to believe that I fired you -- that's your mother, that's your friends, it's the guys down at the station, and that's Jessica. If you don't like it, the whole deal is off.


Jessica: Kelly, Kevin really loves you.

Kelly: Yeah. That's why he left. I mean, let's not pretend that he's at Viki's because he just wants to take care of her. He wants to get about as far away from me as he possibly can.

Jessica: Kelly, you and I know that he could've gone a lot farther if he wanted to.

Kelly: Oh, well, he doesn't want to leave Ace. I mean, that's who he really cares about.

Jessica: That's ridiculous.

Kelly: Really? Is it?

Jessica: Kelly, why don't you just fix things before they get a whole lot worse? Why don't you just come clean with whatever this secret is that you and Todd have?

Kelly: You tell Antonio everything, huh?

Jessica: I think so, yes.

Kelly: And what about him? No deep, dark secrets?

Jessica: Kelly, we're partners. There's really no reason to keep secrets from each other.

Kelly: Let tell you something, Jessica. Marriage -- it's no fairy tale. But someone who's never been married before really wouldn't understand that.

Jessica: Well, do you want to get a divorce?

Kelly: No. No, I don't want to get a divorce. You have no idea what you're asking me to do.

Jessica: Kelly, why don't you just tell me what's going on? You got to trust somebody.

Kelly: Sometimes you keep things from people you love because you don't want to hurt them. Why can't Kevin just understand that?

Jessica: You know, maybe he could if the secret didn't involve Todd.


Todd: Look at that. Look, it's obviously a paste job. Anyone with a simple computer could've pulled this off in 10 minutes.

Margaret: Where would I get a nude photo of you if I didn't take it myself?

Todd: You say there's a videotape? Let's see it.

Kevin: Oh, come on, Todd.

Margaret: No, that's for private viewing. Besides, it would break Blairís heart.

Todd: There's no videotape. It didn't happen.

Kevin: She has photographs! This is unbelievable. You use this woman, and then you sit there and you deny it to her face?

Todd: Yeah, I used her. Yeah, I apologize. It was a big mistake. But you obviously like it because he's using you now.

Kevin: This is ridiculous.

Todd: Well, you're doing everything you can to break us up, aren't you? Using B.E. employees now? There's got to be a law against that somewhere.

Margaret: Oh, stop lying about him.

Todd: You got to wise up, Margaret. You think I was using you? He's using you worse. He's just getting started.

Margaret: Well, after what you did to me?

Todd: I'm sorry. I apologize. I'll say it again -- I apologize. You're a good person. But move on, cut your losses, okay?

Kevin: This is unbelievable. Come on, I'll take you home.

Margaret: Don't do this. What we had was special. I miss you. I want you back.

Todd: Okay, stay the hell away from me and stop being so ridiculously stupid, okay? He's pulling your strings.

Margaret: I can't take this anymore. I'll see you back at the office.

Todd: You see?

Margaret: I'm sorry you had to find out this way. But you needed to know.

Kevin: You all right? It's over, Todd. She is never going to believe you again. Yeah. What are you doing? What are you --

Blair: I believe him. He didn't sleep with her, Kevin. Give it to me.

Kevin: You -- you have to see if this is fake! You got to check it out, Blair!

Todd: Why don't you check out some other people? How about Kelly? I wonder what she's up to.

Kevin: I don't know what you have on Kelly, but I'll tell you what, I'm going to find out. And when I do, we're going to settle this once and for all. You are making a big mistake.

Blair: Okay, Todd, weíre alone now. I want to know the truth. Why shouldn't I believe my own eyes?

Todd: That's my head. That is not my body. Kevin paid somebody to paste my head on someone else's body. Take it to an expert. Call the police. I don't care. I didn't sleep with her! I wouldn't!

Blair: Yeah, but you said that you were stringing her along.

Todd: Yeah, I strung her along. I -- I bought her a few drinks. I kissed her a couple times in public.

Blair: I saw you. I remember.

Todd: I did that to make you jealous.

Blair: Well, it worked.

Todd: The other thing is, do you think I'd really be stupid enough to videotape myself having sex with -- with one of Kevinís employees?

Blair: It was a very dumb idea.

Todd: Yes. Blair, I'm doing everything I can to be the man you want me to be -- for your sake, for the children's sakes. I need you to believe me now.

Blair: I do believe you.

Todd: Good. We can make this work this time, I swear.

Blair: You going home?

Todd: Yeah, I guess so. Aren't you coming?

Blair: Well, in a few minutes. I -- I need to take care of something.

Todd: What?

Blair: You asked me to trust you. Now I'm asking you to trust me.


Kelly: So I have something that I don't feel like sharing with Kevin. So what? I can't believe he'd send his little sister over here to get it out of me.

Jessica: Kell I came as your friend, not just Kevinís little sister.

Kelly: Yeah, you've always been a terrible liar.

Jessica: I'm worried about you, okay? Ever since you had this baby, you've been on edge, and I'm not the only one that's noticed this.

Kelly: You try living with a newborn and a husband that's never around! I'm sorry.

Jessica: You're luckier than I was, Kelly, okay? You get to have a beautiful baby boy, and -- you know, this should be the happiest time in your life, and you're miserable.

Kelly: Why can't Kevin just love me? Why can't he just believe in me? He knows I would never choose Todd over him, and yet he's -- he's, like, crazy. It's like this is some kind of test, and if I fail it then my marriage is over.

Jessica: Well, it looks to me like you're the one doing the testing.

Kelly: Maybe I am. Maybe he's the one who's failing me. If he were really committed to me, he would come home and just drop this.

Jessica: So, what, you're both just going to dig your heels in and wait till the other one surrenders? Well, what if nobody surrenders, Kelly? Is this really worth risking your marriage over?

Kelly: Ask your brother. We're all pretending that he's over at Viki's because he wants to take care of her. But he left me. He left his son.

Jessica: Listen, Kelly, I think that you should really take a risk. Find Kevin. Tell him the truth. Otherwise, I don't think that you stand a chance.


Antonio: I'll be at the Hook Up tonight. Maybe Sonia will tell us what we want.

John: I'll get in touch with my sources, see if I can't cover your back. I got to admit, I'm not looking forward to going back to the station. I'm taking a lot of grief for firing you.

Antonio: Yeah, you know, my P.B.A. rep called me, wanted to see if I wanted to file a complaint.

John: Oh, yeah? Did you?

Antonio: Well, I told him I'd get back to him later.

John: You do that, and I'm going to file a counter complaint about that haircut.

Antonio: Funny.

John: Look, all joking aside -- once we get you inside the Santi family, we're going to have to tighten the screws, provided you're safe.

Antonio: Yeah, I know the drill.

John: And there's still about a million things could go wrong on this. We can pull out.

Antonio: John, I'm doing this for my family. They already threatened my mother. What if they come after Jamie next?

John: Okay. Look, I -- I should get back.

Antonio: Yeah.


Adriana: I feel weird without my cross.

River: Well, I'm sure Antonioís going to take care of it for you.

Adriana: Maybe I shouldn't have let him borrow it. Oh, but Carlotta doesn't want me wearing it anyway -- says it's "dangerous."

River: Well, Carlottaís a weird one. She's pretty overprotective.

Adriana: She'd have a heart attack if she could see us now.

River: I know. So would Dorian.

Adriana: I feel -- I know that I promised them that I would wait till I was married, and I feel bad that I broke that promise, but I never should have made it. My promise to you is more important.

River: Well, nobody really has to know right now. It can be our secret, right?


Marcie: It's not going to be that bad. Come on.

Shannon: Please. It's going to be like slave labor camp.

Marcie: Well, at least we don't have to spend five days in a classroom. And there's going to be a lot of hot construction workers around.

Shannon: I'm over men.

Marcie: You? Right.

Shannon: What would you know? You and Michael are stuck together like glue on a shoe. It's gross.

Marcie: You just got here. Come on, you hardly know anybody. Give it a chance. It'll happen.

Shannon: Marcie, I like being alone.

Marcie: Okay, but it still might be nice to make some friends. And Michaelís going to be around. You like hanging out with him.

Shannon: Why would Michael work when he doesn't have to?

Marcie: To help. I know, it's a really hard concept for you to understand. Come on, it's going to be fun. Nail guns, power tools, jackhammers, all the things you like. Oh, hey, did you find her?

David: No, I have not. And if I lose one of those kids while Dorianís out of town, she'll have my head -- or some lower extremity.

Shannon: Who are you looking for?

David: Adriana.

Shannon: Well, just find River. She's got him on a pretty short leash.

David: What, have you seen them?

Shannon: Unfortunately.

David: Well, where are they?

Shannon: Well, they headed into that cabana. But if I was you, I'd knock first. They've been in there for over an hour.

David: The pool annex.

[Adriana gasps]

David: Oh, my God!

River: Oh --

David: You know, Dorian is going to kill me.

Adriana: It's not what it looks like.

David: Well, I am glad to hear that!

Marcie: Well, why don't you just give them a little bit of privacy?

David: I am not letting either of you two out of my sight again.

Adriana: David, please just close the door, and then we'll come out and then you can yell at us.

David: Do you have any idea how upset your mother is going to be?

River: What are you talking about?

David: You know what? I thought maybe I could leave you two alone in the pool -- rub some lotion on each other, play Marco Polo, maybe sharks and minnows. But this? Do you what Dorianís going to do when she finds out? And Carlotta? Oh, my God, I'm going to be history.

Marcie: You know, it's been really nice, but I think I'm just going to leave, okay? Bye!

David: Why are you trying to ruin my life?

River: This has nothing to do with you. Adriana and I can make our own decision


Marcie: That was really creepy of you to tell on them.

Shannon: I didn't know they were still going to be in there.

Marcie: You were so hoping that they still we.

Shannon: I stopped hoping for things a long time ago.


David: I am shocked at you. All those years with the nuns? Do they not do their job anymore? You know, you promised your mother that you would stay a -- a --

River: She's a virgin. You can't even say it.

David: You pipe down! And you knew! Adriana is just 16!

River: Are you done? David, will you go, please?

David: Hold -- where's your cross? Nobody move. We'll find it.

Adriana: No --

David: Don't move!

Adriana: David, I didn't lose it. I gave it to Antonio.


Jessica: Hey. Why aren't you at work? Did something happen to Jamie?

Antonio: No, no. She's fine. She's with R.J.

Jessica: Then what's going on? What?

Antonio: I've been fired.


[Knock on door]

Margaret: I got your message. What is it that -- what are you doing here?

Blair: Well, I am waiting to see you, Margaret.

Margaret: Well, I don't want to see you.

Blair: Well, you aren't going anywhere.


Kelly: Hey. I saw your car drive up. Look, it's your daddy. Want to hold him?

Kevin: He's getting bigger.

Kelly: Yeah, he's getting louder, too. He certainly demands your attention.

Kevin: I'll bet.

Kelly: So, I'm glad you came back.

Kevin: Well, we need to talk about this.

Kelly: That disgusting thing. I don't want to talk about that.

Kevin: Well, we need to.

Kelly: Let me get you a bottle, okay?

Kevin: No, no, no, listen -- hey, you're not going anywhere. For months now, every time I ask you a question, you run away. It has to stop.

Kelly: Kevin, I cannot believe that you're giving that note a second thought!

Kevin: Look, just tell me the truth, then.

Kelly: I mean, it's ridiculous!

Kevin: On your marriage vow -- am I Ace's father?


David: You gave your cross to Antonio? Why -- why would you do that?

Adriana: He borrowed it. And besides, Carlotta doesn't want me to wear it anyway.

David: She -- what are you talking about? Why wouldn't Carlotta want you to wear it?

Adriana: She thinks that because it came from my father that it makes it dangerous for me to wear.

David: Okay, no problemo. We just need to get ahold of that.

River: All right, what is the deal with this cross anyway?

David: What are you still doing here? Adriana has to get dressed, and I've got to talk to her.

River: Hey, if anybody's leaving while she gets dressed, it's you.

David: You, get dressed. You, come with me outside right now. Open the door!

River: Nothing you guys do is going to make any difference. As long as we love each other, we're together, and you guys have to deal with that.


Marcie: No, Shannon, where are you going?

Shannon: Anywhere but here.

Marcie: No, but we have to give President Davidson our answer about the group project.

Shannon: To hell with the stupid project, and to hell with all of you!

Marcie: But, Shannon -- oh -- great.


Kelly: I cannot believe that you are standing here in front of your son and asking me that question.

Kevin: I don't want to fight with you, Kelly. I love him more than anything in the world, but I need to know -- am I his father?

Kelly: When you were lieutenant governor, we got notes that were far worse than that, and you laughed at them. You threw them away.

Kevin: Well, tell me it's not true and I'll laugh.

Kelly: I am not having this conversation in front of my child. Come on, come on. We're going upstairs, Ace.

Kevin: I'm going to be right here, Kelly. I'm going to be right here until you come back and give me an answer.


Margaret: How did you get in here?

Blair: Oh, I was the editor in chief of "Craze" until yesterday.

Margaret: You can't just lock me in here.

Blair: Hmm. Well, let me tell you something -- you really don't want to mess with me.

Margaret: Oh. What are you going to do to me? I guarantee it won't hurt as much as what Todd did to me.

Blair: I know all about what Todd did and did not do to you, Margaret. And you don't just go around accusing my man of crimes he didn't commit.

Margaret: I showed you the photo.

Blair: But do you know what it takes for Todd to make love to a woman? No, I didn't think so. You see, she has to be in his soul. That's me. I'm that woman -- not anybody else -- and we've been through hell together. And he's certainly not going to throw all that away for some little, bitter pencil pusher who can't hold her liquor.

Margaret: I am not going to let you push me aside.

Blair: Hmm.

Margaret: I deserve better than this. And if Todd isn't going to give it to me, well, then I will take it from him. And I will take you down, too, you bitch!

Blair: Oh --

[Margaret gasps]

Blair: That is just a taste of what you'll get if you don't leave Todd alone.

Margaret: It is not over. It's not! I am going to make them pay for this.


Jessica: My Uncle Bo would never fire you.

Antonio: He didnít. John did.

Jessica: What? Well, what happened?

Antonio: I lost my temper with a suspect.

Jessica: Did you hit him?

Antonio: John saw it. Given my history, he was forced to cut me loose.

Jessica: Yeah, but your record was cleared. You went to therapy. Bo would never have given you your badge back if he wasn't sure.

Antonio: He was -- John was right. My temper is a liability the L.P.D. can't afford.

Jessica: But you have it under control now. John just must have misunderstood. Oh, my God, you must be devastated.

Antonio: I made more money as a P.I. anyway. Maybe Evangeline will take me back.

Jessica: Antonio, why are you lying to me?


Blair: Yoo-hoo!

Todd: Where have you been?

Blair: I had to be a little tough with Margaret.

Todd: Did you leave her in pieces?

Blair: I did my best. So, where are the kids?

Todd: Out with Hedy. Why do you ask?

Blair: Well, you know, when I fight for my man, it kind of turns me on.

Todd: Hmm.


Kevin: What are you doing?

Kelly: I'm leaving. I'm not going to stay around here so you can show up anytime you want and accuse me of terrible things.

Kevin: I'm not asking you to move out, I'm asking you to answer my question. Am I Ace's father or not?

Kelly: Do you have any idea how much it hurts me to hear you ask me that question?

Kevin: Not as much as the fact that you won't give me an answer!

Kelly: I am not going to dignify that question with an answer! I mean, my God, Kevin, I can't believe that you would -- I'm going to Dorianís. I'm taking Ace and I'm going someplace where they love me and they respect me and they trust me. And good news -- you can move back in here. You can tell everybody the truth.

Kevin: I don't know the truth! That's the problem!

Kelly: You're the one who left, not me. You're the one who decided that I'm not allowed to keep anything to myself.

Kevin: Don't you put this on me. You're the one that stole from B.E. and allowed your brother to blackmail you. I don't even know how Todd Manning is involved in this. All I have done is love you, try to help you, and try to understand!

Kelly: Then do that. Love me. Trust me. Believe in me without having to know everything. Can you do that?

Kevin: I canít. I'm sorry.


Adriana: Marcie.

Marcie: Hi. You know what? I think I'm going to go get a soda. You know, or maybe lemonade? Anybody want one? It's a nice, refreshing drink. Okay, I'm going to leave.

River: Hey, you okay?

David: Hey, hey, hey, enough of that, enough of that!

Adriana: Please don't tell my mother.

River: What is it with you barging in on us anyway?

David: Now, you listen up, you little sinner. You better go back to the rectory and hope that it doesn't spontaneously combust.

River: I'm not leaving her here.

David: Until Dorian comes back, she's under my supervision. I'm the boss of her.

Adriana: Please, River, don't make a scene, okay? Hey, I'll call you later. I don't regret anything.

David: You two are giving me a migraine, all right? River, am I going to have to sic the reverend on you? Huh?

Adriana: It's okay.

David: Now, what are we going to do about this?

Adriana: I think I should be the one to tell her. You know, I just have to wait for the right time.

David: What are you talking about? No, I'm not going to tell on you. Not really. I'm not a snitch. What I'm talking about -- we got to find out where Antonio has that necklace.

Adriana: Well, he just borrowed it. He wanted to have one made for Jamie.

David: Do you have any idea how upset your mother's going to be?

Adriana: Why?

David: Sentimental value. That's the only thing that your father ever gave to you, so --

Adriana: Well, why should she care? I mean, she doesn't even want to tell me anything about him.

David: Look, just trust me, okay? Dorian is complicated. But I will make -- I'll make a deal with you. I won't tell Dorian about your little game of beach blanket boinko if you get that cross back from Antonio tout de suite.

Adriana: Really?

David: Yeah, it sounds good to me.

Adriana: Oh, thank you! Oh, my God! Antonio's probably done with it anyway! I'll go see if he has it right now!

David: Go, go. Vaya con dios, or with anybody else who's listening.


Jessica: Something's not right about this. I don't understand why you're being so calm. What's -- what's going on?

Antonio: Jessica, I'm just trying to face reality, okay? It's over. I've messed up too many times. There's no reason to fall apart.

Jessica: Yeah, there is. You love being a cop. It's your life.

Antonio: Not anymore. I have a family to support. I have to focus on making the best out of a bad situation.

Jessica: Well, before you do that, can -- I'm just going to go down to the station and talk to Bo. I'm sure I can talk some sense into him, okay? And if I see John on my walk down there, I am --

Antonio: Jessica, his hands are tied.

Jessica: Oh, bull! "His hands are tied." He does whatever he wants. He's Mr. Chief of Detectives. I mean, I thought he was your friend. I guess that shows you how much that was worth.

Antonio: Jessica, you -- you have to let it go. All right, it's a done deal. It's over.

Jessica: Listen, you don't know that, okay? Just let me go down to the station and talk to Bo.

Antonio: No! I don't want you in the middle of this.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Vega.

John: It's me.

Antonio: Oh. Hey, yeah, no, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

John: You alone?

Antonio: No. No, but soon. Yeah, no, I'll be fine. Yeah. Yeah, thanks.

Jessica: Who was that?

Antonio: One of the guys from the station who just wanted to -- to know if I was okay.

Jessica: But you're not okay.

Antonio: You know, maybe it's not such a bad idea that we talk to your uncle. Wouldn't hurt to try, right?

Jessica: Oh, yeah. Listen, we can fight this, okay? I'm not going to let you lose something that you love so much. I'll be back.

Antonio: Okay.


Marcie: Shannon. Shannon, just -- will you wait up just for a second?

Shannon: I have already told you, I'm not interested in the stupid community center project.

Marcie: No, I know -- I know that. But if there was any other way, then I wouldn't even ask you. But if I lose my scholarship, I'm not going to be able to afford the credits I need to graduate.

Shannon: Why don't you just ask your mom?

Marcie: My mother's dead, okay, and my dad is really sick and he can't afford the tuition. And even if he could afford the tuition, I -- I just couldn't tell him, you know? He'd be way too disappointed in me.

Shannon: Look, that's not my problem.

Marcie: Well, yeah, but I would do this for you. You know I would.

Shannon: Well, that's not my problem either.

Marcie: You're a piece of work, do you know that? All right, what if promise to make it really fun somehow?

Shannon: Yeah, how are you going to do that? You going to give me a designer hardhat?

Marcie: Yeah, sure. Is that what it'll take? I'll do it. Come on, see? It's not going to be that bad. It'll be fun. Just consider it, please?

Shannon: Okay, I'll consider it. Just don't hold your breath.


[Knock on door]

John: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

John: Just got a call from one of my C.I.S about a truckload of liquor moving up from Tennessee. He gave me the time and the route, so try to set up the heist around this information.

Antonio: You know, if Sonia thinks I'm too eager, she might call the whole thing off.

John: Okay. Well, finesse her. Then we detour the real truck and put ours in place.

Jessica: Hey -- what are you doing here? Haven't you hurt Antonio enough?


[Doorbell rings]

David: Hey, hi. What are you doing here?

Kelly: Hi. Ace is in the car. Can you get my things while I get him out of the car seat?

David: Well, what -- I don't understand.

Kelly: I can't stay at Asaís anymore. Kevin left me. I want to come home.

David: Come here. It's going to be okay.


[Todd and Blair laugh]

Todd: I'd say from the looks of things --

Blair: Stop it.

Todd: You didn't believe ms. Margaret and her doctored photo.

Blair: Little Ms. Margaret is just not dangerous enough for you.

Todd: I don't know. After today --

Blair: Uh-huh?

Todd: I think she's got some potential.

Blair: Well, I think that we can take her on together.

Todd: I'm going to take you on! Aah!

Blair: Oh!


Kevin: Well, if I'm not Ace's father, there's only one other man it could possibly be. Todd Manning.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live"  --


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Paul: I got to take care of some things before we take off. I'm going to need a little help from you.

Jessica: Did you really think that the cops are the only people that can find out information? This woman is going to find out what's going on.

Antonio: So, you want to get to know me?

Sonia: Are you worth it?

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