OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/24/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/24/04

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Waiter: Ahem.

Rex: Oh, thanks. Put it right there.

Waiter: May I see your member number, Sir?

Rex: I'm a guest of Natalie Buchanan-Vega. You've heard of the Buchanans, right?

Waiter: I'm acquainted with Kevin and Joe Buchanan.

Rex: Yeah, I'm from her other family. If you don't believe me, call Viki Davidson. Ahem. Just put it on my sister's account. Thank you.


David: Okay, kids, hit the pool, share the toys, don't fight, stay out of my sun.

Travis: You know, I don't have a bathing suit.

Starr: What do you mean --

Travis: I'm going to have to go naked.

[Phone rings]

Travis: I'm going naked.

Starr: No, you're not!

Travis: Can I rent one?

Starr: You rent everything.

David: This better be important. I'm exceptionally busy. Dorian! Hi. We're at the club. We're at the pool. I'm with the kids. Hmm? Yeah, of course I'm keeping my eye on them. What's up on your end? What?


Asa: Okay, here I am, Kevin. Why are you so fired up? Oh. "Do you really think you're Ace's father?" Damn!

Kevin: I asked Kelly about it. She said it was just sick.

Asa: You believe her?

Kevin: I don't know what to believe.

Asa: She's your wife, not some crank. This note is a scam. You have any idea who sent it?

Kevin: My guess? Todd Manning.


Margaret: Well, I hope Todd enjoys you in this as much as he did me the first time we made love.

Todd: I never slept with this person.

Margaret: How can you say that after everything we meant to each other?

Todd: She's obviously insane. Don't believe a word she says.


John: Well, so just tell everybody the community center's just not your problem.

Shannon: What am I, like, 8? If I decide to do this community center thing, it's not going to be because by big cousin guilted me into it.

John: I never could.

[Phone rings]

Shannon: What's up?

Rex: Shannon, it's Rex Balsom. Listen; get over to the country club quick.

Shannon: Like I want to spend my day with a bunch of stiffs.

Rex: I'll make it worth your while. Tell them at the door you're my guest.

Shannon: All right. Later.

John: Later.

[John sighs]

Antonio: Hey, you got a minute?

John: Yeah, sure. What do you got?

Antonio: Another mini-mart got hit.

John: Another one? That's, what, four this month?

Antonio: Yeah, same M.O. as the last one. Looks like we got a string.

John: All right. Maybe you should get down there, take some statements.

Antonio: Uh-oh.

Sara: So, the stripper's a cop.


Carlotta: Mi vida

Tomas: Don't scream! Don't scream!

Carlotta: Oh! Here's my purse! You can have it! Just don't hurt me!

Tomas: Keep the purse! I want the bracelet!

Carlotta: Ah!


John: What is she talking about?

Sara: Don't even try. You're a cop.

John: And what are you doing here? Did you come down to help me with those homicides?

Sara: Look, I already told you I don't know anything about it. I came down to slap a harassment complaint against you -- and it's a good thing now that I know one of my strippers is a cop.

John: Is what she's saying true? I mean, I knew you were moonlighting, but not as a stripper. You never said anything about being a stripper.

Antonio: Listen, you're going to believe her?

John: Well, I don't know.

Antonio: She's just trying to make trouble.

Sara: You don't know trouble. Just stay the hell out of my bar.

Antonio: Well, that went really well.

John: That might be an opportunity. We were looking for a way to get you into the Santi family. Sara might have just given us a way.


David: How do you know that the -- hold on a second. How sure are you that the letters and the numbers on the back of the brooch are one third of a combination to the -- I don't -- well, we got to get the rest of the combination then. Where do you think we should start looking?


River: Hey, Rex.

Rex: Adriana! I didn't know you -- hey!

Adriana: Hi, Rex.

Rex: I didn't know you were here.

River: She is, with me.

Rex: Oh, okay.

Adriana: Bye.

Rex: Catch you later.


Shannon: Okay, I'm here. But I want you to know they gave me some really major attitude at the door.

Rex: Yeah, well, so, who cares? You're in, right?

Shannon: Not if you don't tell me why we're here.

Rex: River Carpenter's here.

Shannon: Yeah? Where?

Rex: He and Adriana went to change.

Shannon: She's here with him? Okay, nope, I'm not -- I'm not playing.

Rex: Whoa, hey, hey, hey. Do you want River or not?

Shannon: Not with little miss perfect hanging around.

Rex: Quit dissing her, okay?

Shannon: What is it with you guys and her?

Rex: Hey, this is not about Adriana. This is about you and River, okay, but you need to move fast.

Shannon: Yeah, right. If you are so interested in Adrianaís money, why don't you make up your own moves?

Rex: Who said anything about money? And since when do you need help snagging a guy? From what I've seen, you can get anybody you want. Okay, maybe not the ones you really want.

Shannon: Maybe I just haven't tried yet.

Rex: Well, then, let's see how good you are.


Travis: Hey, how you doing?

River: Good

Travis: Starr said this is the menís.

River: Okay. I'll just -- I'll meet you back here later.

Adriana: Yeah.

Starr: Yeah, and that's the girls'.

Adriana: Oh, okay.

Travis: Hey. You look pretty good.

Starr: Thanks

Travis: Oh -- the water's right down there.

Starr: Yeah, the pool?

Travis: Yeah.

Starr: I'll race you to it.

Travis: Yeah, okay.

Starr: Yeah?


Rex: Okay, River's alone.

Shannon: All right. Try not to be a peeping tom.

Rex: Mm-hmm.

[Rex whistles]

Shannon: Oops.


Blair: Get out.

Margaret: You don't believe me?

Blair: That my husband slept with you? You're pathetic. And take your trash with you.

Todd: You heard her.

Margaret: Go ahead, kid yourself. But the truth is the truth, and it will come out.

Todd: Get out.

Margaret: I feel sorry for you because I know you are going to be feeling just like me pretty soon.

Todd: Hmm. What a nut job, eh?

Blair: I don't think we've heard the end of her.

Todd: Forget about it. Everything we've been through, Margaret Cochran can't touch us. Hmm.


Asa: I should have had Manning strung up years ago.

Kevin: Oh, come on.

Asa: What?

Kevin: I said, "Come on."

Asa: If you want to deal with a piece of scum, you got to get as down and dirty as they are.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, that's a good idea.

Asa: Why the hell not?

Kevin: Well, Mom, for one. I'm not going to send her back to the hospital.

Asa: Kevin, if anything happens, it's Manningís fault.

Kevin: Like that would make a difference. I almost lost her once, Grandpa. I'm not going to take any chances.

Asa: Well, you'd better do something. You can't have Manning going around saying that Ace is not your son.

Kevin: I'll take care of it.

Asa: Maybe you don't want to get in the mud with Manning, but I've got no problem with it.


River: What the hell are you doing here?

Shannon: Chill out. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

River: You can't -- you can't be in here.

Shannon: Well, I'll leave, as soon as I change into my swimsuit.

River: You canít. Don't change in --

Shannon: Oops. Looks like I've forgotten my swimsuit. So I guess swimming is out. We'll have to do something else.


John: We were looking to get you in deeper at the Hook Up anyway. That could have taken some time. This could be a good situation.

Antonio: Yeah, if Sara even lets me back into the place.

John: Well, you're going to be needing a job there because you and I are about to have a major falling-out.

Carlotta: Tonio!

Antonio: Mami? Mami, what? What happened? What happened? What?

Carlotta: Ah, yo tenia mucho miedo. Este hombre -- este hombre me agarro --

Antonio: What?

Carlotta: Y me amenazo con una pistola.

Antonio: Okay, calmate, okay? Very slowly, tell me what happened. Who threatened you with a gun?

Carlotta: No se. Este hombre -- he wanted my bracelet.

John: Ms. Vega --

Carlotta: The one that Manny gave me.

John: Have you ever seen this man before?

Carlotta: No, nunca. Never. I told him that I didn't have it. He said I must have. He's already gone looking through the house for it. Our house is torn to pieces.

Antonio: What?

John: Campbell, get over to Mrs. Vega's house, all right? When you get there, give me a call back. Check it out.

Antonio: Okay. Okay, tell me, what did he say when you told him you didn't have the bracelet?

Carlotta: He said that he would use the gun if I didn't tell him where it was. I -- I told him -- I told him that I didn't have it, but then a police car came by and so he ran. Tonio, I thought I was going to die!

Antonio: No. No, no, no, you won't, okay? I won't let that happen.

Carlotta: You see? You see why I wanted to throw that bracelet in the river? Everything that Manny touched was evil.

Antonio: Mami, it's okay, all right? It'll be okay, I promise.

John: Mrs. Vega, we're going to get you round-the-clock protection.

Carlotta: I need a ladies' room. I'm a mess.

Antonio: Okay. Okay, come on, I'll take you, all right? Everything's going to be okay, I promise. We're going to get you protection from now on, okay? I'll be out here waiting for you.

Carlotta: Okay.

Antonio: This is the Santis, man! They went after my mother!

John: Hey, slow down. I know this is personal, but you don't want you to cross any lines.

Antonio: John, they could have killed her!

John: And they killed Kathryn and who knows who else. Listen, we lose our cool, we get nothing.

Antonio: All right. Okay, fine, I'm going to keep my cool. But you're damn straight this is personal, and you'd better believe there's going to be payback.


Asa: This is Asa Buchanan. You get your butt over here now. Why? Would you like to keep your job? We've got to talk. About Todd Manning.


Todd: You didn't hesitate even for a second? You believed me all the way about Margaret?

Blair: I just wish you hadn't gotten involved with her in the first place.

Todd: I screwed up.

Blair: Yes, you did. But you are stopping it. I just -- it's Kevin, you know.

Todd: Well, don't you take sides against Kevin.

Blair: Never. Never. Mmm.

[Watch beeps]

Blair: What is that?

Todd: It's the kids.

Blair: Oh, the kids. Got to go.

Todd: Oh.

Blair: Be good while I'm gone.

[Door closes]


[Pounding on door]

Kevin: Where the hell do you get off saying I'm not Ace's father?

Todd: Maybe you're not.


River: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Shannon: Well, if you can't figure it out --

River: Hmm. No, no. No, I can't do this. You know I can't do this.

Shannon: Why?

River: I love Adriana.

Shannon: You sure about that?

River: Yeah. Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Shannon: Then why do you keep letting me kiss you?


Rex: Hey! Hi.

Adriana: Hi, Rex.

Rex: Without sounding like a sleazy player, you come here often?

Adriana: Actually, no, not that much. I mean, we have the pool at home and everything. How about you?

Rex: Oh, me? I'm regular, practically live here.

Adriana: Okay. Well, I'd better let River know that I'm ready. He's in there changing.

Rex: That's weird. It usually takes girls longer than guys to get ready. What's up with that?

Adriana: Be nice now.

Rex: No, sorry. It's just he's only keeping the prettiest girl in town waiting.

Adriana: Now I see why you always have all those girls all over you at Ultraviolet. You're smooth.

Rex: No, I mean it, Adriana --- River's a lucky guy. Hope he knows it.


River: I think you should get your clothes and just get out of here, all right?

Shannon: Oh, come on, you don't mean that.

River: Yeah, I do.

Shannon: But you want me.

River: I don't, Shannon. I donít want anything to do with you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that the way that sounded. That sounded wrong.

Shannon: Look, forget it, all right? You have such a lame idea about what love is. You think it has to be all perfect and you can't have any feelings for anybody else? That's a stupid fantasy idea. It's her fantasy idea. It's not even yours. Look, you know what? When you are ready for the real thing, you just come and find me.


Antonio: Sara.

Sara: I thought I told you never to show your face here again.

Antonio: I need to talk to you.

Sara: I have nothing to say to spies, especially when they're cops.

Antonio: It's not what you think.

Sara: Look, don't try to snow me. I know you're a cop. You got me in real trouble. Just get out of here.

Woman: So, you're the stripper cop.

Antonio: Who the hell are you?

Woman: The person who just fired Sara.

Antonio: You own the Hook Up?

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: I thought Sara did.

Woman: No. She was just keeping things in order for me. Oh -- you're fired, too.

Antonio: Why, because I'm a cop?

Woman: Because I don't know why you're here. It's not to strip.

Antonio: You're right; it's not.

Woman: It's not because you're a cop?

Antonio: It's because I'm a Santi. Manuel Santi was my uncle.

Woman: You're a Santi?

Antonio: Right. I want what's mine.


David: Dorian, we got to talk fast before we get cut off again, okay? So you figured out that the combination to Manny's fortune is on the back of three family heirlooms? Well, that's great. We just have to find the other two pieces of jewelry then. Yes, well, get back here fast. And hey, try not to get killed in the process.


Starr: Mom!

Blair: Oh, there you are! You having a good time, guys?

Starr: The best.

Blair: Great.

Travis: Yeah, I've never been to a country club before. You know, it's pretty cool. Kind of suburban, though. A lot of preppy jocks.

Starr: Totally. Want to go swim some more?

Travis: Yeah, sure.

Blair: Okay, have fun, have fun, have fun! David.

David: What?

Blair: Thank you for watching the kids for me.

David: Hmm? Oh, yeah, no problem.

Blair: David?

David: What?

Blair: You have been watching the kids, haven't you?

David: Yeah, they're out there in that general vicinity somewhere. Hey, Starr, be careful! Don't do anything I would do.

Blair: Okay. Since we're here alone --

David: Uh-huh?

Blair: I've got something I want to talk to you about.

David: Oh, yeah?

Blair: Mm-hmm. I'm leaving "Craze."

David: What?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

David: No, no, you can't do that. You can't do that. Blair, that magazine is what it is today because of your brilliant decision to hire me. Look, this is the only job I've ever liked. Actually, it's the only job I've ever had, but I like it, and that's because of you.

Blair: I'm sorry. Don't --

David: Wow.

Blair: Stop touching me. Kevin and I had it out.

David: Over what?

Blair: Todd.

David: Oh --

Blair: Before you say anything, Todd and I are back together --

David: Oh.

Blair: And I am not going to be around anyone who's going to tear him down, all right?


Kevin: What do you mean, I'm not his father?

Todd: Just jerking your chain. I didn't write that.

Kevin: Who did it then?

Todd: Why don't you ask Kelly?

Kevin: Because I don't have to. You think I had you arrested. You're obviously retaliating.

Todd: No, no, no, I've sworn off revenge. It's been making me irritable. Plus I almost lost the woman I love.

Kevin: Huh. Well, I'm sure it won't be long before you hurt her again.

Todd: She doesn't think so.

Kevin: Yeah.

Todd: Ahem. Maybe you should fix things in your own house. Maybe there's a little problem in the bedroom. That's why people probably don't think you're the father of Ace.

Kevin: Funny -- Blair never seemed to complain.

Todd: Well, not to you, no, she didnít. So you can run along -- ahem -- and you tell that psychopath Margaret to get off my back. Blair doesn't believe for a second that she and I slept together.

Kevin: If you're having problems with Margaret, it's because of the way you treated her. And if you did sleep with her to get information on me, well, you get what you deserve.


Asa: Ah, good, you're here.

Margaret: Well, you didn't give me much choice.

Asa: You're lucky I didn't take your head, lady, helping Todd Manning mess with my company.

Margaret: I made a mistake. That's why I went to your grandson. I want Todd Manning punished as much as you do.

Asa: Yeah, I hear he gave you a lousy time, gave you quite a runaround.

Margaret: He used me after he made me care about him.

Asa: He shouldn't get away with that, Margaret. And he wonít. I'm going to give you a chance to get back at him.


Kevin: You know, I wonder what Blair would say if she knew you sent me this note.

Todd: Hmm.

Kevin: Then again, if you did nothing wrong, there's really nothing to worry about, is there?

Todd: I wonder how Viki would feel if she knew you were here harassing me.

Kevin: I know she'd be upset if she knew you were lying about her grandson.


David: Blair, you can't quit "Craze." If you quit "Craze," I'm going to go crazy myself. I'm just faking my way through this thing. I don't know the difference between emo and screamo or hardcore and metal core, and before you know it, the magazine's going to go down the tubes, I'll lose my job, and Dorian won't marry me.

Blair: Well, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to work that out with Dorian because I cannot work with Kevin.

Travis: Come on, wait, wait!

Starr: Don't talk to me!

Blair: Okay. What's going on, you two?

Starr: Travis called me a geek.

Travis: I meant that in a good way, okay?

Starr: Since when is being a geek a good thing?

David: Hey, you know, Starr, a lot of people used to call me a geek, but look how tan I turned out to be?

Travis: Hey, yeah. See? Come on. Can't we at least talk about it?

Blair: Starr, at least listen to what he has to say.

Travis: Please?

Starr: Fine.

[David chuckles]

David: Ah, young love. Ain't it grand? You used to be young, didn't you, Blair?


River: No, no. No, no, no, Adriana, listen to me, listen to me.

Adriana: No, I don't want to listen to anything you have to say!

River: Nothing happened just now between me and Shannon.

Adriana: That is not how it looked!

River: She walked in on me! I had to kick her out!

Shannon: Oh, you can say what you want. You were way into it with me.

River: What? Get out of here, Shannon. Go away.

Shannon: That's not what you were moaning in the cabana.

Rex: Okay. You know what? How about I take you home?

River: Stay out of it. Look, let's go someplace private right now, all right?

Rex: No, you don't have to go anywhere. Don't let him pressure you.

River: That's not what I'm doing. Let's go. Come on, please.

Adriana: It's okay, Rex. Thanks.

Rex: Yeah, I'll be here at the pool if you need me. Bye. Bye-bye. That went well.

Shannon: Go to hell.


River: Look, everything I'm telling you is true. Nothing happened between Shannon and me. There's nothing there. It's you that I want and it's you that I love. But in order for us to have this relationship, you need to trust me. Do you?


Woman: So, you say you're El Toro Santiís nephew. Now, besides the fact that you know his real last name, why don't you prove it.

Antonio: My mother and her parents, the Espinozas -- they made him change his, so he used his wife's maiden name. My grandfather was a jeweler in Culebra. Make some calls, find out. I really don't care.

Woman: What's it to me? I own a strip joint.

Antonio: I think you know why it's important to you. Look, I'm not looking to bust anyone. I just want to connect with my family -- my real family.

Woman: If I know them -- big "if" here -- how do you wind up stripping in my bar?

Antonio: I found out Sara knew the people I needed to talk to. I wanted in. I'm a cop. I knew she wouldn't talk, so I started to --

Woman: So you figured you could work her?

Antonio: But there's no working you, right?

[Woman chuckles]

Antonio: So I'm going to lay it straight out for you.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: I want in. This is my family.

Woman: And you're going to choose this family and this new life over whatever's in your life right now?

Antonio: I'll tell you what -- don't you worry about my family. And if you're worried about the department, don't because they don't know what the hell I'm doing, either.

John: Like hell we donít. You know, moonlighting as a stripper is one thing. But no one wants a dirty cop on their force. I want your badge. You're fired.


River: Adriana, do you believe me?

Adriana: I can see it in your eyes, like the first time we met in Angel Square and when you came to get me in Puerto Rico.

River: I promised then that nothing would come between us, and Shannon hasnít. It's you that I love, not her.

Adriana: I feel that way about you, too, River.

River: We should hit the pool.

Adriana: No. I want you to stay, here, with me.


Rex: What's your problem?

Shannon: What's my problem? I just made an idiot out of myself because of you.

Rex: Not my fault you couldn't turn him on.

Shannon: It was your stupid idea.

Rex: You didn't have to go along with it.

Shannon: Look, I don't even know why I did. He's just a jerk, anyway.

Rex: So you're just going to give up on him?

Shannon: He doesn't want me.

Rex: Sure about that?

Shannon: Trust me, I know when somebody doesn't give a damn.

Rex: Oh, I'm sorry.

Shannon: Just leave me alone.


Travis: Starr -- come on, I didn't mean to hurt you. I think you're really cool.

Starr: For a geek?

Travis: No. Starr, I'd hate it if you were just one of those girls who, you know, looked at clothes and jewelry and talked about famous people. Come on, they know you by name over at the reptile roundup.

Starr: Well, they did say that they'd give me a job over there when I turn 16.

Travis: See, that's really cool. And come on, what other girl could have handled those big guys like you did in Central Park? Starr, I think you're amazing.

Starr: I think you're amazing, too.

Travis: Hey, hey, look, Starr, I was going to wait till the end of the summer to ask you this, but -- well, I just thought that --

Starr: What?

Travis: Well, look, just maybe, you know, you and me, just -- you know, just us kind of --

Starr: Yes! Come here. Mom --

Blair: Hey.

Starr: Me and Travis are going to get lunch, okay?

Blair: Well, I'm glad to see you that you two made up.

Starr: Okay.

David: Hey, hey, hey. Hold on one second. You haven't by any chance borrowed any of Adrianaís jewelry, have you? Tell me the truth.

Starr: Well, yeah, I borrow her jewelry all the time, except for that cross that her Aunt Carlotta gave her. It's really important to her.

Blair: What's -- what's wrong?

David: What?

Blair: What's wrong?

David: Nothing.

Blair: What?

David: I've got to -- I've got to go find Adriana. Excuse me.

Blair: Okay.


Kevin: Blair.

Blair: Okay.

Kevin: Hey.

Blair: You know what, if you're not here to apologize, I don't have anything to say to you.

Kevin: I want you to come back to "Craze."

Blair: And why would I do that, Kevin, after everything that you did to me and to Todd?

Kevin: I'm just trying to look out for you.

Blair: Well, you know what, donít.

Kevin: You know what, you swore that you would never go back to him, that you would never trust him, and yet that's what you're doing. You're walking right back into this. What am I supposed to do, just stand by and watch him get everything he wants?


Antonio: You want my badge? You got it. I was going to quit anyway.

John: I don't believe you, man. To work for the likes of this? You have no idea what you're stepping into.

Antonio: Yeah, well, last I heard, it wasn't a crime working at a bar.

John: That's not what this is about. You know it and I know it.

Antonio: Yeah, well, ah, it's going to be a relief not having to work for that son of a bitch anyway. It's bad enough he was a fed, and he gets kicked off the bureau and he strolls into the department and takes a job that was supposed to be mine. Huh. But I'm not bitter, nah.

Woman: Not you.

Antonio: Story of my life.

Woman: What, getting fired?

Antonio: Not getting what I want.

Woman: So what do you want? Forget it. You told me. You want to step into this big-deal family business and you figure you can start out right at the top.

Antonio: I just want in.

Woman: Hmm. Because you say you're a Santi.

Antonio: You're going to check me out.

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: Do I look worried that you're going to find out I'm not telling the truth?

Woman: No, you don't look worried. To me, you look pretty cool and cocky. Are you?

Antonio: Some people think so.

Woman: Yeah, I bet they do. My name is Sonia Toledo, by the way.

Antonio: It's a pleasure, Sonia, so far.

Sonia: There's more where that came from.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure there is.

Sonia: So, you say you're El Toro's nephew.

Antonio: I am.

Sonia: Now say there's even anybody who'd care. What makes you think they're going to be thrilled you want in? El Toro got himself killed, remember? He was blown into a million pieces.

Antonio: I want what's mine.

Sonia: This is not something you inherit.

Antonio: Blood's blood. Introduce me, I'll prove it.

Sonia: Okay. You're going to do something for me.

Antonio: What? To show that -- that I got what it takes?

Sonia: Call it whatever you want.

Antonio: All right. Name it, it's done.

Sonia: I need you to pull a job -- something the cops aren't going to like. Could get you 10 to 20, could get you dead. You in or are you out?

Antonio: Hmm. So what do you want me to do?

Sonia: I need you to hijack a liquor shipment. It's a big haul. Pull this off, I'll see if I can find anyone who wants to talk to you.

Antonio: Uh-huh. All right, so I pull off this liquor heist. That makes me trustworthy?

Sonia: No. You're trustworthy when I say you're trustworthy. Right now, you're just a very handsome man who hasn't given me an answer. So what's it going to be? Can you do the job or not?

Antonio: Count me in.

Sonia: Good. I can't afford any screw ups on this. That cop McBain gets in your way, kill him.


River: I'm sorry. Look, I'm sorry --

Adriana: Don't be.

River: Look, it's just the last time --

Adriana: It's okay.

River: If we don't stop, then --

Adriana: I know.

River: You said you wanted to wait till we got married.

Adriana: I don't care about that now. I love you, more than ever. And I want to be with you in every way.


Asa: Did you take care of the little matter we discussed earlier in the day, Margaret? Aw, good. Go drop the bomb. Oh, what I wouldnít give to see the look on Manning's face.


Blair: I know what I am doing.

Kevin: You say that every time you go back to him, and every time he hurts you worse.

Blair: All right, Kevin, I obviously can't talk to you about this.

Kevin: Blair, listen to me --

Blair: Kevin!

Todd: Oh, no, I'd take your hands off if I were you.

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Hello.

Todd: Giving you a hard time?

Blair: No, it's just -- you again.

Todd: Didn't you get the message?

Blair: Well, I want to say it loud and clear this time -- my husband did not sleep with you.

Margaret: Well, maybe you should take a look at this. Now do you believe me?

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live" --

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: You know, Dorian is going to kill me.

John: About Jessica -- this is deep cover. I don't trust her.

Blair: I want to know the truth. Why shouldn't I believe my own eyes?

Kevin: Am I Ace's father?

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