OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/23/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/23/04

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Marcie: You know, if I don't make up all my incompletes, I'm going to lose my scholarship and I'm never going to be able to graduate.

Riley: Oh, come on.

Shannon: Man, this really sucks. I'd rather flunk than have to be anywhere by noon in the summer.

Viki: Not before noon? Oh, dear, this is going to be quite a challenge for you. But I think that'll make it that much more interesting.


Todd: Oh. You're up? That's too bad. I was hoping to crawl back in the sack with --

Blair: I'm not tired now.

Todd: Blair, are you still upset about my arrest? Why don't you go talk to Kevin then --

Blair: I know.

Todd: If you don't believe me?

Blair: I know. I believe you, Todd. I believed you so much I quit "Craze" because Kevin was after you.

Todd: Then why are you acting so cold?

Blair: That woman, Margaret? She stopped by to tell me that you two have been sleeping together.

Todd: Oh. You don't believe that, do you?

Blair: Tell me why I shouldnít.


Margaret: Oh. Damn it, Todd! Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd! Todd!


Kevin: So, what's the news around the courthouse?

Nora: Hey.

Kevin: Hey.

Nora: We got a new break in the Todd Manning case.

Kevin: Really?

Nora: He's pleading guilty for paying off Harry Mackenzie.

Kevin: Well, that's great.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: And what about the charges that Asa bribed you to cover up that thing? Is it dead?

Nora: Dead, gone.

Kevin: And the rest?

Nora: He still insists that he did not steal those papers from Buchanan Enterprises' office.

Kevin: That's ridiculous. The cops found the file in his office.

Nora: Look, you know what? I don't trust Todd any more than you do, but I'm beginning to wonder whether he didn't steal those papers.

Kevin: Why would you think that?

Nora: He took his medicine about Harry Mackenzie. He really did. He didn't blame anyone. He didn't threaten anyone. I don't know, maybe being with Blair has changed him.

Kevin: No, he's just setting us up for another con, Nora.

Nora: Your witness, Margaret Cochran, is not stable. And the security tapes? They don't show Todd or anyone suspicious looking around the B.E. offices.

Kevin: So are you saying I should back off?

Nora: Kevin, I think that -- I think that you need to take a closer look at where these accusations are coming from.


Kelly: Oh, hey. Oh, I'm so glad you're safe. Are you all right?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm swell, Kelly, though I was better before John McBain sent the Puerto Rican cops after me.

Kelly: I'm sorry. I heard you turned yourself in.

Paul: Yeah, well, I had to come back. After Natalie got nabbed, I had to get her off the hook.

Kelly: Well, that's probably going to help you.

Paul: You know, I can't help wondering, Kelly, how did John McBain find me considering you're the only one that knew where I was?

Kelly: I had to tell him. You had some drug family out to kill you. The only way you were going to stay safe is to stay in police custody. Are you mad at me?

Paul: No. I had my chance to run. Don't worry, Kelly, but I'm not going to tell your husband that I found Ace for you.

Kelly: Really?

Paul: I already have enough charges pulled up against me.

Kelly: So we're okay?

Paul: Yeah, fine. Go back to your kid.

Kelly: Okay.

Paul: We're a long way from fine.


R.J.: Van!

Evangeline: Are you following me?

R.J.: No. No, no. I was just checking out the community center. It's a good piece of land. I mean, not too long ago I was Santaís assistant to Henry Santa Claus at a party there for the kids.

Evangeline: You, the un-role model?

R.J.: Yeah. So, where have you been? I've missed you. I called all day and night.

Evangeline: Yeah, I was busy at work.

R.J.: Yeah? And before that, you were in New York City.

Evangeline: How do you know where I was?

R.J.: I like to know where you are.

Evangeline: I don't report to you, R.J.

R.J.: Van, I never said that you do.

Evangeline: It's not about what you say. It's the way you say it. It's always an accusation behind it.

R.J.: "Accusation"? You used to call and check in all the time. I thought you liked it.

Evangeline: There are plenty of times I don't know where you are. How would you like to explain every single time I catch you cleaning up after Lindsay?

R.J.: "Every time"? Look, that was one --

Evangeline: You did follow me from the courthouse, didn't you?

R.J.: Yes. How else am I going to see you?

Evangeline: So you're stalking me?


John: The bookkeeper was killed with the same gun that also killed Agent Fitzgerald -- standard military issue, like yours.

Paul: Well, Natalie gave mine to the cops in Puerto Rico.

John: No, it's here now. It's in forensics.

Paul: Oh, well, great, great. Then it'll prove that I didn't kill anybody.

John: Well, it really doesn't prove anything. You could have had another one.

Paul: Oh, come on, McBain. Why would I come back here if I killed two people?

John: Maybe Natalieís money's an easier target than the Santis'.

Paul: You just can't see her, can you?

John: Where were you on the night of June 14 between 8:00 and 10:00 P.M.?

Paul: Oh, right, right -- the night that Kathryn Fitzgerald was murdered. Well, you know, I get around. I didn't know that night was important.

John: I need an answer.

Paul: This is such crap!

John: Where were you?

Natalie: He was with me.


Nora: Kelly had sort of an unusual involvement with Todd during the whole period that her brother was temporarily dead.

Kevin: He just pulled her into that mess to get me back for what happened with Blair.

Nora: Oh, it was very disturbing for you, I know, but did she ever tell you the extent of the relationship or what went on at that time?

Kevin: She wouldn't tell me.

Nora: Okay. See, it's very easy to blame Todd for everything. Maybe it's too easy?

Kevin: What do you want me to do?

Nora: Well, you can drop the theft charges and call yourselves even, or wean go to trial, and it may stir up problems.

Kevin: I know, I know. I've thought about what it might do to Kelly and my mom, especially with my mom's heart.

Nora: Kelly? Look, if we go to trial, before we get there, I'd like you to get to the bottom of this whole story with Kelly, please.

Kevin: Okay, I'll do -- thank you.

Nora: Thank you.


Margaret: Hi. What did the prosecutor say? Does she have enough to send Todd to prison?

Kevin: I -- you know, she's being careful.

Margaret: Well, then, we need to do more.

Kevin: Look, Margaret, I don't know how far I'm willing to push this anymore.

Margaret: What?

Kevin: Well, just, listen. I know you have a gripe against Manning, but I just need to think about where this is going to take us.


Todd: First of all, she's nowhere near as hot as you are.

Blair: Ugh --

Todd: Second, I didn't have to sleep with her to get what I wanted from her, and, third, she's a nut job. I wouldn't have --

Blair: Oh, you didn't have any problems kissing her at Capricorn?

Todd: I was trying to make you jealous.

Blair: By using one of Kevinís employees, Todd?

Todd: Yeah. I killed two birds with one stone.

Blair: What's the other bird? What's the plan?

Todd: I wanted information on Buchanan Enterprises, so I had to play nice with her.

Blair: You were using her?

Todd: Yes, but I didn't sleep with her. Come on! You forgave me for going after him. What difference does it make how I did it?


Viki: Now, you four students, along with some others among whom I'm sure you'll find at least one acquaintance, all failed to complete this term's work, and so you're scheduled to begin summer school next week.

Riley: Communications theory.

Jen: Existential philosophers.

Marcie: Chemistry.

Shannon: I can't even remember all the classes I flunked. So why would I do it again?

Viki: Well, you are going to do it again one way or another. I'm kind of hoping that it's going to be in a way that's somewhat different. You see, I've reviewed all your records and I've spoken with your professors, and it seems to me that all of you failed your various courses for essentially the same reason -- you got incompletes on your group projects. And you seemed to know the material, but you did not do the work with the other students in your assigned groups to fulfill your project requirements. As you all know, the community center burned down and needs to be rebuilt. Unfortunately, the insurance is not going to begin to cover the costs, and unfortunately, the town cannot make up the difference.

Shannon: Bummer.

Viki: Oh, Shannon, I'm so glad you feel that way, because I'm going to give all of you the opportunity to rebuild the community center yourselves.

Riley: Us?

Viki: You, yeah. What I'm suggesting is a work-study program which will substitute for the group projects which you failed to complete. Now, there is a very wealthy trustee and an alumnus who has agreed to pledge us a great deal of money. His name is Arthur Love, and they are actually going to name the center after him.

Shannon: Why doesn't he just hire a construction team? I mean, what do we look like, slave labor? I mean, come on, this is a joke, right?

Viki: No. No, it's not a joke. Why don't you think of it this way -- you're going to spend the whole summer outdoors instead of sitting inside in a classroom and you will see the results of your work every single day as the building rises.

Riley: Excuse me. President Davidson, I -- we can't possibly build a building ourselves.

Viki: No, of course not. The money from Mr. Love is allowing us to hire an architect and contractors with whom you will work. But you guys will be responsible for going into the community, getting donations, volunteers. You're going to contact local merchants and crafts people for all the furnishings, and you are going to do a great deal of the physical labor yourselves.

Marcie: Are you crazy? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


John: Doesn't anybody in this town knock before entering?

Natalie: I know where Paul was that night.

John: Really? You sure you're not just covering for him?

Natalie: He was at my home.

John: Anybody else see you?

Natalie: We wanted to be alone.

John: Do you have any idea how much trouble you're buying into right now?

Natalie: I'll swear to it in court if you want me to.

John: Okay. But, Natalie, there is right and there is wrong, and the difference is jail. You got that?

Natalie: Get over yourself, John. Your idea of right and wrong -- I mean, that's your choice, okay? Paul and I are who we are. We don't play games. We don't have any of these long-ago memories dragging us down. We have fun. We get each other, and he likes me for the way I am.

Officer: Forensics on that gun we found at the dock.

John: Thank you.

Natalie: So, what's it say? Did he kill her or not?


Kelly: Hi. You know, if -- if you need anything, I can always have it sent to the carriage house.

Kevin: That's not why I came by. I wanted to see Ace and you.

Kelly: What's up?

Kevin: "What's up?" Everyone I'm trying to protect from Todd is mad at me -- well, except him. Even Nora, who hates the guy, thinks I might be making a mistake.

Kelly: That must be tough to hear.

Kevin: I don't want to fight. I just want to know what he has on you.

Kelly: He did a favor for me.

Kevin: So you owe him?

Kelly: Yeah. I wish there was some way I could make you understand.

Kevin: Well, it's kind of hard for you to do that if you don't tell me what he knows. Please, Kelly, give me a way to come home to you and Ace.

Kelly: Okay. Okay, I -- I'm tired of this, too. I'll tell you. Where is he?


Nora: So, you going to tell me what's bugging you or not, hmm?

Evangeline: What makes you think something's bugging me?

Nora: You got a bacon cheeseburger that's 355,000 calories and 2,500 grams of fat.

Evangeline: Okay, okay, okay. I just had a big fight with R.J. and it's -- it's getting really bad.

Nora: Oh, Honey, I'm sorry.

Evangeline: He keeps demanding to know where I am all the time, and I just can't -- I can't deal with that.

Nora: Have you reminded him about how much he loves your independence?

Evangeline: I tried. And I just feel terrible, you know? I think I may have -- I think I may have overreacted a little bit.

Nora: You saw a dead body in your office!

Evangeline: I'm supposed to be this big bad attorney. But when I saw that woman, Nora --

Nora: Oh, but, come on. You never get used to seeing violence, I'm sorry. I don't, not in my job I donít.

Evangeline: I mean, this whole week I've been completely off balance.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: And I go to The Palace bar alone, I kissed John McBain, and I go back to my office, I find some dead woman, I call him, he tells me my client was killed the same night?

Nora: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up.

Evangeline: This day is just completely --

Nora: Back up, back up, back up.

Evangeline: What? That's my client, Arthur Loomis. I told you that he was killed.

Nora: No, no, no, before that. You kissed John McBain?


John: Forensics says Kathryn and the bookkeeper were not killed with the gun you had in Puerto Rico.

Paul: Right. So I guess that means you have nothing on me, huh?

John: The F.B.I. still needs you in San Diego. Try not to get shot by the Santis first.

Paul: You know what? I think Natalie and I can find someplace cozy to hang out.

John: It doesn't end there.

Natalie: Why not?

John: Cramer knows more than what he's telling us. That's why he ran off to Puerto Rico in the first place.

Paul: Come on, Natalie, we don't have to listen to this.

Natalie: I think we should celebrate.

Paul: Yes! Natalie, listen, I got to take care of something. You want to meet me down at Rodiís?

Natalie: Okay.

Paul: Okay.

Natalie: Don't be long, okay?

Paul: I wonít. Thank you.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.


Kelly: I just want you to know that everything I've done is because I love you so much.

Kevin: Okay.

Kelly: I was pregnant, and you weren't available, you were busy, and I couldn't really imagine my life without you. And now we have Ace, and he's such a joy, and when you go off, he's -- he's really the only reason I have to go on living. And if anything I tell you could cause me to lose him, I don't --

Kevin: Kelly, no one is going to take Ace away from us, okay? Honestly. Is that what you're worried about?

Kelly: I don't want to hurt you, Kevin.

Kevin: Then tell me what he knows, all right? And then we don't have to ever think about him again.

Kelly: Oh, I would like that. You have to understand. Everything I've done it's because I wanted to make us a family.

Kevin: No matter what you say, that's not going to change.

Kelly: Okay. You remember when I disappeared, right before Ace was born?

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: That's when this all started.


Todd: Margaret is not my secret. Kevin put her up to this. I'm sure of it, and I'm sure he planted those B.E. files in my office.

Blair: And I'm sure you're going to have a hard time proving that one.

Todd: Yes, you're right. I tried to get Margaret to cop to it, but she wouldnít.

Blair: Because you have this special gift of making people angry with you, Todd. I should know.

Todd: The thing is that when we're not together I just --

Blair: What?

Todd: I do stupid things, and you forgive me, but then we're just -- we're just ambushed with history. I'm not making any new mistakes now, though, I'm telling you.

Blair: Really? What about that one that you're keeping with Kelly, hmm?

Todd: Blair, it has got nothing to do with you.

Blair: So you just want me to forget about it?

Todd: Yes, I do. I want you to forget about it. And if Kevin can just leave us alone for a second, we could be happy. Please. Believe me.

Blair: I believe you.

Todd: Thank you.

Blair: But I tell you what -- I'm worried about that Margaret woman. I mean, she's a scorned woman. She's going to do whatever she can to get back at you.


Viki: Now, I'm not saying it's going to be easy, okay?

Marcie: Yes.

Viki: But since you are all going to share the responsibility, you will also share the grade.

Marcie: What?

Viki: In other words, depending on your work as a group, you will either pass or fail and you will do it together.

Jen: Your brother's a contractor. He can help.

Marcie: Yeah.

Viki: Jen, that's very good, because you're going to need all the help you can get.

Riley: Yeah, but only the four of us?

Viki: No, no. As I said, there are others, and I'm meeting with them later this afternoon. No, all of you together are going to rebuild the community center from the ground up.

Marcie: Where's Jimmy Carter when you need him?

Viki: That's very good, Marcie. Feel free to give him a call. I hear he's a very nice man.

Shannon: Okay. So are there, like, hidden cameras in here somewhere and we're all on "Americaís Funniest Home Videos"?

Riley: I --

[Riley chuckles]

Riley: I'm really not trying to be difficult, but what is building some new building -- how is that going to make us better students?

Viki: As I said before, you all failed because essentially you didn't work well with others. Now you are going to learn to reach out for help and to accomplish something working together.

Shannon: It's like "Survivor: Llanview" -- without the prize.

Marcie: The prize is no term paper! Sign me up!

Jen: Are you serious?

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Riley: Why not?

Jen: All right. I'm in.

Viki: Good.

Shannon: Look, I'm sorry. There will be no blisters on this girl.

Viki: Shannon, hang on just a minute, okay? There is one rule, and the rule is this -- you're all in this together. If one of you does not accept, the deal is off.

Shannon: What?

Viki: Yes. You all have to agree to sign on. Otherwise, they are out of luck.

Shannon: That's not fair! You can't put this on me.

Viki: Why not? It's part of the challenge. Shannon, between you and me, you more than anyone in this room -- you need to learn to work with others.


Evangeline: Well, I didn't actually kiss John --

Nora: No.

Evangeline: So much as surprise him.

Nora: Okay. Did your lips touch?

Evangeline: Okay, well, technically --

Nora: Okay!

Evangeline: Technically I kissed him, okay?

Nora: That's a kiss!

Evangeline: But it was just to prove a point.

Nora: Okay, and that would be what?

Evangeline: That I can be -- well, I'm not always cool and calculating, you know?

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: I can be impulsive.

Nora: I think you proved that point.

Evangeline: Well, why don't you tell me about Daniel Colson.

Nora: What -- oh, okay. We're going to take Matthew to a swimming party at the country club and then see where it goes.

Evangeline: Where do you want it to go?

Nora: Okay. No, no. Do you have feelings for John McBain? I mean, is that why you, you know, you and R.J. kind of ripped it up?

Evangeline: I don't know!

Nora: You don't?

Evangeline: All I know is that with R.J. it's like there's always something going on in my life that he has a problem with, and --

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: And maybe with John it's easier?

Nora: Because?

Evangeline: Because he keeps his feelings to himself.

Nora: Just like you. So what was it like? Come on. No, no, no, seriously. Did you, like -- hi!

John: You mind that I'm interrupting? I just --

Nora: No. No. Not at all. You know what? I have to -- ahem -- I have to go before they bring the cheesecake out and I might get the impulse to eat it.

John: You sure?

Nora: Oh, no, no, no, really.

John: Okay.

Nora: She's all yours. See you back at the --

Evangeline: Thanks. Thanks, Nora.

Nora: Bye.

Evangeline: Bye.

John: I got some news on your client's homicide.

Evangeline: Did you find Paul Cramer? Look, did he confess?

John: A year in the grave and that guy wouldn't confess to being dead.


Paul: Hey. Ah, you got here quick.

Natalie: Yeah. Here.

Paul: Oh, thanks.

Natalie: Here you go.

Paul: Cheers -- to my favorite alibi.

Natalie: Well, to the man who gave himself up to keep me out of jail.

Paul: Well, it's no problem. I didn't kill anybody.

Natalie: Listen, can we start over? And can we just do it right this time?

Paul: Yeah. We can do anything you want.

Natalie: Okay, as long as it's just us, okay?

Paul: All right. You know, if you still have that map I gave you, I got a great idea.

Natalie: Hmm. Let me guess -- does it rhyme with going after the Santi millions

paul: Look, I know you have the Buchanan money, but, you know, this could be fun.

Natalie: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah. So why don't you pack light and get ready for an adventure you'll never forget?

Natalie: I can do that.

Paul: Yes, you can.

Natalie: Thanks.

Paul: Get out of here. Excuse me.

Bartender: Can I help you, Sir?

Paul: Yeah. Do you have anybody back there that you could let go for a couple of minutes? I -- I have something I need delivered.


Kelly: When I disappeared, I -- I guess you know that I wasn't where I said I was.

Kevin: Where were you?

Kelly: I was at a hospital not far from here.

Kevin: Wait. I thought Ace was born on a farm. What happened?

Kelly: Yeah. The thing is --

Kevin: Kelly?

Kelly: God, this is so hard.

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey. It's okay, all right? I love you, no matter what. Just get it out.

Kelly: I wasn't feeling very well, and I --

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Oh, no. Listen -- do not pick that up. This is more important.

Kelly: I have to --

Kevin: No!

Kelly: I have to. I have to answer this.


Kelly: Hello.

Todd: It's Todd. I need some help.

Kelly: This -- this really isn't a very good time.

Todd: You get your husband to drop those charges against me.

Kelly: I'm working on it.

Todd: He's stressing Viki out, and now he's sicced that Margaret woman on Blair.

Kelly: Oh, God. I --

Todd: She came by here announcing that she and I slept together. Are you going to handle this?

Kevin: Who is it, Kelly?

Kelly: I -- I'm trying.

Todd: Hey, remember I'm keeping this secret for you.

Kelly: I know, I know, but --

Todd: You tell him I'm not the problem, all right?

Kevin: Who is it? Is it Todd?

Kelly: Yes! Yes!

Kevin: Oh, great.

Kelly: Todd, I can't talk to you right -- Kevin?

Todd: Kelly, you get him to back off or I dump this secret in his lap!


John: Problem is if Cramerís not involved, we're back to square one.

Evangeline: I know how important Agent Fitzgerald is to you, so you'll figure it out.

John: What I got to know is why Kathryn was killed. Was she dirty? Was she clean and she got too close? I mean, I want to believe she was clean.

Evangeline: Maybe you need to look at it the other way. I mean, my client saw Santi money come and go out of the Hook Up, and maybe your F.B.I. friend knew about it and -- and maybe she was coming to my office to meet with him.

John: It could be.

Evangeline: I mean, I told him not to, but maybe he was still trying to collect evidence against the Santis, and -- and maybe it's still at his house.

John: Search warrant?

Evangeline: I think we could get one.

John: Fair enough. Let's give it a try. Hey, thanks. Thanks for realizing how important this is.

Evangeline: I should -- I should also tell you that my client used to always talk about Santi hideaways in Puerto Rico.


Viki: Natalie! Honey!

Natalie: Hey!

Viki: Hi, Darling.

Natalie: How are you feeling?

Viki: I'm okay.

Natalie: I'm -- I'm sorry that I didn't make Ben's memorial service.

Viki: It's all right, Honey. I mean, I would have liked you to have been there, but --

Natalie: I know, and I need to explain. When I called you and told you that I was not with Paul, that was a lie.

Viki: I see.

Natalie: But I had to. I mean, because he needed me to.

Viki: Well, he was all over the news, wasn't he?

Natalie: Yes, but we're back now, and he turned himself in, and they let him go because he didn't do anything wrong.

Viki: Well, they haven't charged him with anything, right?

Natalie: Listen, you said to me one time that there was nothing wrong with taking a chance on surprises.

Viki: Yes, I did, but, Honey, I think when I told you that there's nothing wrong with taking chances didn't mean that -- that it was okay to go on the run with a fugitive.

Natalie: I know. I actually -- I didn't know that he was wanted until we were already in Puerto Rico.

Viki: I don't want you to bring any more trouble on yourself.

Natalie: Yeah, but, I mean, Paul, he's really not any trouble. I mean, he's great. We have fun. He really cares about me, Mom. I -- I think we're going to go take a trip together.

Viki: Oh, no, Honey, donít. Please, please, don't do that.


[Doorbell rings]

Man: Kevin Buchanan?

Kevin: Yeah. Thanks. Here you go.


Todd: I'm not going to let these people ruin things for us ever again.

Blair: Todd, just don't push too hard to keep them away.

Todd: Do you mean that I can't ruin Kevinís life?

Blair: No. I'm talking about us. We don't have to prove anything to anybody.

[Doorbell rings]

Margaret: Hello? It's Margaret Cochran! I'd like to apologize.

Blair: Oh -- well, we're going to have to deal with it sooner or later, so --

Margaret: Hello. I've brought you something. Hmm?

Blair: Well, what is it?

Margaret: It's a peace offering.


Riley: Stop fighting us. Please go.

Shannon: What are you going to do, have me arrested?

Marcie: John, will you please talk some sense into your cousin?

John: Since you can't think of anything easier?

Jen: Please, just convince her to be a part of the summer school project. If she doesn't, we're going to flunk a bunch of course and our lives will suck.

Shannon: Look, they want us to build the community center for free.

John: Okay, that's it. In here. Let's go talk about this.

Riley: Bye. Let's go.


R.J.: What you doing?

Nora: R.J., what are you doing here?

R.J.: Well, I just thought I'd drop by and visit an old fend, one who's -- who's always tried to be straight with me.

Nora: Uh-oh, this sounds serious.

R.J.: Well, you tell me. I -- I want to know what's going on between Evangeline and this Lieutenant McBain.

Nora: Oh, R.J., I honestly don't know anything. What?

R.J.: You're not surprised that I asked.

Nora: I know they're working together on something that's -- you know what you need to do? You need to ask Evangeline.

R.J.: No, I -- I think I got the best answer I'm going to get. Thanks, Nora.


John: I get why you don't want in on this.

Shannon: You mean you're not going to twist my arm?

John: No. No, it's not your style, right? You know, having friends depend on you, no excuses to blow things off, accountability, all that jazz.

Shannon: Yeah, I seem to be able to flunk on my own, thank you.

John: Yeah, right, and they need someone that's willing to put it all on the line, you know? Maybe somebody that's going to tell them when their ideas suck, and that takes guts, unlike trash-mouthing a band or something like that.

Shannon: So, what are you saying?

John: So what I'm saying is this would be real, Shannon. I mean, this is serious. You know? And maybe you'd learn something about yourself, this project, maybe teach you something like you don't know everything. And sometimes you need to ask for help, and I know you'd rather die than do that. But then again, maybe along the way you grow up a little bit.

Shannon: Are you done?

John: Yeah, that about covers it.

Shannon: Great. Now you can go back to hiding behind your job and duck everything that's going on with you.

[Shannon slams door]


Viki: Natalie, this friendship that you have with Paul -- I mean, that's just not something you would normally do, is it?

Natalie: I don't see why not. I mean, we have a great time.

Viki: Yes, but you had so much invested in John McBain.

Natalie: So?

Viki: So this running around with Paul -- isn't it a bit impulsive?

Natalie: I mean, that's the way I'm going to see the world. I mean, what's wrong with that?

Viki: Well, nothing, Darling, if you survive the lesson. I don't want to see you get hurt.

Natalie: You know, everyone gets hurt. I can get through that.

Viki: Yeah, but sometimes you have a tendency to make things worse for yourself. I mean, when you were hurting over Cristian being with Jen, you went and married Mitch Lawrence.

Natalie: Wow. Well, I knew it. I mean, I knew you blamed me for bringing him back into your life.

Viki: No, well, that's not it at all, Natalie. Honey, I'm talking about what's good for you, what's in your best interest.

Natalie: My best interest?

Viki: Yes.

Natalie: You know, it's so funny, because I hear everybody saying how they're concerned about my best interest, but really they're only concerned about their own.

Viki: Who is?

Natalie: Well, John. He just wants his evidence, and Jess just wants to be with Antonio, and, you, you just want me to be safe and respectable.

Viki: No, Natalie! All I want --

Natalie: You know, all of you are so worried that I'm going to mess up your lives! You know what? Don't worry. I'm not going to mess up Llanview here, okay, because I'm not going to be around.

Viki: Natalie! No -- Natalie, please! Please come back!


Paul: You'd better get over to my sister's house. She's going to need your help.


Kelly: Something wrong?

Kelly: "Do you really think you're Ace's father?" I -- I don't know who would do a sick thing like this.

[Ace cries]

Kevin: Who would do a sick thing like this? Todd Manning would do a sick thing like this!

Kelly: It's okay, Sweetie. It's okay.


Todd: What the hell is this, Margaret?

Margaret: Touch it. It'll remind you of our first time.

Blair: Ugh --

Margaret: Oh, maybe this will help you turn him on as much as I did. But somehow, I doubt it.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live" --


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Asa: You have any idea who sent it?

Kevin: My guess, Todd Manning.

Antonio: Manuel Santi was my uncle. I want what's mine.

Todd: I never slept with this person.

Margaret: The truth is the truth and it will come out.

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