OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/22/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/22/04

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Kevin: What are you doing here?

Todd: I live here. I'm out on bail, thanks to Blair.

Blair: Todd didn't steal anything from Buchanan Enterprises. So are you here to drop the charges or do you want a fight?


Jessica: You've been looking at that bracelet ever since we took it out of the river.

Antonio: Hmm. I can't figure it out. I mean, the numbers are too high. I've tried a few simple codes, and nothing fits.

Jessica: Maybe it's a jeweler's stamp, like 14 karats --

Antonio: No, no, Baby, the numbers -- there just way too many numbers, you know? But whatever it is, my mother didn't want me to find out.

Jessica: Well, she said it was evil.

Antonio: It's a bracelet. And there's going to be other people looking for it. Now, her brother Manny gave it to her, so I'm guessing it has something to do with the organization somehow. Kathryn Fitzgerald tried -- tried tracing the money and died. If I can figure it out, then -- then maybe we can find the money and who killed her.


John: Gracias. Appreciate the help, Capitan.

Kelly: So do they have Paul in custody?

John: They have dispatched a team to the hotel in Loquillo. So help me, Kelly, if you're lying to me again --

Kelly: That's all I know. That's where I was supposed to wire the money.

John: You did the right thing. If you're brother didn't kill Kathryn, he's got nothing to worry about.

Kelly: You really think he did it?

John: Either way, the Santi family's looking for him. We're his best shot at this point.

Kelly: He's going to hate me.

John: Well, he can't do anything to you from behind bars.

Kelly: That's what you think.


[Pounding on door]

Man: Policia! Abra! Abra la puerta o entramos!

Natalie: What did they say?

Paul: They said they're coming in.

Officer: Okay, esta bien!


Michael: I went on the net and looked up literary agents that represent mystery writers. I'm going to help you do some submissions after you finish your revisions.

Marcie: You really don't need to do that, but thank you.

Michael: No, I really do need to do that, especially after all my helpful suggestions the other day. I'm sorry, really. I'm a huge idiot.

Marcie: No, no, no, I was -- I was being overly sensitive. I just really wanted you to love it.

Michael: I did really love it.

Marcie: You know, a lot of what you said was right. I just needed some time to take it in, you know, and, well, I really want you to look at the revisions. I mean, the whole thing -- it's a long way from being done, but would you mind looking at them?

Michael: Are you sure that you want that?

Marcie: Yes. Yes, and I want you to give me your absolute, honest opinion.

Michael: Okay.

Marcie: Okay?

Michael: Yeah, I'll do it.

Marcie: And I promise I won't bite your head off this time. Well, as long as they're good, right?

Michael: Deal.


Kelly: I want to be here when they bring him in.

John: Suit yourself. But if I were you, I'd stay as far away from him as possible.

Kelly: My brother's not a murderer.

John: Either way, he seems to have a knack for messing up people's lives.


Natalie: Hi. What do you need?

Officer: We're looking for Paul Cramer.

Natalie: Uh -- never seen him. I've been asleep by myself.

Natalie: Okay -- uh -- yeah, he was -- he was here, but he left before you guys got here. Comprende? He -- he left this. Okay, relax. Please relax, relax, relax. All yours. It's yours, it's yours, okay? Thanks. Um -- he said that he was going to Belize, so if you hurry, you might be able to catch him at the airport. Okay.


Nora: You know they're going to be taking a formal deposition in a few weeks?

Margaret: Will Todd be there?

Nora: Well, he certainly has the right to be there, but I doubt it. He'll be represented by Evangeline Williamson, his lawyer. I just -- ahem -- everything you say there is going to be on the record, and I just think it's very important that I know what you're going to say so that there are no surprises.

Margaret: I understand.

Nora: Okay. So, did you personally witness Todd Manning break into the B.E. offices?

Margaret: No, not personally. Is that bad?

Nora: No, no, it's the truth, so it's not. And what were your dealings with Todd Manning like?

Margaret: He hung on my every word. The way he looked at me, it -- it made me feel special. And then he offered to buy me a drink. I don't really drink, but I used to be really uptight and he thought that -- I guess he thought it was obvious, so he just told me to just let loose, let my hair down -- literally, I guess. I never met anyone like him. You probably think I'm stupid.

Nora: No. Oh, no. Not at all. What kind of information did you give him?

Margaret: Well, there were some internal issues with B.E. finances. He asked me about Kevin and his access to accounts.

Nora: Did ever offer you money for information?

Margaret: I would never take a bribe. No, he tricked me, and he needs to be punished.

Nora: Whether or not Todd gets punished is really up to a jury to decide.

Margaret: No, he's guilty.

Nora: Well, if he's guilty of ruining Kevinís reputation, then, yes, he obviously deserves to be punished.

Margaret: No, but shouldn't he pay for what he did to me?


Todd: I think you're giving Kevin a little bit too much credit. He wouldn't throw me in jail only to drop the charges.

Kevin: The D.A. put you in jail. If you end up there for the rest of your life, that's your fault.

Todd: I'm innocent.

Kevin: Just go away. I'm here to see Blair.

Blair: It's okay.

Todd: Okay.

Todd: See you later.

Kevin: How many times are you going to let this guy do this to you, huh? He is never going to change.

Blair: How many times are you going to try to come between us, Kevin?

Kevin: He's making you look like a fool again, Blair! Trust me, youíll be better off if he goes back to prison.

Blair: Oh, come on; don't tell me that you're doing this because of me!

Kevin: I'm doing this because he tried to ruin my company and I want justice!

Blair: Justice or revenge? Which is it, Kevin? Or do you even know?


Jessica: Hi.

Adriana: Hey. Am I early?

Jessica: No, you're right on time. Come on in. Jamie's just down for a nap.

Adriana: Hey, Antonio.

Antonio: Hey. Hey, you know that -- that cross -- it looks -- it looks a lot like a bracelet my mother has.

Adriana: Yeah, it is. She said her father made them both. I really love it, you know? It's the only thing I have from Manuel Santi. It's so hard to think of him as my father, though.

Antonio: Yeah, who -- who gave that to you?

Adriana: Carlotta did when I was little. She said that my father, Manuel, gave it to her when their mother died, and then she gave it to me.

Antonio: Would you mind if I -- if I take a look at it?

Adriana: Oh, sure. Ooh. Got it.

Antonio: You know, would you mind if I just hang on to it for just a little bit? I'd like to have one possibly made for -- for Jamie.

Adriana: Okay. But you have to promise not to lose it.

Antonio: You've got my word.

Adriana: Okay.

Jessica: Well, okay, there's bottles in the fridge and --

Antonio: Ahem.

Jessica: You can eat anything that you can possibly find, and our cell phone numbers are --

Antonio: Are on the fridge.

Adriana: I will be fine. Have a great time.

Antonio: Thank you.

Jessica: Why do I get the feeling that date night's going to be a bust?

Antonio: Take a look at that. Right there.

Jessica: I don't see anything.

Antonio: They're tiny, but there's something definitely scratched on the back -- on the back of this cross. I need a magnifying glass, but you know what? If I'm right, I'm guessing there are going to be more numbers. Come on.


Officer: Start talking.

Second officer: Where is he?

Natalie: I told you I don't know.

Officer: We're sending you back to the states for questioning.

Natalie: Okay, well, can I have a few minutes to get dressed? What, you waiting for a free show here? Come on!

Officer: Make it quick.

[Door closes]

Natalie: Paul?

Paul: Military training comes in handy.

Natalie: Yeah.

Paul: Come on, get your stuff. We can go through the ducts and get out.

Natalie: I have to go.

Paul: No.

Natalie: Look, the cops already know that the two of us are together, and they're going to tell my mom, okay, and I can't put her through that. She's not well enough.

Paul: Natalie, I don't want you to go, but I don't want anything to happen to you because of me.

Natalie: You could turn yourself in.

Paul: Yeah, right. An F.B.I. agent has been whacked, all right? The feds want my blood.

Natalie: But you're innocent.

Paul: Yeah, but they think I'm a cop-killer. Right now, I'm guilty until proven innocent.

[Knock on door]

Officer: Come on!

Natalie: I'm coming! Okay.

Paul: All right, give me one week, Natalie. Meet me at the Steer Inn, all right, noon, one week from today.

Natalie: Okay, I'll be there.

Paul: Thank you, Natalie. You're the only one that stood by me. I know you've gone out on a limb for it.

Natalie: Okay, you're coming back.


Officer: Come on, let's go!

Natalie: Hold your horses!

Paul: Look, I want you to have this in case something happens to me.

Natalie: Nothing's going to happen to you.

Paul: Yeah, well, everybody's got a bad day, you know? It's a military term. You take a wrong step in a minefield, you're going to have a bad day.

Natalie: Okay, that is not going to happen. What are all these markings on here?

Paul: These are the coordinates to where the Santi millions are supposed to be locked up. In what, I don't know.

Natalie: Why in the world are you giving this to me?

Paul: I memorized it. If I don't come back, it's all yours.

Natalie: Paul, you're coming back. You're going to be back.

Paul: Yeah, well, then we'll spend the money together.

Natalie: Well, what about your family and Kelly?

Paul: No, you were there for me. You deserve it. And Kelly deserves whatever she's got coming to her.


Officer: Time's up.

Natalie: I have to go.


Paul: I don't want to let you go.

Natalie: I'll see you in a week.

Paul: Okay.

Natalie: Be safe. Hurry. Go on.


Nora: Margaret, what exactly did he do to you?

Margaret: He pretended to care about me romantically, but all he really wanted to know was dirt on Kevin. Isn't there some law against that?

Nora: Well, maybe there should be, but, no, there's not. That's why I asked you if he offered you money for information. I mean, if he -- if he was offering you a bribe, you know, if he paid you for information --

Margaret: Oh, no, no, he paid me with -- with cocktails and dinners and --

Nora: Margaret, Toddís a user. He'll do anything to get what he wants, and I'm sorry you had to find that out.

Margaret: No, don't be sorry. Just make him pay.

Nora: Well, in order to do that, I might have to ask you to go on the stand. Would you be willing to testify against Todd?

Margaret: Yeah. I'll do whatever I have to. I'm not going to let him make me look like a fool.

Nora: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Margaret: Excuse me.

Nora: Yeah.

Margaret: Ahem. Hello?

Todd: Margaret, it's Todd Manning. I need to see you.

Margaret: Really? Why?

Todd: Not over the phone. Be at Rodiís in an hour.

Margaret: I'm sorry. It was just B.E. business.

Nora: Oh, that's okay. I have to get back to the office, anyway. Don't worry, okay? Todd will get exactly what is coming to him.


Kevin: Todd steals from me, and all of the sudden I'm the bad guy?

Blair: You're obsessed, Kevin. You've hated him ever since college.

Kevin: You're damn right I have! It's unbelievable! You and my mom accept him back no matter how many times he kicks you in the teeth! How can you do that? He lies to you, he betrays you, and yet you constantly believe in him!

Blair: It's called love, Kevin. You should try it.

Kevin: I love my family. B.E. files were found in his office. He did it. It's obvious.

Blair: He didn't do it. He's telling the truth!

Kevin: Really?

Blair: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, did he tell you the truth about his little secret with Kelly?

Blair: No, he didnít.

Kevin: Oh. You don't care?

Blair: Oh. Yeah, see, I know what this is about. Yeah. See, Kelly confided something in Todd that she didn't feel comfortable telling you, and so you want to punish Todd for it!

Kevin: You're damn right I do!

Blair: Why don't you go home, Kevin, because this is between you and your wife.

Kevin: Kelly wouldn't lie to me if Todd hadn't put her up to it.

Blair: Oh. Ha! See, I think the Kelly we both know lies all the time. You can't save your marriage by putting Todd in jail, Kevin.

Kevin: The man is holding something over her. I'm just being protective.

Blair: Yeah? Of whom? What do you think it'd do to my kids if Todd goes to jail, or what you think it would do to Viki?

Kevin: Oh, she'd be better off without him.

Blair: Oh, come -- I don't even know why I'm getting upset about all this, because he didn't do anything and he's not going anywhere.

Kevin: I have proof, Blair. Hello?

Blair: Why can't you just turn the other way just this once? Todd wanted to hurt you because of what happened between us, but that is over. He has changed. Kevin, why can't you do it for me?

Kevin: I'm sorry. It's out of my hands.

Blair: All right. Well, then, expect my resignation from "Craze" tomorrow on your office desk, because it is over -- and so is our friendship.

[Door slams]


Todd: Still partial to the gimlets, are we?

Margaret: What do you want?

Todd: I'd like you to tell me how those B.E. files got planted in my office. Oh, Margaret. I'm not going to blame you for being angry. I just didn't realize that you had such strong feelings for me.

Margaret: You didn't think about me at all, did you?

Todd: Oh, that's not true. I -- I think you're a good person, nice personality --

Margaret: Don't you mean an easy mark?

Todd: Tell me, did Kevin Buchanan get you to set me up?

Margaret: You told me that you were writing an article and that no one was going to get in trouble and that I was "deep background," whatever that means.

Todd: Yeah, it means --

Margaret: Who cares! You used me!

Todd: Keep your voice down. Let me tell you something -- if the police found out that you planted those files in my office, hmm, not good for you. You want to take that risk?

Margaret: Oh. What, do you need me to get you off the hook or something?

Todd: If you go and tell the police everything, I won't press charges.

Margaret: I didn't do anything wrong. You did. I need another gimlet!

Todd: Don't drink anymore. Those gimlets are killers.

Margaret: You bought me my first one. I have learned a lot from you.


Nora: Hey, Marcie, will you let me know as soon as the commissioner gets in? It's about the Manning case.

Marcie: Sure.

Nora: Thank you.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

John: Any word on Cramer?

Marcie: No, not yet.

John: Good work, Marcie. Detective. What do you got?

Antonio: Take a look at these.

John: It's nice stuff. What are these etchings on the back?

Antonio: Numbers and letters. I had forensics blow them up. The pattern's identical. Both pieces were given to my mother years ago by guess who.

John: Manuel Santi? So what do you think? Maybe a Swiss bank account?

Antonio: Maybe. I got a feeling he stashed the money closer to home.

John: What's your mom saying?

Antonio: She clams up anytime I ask her anything about Manny. Before I went at her again, I wanted more leverage.

John: Looks like you got it.

Antonio: Yeah. Wish me luck.

John: Good luck.

[Knock on door]

John: Come in.

Officer: That prisoner from Puerto Rico is here.

John: Bring him in.


Michael: One of the technicians at work came down with something unusual the other day. It wasn't anything serious, you know, not life-threatening. It just took us a couple days to figure out how to fight it off. One of the nurses just came down with the same infection.

Marcie: Well, could you get it?

Michael: No.

Marcie: I mean, you haven't been -- you haven't been infected --

Michael: No, no, no. It's like the flu or something.

Marcie: Oh.

Michael: It's weird like that.

Marcie: Okay, well, maybe you should take antibiotics. Oh, you know what -- maybe vitamins or something like that? I have extra vitamin C, I think, in here.

Michael: Marcie.

Marcie: Maybe you should take this.

Michael: Marcie. What's going on, sweetie?

Marcie: Well, you know, it's just that, well, I gave Al that weird infection and that's why he died.

Michael: Oh, my God. I am so sorry. I didn't even think.

Marcie: No, that's okay.

Michael: No, it's not okay, all right? Just I got really interested in this case in particular, you know, and I've been thinking of specializing in virology, and I sort of lost my head. I can be such a dope sometimes. I'm so sorry.

Marcie: Well, I'm a worrywart, so --

Michael: No. Are you kidding me? You must have been scared to death.

Marcie: Just a little.

Michael: Well, I promise you, nothing is going to happen to me.

Marcie: Okay.

Michael: Okay?

Marcie: All right.

Michael: All right.

Marcie: And I hope this isn't a mystery at the hospital that we have to solve, either, because I don't think I could take anymore of that.

Michael: Okay.

Marcie: Okay.


[Kelly gasps]

Jessica: Kelly? Kelly, what's wrong?


Nora: I want the B.E. security tapes for the last few months. Margaret Cochran couldn't pinpoint an exact date, but if Todd did steal those files, we'll be able to see him going in and out of those offices.

Kevin: Well, you know Todd. I'm sure he got somebody else to do his dirty work.

Nora: Then get me the tapes and we'll find them and, with any luck, we'll get them to turn against Todd.

Kevin: They found the files in his office. What more proof do we need?

Nora: Evangeline Williamson is not going to have any difficulty in finding witnesses to testify to your animosity against Todd, not to mention your affair with Blair, his wife, was a matter of public record.

Kevin: Come on, Nora, that's got to be irrelevant.

Nora: Not to a jury, and Evangeline knows it.

Kevin: So we'll put Margaret on the stand.

Nora: Yes, we'll put Margaret on the stand. She's a little on the hysterical side. I'm not so sure how she's going to do under pressure.

Kevin: What, you think she's lying about Todd seducing her?

Nora: No. No, oddly enough, I do believe her. I just -- you know, witnesses can change their mind. Juries can be unpredictable. Even an airtight case can fall apart, and this case is hardly airtight.


Natalie: I was sorry to hear about Kathryn.

John: Yeah, I bet. Where's Cramer?

Natalie: I don't know.

John: What were you doing in Puerto Rico?

Natalie: Hmm, just needed to get away for a while.

John: Do you do anything but lie to me anymore? You were with him. You admitted as much to the P.R. police. And I believe this is yours. You left it in the motel room you shared with him.

Natalie: Are you asking me if I slept with him?

John: No, I could -- I could care less. Look at yourself, Natalie. Look what's happened to you. Everybody warned you to stay away from this guy, but you had to prove that everyone was wrong, and now you've got yourself being jerked around just to prove a point.

Natalie: He's not the one jerking me around, John. You are.


Kelly: What are you doing here?

Jessica: I -- I thought I'd just stop by. You know, it's been so long.

Kelly: I've been really busy.

Jessica: Well, yeah. I mean, you have a new baby, which is why I brought you this. it really works on Jamie when -- when she got fussy.

Kelly: Thanks. Kevin can let Ace cry, but I just can't bear it.

Jessica: Wow, you should just -- you should see Jamie. She's gotten so big and she knows so many words and -- I don't know, soon she's going to be racing around the loft on her own. It happens so fast.

Kelly: You really love her.

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, I really do. It doesn't really matter that she's not really mine. I just -- I couldn't imagine loving her any more. Kelly -- oh, my God, did I say something?

Kelly: I am just -- I'm so tired! With Kevin at Llanfair and everything --

Jessica: Kelly, God, we've been friends for so long. I mean, what's up?

Kelly: I'm just exhausted.

Jessica: Listen, I know that Kevin staying at Llanfair is not completely about my mom. All couples go through rough times. Antonio and I did.

Kelly: Are you okay?

Jessica: Kelly, we're talking about you, okay? It might help, if you want to.

Kelly: I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I -- I canít.

Jessica: Okay, well, I might be way off base here, but does your problem have anything to do with your relationship with Todd?


Todd: How did it go with Kevin?

Blair: Well, he tried to convince me to leave you.

Todd: Doesn't look like it worked.

Blair: No. I told him to get lost. But I do have some bad news. I quit "Craze."

Todd: Oh. Come.

Blair: What?

Todd: I feel weird.

Blair: Why?

Todd: Oh, not a bad weird, a good weird. I felt it a couple times before, always with you. It's bigger this time, though. I think it's a good thing.

Blair: Oh, you know what I think it is? I think Todd Manning is happy!

Todd: Uh -- I think so. I hope it lasts long enough for me to get used to it.

Blair: I'm happy, Todd. I'm so happy -- although I'm a little nervous, you know, with this possibility of you going to jail.

Todd: I didn't steal anything.

Blair: I know.

Todd: I just set up Nora.

Blair: But if you do go to jail, Todd, I mean, can you survive?

Todd: If I have you and the kids, I can survive anything.

Blair: I probably shouldn't, but I feel safe.

Todd: Me, too. We have each other. Ain't nothing going to hurt us now.


Kevin: Margaret.

Margaret: Oh, Mr. Buchanan. I was just having a drink.

Kevin: Yeah. Listen, I just want to let you know how grateful I am. Thanks to you, we're going to put Todd Manning away for a long time.

Margaret: Good.

Kevin: You know, I'm sorry that he hurt you.

Margaret: No, I'm sorry that I hurt you. God. You have been so kind and good. And Todd is just a -- a lying, thieving rat of a dog!

Kevin: Uh -- uh -- yeah, I wish that Blair Cramer shared your same point of view. She's probably going to marry him. Easy there!

Margaret: Oh.

Kevin: Margaret, are you okay?

Margaret: Yeah. I, uh -- I'm sorry for what I've done to you, and I'm going to make up for it.

Kevin: Look, you don't have to make up for anything, okay, even if Todd gets off.

Margaret: No, he canít.

Kevin: Well, it's always a possibility. Listen, are you sure you're okay to drive?

Margaret: No, no, no, I'm -- I'm going to get a cab.

Kevin: Okay. I'll see you later.

Margaret: Okay. I am not going to the office.


John: I'm sorry it's come to this.

Natalie: Me, too.

John: Unfortunately, you leave me no choice. At this point, Cramerís wanted for murder, so I need to hold you as an accessory after the fact.


Adriana: Jamie was so sweet. Thank you for letting me spend time with her.

Antonio: Oh, what, are you kidding me? You're a godsend.

Adriana: Hey, where's Jessica?

Antonio: She'll be -- she'll be home soon. Listen, would you mind if I hung on to the cross for just a couple more days? I just want to take it to show another jeweler.

Adriana: Sure. Yeah.

Antonio: Great.

Adriana: I'll see you.

Antonio: Thanks again.

Carlotta: Hey!

Adriana: Hey!

Carlotta: Como estas, mi amor?

Adriana: Oh, I'm great. I'm going too to see River.

Carlotta: Okay.

Adriana: Yeah, bye.

Carlotta: I'm here, Antonio. What's up? Something about Jamie?

Antonio: This.

Carlotta: What? Did Adriana give you that?

Antonio: Mami, it doesn't matter. I need to know what these numbers are here and here.

Carlotta: I threw that into the river.

Antonio: Yes, Mami, I know, okay, but I got it back. I need to know what the code is, Mami. I need to know.

Carlotta: Antonio, I don't want you involved in this.

Antonio: In what, Mami? Does this have something -- does this have something to do with where your brother hid the money?

Carlotta: Yes. It has everything to do with it.


Marcie: So you're really worried about this germ or -- well, they don't really -- don't know what it is yet, right?

Michael: You know, I don't think we should be talking about this. I don't want to upset you.

Marcie: No, no, you're not going to upset me again, as long as you promise that you're going to take every possible precaution that you cannot to get sick.

Michael: I'm not going anywhere. At least not without you.

Marcie: And while we're at it, you know, no more of these hospital mysteries. No more playing detective, because we almost got killed last time and I don't think I can handle that again.

Michael: I don't think what we have on our hands this time is so much a mystery as it is a medical conundrum.


Carlotta: You know, I've always hoped and prayed that I would never have to speak these things again. But after my mother died, Manny engraved a code on the back of three pieces of jewelry. The numbers themselves are meaningless, but together they form a combination for a vault.

Antonio: What's in the vault? Is it the money everyone's looking for?

Carlotta: I suppose so. Who knows. I only kept the jewelry because Papa made them. And Manny knew how much it meant to me and that I'd -- I'd keep the pieces and take care of them.

Antonio: Hey, did he -- did he mention anything else about the code?

Carlotta: He said that if anything ever happened to him, he wanted the family -- his family -- to have his money. Dirty money, Tonio. Money that I want nothing do with.

Antonio: Where's the vault?

Carlotta: I don't know. And that's the truth. He gave me a map, but I -- I tore it up immediately and I threw it away. I didn't even look at it. Gracias a dios. I didn't even want to know where it was. To me, it's better that it stay buried.

Antonio: No. It won't, Mami. If the cops don't recover it, it will be used to finance drugs, arms. More people will die, Mom.

Carlotta: Well, I'm sorry I can't help you. I don't know anything more about it.

Antonio: You said there were three pieces of jewelry, Mami. Where's the third?

Carlotta: It's a brooch. And I gave it to Dorian Lord.


John: Did Paul tell you why he was in Puerto Rico?

Natalie: Nope.

John: Okay. On your feet. You know, Natalie, you're not doing Paul any favors. If the Santis find him, he's a dead man. Sermihoff, would you please take this young lady down to booking?

Ofc. Sermihoff: Right away.

Paul: Hey, let her go.

Natalie: Paul, what are you doing here?

Paul: Listen, I can't let you get in trouble because of me. John, she didn't know anything, all right? I mean, she just thought you cops were hassling me, as usual.

John: Well, that was a nice speech. Here's my rebuttal. You're under arrest for the murder of Kathryn Fitzgerald.


Kelly: You know what? Kevin -- Kevin and I will work things out. It's okay.

Kevin: Hey, Jess.

Jessica: Hi.

Kelly: Hey, you're home.

Kevin: Yeah, Mom promised not to run any marathons while I was gone. Where's Ace?

Kelly: He's upstairs. I'll get him.

Jessica: Kel, I miss you, so if you want to get together at all and talk -- okay?

Kelly: Okay.

Jessica: Okay, I'll see you soon. I should go.

Kevin: Oh. Things good with you?

Jessica: Listen, Kevin, your separation with Kelly -- does this have anything to do with her friendship with Todd?

Kevin: I don't know. I don't know anymore what it has to do with.

Jessica: It's just I really love you both so much, and I just -- I want to help if there's anything I can do.

Kevin: I don't know what you can do, Jess. You know, maybe you can get her to tell you what's really going on.

Jessica: I don't know, I'll try, okay? We used to be so close, you know, and -- I don't know, lately she's just changed.


Todd: Hey, Nora. I've got something to tell you.

Nora: What is it, Todd?

Todd: I'm going to plead guilty to setting you up.

Nora: Why?

Todd: Because I set you up.

Nora: So? You've never admitted to being guilty about anything else you've done.

Todd: Well, I'm a changed man. And I don't like you, but I've committed a crime and I want to pay for it.

Nora: Who are you?

Todd: Yes. Blair's given me a second chance and I'm not going to screw it up, so -- she knows everything now.

Nora: Everything?

Todd: Mm-hmm, all of it. I'm going to make peace with the past so it doesn't rear up and bite me.


Blair: Hi. I'm sorry, Toddís not here.

Margaret: Maybe you don't know who I am, but you should. Todd and I were lovers.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live" --

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: She stopped by to tell me that you two have been sleeping together.

Todd: You don't believe that, do you?

Blair: Tell me why I shouldnít.

Kelly: I'm tired of this, too. I'll tell you.

Natalie: So what's it say? Did he kill her or not?

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