OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/17/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/17/04

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Carlotta: Here we go -- hamburger, tuna fish, you got your iced teas.

Jessica: Thank you so much.

Antonio: Gracias, Mami.

Jessica: It looks great. I was wondering -- did your bracelet come back from the jeweler's yet?

Carlotta: My bracelet?

Jessica: Yeah. Antonio said that you sent your bracelet to the jeweler's to get fixed, and I just was wondering when it came back if I could see it, because Antonio said it's got a great design on it.

Carlotta: Is this some new way to try to get your hands on that bracelet? Ahora tu estas poniendo a Jessica en medio de todo?

Antonio: Mami --

Carlotta: Stop asking about the bracelet!

Jessica: Did I say something wrong?

Antonio: No.


Michael: Okay. I finished it.

Marcie: Oh, my God. I don't know if I really want to know what you think about it.

Michael: "The Killing Club," by Marcie Walsh. What a book.

Marcie: Really? I mean, you liked it? I mean, you know, it's just a rough draft and everything, but there wasn't anything silly or weird or stupid about it or anything?

Michael: No, no, no, no, no! It was really, really great. It was really great. I did I have a couple of notes. There's just a couple of questions here in Chapter One.


Bo: Roxy? Look, I'm sorry that we had to keep you here all night. But you can go on in now. Rex just confessed. He admitted that he's the one that set the fire at the community center. But he said that you had nothing to do with it.

Roxy: No, no! It wasn't Rex! It was me. It was me. My baby boy can't go to ja. I'm the one who called up Barry and told him to set fire to Foxy Roxy’s to get the insurance money.

Rex: Mom, hey! Shut up!

Roxy: Yeah -- why did you tell them that you did that? You didn't set fire to it, remember? It was me.

Rex: Roxy, I didn't tell them anything.

Roxy: You didn't tell them anything?

Bo: Oh, come on, Roxy -- oh, fun.


Todd: Okay, one soda, then straight home. Stay out of any burning buildings.

Travis: Hey, look, I'm not going near another fire as long as I live.

Starr: And, Dad, remember, you're the one that almost got killed.

Todd: Yes, your mom saved me, okay. Go, have fun. Be careful.

Starr: Okay.

Travis: Wow. Look, I can't believe that's your dad. I mean, he's being so nice.

Starr: That's because my mom's staying over tonight. They're getting back together.

Travis: Wow! I mean, that's all you've ever wanted since we hooked up on the net.

Starr: Yeah, well, there's other things I want now.


Todd: Guess what, Jack --

Jack: What

Todd: We're going to be a family again. How do you like them apples?

Jack: Pretty good.

Todd: Yeah, me, too.


[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Hey, Nora.

Nora: Hey.

Kevin: How you doing? Come on in.

Nora: Good.

Kevin: What can I do for you?

Nora: Is the S.E.C. still checking out B.E.'s books about the account transfer?

Kevin: Yeah. We're cooperating fully. It was just an error.

Nora: Okay, well, do you remember that other instance where B.E. supposedly bribed me not to check out their books?

Kevin: What, you mean the Harry Mackenzie thing?

Nora: Guess who Evangeline talked into coming back to town to talk to the D.A.'s office.

Kevin: Mackenzie?

Nora: Yes. He says none of it's true and that, yes, he was paid to make the false accusation.

Kevin: Who paid him? Please -- please tell me it was Todd Manning.


Todd: I think we should move into a bigger house. What do you say?

Jack: Pretty good.

Todd: We should move into the biggest house in Llanview.

Jack: Hmm. Huh.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello. Hey, Mrs. Bigelow. Hold on. Harry Mackenzie walked into the D.A.'s office with Evangeline Williamson?

Nora: Yes. Harry Mackenzie did name Todd Manning as the man --

Kevin: Oh, I knew it!

Nora: Who paid him to make me a bribe.

Kevin: We are going to bury him with this.

Nora: But making this stick in court is going to be another matter altogether.

Kevin: Oh, come on, Nora!

Nora: No, no, now, look, slow down here, Kevin. Harry Mackenzie’s an admitted liar. His word and a dollar will get you a soda out of a vending machine, and that's about it. We need corroborating evidence.

Kevin: Okay, so, we'll get it.

Nora: Listen; I know how badly you want Todd to go to jail. I understand that. But we can't get him to go to jail unless we have solid evidence.

Kevin: All right. I'll get it for you.

Nora: Oh, dear. Meaning?

Kevin: Well, Todd Manning seduced one of my employees, Margaret Cochran. She'll give you everything you need on Todd. I'll put her in touch with you ASAP.

Nora: Okay.

Kevin: Okay?

Nora: Fine. Excellent. Wow, okay. Hey, wait a second. Listen, about this other S.E.C. investigation, you know, the $64,000 that was transferred into your personal account?

Kevin: Yeah, I told you, it was just an error that I made. It's no big deal.

Nora: I don't know. Kevin, I've known you so long. You just don't make those kind of mistakes. You're just not that kind of guy. I think you're covering for someone. You want to tell me who?


Rex: No, Roxy, I'm not letting you do this.

Roxy: You're not going to jail. I can go to jail because, you know, I can make a lot of friends there. You know, I could do their hair and stuff like that. You don't have those kind of skills, you know. You're going to be alone and miserable.

Rex: You had nothing to do with this.

Roxy: He had absolutely nothing to do with this.

Bo: All right, let's just hit the pause button for a second, okay? Now, we could take you, the D.A. and I, into two separate rooms. We could get the truth out of you, or you could tell us the whole truth right now -- all of it. So, what's it going to be?


R.J.: Lindsay, Rex got precisely what he deserved, so stop being ridiculous. Oh, look at this way, hmm? We're celebrating our opening. Ultraviolet is under new ownership and management -- ours.


Riley: I can't believe we are going to be in summer school all summer.

Jen: Oh, I'm such a loser.

Riley: Well, I'm the one who almost got expelled for buying a paper.

Jen: No, that wasn't you. That was me, remember? I'm the one that turned it in. I ruined everything.

Riley: Could you believe how much you went after Professor Altman?

Jen: He was being so unfair.

Riley: No, seriously, I actually thought you were going to put on claws and go after his face.

Jen: Yeah, right.

Riley: No, seriously, you were awesome. And the way you fought for me like that -- it meant a lot. So thank you.


Michael: Okay, now, the first clue to the killer --

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Way too soon, way too obvious. You could definitely delay that, you know?

Marcie: Oh -- oh --

Michael: I'm not going too fast here for you, am I?

Marcie: No.

Michael: Okay, okay, good. Okay, now, when you describe them driving up to the beach house --

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: That was, like, three pages? You know, that could definitely be pared down to, like, a paragraph, maybe a half a paragraph. I mean, it just drags a little bit, you know. It got a little too slow.

Marcie: Sure, yeah, yeah -- too slow.

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: All right, now, moving on to Chapter Two –


Antonio: Mami, Jessica wasn't trying to upset you, okay? I just told her about the bracelet. She got a little curious, that's all.

Carlotta: Then tell her I'm sorry, but there's nothing to see. It's just a bracelet.

Antonio: Well, it's not a bracelet you wear every day.

[Carlotta sighs]

Antonio: But you wore it to Manuel Santi’s funeral --

Carlotta: Because he gave it to me! He was my brother, so it's something that I wore. That's it. Let it go!

Antonio: Take it easy, okay? Why do you get so upset over the bracelet? Is Dorian involved in this? Mami, don't cover for Dorian. I don't want you getting in trouble because of her. She will sell you out in a heartbeat.

Carlotta: Look, Antonio --

Antonio: So why don't you tell me?

Carlotta: Antonio, if I get a little upset about the bracelet, it's because Manny gave it to me. And he's my brother. And I have a lot of very bad feelings about our past. What he did to our family was unforgivable. Look, I just can't -- I can't talk about this anymore. I have a lot of errands to do, so could you watch the counter and I'll be back soon?

Antonio: Ahem.

Jessica: Gosh, did you tell her I was sorry? She was so upset.

Antonio: Yeah, no, Honey, it wasn't you, okay? But something's not right, and we need to find out what it is. Come on.


Roxy: So we were only planning on burning down my building, you know?

Rex: The fire was a total accident.

Roxy: So that means we're innocent, right?

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan. Yeah. Go ahead.

Roxy: Hey, Mr. D.A., did you ever think that you wanted to sock somebody in the jaw, but you didn't? You know, like, no harm, no foul?

Rex: Yeah, look, and we sure as hell did not tell Barry to store his gasoline in the community center.

Roxy: Yeah, because Rex went bonkers when he found out.

Rex: Look, we both told him to get the gas out of there.

Roxy: Yeah, I mean, I wasn't planning to burn down the community center. I mean, why would I do that? I didn't have an insurance policy. How dumb do you think I am?

Daniel: Do you really want me to answer that question?

Bo: This guy's full name is Barry Charles Bristol. He's got a rap sheet a mile long. They just picked him up in Philly. He was about to torch another place, but he admitted that these two hired him to burn down Roxy’s building. Then he said he got a call, and they told him that the deal was off, so the fire was an accident.

Roxy: Hey, hey!

Rex: So, we can go!

Roxy: So, that means that we're innocent, right? Sort of?

Bo: You got a minute?

Daniel: Sure.

[Door opens and closes]

Roxy: Your mother has some dumb luck. I think Barry just put us in the clear.

Rex: Forget it.

Roxy: Why?

Rex: Colson never goes easy on anyone. And he hates me. We're both going to prison. The only question's for how long.


Daniel: Conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit arson, reckless endangerment -- 21 counts -- and lying to a police officer.

Bo: So how much time are you going to go for?

Daniel: Let me think about it. I'll let you know.

Bo: All right. Oh, man. Hey, buddy! Hey, come here. How was your soccer game? Did you win?

Matthew: 2-1. I scored the last goal.

Bo: Congratulations! Thank you. I'm sorry I wasn't there to watch it with you, though, okay? But your mom was there, right?

Matthew: Mm-hmm.

Bo: Anybody else?

Matthew: Well, Starr wasn't because she's somewhere with her boyfriend, Travis.


Travis: So you were drowning right here?

Starr: Yeah, and I hadn't been rollerblading for that long, and I tried something stupid, and it was really scary.

Travis: Wow.

Starr: Yeah, and if it hadn't been for my dad, I probably wouldn't have made it. I mean, he jumped right in and he took me out, right? And he had to give me mouth-to-mouth, right? And then after that, before you know it, I was fine.

Travis: Yeah, well, you talk about lucky, right?

Starr: Well, he just jumped right in and saved me.

Travis: You know, if I was there, I would have done the same thing.


Kevin: You don't think I make mistakes?

Nora: Uh-uh.

Kevin: That's quite a compliment, Nora. Unfortunately, I'm embarrassed to say that I was making a simple salary adjustment. Instead of putting it into payroll, I transferred it into my personal account.

Nora: Oh.

Kevin: Yeah.

Nora: Are you going on a trip?

Kevin: Hmm?

Nora: Your suitcase.

Kevin: Oh. No, I was just spending a few days at Llanfair. You know, help out with my mom. Just picking up a few more things. Tonight is Ben’s memorial service. It's going to be very stressful for her, so I want to be there, you know. You're going, aren't you?

Nora: Yeah.

Kevin: Good.

Nora: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Is Kelly joining you there later?

Kevin: No, no. Unfortunately, Ace caught an ear infection, and with mom's immune system the way it is, it probably wouldn't be a good idea.

Nora: I understand.

Kevin: Yeah.

Nora: Okay. Well, I should be going.

Kevin: Okay.

Nora: Please have that woman -- Margaret Cochran --

Kevin: Yeah.

Nora: Have her call the D.A.'Ss office.

Kevin: Okay, I will.

Nora: Really. Right away. Okay.

Kevin: Yeah, I will, as soon as possible, I will. I know, the faster we get Todd where he belongs, the better it is for everybody.

Nora: Yes, absolutely. Okay.

Kevin: Okay.

Nora: See you at the service.

Kevin: You bet.

[Phone rings]

Margaret: Hello.

Kevin: Margaret, it's Kevin Buchanan.

Margaret: Oh. Hi.

Kevin: Listen; I hope you've thought more about helping our case against Todd Manning.

Margaret: I'm sorry; I can't do this right now.


Todd: Tell you what, Mrs. Bigelow, I'm going to let you handle this harry Mackenzie problem. Oh, of course I care. Just -- right now I'm happy. Have you ever seen me happy? There you go. Let's not mess with it.

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: I got to go. Keep me posted. Bye.

Margaret: Hello.

Todd: Hi.

Margaret: I know I probably shouldn't be here, but sometimes there's so many things going on inside me, and -- oh, I've missed you so much. Please tell me it's not over between us.


Margaret: It must be lovely living here.

Todd: What do you want?

Margaret: I know I shouldn't have just showed up like this. You must hate me.

Todd: No, no, no. I'm sorry if I was short with you. I'm just -- I'm trying to be clear about things.

Margaret: Todd, you were the first decent man to ever show me how wonderful it is to love someone and --

Todd: Whoa, I --

Margaret: I'm sorry. I know I never said anything about love, but when you told me that we weren't -- Todd, we can't stop seeing each other. Oh, it was so perfect. I know you felt it, too. And I could really love your children. I know you're divorced, and that's really hard and painful, but I can make it better if you just give me a chance.

Todd: Okay, Margaret, when we were seeing each other, it was because things weren't going all that well at the time with my wife.

Margaret: Your ex-wife.

Todd: Yes, but that's changed now, you see.

Margaret: How?

Todd: We're back together, we're a family again, and I'm afraid it's going to stay that way.

Margaret: So, when you were with me --

Todd: Yeah, it was always Blair.

Margaret: Then you were just using me?

Todd: I think you are a terrific person, a terrific --

Margaret: You were just using me. Can you just say that?

Todd: Uh -- I don't like to think of it like that.

Margaret: If would you just be honest with me, please, I would feel a lot better.

Todd: I was using you. But, like I said, you're a terrific person --

Margaret: Oh --

Todd: Margaret -- Margaret -- damn.


Nora: Hey, guys!

Bo: Hey.

Nora: Did you happen to know that your son scored the winning goal in his soccer game?

Bo: Yeah, I know that, yeah. Are you looking for me?

Nora: No. Actually, I was looking for Daniel Colson. Have you seen him?

Bo: No, I haven't seen him. I got enough on my plate right here.

Nora: Oh, all right. Well -- oh, there he is. Hello. There you are.

Daniel: Hey, Nora! Don't you look sharp today.

Nora: Oh, why, thank you very much, sir. Listen, I just caught a break on the Harry Mackenzie case. Yes, we have some evidence -- someone's got some evidence against Todd.

Daniel: Well, that's great news. I caught a break today myself.

Nora: Oh?

Daniel: Yeah, Rex and Roxanne Balsom admitted they hired a guy to torch her place for the insurance money. The idiot stored the gasoline in the community center.

Nora: Oh, no -- that's brilliant!

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Apparently, they called the job off, but before the arsonist could get the gasoline out of the community center, the accident happened.

Nora: Ay-yi-yi.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nora: So, how many years are you looking at Rex and Roxy going away for?

Daniel: Well, actually, I'm looking more along the lines of a hefty fine and lots of community service.

Bo: Really? Colson, that's very lenient of you.

Daniel: Yeah. Maybe I'm warming up a bit. Who knows? Hey, Nora, can I buy you a quick lunch?

Nora: Oh, I would love to, but I've got Matthew.

Bo: No, no, don't worry about Matthew. We'll stop off at the diner.

Nora: You sure?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Okay. Well, then that would be great -- except that I do have to show you something about the Mackenzie case first, okay?

Daniel: Lead away.

Nora: All right. Bye, guys.

Bo: Ahem. Son, I'll tell you what --

Matthew: What?

Bo: How about we make a deal? Instead of you trying to get your mom and me back together, how about if I help you with this Starr situation?

Matthew: Really? You' d do that?

Bo: Yeah, sure.

Matthew: Great.

Bo: Now, I'll have to admit, I do know a thing or two about how to trick girls into paying attention to you.


Rex: This doesn't explain to me why you picked this place to drown your sorrows.

Roxy: Because I think it's the only place I don't owe money.

Rex: Why the hell didn't I tell Barry to burn your place down a week earlier? We'd have been done with it and moved down and -- okay, here's rule number one -- you will not -- repeat not -- tell Jen I lost U.V., okay?

Roxy: You will not -- and I repeat -- you will not lose your nightclub, because mama's going to fix it.

Rex: Excuse me?

Roxy: I'm going to make sure that R.J. lets you keep it.

Rex: Roxy, you threw a drink in R.J.'s face, okay? You'll be lucky he doesn't bounce you on your butt. I'm telling you, we should go someplace else.

Roxy: Watch and learn, sonny boy. Watch and learn.

R.J.: Ugh. Listen, Van, I'd really like to talk to you if you'll let me. I'll apologize, whatever. Just give me a call, okay, or surprise me. I'm at Capricorn.

Roxy: R.J., hey there. You know, I really want to tell you that I'm sorry about that drink thing.

[Roxy chuckles]

R.J.: You're sorry?

Roxy: Yeah. Well, I'm not exactly sorry, but my son said that he's going to disown me if I don't apologize to you.

R.J.: Oh. Well, I'm sure your boy knows all about being disowned. But tell me, does he always come crying home to Mommy?

Roxy: Oh, about the nightclub thing? Oh, no, we're here to celebrate.

R.J.: Well, just what are you celebrating?

Roxy: Pop that cork and I'll tell you about it.


Travis: Well, you sure know how to take some risks.

Starr: I had to do something. My dad was going to go to jail, and he was innocent.

Travis: Yeah, I know, but stopping a prison van and, you know, using Matthew to pretend he's sick? That took guts.

Starr: Well, that's what my dad probably would have done for me.

Travis: Well, you know, I like taking risks, too. Ever think about bungee-jumping off a bridge?

Starr: Oh, that sounds so cool.

Travis: Yeah. It looks pretty cool when they do it on TV. Just -- really kind of --


Starr: We'd better go someplace, you know, more private.

Travis: Yeah, private.

Starr: Grab it.


Carlotta: Oh, Papa. I'm so sorry. All your good work and contaminated with evil. It got in the devil's hand, and now let the devil find it now.

Antonio: Mami? Mami, no. Mami, why the hell did you throw your bracelet in the river?

Antonio: Mami, your father made that bracelet for your mother. Why would you throw it in the river?

Carlotta: Leave it be, Antonio. Deja lo haci. Once Manny took it, it became cursed. Now no one is going to have worry about it again.

Antonio: Mami --

Jessica: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you think you're doing? You can't go in there. It's pitch black, the water's still freezing, and you're never going to find it.

Antonio: Yes, I will.


Roxy: Okay, my investors want to open up a Foxy Roxy in Philly and New York, so if you want a little action, you got to get in on the ground level, because, you know, once we go national, that's it. It's too late.

R.J.: Oh. Look, Roxanne, I appreciate your loyalty to your son, but you're not going to get one thin dime out of me.

Roxy: No, no, that's not what I meant.

R.J.: I know what you meant. What you meant was for me to fork over some cash to you so you could give it to sonny boy and sonny could make his payment. But, you see, he's missed his payment. Hmm? It's too late. Lindsay and I have foreclosed.

Roxy: That no-good little tramp.

R.J.: Yes, I know, but as I said, too late. You know, as I've also said, your son here is welcome to reapply for the manager's position.


Nora: Hello. Hi, Sweetie.

Riley: How you doing, Pa?

Daniel: What's going on?

Nora: Hi.

Riley: Very good seeing you.

Nora: Good to see you.

Riley: Let me guess -- you guys are here to talk about cases?

Daniel: No, no. Actually, we're here to have lunch, believe it or not.

Riley: Huh.

Daniel: Why don't you guys join us?

Nora: Oh, yes!

Riley: Really?

Daniel: Yeah, why not? Why don't we get this big table over here, all right?

Riley: Yeah.

Daniel: Have a seat.

Jen: Nora and your dad -- I mean, what is going there?

Riley: I don't know. They've been spending a lot of time together. I think something's going on.


Bo: Okay, so now you've said something nice to the girl. You've paid her a compliment. Now, it's ways a good idea -- you want to give her something.

Matthew: I never have anything.

Bo: No, but you will from now on. Right?

Matthew: Yeah, but Starr never pays attention.

Bo: Yeah, but, you see, you don't give her something big. You give her something special, so then when she looks at it, she's going to look at it and say, "Wow! Matthew got this just for me!"

Matthew: Well, I made a lanyard last week.

Bo: There you go! There you go -- see, that's what I'm talking about. Now you're on the right track. You're out of the gates. You're- as a matter of fact, you can take it over to her house later today, huh?

Matthew: All right.

Bo: All right.


Michael: Now, here? The cops would never miss something that obvious. I mean, muddy tires leave very distinctive tracks, especially when they run over the body. You know what I'm saying?

Marcie: Right. Right. Well, anything else?

Michael: Well, the detective and the A.D.A. -- I'm not so sure that you want make them both women.

Marcie: Well, see, I was thinking that maybe --

Michael: Okay, and over here in Chapter Four, all right, you kind of repeat yourself here a couple of times. I mean, you've described how the first two murders took place, and it's just redundant for you to go on --

Marcie: Here, Michael.

Michael: What?

Marcie: I think that you should just -- I think that you should just rewrite it. I mean, why use me as a middleman, right? I mean, first, you say you love it, and now all you're doing is you're sitting here and you're just picking it apart and nitpicking every little thing!

Michael: No, no, I'm not! I mean, I really do love it, okay? I just thought that maybe I could help you out if I gave you a few suggestions -- Marcie, come on! Marcie!


Todd: And Starr’s out with Travis for a little while. Jack and I are having a ball together. Isn't that right, Jack?

Jack: Yep.

Todd: Yep. Did you hear that life is good. Well, I'd never thought I'd say this, but, actually, life is so good right now it's a little scary.


Kevin: Of course I'm happy, Duke. What dad doesn't want to get a call from his son? Your grandmother's going to be fine. Yeah, Viki's very strong. So, what's going on with you? What? Todd Manning called you? When? But that had to be right after he got out of prison. What did he say? Oh, Duke, I am so sorry. Listen, the guy is a sleazebag. He's just trying to turn you against me. Yeah, absolutely. Of course. Thank you so much for the heads-up. Yeah. I've got to go, all right? It was really great talking to you. I hope to see you soon. All right, thanks. Bye. Oh, you -- that's it, Manning. You are going down.

[Doorbell rings]

Kevin: Yeah. Margaret.

Margaret: Mr. Buchanan, I'm sorry! I'm just so sorry!


Jessica: Antonio!

Antonio: Yes.

Jessica: Oh, God! You were down there so long I almost called 911.

Antonio: I got it.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Antonio: I found it.

Jessica: Oh, my God, you did.


Michael: Marcie, come on. Listen, I know that you leave your phone on, so just pick it up or call me back, please, you know? I just -- I made a mistake, okay, and I'm really -- so, you hate me?

Marcie: Yeah. Pretty much.


Jen: So, we're bummed because we have to take classes this summer.

Nora: Nobody's perfect.

Daniel: You know, Nora’s right. Sometimes it takes a while to find yourself.

Riley: Fine. Yeah, okay. All right, that was Sheyne, and we are on tonight at 8:00 for Ultraviolet.

Jen: Great.

Nora: You know, I haven't heard Midnight Logic since you took over as lead singer.

Riley: Well, you're not missing much.

Jen: Riley! He's fantastic.

Daniel: I have no doubts. And, you know, as a matter of fact, why don't we go see you guys tonight?

Riley: Really?

Daniel: Sure.

Nora: Sure! Wonderful! I'll get a sitter, and is there -- will there be dancing?

Jen: Sure.

Nora: Okay. Cool!

Daniel: All right, guys, listen, we'll see you then, okay?

Nora: Back to the office.

Jen: Thank you for lunch.

Daniel: My pleasure.

Riley: Bye.

Nora: Bye. Take care.

Riley: Oh.

Jen: He cannot take his eyes off of Nora.

Riley: He is full of just a bunch of surprises lately. I mean, did you hear that? He offered to come to Ultraviolet without me even having to ask. Now, that is major for him.


Starr: If you want, you could come in. I mean, my dad's in, like, a permanent good mood.

Travis: No, no, I need to get back to the camp so I can register in. But, hey, we should go back to that bridge, you know, where you stopped the van? Maybe it's good for bungee-jumping, you know?

Starr: Okay, you're on.

Travis: Um --

Matthew: That bridge -- that was our bridge.


Margaret: Todd Manning used me. I never meant a thing to him. I was nothing. Nothing. And now he is going to be very sorry.


Michael: Baby, I never thought that I might be hurting your feelings. You know, this is really good, you know, and I just got excited because I thought that I might be helping you to make it a little better. I'm sorry. Now, I'd kick myself, but I have a broken leg, and I think it's making me a little cranky. So you forgive me?

Marcie: I don't know. It was just like all of a sudden I lost all my self-confidence, you know? I don't think I want to do this anymore.

Michael: No, no! No, no, no, no, no. Listen to me. I am so proud of you for finishing this first draft, and it really is -- it really is really good, you know?

Marcie: Really?

Michael: Yeah, I read this thing cover to cover, straight from the beginning to the end.

Marcie: Really?

Michael: Yeah! To tell you the truth, I -- I'm a little jealous. You're a better writer than I am.

Marcie: Yeah, but you're a doctor. You save lives.

Michael: Oh, so what? So I know science. I can't tell a story like you can. You know, Marcie, you got to understand -- you mean the world to me. So if you're upset with me, that's the only thing I'm going to be able to think about. I'm not going to be able to function. You’re my life. So please -- please tell me that you'll forgive me.

Marcie: Of course I forgive you. I just don't really like you very much right now.

Michael: Thank God.

Marcie: But I do love you.

Michael: I love you, too, Marcie.


Daniel: The problem is we'll have to prove Cramer murdered Agent Fitzgerald, and, frankly, there's no evidence in here to support that.

Nora: Oh --

Bo: Hey, guys. How was lunch?

Nora: Oh, it was great. Hey, we ran into Jen and Riley, and Riley's going to be singing down at Ultraviolet later, so Daniel and I are going to go listen to him.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, it should be a blast.

Nora: How was your father-son lunch?

Bo: It was great, it was great.

Nora: Aw.

Bo: I gave him a few pointers on how to handle the opposite sex.

Nora: I am so sorry that I missed that. You're going to have to excuse us. We have got to go talk to John about the Fitzgerald case, and then we have to call the F.B.I.

Daniel: Sure, sure. Oh, hey, hey, Nora, about tonight -- is -- what's this dress-code thing? Maybe I should get out of this suit and wear something different, you know?

Nora: Daniel, you should get out of that suit as often as possible.


Rex: All right, look, I'm out of here. Let me know if you hear from Natalie, will you?

Roxy: Don't worry about Natty. She can take care of herself.

Jen: Rex, guess who's going to be at Ultraviolet tonight. The district attorney.

Riley: Oh, don't worry. He's not there to shut you down again. He's there to listen to me.

Roxy: You know why Ultraviolet worked? Because Rex is the best of the best.

Jen: I agree. Look, I know how worried you were about losing your club, so I hope things go great. I know how proud you are of your club.

Riley: All right, later.

Jen: All right, see you.

Rex: Uh-huh.

R.J.: Well, now, apparently, your ex isn't aware that you no longer own Ultraviolet. Well, now, just imagine her face when I tell her.


Jessica: I still can't believe that you did that. Do you realize how dangerous that could have been?

Antonio: Yeah. No, I'm fine. Look, I just went down to the bottom and hunted for as long as I could. Then I started coming up, and there it was on that spike right there on that piling.

Jessica: I was just -- oh, I was just so scared. Did I mention that I was scared?

Antonio: Yes, yes, Honey. I'm sorry. Frankly, I'm a little scared myself. Why would my mother throw this bracelet in the river in the first place?

Jessica: Well, she -- I mean, she was just so upset.

Antonio: What's this? Wait a second. It looks like -- it looks like something etched on the back. Oh, my God, it's so tiny. It's, like, numbers or letters. I'm going to need a magnifying glass. Come on. Come on.


Starr: Travis said that at his new camp he has to sign for toilet paper.

[Jack giggles]

Todd: Sign up for toilet paper? Please.

Todd: [Disguised voice] You know, when I was your age, I went to the camp in the snow, and we didn't have none of that fancy toilet-paper stuff.

[Phone rings]

Jack: What stuff? It's the toilet paper!

Todd: [Normal voice] Hello. Yeah, Mrs. Bigelow. Mrs. Bigelow, relax. Harry Mackenzie will back off.

Todd: I tell you, I have got it made!

[Starr and Todd scream]

Todd: I'm never going to let you guys go again. Huh?

[Jack laughs]


Kevin: No, mom, I'll be at Llanfair soon. Just a slight delay. All right, I'll see you soon. Bye. Feeling better?

Margaret: Yes. Thank you. Mr. Buchanan, I can't tell you how sorry I am that I let Todd Manning talk me into doing things that would hurt Buchanan Enterprises.

Kevin: Hey, I understand, Margaret.

Margaret: And I will testify against him in court.

Kevin: Thank you. That -- that's great, but, see, the thing is, is that he's just going to deny it. It's going to be your word against his. What we really need is proof.

Margaret: Well, then, I'll get you proof, Mr. Buchanan. I'll get you all the proof you need. It's time he suffered.

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live"


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: Just let this last forever, please.

Kevin: He stole documents from Buchanan Enterprises. I want to press charges.

David: She just seemed to think that I might be Ace's real father. If it isn't Kevin and it isn't me, is it Todd?

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