OLTL Transcript Monday 6/7/04

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 6/7/04

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Natalie: Thanks.

John: You know, it's -- it's a pretty twisted world when someone like Cramer ends up like Cristian in your mind. Is that how he thinks of himself?

Natalie: No.

John: Did he ever tell you how he ended up in this mess?

Natalie: He said that you set him up when you forced him to testify against those guys in San Diego.

John: Oh, I forced him?

Natalie: He said that you were jealous that we went out and that you were going to make him pay for it.

John: Cramer made a deal with the feds so he could avoid going to jail. I think what he's got going here is a little sympathy play to try to get you not to trust me. It seems like he's got you just confused enough.

Natalie: Yeah, but see, John, I don't think that I am confused. I think that you might be.

John: Explain that.

Natalie: Look at you. You can barely breathe, you're so guilt-ridden about Caitlin.

John: Caitlin's got nothing to do with this.

Natalie: Oh, Caitlin has everything to do with this. If you had just been open for one second to you and me, just given me an inch, then I wouldn't have gotten in so deep with Paul Cramer.


Bo: Well, Camp Uplift is fine, but it's only for older kids.

Matthew: Like Travis?

Bo: Yeah. You know, I think that you want to go to this camp because that's where Starrís boyfriend goes.

Asa: I told you.

Bo: Pa.

Matthew: Well, Grandpa says, "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."

Bo: Really? You know, Grandpa says a lot of things.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan. All right, hold on. I got to take this. It's the department. Yeah?

Matthew: Has my dad said anything about getting back together with my mom?

Asa: Wait a minute, come over here. Am I thinking that you think you have a plan?

Matthew: Maybe.

Asa: Think big, win big. Let me have it.

Matthew: Well, Mr. Colson asked my mom on a date, and I sort of made a call and said that she would go.

Asa: Well, why would you do something like that?

Matthew: To make Bo jealous.

Asa: I tell you, that's the most underhanded, backwater thing that anyone in this family has done in a long time.

[Asa hums]

Asa: Good job, Matt.

Matthew: So you think it'll work?

Asa: Heck, yes. Look at Starr. She's got you jumping through hoops every time this new pal's sniffing around. She's got you moonstruck. Deal your grandpa in. So, I hear that Colson and Nora are going at it kind of hot and heavy.

Bo: That's right, Pa. So maybe you'll think twice next time before you decide to use reporters for target practice.

Asa: Oh, Bo, that's Evangelineís headache. I'm talking the romantic department.

Bo: What, Nora and Colson? I don't know. I think maybe you ought to check your sources, because he did ask her out yesterday and she passed.

Matthew: No, she called him back when we got home and said that she would go out with him.


Nora: Oh, the ballet. I love the ballet. I never have time to go, though.

Evangeline: What about the awards ceremony? Are you going to make the time to go to the awards ceremony with Daniel Colson?

Nora: There's no time to make. I'm swamped with my caseload. I'm sure the awards ceremony will just go without me, as everything else does in this town.

Evangeline: Nora.

Nora: What?

Evangeline: There are only two reasons to pass on a viable date -- you either are waiting for someone better to come along or you already have someone better in mind. Which one is it?

Nora: I'm trying to clear myself of bribery charges, thank you very much.

Evangeline: It's a non-issue. You're off the hook now.

Nora: Oh. That's right. Thank you very much.

Evangeline: You're welcome.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: Oh, and Kevin Buchanan --

Nora: Yeah?

Evangeline: You know, I agree. I think he's covering for someone else.

Nora: What about Asa? Bo's getting concerned that he's pretty forgetful lately, even confused.

Evangeline: This diminished-capacity routine of Asaís -- are you buying it, or do you think he's playing the system to get off on the gun charges?

Nora: Well, I'll tell you one thing about Asa --

[Phone rings]

Nora: Is that your phone or mine?

Evangeline: Oh, wait, hold on. It's mine. Excuse me one second. Hello?

R.J.: I have a bottle of fine wine, my chef is preparing a fantastic new creation, and, in the morning, we can take Jamie swimming. Are you tempted?

Evangeline: You're breaking my heart here.

R.J.: You're working?

Evangeline: R.J., I have a big case, but I know how you love independent and driven women.

R.J.: Hmm, yeah. I like to see them. But maybe next time.

Evangeline: R.J. -- Damn.

Nora: Yikes. A little harsh.

Evangeline: I do have a big case.

Nora: Oh, yeah, I'm sure. You know, what, was he getting too close? You always keep R.J. at arm's length. Why is that?


Starr: Fine, I get it.

Travis: Starr, Starr, wait. Come on, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Starr: What? You got these new friends now and you're not this computer geek anymore.

Travis: Wait, what?

Starr: Ever since you've gone to this new camp, you think you're too cool for me.

Travis: Starr, chill out. Come on.

Starr: Sorry I'm just this girl who plays with snakes and watches horror flicks. And now you're this popular jerk? You don't even want to hang around me anymore.

Travis: Starr, would you let me speak?

Starr: What?

Travis: This whole kidnapping thing really freaked everybody out, so your mom totally doesn't trust me. You got kidnapped, remember?

Starr: Yeah, but that doesn't really --

Travis: Look, I told your mom I'd take care of you, okay? If she knows that you snuck out to hook up with me, she'll be really ticked off, and then I won't be able to hang out with you all summer. The only reason I told you to leave is because I don't want to blow this.


David: Why don't I let you two talk. Ahem.

Dorian: This should be the happiest time in your life. What's wrong?

Kelly: There's just so much going on, and now with Paul --

Dorian: That's it. I know he's blackmailing you.

Kelly: Did David tell you that?

Dorian: No, he didn't need to. It's not hard to figure out. You came to me begging for money. And I know that you and Todd took Paul's body out to that landfill because you thought that you were the one who killed him and not David. But Todd? Todd? I mean, really, Honey. You can't trust him with something like this. You can't trust him at all. Me. I'm the one. Now, you tell me what's wrong and I will fix it.

Kelly: You can't fix anything.

Dorian: Tell me what it is, please.

Kelly: It's Ace.

Dorian: Oh, my God. He's sick?

Kelly: No, no, it's -- my marriage is basically over, and when Kevin finds out, it --

Dorian: Kevin's not the baby's father. That's it. That's what Paul was blackmailing you about. Okay. So if Kevin isn't the father, who is, Kelly?


Blair: Okay, Todd, you want to start clean? Here's your chance. Prove it. Tell me the truth.

Todd: I told you everything that matters to us.

Blair: Not what I need to know. Now, if you don't think that it's worth telling me the truth to heal our family, then we don't have a shot at this. We donít. And you know what all of our lies have done to our daughter. You saw. We almost lost her.

Todd: Blair, doesn't becoming a better person, couldn't that involve --

Blair: What?

Todd: Trying to protect people that you care about?

Blair: What are you protect Kelly from?

Todd: The truth, because if that comes out, it will destroy her.

Blair: Oh, you --

Todd: I'm telling you -- hey, I'm just asking for a little faith for me, Blair, please.

Blair: Don't talk to me about faith, Todd.

Todd: What, you think I don't have faith?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: You think I don't have faith? What do you think kept me going when I thought I'd spend 10 years of my life in jail? What do you think kept me going every minute Starr was missing? That's faith! I have faith! Do you? I never lost faith that we'd find her and bring her home.


John: You know, I almost didn't take this job because of Cristian. I'm reminded of him every time I see Antonio, and I'm reminded of him every time I see you.

Natalie: I don't blame you for that.

John: I blame myself.

Natalie: I took -- I took my wedding ring off because I thought that I could put Cristian in the past. But I was wrong. He's still here.

John: Cramer uses that, doesn't he, to make you not want to trust me? But maybe you shouldn't trust him, either.

Natalie: At least I get Paul. At least he's not shy about asking for what he wants.

John: Yeah, that's -- that's real class. You know, he's a two-bit criminal, and all I'm trying to do is do my job here -- no more, no less. Whose money is it?

Natalie: This goes a lot deeper than Paul, all right?

John: Okay, it goes deeper than Paul. So why don't you tell me, and maybe I can help.

Natalie: Well, it's Paul's money. It was supposed to be Paul's money. It was from the people that he was blackmailing.

John: All right, can you just tell me who that is?

Natalie: I can't, all right? These people have families and lives, people that I care about. I want to tell you, but I can't tell you.


Kelly: Of course Kevin is Ace's father. Don't be ridiculous.

Dorian: Well, then what are you saying about Ace?

Kelly: I can't stop thinking about him. I just haven't been sleeping very well, and I'm worried Kevinís going to take him away from me.

Dorian: Well, that is ridiculous. I mean, he wouldn't stand a chance. You're that baby's mother. But it doesn't explain why you needed all that money -- though I am you sure that the money had something to do with Paul.

Kelly: Dorian, please.

Dorian: Kelly, he's gone. And now that Paul is gone, things should be a lot easier.

Kathryn: You were talking about Paul Cramer? Hello again, Mrs. Buchanan.


Todd: I know you believe in me, that I love you. You believe in us. We just -- let's just forget it, everything. Let's just forgive everything.

Blair: Everything? Kevin? The trial? The loss of our family? Just forget it?

Todd: It's me. If I'd have just come home as myself -- you know what I should've done? I should've just come home and I should've put my arms around you, like this --

Blair: Todd, we canít.

Todd: Why?

Blair: Just -- why? Because we do what we always do, Todd, is we get it back, we make it work, and then we throw it away.

Todd: You lose courage. I think you panic. I think you lose faith. But we still have each other. We still -- we have our children. We can do this.

Blair: How?

Todd: Love each other better?

Blair: Todd, are we even capable of that?


Dorian: Just who do you think you are, storming on to my estate, badgering my niece about her dear brother, Paul?

Kathryn: Actually, I'm here to speak to David Vickers. I have a few questions for him about Paul Cramerís death.

David: Dorian --

Kathryn: Ah, Mr. Vickers. No, no, please don't run.

David: I'm hardly running.

Kathryn: Would you mind if we just --

Kelly: I've got to go home and check on my child.

Dorian: I'll walk you to your car.

David: Ahem.

Kathryn: Shall we sit?

David: Absolutely. I'm flattered you were monitoring me.

Kathryn: Hmm. So, I found you in the Interpol system. I pulled your sheet. I must say, I'm impressed.

David: Is that right?

Kathryn: Hmm. We also ran the prints that we found in the motel room where we believe Paul Cramer was killed, and guess who came up a winner.

David: Fingerprints in a motel room. What are the chances of that?

Kathryn: Hmm, funny thing, huh? The room was wiped down. It looked like it had been done by somebody who knew what they were doing, probably a convicted felon. Hmm, any guesses where I'm going with this, Mr. Vickers?

David: Can I phone a friend?

Kathryn: You lied when you said you were in Atlantic City and that you didn't see Paul Cramer. Your prints put you in that room.

Dorian: Excuse me. I happen to know exactly where he was that night. You see, I was convinced that he was having an affair with my niece Kelly.

Kathryn: Really?

Dorian: Mm-hmm, really. I thought that Atlantic City would make a perfect trysting place for them, so I followed him there.

Kathryn: Hmm.

Dorian: I saw him go into Kellyís room. I saw him leave just a few minutes later. Imagine my relief when I realized that my suspicions were mere jealous paranoia.

[Kathryn laughs]

Kathryn: Hmm.

David: Well, I guess that solves the fingerprint mystery.

Kathryn: Hmm.

Dorian: Yes. We rode home together that night. David was never out of my sight.

Kathryn: I'm going to find out what happened to Paul Cramer, and if Vickers here is involved and you're lying to protect him, you're looking at obstruction of justice. Are we clear on that, Ms. Lord?

Dorian: As a matter of fact, it's Dr. Lord.

Kathryn: Hmm. Then you stand to lose even more, as a matter of fact.

Dorian: Hmm.

Kathryn: Good day.

David: So soon? Stay for a swim. Wow. Firs y you save me with Aunt Betsy, and now this? What am I going to have to do to work this one off?

Dorian: Oh, certainly not taking a swim with Ms. Tall, Skinny, and F.B.I.

David: Now, come on, you just need to de-stress a little bit.

Dorian: You just bet. I'm going away. I'm going to a spa -- a spa retreat.

David: That is an excellent idea. I'm a little stressed myself. I'll go with you.

Dorian: No, you're not going. I'm going -- alone.


Evangeline: Well --

Nora: So are you waiting for somebody better to come along or do you already have someone better in mind?

Evangeline: I want to get closer to R.J.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: I do. I'm just -- I'm swamped right now. You know how it is.

Nora: You know, I like the two of you together. I really do. I always thought you would be the one person who could break him out of his shell. I didn't know you'd be the uncrackable one.

Evangeline: Nora --

Nora: Hmm?

Evangeline: You of all people know what it's like to be swamped by a huge caseload. Give me a break.

Nora: I of all people know what it's like to whip that out as an easy excuse. And so you're right. You are. You're right. Maybe it is time that I take the next step with Daniel and see where it leads.

Evangeline: Wait, I said that?

Nora: Yes, you did.

Evangeline: You're going to put that on me?

Nora: Yep. Because you know what, if the guy is right, then we make the time, no matter how busy we are, don't we? You know, and everything else is just waiting for something to happen that will never happen.


Bo: You -- you got to retire from this matchmaker business, okay, because it's not going to work. Clint told me you're trying to recruit him into playing along with all this.

Asa: No, no. He asked me how you were doing. I stated the obvious -- you and Nora were getting tight again.

Bo: That's funny. I told Clint that your mind has been playing tricks on you lately and that, you know, you don't even know what you're talking about.

Asa: My mind is a lot sharper than you think, Bo. I see things that you donít.


Blair: Look at me. I want to trust you. Oh, trust. I canít.

Todd: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay. Okay, go. I'm going to wait for you as long as it takes. You've never backed down from a fight. We can do this.


Paul: You believe in ghosts?

Kelly: Oh, God! Paul! .


Evangeline: Hey.

R.J.: I thought you were working.

Evangeline: You are more important to me. And I'm -- I'm sorry that we argued before.

R.J.: Well, there are so many better things that we could be doing.


Starr: There's this really cool place and it's called Reptile Roundup, and I like going there, but if you think it's sucky and stupid --

Travis: Hey, hey, hey, hey. If you think it's cool, then it's cool. Okay, we'll go.

Starr: Okay, cool.

Travis: Ooh.

Starr: You're supposed to pull the door.

Travis: Okay.

Starr: Yeah.


Matthew: Hey, there's Travis. Are you sure the camp that he's going to is only for older kids?

Bo: Yeah, I'm sure. Let's go see how much ice cream your mom's consumed.

Matthew: All right, Bo, look, don't tell her about her date with Mr. Colson, all right?

Bo: Yeah, okay.

Nora: Hey, guys! Whoa, look at this jacket. That is handsome. Let's see.

Matthew: Yeah, Grandpa got it for me.

Bo: Yeah, got him two of them, you know, in case one gets dirty, I guess.

Nora: That's our Asa, huh?

Bo: Yeah.


David: This is about the Santi estate, isn't it?

Dorian: No.

David: All those ill-gotten gains just waiting to be gotten?

Dorian: No, it's not!

David: Okay, then it's about Aunt Betsyís lost millions.

Dorian: No, no, no!

David: You know what, I don't think I buy what you're selling.

Dorian: Well, consider it sold, my dear, because it's not about money, David. It's not about Aunt Betsyís money and it's not about Manuelís money. It's -- I just need to get away, all right, de-stress. I'm about to begin a really big job.

David: Yeah, but if you got all of Manuelís money, you'd be the guarantor to mega millions. You wouldn't even need that job.

Dorian: I have more important things on my mind right now.

David: Like what?

Dorian: Kelly. Now, I'm really, really worried about her. David, tell me the truth -- did you father Kellyís baby?

David: Good grief. You really think that --

Dorian: Well--

David: Well, no, actually, she did proposition me, but I said no. Dorian, I love you. What -- hey. I would never think about sleeping with anyone other than you.

Dorian: Oh.

David: Well, I might think about it.

Dorian: Ha, ha!

David. Save that for Aunt Betsy. You think Kevin is the father of her child?

David: I would hope Kevinís the father of her child. Why, do you know something that I don't?

Dorian: Maybe it's Todd.

David: No. Kelly and Todd are wrapped up in something, but not each other.

Dorian: David, Todd -- I mean, really. That's such a strange person for Kelly to put her trust in. I mean, why in the world would she confide in Todd, of all people?

Blair: Dorian, I need to know what's going on with Kelly. I've got a very important decision to make with Todd, and I can't until I know.

Dorian: It has something to do with Ace. And Todd knows exactly what it is.


Todd: Ah, yes, you again. Been a long time since we talked. I was happy then. I was Walker. Blair was going to marry me. That's when things really started to fall apart. Yes, Sir. I tried to make it better today, but the problem is how do I get Blair to see that by not telling her what I promised Kelly I wouldn't tell her, I was actually trying to do something right for once? I may have blown my last shot.


Kathryn: You found her.

John: I found her. I'm just about to cut her loose.

Kathryn: She's a flight risk. She's wanted for murder.

John: Yeah, not anymore. Cramer's alive. I saw him in Atlantic City, but he ran away. Why don't you get out of here. We'll be in touch.

Kathryn: Don't leave town.

Natalie: I'm not going anywhere.

Kathryn: How deep are you in with her?

John: What is that supposed to mean?

Kathryn: Would you make up a story about seeing Paul Cramer alive to get her off the hook?


Kelly: You're alive. You're alive. Oh, my God, is that you?

Paul: Yeah, it's me.

Kelly: Oh, thank God you're alive! Thank God. Thank God. Oh, my God, I can't believe it!

Paul: Look, Kelly, I'm not going to be alive for long if I don't get out of town. These drug dealers want me dead, okay, so youíve got to hide me.

Kelly: No, no, no, no, no. I'm done, I'm done. I can't do this anymore! Please, no!

Paul: Kelly, no, you listen to me! I got you a son, all right --

Kelly: No, shh!

Paul: And you tried to kill me and throw my body in a dump!

Kelly: You've got to go. You've got to go before Kevin or Asa hears you. You have to go.

Carlos: You're a hard man to find, Cramer.

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Marcie: I saw a stripper, and it was Antonio.

Antonio: If Jessica ever finds out, she'll kill me.

Kathryn: Unless you can deliver Paul Cramer to me, Natalie is a major suspect.

Carlos: It's nothing personal, my friend, but some people say you talk too much.

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