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One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/2/04

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Starr: Why couldn't we go to the country club?

Dorian: Because, Darling, this place is much more casual and so take-your-own-menu, pick-your-own-table, no snobby maitre d.ís. As a matter of fact, order without me. I have to talk to Carlotta. Bye.

Starr: I'm sorry we had to come here.

Travis: No, hey, this place is cool.

Starr: Oh, yeah, I know. I just like dissing my Aunt Dorian.

Matthew: Hey, Starrís here. Can I go say hi?

Bo: Yeah, sure. We'll grab a table.

Matthew: Hey, Starr.

Starr: Oh. Hi, Matthew.

Matthew: I finally got my parents to come with me again. Pretty soon, they'll be back together.

Starr: Matthew, trying to get your parents back together is so kindergarten.


Blair: Well, I can't believe that Todd and Kelly stood us up like this.

Kevin: Why not? The way they've been acting?

Blair: Kevin, they did not sleep together. They just want us to think that they did.

Kevin: Well, something's going on. You know, how can I help her if she doesn't tell me it's Paul or it's Todd or -- whatever I have to deal with, she has to tell me.


David: Are you guys going somewhere? You know, that really hurts. I thought we were in this together.

Todd: We wouldn't be in this if you weren't so stupid enough to kill Paul Cramer.

David: You're not leaving until you tell me where you're going.

Todd: Go to hell.

Kelly: All right, all right, all right. Enough of this, please. Just stop. I can't take it.

David: Then tell me what's going on. Why is Paul blackmailing you, and where are you going?

Kelly: I got a call from this woman who said that she saw us dump Paul's body.

David: Someone saw? Oh, that's great. That's just great. Who saw you?

Kelly: I don't know, and she's blackmailing us for $20,000.


Natalie: Oh, no, no, no, no. I am not going to go get your blackmail money for you.

Paul: How else am I supposed to get the money? Okay, I can't do it myself. They think I'm dead.

Natalie: Hello! Kelly is my sister-in-law. Todd is my uncle.

Paul: So you disguise yourself. It's no problem.

Natalie: Oh --

Paul: Come on, Natalie, you got to do this for me.

Natalie: I don't have to do anything.

Paul: Fine. Fine. But if I don't get the money and get the hell out of town, those goons that were shooting at us are going to track me down. So thank you.

Natalie: Okay, fine, fine, fine. Okay, and why don't you tell me what's going to happen when you take off and the cops still think that I killed you?

Paul: I will call them. You got to trust me.

Natalie: Trust you?


Blair: We don't know if they slept together, and David -- he insists that they're just trying to make us jealous.

Kevin: Well, do you want to sit here and wonder or do you want to find out once and for all?


Matthew: I'm not a kindergartner. And anyway, you wanted your parents back together, too.

Starr: I'm over that. When you're older, you'll understand.

Matthew: You're not that much older than me, Starr.

Starr: Old enough to know better about a lot of things. Now why don't you go back to your parents, Matthew. Me and Travis have to order.

Matthew: See you around.


Nora: Hey. How's Starr?

Matthew: She's got a new boyfriend.

Nora: Does that bother you?

Bo: Did she make you feel like you're left out?

Matthew: Hey, if she wants to get all mushy with her new boyfriend, then that's her problem.


Carlotta: All right, Dorian, I can talk now.

Dorian: All right. You left me a message. It sounded urgent. What is it?

Carlotta: Antonio came to me. When he found out that Manuel Santi was really Manuel Espinoza, my maiden name, he became suspicious. He asked me and I was forced to admit that Manuel was my brother.

Dorian: Oh, Carlotta.

Carlotta: I don't know. Now it's just a matter of time before Adriana knows that they're cousins, that I've been her aunt this whole time.

Dorian: Well, we'll just have to help the dear girl through it.

Carlotta: What is she going to think of me now, Dorian?

Dorian: She loves you very much. She loves you so much. She'll be thrilled when she finds out the two of you are really close. Then, well, now that knows the sort of man her father was, she'll understand why we had to keep the secret.

Carlotta: Yeah. I pray you're right.

Dorian: Okay. Now is there anything else you have to tell me?

Carlotta: Well, you should know the F.B.I. has started an investigation.

Dorian: What?

Carlotta: They're looking for Manuelís son.

Dorian: Why? I mean, Manuel had nothing to do with him, Tico. He was raised in Europe, wasn't he?

Carlotta: But the F.B.I. seems to be convinced that someone in the family knows where Manuel hid a lot of money, maybe for Tico.

Dorian: Oh, yes, that famous stash of drugs and guns, money. $100 million it's rumored to be. Carlotta, you don't happen to know where it's hidden, do you?


John: Help me try to find Natalie first.

Kathryn: I'll see where it takes you. And who knows, it might even lead me to whoever Santi left his considerable profits. Crime does pay, John.

John: Thanks.

Kathryn: If Cramer wound up on somebody's bad side --

John: I hear you. But it's like I told you, Natalie didn't kill him.

Kathryn: Maybe not. Maybe she's dead right along with him.


Paul: You okay?

Natalie: No. No. No, no, I'm really not okay. I mean, the police think that I killed you, I was just shot at, and now you want me to do some sort of blackmailing scam?

Paul: Natalie, it's to save my life. Nothing bad is going to happen to you, I swear.

Natalie: And I should believe you why?

Paul: Come here. Run away with me. Come on; let's go see the world.

Natalie: You're joking, right?

Paul: I keep telling you how much fun we would have if we just ran away together. Everybody thinks I'm dead, anyway.

Natalie: Yeah, and that I killed you.

Paul: So come with me. Huh? What's keeping you in Llanview, anyway?

Natalie: My family is there, all right? My mom is still in the hospital and I cannot leave her, not now.

Paul: So she's got other kids, Natalie -- ones that she raised.

Natalie: Don't even try to stir that up.

Paul: Oh, it's stirred. Right? And whether I go there or not, I know because I get the same second-class treatment from my family.

Natalie: They don't treat me that way.

Paul: Yeah, but you don't feel like you're a part of them, do you? Come on, Natalie, I mean, you and I -- we are the same. That's why you have so much fun with me and you can be yourself, free and easygoing. You don't have to be something somebody else wants you to be.

Natalie: I canít. I'm sorry, I canít.

Paul: You know what? I'm sorry, too, Natalie, because you just made yourself a liability.

Natalie: What did you just say?


David: She's only asking for 20 grand? Hell, Todd, cut her a check. You don't know who the blackmailer is?

Kelly: I don't even know how she got my number.

David: Maybe she's not a stranger.

Todd: We'll find out when we make the drop.

Kelly: You know what, the F.B.I. said that they saw my car at the landfill. Maybe this is the same person who told them that. But how would she know it was me?

Todd: Maybe Paul had your name and number in his pocket or cell phone. I don't know.

David: Wait, now, this is very, very, very important, okay? The woman who called -- she didn't mention my name, did she?

Todd: Yeah, that you killed him.

David: By accident. I killed him by accident.

Kelly: No, she didn't mention anything about that.

David: Thank God.

Kelly: Unless --

David: "Unless"? Unless what?

Kelly: Well, there was that nosy woman at the Ambassador, the one next door. She said that she heard you and Paul arguing.

David: Oh --

Kelly: Maybe she knows more than what she told the police. Maybe she followed us to the landfill and saw us dump Paul's body.

Todd: Why don't we give this woman the money and get this over with?

David: Why is she asking for so little? That's weird.

Kelly: I was supposed to meet Kevin at Dorianís ages ago.

Todd: So what? I'm supposed to meet Blair.

Kelly: Well, we can't just not show.

Todd: We can't skip Atlantic City. We have to pay this woman off or there's going to be no Blair or Kevin to come home to.


Blair: Why don't you try Kellyís cell phone one more time?

Kevin: Forget the calls.

Blair: Why?

Kevin: We need to settle this in person.

Blair: We don't even know where to look, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, let's start at Toddís. We'll start from there. I don't care how long it takes. Look, there's something going on. I want to know what it is. Now, you with me or not?

Blair: All right.

Kevin: All right.

Blair: Let's go.


Rex: Thanks for helping me out with R.J.

Lindsay: I --

Rex: I need to make a few calls while you talk to him.

R.J.: Oh, Lindsay. Isn't it long past time you put your toy boy away and acted like a big girl?

Lindsay: He asked me to help bail him out of the money that he owes you again.

R.J.: You mean on what he owes us, hmm? We're partners, remember? So it'll be our new restaurant and our Ultraviolet as soon as he defaults.

Lindsay: You're really enjoying this, screwing him over.

R.J.: Oh, no. No, no, no. No, that's your gig. I'm just a rope salesmen. It's not my fault if he lynches himself. You shouldn't let him use you.

Lindsay: Maybe I'm using him. Have you ever thought of that?

R.J.: It really doesn't bother you that he's still in love with your daughter?

Lindsay: Well, if he is, that is a problem for him because she doesn't love him.

R.J.: Flawless logic -- for a 12-year-old. Look, Lindsay, I really don't want to see you get hurt.

Lindsay: Well, don't you worry your handsome self about that because I'm just having fun. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?


Roxy: You know, doing each other's nails is not exactly going to bring home the bacon bits.

Woman: How else are we going to stay in practice?

Roxy: Well, maybe you ought to practice by going out for another job, because I have a feeling I may have to lay you off.

Woman: I can probably get a job at the diner.

Roxy: Honey, I'm probably going to have to file for chapter 12.

Woman: 11.

Roxy: 10, nine, eight. You know, Baby, I'm afraid I may have to close the books on this place, but at least I'm not going to end up like a homeless lady because my new squeeze and I, we're shacking up together.

Woman: What new squeeze?

Roxy: That new squeeze over there. Yo, handsome, come over here. My nails are kind of wet, but --

Nigel: Oh, I was wondering if perhaps you weren't too busy for me to have a word with you?

Roxy: I'm never too busy for you. What up?

Nigel: You had the rest of your things delivered to the hotel this morning.

Roxy: Yeah. A man I know with a van -- he owes me a favor.

Nigel: Well, perhaps he'd be willing to extend that to two.

Roxy: The two of us are moving to a bigger room?

Nigel: Not exactly. It's just that, fond of you though I am, I'm a confirmed bachelor who enjoys the peace and solitude of hermitism.

Roxy: Is that a socialism disease?

Nigel: No, it's just I'm -- I don't want you moving in with me.


John: Natalie's not dead.

Kathryn: Probably not. But it certainly did affect you.

John: My guess is Cramerís not dead, either.

Kathryn: And why not? His blood's in the motel room, his sister's acting squirrelly, and her car was seen at the landfill.

John: Gut instinct.

Kathryn: Okay. Listen, something is going on with the flyboy, all right? I mean, who knows, maybe he really is the key to all that Santi money.

John: Why are you so hung up on that stash?

Kathryn: The bureau's made it top priority. And trust me, if Cramer knows where it is, he will do anything to get his hands on it, and he will drag Natalie into this if he can use her.

John: Natalie's already got money.

Kathryn: We're talking over 100 million.

John: She doesn't even care about the bucks that she's got.

Kathryn: Then maybe what she really cares about is Paul.


Todd: You go to Dorianís, cover for us. Tell Blair and Kevin that we'll be there as soon as possible.

Kelly: Why don't we just let David leave the money? No one's going to miss him.

David: Oh, well, thanks a lot. I'm glad I count for so much.

Todd: You can't trust Vickers.

David: Hey, I'm standing right here, you know!

Todd: He'll screw things up more for us. We'll have bigger problems.

Kelly: Yeah, you're right.

David: Actually, Todd -- Todd is right. I was the bagman once. It didn't go well. I'm not good at being the bagman.

Todd: Just smooth things over for us.

David: What would you like me to say?

Todd: Think of something.

Kelly: Why don't you just call Blair, tell her you're sick or something?

Todd: What would you like him to tell Kevin?

Kelly: Tell him I have a glitch in one of my fundraisers. He won't know.

[Keys rattle]

Kevin: Well, why aren't I surprised?

Kelly: What are you doing here?

Kevin: What do you think I'm doing here? I'm looking for the two of you.

Blair: You three seem to be together a lot lately.

Kevin: Yeah, we'd like to know why.


Rex: I'll pay you back, Lindsay, with interest. You know I'm good for it.

Lindsay: R.J. thinks you're using me.

Rex: Do you? Have I used you yet?

Lindsay: What do you think that the situation would really be like if I didn't have a penny to my name?

Rex: I'd think you were still one of the most incredible women I've ever known, not to mention the hottest.

Man: Excuse me, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Yes?

Man: Your car's about to be towed.

Lindsay: Oh, I didn't think I was blocking anyone. I'll be right back.

R.J.: So, you talked sugar mama into coming up with some more cash.

Rex: Sorry, R.J. Looks like you aren't going to get my new restaurant or the shares to Ultraviolet, after all.

R.J.: Well, I guess you grovel better than I gave you credit for.

Rex: You never should've doubted me.

R.J.: You'd just better hope that Lindsay doesn't figure out that you're taking her for a ride.

Rex: Who says I am?

R.J.: I do. You don't love her. You can't -- because you're in love with someone else.


Travis: So, who was that kid you were talking to?

Starr: Oh, his name is Matthew. He's, like, sort of my friend.

Travis: Yeah, well, don't you think you were a little harsh with him?

Starr: He just needs to get real, you know? The sooner the better, before he gets messed up about it.

Travis: What, like we did?

Starr: Yeah. Well, you know, I know my mom and dad aren't getting back together, and I'm not going to die about it.

Travis: Yeah, I guess, you know, some people just aren't meant to be together. Some are.


Nora: So you don't even want a hot fudge sundae?

Matthew: I'm not hungry.

Bo: What about if I order one? Then you can help me out with it.

Matthew: Whatever.

Nora: Well, you were pretty hungry before you went over and talked to Starr.

Matthew: I'm not jealous, okay? I don't even have a crush on any girls.

Nora: Okay.

Bo: Yeah, but sometimes, you see, a girl, even if she's just your friend, but if she's with another guy, you know, that kind of makes you feel left out.

Matthew: That ever happen to you?

Bo: Oh, yeah, a bunch of times.

Matthew: Then why do girls do that?

Bo: I don't know, sometimes they don't even know they do it.

Nora: Oh, sometimes they know. Sometimes they try and make you jealous so you'll pay a little more attention to them.

Matthew: Did you ever do that?

Nora: No, never.

Bo: What, never?

Nora: Never.

Bo: I remember back when you flirted with somebody a couple of times just to get my goat.

Nora: Oh? And you're completely innocent of that, hmm? Are you? I got him, didn't I? Didn't I?

Daniel: Hey, Nora, Bo.

Nora: Hi!

Bo: Hi.

Daniel: Hey, Matthew, how's it going?

Matthew: Hey, Mr. Colson.

Daniel: So did you have fun on the camping trip with your mom?

Matthew: Yeah, my dad came, too.

Nora: Uh-huh.

Daniel: Oh, really?

Matthew: My mom made a tent, but it fell down.

Nora: Fortunately, it rained, and so we all went back to my place.

Matthew: D.V.D.s and pizza all night long.

Nora: Yeah!

Daniel: Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. Um -- you know, Nora, I was really glad I ran into you. The department's having its awards dinner dance, and I was wondering if you had made any plans to go yet?

Nora: No, not yet.

Bo: You know, I was thinking of taking a table, so maybe we could all go together.


Dorian: Carlotta, are you sure you don't know where Manuel hid that money away?

Carlotta: Dorian, I wouldn't touch that filthy, disgusting money if the Lord himself came down and told me it was all right. My brother was a vicious, disgusting man and that money has blood on it. It's evil.

Dorian: I don't think money can be evil. Money is more neutral. Carlotta, if you knew where that money was, you would tell me, wouldn't you?

Carlotta: I'm not lying.

Dorian: You lied about Adriana for 16 years.

Carlotta: So did you.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Excuse me. Hello? Oh. No!


Paul: Natalie, I don't want anything bad to happen to you, okay?

Natalie: Oh, no, no, no, you just want to hurt me if I don't do what you want. Just let me out of here, you jerk!

Paul: No, listen. Listen to me, all right? It's not like that! I would never hurt you! But how do I know you're not going to walk out that door and run to the police and rat me out, huh?

Natalie: Well, guess now you're going to have to trust me, huh? Listen to me -- it's not going to do you any good pretending that you're dead. The Santi family is the one you have to be worried about, and they already know you're alive.

Paul: Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

Natalie: They're going to find you. It doesn't matter where you go, all right? They already did when you were supposed to be dead!

Paul: So what am I supposed to do?

Natalie: All right. Forget about this blackmailing scam with Todd and Kelly. Turn yourself in to John. It's the only way out, Paul.


Kathryn: Leaving so soon?

John: Not much left to talk about.

Kathryn: So that's it? I drove you away? Just mention Paul and --

John: I'm not some kid. You can't bait me with Cramer and Natalie.

Kathryn: Just exploring possibilities, John.

John: You tried to set me off.

Kathryn: Why would I do that?

John: So I'll find Natalie for you -- which I will, but there will be nothing to bust her for.

Kathryn: Any ideas where to look?

John: I got an idea where to start.


Todd: Who do you think you are just barging in here?

Kelly: Kevin, if you would just let us explain.

Kevin: I'd like you to explain. That's what I'd like.

[David whistles]

David: All right. Now that I've got everybody's attention -- Kelly and Todd didn't come to see you two because they're still trying to make you think that they're having an affair. I came here to try to tell them to stop the stupid charade. But they won't listen. I give up.

Kevin: All right, so you say you're having sex, Vickers says you're making it up. Which is it?

Blair: Well? Did you sleep together or not?


Rex: There's nobody else in my life, R.J. -- and why do you even care?

R.J.: I care about Lindsay.

Rex: Oh, guess what -- me, too.

R.J.: No. No, you care about her daughter.

Rex: How did Jen get into this conversation?

R.J.: Let's face it, you're not that complicated. You only care about her. You've only ever cared about her. You know I'm right.

Rex: And what if you are? What are you going to do about it?

R.J.: I think Lindsay deserves to know.

Rex: Get a clue. She doesn't care. It's just sex with Lindsay. That's all it ever was and all it ever will be.

Lindsay: Is that true?


Roxy: This quick dry is not quick enough for my nails. They're ruined, and it's because of you. We're not moving in together? Last night, you told me that you loved me!

Nigel: No, that's true, but I was positively giddy in the aftermath of our harrowing experience. No, it must have been the endorphins speaking.

Roxy: Are you doing drugs?

Nigel: I was simply caught up in the heat of the moment.

Roxy: In the heat of the moment? Okay, well, I'll give you another heat of the moment.

Roxy: Now you can't tell me that you didn't like that.

Nigel: But -- uh -- what about --

Roxy: Yo, Janelle, take a break, Honey.


Natalie: Did you hear something?

Paul: No. I'm just paranoid.

Natalie: Okay, that's why you've got to cut this deal with John.

Paul: Natalie, he hates me.

Natalie: All right, so what, he hates you. John is professional. He would keep it by the book. All right, you've got these drug dealers after you. You're going to need some protection.

Paul: Natalie, these guys aren't Mafia. They make the Mafia look like choirboys. There is no way John's going to be able to protect me from them.

Natalie: You don't know that.

Paul: I am not willing to take that chance! My only shot is to get that money from Kelly and Todd, go into hiding. Now are you with me or are you not?

Natalie: I already told you I'm not.

Paul: Okay, fine. Then at least help me get the money. Because if you don't, I'm dead, and you might as well have pulled the trigger.

Natalie: Stop it. Don't even lay this guilt trip on me. This is nothing like Cristian.

Paul: Natalie, I'm sorry, okay, but I am really scared here. I won't ever ask you for anything again. Please, will you help me?

Natalie: All right, fine.

Paul: Thank you.

Natalie: I'll get you your money.

Paul: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Kevin: I want an answer -- did you two have sex or not?

Todd: What, do you want videotape? You know, she's partial to it.

Kelly: Oh, shut up, Todd.

Todd: Yes.

Blair: Then why did David say that it was just a trick?

Kelly: Because he was trying to protect me. He was -- he was helping, he thought.

Kevin: So you're saying that this is really true?

Kelly: I'm sorry.

Kevin: You're sorry? You sleep with him; you say you're sorry?

Kelly: What you did with Blair hurt me. It hurt Todd.

Kevin: I don't care about Todd!

Todd: Wait a minute --

Kevin: Shut up!

Kelly: Kevin, Kevin, please, please just try to understand.

Kevin: I swear to God, I understand. I understand just fine. I'm getting it. You two deserve each other.

Kelly: Kevin. Kevin, please!

Todd: You okay?

Kelly: Yeah.

Todd: Blair?

Blair: So is this -- ahem -- still going on?

Todd: No.

Blair: No? I'm supposed to believe you? What if that's a lie, Todd? You lie about everything else.

Todd: Not -- not about the way I feel about you. I love you. It was just meaningless sex. I -- I love you.

Blair: Okay, Kelly, now that your big secret is out in the open, do you feel the slightest bit sorry that you killed your brother?


Rex: Lindsay, it wasn't how it sounded. You came into the middle of a conversation and --

Lindsay: You don't owe me an explanation.

Rex: No, but see, if you heard all of it, like how R.J. was baiting me in, then --

Lindsay: It's okay. It really is.

Rex: No, it's not okay. I care about you. I really do.

Lindsay: It's like you said, it was -- was just sex.

Rex: I don't really believe that.

Lindsay: You know what I think? It would probably be best if we didn't continue this relationship.

Rex: Lindsay, whoa, I don't want things to end.

Lindsay: No, I just really think it would probably be better if we severed all ties, including the money I was going to loan you to cover your mortgage.

Rex: Lindsay, don't do this to me.

Lindsay: It's really appropriate because R.J. is my partner.

Rex: No, he set me up. Are you going to let him get away with it?

Lindsay: It's just business. We shouldn't have mixed business with pleasure, anyway.

Rex: Okay, you won't give me the money. How about an extension on my loan?

Lindsay: You have to ask R.J. That's up to him.

R.J.: Well, you've got 10 days, hotshot.


Daniel: Well, since you haven't given me an answer yet, Nora, would you like to go to the awards dinner with me?

Nora: Oh. Daniel, I'd love to, but I canít. I mean, it's your fault, actually. You assigned me the Pruitt case and I'm completely buried under the caseload, so --

Daniel: Oh. Well, in that case, you're fired. No, I'm glad it's just that and not me.

Nora: Well, of course not. We'll have to take a rain check sometime for dinner.

Matthew's voice: Why do girls do that?

Nora's voice: Sometimes they try and make you jealous so you'll pay a little more attention to them.


Dorian: Yes, well, thank you for letting me know. Bye.

Carlotta: What's wrong?

Dorian: Dead ends. Nothing but dead ends. No matter what I try, just dead ends.

Carlotta: I don't understand.

Dorian: That was Tico. I've been looking for him ever since Manuelís funeral.

Carlotta: Tico? I don't understand. Dorian, the F.B.I. and the police are already looking for him. He went away. He was sent away all those years ago.

Dorian: Yeah, but people just don't evaporate, and that includes sons of famous gangsters. I need to find him.

Carlotta: Why, Dorian? Because of the money?

Dorian: He may well know where Manuel hid all that money.

Carlotta: Dios, mio. Dorian, por favor, please leave it alone. If you go chasing after this money, you or, God forbid, Adriana could be killed.


Rex: Janelle, where's my mom?

Janelle: This isn't a good time.

Roxy: Say hi to my new live-in boyfriend.

Nigel: "Live-in boyfriend."

Rex: Um -- sorry to crash your little party here, but I need help.

Roxy: Ooh, yeah, you do need help. Honey, you are long overdue for a new do.

Rex: Oh, forget my hair, okay? My life's tanking, and if I don't do something fast, I'm going to lose everything.


Kelly: Blair, how can you even say something like that?

Blair: Well, Kelly, see, your car was spotted at the landfill, and evidence proves that Paul's body was dumped there.

Kelly: It wasn't me.

Blair: Really? Well, gee, I wonder who it was, then. Hmm.

Todd: Don't look at me. I've got better things to do than hang around landfills. Blair -- I'm sorry. It --

Blair: You know what? Forget it, because I don't care.

Todd: Wait, hold on. Hold on, Blair. We're going to talk later, right? I got you something.

Blair: Why don't you give it to Kelly?


Bo: Are you sure you can't go to that awards dinner?

Nora: Oh, I'm positive. It's Colson's fault.

Bo: Yeah, but he looked really bummed when you turned him down.

Nora: He did, didn't he? He's cute, sweet.

Matthew: I've got to go to the bathroom.

Nora: All right, but hurry because your sundae's going to melt.

Matthew: Hello, could you connect me with Daniel Colson's office, please? Thanks.


Nora: You think he's all right about Starr and her new boyfriend?

Bo: Well, I think he'd better be because she's not giving him much choice.

Nora: Yeah, that's true. I just hope he doesn't think about it too much.


Matthew: Hello, this message is for Daniel Colson. Nora Buchanan would like to go to the awards dinner with him. Thank you.


Dorian: Adriana deserves her share of that inheritance.

Carlotta: No. Dorian, my brother did terrible things to get that money -- drugs and gunrunning and stealing.

Dorian: Manuel is dead. If I can manage to find Tico, Adriana maybe will get her share of all that money.

Carlotta: You know, I don't think you understand just how dangerous these people are, and Adriana does not need the money!

Dorian: Callate, okay, callate, por favor? I'm not going to back off on this, so don't even try.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Excuse me. Hello? Viki. Is there something wrong with the transplant? Oh. That's a relief. I certainly don't need any more bad news tonight. Oh, of course I can. No, no, no, if you want me to come over there, I'm on my way. Of course. Bye-bye.


R.J.: Look, Lindsay, you know, I really am sorry that things worked out this way.

Lindsay: I hope Rex is going to be okay.

R.J.: You need help. What is wrong with you? Didn't you hear what he just said?

Lindsay: I can't help it.

R.J.: You know, he's not worth it. As a matter of fact, in 10 days, he won't be worth anything at all.


Rex: R.J.'s just trying to screw me over, but if I don't come up with the cash, he's going to get away with it.

Roxy: You know, Baby, I would love to help you, but I got troubles myself. Ask Nigel. You know, this stud muffin, he saved my life yesterday.

Rex: You two hypnotized again?

Nigel: I think I'll just go freshen up a little.

Rex: Roxy, all right, where's Natalie? Okay, I've tried calling her. Maybe she can spot me the cash.

Roxy: Well, I have a feeling Natalieís in jail for taking out and making out with Paul Cramer.

Rex: Okay. Forget her. How about you take out a second mortgage on your salon here?

Roxy: You must be joking! I'm already up my fourth. You know, we could probably get more money out of this place if we torch it and just collect the insurance money.


Todd: Okay, so the blackmailer said she wants that money taped behind the slot machine at 11:00?

Kelly: This is so awful.

Todd: Kelly, keep it together. We're going to do this thing, and then it'll be over.

Kelly: And then what do we have left? I've never seen Kevin so angry, and Blair -- things were going well. I'm sorry.

Todd: It's as much my fault as it yours. If I hadn't leaned on you so much about Ace --

Kelly: I didn't tell Kevin that our baby died because I was afraid that he would leave me. And now I'm going to lose him anyway, and I may lose my child, and you won't get another chance with Blair.

Todd: No, I've come too far to let that happen. If I have to, I'm going to come clean.

Kelly: About what?

Todd: About everything.

Kelly: No, no, you can't do that.

Todd: She doesn't want me back, I have nothing to lose.

Kelly: You can't do that, Todd. Todd.

Todd: I may not have a choice.


Natalie: All right, I will get your blackmail money, but you have to promise me you're never going to ask me for anything ever again.

Paul: I won't be able to, Natalie, because by tonight, I will be out of your life for good. Okay? Thank you.


[Knock on door]

John: Natalie, it's John. Are you in there?

Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to LiveĒ Ė


On the next "One Life to Live" --

Kelly: What if she doesn't come?

Todd: She'll come if she needs the money.

David: Don't you guys know when you're being played? They have you both exactly where they want you.

John: Come on, Natalie; open up.

Paul: Natalie, please -- you open up that door and you're signing my death warrant.

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