OLTL Transcript Tuesday 6/1/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 6/1/04

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Starr: You look pretty. What for?

Blair: Actually, your daddy is coming over.

Starr: For what?

Blair: To talk.

Starr: Like a date?

Blair: Absolutely not!

Starr: Mom, you're wearing the perfume he bought you.

Blair: Am I?

Starr: You still love him, don't you?


[Doorbell rings]

David: Okay, you badgered me into coming over here. What's so -- wow, this place must have been great -- in the 1980s.

Todd: I'm going to see Blair later, and you need to tell me what --

David: Why are you seeing Blair?

Todd: Talk about the future. What do you care?

David: So you want to know if Blairís lost her mind to the point that she'd be willing to share a future with you?

Todd: You might consider being a little nicer to someone who knows you killed Paul Cramer.

David: Now, why would I do that, since you helped Kelly dump his body in a landfill? That makes you an accessory.

Todd: Here's your problem, Dave. Kelly's about to crack. You need to keep her from babbling this whole thing. Got it?

David: Yeah, I guess Blair would hate to hear about that, wouldn't she?

Todd: Well, you know what happens then, Dave? I turn you in for murder.


Kelly: You found my brother's body in a landfill?

Kathryn: No. But there was evidence that his body was dumped there.

Kelly: What evidence?

Kevin: Look, my wife's car is -- is --

Kathryn: You know, I'd like your wife to answer the question. Where were you the night of May 21?

Kelly: You know, this is my -- my brother we're talking about.

John: It's best if you cooperate. I mean, we all want to find Paul, don't we?


Paul: Okay. I don't think they followed us, do you?

Natalie: Okay. Paul -- Paul, those guys -- those guys at the Hook Up -- they were shooting at us!

Paul: I know, but they missed, okay, and now we're a long way from Llanview. Are you okay?

Natalie: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I just love dodging bullets! No, I'm not okay! What the hell are we going to do now?


Blair: Star I will probably always care about your father, but --

Starr: But you won't admit how much.

Blair: I invited him over -- over here to talk about you and Jack -- seeing you guys, not seeing me.

Starr: Okay, fine. At least I get to talk to him. You guys can waste your life however else you want.

Blair: Look, you know, I am so sorry that I can't make better promises to you, Sweetie.

Starr: Mom, what do you think I am, stupid? I know that people don't live happily ever after.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: You know what? That's your father. I'm not -- he's early!

Starr: I'll just say hi and then leave you two alone, okay?

Starr: Hi!

Travis: Hey. Oh, hi, Mrs. Ma-- Mrs. Cramer. Could I take Starr to a movie?

Blair: Oh, I don't think --

Travis: No, no -- my mom said we'll have her back by 9:00, okay? She's driving us.

Blair: You know what? I -- Travis, this is a little last-minute, don't you think?

Starr: Mom, just because you want to be alone and miserable doesn't mean that I have to be.


David: So you're buying your way back to Blair? You're going to need a bigger box.

Todd: Just keep key quiet and we'll all be happy.

David: Should I have Blair scan this before she opens it?

Todd: If Blair asks you anything about what I've been doing lately, whether or not I've seen Kelly --

David: Basically, anything that would tip her off to the fact that you're still a psychopath?

Todd: You don't know anything!

David: Okay, I got it. Todd, Blairís a little bit ahead of us at this point. She saw us coming back from the landfill.

Todd: Excellent. Did you say anything?

David: That we went diving for Paul's corpse? No, no, I didn't say that, but I did have to say something.

Todd: And?

David: Well, if you remember, you guys looked like hell that night. You were pretty rumpled, and you know how Blairís mind goes straight to the gutter.

Todd: What did you tell her?

David: I told that that you and Kelly were faking an affair to try to make her jealous.

Todd: Yes.


Jen: Is that what I think it is?

Riley: No, no, this is just last-minute research for my paper that I'm typing.

Jen: That's a website selling term papers. Are you going to buy one?

Riley: No! No -- no. I mean, it's just -- it's for -- I just wanted to compare a good paper with my crappy one that's all.

Jen: It won't be crap. You worked on it all night last night.

Riley: But there are no guarantees, you know. And I've already got my one and only extension. And if I turn in anything less than a C, I don't get to pass, which means I don't graduate.

Jen: Well, aren't you afraid you're going to get caught?

Riley: Well, you got to take some chances in life.

Jen: Well, do you really want to wait around with that sick feeling in your stomach, just wondering if you're going to be caught? Take it from somebody who knows about cheating -- on bigger things. You feel like you're going to throw up. But constantly, for weeks and months.

Riley: Okay, okay, you're right. Maybe -- at least an F -- maybe it's quick.

Jen: Trust me, you'll sleep better if you do it yourself.

Riley: Yes, you're right.


Kevin: What are you doing here? You back with the F.B.I.?

John: Just helping the agency with a little background work, keeping the heat off the wrong people. But I'm sure we don't have a problem here. It's obvious that Mrs. Buchanan's going to help us all she can. She wants to find her brother as much as we do.

Kathryn: Then I'm sure she won't mind explaining why a car with her license plate was found outside the landfill in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Kelly: I would if I could, but I -- I don't know. I -- it wasn't my car. Somebody must have gotten the license plate wrong.

Kevin: Look, I was out driving that night. It was pouring down rain. It could've been anybody.

Kathryn: So then you didn't bring anything to the landfill or leave anything behind?

Key: No! No. I mean, do I look the type of person that goes to landfills?

Kathryn: So then you won't mind if a forensic team goes over your car?

Kevin: Well, do you have a warrant?

Kelly: Fine, do whatever you need to do. You're not going to find anything anyway.

Kevin: Look, if you didn't find Paul Cramerís body at the landfill, doesn't that mean he could still be alive?

Kathryn: It's doubtful. We found a pillowcase stained with a significant amount of blood, and it's a match for Paul Cramerís blood that we found in your wife's motel room.

John: The pillowcase came from the same motel.

Kathryn: So, Mrs. Buchanan, any idea how something like that got left out at the Cherry Hill landfill?


Paul: All right, look, I think we should just stay here for now, okay?

Natalie: All right, Paul, what is going on here, all right? I'm ducking bullets and I think I should know why. Now, that woman at the Hook Up -- the one that warned you to get out -- now, who was she?

Paul: That doesn't matter. No, the thing is, I had this job in San Diego delivering packages from Mexico for extra cash.

Natalie: Well, what was in them?

Paul: I -- I don't know. I didn't ask.

Natalie: So you knew that it was illegal?

Paul: No! No, I thought it was -- okay. All right. Yes, I assumed. But when I found out it was drugs, I quit.

Natalie: Okay, then why do they want you dead?

Paul: Because John McBain and his F.B.I. girlfriend made me testify! I mean, God, they really put a number on me. Told me the only way out was to testify, to put them in jail. They forgot one thing -- his connections. Now I got the whole Santi drug cartel after me.

Natalie: Uh -- okay, forget it. I -- I'm going home.

Paul: No. No, no, no, no -- wait. Wait, just wait a minute, please.

Natalie: Paul, I can't -- I can't stay here. You need the Witness Protection Program, and I need protection from you.

Paul: Natalie, please, you can't bail on me.

Natalie: I can't stay here! All right, my mom just had heart surgery. She needs me!

Paul: You said she was okay. Look, you got to get the police off your back and prove that I'm alive! And besides, you know, this whole thing is kind of your fault.

Natalie: Excuse me?

Paul: Answer this question -- why do you think John McBain put my neck on the line, hmm? Because he knows that I like you, and he thought this would get rid of me.

Natalie: You -- you did something illegal.

Paul: Natalie, please. Just -- just do one more thing for me, okay? I'll never ask you for anything again.

Natalie: What do you want me to do?


Riley: Where are you going?

Jen: Out. You need some quiet to work.

Riley: You let me come here to get away from my noise, and I drive you out of your house.

Jen: I don't care. I need to find my mom anyway.

Riley: Really? That's a change.

Jen: My Uncle Ben died. I mean, he's not really my uncle, but I really feel like I need to talk to her.

Riley: Well, good. Take your time.

Jen: Just do the best you can. It'll be fine.

[Door closes]

Riley: Sorry, Jen, but sometimes somebody else's best is your best.

Riley: "You want to buy a paper?" Yes, I do.


Evangeline: So the judge walks onto the basketball court wearing a dominatrix outfit, and she looks at him and she tells him to dunk it. He's like, "There's no ball." Excuse me, excuse me, I have to talk to Antonio.

R.J.: Is that the end of the -- what, you can't just -- wait a minute, now --

Evangeline: I'll be right back. Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Evangeline: Have you given any more thought to my job? You know, going undercover for me?

Antonio: Stripping? No. Not now, not ever. No way. Take care.

Jessica: Hi.

Antonio: Hello.

Jessica: Oh -- how's it going?

Antonio: Okay, considering my uncle's the head of the Santi crime family.

Jessica: I'm so sorry, Antonio. But at least now you know why your mom was being so mysterious about Adriana.

Antonio: Yeah, I still can't believe Adriana's father -- one of the most notorious crime bosses around.


Rex: Hey, blonde and beautiful.

Lindsay: Don't sit.

Rex: Do we have a problem?

Lindsay: Where have you been for the last two days that you haven't called me?


Blair: Look, Travis, I understand that you want what is best for Starr, but you have to understand why I really don't want her going anywhere without me right now.

Starr: Mom, Travis' mom is going to drive us both ways.

Travis: Look, I just want to hang out with her, okay? Here would be okay.

Blair: Well, here? Well, why didn't you say so? That's fine, here! Why don't you guys go watch a D.V.D. or something?

Starr: Mom, I've seen them all.

Travis: Look, we can just, you know, talk, hang out, you know?

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: Dad would let me go. He says I shouldn't be afraid of the world.

Blair: Really? Now, has he said that since you've been to New York?

Starr: Mom, it's the movies. I'll be fine.

Blair: Okay, okay, go. Go -- go see your movie. But listen -- wait, wait. I want you to tell your mother that I want her back as soon as it's over.

Travis: Absolutely, yeah.

Starr: Thank you, Mom. You're the best.

Travis: Thanks, Ms. Cramer.

Blair: Yeah, I'm the best. I'm the greatest.

Starr: Come on.


David: Look, don't get all cranky on me. This explains why you and Kelly have been spending so much time together, all the secrets and the whispers.

Todd: You told Blair I was trying to make her jealous.

David: Well, yeah. That lets her understand that you still love her. I thought that was good.

Todd: The thing is, I just told Kevin that we actually had the affair in front of Kelly.

David: Oh. Did Kelly go along with it?

Todd: It was that or telling the truth.

David: Wow. So the truth is worse than sleeping with her husband's worst enemy? What did Paul have on Kelly?


Paul: Natalie, I need some cash, just enough to get me out of the country. 15,000, 20,000 would do it.

Natalie: Oh, you are out of your mind.

Paul: Natalie, those guys at the Hook Up were not shooting blanks. You either help me or the next time you see me is going to be in a morgue.

Natalie: Okay, all right. All right, I'll go back to town and I will -- I will get you 10,000. That's it. All right, can I go now?

Paul: You're not coming back, are you?

Natalie: Paul, I told you I'll go to the bank in the morning, all right? I've got money in the trust fund, but there's a lot of paperwork that has to be filled out.

Paul: No, no, I -- I need your car here. I need you here for my eyes and my ears.

Natalie: All right, look, I know that you're scared, but how else am I going to get you the money?

Paul: Maybe you don't have to. Maybe we could get Kelly and Todd to bring it to us.


Kelly: I don't know anything about any pillowcases. I didn't even know that Paul came to my room.

Kathryn: Hmm. Out of all the hotel rooms in Atlantic City. Some coincidence.

Kelly: He must have come after I left. Maybe if I had been there, he wouldn't have been --

Kevin: All right, you know what, you've upset my wife enough for one night.

Kathryn: I'm sorry. We're going to get our team started on the car.

Kevin: All right.

Kathryn: Thank you.

Kelly: I can't believe Paul is dead. He was a terrible person, but he was my brother.

Kevin: I think it's time you told me what really happened, Kelly.

Kelly: What do you mean?

Kevin: Between you and Paul in Atlantic City, when he was blackmailing you over the affair with Todd. What happened?

Kelly: I -- - --

Kevin: All right, listen; just be straight with me. Did Todd kill Paul for you?


Kathryn: Yeah, well, I say Natalie Vega is on the run.

John: She may have left town, but not because of something she did to Cramer.

Kathryn: You sure have a lot of faith in her. Why?

John: She didn't kill him, assuming that he's dead.

Kathryn: I say that he is and I say Natalie knows how he got that way.

John: Natalie, not Kelly Buchanan.

Kathryn: A lot of people know a lot more than what they're saying, and it is my job to crack the right one.


Rex: I was in New York the last couple of days.

Lindsay: With?

Rex: Nobody. It's you or nobody.

Lindsay: Well, that's a waste of a perfectly romantic city.

Rex: Actually, it was a business trip. I'm trying to raise some cash.

Lindsay: For?

Rex: You and R.J. I'm a little short on my loan payment.

Lindsay: Oh, no, Rex.

Rex: Okay, um -- I mean, like, are you and R.J. really going to take over my club and my new restaurant if I'm late another month?

Jen: Well, I see nothing's changed.

Lindsay: Jen.

Rex: Jen! Hey, sit down. Talk to your mother. I need to see R.J. on business anyhow.

Lindsay: How you doing?

Jen: I'm fine. I just wanted to see if you knew a little bit more about Uncle Ben. You know, I can't do this. If you're going to be involved with someone like Rex, you're only going to get yourself into trouble, and I don't want any part of it.


Jen's voice: Well, do you really want to wait around with that sick feeling in your stomach, just wondering if you're going to be caught?

Riley: I'm going to pass this on my own, or I'm going to go down trying.


Paul: All right, look, Kelly and Todd dumped my body, so they think I'm dead. And they know the police have been asking a lot of questions, which has got to make them nervous as hell.

Natalie: Okay, yeah, but they're safe. No one saw them.

Paul: Ah, someone did see them. And they'll never guess it was me.

Natalie: Yeah, but how are you going to get the money from --

Paul: No, no, no, not me. I'm dead, remember? No, you're going to call Kelly and tell her what you saw. You'll say that the money is to keep your silence.

Natalie: Hold on! You want me to blackmail your own sister?

Paul: Natalie, come on. I mean, they dumped me in a landfill!

Natalie: No. Forget it. Forget it.

Paul: All right, look, it's just one phone call, okay? You can disguise your voice. Nobody will know that it was you. Look, I just need some fast cash, and she owes me!

Natalie: All right. If I do this, you call the cops and tell them that you're alive.

Paul: Right. Sure, just as soon as I get the money. Please, Natalie. I will never ask you for anything again, I promise.


Kelly: I told you we had nothing to do with Paul's death. How could you even think that?

Kevin: Well, when the guy who's blackmailing Todd Manning goes missing --

Kelly: I don't know what happened.

Kevin: Oh, so you're saying it's all circumstantial? Is that it? I just wish you would have come to me, that's all. I guess you couldn't, not if this is really about your affair with Todd.

Kelly: I'm sorry, Kevin.

Kevin: For what? For lying or for cheating? For the supposed affair with Todd? Or are you sorry that Todd beat up your brother, Paul, or that he paid him off and that Paul ran away and no one could find him? What are you sorry for, Kelly?

Kelly: I guess I'm sorry for everything! You know, Paul was involved with a lot of really bad people.

Kevin: Well, see, that doesn't really explain how the pillowcase from your motel got to the dump, or why your car was there.

Kelly: My car wasn't there. I told you.

Kevin: No, you told the F.B.I. that. But this is me, your husband. So you stop lying and you tell me the truth right now.

[Ace cries]

Kelly: I hear Ace crying. I've got to go check on him.

Kevin: No. Kelly, come back here. Kelly, you come -- you come back here! And you tell me the truth!


Todd: I don't know what Paul's got on Kelly. She wouldn't tell me.

David: But you confessed to a phony affair because that's what gentlemen do?

Todd: No, I wanted to see Kevin writhe in pain.

David: Now, you see, that I would believe. But you can't risk this story getting back to Blair unless the stakes were high for you, too, which means that you must know.

Todd: Why would I tell you?

David: Because I worry about Kelly a lot more than you do. Look, Todd, Kelly and I -- we go way back, and I know when she needs me, and she needs me right now. And know this -- if I get -- if I get tagged for Paul's murder, I'm not going to drag Kelly into it. That means you're safe, too.


[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Todd -- Kevin.

Kevin: Sorry to barge in, but I want to talk to you about Kelly and what she's doing with Todd.

Blair: She's not doing anything with Todd right now because he's on his way over here.

Kevin: I just left her at home. You know what, I should go if he's coming.

Blair: Whoa, whoa, wait! Stop, stop. What's going on with Kelly?

Kevin: Look, I don't want to cause any problems for you.

Blair: You're not going to cause any problems. They want to make us jealous, they got to assume that we're going to get together and talk about it and worry about it, so tell me -- what's going on with Kelly?


[Phone rings]

Kelly: Hello?

Natalie: [Disguised voice] I know you. I know what you did. I saw you dump that body.

Natalie: [Disguised voice] I saw you -- you and your friend at the landfill.

Kelly: I -- I don't know what you think you saw, but you must be mistaken.

Natalie: This is no mistake. I'm going to turn you in to the cops and make sure you go to prison.

Kelly: Wait, wait, wait. What do you want?

Natalie: 20,000 cash, tonight.

Kelly: What are you talking about?

Natalie: Xanadu casino. Tape it behind the Venus slot machine. Do it at 11:00 P.M. or kiss the good life goodbye.

Paul: You were amazing.

Natalie: I can't believe I just did that.

Paul: Well, you did. And I think you liked it.

Natalie: Blackmailing someone? No, you're crazy. I think I just -- did it because I have some insane need to make sure you, you know, stay alive.

Paul: Oh. I think you enjoyed it.

Natalie: No, don't know about that, all right? Of course, Kelly and Todd had it coming, the way they dumped you like that.

Paul: Yeah, but you were so good. Your voice and how strong you were -- you must have got a kick out of it. I think you're a player.

Natalie: Look, you -- you don't know me that well.

Paul: You sure about that?


Kevin: The F.B.I. has Paul's blood on a pillowcase from a landfill. This is much more than an affair. We got to ask the question -- did they kill him?

Blair: Yeah, but are we sure it was Kellyís car?

Kevin: She says no. But the pillowcase coming from her motel room?

[Phone rings]

Blair: Starr. Sorry. Hey, beautiful, what's up?

Starr: Hi, Mom. The horror flick is gone and it's this romantic movie playing, which is really yucky. And there's a bowling alley next door, and we'd like to go there, and Travis' mom said it would be okay with her and that she'd pick us up there. Is that okay with you?

Blair: Okay. Wait a minute. Just a minute. Now, you can go bowling, but Aunt Dorian is going to pick you up there. I will call her and tell her that you've switched. It's just right across the street, right? So I'll just tell her. You stay there and do not leave with anyone except Dorian, all right?

Starr: Okay. You're the best.

Blair: Yeah, yeah -- Starr, 9:00.

Starr: I know, okay? Bye. Yes!

Blair: My daughter, on a date. Her first crush. Ugh.

Kevin: I remember Duke's first crush.

Blair: Let's get back to this. All right, so maybe Todd did beat Paul up, paid to get rid of him, and then somebody else killed him. I think the big question here is -- why is Kelly afraid of the F.B.I.?

Kevin: Well, they got to be mixed up in it somehow.

Blair: Come on, there's got to be a bigger secret. I mean, they must be hiding something. And I bet you David knows what it is.

Kevin: David -- good luck getting anything from that guy. If we want the truth, we just confront him with it.

Blair: Well, let's call Kelly, too. Let's confront the both of them. Here, call.


Todd: You know, I've heard that when you can fake sincerity, you got it made. I think you're right there, Dave.

David: Look, I know you're not used to it, but I am being sincere.

Todd: That's good. So am I. I don't know what Paul has on Kelly.

David: Don't turn this into another game.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello?

Kelly: Are you alone? This is bad.

Todd: Thanks for stopping by.

David: Is that somebody I know? Good luck being sincere with Blair tonight.

Todd: Okay, what is it?

Kelly: I just got a phone call from someone. Somebody saw us at the landfill. She tracked us down. She said she saw us burying Paul's body.

Todd: Slow down. Who is this? What does she want?

Kelly: Money! Money! They all want money, or she calls the police.

Todd: Calm down, Kelly. Where are you?

Kelly: I'm at Asaís, but you can't come here. What about your place?

Todd: Fine.

Kelly: Okay, I'm on my way.


Antonio: Still working the Paul Cramer disappearance?

Kathryn: Ah. Cramer, the Santi family -- it's all connected.

John: You know, it's interesting, you know, that your mom was Santi's sister. I've been thinking about that. You think maybe she or Santiís kid, Adriana, maybe they know something about where that money could be stashed?

Antonio: She was the only one that even knew we were related. They didn't keep in touch for years. They didn't even talk. Why?

Kathryn: There could be over $100 million along with God knows what else stashed somewhere. We have got to find that before it gets into the wrong hands.

John: She had to go all the way down to San Juan for the funeral, so maybe at least she overheard something?

Antonio: It was her brother's funeral, John. She was paying her respects.

John: I understand. Well, look, maybe talk to her. You know, maybe see if she remembers something about him.

Kathryn: Anything, anything. Even something that doesn't seem important could put us on the right track here.


Jen: I guess I just -- I thought that Uncle Ben would just wake up and be normal. But I guess nothing's normal anymore, right?

Lindsay: Please don't go.

Jen: Riley's doing a term paper. I just want to make sure he makes his deadline.

Lindsay: You're a good friend, and I love you very much. And Rex is -- it's just fun. It's not serious.

Jen: He's somebody who's going to hurt you, and you know he will.


Evangeline: He's not very happy with you, R.J. What did you do?

R.J.: Well, nothing. No, the boy wonder has just learned the high price of doing business in the big leagues.


Rex: Do you know what your partner is doing? He said he's enforcing our loan agreement to the letter.

Lindsay: What did you expect?

Rex: If he does that, I'm going to lose everything. Come on -- all right, you're his partner. You got to talk him out of this. Help me, Lindsay.


Riley: Well, it may not be Pulitzer prizewinning, but it's mine.


Kelly: She said that I would go to prison.

Todd: Kelly --

Kelly: She said she saw us dump Paul's body. I can't stand this!

Todd: You finished? We will get the money. We will get there on time. You have to try to be smart for once, okay? The police could be involved. It could be a sting.

Kelly: The police?

Todd: Yes, Kelly. The police department might be interested in something like this. Murder is against the law. We can't do anything to incriminate ourselves.

Kelly: We'll have all that cash on us. We'll have $20,000.

Todd: That's right, and we'll tell them we're using it as bait for this person we thought was the killer.

Kelly: If we tell them that, they'll really want to know why we didn't go to the police!

[Phone rings]

Kelly: Oh, God, what if this is her again? It's Dorianís house. What do I do?


Todd: You press a button and you talk into it.

Kelly: Shut up.

Todd: You tell her --

Kelly: Hello?

Kevin: Yeah, it's me.

Kelly: Oh, Kevin, hi.

Kevin: Listen to me. I'm worried about you, all right? I'm with Blair, and she's worried, too.

Kelly: You know, I really wish you wouldn't share our problems with Blair.

Kevin: Well, Honey, if Toddís involved, then she will be, too. Why don't you just come over here and we'll all talk about it.

Kelly: I don't want to go over there and talk!

Kevin: Honey, we're just trying to help.

Kelly: My brother is dead. I'm not really sure what Blair can do about that.

Kevin: Well, she can help with Todd, you know. She can help get the truth off your chest.

Kelly: All right, fine. Fine. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Todd: Why did you say that? What are you thinking?

Kelly: Because -- because how else was I supposed to get off the phone.

Todd: Okay. Kevin can cool his heels a little while we figure this out.

Kelly: Yeah, so can Blair.

Todd: All right, right now you need to tell me everything that this person said to you. We need to go over everything we're going to do. We have to be smart. We can't make any mistakes.


Jen: He did it. I better get this in right away. You sleep. You deserve it.


Evangeline: Uh -- excuse me, excuse me. One quick word?

Jessica: I'll meet you out front.

Antonio: I'll be quick, I promise. What's up? I am not stripping, okay? I am not going to change my mind.

Evangeline: All right, keep your shirt on. Look, I just -- I just was thinking maybe some other job. How about a waiter? Can you do a waiter for me?

Antonio: It's that important?

Evangeline: Look, my client -- he's going to do some serious jail time unless I get someone on the inside, someone that can prove that he was not in the inside loop with hook up. That's you.

Antonio: Okay. I'll see what I can do. But I am not signing on to be a stripper.

Evangeline: I hear you loud and clear.


Kathryn: I'm out of here.

John: What's up?

Kathryn: Your friend Natalie -- she didn't come home last night. She's not at work, she's not at home, isn't at the hospital either.

John: So?

Kathryn: "So?" She skipped town, John. She left this jurisdiction against a direct F.B.I. order. You still think she's innocent?

John: She didn't kill Cramer. I'll find her and I'll prove it.


Paul: Hey! Look at that -- red queen, just what I needed. It's kind of like you, Natalie. You're plenty of luck for me.

Natalie: Paul, you got me to do the wrong thing. Stop selling it.

Paul: Well, I don't know. I -- I think we make a pretty cool team. Maybe you should take off with me.

Natalie: Uh -- no. No, as soon as you get your money, I am dropping you off wherever you need to be dropped off and it's adios.

Paul: I don't think you know what you're missing.

Natalie: Oh, no, no, I do. And then you're going to tell the cops that I didn't kill you.

Paul: I don't know. A phone call could be pretty risky for me.

Natalie: Not as risky as not making it!

Paul: All right, all right. I will do whatever you want, okay? I just need you to do one last thing for me.

Natalie: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! The phone call was the "one last thing," okay? Remember, you even said, "I will never ask anything of you again, I promise."

Paul: Yeah, but this is part of the one last thing. Look, I can't go to the casino with those guys out there looking for me.

Natalie: So?

Paul: So I need you to pick up the money for me.


Kevin: Kelly's not coming, obviously.

Blair: Neither is Todd, obviously.

Kevin: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Blair: They're together again.

Kevin: Oh, if they are -- no, you know what? I cannot believe that.

Blair: Well, I don't, either, Kevin, but if they are together --

Kevin: Kelly would never leave Ace.

Blair: Well, Jack and Starr -- you know, Todd would never walk out on them.

Kevin: This is just getting from bad to worse, standing us up like this.

Blair: I just think they're desperate. I think David is, too.

Kevin: Oh, to hell with David and Todd. Kelly's what I care about. I just want to know the truth.


Kelly: It's getting late. Where are we going to get the money?

Todd: Shut up about the money.

Kelly: What if Kevin finds out about this?

Todd: He's over at Dorianís. Kelly, do you remember what we talked about? I think you can do this. Come on, let's go.

David: Well. Hello, fellow gravediggers. Are you going somewhere without your cohort in crime?

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."


>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: You don't know who the blackmailer is?

Kelly: I don't even know how she got my number.

David: Maybe she's not a stranger.

Paul: How do I know you're not going to walk out that door and run to the police and rat me out, huh?

Kevin: Look, there's something going on, I want to know what it is. Now, are you with me or not?

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