OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/19/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/19/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Doctor's voice: "The results of your angiogram indicate that you have developed a blockage in your coronary arteries, as well as extensive scarring, which means, I'm sorry to say, that you're not a candidate for bypass surgery. The tests show that the treatment and medications have not brought about the kind of results that we had all hoped for, and it seems we are running out of time and out of options."

Singers: Remember how it used to be when the sun would fill the sky remember how we used to feel those days would never end those days would never end remember how it used to be when the stars would fill the sky remember how we used to dream those nights would never end those nights would never end it was the sweetness of your skin it was the hope of all we might have been that filled me with a hope to wish impossible things to wish impossible things to wish impossible things but now the sun shines cold and all the sky is gray the stars are dimmed by clouds and tears and all I wish is gone away all I wish is gone away and all I wish is gone away all I wish is gone away all I wish is gone away all I wish is gone away


Viki: Why am I here? This is Dorianís bedroom. I don't remember even coming here. Dorian? Dorian, why are you so upset?

Viki: Starr, honey, what's wrong?

Todd: Hey, sis.

Viki: Todd, why is Starr so upset?

Todd: She's having a tough time dealing.

Viki: Maybe if you tell me what's wrong, I could help you.

Todd: I think you better leave her alone for now.

Kevin: I can't believe this is happening.

[Choral music plays]

Jessica: How are we going to go on without her?

Natalie: We didn't have enough time. There just -- there wasn't enough time.

Viki: Clint, my God, I don't understand. What in the world is going on? Joey! When did you get back? Who is it that --

[Music stops]

Viki: Oh, for pity's sake.

Todd: Hey.

Viki: Hey, yourself. Would you like to hear something crazy and interesting?

Todd: Sure.

Viki: I dreamed I was dead.

Todd: Yeah.

Viki: And my family was in mourning and people were crying. It was awful.

Todd: Wow, at least people were crying. You shouldn't think about that now, though.

Viki: I know.

Todd: Good, because that dream was just a reminder. This isn't about death, Viki. It's about life.

Viki: What is?

Todd: Shh. Pay attention.

Viki: To what? Todd, please, you're not making any sense.

Todd: It makes perfect sense. Just follow the clues. This is for you.

Ben's voice: Follow your heart.

Viki: Ben? Hello? Is anyone here? Oh, my God. Am I in heaven? Oh, my God.

Natalie: Mom, would you like one last drink before you go? Martini with olives, right?

Viki: Before I go where? What's going to happen? Do you know?

Natalie: You don't? I guess they're keeping it a secret. This secret's a mystery, the biggest one there is.

Viki: Natalie, I can't leave you now, especially now. I'm very worried about you.

Natalie: Don't be.

Viki: But I am, honey. I'm your mother. I will always worry about you.

Natalie: Mom, you need to concentrate on you.

Viki: I can't --

Natalie: Mom --

Viki: I can't leave when my children are --

Natalie: Mom, this is not about me. This is not about Jessica or Joey or Kevin or Todd or anybody else. What happens to us is not the point. Death isn't the mystery.

Viki: What is?

Ben's voice: Follow your heart.

Viki: Ben. Todd, am I dead? Is that what this is all about?

Todd: No. Didn't I tell you that before? Now Dorian will kill me if I don't make that clear. No, you're not dead. In fact, you've got a lot to live for.

Viki: You are a good brother. I know that you did really love me.

Todd: Stop making this some kind of goodbye. It isnít.

Viki: Thank you for my gift. I'm sorry I broke it, but somehow it got fixed.

Todd: You didn't break it. You looked inside. What'd you find?

Viki: I found a key to a box that had a photograph of Ben and me. Everything seems to be some sort of a riddle that's wrapped up inside another riddle.

Todd: It's not a riddle. It's your spirit leading you somewhere. You need to go wherever it goes.

Viki: But there are no directions. I'm afraid I might go down the wrong path.

Todd: Then go down the wrong path. Sometimes that's the only way you can find the right path.

Viki: But if I go down the wrong path, I'm liable to wind up so far down the wrong path that I'll never get to the right path again. And what will I do -- Todd? Clint!

Clint: You shouldn't worry so much. Like about going down the wrong path. Mistakes don't always have to be fatal, you know. Sometimes it's ok to mess up. Now just follow the clues and see where they lead.

[Doorbell rings]

Ben's voice: Dance with me, Blondie.

Viki: Ben? Ben, what are you trying to tell me? Have you died? Is that it? Are you asking me to join you? Is it time?

Ben's voice: Follow your heart.

Viki: Fine. If you want me to join you, I'm ready. I will. Maybe I've been ready for a long, long time.

Dorian: No more of that kind of talk, Viki. Is that understood?

Viki: Dorian!

Dorian: Come on. I'm going to take you somewhere with me. There's something you have to see.

Viki: No. No, I've already seen so much, and I really don't want to go anywhere else, and I'm tired. I'm very tired of being tired.

Dorian: Stop that. Stop it. Take my hand. Take it.

Viki: Dorian, what is going on?

Dorian: No more questions, Viki. Sometimes you get to lead. Other times you have to follow.

Viki: I guess I am dead.

Dorian: Didn't Todd tell you that you weren't? If he didn't do what he was supposed to do, by God --

Viki: No, he told me. Don't blame Todd.

Dorian: All right, I won't -- this time.

Kevin: Frankly, this is all our fault. Mom's been worried sick about us. If you want to know the truth, we've given her plenty to worry about. Just look at the way Todd and I fight.

Natalie: Look what I did -- I came -- I smashed my way into the family and I brought Mitch into the middle of things.

Viki: No, honey. No, you didnít. Anyway, Mitch is gone. We don't have to worry about him anymore.

Joey: I had to leave town in disgrace. That had to hurt.

Bo: Maybe it's Ben in the coma, you know, that's making her think that she should just give up.

Viki: Stop this! Stop this, all of you! Stop blaming yourselves! If I worried about you, it was because I loved you. And if I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way. I love my life.

Asa: What the hell's the matter with you people? Viki will do the right thing.

Dorian: You have to choose, Viki. You're running out of options.

Viki: I'm already out of options. There's nothing left for me to do except die! All of you, please, just leave me alone! Leave me alone and let me die in peace!

Todd: What did I tell you? You got to follow the clues. You can't just run and hide. You certainly can't hide from the truth.

Dorian: What do you think she's going to do?

Todd: Oh, we'll have to wait and see.

Viki: Where am I? Is this death?


Viki: Starr! Sweetheart, what are you doing here?

Starr: Looking at you. Who are you?

Viki: I'm your Aunt Viki.

Starr: You can't be. I used to have an Aunt Viki, but she died. That's when my father went nuts.

Viki: What?

Starr: My mother said one night Aunt Viki gave up. That's when my father turned into his old self again.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Starr: And then my mother started to act like my Grandma Addie and they took her away.

Viki: So you're all alone now?

Starr: Yeah, all because my Aunt Viki gave up. How about that, huh?

Viki: No, no. That can't be true. Todd would never react that way. Come on, we have to find him. You can't be made to live your life like this.

Starr: Why not? I guess I kind of like it. So guess what, lady -- you can go to hell!

Viki: Starr? Wait. Where did you go? Starr, wait! That's nonsense. Nothing bad like that would happen, not just because I died.

Victor: Welcome, Victoria. I've been waiting for you. Now we can be together the way we're supposed to.

Viki: No!

Victor: You'll never escape me.

Viki: Yes, I will escape you, father. I have my entire adult life, and you will not claim me in death because I won't let you.

Victor: It's different on the other side, my love. We learn to forgive, to forget, to find our peace for our true selves. It's our second chance, Victoria. Let go. Spend eternity with me.

Todd: You old pervert, give it up. She's not dead. She's asleep. Why don't you go back to hell where you belong? Do it, now! Are you done yet?

Viki: Done what?

Todd: Pretending you don't get it. Everybody's telling you the same damned thing -- don't give up!

Viki: Todd, you have to find Starr. She thinks that --

Todd: Quit worrying about Starr. Stop worrying about anybody but yourself.

Viki: No, listen to me. If you desert your children, you're going to ruin their lives.

Todd: You're going to ruin your children's lives. So you better live.

Viki: Todd -- Todd -- Todd, this isn't a dream! It's a nightmare! Don't leave me alone!

Ben's voice: Follow your heart.

Viki: I can't! I can't anymore! Oh, God!

Clint: Ok, all right. I'll try to clear it up for you. But I'm warning you, Viki, this is your last chance. You look good, Viki.

Viki: I'm dying.

Clint: Are you?

Viki: Would you like to see the results of my workup? I flunked my stress test, and my angiogram --

Clint: I know what this says.

Viki: Then you know that I'm dying.

Clint: Do I? Viki, when it comes to dealing with life-and-death issues, it's never easy.

Viki: I know it's not. Clint, I'm just so tired.

Clint: I know that you think you are fighting as hard as you can.

Viki: I have.

Clint: I also know that you feel maybe it's about time to move on.

Viki: Maybe it is.

Clint: You think that's what Ben wants?

Viki: Ben is dying, too. Maybe we could go together.

Clint: Has he said that to you?

Viki: No. He's still in a coma.

Clint: Well, you have -- you have heard him, haven't you? I mean, telling you to follow your heart?

Viki: I've also heard him ask me to dance.

Clint: Well, there you are. That doesn't sound like somebody who wants you to die. That sounds like somebody who wants to dance with you again.

Viki: I wish it could happen. I wish we could be together. I wish I could have him in my life forever.

Clint: Maybe it's possible, but not if you give up.

Viki: Oh, Clint, I know you mean well. But I'm exhausted. My heart is nothing but scar tissue. It's dying. So why fight?

Clint: Because your family needs you.

Viki: They'll be fine without me.

Clint: Will they? Will Ben?

Viki: What's that? My ring! Where did you find it? No. It's too small. It's not mine.

Clint: Viki, you have to put things together.

Viki: Put what together?

Clint: The ring will fit when you understand.

Ben's voice: Dance with me, Blondie.

Viki: Ben!

Asa: That damned Viki. I really -- I really thought she'd do the right thing. It's almost as if Ben knew she had died.

Bo: She just gave up. Poor Ben -- he held on for so long.

Asa: I know -- clinging to what little bit of life he had left.

Bo: Without Viki, he just let go, too.

Asa: Viki killed my son Ben.

Viki: Ben.

Ben's voice: Follow your heart.

Viki: Ben? Ben? I'm not giving up. I know I said I was, but I'm not. I'm here. Ben? I'm still here! Ben!

Ben's voice: Hello, Blondie.

Viki: Ben. Oh, my God. It's you? Is it really you? Ben. No! Ben, where did you go? Ben, please! I need you! I need you!

Dorian: Viki, actually you need him more than you know. Yes, it is.

Todd: No. I meant now, this minute.

Dorian: You know you have to be more specific when you're giving her a clue.

Todd: All right. Being with him is not in the cards yet. Ok?

Viki: No. I want to be with Ben. I don't want to be in this dream anymore. It's nothing but a mind game.

Dorian: Actually, it's intended to be a reminder.

Todd: So you don't go getting any crazy ideas like letting yourself die.

Dorian: You have so much to live for, including Ben.

Natalie: Mom, you have to fight back.

Kevin: You're stronger than you think.

Jessica: We know you are.

Joey: No matter what happens, you have to fight back.

Clint: I said your family needed you, didn't I? There's something inside that heart that belongs to you.

Ben's voice: Dance with me, Blondie.

Viki: Ben? How can I dance with you? There's no one here but me.

Ben's voice: Dance with me, Blondie. You'll know I'm there. That's a promise. Dance with me.


Jessica: Mom? Wake up. Please wake up.

Viki: Jessie?

Jessica: Yeah. Thank God. Oh, you were just sleeping so soundly; I thought that -- oh, I'm just so glad that you're awake.

Viki: Are -- are you real?

Jessica: What?

Viki: Are you really there?

Jessica: Of course. Mom, you were sleeping. You were dreaming, right? Are you ok?

Viki: Yes, I was dreaming.

Kevin: Jessica?

Jessica: We're in here.

Kevin: How's mom? Oh, you're awake. Thank God.

Viki: Kevin --

Kevin: You gave us one hell of a scare there.

Jessica: I -- I called Kevin when I couldn't wake you, because, I mean, it was really strange. I'm sorry.

Viki: You thought I had had another heart attack and that I was dying.

Jessica: I didn't know what to think.

Kevin: Are you all right now?

Viki: Yes. I'm perfectly fine. I was -- I was dreaming, and I was in a very, very deep sleep.

Jessica: I read the results of your test.

Kevin: What test? The angiogram?

Viki: Look, let's not assume that it's the end of the world now, ok? I don't want you two to be worried. I have a lot of scar tissue around my heart, but that doesn't necessarily --

Jessica: She's not a candidate for bypass.

Kevin: Oh. So, what's next?

Viki: Well, we'll have to figure something out. Hey, I'm going to fight this, you know. I'm not going to let it beat me. It's the least I can do for my family. Anyway, I'm exhausted, and I'm going to go to sleep.

Kevin: Ok.

Jessica: Thanks. Mom -- I love you.

Kevin: Me, too.

Viki: I know. And I love you both very, very much. Please don't worry about me. I'm going to be fine, ok? I just need to sleep.

Jessica: Want some tea?

Kevin: Huh? Sure.

Jessica: I didn't -- I didn't make any --

[Jessica sobs]

Jessica: Why is this happening? Why is this happening?

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey. We are all scared, sweetie. Listen, we're going to get through this together, ok? I promise. Don't you worry.

Kevin: Hey, mom's a lot tougher than you think.

Jessica: Oh, I hope so.

Kevin: You think we should call dad and Joey tonight?

Jessica: No. I'll have to tell Natalie first.

Kevin: Ok.

Jessica: Kevin, I just thought that those medications they were giving her would just fix everything, you know, and they were just totally useless.

Kevin: No, they just weren't enough, that's all. You think we should insist she check into the Mayo Clinic?

Jessica: Kevin, she's already seen all of the best cardiologists already.

Kevin: Yeah, I know, but still, we have to stay aggressive, all right? That's the key. Everything we're dealing with right now has to take a back seat to her condition. Deal?

Jessica: Deal.

Kevin: Ok.

Jessica: Do you know what I'm afraid of the most?

Kevin: What?

Jessica: What if she gives up fighting? I mean, what if she just stops fighting?


Viki: Hi, sweetheart. I know that you were behind that dream tonight, Ben Davidson. Don't you even try to deny it. And I think I know what you were trying to tell me. I am always with you, and you are always with me. But while the heart is strong, it's -- it is very fragile, too. Ben, I'm afraid I'm running out of time. You have something that -- that keeps you here, that keeps you hanging on. I want some of that.

Viki: Please come back to me! I need you! Please help me through this! Help me to be strong!


Kevin: Mom's strong. She had a rough life. She's a survivor, Jess. She'll fight. Always has, always will.

Jessica: Let's hope. Kevin, if you have to go home to Kelly and Ace, I mean, I completely understand. I'll stay here with mom.

Kevin: Thanks, but I think I'll hang out, if you don't mind.


Viki: I love you so much. But I have to go home. You know, I was in such a deep sleep earlier, poor little Jessica, she thought I was dying. I think if she finds my bed empty she might think I was kidnapped. Good night. I love you. Oh! Oh! Ow -- ow! Oh! Oh, God! Help me, Ben.

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