OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/13/04

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/13/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Paul: Hey, Blackjack. Thank you.

Waitress: Compliments of the house. This is your lucky night.

Paul: Lucky at cards, unlucky at -- good luck, Natalie, you're going to need it.


Blair: I I am never letting you out of my sight again.

Starr: Mom -- mom, I can't breathe!

Blair: I don't care! I got you home safe.

Todd: Starr, we need to talk about why you ran away.

Blair: We really do, sweetie. You know, Matthew told us a few things, and Travis OíConnell said a few things, too.

Starr: Well, you said we'd never all be a family again. Never. And so I decided, "why stick around?" I can't stand you two fighting all the time

Todd: If it helps, neither can we.

Starr: Well, at least one good thing came out of the kidnapping.

Blair: What good thing came out of the kidnapping?

Starr: You two are back together again.


Kelly: Hopefully Todd and Blair will learn something from all this.

Kevin: What do you mean?

Kelly: They should value the family they have. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to Ace.

Kevin: Oh, hey, don't say that. No one is ever going to take Ace from us.

Kelly: I think I'm going to go check on him.

Kevin: Uh -- Kelly, wait. We still have to deal with this problem of your brother.

Kelly: You don't trust him. I don't really know what you want me to say about that. Let's just leave it there, ok?

Kevin: I I don't know if I can do that, especially now that I know what else he's done.


Michael: Ah -- ow!

Marcie: Ooh -- oh, I'm sorry!

Michael: Oh, no, it's ok.

Marcie: Oh, Michael, I'm so sorry!

Michael: All right. It's all right, sweetie. It's ok.

Marcie: Ok, let me get this door open.

Michael: Oh.

Marcie: All right. Here we go.

Michael: Ok.

Marcie: Home sweet home. Sorry, I -- oh --

[Michael groans]

Marcie: Oh, I'm sorry. I've been killing you the whole way home!

Michael: No, it's ok, Marcie. Why don't you just let me do it myself, though?

Marcie: Oh, ok.

Michael: I'll try to get a hang of this thing here.

Marcie: You sure? You sure -- oh!

Michael: Ow.

Marcie: I'm so sorry we're not more wheelchair accessible.

Michael: It's ok. I'm just glad to be out of the hospital. Although, how am I going to keep an eye on Dr. Long now?

Marcie: Are you sure he's still scamming us, Michael? He had all those files set out; all the organs were taken and given away legally.

Michael: So what? So the guy has a couple of dummy files set up for when the heat gets up, you know? It still doesn't explain all the cash payments to Paul Cramer, the secrecy, and the fact that that heart was missing.

Marcie: And he made us walk right into that trap. He -- of course. I mean he had to set all those files out just for us.

Michael: The problem is without one of his clients helping us, there's no way that we can possibly --

Marcie: What?

Michael: Wait a second.

Marcie: Michael, what? What is it?


Kelly: Kevin, do we really have to do this now? I'd like to go check on the baby.

Kevin: Why not? We're alone.

Kelly: Ok, ok. What is it that you think you know about Paul?

Kevin: Well, it's about the smuggling in San Diego, before he cut a deal to testify.

Kelly: That's old news. He didn't know what was going on. He was just flying the plane.

Kevin: Well, there's more. Apparently, he stole from the guys he was working for, the smugglers, and they chased him here to Llanview.

Kelly: Oh.

Kevin: And they were going to kill him unless he got the money back.

Kelly: How do you know all this? I mean do you have any proof?

Kevin: No, not yet, but I'm going to get it. I don't want him bringing that kind of trouble to our door.

Kelly: Yeah, you're right, you're right.

Kevin: Look, this all happened about the same time you took the money from the corporate account. I need to know if you took that money to get your brother out of trouble.

Viki: Hello.

Kevin: Mom?

Kelly: Oh --

Viki: Hello.

Kelly: Hey.

Kevin: Well, what are you doing out of the hospital?

Viki: Well, my doctor finally saw the wisdom of allowing me to rest at home.

Kelly: Well, did you drive here all by yourself?

Viki: I came in a taxi just like a grownup.

Kevin: So you're ok? You're sure?

Viki: Yes. I have had another stress test. I am on yet another medication. And no one will tell me what's going on with Starr, so I thought I would stop by --

Kevin: No, Starrís fine. She's at home.

[Viki gasps]

Kevin: What -- what? Are you ok?

Kelly: Oh, my God! Here, sit down!

Viki: Yes, I'm fine.

Kelly: Sit down!

Viki: No, I'm fine!

Kevin: Is it chest pains or --

Viki: No, it is relief!

Kelly: Oh, I guess -- I guess good news can be shocking, too.

Viki: For pete's sake! If you two are going to panic every single time I breathe deeply or gasp, then I might as well just drop dead right now! This is no life!


Blair: Your -- your father and I worried together to get you home safely because we love you. And because we're here now together -- well, it doesn't really mean that we are --

Starr: Mom, I'm not stupid. I didn't mean "together" together.

Blair: Yeah, I know. I -- yeah, we -- we know that.

Starr: I just meant that you guys weren't fighting and slamming doors.

Todd: Your mom and I realize that we haven't been behaving very well lately.

Blair: And we love you and Jack more than anything in the whole world.

Todd: Yeah. We -- we were working to get past all the bad stuff.

Blair: And we're going to try really hard to be civil, even if we disagree.

Todd: Hmm? Deal?

Starr: Deal.

Blair: Deal?

Starr: Deal.

[Doorbell rings]

Starr: I'll get it. Here. Hi, Matthew!

Matthew: Hey, Starr.

Starr: Come in!

Matthew: My mom's parking the car.

Starr: Oh, my gosh, I have the best story to tell you. I was kidnapped. It was gross. And I wasn't really kidnapped like -- like you were. I had this guy --

Blair: She seems normal. When I think what our fighting almost did to her --

Todd: It's over now, Blair. Everything's going to be ok.

Blair: Everything?

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: I'm going to get that. Hey!

Nora: Hi.

Blair: Nora.

Nora: You must be so relieved.

Blair: I am, I am. And, Bo, thank you so --

Bo: Oh --

Blair: Very much for everything.

Bo: You're welcome. Here, come on in. You got to hear this.

Blair: Ok. You guys come on in.

Bo: I talked to the Feds, and since Laser took Starr across state lines, they're taking over the case.

Todd: Oh.

Blair: Wow.

Todd: Will Starr have to testify?

Nora: I doubt it. He's left a trail of evidence across two states. I think any lawyer would tell him to cop a plea.

Blair: Well, what if he doesn't, Nora?

Bo: Well, his accomplice will flip on him. I mean this guy is going away for a long time.

Blair: Hmm.

Todd: Hey -- Bo, I -- I know we were lucky, but you went beyond the call, and so -- thank you.

Bo: Well, you're welcome. You know, a lot of times these types of cases don't turn out like this.

Blair: I just hope our daughter is not scarred by any of it.


Starr: So by letting my cell phone pick up the music from the carousel led them right to me.

Matthew: Were you scared?

Starr: Nah, no way.

Matthew: All right, so by getting kidnapped and everything, did it get your parents back together?

Starr: That's kids' stuff.

Matthew: Are you ever going to try again, like, maybe later?

Starr: You know, Matthew, sometimes you have to let your dumb parents do what they want to do.


Blair: Bo, I'm sorry that I went after Laser to meet him on my own, but I just didn't feel like I had a choice because I felt maybe nothing was working here.

Bo: Well, you were desperate.

Nora: Yeah, that's how people get hurt.

Blair: There was a moment there I thought this guy was just going to kill me and run away and -- actually, if it weren't for Todd, I probably wouldn't be here right now.


Michael: Ah, it's a crazy idea.

Marcie: Are you ever going to tell me?

Michael: Probably won't work.

Marcie: Come on, just spill it.

Michael: Ok. Let's say we get somebody to go in posing as a rich heart patient's relative. We set up a meeting with Dr. Long --

Marcie: Michael, Michael, that's ingenious. Dr. Long would pitch him the whole deal -- how it works, how much he charges, and then we'd have proof!

Michael: Exactly. The only problem is finding somebody crazy enough to do it.

Marcie: Well, hello. I'm crazy enough to do it. Nobody knows what I look like. Ooh -- what about if I wear that long, blond wig again?

Michael: No, that's just for me. Besides, Dr. Long's way too tough a character to be playing around with.

Marcie: All right, so what do we do instead?

Michael: I know what we could do.

Marcie: What?

Michael: Come here.

[Marcie giggles]


[Phone rings]

Roxy: Hit me. Hey, I mean hello.

Nigel: Roxanne, have you arrived at the casino?

Roxy: Well, I ain't in Kansas, Toto.

Nigel: Have you settled your accounts with your turf agent yet?

Roxy: Hey, Nige, you know, I just got here. I'm working my way upstairs.

Nigel: You just stay away from those tables and the one-armed bandits and the racetrack. Now, this is strictly a business trip.

Roxy: You're really my conscience, pal. I'll see you. This is fate. It's like a sign. Ooh!

Paul: Ooh, hey.

Roxy: Paul! Hey, sorry, handsome. Hey, what a co-inky-dink. Do you know where the racing simulblast is?

Paul: You know what? I was just about to get a flier myself.

Roxy: Two people with the same idea.

Paul: I like to bet on the ponies once in a while, you know?

Roxy: Yeah, well, I'm not exactly talking about that. 10-1, you're betting on a red-haired lady.

[Roxy chuckles]


Natalie: What's going on? Where were you?

John: I'm right here with -- with you.

Natalie: I don't think so. You're a million miles away -- with her.

John: What makes you say -- what makes you say that I was thinking of her?

Natalie: Why can't you look at me?

John: I can. I like looking at you.

Natalie: Were you thinking of Caitlin?

John: Wasn't really thinking of anything. I was -- just trying to let go.

Natalie: Anyway, I kind of got this feeling that I was a stand-in for a ghost, and I really don't know what that leaves me.

John: I saw something in your eyes. Are you sure you're not the one with the ghost?

Natalie: Cristian will always be a part of my life, and I will always love and miss him. But he wanted me to live my whole life, not be a shrine to him.

John: So what are you trying to say?

Natalie: I was here before when you got out of the hospital when you were sick, and I got to know your place.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: And in that drawer, it's -- I went in there to get a shirt and it's full of Caitlin. I mean, pictures, souvenirs, I -- God only knows what. I don't know, but you do.

John: So?

Natalie: Every morning when you start your day, you go into that drawer. You're just reminding yourself of what you've lost. I'm -- I'm ready to put this away. What about you? Can you put away what you've lost?


Viki: Wow!

Kevin: My. Why don't you get some chili fries and a side of cholesterol with that, huh?

Kelly: Hey, Kevin --

Kevin: Well --

Viki: I'm very sorry if I'm a little out of sorts. The doctor did tell me that my medication could cause mood swings.

Kelly: Well, no one blames you.

Viki: Do you know how frustrating it is to be treated like a child? The only person not fussing over me is Ace.

Kelly: Ah -- speaking of fussing, I'm going to go check on the baby.

Kevin: All right.

Viki: This is good, Kelly. Thank you.

Kelly: Thank you.

Kevin: You know what? I think you're upset because you want to be the caregiver.

[Viki chuckles]

Viki: "Attend and befriend" is what my doctor calls nurturers like me who do not take very good care of themselves.

Kevin: So, do the doctors have any news?

Viki: Yeah, they did. It's not very good, Kevin. It's not very good at all.


Starr: It's ok if my mom and dad don't want to be together. But if they're just as good as friends as me and Travis are, that's good enough for me.

Matthew: All right, so what kind of friends were you and Travis?

Starr: He's really cool and he tries to protect me and -- you know, he knows a lot. He took a train all the way here.

Matthew: Well, is he better friends than us?

Starr: No way. We're just different.

Matthew: Good, because I need ideas to get my parents alone together. I mean, ever since that dance contest, people have just been getting in the way.

Starr: Sorry, Matthew, but my last good idea got me kidnapped and almost killed my mom. You're going to have to think of something on your own.

Bo: Hey, bud? Come on, I'm going to drive you and your mom home.

Nora: Starr, I'm glad you're home safely.

Starr: Thank you.

Nora: No more adventures, ok?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Ok. Mmm.

Starr: Oh -- see you later.

Bo: Bye.

Matthew: See you, Starr.

Starr: Bye.

Blair: Bye, you guys. Thanks again.

Bo: See you.

Blair: Really, Bo.

Starr: You want some ice cream?

Blair: No, sweetie. Thank you, though. Thank you.

Starr: Ok.

Blair: You know what? I -- um -- oh, she was so sweet to me just now. I'm still going to call Dr. Spindler because I think she should see him and -- see her, and she has written this great book that you actually should read.

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No -- Blair, we can do all that. But I want to go back a few beats. No, no, no.

Blair: To what?

Todd: When we were over there.

Blair: What?

Todd: What you were feeling over there. I think for a minute, you remembered how you felt about me.

Blair: I canít. I can't, Todd, I -- I canít. Not yet.

Todd: "Yet," huh? That's better than "not ever."

Blair: Is it? I don't know. I -- maybe it's the same.

Todd: No. Something's changed.

Blair: You know what? All this stirred up -- it stirred up a lot, I mean, good feelings. Stuff that I know, good stuff inside you that I know has been there forever.

Todd: Thank you.

Blair: You never could take a compliment.

Todd: Oh -- then I need the practice. Hit me again.

Blair: I made a promise to myself, Todd, and I don't know if I really want to betray that, and that was to keep you out of my life forever.

Todd: I just don't understand that. But I'm willing to do whatever you want.

Blair: Ok. Well, what I want is maybe a little time. I'd like to take Jack and Starr away because I think she needs to settle down, and I know -- I know I do.

Todd: What you really want is to see how you are without me. Right? Ok. Whatever you want.

Blair: Thank you.


Kevin: Mom, I thought they had you on the right medications.

Viki: Well, yes, but apparently I haven't responded to them.

Kevin: So, what does that mean?

Viki: They're going to do an angiogram next, and that will tell us what the next step is, you know. In any case, I would appreciate it if you would keep this information to yourself for the time being, all right? I -- I don't want Jessica and Natalie worrying over me any more than they already are.

Kevin: Well, if that's what you want, but isn't that more just taking care of everyone else?

Viki: Oh, perhaps it is. Uh -- why don't we just wait and see what the test results say, ok? Now --

Kevin: All right.

Viki: My taxi is waiting; I know that Starrís ok, so I'm going home to bed.

Kevin: Well, why don't you just stay here --?

Viki: Darling, please. Don't fuss, ok? Good night.

Kevin: I like to fuss.

Viki: Yeah. Good night. Oh, Kelly --

Kelly: Hi.

Viki: Good night.

Kelly: Good night. Take care. You're worried.

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Kevin: Nothing anyone can do. She wants to take care of everyone else, protect them from her heart problem. It's just -- ah, that feels good. Anyway, listen, you never answered my question.

Kelly: What question?

Kevin: Did you take the money for your brother?

Kelly: Kevin, no. No, I didnít.

Kevin: Listen; I want to know if this guy has got you jumping through hoops.

Kelly: He doesn't, he doesn't, he doesnít. I took that money to give to Nick Carson. I already told you that. He was blackmailing me.

Kevin: I know, I know that.

Kelly: It wasn't Paul.

Kevin: All right, look, I don't want us anywhere near him. I'm serious, the guy doesn't have a future, and we've got too much to lose.

Kelly: You're right. You're right. I like it when you take good care of us.

Kevin: Oh, yeah?

Kelly: Let's not talk about Paul -- boring. It's time for you to take good care of me.


Paul: Come on, redhead! Come on! Go!

Roxy: Come on! Come on!

Paul: Come on, yes!

Roxy: Come on, galloping ox!

Paul: Yeah, you can do it, red! Come on, redhead!

Roxy: Come on, galloping ox!

Paul: Come on!

Roxy: Come on!

Paul: Come on!

Roxy: Galloping ox!

Paul: Let's go, redhead! Come on, go!

Roxy: Come on, galloping ox!

Paul: Go! Go! Go! Oh, man! Damn it! Oh, man, where the hell did he come from?

Roxy: Obviously from left field. Did you see that?

Paul: You know, I thought you were betting on redheaded lady for Natalie, huh?

Roxy: Yeah, well, I bet on it to show. Horse can't even do that right.

Paul: Betting against your own daughter? That's bad. I mean, why would you bet on -- on gambling --

Roxy: Galloping ox.

Paul: Oh.

Roxy: Because "ox" rhymes with "fox," which reminds me of Foxy Roxy, which reminds me of me.

Paul: Oh. You need to come up with a better system.

Roxy: Yeah, well, it always worked for me before.

Paul: I know. Hey.

Roxy: I know this looks like a lot, but I got it benchmarked for other stuff.

Paul: No, no, we could double your money in one race.

Roxy: Oh, not with my luck.

Paul: No, no, no, take my word for it, all right? I've been through war, and if you survive that, you can take anything life gives you. I mean it's fun living life in the eye of a hurricane. You know what I'm talking about?

Roxy: Not exactly. I just know that I can't afford to lose.

Paul: Yeah, well, who can, huh -- well, besides Natalie?

Roxy: Natalie -- she's got all this money in the bank and she doesn't gamble, and I hate that, man.

Paul: Ah. It must be pretty obvious how crazy I am about her. You know, I had this idea that --

Roxy: What kind of idea?

Paul: I don't know.

Roxy: Come on.

Paul: No, it's stupid. It's just stupid. It's wild, though.

Roxy: Yeah, well, wild is what I was born to be. Come on, lay it on me.

Paul: Well, if Natalie and I somehow ended up getting married, I would never have any money problems, and neither would you.

Roxy: And why not me?

Paul: Well, I mean, if you convinced Natalie to marry me, I'd owe you big, wouldn't I?


Natalie: Put her away, or say that you canít.

John: How far should I put her away? You tell me, Natalie. I mean, how far is far enough? You know, is -- is the closet far enough? I don't know, maybe -- maybe I could put her in the medicine cabinet or the hamper. Is that far enough?

Natalie: Now you're mad at me.

John: No. No, I am not mad at you. But Caitlin will always be a part of me, and I will never be a blank slate again. Never.

Natalie: I don't want one. But I don't want to be the other woman, either. So are you ever going to be ready to move on?

John: I thought maybe I -- I just did.

Natalie: No. No, you didn't, John.


Marcie: Hey. Up early? Or late?

John: Long night. Can I talk to Dr. Feelgood?

Marcie: Yeah, he's right inside.

John: You know I ought to break your other leg.

Michael: Oh, you leave that up to Marcie. I think she banged me into every piece of furniture on the way in here.

[Marcie laughs]

John: Did it hurt? Good. You know, one of the units down at the station -- they told me you got caught breaking into Dr. Long's office.

Michael: Um --

John: Don't try denying it. He recognized you. You know, you're lucky Long called that a misunderstanding and sent the cop home.

Michael: Oh, ah. Very, very lucky.

John: What is wrong with you two? How do your brains work? I told you to stay out of this!

Michael: Hey, look, you weren't doing anything, ok? I saw a chance to go in there and check out Long's files, so we took it.

John: You took it? You got caught!

Michael: Yeah, yeah, we did, and we confronted him. And he came up with all these documents that he said made everything legal.

Marcie: Yeah -- ooh, sorry.

Michael: It's all right.

Marcie: Ooh, hey, listen, Michael was brilliant, ok? Listen, he pretended to buy it. He apologized, and he begged not to be fired. Long believed it all. He forgave him.

John: Are you sure about that?

Marcie: I'm sure.

Michael: Johnny, it's not normal hospital procedure to sell organs to the highest bidder.

John: Ok, I'm going to do this one last time. You could be kicked out of the residency program for this. And if it's as big as what you say, you could end up on a slab, Michael. You are way out of your league here, kid.

Michael: So what about your league? Take over, John.

John: I already told you I was on it.

Marcie: I just wish I would've gotten more on Paulís delivery to Atlantic City last night.

John: Look, leave this thing with Dr. Long alone. Are we clear?

Marcie: Yes.

John: I've got to go. Sorry about the couch.

Michael: We're clear, John. By the way, you look terrible. Rough night?

John: Don't worry about me, Michael. You worry about yourself.


Roxy: Just let me win one for breakfast, big guy, and I promise you I will never gamble again. Oh! Even the big guy is working for the house. God! Man, nothing, nothing. There's no money left. Damn it.

Paul: Hi, Dr. Long. Yeah, I know what I'm doing, ok? And of course I'll be there on time. God. Dirtbag.

Kelly: Paul --

Paul: Hi.

Kelly: Paul --

Paul: Kelly, what is it?

Kelly: Thank God I found you. You have no idea what I had to go through to find you. I've got to talk to you about something in private. Can we just go --?

Paul: What -- what?

Kelly: Kevin -- Kevin thinks he knows what you've done. He thinks that you're up to something that's going to hurt the family, and he's not going to stop until he finds out what it is.

Paul: All right, here's a concept, Kelly -- blame it on me, all right? Tell him your little brother got into a pinch, and you gave me some money. The cops got me straight, and you got your money back, all right? I'm the jerk, end of story.

Kelly: What if he finds out that Ace isn't our son?

Paul: Listen --

Kelly: What if he finds out that you got him for us?

Paul: He is not going to find out if you throw him a bone so he stops looking.

Kelly: He's not going to stop looking. I need to know everything there is to know about my son. I need to know it now.


Starr: No, I don't know where my mom's taking us. No, not New York. I wish. I miss you, too, Travis. I might not be able to email ok? You might be able to come here?


Viki: Todd? Todd? Todd?

Todd: Oh, hey.

Viki: Hey. Silly question -- what are you doing here?

Todd: Oh, waiting for Blair.

Viki: Well, please don't tell me you slept here all night.

Todd: Ok, I won't tell you. How are you doing?

Viki: Much better now that-- now that Starrís home. She's home, right?

Todd: Yeah.

Viki: And you're out here, which means Blairís using her injunction?

Todd: No, no, Blairís acting great. I think she loves me again.

Viki: Really?

Todd: Not really. Well, I see something in her eyes.

Viki: In her eyes? How about her voice?

Todd: She can't say the words yet.

Viki: Oh, well, eyes -- that's something, right? Excuse me.

Todd: She doesn't even know what it means.

[Viki rings doorbell]

Todd: She just -- she says she wants time, blah blah blah. What should I do?

Viki: Give her time, blah blah blah. Give her time.

[Starr gasps]

Starr: Aunt Viki!

Viki: Hey! How are you? Huh? Look who's here?

Starr: Dad!

Todd: Hi!

Viki: So, are you going to tell me absolutely everything that happened to you?

Starr: Oh, I have to tell you the whole story. It's fabulous.

Viki: I'll bet. Good morning, Blair.

Starr: Mom, dad's here.

Blair: Yes, I see that dad is here again.

Todd: Well, technically, not "again." I spent the night.

Blair: On the doorstep?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: I thought I made it pretty clear that I need some time.

Todd: Blair, well, it's been, like, 12 hours. How much time are we talking about?


Nora: You know, if you ever have a problem that you don't feel you can talk to me or dad about, you know, there are people who love you that you can talk to, like Jen. You can call Rachel, people like that. Running away isn't a solution, ok?

Matthew: I know. It's just not me. And plus, I wouldn't do that.

Nora: It's just not you -- that's a good thing. I didn't think you would. Because we're a team, right?

Matthew: And plus, there's a Fire Scout camping trip.

Nora: I know.

Matthew: It's a special thing for moms and scouts. Will you come?

Nora: For moms and scouts? Camping? Oh, you mean, like, outside with -- with bugs and things? Cool! Sure. Count me in.

Matthew: Cool.

[Nora chuckles]

Bo: Hey.

Matthew: Hey, Bo!

Bo: Anyone else here know how to tie a bowline?

Nora: Ooh. Have a great time at breakfast, guys.

Bo: Ok.

Nora: Bye, sweetie.

Matthew: Bye, mom.

Nora: Camping?

Matthew: There's a camping trip for Fire Scouts and for dads and scouts. Want to come?

Bo: What, are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss that.


Starr: I hope me running away didn't make your heart worse.

Viki: Well, let's just say it got a lot, lot better when you came home, you goose. Who knew I could miss you so much?


Blair: I don't know how much time I'm going to need, but it's -- it's going to be more than a night.

Todd: Well, you got to give me some idea.

Blair: I don't know. I could have a revelation tomorrow or it might take a lot longer. Oh --

[Blair giggles]

Todd: I'll wait forever.


Paul: Anything I say about Ace is one more thing for you to choke on in front of Kevin. Ignorance is bliss.

Kelly: What if he has medical problems again? Or what if -- what if I need to know something that --

Paul: Hey, you know what? Later, all right? Later. Hey! Hey, hey! You changed your mind?

Natalie: What?

Paul: Well, you going to go home with the guy that brought you?

Natalie: No, actually -- I'm sorry. I didn't know you were still going to be here. You stayed all night?

Paul: Yeah, pretty much. So, John's not with you?

Natalie: John who?

Paul: Hey, I like that answer. Yeah, I'm -- I'm sorry you had a lousy time. But you know what? I take that back. I'm glad you had a lousy time.

Natalie: Paul, I'm sorry, is Roxy here? Have you seen her? I'm actually looking for her.

Paul: Oh, the desperate one -- right over there.

Natalie: Thanks. Hey. You lost all that cash?

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: No, I was just looking for my lip-gloss.

Natalie: Really? Because Nigel called me, completely worried about you. You paid all the cash back?

Roxy: Oh, well, yeah, yeah, I took care of all of it. Mm-hmm. What's this?

Natalie: My hand.

Roxy: Yeah, I know it's your hand. You know, I'm in the nail and the hand business, and, you know, I usually notice when a girl's ring is missing.

Natalie: Hmm.

Roxy: "Hmm"? Just "hmm"? Well, good, I'm glad you're not wearing it because that gives a guy an opportunity to buy you a bigger one. You know, I got to spend some time with your flyboy Paulie last night.

Natalie: Oh, really? Slots or ponies?

Roxy: Ponies. And he's nuts about you. You know, honey, I think he's got more fun in his joystick than Mr. Straight and narrow. And it's a real sad thing when a girl can't get arrested by a cop -- she ought to move up, up, and away.


John: Yeah, no, tell the Commissioner I'll be there. Yeah. Hey, do me a favor. See if you can get a manifest on every medevac unit leaving Llanview hospital the last six months. Anything you can get -- times, cargo, anything. Thanks. I owe you one.


Kelly: Don't brush me off. I'm going through hell because of you. Kevin will not give up.

Paul: Kelly, you want to know how to keep a secret? You don't tell anyone.

Kelly: I need to know where my baby is from, and I need to know now.

Paul: You get this straight, all right-- where I got that baby is my business, and it's going to stay that way.


Kevin: I don't care how much it costs. I'll cover your expenses. I need you to give me everything on Paul Cramer since he moved to Llanview.


Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life To Live."

On the next "One Life To Live" --

Jessica: Well, the Desk Sergeant said that you were off duty. So where were you?

R.J.: You canceled our date. Where were you?

Todd: I promised Dorian I'd stay away from Blair.

Viki: Why on earth would you do that?

Dorian: I'm not going to help you unless you tell me what you've gotten yourself into.

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