OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/5/04

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/5/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

R.J.: Ladies and gentlemen, making his first of what I hope will be many Capricorn appearances and sharing a little of the music from his new C.D., "Steppin' Out," please give a warm welcome to my friend, Paul Taylor.


R.J.: Well, what brings you, of all people, to Capricorn?

Natalie: It's a place where I can think.

R.J.: I hear that.

Natalie: What's on your mind?

R.J.: Ms. Williamson. She had made plans to be here tonight, but -- well, she's off preparing some big case.

Natalie: Sounds like someone I know -- John McBain. All work, no play.

R.J.: Well, no. No, not tonight. I've got reservations for McBain later.

Natalie: John's coming here?

R.J.: But apparently not alone. Reservation's for two.


Kathryn: So we're straight? That's what you're going to say at the grand jury hearing in San Diego?

Paul: Yep. You rehearsed me about 50 times. John, what are you doing here, huh? You're not a Fed anymore.

John: It's none of your business what I'm doing here. All I'm saying is you better not screw up. The Koriakus brothers walk because of something you don't say --

Paul: Yeah. Well, you know what? Are we done here? Because I got stuff to do.

John: More runs for Doc Long? You know, your immunity doesn't cover everything.

Paul: Well, it doesn't have to, because I'm not doing anything wrong.

John: We'll see.

Paul: Yeah, well, you know what? You just keep watching, because all you're going to see is me and Natalie have a good time.

John: Ok. Just don't mess with her head. She's been through a lot.

Paul: Yeah, because of you. I mean, this is the whole reason why you're on my case, right, is because you don't want me dating Natalie.


Todd: Ring, damn it.

Blair: Starr! Where's Starr? Oh, God, Todd. I had this dream Starr was on the bridge in Central Park and she fell and we couldn't get to her!

Todd: No, it's all right. No, she's all right.

Blair: Why haven't they called? It's been 24 hours!

Todd: The kidnapper, he's just -- he's messing with us. Why don't you go upstairs and sleep on a real bed, ok?

Blair: Oh!

Todd: Come on, get some sleep.

Blair: I can't even breathe here.

Todd: Come on, let's go.

Blair: Ok, ok, where's Dorian? Where'd she go?

Todd: She's with Vickers.

Blair: All right. Oh --

Bo: I just talked to my guys. There's no sign of Starr or this Laser. Look, there's only so much the L.P.D. can do. I think we ought to call in the F.B.I.

Todd: No. No. I never even wanted --

Blair: You want to get her back, don't you?

Todd: Yeah, I want her back alive, however! And I swear to God, if you or one of your clowns screw this up --

Blair: Todd, plea--

[Phone rings]

Bo: Slow down.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hello. Hello. Who is this? Starr, is it you? If it's you, honey, just say something to me. Give me a clue where you are and we'll come get you, ok?


Todd: Starr? Starr --

Blair: What happened? What?

Todd: I don't know if that was her or not. They didn't say anything.

Blair: Oh!

Todd: Did you trace it?

Bo: No, it wasn't a landline.

Blair: Well, why is he doing this to us? Why doesn't he just -- why is he torturing us, Todd? Please, I just want her back! I want her back!

Todd: We're going to get her back! Blair, I think that was her on the phone. She just couldn't say anything --

Blair: Oh, God!

Todd: But she called us. We're going to get her back.

Blair: I want her back.

Todd: I know.

Blair: I want her back.

Todd: Me, too.


John: So what you're saying is you last made a chopper run for the hospital a week ago?

Paul: Yeah, that's what I said.

John: That check out?

Kathryn: According to air control dispatch, he was airborne just a few nights ago.

Paul: Yeah, that was the night I took Natalie up for a ride.

Kathryn: Not according to your boss Dr. Long's records.

Paul: Well, hell, you know, I had to save my butt, right? I couldn't let him know I was doing the mile-high club on hospital time. Well, you can ask Natalie.

John: I'm not done asking you, kid.

Paul: Well, you know, I'm done answering. So you either book me or leave me the hell alone.

John: Get out of here, tough guy.

Paul: Yeah.

John: We got all we need out of you anyway.

Paul: Excuse me.

Kathryn: And remember I'll be picking you up later for the red-eye to San Diego. Don't even think of giving me the slip.

Paul: Oh, no, it never crossed my mind.

Kathryn: Is there anything to what he said? Is this personal?

John: No. Hey, look, I -- I know you hate jazz and all, but there's supposed to be this -- this new guy at Capricorn. He's supposed to be really good, and I made a reservation to go down and hear him. You want to come with me or not?

Kathryn: Ok. Sure.


J.K.: You know, it's too bad Sheyne had to cut out.

Riley: Oh, and I can't stay, either.

Jen: Why? What's up?

Riley: Well, I'm fried. The crowd at Ultra Violet was way out of control.

Shannon: All right! Oh, my God, you guys rocked! Let's keep the party starting! Come on!

Jen: Whoo!

Man: Hey! Keep it down in here!

Shannon: Who are you?

J.K.: Our new neighbor.

Shannon: The new neighbor can go to hell! Come on. Go to hell!

All: Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell!


River: Hey. Adriana, it's me again. If you get any of my messages, give me a call. I'm at Angel Square, waiting for you. I'm sorry about what happened with Shannon, and I kind of want another chance, so call me.

River: Hey.

John: Hey.

John: Hey. What are you doing here?

Natalie: Oh, you know, I have my days and my nights off at Rodi’s, so I thought I'd come up here and hang out.

John: You ok?

Natalie: Just worried about my mom and stuff.

John: Yeah. At least you didn't go and do something stupid with Paul Cramer.

Natalie: For now.

John: Yeah? You still thinking about that?

Natalie: I could use some fun.

John: Ok. There's a big difference between fun and stupid.

Natalie: You know, at least Paul makes me feel better. You know, he's not always on my case acting tripolar, saying that he cares about me one minute and he doesn't in the next.

John: Hey, you know what? What do you want from me, Natalie? Hey, you know what? Don't say anything. I've been straight with you from the start, and I thought we got this clear -- you and I -- we're good friends.

Natalie: Well, maybe you can handle that, but I can't, ok? It's too hard.

John: Natalie --

Natalie: You know, you say that we're good friends. How come it is every time I turn around there you are?

John: Small town. We know a lot of the same people.

Natalie: And one of them you can't stand seeing me with. Yeah, you don't want to be with me. Who has the problem here, John?

John: Ok. You think you can find happiness with that kid; you're kidding yourself, but go ahead, knock yourself out.

Natalie: You're the one kidding yourself. Ever think of that?

John: No.

Paul: You know you're like a bad dream that never ends.

John: Kind of like the bad joke I keep getting told. Have fun.

Paul: Yeah. Hey.

Roxy: Well, la-di-dah! My little girl's gone uptown.

Nigel: Technically, it's downtown. A fine establishment that it is. Nonetheless, it's downtown. Roxanne? Did either of you see to what vicinity Ms. Roxanne might have disappeared? Roxanne, whatever is going on?

Roxy: You know it's funny. I thought I lost my earring.

Nigel: Oh, you're looking for it under the floorboards?

Roxy: Hey, you know, but -- look, you got 10 Gs that you could spot me? Like right now?


Jen: Lighten up.

Riley: I'm going to get out of here.

Jen: The party's just getting started.

Riley: Look, this isn't my scene anymore.

Jen: Well, what's wrong with it?

Riley: What isn't?


Travis: Hi. Hey, look --

River: Hey.

Travis: Do you know where this place is -- I don't know -- La Bowl or something?

River: Yeah, it's La Boulaie. You're going to -- hey, I know you from the news. You're the reason Starr’s gone! Where is she? Where is she, punk?


Blair: Oh, Starr.

Blair: I love you. I love you and your little brother more than anything in the whole wide world. And I always, always will. Ok?

Starr: Oh, my gosh!

Blair and Starr: You look marvelous!

[Blair and Starr laugh]


Todd: Thanks. Life's funny sometimes, isn't it?

Bo: How so?

Todd: You hate me. I know that. But you're still helping me.

Bo: I'm doing my job.

Todd: You could have sent someone else to do this.

Bo: I've been where you are, Manning, and I wouldn't wish this on anybody.

Todd: Even your worst enemy?

Bo: You know, you flatter yourself. I got worse enemies than you.

Todd: I bet you think I deserve this, don't you?

Bo: No. Nobody deserves this.

Todd: Well, you got to pay your bill sometime, right?

Bo: So you think this is your payback?

Todd: I think maybe I should have stayed out of Llanview. I think maybe I should have stayed dead. I think maybe then none of this would have happened.


[Patrons cheer]

Woman: Whoo!


Woman: Man, oh, man!


Woman: Whoo!

Kathryn: Ok. So this reminds me of that place I took you to in Princeton.

John: Where you first introduced me to Caitlin, yeah.

Kathryn: Mm-hmm, yeah. She was a goner by the second set.

John: I think I had her beat. It might have been the second song.

Kathryn: Hmm. I was more than a little jealous.

John: I don't believe that for a minute.

Kathryn: Really?

John: Hmm.

Kathryn: Until I saw how perfect you were for my sister, how perfect she was for you. Oh, I'm sorry.


Paul: Hey. You know, my flight leaves for California in two hours. You want to come with me?

Natalie: I can’t.

Paul: Why not? Is something keeping you here?

Natalie: What -- what did you have in mind?

Paul: Well, I have to testify for Kathryn Fitzgerald in the morning. The F.B.I. finally realizes that I'm not the bad guy, so I'm going to help them put away a couple sleazoids.

Natalie: Right, right, doing your civic duty.

Paul: Yes. Yes, the fine, outstanding civilian that I am. But the rest of the time I have off, and we could go to Vegas.

Natalie: No Vegas. I can never go back there again.

Paul: Ok, well, how about Catalina, hmm? And I could get us out there on a helicopter, and you would love it. What do you say?

Natalie: I'm sorry, but I think I really should probably stick around here.

Paul: You know, Natalie, don't you think it's time to, you know, not be so "good"? Go out and have a little bit of fun? Get crazy?


Travis: Look, I never wanted to do anything wrong, ok, or have anything bad happen to her! For real! Look, some creep jacked her backpack, and I ran after him. I told her to wait by the bridge, but when I came back, she was gone, and then the cops grabbed me and I heard about her getting kidnapped --

River: Because of you. She got kidnapped because of you.

Travis: We just wanted to be together. If I knew this was just going to go down -- I want to make sure nothing bad happens to her. That's why I got a ticket all the way from New York. I want to do something.

River: What the hell do you think you can do?

Travis: I don't know, and I don't know how you know Starr or who you are, but -- look, I never met anybody like her. We connect, you know? I'd do anything for her, you know?

River: Yeah. Yeah, look, here, you're going to go up this street, and the first left is Lincoln. You're going to go all the way to the end, and that's La Boulaie, all right? Go, right now.

Travis: Thank you.

River: Yeah.

Travis: Thanks.

River: Hey.

Adriana: I got your message.

Bo: Hey, why don't you eat something, Manning.

Todd: No, thanks.

Bo: Look, don't blame yourself. People can say what they want about you, but I know you love your daughter.

Todd: Yeah, and I lost her, one of the few good things in my miserable life, and she's gone, and I don't know if I'll get her back or not.

Bo: Don't give up.

Todd: God, I'd do anything for her. I'd swap my life for hers. I just want her back.

Todd: Bo --

Todd: I'm -- I'm sorry for -- I'm sorry. Help me, please. I'm going to get her back. I can't lose her.


River: So is there any news about Starr yet or --

Adriana: No. Her dad has the ransom money all set. You believe it? $500,000, but --

River: Yeah, if anything happens to that kid, I have no idea --

Adriana: I just keep thinking what if I had asked more questions, you know? I mean, maybe I would have figured out what was going on with Starr and that boy on the Internet.

River: There's nothing you could have done. I mean, look at us. I mean, when we were together, we wanted to --

Adriana: I should go.

River: Don't, please. So I just ran into that kid that Starr ran away with us. He hopped some train -- yeah -- to get here. He's worried sick about her. It's pretty cute. I mean, I know if anything happened to you, I'd -- I'm sorry about what happened with Shannon, and I wanted you to know that it was just a kiss and it didn't mean anything. And when I make love to someone, I want it to be you. And I'm going to wait for you, no matter what, so -- I don't want this to destroy what we have.


Shannon: All right, let's do body shots!

Man: Yeah!

Woman: Whoo!

Jen: Where are you going?

Riley: To find Sheyne. Anywhere, anything. I just have to get out of here, ok?

Jen: Ok, that's it. You're going to tell me what's going on. And you're not leaving till you do.


Paul: So how about it, huh? You want to get crazy with me?

Natalie: You know, if I said yes, you would just run.

Paul: Now, why would you think that?

Natalie: You like the chase.

Paul: Oh. Hmm. Well, you deserve it.

Natalie: Keep trying. I might let you catch up with me one of these days.

Paul: Well, that is something to come back for.

Kathryn: Cramer, it's time to go. The Marshalls are waiting for us at the airport.

Paul: Oh. Well, I'll see you, huh?

Natalie: Yeah.


Nigel: Roxanne --

Roxy: Hmm?

Nigel: Why is it you need such a large sum of money?

Roxy: Oh, well, I just need a temporary cash transfusion, you know, just to pay a couple bills and stuff like that.

Nigel: Yeah, Roxanne, I believe we know each other sufficiently to be honest with one another. Are you in some sort of trouble?

Man: She's in trouble, all right.


Blair: I think I will go up and try to take a nap.

Todd: Yeah, that's a good idea. And if something happens, I'll let you --

Blair: I know. You'll let me know.

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: Who is it?

Travis: Travis O’Connell! I'm a friend of Starr’s.

Travis: Look, I want to help.

Bo: Have you heard from Starr?

Travis: No. I was hoping you did.

Todd: What are you doing here then?

Travis: Look, I couldn't stay away. I needed to find out if Starr was safe.

Bo: Do you know a guy that calls himself Laser?

Travis: No. Why?

Blair: Todd!

Bo: Hey.

Todd: Blair? You all right?

Blair: Yeah, I just -- I was -- I lay down to take a nap, and these images, horrible images just kept coming into my head.

Todd: What of?

Blair: Starr. I can't talk about it.

Todd: Don't talk about it. You need to sleep. Let me get you some sleeping pills.

Blair: No, just please, Todd. Don't leave me, please. Just stay.

Todd: Ok.


Adriana: I want to forgive you River, but --

River: Do you still love me?

Adriana: Yes, I do love you, but I don't think I can trust you ever again.

River: Hey, do you remember -- do you remember on Angel Square rooftop what we said? I said, "I, River, take you, Adriana, to be my love forever, no matter what happens. No one will ever keep me from you again." And then you said something like --

Adriana: "I promise the same thing."

River: I meant what I said. And Shannon doesn't matter, because no one's going to change how I feel about you.


R.J.: Paul, another great set, man.

Paul: My pleasure. It was a good crowd tonight.

R.J.: Yeah, yeah, thanks. So, where are you headed from here?

Paul: I'm off to Denver, and then I'm off to Las Vegas.

R.J.: Ah, ok. Well, look, the next time you're nearby, give me a call. Come in, do another set.

Paul: Will do.

R.J.: All right.

Paul: All right.


Nigel: If you have a problem with Miss Balsom, you'll have to go through me first.

Man: Roxy, you got, like, no time to settle, or Vinnie does a makeover on you.

Nigel: Who's Vinnie?

Roxy: Vinnie is a creep that works for that goon.

Nigel: He does makeovers?

Roxy: Yeah. Believe me, they ain't pretty.

Nigel: Oh, dear heaven. What have you gotten yourself into this time?

Roxy: Well, I don't think it's any big secret, but, you know, I love to play the ponies, and there was this sure thing. I mean, the fix was in, and on the last turn, everything just went bust.

Nigel: You bet $10,000 on one horse?

Roxy: Well, it wasn't one. I think it was one or two.

Nigel: You know you have a serious problem.

Roxy: Yeah, and his name is Vinnie.

Nigel: Oh, no, I'm talking about your gambling addiction.

Roxy: Well, you know, we all got our addictions. You know, it's nothing that 10 Gs wouldn't fix like that.

Nigel: Oh. I'm afraid the hotel has stripped my assets.

Roxy: Well, don't tell me you're losing your pants, too.

Nigel: Well, in a manner of speaking. But never fear. No, no, we'll think of something.

Roxy: You're going to help me? You're my hero! You know, the other day you know, when you asked me to -- well, you didn't exactly ask me to marry you, but if you did ask me to marry you today, I'd probably say yes.

Nigel: Uh -- yes.


John: Hey, it's my cousin over here. Can you give me one minute?

Kathryn: Yeah, go ahead.

John: Sure?

Kathryn: Yeah.

John: What are you doing out here on your own?

Shannon: Well, you're not going to arrest me for public intoxication, are you?

John: No. You're just going through a rough time right now, kid. I mean the grades weren't so good this semester.

Shannon: You're not going to lecture me, are you?

John: I can’t. Oh, they nearly threw me out of high school.

Shannon: I thought I was the only bad see

John: You know, where we grew up, first in Patterson and then in A.C., it's real easy to cop an attitude.

Shannon: Your point?

John: Just because it's easy doesn't make it smart. You're a very smart girl, Shannon, smarter than you think.


Man: Your home, Riley.

Riley: Are you kidding me? Look at this place! It's completely trashed.

Jen: So it got a little out of control. It's not that big of a deal.

Riley: Maybe not to you.

Jen: What is with you tonight?

Riley: I know what it is like to be out of control. I us to be right in the middle of all this stuff, and it almost killed me.

Jen: Are you afraid you're going to get into drugs again?

Riley: I'm always afraid of that, aren't you? With drinking?

Jen: Well, I have you to help keep me clean.

Riley: Yeah, I -- but, you know, the thing is I did not get into music for this, you know? I know a lot of people do for the sex and the drugs and the rock 'n' roll, but, you know, it's -- I got into writing songs because I wanted to connect with people through my songs. And that is where I get my rush.

Jen: Ok, but like it or not, Riley, that's all part of rock 'n' roll.

Riley: Not my rock 'n' roll.


Blair: I need to talk.

Todd: About what?

Blair: I don't care. Just say anything to get my mind off Starr.

Todd: I don't know what to say.

Blair: Oh, you know, you never told me about what happened when you were in your father's crypt, how you got out, how you saved yourself, what you did.

Todd: I thought about you.


Shannon: What happened to the party?

Jen: Everybody left. It's just you and me, two of Llanview’s hottest girls all alone. What is wrong with this picture?

Shannon: Oh, come on. They don't know what they're missing. What are we waiting for? Let's party without them.

Jen: No, I'm going to go home.

Shannon: But it's early.

Jen: Not for me.

Shannon: Oh, come on. I thought you liked a good time.

Jen: I did, but it -- it screwed me up. And then I realized there was nothing there, except for emptiness, loneliness, and a killer hangover the next day. See you later.


Kathryn: Huh. That could be the very plane taking Paul Cramer out to California.

John: If he's on it.

Kathryn: No, no way he weaseled, not with those Marshalls babysitting him.

John: So this is it. Back to New Jersey.

Kathryn: What?

John: Well, just for a minute there, you looked like --

Kathryn: Like Caitlin? We were sisters.

John: I know. I know.

Kathryn: I -- I guess this is goodbye. Oh, John. You will never love anyone but Caitlin, will you?

John: I got lucky once.

Kathryn: Yeah. She even liked all that old jazz you listen to.

John: Yeah. Yeah, she did. And you hated it.

Kathryn: Mm-hmm. Puts me to sleep.

John: Uh-huh.

Kathryn: Hmm. But I saw Natalie tonight. She looked like she was getting into it.

John: It's not the same. Let's leave it at that.

Kathryn: John, Caitlin would have wanted you to be happy again. I'll see you again sometime, John.


Natalie: Roxanne --

Roxy: Mm-hmm?

Natalie: What was up with that weird guy?

Roxy: Oh, it's just a case of mistaken identity. We're going to blow this pop stand. Come on, Nigel.

Nigel: Have a good evening, Mrs. Vega.

Natalie: Ok.

R.J.: So, did you get any thinking done?

Natalie: Yes. More than enough. See you.

John: I'm sorry about earlier. And I'm sorry that things didn't work out between us the way you would have liked.

Natalie: I'm sorry, too.


Todd: So when they dumped me on the side of the road, most of my bones were broken, especially my face. And so I got my idea to, you know, redo my face, redo my life to someone that you wouldn't recognize, but might love again.

Blair: I thought that you came back to get rid of Mitch.

Todd: Well, yes, because of what he did to you, not let him get away with it. I loved you so much, Blair. And I still do. And it seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now Starr’s paying for it. I should have stayed away. I should have stayed out of Llanview. I should have let you have your life.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Oh, my God --

Blair: Wait a minute.


Todd: Hello. It's him. Yeah, I've got your money. What do you want me to do?


Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life To Live."

Paul: Let me ask you a question. How well do you know Natalie Vega?

Blair: I don't -- I don't know what I would do if Todd weren't here right now.

Travis: If anything bad happens to her, it's my fault.

Todd: I've got your money. What do you want?

Laser: I said no cops. I'm pulling the plug.

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