OLTL Transcript Friday 4/27/04

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/27/04

By Eric
Proofread by Melissa

Shannon: Don't think. Just kiss me. Come on, it feels good.


Natalie: What is this? You have people spying on me now? What?

John: No. Never mind how I got these. I need to ask you a couple questions.

Natalie: Oh, yeah, I mean, sure, Paul was a very good kisser, but I really doubt you're his type.

John: Well, thanks for the tip. Look, do you know what he's using that helicopter for on these runs? Maybe it's something the hospital's not paying him to do?

Natalie: John, I have a question for you. Why is it that you're so suddenly protective when you see me kissing Paul?


Blair: Come on, Starr! The restaurant's not going to hold the reservation forever, all right? Starr? Starr? Where –


Man: Hey, kid. What are you doing out here all alone?

Starr: I'm not alone. My dad's parking the car. He's an NYPD police officer, and he's a lot bigger than you.

Man: Oh, ok, kid. What's in that knapsack?

[Starr screams]

Travis: Want to go stink up the sidewalk somewhere else?

Man: What did you say to me?


Natalie: Why are you investigating him?

John: Well, that would be my business.

Natalie: Well, then my relationship with Paul is my business.

John: I have no interest in what you and Cramer are up to personally. I only want to know about his work at the hospital.

Natalie: Did you ever think about asking him?

John: The F.B.I. wants him to testify in a case in California soon.

Natalie: Really? I mean I don't understand what this is about. Does this have something to do with the train station stuff, because the paper said that the F.B.I. --

John: Natalie, stop, stop. Listen to me, all right? I'm trying to get you uninvolved in this. I'm trying to keep you from being dragged into some crimes that he may or may not be committing right now. Does that make sense?

Natalie: Fine. I have been warned. But, you know, you've made it very clear that you'd like me to stay out of your life, so if you could just do me the favor and please stay out of mine.

Kathryn: It looks like that didn't go as well as you'd hoped.

John: Not easy to talk to sometimes.

John: So this Cramer guy -- how long did he fly stuff for the Koriakus brothers out of San Diego?

Kathryn: Not long. They had another pilot when I first went undercover, but he got in a motorcycle accident. Cramer was actually only involved for a couple of weeks.

John: And then he grabbed the money and ran.

Kathryn: Oh, the ultimate opportunist.

John: My brother -- he's a doctor at the hospital here.

Kathryn: Yeah, I finally met him. Nice guy.

John: Anyway, he thinks something may not be right between the medevac flights and Cramer and the Chief of Staff over there.

Kathryn: Well, I mean, it's worth looking into. We gave Cramer immunity on this Koriakus case, but maybe -- maybe you can get him for what he's doing now.


Paul: Dr. Long? This is Paul Cramer. Let me put it to you this way -- you'd better call me back. Hey, Natalie. You want to join me?

Natalie: I want to know what is going on with you in the hospital and why am I in the middle of it?


Travis: Hey, man, you want trouble, you got it, ok, unless you get out of here right now.

Man: Boo. Little punks. It's not worth it.

Travis: God. Are you all right?

Starr: Yeah, I'm ok. Stupid creep. He smelled like throw up. So where were you? I mean, you took forever.

Travis: I'm sorry, my mom got home early. She was ragging on me about my room and homework.

Starr: It's ok. So what's up?

Travis: Oh, look, I made you this C.D. It's a mix. I burned it myself.

Starr: Thanks.

Travis: Hey, look, I want to show you this place.

Starr: Where?

Travis: No, no, don't worry, it's cool. It's like my home away from home. Come on. Come on.


Blair: Starr?

Matthew: Hey, Starr?

Blair: Starr! God, I can't believe that this is happening.

Matthew: Starr?

Blair: Ok, ok, she wasn't in the lobby, she wasn't in the gift shop, she's not in the restaurant. Bo --

Bo: I know, nobody we've talked to has seen her, either.

Matthew: She said she'd change her clothes and meet us in the restaurant.

Bo: All right. Come here, big man. Look, we're going to need your help now, ok? I want you to tell Starr’s mom everything you remember Starr saying to you, all right, every single word.

Blair: Ok, hey, what do you remember, sweetie?

Matthew: Well, just that she'd meet us in the restaurant. But before that, she did say something weird.

Blair: Well, what'd she say?

Matthew: That she was going to miss me, like she was going away for a long time.

Blair: Well, do you remember anything else that she said to you?

Matthew: Well, yeah, she hugged me. She hugged me pretty hard. It kind of hurt.

Blair: Like she wasn't coming back?

Bo: All right, thanks a lot. Security is checking the hotel floor by floor.

Blair: Ok. Matthew just told me that Starr hugged him and said she was going to miss him. I'm going to call Todd.

Bo: Well, do you think she would've called him?

Blair: Well, yeah, she's probably with him. Knowing Todd, he's probably got her.

Bo: Come on; just take it easy, ok?

[Phone rings]

Todd: Hey, Blair. What's going on?

Blair: Todd, I need you to be really honest with me right this very minute, and I'm not going to be mad. I just need you to tell me the truth.

Todd: What's wrong?

Blair: You could've followed Starr and me up to New York -- and it's ok if you did -- but I want you to tell me, is she with you right now?

Todd: Blair, what's going on? Starr's not with me. She's with you. I'm in Llanview.

Blair: Ok, you know what, if this is another one of your jokes, Todd, it's not funny. I'm up here going crazy because Starr has disappeared!

Todd: All right, where are you, the same hotel?

Blair: Yes. Please, she's -- she gone, Todd.

Todd: All right, I'm on my way.


Woman: Oh, perfection, Roxy! You're turning this sexual dynamo into every man's dream.

Roxy: So, Morty, why don't you just advance me three thou against my losses by placing a bet on Moonshot's bottom in the fifth, ok? Yeah, because that horse is a sure thing. The horse died? You' got to be kidding me. Yeah, I know how much I owe you! Yeah, yeah, I'm good for it, ok? You'll get it. Hey. Hey, what's wrong?

Adriana: Is River here?

Roxy: No. Honey, what's going on?

Adriana: I think I'm losing him, Roxy. I don't know what to do.


River: Shannon, I can't do this. I can’t.

Shannon: Why not?

River: Because it's wrong.

Shannon: You me because of, like, Adriana?

River: Yeah, I love her.

Shannon: Oh, River. You need a reality check. Come on, we're hot. Adriana's like ice water.

River: Hey! Did you hear me? I said I'm in love with this girl.

Shannon: Why? What do the two of you have in common?


John: All right, well, do me a favor -- go ahead and run Cramer through the system again, all right? Yeah, see if you come up with anything. Thanks. What?

Kathryn: How many cases do you think we worked together?

John: A lot. Must've been 20, 30.

Kathryn: It is hard to believe you quit the F.B.I.

John: It's hard to believe I don't work for people like Scaletta anymore. First time I ever actually -- I like the people I have to answer to, you know? I -- I like Bo.

Kathryn: Yeah, well, some field supervisors are --

John: You know, being here, just being a detective, it feels right. It's nothing fancy, but I feel like I'm back to my roots. Kind of like the old man.

Kathryn: I hear you. But why Llanview? Why not Jersey? What is so special about this town?


Paul: Come on! These are killer margaritas.

Natalie: Answer me. What the hell is going on at the hospital?

Paul: Nothing -- except the job, which I just lost.

Natalie: You were fired? Ok, what happened?

Paul: I took a beautiful girl for a helicopter ride. Broke the big, bad rules of the game.

Natalie: You were fired for that? I don't believe you.

Paul: Well, after you left, Dr. Long gave me an earful. Then he told me to clean out my locker.

Natalie: Really? Well, I just got an earful about you from John McBain a few minutes ago, and I would like to know what the F.B.I. needs you to testify in San Diego.

Paul: He told you about that?

Natalie: Obviously. Do you have an answer?

Paul: Listen, Kathryn Fitzgerald? She's dirty.

Natalie: A dirty F.B.I. agent? Right.

Paul: I'm serious. She's on the take from a crime family in California -- drug smuggling.

Natalie: Paul --

Paul: Wait, wait, you think everybody with a badge is honest, huh? I'm telling you, she is dirty. And right now she's trying to pin stuff on me that she did, and the F.B.I. is turning the other way.

Natalie: Oh, ok, so now you're saying John's corrupt, too?

Paul: I didn't say that. But she is tight with him. I mean, have you noticed the way she looks, that body? What, you think John McBain’s hanging out with her because she's baking him cherry pies? And now she's got him convinced that I'm the bad guy, which I'm not, and they're blaming me.

Natalie: John would not try to set up an innocent man, ok? I know him.

Paul: I'm very sorry you feel that way. Because you are going to get burned, Natalie. John McBain is bad news. I'm the one that cares about you. I care about you so much. And I just -- I don't want to see you trust the wrong people.


Blair: No, Dorian, I had no idea that you were in Puerto Rico. You know what, we'll talk about it -- we'll talk about all that later, all right? I just want to know, did you happen to hear from Starr? Did she check in with you? No, no, she's here. I was just -- just checking up on her, you know? Ok, well, enjoy the weather.

Bo: Security's checking the empty rooms.

Blair: Oh, Bo, how could this happen?

[Knock on door]

Todd: Blair, it's me. Open up.

Blair: Come on in.

Todd: Thanks. Any word?

Blair: No, and we've checked with everybody we know here.

Todd: What the hell?

Blair: Look, just --

Todd: What happened?

Blair: Just don't get upset, all right?

Todd: I'm not upset! I'm not blaming you; I'm not blaming anyone. I want to know what happened.

Bo: We think Starr ran away.

Todd: What? Ran away? Did you guys have another fight or something?

Blair: No, Todd! Actually, I thought we were getting along fine! We were having a good time!

Todd: Oh, she must've planned this when she was in Llanview because --

Blair: What?

Todd: Well, she was acting really weird at the train station when I said goodbye, and when I talked to her from here, she was saying strange stuff.

Bo: We've got to figure out what was on her mind.

Blair: Well, what are you talking about? Like maybe she wrote something down or something?

Bo: Just anything that would tell us where she might go, all right? We collect all the information we can; we turn it over to the police. We let them handle it. There's no going off on your own. Clear?


Travis: Well, it's not the Trump Tower, but, hey --

Starr: You live here?

Travis: No. My mom has an apartment up on Fifth Street. I just come here when I want to shut down, you know? You know, get away from things that are just too wacko. Sometimes I cut school and just hang out here, listen to music.

Starr: That's cool.

Travis: So what do you think? You ready to take off or you thinking about going back with your parents?

Starr: I don't know, whatever you want to do. I mean, I brought lots of cash.

Travis: Yeah, I saw, yeah.

Starr: We can go anywhere.

Travis: I always wanted to go there.

Starr: California? Why not?

Travis: Just I've never seen the Pacific Ocean.

Starr: Well, it's kind of like the Atlantic Ocean, but only with bigger waves. So you want to?

Travis: Yeah, are you sure?

Starr: Positive. I'm so out of here.


Woman: Get your hair done, sweetie! Colorize! Your boyfriend will be drooling. Take my word for it.

Roxy: Yeah, that's great, honey. I'll call you about setting up for that pedicure, ok?

Woman: Ok.

Roxy: All right, bye. Ooh, yak, yak, yak. So what's going on?

Adriana: Well, when River's with Shannon McBain -- she -- she's so cool, Roxy.

Roxy: No, I think you mean hot. I mean there's quite a kisser on that babe, not to mention her hair and her body.

Adriana: I wish I knew what to do.

Roxy: It's kind of easy, because I'm going to show you how to handle Shannon McBain. In fact, nobody knows men like Foxy Roxy. So turn around and sit down, and I'm going to give you the best facial and manicure that you ever had and I'm going to tell you how to hold on to your man.


River: So maybe I can't really explain it, but one thing we do have in common is the way we feel about each other, all right?

Shannon: You don't know what love is.

River: Yeah, and you do? You walk around acting all jaded all the time and you are so cool, but all anybody really sees is the inability to really feel anything.

Shannon: I've seen love up close and personal. Look, take it from me, it doesn't last, it doesn't work. I mean, first, you have all the "we'll be together forever" stuff, but after a while, you just quit trying. Then comes the yelling and the silence, the running around behind her back. Then it comes down to the "you take the couch and I'll take the TV."

River: Is that how your folks got divorced?

Shannon: I just gave you the PG-13 version. You will never see me in love, ever.

River: Must be really lonely, though, Shannon.

Shannon: Just shove it, River, ok? I don't need your pity! Love sucks! Love is -- you know what didn't happen tonight? That is your loss, not mine.

John: Hey, Shannon, what's -- what's going on up here? Who's the guy?

River: Hey, I'm River. I'm just talking to her. I think we were just --

Shannon: Nothing. Look, it's cool. We were just having a fight about a band.

John: You were having a fight about a band? Is that right, River? You were having a fight about a band?

River: Yeah, yeah, whatever she says. I got to go. Good night.

John: Take it easy. Hey. You all right? Look at me. This guy hurt you or anything?

Shannon: No. No way.

John: Yeah? All right, change of subject this thing with Michael, you know, taking the pictures and stuff --

Shannon: Yeah, yeah.

John: No more. I don't want you involved. You understand me, Shannon?

Shannon: John, I'm a big girl, remember? I do what I want when I want.

Kathryn: Oh. She has got to be related to you.

John: A cousin, very distant cousin.

Kathryn: Hmm.

John: Don't even acknowledge her sometimes.

Kathryn: Hmm, stubborn, in your face? Just like you.

John: Well, now I know you're talking about somebody else.

Kathryn: Even after all these years, I still know you better than you think, John. I always have.


Paul: Natalie, you don't know John McBain. I mean, trust me. Why you're so hung up on this guy is --

Natalie: Ok, I'm not hung up on him, all right? Why does everybody think they can tell me how I feel?

Paul: Ok, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Natalie: You know, he's telling me that I'm not supposed to trust you; you're telling me I'm not supposed to be able to trust him. Frankly, I don't trust either one of you.

Paul: Listen to me -- I just don't want to see you get hurt, ok?

Natalie: Paul, you are up to something. I don't know what it is. My guess is that you're always up to something.

Paul: You know what, I like to take my shot if I get the chance, shoot for the moon. What's wrong with that?

Natalie: Oh, so what am I? Your next shot at the big bucks because Adriana aced you out of your aunt's 30 mill, huh? So you go sniffing around the Lord money now? Is that what I am to you? Come on, Paul. Just come out and tell the truth.


Travis: So how come you're so hot to leave? I mean you're already away from home. What's wrong with New York?

Starr: My folks will be looking for me.

Travis: Right. Right.

Starr: I mean, so how come you're so hot to leave? I mean you have an apartment in Manhattan. You have to admit that's pretty cool.

Travis: Not if you have to live with my mom. See, my dad dumped her after my sister died, and now she's a total workaholic.

Starr: You had a sister that died?

Travis: Yeah, Terry -- Teresa. She was 3.

Starr: I'm so sorry.

Travis: She was the cutest little thing. Hey, wait, how old did you say your brother was?

Starr: 4.

Travis: Well, won't you miss him if we head for L.A.?

Starr: Yeah. But life's tough. I mean you just got to go with the flow.

Travis: Liar.

Starr: What?

Travis: You're not down for this. I mean, you're trying to act cool, but you're scared. There's no way you're ready just to pack up and never look back.

Starr: No, I am, really. I'm just really bummed out. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Travis: Fine, sleep. I'll listen to my C.D.s.

Starr: Promise you won't leave me?

Travis: No, sleep.

[Music plays]


Blair: Oh! Bo! It says, "Dear mom, this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. I'm running away for --" then she stopped writing. That's all we got.

Bo: But she did run away.

Blair: I just wish we had more to go on!

Todd: Hey, hey, anybody see this kid before? Look at this. What about you? Have you seen him, one of your classes?

Matthew: That's a printout.

Bo: A print? Maybe somebody that she talks to online.

Matthew: Well, she did get a message from some boy to go someplace.

Blair: What?

Matthew: I forget where, though. She emailed him back and said he had the wrong person.

Bo: Can you remember anything else?

Matthew: No, not really.

Blair: This could be anybody. Starr knows a lot of people in Llanview.

Todd: Well, we're going to have to find out who it is.

Bo: Maybe there's a way. I'll get online. You give me her email address and password.

Todd: I don't know the password.

Bo: Well, if we can get into her account, then maybe we can find out who's been emailing her and where the hell this picture came from.

Todd: No, her password's not going to be "Manning." It's not going to be "Cramer" or "Jack."

Blair: There are endless possibilities, Todd. Come on.

Todd: Try "mom and dad," one word.

Bo: All right, sometimes I.S.P.'s, they want a number thrown in.

Todd: Then "momanddad1."

Bo: All right.

Matthew: No, Bo, don't type "a-n-d." Just type "N."

Bo: "Momndad1." All right. All right. Now let's just check the emails. A bunch here from frodo87. Let's see if frodo maybe sent an address in New York.


[Music plays]


Blair: Where, oh, where is our little girl Starr?

Starr: Here I am. I ran away, but I changed my mind.

Todd: Yes. I knew it.

Blair: Starr!

Starr: Yay!

Todd: You had us so worried. And you know what? We decided if you ever came back --

Starr: We'd all be a family again?

Blair: No, Starr. We decided it was time we punished you!

Todd: It was time you paid for making us so upset.

Blair: Tie her up, Jack! Ha, ha, good boy, Jack! Todd? Now, you promised you'd do the honors on this little brat.

Todd: With pleasure.

Starr: No, wait! I just wanted us to be a family! I'll never run away again!

Todd: You're darn right you won’t. What do you say, Blair?

Blair: I say off with her head!

Starr: Dad?


Travis: Bad dream?

Starr: More like a bad vision. Oh, I can never go back home. Hey, I'm glad you stayed.

Travis: Told you I would. So now what? I mean, if you can't go back home, then --

Starr: California, here we come?


Adriana: What happened to a makeover, Roxy?

Roxy: You know, the last thing that you should be is something that you're not, and River fell in love with you, so don't change a thing, ok?

Adriana: Ok.

Roxy: You know, the trick is you got to listen to that little voice inside of you that tells you how to find your own style. You know, like me, for example -- never in style, never out of style. I know who I am inside, and that's why people love me -- except for the guys I owe money to.

Adriana: But, Roxy, what if -- what if River's moved on? What if he's changed and, well, he doesn't like the old me?

Roxy: Are you talking about that sex thing? Because that's kind of a toughie. You know, I don't know what the big deal is about the Virgin Mary thing is, you know, but whatever floats your boat. But I can just tell you that men are pigs, so you've got to learn how to outmaneuver them.

Adriana: Maneuver?

Roxy: Mm-hmm. You want to hold on to River? I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it.


Adriana: Wait.

River: What's the matter? Don't you want to?

Adriana: It's not that. I just -- I don't want to break my promise.


Paul: I'm telling you, you really know how to cut a guy out right at the knees.

Natalie: Paul, all I asked you is if you were after my money.

Paul: Natalie, have I ever once asked you about your money? Have I ever once asked you to pay for a drink? I mean, why is it always "Paul Cramer’s so shady," "Paul Cramer’s always up to something"?

Natalie: Well, you were up to something with Dr. Long.

Paul: I was trying to save my job. But I failed. And you want to know what? I don't care. I just loved making you happy flying up there. You want to know the truth? I'd do just about anything to make you happy.


John: Yeah, it was, it was Barnes.

Kathryn: Right, and he's on the phone to D.C. in about two minutes, yelling he's got the money, he's got the drugs just like he promised.

John: Yeah, we did pretty good that time.

Kathryn: Yeah, and they took all the credit.

John: What else is new?

Kathryn: John, why not think about asking to be reinstated? The bureau would take you back in a heartbeat. And who knows -- maybe we'd wind up working together again, like old times. What?

John: Did you get assigned to the New Jersey office or did you ask to be transferred?

Kathryn: I requested it. Why?

John: You tell me.

Kathryn: California really turned things sour for me and I wanted a change. I wanted to come home, back to my roots, like you. What's wrong with that?

John: There's nothing wrong with that.

Kathryn: Maybe seeing you again started me thinking. But there is no way in hell I came all the way across this country to be near you.

John: I was just asking.

Kathryn: Oh, my God. Where did that come from? Where did that come from?

John: Relax. Couple of glasses of wine always did get you kind of loopy, remember?

Kathryn: Yeah. Actually, I'm -- I'm going to get going.

John: Yeah?

Kathryn: Talk to you tomorrow?

John: Yeah, I'll talk to you tomorrow. I think I'm just going to sit out here for a while, if that's ok.

Kathryn: Good night.

John: Good night.


Natalie: Hey. Can I get an order of fries to go, please?

Woman: Sure.

Natalie: Thank you. River.

River: Hey, how you doing?

Natalie: Hey, yeah. You might want to check your collar. Got a little lipstick on it.

River: Yeah, I know. Thanks. I sort of got mixed up with the wrong person.

Natalie: Hmm, that does happen. So how do you know?

River: You got to go with your heart and all that, right?

Natalie: Please. Hearts get ripped out and stomped on every day of the week. Is it really worth it?

River: I don't know, I think it is.


Roxy: Ok, kid, you know what to do, right?


Bo: All right, I can't thank you enough, Sergeant. You have my cell phone number? All right. Ok, give me a call. Ok, this is the kid's name -- Travis O’Connell. He's 15-years-old. He lives in the East Village.

Todd: All right, let's go.

Bo: No, no, whoa, whoa, whoa. The NYPD, they have a unit going over there right now. We need to stay here.

Todd: Why?

Bo: Because we don't know for sure that Starr’s with this kid.

Todd: Did you read those emails? Huh? She's with him. If she's not with him, maybe he knows where she is.

Bo: Look, we don't have the authority here. The NYPD does.

Blair: Ok --

Bo: Now, let them do it.

Blair: Bo is right, Todd. Let the police handle it, Todd. We don't want to upset Starr any more than she already is. Come on.


Travis: So the trouble is traveling at night can be tough. I mean, but don't worry, you can stay here as long as you want. No one knows about this place but me. Ok, so I'll come back in the morning, and then we'll decide where we're going to --

Starr: Wait a minute. You want me to stay here?

Travis: Just for tonight. Look, I can't stay or my mom will freak, and then I'll never be able to get my stuff before I can, you know --

Starr: No way am I going to stay here by myself.

Travis: Ok. Ok, I'll -- I'll figure something out. Can you wait here for a couple of hours? I can go get my stuff, pack up, and then, you know --

Starr: No. Wherever you go, I go.

Travis: Ok. Let's go.


Roxy: Ok, baby cakes, come with me.

Natalie: Roxy --

Roxy: You got to help me close up. Come on.

Natalie: Hey.

River: Hey! What are you doing here? Look, before -- before, I kind of got worked up and I didn't mean to --

Adriana: River, I have something to say something, and it's important. I need you to not interrupt.

River: Ok.

Adriana: I came here to tell you that it's over between us. I never want to see you again.


Paul: All right, now listen, Kelly, you got to call me back because I'm going to need your help, all right? I mean it's a minimum of five figures.

Kathryn: Remember, Cramer, we're going to need you to testify soon. You leave town and you will be considered a fugitive. You got that?

Paul: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, no problem, all right? I mean I've got about a zillion reasons to stay in Llanview.

[Phone rings]

Paul: Excuse me.


Kathryn: A Manhattan, please.


[Phone rings]

John: Yeah? Yeah, hey, Michael, what's going on? Hey, look, I'm -- I'm going to come on by later, all right? Yeah, I want you to tell me everything that's going on at the hospital between Cramer and the Chief of Staff.


Roxy: Hey, Natty, it's great. I'm going to lock up in the back.

Natalie: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Natalie: Paul.

Paul: Hey.

Natalie: Thank you for coming.

Paul: Yeah, well, you call; I come -- even if I'm not wanted.

Natalie: Look, I was really out of line earlier. I mean, John said all that stuff about you, and I guess I just kind of -- I went too far. And you've been nothing but good to me and you've not been real hard and you haven't been pressuring me when I've asked you to back off, so --

Paul: So you're not going to tell me to back off now?

Natalie: No.

Paul: Wow. So would you like to go out with me again?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah -- ahem -- I think that I would really love that a lot.


Travis: Hold it!

Starr: What?

Travis: See that cop car?

Starr: Yeah.

Travis: It's parked right in front of my house. Oh, God, the cops are talking to my mom. Come on.

Todd: Bo should've been back by now. Hey, it's ok. It's ok. We're going to get her back. We're going to find her. It's ok. She's going to be ok. I know.


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Bo: I talked to this kid Travis' mother. He didn't come home last night.

Travis: Are you going to go home, or do you want to run away with me?

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